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Join CNN Perspectives aboard the USS Hawkbill as the nuclear submarine travels beneath the polar ice cap at the Arctic Circle.

This hour-long documentary takes you on a joint expedition of the US Navy and the National Science Foundation to one of the least traveled areas of the globe. Learn what life is like on board a 5000-ton nuclear submarine; be there as the crew navigates the treacherous Bering straits; watch as the sub crashes through the ice cap; and learn what it takes to spend weeks at a time under the water -- and under the ice.

"Ice Run" airs September 12, 9:00 p.m.

map Map of Hawkbill route. Click for larger image.

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On board the USS Hawkbill
While shooting "Ice Run," CNN Producer Vickie Usher found herself in an unusual situation -- a woman on board one of the U.S. Navy's male-only submarines. In becoming the first female journalist to travel beneath the polar ice cap, she found life on board the cramped quarters of the Hawkbill a challenge -- and a lot of fun.
Read her journal

SCICEX '99 page
at the Navy's Pacific Submarine Command

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