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"Human rights abuses in prisons"

Labor camps reinforce China's totalitarian rule

Harry Wu

By Harry Wu

Communism in China can be roughly divided into two separate phases, one "the Mao era" and the other "the Deng era."

In some respects, Mao and Deng were different in their means, modes and methods of rule. Deng, for example, allowed for much greater economic liberalization than Mao, and it has provided for advancement and a rise in the average standard of living.


"No sale of criminal organs"

Lies will collapse on themselves

Liu Zhengrong

By Liu Zhengrong

In Harry Wu's essay, nothing true can be found except sheer fabrications aimed at vilifying the Chinese government and people.

No matter how desperately he tries to spread his lies about the so-called "Laogai" and "sale of human organs," Harry Wu cannot deceive anyone who has common sense and basic knowledge about today's China.


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