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Throughout September, CNN International and CNN will feature a series of special reports, live programs, interviews and in-depth features presenting various perspectives of China's history and heritage. Through October 1, CNN correspondents Mike Chinoy and Rebecca MacKinnon will give viewers a historical overview of China in a series of reports regularly scheduled during World News shows.

There will also be a theme week dedicated to China beginning September 27 in which CNN will examine the economic, social and cultural issues facing China today. Topics covered will include Tibet, Taiwan, population, film, the Internet and democracy.

Fortune Conference

Fortune Conference (September 27-29)

The conference in Shanghai will feature key business figures, financial and economic experts and officials. The conference will focus on the business environment in China, the investment opportunities for multi-national companies and a look at the future of business in the world's most populous nation. Among the speakers are: Chinese President Jiang Zemin, Coca-Cola CEO Douglas Ivester, Procter & Gamble CEO Durk Jager, Time Warner CEO Gerald Levin, Pepsico CEO Roger Enrico, former U.S. secretary of state Henry Kissinger, British Telecom CEO Alfred Mockett, Nokia CEO Jorma Ollila, Shanghai Auto Industry Corp. President Hu Mao Yuan and Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang. will webcast highlights from the conference including Jiang's address.



CNN International's Q&A with Riz Khan will be broadcast live from Shanghai and Beijing in the run-up to the anniversary on October 1. Through the month of September, the program will feature hour and half-hour shows dedicated to China. will team up with Q&A to present chats with guests before and after shows, e-mail dispatches from anchor Riz Khan and a behind-the-scenes feature on the making of Q&A.

September 29: E-mail from Shanghai

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