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Visions of China:  Asian Superpower
50 and Beyond
Inside China
The Red Giant
Asian Superpower
China's middle class

Three Gorges Dam

Regional bully or godfather?

U.S.-China: A delicate balance

Map: Regional relations

China's military: A sampling

Opinion: View from Taipei

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China's Military
China's Military
A look at an armed force in transition. »

China's middle class China's middle class
The realities of a market economy are often far from rosy -- as China is finding out
Three Gorges Dam Three Gorges Dam
It's one of the world's largest and most ambitious construction projects. But why is the Three Gorges Dam the focus of intense criticism, both at home and abroad?
Regional bully? Regional bully or godfather?
How good a neighbor is the People's Republic, and what are its plans for Asia?
U.S. v. China U.S.-China: A delicate balance
The world's remaining superpower and most populous nation warily consider each other, at the start of the new century.
Regional Relations Map: Regional relations
Which of China's neighbors considers it a friend - or a foe? See for yourself via our interactive map.
View from Taipei Opinion: View from Taipei
The view from Taipei: A historical primer

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