Monday, January 14, 2008
Live Blog: Britney Spears/K-Fed in court
CNN Producer Jack Hannah is live at the Los Angeles Superior Court this morning coordinating CNN's coverage of the latest in the Britney Spears-Kevin Federline child custody case. He is contributing reports throughout the day as events unfold at the courthouse.

5:02 p.m PT

We finally know what the court decided.

In a press conference outside the courthouse, we were told that the ruling from January 4th, which states that Spears is to have no visitation rights, will continue to be enforced.

In other words, we spent the day reporting from court that there's nothing new to report.

The next court date on the schedule is February 19th.

4:33 p.m PT

Everyone has exited the courtroom. Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said there will be a press conference "eventually" today outside the courthouse.

Anne Kiley, one of Brit's attorneys, said she had "no comment."

3:41 p.m PT

Kevin Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, just went back into the courtroom. On his way in, he told us that it's "quite possible" that he'll speak to the press AFTER today's proceedings are over.

In other words, be prepared for a press conference outside the courthouse later...

Meanwhile, court spokesperson Allan Parachini just told us that there will likely be four witnesses TOTAL today and that it's "not clear" whether or not there will be any proceedings tomorrow.

3:24 p.m PT

All attorneys for both sides just left the courtroom, Kaplan told reporters "we'll be back."
When, we're not so sure...

3:00 p.m PT

According to Public Information Officer, Meredeth Pierce, attorneys are through witness #3 out of eight (she "thinks" there's 8 total). So, most likely, there will be more to come tomorrow.

1:58 p.m PT:

15-20 police officers, 20-25 members of the media... waiting.
First, Brit's lawyers arrive... then, K-Fed and his entourage arrives...

Security guards assume their positions. The media gathers.
"Is she in the building?"
"TMZ says she's here!"
"What, she's gone!?"
"No, she's on her way up right now."
"No, she's gone, she's on the 101...she left."
The Public Information Officer tells the media "to the best of my knowledge, she's left."

It's 1:55p, court is back in session... without Britney.

1:45 p.m PT:

Kevin Federline is just now arriving at court while at the same time, we're being told by court spokesperson, Allan Parachini, that Britney is leaving.

1:26 p.m PT:

Tension is growing as Britney's arrival is imminent. Officers just told us there will be absolutely no photography in the courthouse and if they witness any they will take cameras away.

1:15 p.m PT:

Security at the courthouse is being beefed up in anticipation of Britney's arrival. By my count, there are six sheriff's department deputies as well as two additional security officers.

In an odd twist of events, I'm hearing word that both security and Spears' attorneys are learning about what she's doing and her movements via the media outlets.

12:32 p.m PT:

We're told that court will resume after lunch at around 1 p.m. PT.

There seems to be a lot of chatter around here (mostly media types) about what Britney needs to do. "Britney needs to do this." "Britney needs to hire so-and-so." "Britney needs to stop with the fast food and cigarettes." "Britney needs to move back to Louisiana and stay there."

Suddenly we are surrounded by Britney experts.

12:11 p.m PT:

One of Britney Spears' attorneys, Sorrell Trope, told reporter's he's "hopeful" that Britney will show up this afternoon.

The court is breaking for lunch.

11:32 a.m PT:

On her way back into the courtroom, Anne Kiley, an attorney from the Spears camp, said she had "no comment" when asked if she knew if Britney is going to show up.

Members of the media out here are now commenting how nice Anne Kiley's shoes are.

11:20 a.m PT:

Members of the media have been asked multiple times to keep the noise down. Apparently there are other cases being heard at this courthouse. Go figure.

10:32 a.m PT:

The attorneys for both sides are taking a short break.

Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, walked briskly past members of the media and held up both hands as if to say, "Back away, I have nothing to say yet."

There are media outlets from all over the world. As I type this, a lady is sitting next to me speaking German.

10:23 a.m PT:

What time Britney Spears arrives at court depends on who you talk to.
At first we were hearing that Spears wouldn't show until 1:30 p.m. Now is reporting on their site that she has "no plans" to attend.

I asked the People reporter here and he says it's not his source so he can't confirm that.

9:20 a.m. PT:

We just got kicked out of court after a minute or so.

After a motion was granted to clear the court by judge Scott Gordon, a reporter for gossip site sighed, prompting Gordon to respond, "Ma'am, do you have a problem with that motion? Well, maybe next time you'll find a nicer way of expressing it."

Kevin Federline arrived around 9:03 a.m. surrounded by what I'm told are bodyguards and witnesses (about six or seven). He's sporting a mohawk and wearing a navy suit. He seemed very calm. Not suprisingly, it's crowded -- so far, no sign of Britney.


Why don't they arrest the paps and gossip media? They should require them to pay a $1M press access per report every 6 months if they are not affiliated with REAL news networks.
Jack Hannah? The animal guy?
Well, that whole pesky "first amendment" thing makes it a little difficult to regulate reporters. Darn Bill of Rights.
I totally agree!
"REAL news media" becomes gossip media when they insist that this type of "news" deserves live blogging.
Can I vent for a minute? Could you imagine having the worlds eyes on you all the time? Walking out of your house and constantly being followed by papparazzi whose idea of a good read is whatever they can twist into something negative and scandelous. I think that the media needs to take a step back from Britney, and that people need to start caring and praying, rather than gossipping and looking for whatever bad they can see in her. Thank God that I am not in the spotlight. PLEASE take a second to say a prayer for Britney. Everyone has made a mistake, imagine sharing that mistake with the world.
How difficult is it to show up for hearing about custody of your kids?

Not buying the "poor Britney" argument, either. She's at least 50% responsible for all the heat on her right now.
The only reason this case gets coverage is the parents celebrity status. Look at the tragic case in DC where 6 yes SIX kids were murdered by their own parents. Do you see the insane media coverage given to this case as it has been to that trashy Spears? Time and time again she has proven to be an unfit parent and borderline human being. Celebrity status has its perks. The world tunes in to see what some talentless has been is up to, rather then give a thought to real news.

The less attention you pay to this sort of junk and get on with your own lives the better off the world will be.
This is about as stupid as it gets. It's no wonder this girl is flipping out. I would have gone nuclear on the press long ago if they hassled me as much as they do her.
That was avery nice seniment Krystle, but, didn't you know that the media does not have hearts an would sell pictures of their mothers on the pot if it meant they could have a story. These people do not care one bit for peoples lives, after they destroy Brittney, they will move on to another poor schmuck and start on them.
Freedom of the press, HUH, somewhere along the line these people have twisted that right and people have lost respect for a noble profession. Oh, And they eat there own too. Remember what they did to Dan Rather, He was loyal to them for a hundred years, look what the news media did to him.
I hope everyone's impressed with CNN's news judgment here. Thank god there are important issues like this to cover.
I agree with Krystle to a certain extent. I will always say a prayer for those in need but come on... this girl just needs to go away and get herself together.

Perhaps the media should not pay so much attention to celebrities and their various screw ups. I miss the 80s and 90s when Hollywood was just place where all the stars lived and no cared about what they did on a daily basis - like going to the grocery store and filling their gas tank.
It is incredible that we consider this mess front page news. We are currently at war, the middle east is self-destructing, the price of gas is insane, and many people can't pay their mortgages. It's time to back off of these "celebrities" we keep giving so much importance and concentrate on the real issues of the day. Britney won't make any difference five years from now, our on-going issues will.
Why is this girl getting so many damn chances to have her kids in her life. Clearly if she was anyone but who she is... a celeb she would have already been told that she no longer has rights to those kids until she can prove she is sane and can lead a normal life. Why does she get specail treatment! It frustrates me so bad!
I agree, EVERYONE needs to leave this broken woman alone! Yes she needs help, and its serious, why would ANYONE want to contribute to anything that could tradgically happen to Brittney? Well with all this media coverage on her, you are contributing! Offer a prayer and leave the woman alone. Its bad enough to have made error in judgement, or to have any emotional or mental problems, but to do it in front of the world has to be agonizing and only aiding to her problems. This is a sick world when this is considered breaking news. It saddens me and disgusts me. Brittney......I feel sorry that your life is played out so publicly, and I offer prayers rather than my own judgements!
rachel in KY
Well, she can't have it both ways - the press made her a star, and she's used that to her (distinct monetary) advantage. It's disingenuous to suggest that the press should stay away now, at her fall, when they were instrumental in her rise.
Actualy, re the DC killings above, it was four kids killed by their mom, not 6. 6 dc child services employees were fired on account of the killings
Humankind has sunk to an embarrassing new low. This is not "reporting". It's pandering to bottom feeders. Pathetic, at best.
I love how ridiculous this is. I'm sure that's the whole point of this report. Lighten up folks!
You call this news?
I think that it was disgraceful all of the paparazzi chasing her ambulance and getting in the way of it while it was going down the street. I have no pity for any of these photographers that gets their foot run over or hit by a celebrity.

They should be charged with disorderly conduct even though Spears courted them and helped create the media monster that follows her every move.
They just need to leave that poor girl alone. If everyone had cameras in our faces all doy long then we would all look bad and possible have a break down just as she has. Why don't they go and try to dig up some dirt on K-Fed...He isn't an angel. I bet if they dug hard enough they will find the same stuff that they are finding on Britney!
Britney has created this circus on her own. There are celebrities who daily get married, divorce, eat out, party, go to friends, etc. w/o this kind of attention. They don't pick up a photohog & take him/her to a hotel They don't drive around w/ no where to go. They don't wear a wedding dress to go car shopping.

She thrives for this coverage. If she lived a normal life then there would be no reason to follow her.

Give me a break if you think any of her issues are related to the media.
Britney CALLS the photographers and tells them where she is going!!! She is having an affair with a married photog. Look at the mother, selling the story of her 16 yo's pregnancy. The WHOLE Spears family lives off the attention. The break down last week was so her little sis would not be on the cover of the tabloids but she would!!
It's no longer (and never should have been) about's about THOSE KIDS! Pray for Britany all you want, coddle her, feel sorry for her, blame the press if you think that justifies her actions. It's irrelevant and I don't care. All I care about is someone PLEASE get those kids into a sane, healthy, nurturing and stable environment!
I really feel for her kids more then her. I first feel she shouldn't have been messing around to have kids since she really was a akid when she had them. I think she should lose them and she needs to serious help for herself and not be concerened with what people will think. She could turn this around to be a positive thing for herlsf and the kids who look to her as a role model.
There are hundreds of celebrities in Hollywood who manage to avoid this kind of coverage. How? By leading low key and average lives. Shave your head in public, make midnight runs to the sex toy shop, wear pink wigs and your wedding dress in public - that's going to garner you some attention.

She's dating a pap now so honestly, how can we blame anyone but Britney for the mess she is in? Clearly she doesn't mind them. They buy her Starbucks, they give her rides home, they help her find her way home and now, she's sharing a bed with one.

It's not the paps keeping her away from her kids - it's her own actions.
funny all the people who find this a ridiculous waste yet posted comments. The fact that your comment is here showed you were interested enough to come see what it was all about ...
Your right she cant have it both ways, BUT the media goes overboard in everything, from the coverage when a stars on top to their fall. Look at Lady Diana, not that she is any comparrison to Brittney, but look what the media did to her! I personally dont like to see ANYONE celeb or not struggle and I think its evil and hateful that we display someones life when they are obviously in such a "bad way" like the media does. BACK OFF PEOPLE! Not just Britt, but all of them. There are too many other crisis' that need our attention right now. Like someone said, in 5 years Britt wont matter, but our on-going troubles that are relative to each of our lives will
stop feeding her.....just let this whole mess go away and allow some semblance of normal happen for those poor kids....stop the circus....she is pathetic and so our we
for our blatant schadenfreude
"Well, she can't have it both ways - the press made her a star, and she's used that to her (distinct monetary) advantage. It's disingenuous to suggest that the press should stay away now, at her fall, when they were instrumental in her rise."

Bull. There's a huge difference between the press as a career enabler versus the press as a collective parasite. Those who say Britney "can't have it both ways" need to look in a mirror when saying that.

Yes, she used the media to her advantage for her career-- but that doesn't give the same enablers the right to exacerbate her self-destruction. Only a sick mind would rationalize such evil.
There are alot of arguements people can make. For the most part, they are all accurate. There does needs to be limits on the media. If you were under the spotlight the way Britney was, you wouldn't look good either. Britney ran over a paps foot, because he was trying to get "the shot" and they made it into her being a bad driver. WHY WAS HE THAT CLOSE TO HER CAR? At the same time, she isn't completely innocent, and some of her actions don't help her case any. However, it's not like she can really escape, since they manage to find out where she goes. Now, there are many bigger issues out there. As someone put it "We are currently at war, the middle east is self-destructing, the price of gas is insane, and many people can't pay their mortgages". However, I know many people who would rather follow the Britney downfall then face harder issues. These are of course just my opinions, no disrespect intended.
What happened to the War in Iraq? Did that just stop? Did all of the men and woman that lost their lives, do it so we could sit back and comment on what a horrible singer/mother/wife/person Ms. Brittany Spears is?

I think I feel so bad, because I was just sucked into reading the stories, and the comments, and now have been pushed to leaving a comment (like all of you) about how we should or should not be involved in this story.

I agree she needs a prayer or two, but I can think of a lot of MORE IMPORTANT THINGS/PEOPLE/SITUATIONS to pray for.

Those children have their father, and his ex-whatever. They should be fine.

Everyone get back to doing something positive with your time, instead of commenting or worrying about what's going to happen to Brittany Spears. Because next week Lindsay Lohan or Paris might do something wrong, and you will need your energry for those blogs....
I don't undestand why she gets so many chances? It seems that the cards are stacked against Kevin. If the roles were reversed and Kevin was the one acting like a nut, Britany would have received custody long ago. Not fare.
Think she is tired of court proceedings and is frustrated with an unreasonable ex who cannot work out things verbally and drags her to court. The problem is the legal system and the hassles of it and Britney, like many, is tired of it. She is genuine and loves her kids immensely. They court should stop messing and award the kids to her and prosecute Kevin F for planning this for support money.
I used to feel sorry for Britney, then I realized that there are many celebrity families who live normal lives and keep their kids out of the spotlight. I think Britney courts the paparazzi just as much as they do her. She certainly has the means to move away and lead a more normal life. The reason for all of this -- the paparazzi, losing visitation and all the chaos -- is because of her own actions. She was pimped out as a child and became the bread winner of the family and now she doesn't have the mental capabilities to handle LIFE. She's just an uneducated, over-indulgent, selfish former pop star and, sadly, her children will suffer that burden.
I've got a major issue with the whole, "Let's put ourselves in Britney's would we like to be harassed?" thing. This is a woman who made her career upon the constant attention from reporters that now catch heat. She wanted the paps in her life in the good times, but having them in the bad times is part of being a celebrity. What will she tell her kids.."Sorry I didn't show up to fight for you? I didn't want cameras in my face?"
i actually feel really sorry for britney. after everything shes already been through (and granted a lot of it is her own doing) she has to fight the mobs of media to even attend her chids custody hearing. now if it were me nothing would keep me away, but to that extent that has to pay a toll on you. The courtroom should have been closed to begin with as well as the court guarded. Make it at least resonably poosibe to emotioanally show up. She is not only fightig an obviously emotional battle, an icky court battle but doing in the spot light and in the opinions of the entire world cannot be helping anything! I dont believe she deserves special treatment from the courts but what she is receiving from the media should be noted in teh courts and either help her combat it or compensate her for it when it comes to the trial...coud they have a closed circuit tv camera there or something?
The woman has a mental illness people....why are we watching this with a laugh...EVERYONE should be mortified! People with mental illness dont even see what they are doing half the time, or the result of they're actions! everyone following this case should be ashamed. Why has no one offered to help this young woman....wrong or right to people, she is in we just throw her away to the dogs cause we dont like her or because she is a celeb? NO humankindness needs to prevail. And whoever said she shouldn't have any rights to her own children, shame on you, you obviously dont have kids or ever made any mistakes in your life! No mother should have to be without some rights to her children.....unless its deemed she has endangered them, and then it should be supervised, these kids love their mother regardless as any child does and if people really care about the kids at least they'd help the mother, so everyone needs to get off their self righteous high horse
The whole American fascination with celebrities is shameful. 99% of everything on the news today is completely irrelevant. Not even the political "news" is anything the common man cares about. We have progressed as a society to the point where a centralized government is passe and wasteful. People can govern themselves just fine. Every action I take on daily basis is based solely on my own moral compass not the ridiculous mandates set down by a distant and uncaring government of racist, wealthy, WHITE, corporate servants. The economic "news" is not about the economy at all. Instead we get reports about how much profit major corporations are making. NOTHING in the news relates to poor people's ability to pay for food and shelter. If our economy is so strong how come minimum wage is less than half of what is required to live for a single person. The rest of what passes as news is sensationalism and "info-tainment". As if my life is changed in ANY way by what Britney Spears is doing about her personal and family problems. I got some amazing and unique news for you. This morning my wife and I woke up to another day of wonderful marriage and happy, well adjusted, non-molested, daughters. Reports indicate this trend will continue well into our 80s. That is all for your daily news update. Please stay tuned for All My Children, coming up next.
Get over it people. It's not your life. Just leave her alone. Honestly, I wish someone would take her to some obscure place so she can work out her problems in peace. And please CNN, be part of the solution NOT the problem.
What is astounding is that anyone would care what this no-talent little attention hound does or doesn't do. But they do, so the media is there to satisfy the purient minds, who cannot concentrate on what's improtant.
GET A LIFE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leave this woman to her private life which is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!
This country is at war and bad parents are killing their kids so who cares if Brittany shows up in court and most of all who cares about her lawyers shoes!
Funny watching Well-Fed play everyone. Now he has four cash kids, whose combined incomes allow him to live as if he had talent himself. If there wasn't an Anna-Nicole-sized paycheck attached to the kids, he'd dump 'em on Brit and go cruising for his next victim. Remember, Britney was ok until she let this dude hook her on coke.
You all went to the entertainment news BLOG. You should know what to expect from a blog by now and you chose to click on the entertainment news blog, so why are you all complaining?
I come here to get RELEVANT news. I go to Perez Hilton's site or TMZ to waste time.

Seriously, don't stoop to this.
Look, here's the key indicator of madness:

"Posted by Matt West, Producer, CNN Entertainment: 12:58 PM"

This debacle is brought to you by CNN ENTERTAINMENT, and is exactly what happens when ENTERTAINMENT outlets try to tackle news. They're going to slap their lurid, ugly spin onto things, and fail to act in reasonable SELF-restraint. I don't mean to single out CNN; they're not as bad as others. Still, this IS their show.

And I don't care what anyone says: no one deserves this 24-hour hyperattention and facilitation of downfall, regardless of how they chose to make a living. This insanity goes far beyond "taking the bad with the good", folks. It's sick.
Everyone should stop complaining about CNN covering this. CNN is the ultimate news organization and if you haven't noticed, they cover EVERYTHING.
Leave CNN alone, they're doing an amazing job informing the public about everything.
Most of you don't understand journalism, but if you did, you would understand why CNN is covering this story.
Just so I understand,I hafta give up my SUV that uses "to much gas" as I safely carry my family. But we accept 6 HELICOPTERS following this poor misguided youth on her way to court. Something appears to be slightly wrong me thinks.
I turn on CNN for news. What do I see? Your chopper following Britney in her car and then into court. Are you out of your minds? This is not news. CNN has lowered itself to the level of TMZ and Splashnews. You should be ashamed!
Does anyone care anymore? why do we care, thousands are going threw this and why her, who gives a $%#% i dont, better news, good news,
even if she IS crazy as a bag of cats she should be entitled to __supervised__ visitation with her children.
Honestly CNN... You have now sunk to a new low. Shame on you
I am amused that people think CNN is doing this because they're personally interested in "hurting her" or just generally feeding us "bad news." The truth is, these stories are popular and no matter how much it pains CNN to lower itself to cover it, it makes money and it is well-received by the majority of their readers. Yes, it's unfortunate, but don't say McDonalds is evil for feeding people Big Macs when it's the fault of the people who buy them. McDonalds and CNN are just providing services that are in demand.
Can someone explain to me why I should devote a single brain cell or a single second of my day to the topic of Britany Spears?

Thank you CNN for bringing us up-to-the-minutes updates on her latest craziness.

I was also wondering about her real motives for engaging with Dr Phil. If she was interested in getting legitimate professional help why did she pick Dr Phil to be her therapist? Surely LA is overrun with therapists who don't also have their own TV shows. Perhaps publicity was the true motive? It must be really terrible for a so-called celebrity not to be in the public eye for 5 minutes.
I feel for the boys. When they are old enough, they will turn to their father and say, "Dad, didn't mommy love me enough to show up to court so she could have joint custody or visitation rights?"

Brit, you are no longer a young lady but a woman. Time to grow up and take care of your family. Even if you never made another record, you have enough cash to last a lifetime. However, if you follow this distructive path much longer, you will no longer be with us. That too would be a shame for your boys.
well thank the Lord! i'm so relieved to learn that one of britney's lawyers is wearing fabulous shoes!! make sure and put that on your scroll, cnn! America needs this info!
I think it is a shame that this woman's every single move is being watched. If they happen to snap a picture and she is not smiling they can tiwst the situation and may say that she is a very sad person or if she is smiling they would say she is partying too much. The media like to make up stories some of them might be true but give her some space she deserves just like everyone else. Give her a break and maybe give news that are true and not just an assumption or better yet maybe leave her alone. The media is not helping her situation at all.
I watched earlier as a helicopter was following Brit to her court hearing, and the CNN news cast was laughing and making jokes about her and the whole ordeal. I find it quite amusing that the Clinton-News-Network full of Liberals, who, by the way, are the Politically Correct Police of the world, are making fun of someone who clearly needs help here. I see being politically correct is only good when dealing with Islamic terrorists and other "touchy-feely" topics. How about showing some of that Liberal Love to this poor girl...

Once again, good job CNN!
The media are the new power factor of the world, sadly enough and they don't care wether they ruin peoples life. So maybe britney is addicted to attention but they still chase many celebrities who don't have any choice in the matter such as the royal families of many countries. These people are often at one point considered heroes but end up being portraited as fools or even worse at least for a while. And when it comes to britney she seems mentally ill and the media even more sick for making this personal tragedy into a soap opera. The only ones even worse than the media are us (the audience) for feeling pleasure at seeing this young woman (once an idol) fall apart.
I'm not debating what is or isn't news...obviously it's news if it get's people going on like this! How news is obtained, yeah, you can debate that. Seems unethical sometimes and even deadly. Very unfortunate and should change.


I seriously don't know the answer to this question - I'm not being sarcastic, I'm seriously asking:

If I didn't show up for court numerous times and I was supposed to be there, isn't that called contempt or something? Doesn't the judicial system order warrants for arrest over this?

Just curious...
The first amendment should not apply to celeb rags. Gag them all.
I'm just sitting here amused reading everyone's opinions on this inherently unimportant event. Yes, I did make the choice to click on the entertainment blog link, but it's because I'd already read the rest of the day's news and I'm trying to distract myself at work. What I think about Britney doesn't really matter, but what I think about this blog is that it's hilarious. Clearly Jack Hannah (who, I assume, is not the host of Animal Adventures, nor the Disney cartoon creator) knows that this whole thing is a farce, and, though on assignment, has chosen to use his own dry humor to report on it. I think we should all just calm down and not take this too seriously. Don't blow a gasket on Britney's account, she's not worth it.
Are you kidding me, CNN? This is news? 'Tension is mounting'? What a colossal waste of time and resources when there is so much going on that is far more important and worthy of reporting.
CNN covers everything from the war(s), to health, to world news, local news, and so on.. -for the complainers in this blog, perhaps you would find more comfort by viewing some of the other news within the CNN website.

This blog is merely another media.. -years ago, CNN was the first to offer video (news) on the their website, and now they're offering this avenue, the blog.

Some people WANT to know what's going on every 15 minutes, why should that bother you any ?

Just like anything else:
If you don't like what's on, then please turn the channel and quit complaining.

I am a CNN junky, and not every story interests me, but I don't complain, I simply look for another article or topic. -Jim Henness
You've got to be kidding me! This should not be reported on like this. They are divorced parents trying to work out their problems. The media makes everything worse. I can't believe we've stooped this low.
If you don’t like it don’t watch it. I love how everyone likes to comment that this isn't news but they are glued to their computers and watching every minute of it. This is just as much news as the golden globes or Oscars… but since CNN is telling a story about a poor women who has medical problems we declare it as un-newsworthy. Get real- celebrity good or bad is news in our society.
Just admit that it's your guilty pleasure and don't slam CNN for covering this story. It's news whether you agree or not, at least we do not have to watch Obama/Clinton again for the millionth time.
This is pathetic. It's utterly ridiculous that this blog was created in the first place - whoever created it, whoever directed you to create it, should honestly be ashamed of yourselves.

I think "Members of the media out here are now commenting how nice Anne Kiley's shoes are" sums up the mentality of the people involved here.
I am confused if federline is there at 9am - why is Britney not even there after lunch?

Isnt that an insult to the judge and couldnt she be arrested? she flaunts her celebrity to much.

i like the brit expert that says she should go back home (double wide we presume) and stay there

enough of this role model for how not to raise our kids!
After reading all of these, I have to say I agree with most of you oon something. Yes, we all know Britney has screwed up. We all know she could be a better mother. We all know the paparazi should leave her alone and we all know she has had way to many chances. I know *she* has made these mistakes but you dont think that some of this is from her childhood? Her AWFUL mother? Her father, who polayed NO role in her life until she was famous? Its crazy! I just truly think she is lost and nees help and guidance. But we all know that you cant help someone who doesnt want to help themself. All we can do is pray, pray for her- pray for the kids and pray the paparazi will back off a bit. She needs to go to a center in the middle of nowhere. I think she should visit her kids once/ twice a week while she is away. OR lock her up for a good solid 30 days and make her grateful for what she has.....
Britney went to church after she left court. It is a higher court after all.
It's a shame, but with all the stuff that goes on with this trainwreck- (that we can't turn away from.....)

It seems to me that this attention could push her to suicide.
hey jack, i know you are racing to cover this in real-time but could you please add some pertinent details to your updates? it's really difficult to follow.

1:15, britney isn't at court

1:26, britney is about to arrive to court

1:45, kfed is arriving back at court from lunch (??? but the court returned from lunch at 1:00. what gives?). britney is leaving (leaving where? home? the court? when did she arrive??)

1:58 kfed arrives again?? huh??

come on, man. paint a better picture for us!
I am appalled at this family sitting back and watching this unfold as if they didn't really care about the children/grandchildren. I can tell you this much if my child was in this predictament I would be sitting front and center assisting Britney's lawyers and Britney for that matter. This is just appalling to watch as this women is a ticking time bomb. Detain her immediately for her sake and those boys, it is clear she is not in control of her life or her personal safety and if this so-called man REALLY cared about her, he would be driving her immediately to the court and requesting confinement as a concerned citizen. I used to feel sorry for her, but I don't anymore because unfortunately one day this press madness will conclude, because unfortunately we will wake up and this will NO longer be a story worthwhile for the press to chase. I pray that she gets help NOW and not later. Come on if a women can't even get to court on time to fight for her children... Something is clearly wrong-the Spears family and court have there case built, take her into confinement now PLEASE!!! AND GET HER AWAY FROM ADNAN WHO TRULY DOES NOT HAVE HER BEST INTEREST AT HEART-THAT IS CLEAR.
Leave the girl alone. These creeps who lurk outside celebrity homes are nothing more than legalized stalkers and IMHO sexual predators. If I were to follow a pretty girl around all day, snapping photos and disrupting her life I would be tossed in jail in an instant.

Paparrazism? should be illegal and 'news' media outlets should have more class. I don't find fault with CNN in this blog as the story seems to be the media frenzy around this case rather than the case itself.
"funny all the people who find this a ridiculous waste yet posted comments. The fact that your comment is here showed you were interested enough to come see what it was all about ..."

Just because someone glances at a train wreck, and comments, doesn't mean they want it in their face 24/7.

Besides, if no one informs the news media that this isn't really news, they'll gleefully continue blasting it. And no, in saying that I harbor no illusions.

IF you are reading. I'd like to point out that there are governments that don't allow this subjective custody battle drama to take place and that it might be possible that this is part of Roman Christian Subjugation and that possibly there is some connection to THE NATIONAL DEBT. Hmmm. Britney, you are a superstar, if you have a chance, ask Thom York of RADIOHEAD what he means by "SOMETHING BIG IS GOING TO HAPPEN. SOMEONE'S SON OR SOMEONES DAUGHTER."
The guy writing these updates is hilarious.

"Apparently there are other cases being heard at this courthouse. Go figure."

Please UNfitney spears needs to be thrown in a psych hospital and left to her own devices. She's the biggest F-up I've ever witnessed in life.
Honestly, CNN could be covering much more GROUND BREAKING news than this.
CNN, you're great. I don't watch the news, and I don't go to any other news sites. I know that CNN will have the most updated information and news. I agree with other commenters here: Britney news isn't needed. We know she's a mess, getting media attention, etc...and we really don't need this stupid news on obviously mentally ill celebs!
CNN really is sinking to extreme lows with this type of coverage.
I agree that Britney has a mental illness. Given the age of her kids, I'd say postpartum depression. It can really mess up your judgement. But for that reason, I don't think she should have custody of her kids until she gets real treatment. Not pampered celebrity treatment. Unfortunately, since she's an adult that's something she has to do voluntarily. I think that's one of the shortfalls in our mental health care system. With this illness the sick don't know how sick they are, but we leave it up to them to make judgement calls on their treatment.

But I don't fall into the "poor Britney" thing either. Someone in her camp should have the scruples to make sure she gets to these appointments and help talk her into some kind of therapy. And she shouldn't be treated any differently than anyone else vying for custody of their children. If she doesn't show up because of her illness, she should lose them until she's well.

And yes - CNN is getting ridiculous. The wall to wall primary coverage is nauseating. The nominations aren't going to be decided at this stage - pace yourselves. Besides, the coverage includes too much opinion and that sways future voters. That's not your job.
Oh for crying out loud, who CARES??? This empty-headed, immature tart would not be newsworthy if media outlets hadn't decided to follow her every move. There is so much far more important stuff going on in the world, why waste time and space on this human train-wreck? "Because she's a celebrity" is no answer. She's a celebrity because the media made her one.
If she really wanted her kids, she would clean her self up and prove herself. She did all of this to herself. Even if Kevin is doing this for the money, atleast he's showing up and "acting" as though he wants his kids. The only one to blame is her. Dr. Phil should have done his show on her. Maybe then...after recovering from her "mental disorders"...she would see how she has messed her self up. Quit making excuses for her and make her grow up!
This is so disgusting...Can we get some bloggers following around people who are involved with things that matter? economists, politicians, government agents so sick of celebrity news, someone get some gall and cover something in depth, and in your face...remmanescent of the muck rackers in the 20's and gonzo style Hunter Thompson...Reporters are a joke now-a-days
Here is an idea.
Lets tax every single person who reads celebrity gossip mags and the money can be diverted to cleaning out these people. Or maybe we could fund a Pap-Peace unit that will put themselves between the celebs and the paps.
Oh wait.. how about we demand real news and journalism from our broadcasters that focus on stories that matter. Im sure the amount of energy focused on the meaningless lives of camera friendly faces would feed, dress and educated a few hundred thousand people or more.

The problem lies with US.
We keep demanding this crap and it's served hot n fresh every day.
Poor Brit! She caused this herself...literally! I believe she IS the problem, and she def needs major help. Its clear she doesn't really care about these kids. This is a very sad story. I love her music...i have every CD. I just think she needs to get help b4 its to late.

now about the person who said CNN is lowering itself to other gossip sites---heres why:
CNN has not stopped talking about anything it use to. Check the homepage. It has real issues there...don't check under the "entertainment" section if it pisses you off.

And yes, Brit calls peeps to tell them where she's at. She loves the attention everyone gives her. Whats sad is there are mothers like that somewhere else :(!
I lost my 2 older children the very first time during my divorce, and I was never notified by my ex-husband of the hearing. How many chances has Britney had now? I'd jump at one chance! Some people don't appreciate a damn thing, even when it's handed to them on several silver platters. Good looks fade, money gets spent, but stupidity seems to grow on this one. Girl, get some help, because you're pissing the rest of of us off who wish we had a fraction of the chances you've had!
I lost my 2 older children the very first time during my divorce, and I was never notified by my ex-husband of the hearing. How many chances has Britney had now? I'd jump at one chance! Some people don't appreciate a damn thing, even when it's handed to them on several silver platters. Good looks fade, money gets spent, but stupidity seems to grow on this one. Girl, get some help, because you're pissing the rest of of us off who wish we had a fraction of the chances you've had! Oh yea, and those of you complaining that this isn't news? Who forced you to click this link? Go read the NEWS!
CNN…are you kidding me? Quoting TMZ! That’s some high caliber journalism.

It’s clear that this girl is sick. This behavior is not indicative of behavior exhibited in her youth…when you would have expected it. Whatever is to blame; poor parenting, PTSD, PPD, bi-polar disorder, it’s absolutely wretched that the mainstream media has aligned itself with the paparazzi to perpetuate this volatile behavior.

For those that stated that this girl was made famous by the “press.”

Good marketing, money, and teenage girls made Spears famous….not the “press.” Furthermore, you should brush up on your definitions.

Media: The forms of publication. Traditional advertising media include newspapers, magazines, billboards, radio and television.

Paparazzi: A free-lance photographer that specializes in following and photographing celebrities such as movie stars, especially to obtain candid photographs in private situations.

I initially thought that CNN fell under the umbrella of traditional advertising media…I was mistaken.
All you people who say the press is ruining Spears are pathetic. Everyone needs to take ownership of their problems instead of looking for scapegoats. Yes, "poor" Britney. I wish I were so poor...
Pat...real journalists wouldn't give a rat's @ss about the tabloid fodder that is Britney.
Regarding "Why don't they arrest the paps and gossip media? They should require them to pay a $1M press access per report every 6 months if they are not affiliated with REAL news networks."

That's ridiculous. I'm actually MORE embarassed for "real" news networks that are covering this so closely. The gossip rags should be the only media concerned. CNN should not be wasting its time and should instead be focusing on "real" news!
Well, I think the axe has finally fallen. It really just shows Brittney is into herself and not her kids. I am really sick and tired of th epeople who comment and say poor Britney. Britney has gotten herself into this mess all by her lonesome. I am glad she has lost time with her kids because really if she had them. Then there would be a worry for those kids safety. I do not care what people think that is is post pardum depression. You do not do your kids the way she has. She really does need help but she needs to first admit she needs it and then go after it to turn her life around. As far as church goes yes, she needs Jesus and I feel we all do but, Jesus can and will deliver her from this and she will be a better person for it and a better mom. For now she needs to stay clear of those kids and fix her self. This is what happens when kids have kids and Britney was 22 when she had them. So in turn she may have been 22 when she had them but, her mind was still at 16. It doesn't set a very well example for her sister who is now pregnant.
I love it. Just curious for all of you people who claim that Miss Brit calls the paps do you know that? Did she call you and fill you in...or did you read it in the Enquirer? Seriously folks...get a life. Anybody sane can see the girl has problems and while it doesnt excuse her behavior, it certainly explains it.
KFED shows up with a Mohawk? I know a hairstyle does not make a man but get real. Mom is off partying with the paparazzi and Dad is a wanna be rocker with bad hair. I sure hope he has surrounded those babies with someone that can protect them.

The entire situation is really sad and almost unreal to me. Yes the kids are financially being pampered and protected by body guards. Who is there holding them at night when they cry for Mommy. Is Daddy at home or is he out "working" at the clubs.

If Britany were my daughter I would be taking more interest in my grandchildren then the Spears family has.

This entire debacle is just out of control.

My hope is that Kfed meets a good woman that will love and be a good Mom to these kids.
The way I see it, KFed had two choices that day: A.) Let mom have a couple extra hours with the kids or B.) Call his lawyer and a dozen cops to knock the door down & haul mom off to the nuthouse right in front of the kids (and every camera in the nation). One choice is best for the kids, the other is best for his lawsuit. His priorities are clear. And I will tell you right now, if anybody ripped my kids out of my clutching arms, they'd haul me off in a stretcher too.
The stresses of life are hard enough imagine having every aspect under a microscope it would drive anyone crazy. Leave the poor girl alone and allow her the dignity to get her young life back on track. If the photogs dont than the next photos may be of a funeral. It sickens me to see how uncaring people can be towards a person so desparatley in need of help and not ridicule.
The questions shouldn't be about Britney but what is best for the kids. Having been raised by a drug addicted, mentally challenged mother, I can tell you that a father and others dedicated to seeing the kids
raised in a normal fashion, or as normal as they can be, is the best thing for those boys right now.
The play by play information is great and the way you write it is cracking me up. Great sense of humor.
I honestly don't think Brittney should be able to see her kids. Shes not responsible enough to take care of herself and the things she needs to do for them, no. She had her chance and she only thought of herself. As my parents told me "You dig your owe graves." but you have the choice to get out and do right. This issue and others will be in my prayers. I just want what is best for the children.
The media vultures should back off. No wonder she kept saying she was scared. It's like these people camp out and wait to take a shot at her. I can't imagine having to go through womething as painful as losing your children to begin with, never mind having parasitic paparazzi waiting to feed on your pain. If all of a sudden the cameras and reporters disappeared, she would probably get the help she needs and maybe her and her children would have a chance at a semi-normal life. I wish her peace at some point in her life.
This whole Britney thing started along time ago. She needs help, and why the family court is not mandating it is beyond me. If this were a person not of celebrity background, the courts would have placed her in a mental hospital for evaluation, detox, and couseling. I feel sure that if SOMEONE doesn't step up and be the bigger person, she'll be another Anna Nicole Smith.

Why do they allow the photogs around her? FINE their butts or lock them up.

Her kids deserve better than this. Why are the judges not taking this into consideration? Maybe someone should be disbarred?

They have given every opportunity to her to show up in court, take the random drug tests, parenting classes and etc. She DOES NOT COMPLY...anyone else would be held in contempt of court.

If she is that afraid of the Papparatzi...why is she playing tonsil hockey with one?

These things DO NOT add up! Someone needs to start really looking at her pyscologially. This IS NOT normal behavior, nor is her suddenly speaking in a British accent. I mean she came from Kentwood, LA. Let's get real.

I only hope that she can get the help she needs before her kids end up like Dannielynn. Never getting to know their Momma.
Would someone please take Britney by the hand and take her to Church!!!!!!She needs to know about Jesus Crist the risen savior!
Why why why should America focus on a degenerate spoiled rich pop singer's problems, when we have soldiers who need to have surgeries from warzones. We have veterans who are not being taken care of?
I think this thing is so sad. This girl should have never been a motherin the first place. As we can all see, she really has no desire to see her children. This is all about keeping herself in the news for attention. If she REALLY wanted to see them, she would do ANYTHING to make those court dates and FIGHT! But she doesn't. Look at her history just in the past year alone! My girls were stolen from me 8 years ago by my ex-husband and taken cross country. For 6 years I FOUGHT to get them back. I sold personal belongings just to make enough for airfare and relied on friends to drive me another 6 hours to where the Courthouse was. After fighting, I got custody and have had my beautiful girls for 20 months. I'm not talking babies either, they are 11 and 19, held hostage from their mom. This girl will probably never gain custody of HER babies, but she could at LEAST fight for the right to see them. I am glad that Kevin has them. At first I felt sorry for her, but I don't anymore, and now it all starts over with her little sister. How sad is this?
First off, the "poor kids" hmm lets see they are going to be so wealthy it is crazy!

Kevin is just as bad a parent.

And like others were saying, if most of us were in the light all the time we would not be as good as we look to most. Britney has not even done thaings as bad as most parents do!
ok so she parties... thats her job. I know a lot of girls who are exotic dancers that have kids..
and she trips with her kid in her hand... I know of many people who have droped their kids.

and she has her baby boy on her lap in the car. my dad did that with me when i was younger even when i was like 5 years old and i would take the steering wheel..

the drugs, I go to a very wealthy school and am very thankful for that. Some of my best friends that go there with me smoke pot and do drugs with there parents that are CEO'S and very wealthy families. and guess what yes its bad but these parents are very well known in the community and respected, now if there were camras in the house people would look down on them as well.

I am not saying she is right for her behavior, I am just saying that a lot of kids would be taken out of the homes they live in right now if people only knew what was going on behind closed doors. Just let her be.
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