Monday, January 14, 2008
Best Globes ever?
The Golden Globes went by so fast last night, I thought I'd left my remote on fast-forward.

And yet, could this be the wave of the future?

Consider: No acceptance speeches. Short clips (some of them couldn't have been any more than a second or two). Just a list of nominees, the name of the winner, occasional chat and on to the next one.

What if the Oscars tried this?

As an aside in talking about the importance of the writers' strike, Don Cheadle observed that the Oscar ratings have been declining for years. Commentators have pointed out any number of reasons for that -- a lack of rooting interest in nominees, a culture inundated with celebrities -- but a biggie is bloat. The awards simply go on forever.

It's not the speeches, either. It's all the musical numbers, and routines, and presenter patter, and the "why film is important" segments. What if the Oscars consisted of a red-carpet fashion show, a recitation of winners, a bunch of after-parties and called it a night?

As NBC (yes, I was watching NBC ... old habits die hard) moved on to "American Gladiators" after the Globes, a friend looked at me and asked, "Could this have been the best Globes ever?"

It sure wasn't the worst one ever.
Does anyone really care about these long drawn out self-serving awards shows? Quite frankly, we as an audience are more than capable of deciding what movies we choose to view. A successful movie is built on sustained attendance for weeks after all the hype of opening is over and this is the result of word-of-mouth, not awards.
I would say worst Globes ever.

In fact, last night's "ceremony" says a lot in response to those who are continually complaining about the length of awards ceremonies. If they had their way, the Oscars would be as terribly boring as the Globes were yesterday (though, granted, they could have made it slightly more tolerable by getting someone better than Billy Bush...).

I happen to like the dramatic, emotional, and long Oscar ceremony every year. If you don't, no one's making you watch it. Just wait until the next morning and look up the winners online.
I actually kind of enjoyed it. No muss, no fuss. Very reminiscent of the early AAMPS awards.
Worst Globes ever. I don't think it was terribly kind or appropriate for the presenters to give their opinions about the winners, when a name was read that was clearly a surprise. If the awards ceremony had proceeded as normal, you would not have had a presenter or host exclaiming in an incredulous tone that they were sure someone else was going to claim the prize. Bad show.
It was the best awards show I've ever seen!! None of the long, drawn-out thank you's, etc. and it was over with in one hour! For the first time, I could stay up and watch the whole show.
This format works for me.
I didn't watch the show, but I never do. There is way too much daily bs out there about "celebraties". I don't need to watch an hour (or five or six) of more atta-boy, pat me on the back, or look at me I'm half naked televised shows.
YEA great show for GLobes short and sweet, NO boring speeches, NO boring dance routines, NO songs NO lame jokes (ok there were a few attempt but they failed even worse than globe host usually do) Please let Oscars be the same.

I think this was the worse globes ever. The obnoxiously wooden Mary Hart and the awful jokes she attempted to tell...I couldn't stand to watch her for more than 3 minutes. I kept thinking about all the celebrities watching the program at home. All of them were probably thinking how pathetic people like Mary Hart who obsess over Hollywood's every move really are.

And on top of that, though I do enjoy him a lot, I was getting sort of tired of Larry King's side comments. "Everyone should see 'No Country for Old Men'" or when Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy came up, he said, "How on earth Daniel-Day wasn't nominated in this category, I'll never know..." The panel of red-carpet fanatics he had after the conference was also horrible. One woman called 'No Country for Old Men' something like 'No Countries for Old Men". A little mistake, but seriously, are you even a critic? Love ya Larry King, but you should probably stay away from Globes coverage.

I don't think the format for both the Globes and the Oscars is perfect, but last night was simply awful.
Please, please, please let all future award shows be like this! It was quick and to the point--the way that an awards show should be. I didn't have to waste over four hours of my life to hear a few results that can easily be handed out in 30 minutes or so.
Well it certainly toned down the embarrassing displays of materialism and vanity, which is always a plus!
With a little polishing (like get rid of the binder on the podium, and reinstate some sort of "envelope opening") this SHOULD be the way its done.
I can't even swallow the regular shows with all the cheesy acts, and bla bla "thank you's". I actually watched this version from beginning to end.
Could the actors have shot themselves in the foot on this one? They thought we might miss them. Uh, not this viewer.
They get a lot of press and publicity from these events. Perhaps we the viewers should ask that they just do their acting jobs and refrain from littering our TV with gratuitous back patting, parading and postering.
I thought it was excellent except for the comentators. They were horrible especially the woman. Get new people to present and keep format. And no commentary after mentioning the winner.
The only way to make them better is to take them of of TV all together and simply post the winners on the web and make the speeches video posts that you can chose to watch or not. While the awards are important and certainly an honor - the awards shows are a waste.
I think it was the best globes ever! Why do we care so much about the best this and the best that, when we have REAL problems in America! These celebrities make an insane amount of money for acting! There are people out in the real world that work their buts off and make minimum wage and can't afford to even pay their bills. Their are scores of people that are unemployed and can't find work because our economy is terrible. I really dont care about these awards! Where are the awards for all our teachers, nurses, doctors, gas station attendnants, people that run the world. We need the minimum wage workers, they are the backbone of America where are their thanks and appreciation! We are to focused on Britney, celebrities. Lets get back to the real world and the real problems that we face in America!!!
Certainly, awards shows have their place in our materialistic society, but do we have to have so many? Can't there be one mother of all awards shows and leave it at that? I say keep them all short and sweet, or even get rid of some of them. All they do is stroke the already enormous egos of some of the most dysfunctional people in the country.
BEST AWARD SHOW EVER!!!! please keep them this way, for the first time i was able to watch the whole show! i sure didn't miss the crying and sobbing on the stage, the 20 minute thank you speeches, and worst of them all - the "wanna be" witty - political commentary!
AWFUL!!! Worst. Globes. EVER.

I can explain why in two words: Billy Bush (with his big head and hair). I threw things at my television multiple times during the whole five minutes I watched.

Although they do get lengthy, I guess I'm one of the few who still enjoy watching award shows, regardless of outcome. I do have to say, I much prefer my feckless commentary to stay on the Red Carpet, rather than uttered after every single award. The majority of the comments (read: reactions) were disrespectful to the winner and the nominees - especially those made by Billy Bush and especially the comment about Cate Blanchett. I would've much rather have read the results online instead having the misfortune of finding this show while flipping channels. I even forgot the Globes were on - and that's sad!! Shut up, Billy Bush.

Go Team WGA!

I must also mention that I find it funny that those who "love" the "new" Globes show are anonymous. Interesting.
I am SOOO happy that the Golden Globes (AKA, another "Celebrity Stroke" awards show) is over. If only the Oscars, Tonies, Grammies, Miamis, Grannies, etc would exit the way this one did, I would be in a world of bliss. It is amazing, Hollywood is the only city that you can see peoples heads from space!
I'm sorry but I like to see the glam and actors being themselves showing their appreciation for their peers, fans and their work. I normally will see some of the films after the awards. Now I'll just wait for DVD's to come out or I may miss a few altogether. Funny because I'll never see or hear some of what may have been great work from some of the writers.
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