Thursday, December 06, 2007
How did the Grammys do?
So the Grammy nominations are out. What did the Recording Academy get right? Where did it whiff?

And, when February 10 rolls around, will you watch?
How did Umbrella get nominated for song and record of the year. Yeah the song is catchy but it not a great song. Is this the grammies our popularity contest.
Who cares?
Taylor Swift ?? Did anyone see her sing live ? She can't carry a tune in her country bucket. Kanye West sympathy votes, is all I can say. Amy Winehouse that is laughable. The whole "Grammy Institution" is at best laughable.
To answer your question, yes, the Grammies are a popularity contest. It's no coincidence that the music forced down your throat by pop radio is the same music that earns the most nomations for Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, etc. Until the Grammy Awards starts recognizing real talent, I won't be watching.
No need to watch the obvious. Kanye West has had a very difficult past couple of months emotionally/personally as everyone knows. We also know how he has reacted in the past to award shows and not winning.

Enter...THE GRAMMY'S...they will exploit the whole issue and Kanye at the end of the night will have a ton of awards...and you can take that to the bank.

The sad thing is that every recording artist that accepts an stating that they agree they are the best in that category...when in fact...they are not. Every awards show promotes separation...rather than a collective night of great music from the past year that everyone can be proud day artists will wake up. I suggest NO awards and the multiple artists that get nominations for that year...all perform on stage together in a that is something to watch!
No Robin Thicke in the RnB category is a travesty.
No Springsteen? you have to be kidding. I guess he didn't duet with Tony Bennett (perpetual Grammy Joke). Man, the voters need to quit chasing after internet music sharing and actually listen to some music. And Justin Timberlake? don't even get me started on the country tripe (or chitterlings) I hope they have Bruce play so he can make the voters look like fools and the winners look like wannabes. Kanye better not have to go on a rant this year he should win.
oops i just noticed - best pop duo:

Tony Bennett and christina Aguilera, lol bet the house!
Its never about the "best" at the Grammys, Its ALWAYS who is the most popular. Of course they got it wrong, its much easier to nominate people who are in the mainstream. So many great albums come out and go unnoticed.
I don't even pay attention to the nominees or the winners anymore - the grammy voters have been getting it completely wrong for so many years now that the whole concept of the "Grammy" has become totally irrelevant.
Nothing for Annie Lennox's,'Songs of Mass Destruction'?? Shocking!
each year the GRAMMY's get WORSE. While Tony Bennett is very good, the best duet on the album was not the one with AGUILARA. It really is a SHARE the wealth show now it has just gotten worse since the demise of top 40 radio. Compare the Grammy's to the Academy Awards, you may disagee with the academy some years, but at least the films have merit. Most of the songs and albums nominate are so bad who will remember them...

WASTE of TIME...move along.
Amy Winehouse has got the chance to win the big 4 awards. She may have personal problems but I really love her voice, and I think she deserves her nominations. Kanye's got another shot at winning the Album of the Year. I just hope he won't be a sore loser if he didn't take home the award. I'm happy Corinne Bailey Rae is nominated, but I feel sad that Daughtry wasn't nominated for Best New Artist. And where's Colbie Caillat?

Anyway, I'm so excited about the Grammys!!! No matter who gets nominated or who wins, I always look forward to the nominations every December and the awards ceremony every February, especially the show's performances. Sure, there are a couple of disappointments and frustrations, but, hey the Recording Academy can't please everyone right?
I agree with the first blogger. "Umbrella" is not a great song. Neither is "Irreplacable". "Rehab" notwithstanding, I know the Grammy committee could have found stronger songs out there. It's disappointing that nominations seem based on popularity or the most air play instead of craftsmanship. "Umbrella" and "Irreplacable" are very formulaic.
This is just getting worse & worse. How is it that they love to give awards to drug addicts with no talent???? Belinda Carlisle, Ann Wilson & Graham Russell all made amazing records this year & didn't get nominated. That's ridiculous.
I totally agree with Amy Winehouse: Amazing album period!

Kanye's Graduation is good too. Both these albums are crtically acclaimed, of high standards yet are still enjoyable by mainstream. I started playing amy winehouse in office and now everybody just loves it.

However Taylor swift? Carrie Underwood? cmon!!!!
what about the work by Vanessa Carlton, Annie Lennox, radiohead? Pink?

i think a grammy nod must go to music/musicians/productions that are progressive/explorational/well crafted/sincere etc with an ability to be appreciated by the mainstream.

Also the grammy's could start to reflect popular work through a most popular category.
Will Amy Winehouse even be alive come the Grammys?
I stopped watching the grammys 3 years ago beacuse its a popularity contest and no real talent will win the award. Kanye West please he is getting sympathic votes. Amy Crackhouse gets nominated what is tyhis world coming to you give a drug addict a grammy for what not wanting to go to rehab. I am pretty sure there are way better singers out ther Pink dhould have gotten a grammy for her song Dear Mr President. but whatever the grammys are boring anyway
No, I won't watch it and I do not care who wins. It is just another entertainment industry event where they pat each other on the back and tell each other how great they are.
The Grammys have really gone downhill in the last ten years or so. I saw the pre-nominations list and there were sooo many GOOD albums and artists on there that should've gotten nominated and didn't. I think it's really sad that everything about the Grammys is so mainstream instead of about the music, which is what it should be about. I do like some of the nominations, but I don't agree with a lot of them.
Elliott Yamin should have at least been nominated for Best New Artist.
this is the first time in a while im not too happy with the nominees...
Rihanna cannot sing, and will not win

the thing that has to be kept in mind is that a lot of people that are nominated are because it will get ratings... they are just on the ballot to get people to watch

Amy really can sing, she will win... her music is something that is commendable

Kanye, im not sure... giving T-Pain a nomination is nothing commendable
The Grammy "Awards" have been a pitiful joke for a very long time. It's just another symptom of the disease that is killing the record industry (Thank God!!). Can we now collectively realize that the Grammys have no more meaning as to the worth of music than the Ms. USA pageant (or any pageant) has to the worth of women? They are both antiquated institutions that we, as a society, should have grown out of a long time ago.
Grammy's did ok this year, but no ANNIE LENNOX, or JONI MITCHELL? WOW!
The Grammy's is a joke. Has been for quite a while now. Since about 1990, with a few exceptions, music has been generic. And I am not talking about Alicia Keys being an exception. She is as forgettable as everyone else.
I used to be a Grammy fan in the 70's and most of the 80's. However, when you look at how many incredibly "stupid" choices that the voters have made in recent years, it is easy to see why their prestige and television audience is crashing. No Springsteen nomination? Magic is one of his very best albums. I am also sick of hearing about Kanye West. It's a good, solid album. However, it's not Grammy worthy. Bono said, when they accepted their Grammy for HTDAAB that Kanye would get his due in coming years. However, this is not it. It's good, just not great. Daughtry definately deserved a Best New Artist nod. I do agree with the Vince Gill nomination. I am not a country fan.....but that album (four discs) is awesome!! Where is the nomination for Allison Krause and Robert about an awesome CD. Let's hope that Kanye doesn't get the sympathy vote (or Amy Winehouse)and the Grammy's eventually get their intellect back. They don't need another Jethro Tull year.
Once again, Rush gets a nom, but only for best intrumental, and once again, is doomed to lose to something less worthy (Metallica? Giggle). When will the Grammy Awards and the Rock Hall give these guys their due?
What happened to NIN, Robin Thick, just to name a few,....? This show is more of a popularity thing now, not the best/talented/original artist. I will probably not watch.
Yeah for Feist! Not really a "new" artist but about time she got some recognition - though probably deserved more!
Soulja boy being nominated is a joke thats not funny ay all
The Grammys should their name to the 'GRANNIES"....It soooo fifteen years ago, honest to blog the European awards is like a drug...much more excitement and drunk crowd interaction.. Oh yeahhh.

Kraig Rasool
Fort Washington Md
When you're trying to figure out how certain songs/people were nominated over others, there's one key thing to remember. The Grammys, like everything else on tv, is fighting for ratings. Sure, there were probably more deserving nominations out there than Umbrella or Irreplaceable, but the fact of the matter is that there's no way Grammy voters would nominate such obscure music for a national telecast. They absolutely HAVE to go for the music and acts that people know and were popular. The majority of the audience would change the channel if they tried to fill 3 hrs with performances and nominees thatm most people have never heard of.
NOEL is the number one record in the country..why is this album not nominated. Its selling out like hotcakes and yet not nominated..and yet you have albums by unknown artists getting nominated that shouldnt be nominated..who is responsible for this voting that takes place for the grammys..Until They get fair with their choosing Im not watching.
So a few people have commented on the absence of Pink's "Dear Mr. President" from the Grammy nominations. Well, I actually know the real reason why it wasn't nominated.

...because it sucks.

Good day. :)
The Grammy's are irrelevant because no one agrees with them. They've never gotten it right, and will never, because, my attempting to appeal to the most common denominator, they in fact, appeal to no one. All one has to do is look at the 2007 year-end 'Best of Lists' - Spin, Rollingstone, Pitchfork, Source, etc. - those represent the true best that music has to offer - Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Panda Bear, Ghostface Killa, LCD Soundsystem, Beirut, The National.
Umberella sucks i agree. But I am furious with.... SOULJA BOY!!! No way should this man ever be nominated, he has no talent, i hope Common beats him out or Kanye.
Amy Winehouse totally deserves the nominations. Hopefully the fact that she got nominated will shock her into sobriety. Her music is amazing. She wrote all of the music and the lyrics. She is a song writer. So rare is that nowadays.

I hope she wins something. I hope Feist wins something.

Kanye will probably get a pity grammy or two.
I know I'm late posting, but I need to get this off of my chest. First of all, the Grammys are an absolute joke! Half of the people nominated, I don't even know who they are. Also, there were other "popular" artists this year who have real talent that should have been nominated. Such as: Elliott Yamin, Robin Thicke, Pink, Lloyd, Joe and a whole lot more.

What angers me the most are the nominations of T-Pain (someone owes Roger Troutman's estate some money), Akon, and Souljah Boy. Can someone please tell the voters what their songs are about, because if thats the case Luke & Lil Jon should've been nominated years ago!
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