Tuesday, October 02, 2007
Britney, meet Bruce
With the latest Britney Spears frenzy going on, for some reason I keep thinking of a lyric from "Spare Parts," the brutally unsentimental Bruce Springsteen song:

"Now Janey walked that baby across the floor night after night
But she was a young girl and she missed the party lights ..."

Of course, Springsteen's Janey, like most of his characters, don't have the benefit of the money or fame Spears does. They pay a price (witness many of the people on "The River"). One wonders what will happen to Ms. Spears.

Nothing, I imagine.
As a mother, I find this whole Britney saga very sad. I believe that at this point it was wise that the kids were removed but I'm not convinced that they should be with K-Fed either. He is a party guy too. Britney needs to get her act together for the sake of those precious babies. Nothing else should matter to her right now but the safety and well being of those 2 babies. I say that with time Britney will regain custody. But she needs to get her priorities in line. You can do it Britney. My prayers will be with you and your babies.
Waist deep in the water,
how bright the sun shown.
She lifted him in her arms . . . ,
and she carried him home.

I hope Ms. Spears is able to show the same courage.
"Judge Temporarily Strips Britney of Custody"

"Britney's Lawyer Reveals Why She Lost Her Kids

Spears was accused of missing a drug/alcohol test and couldn't provide a driver's license, the attorney says"

There you have it.
Simply another example of people with plenty of material possessions yet seemingly not in possession of their own faculties. Self-indulgence run amok with the only real victims being a couple of innocent kids. Sad.
Frankly, she isn't someone who should be producing children in the first place. She's never grown up herself, she has no conception of what REAL life is like, having been fabricated into celebrity by her agent and family since she was too young and stupid to know which way the world spins. I laugh at her misfortune, because fame and money aren't everything, and reality rearing its head is just what she needs.
Honestly, I wish the media would back off and stop bashing Britney Spears all day on TV. How can she deal with all of this and have the entire world bashing her on TV all day long? Give the girl a break. Britney you need to find that inner strength and do what you need to do to be well. Your kids need you, but you can't be there for them until you take care of yourself on the inside. My prayers are with you and I hope that you do have someone who you can trust and count on. There are people out there who have faith in you and are sick of the media vultures!
listen to the new bruce song "you'll be comin' down" off of the album magic, it is about all these young actresses in my opinion
Quite frankly, I can't know from the little I read/see in the News if she's a decent parent or not. She clearly parties and makes stupid decisions, (the no car seat thing being a big one), but her every move is under the spot light. What has Kevin been doing all this time? Presumably he's been partying and meeting women just as much, if not more, as Britney has been partying and meeting men. He's not under the paparazzi glare to the same extent and, sadly, as a man he is held to a different set of expectations. There isn't an equal criteria of behaviour for mothers and fathers. Kevin could do exactly the same behaviour as Britney, or worse, and be considered a good Dad just because he takes the kids out on playdates. No one will question the amount of time he leaves the kids with nannies so he can go on a date or party with his friends. There is, without a doubt, a terrible double-standard in this regard.

That said, are either one of these people capable AT THIS PRESENT TIME of being the sort of parent we hope all children should have? Not as far as I can tell. But there's hope for everyone, and certainly my hope is that this painful and public situation will allow at least one of those parents to grow up, be a little less selfish, and love those kids.
I am truly heartbroken over this situation for those kids. I have a 2 year old, just slightly older than Ms Spears' oldest son. Everytime I see those kids getting swarmed by the media, it kills me. I have to turn it off. Children need a safe environment, not only in their own homes, but, out on the streets. The media SHOULD leave them alone. Imagine how those kids feel! Imagine how YOU would feel if these were your kids - under a microscope and hot light bulbs ALL THE TIME. The whole thing is just so very very sad.
No one would care about this if it wasn't for the 'celebrity' parents involved. Why is this even considered news? It's just gossip for the sake of gossip.
Everyone seems to keep forgetting that Britney is 25 and rich, not 18 and disadvantaged. Suffice it to say if your parenting skills are lacking, hire a darn good nanny to do the heavy lifting and stay out of their way! The boys need their mom it's true. But a close approximation is better than sticking around to damage the poor babies. Lots of young mothers step up to the plate out of pure love, even if their parenting leaves a lot to be desired. I have no sympathy for her.
"Simply another example of people with plenty of material possessions yet seemingly not in possession of their own faculties. Self-indulgence run amok with the only real victims being a couple of innocent kids. Sad. "

Come on now...you don't think the poor use drugs and mistreat their children...I'd wager it's much worse then those with "material possessions"
While I'm not going to say poor Britney, I am going to say that I do really think she is going through something major...I do think that a lot of it is sensationalized...I believe that some of it may be blown way out of proportion...I hope she can get the help she needs...she needs to hit bottom herself...you can't MAKE someone get better...I am glad her kids are safe right now...I also think that there is a bit of the "Tall Poppy" syndrome going on here...you know, the medias tendancy to build somebody up and then mow them down like so many tall poppies...the media is taking great delight in her demise, they report every mis-step with drooling enthusiasm and lasviciousness, it is sickening, really...
Values, it's all about family values, morals and respect. She is not alone, however, there are plenty of young women that have babies and leave it up to other people to take care of. It's perhaps, a social tattoo, announcing I'm a woman, I've had a baby. Any woman can be an incubation chamber for a fetus, but the real test of being a Mother is...nurturing. She doesn't get any sympathy from me at all. Why? She just lost her children, yet, she is carrying around a pathetic, puny fugly dog dressed like Santa Claus. How much lower can she go...if that's not rock bottom, what do you call it?
She loves the Paps why do you think she is out everynight wanting to be photographed. And most celebrity parents try to keep their kids out of the spot light not her she takes them shopping with her for trashy clothes. I am so happy she lost custody of them temp. You would think that would make her grow up. But I doubt it!She's Trash!!!!!!!!!
It is incredible to watch our society - run away - not walk, not wander - run away from reason: We sit in arm chair judgement of all that we know nothing of. I dare say, CNN has as much "fact" as anyone posting here about Ms. Spears - which is reallly little and nothing accept accusations and inuendo - but that's what cable TV and tabloids have brought us - judgement - moral and otherwise to people whom live in glass houses. It certainly made stars out of otherwise talentless people (i.e., Nicole Ritchie, K-Fed, Paris), made TV attorney rich, gave body gaurds their 15 mins of arm chair psychology, etc., etc. - Us, People, OK - Sales are fine. So, we sit and judge what we do not know, only what has been alledged. Britney will be thrown to the lions, she's made herself an easy target. I for one, find this mob rule - like the NeoCon Republican white house - frightening. We have gone past the point of return and reason. God bless Britney - and God help the rest of us.

First of all, I am sorry about what's happening to Britney. It's so sad that in spite of her material situation, she resorts to such a kind of behavior. As a person who's strongly interested in(and has been recommended) a career in HOLLYWOOD, I feel compelled to say that I, at 20 years of age, don't even have the privileges that she enjoyed as a child. Romania and the United States are too far apart, the Green Card takes time, and an aircraft ticket is beyond my personal budget. Needless to say, there are thousands of people that share my aspirations, and my dread at the news of a celebrity throwing away thousands of dollars on clothing that, itself, will be thrown away eventually, while we need only half, if not a quarter, of that money just to get there. I would like to be part of a breed of actors that will concentrate on work rather than glamor. In case it hasn't occurred to her, this is the time of her life, she'll never be this young again, and she shouldn't spend this time being caught between two walls: the tabloids and the court battles. Truth be told, the Media should allow her to get back on her feet instead of giving her a hard time, and no mother deserves having her children taken away from her in this dreadful manner, however, the time spent away from her ex-husband gave her ample opportunity to display her maternal skills and win the judges on her side in the process of maintaining legal custody over her two young boys that don't deserve what's happening to them at the present time. Best Wishes!
Let's just hope she puts her all into getting her kids back. As someone who has been where she is (sick), if she deems the kids worth fighting for, she'll do it and get them back.
Any woman who had given birth to her child deserves to be the mother that she is by giving her privacy, time with the child/ren,due respect, assistance from her own mother,proper nutrition, a loving husband, supportive family, supportive neighbors, supportive community, society...et al.. Britney did not have any of these in the true nature of the word. Then she suffers and reacts, then SHE IS DEPRIVED OF HER BABIES? Hey society, what gives?
Why are we talking about Britney away? I think we've lost our concept of what news really is...
balh blah blah, she should have seen it coming, I have NO compassion for her at all! She's getting just what she deserved!
I think Britney was a good mom until her world fell apart. You know it is easy for people to judge others so easy. Why not put yourself in her world. Granted we didn't ask for the spotlight as she has, but depression is a very serious thing. I myself have been there and if I had a camera in my face everytime I batted an eye I would go nuts too. Let her be, let her get herself together. I don't think K-Fed should have the kids either. Nor should her mom, so where in the family would that put the poor babies? They are the ones really being hurt here. I hope she gets herself together and gets the boys back. She isn't the first to go through this and she won't be the last. Why make a huge issue of this? Get her help and let it go.
It's easy for any of us to comment on what's wrong with Britney, without having lived her life. That said, I still want to put my two cents in.

I put the blame predominantly on her parents. I believe that in their dash for fame, vicariously, they abandoned any parenting principles they may have had. As a result, she has no coping/life skills to draw upon. She reportedly takes direction or advice from NO ONE, yet doesn't have the maturity or wisdom to make healthy decisions on her own.

I would prescribe for her a sabattical from the spotlight for a while, during which time she could practice a little self-help in the way of books, dvds, cds, etc. She obviously grew up in a classless family and quite naturally acts in a trashy manner.

She should engage a great PR person, a gifted psychologist, a conservative stylist, and a spiritual guide. Her first step is admitting to herself that she makes bad decisions and should start listening to some others with her best interest in mind.

Also, Britney: Dump the majority of your current "friends" and acquire those who care about YOU and your welfare, not partying and riding your coattails.
Britney. A young mother with no privacy. Two young children. No childhood. Money to burn down her life.

Step back people (of course you won't).

Even her concerned ex cares about her. She needs to breathe. Maybe some time away from the babies and freedom from all this stress will prevent a tragedy. Get off her back.

Does this have to be one more story where the media/public lament, "If only we had......"?
It's hilarious to see all the self righteous people who comment on this article like "Why does the media even write about this stuff?" "Why do people consider this news?" Why can't the media leave her alone?"

Well, you wanna know why? I'ts because of you, me, and every one of the other million people who will click this article and read it, and then even take the time to read the COMMENTS about it!

Our appetites are insatiable for dirt on these folks. And it's because we like to think to ourselves that, although this person might have achieved world wide fame and mega millions, they still have worse problems than we do.

But it is sad for those babies, and it is also sad that as a media hog, Britney let this happen. She had plenty of warning, advice, and "handlers" who could have prevented this, and for some reason she pushed them all away. Any person with common sense could have figured out what to do if they wanted to keep their children. So we must decide if she is really that cruel as to let this happen, or just that completely stupid. As a person who has been known to tip off the media to her own location so she'd be sure to be followed that day, and then complain about them following her that same day, I conclude that she is stupid AND cruel.

I don't read her gossip to provide myself with entertainment, I read it so I know exactly how to NOT allow my daughters to behave one day and what values to teach them to prevent them from being this stupid. Britney may have thrown herself under the bus, but she also had help by some of the people she trusted in getting herself under that bus!
She is addicted to the media. Can't anybody see that everything she does and everywhere she goes is on purpose and is thought thru? Her priorities are so mixed up that she thinks that any press is good press and that the media is houding her and following her because she is a pop star, not the confused, addicted lost person that she is and the media wants a piece of. She will never get any good press until she cleans up her act. Unfortunately for her, when (and if) she does clean up her act and get her kids back, the media will no longer be interested.
Britney had made a mends with her mom as most of know. So I think that she is starting to get her act together. I also think that people in her circle put to much on her plate and she was stressed out. Ofcourse we got to see everything bad that happened to her. I am on her side, as many I believe are. She needs some time to think about whats going on. Maybe time away from her kids is a good thing. She can work on herself and get the help she needs. I dont think she needs a ton of it, because again we only see the bad and really bad, we never see the great or good stuff.
Who cares what Britney is or isn't doing. She is a human being just like everyone else. Everyone makes stupid mistakes, and I personally think that the media as well as the public should just back off. It really isn't anyones business what she is doing. Everyone just needs to give her a break, and worry about their own damn lives, and quit worrying about everyone who IS in the spot light ALL the time. Honestly, she is in the spot light 24-7. Who wouldn't get stressed and drink and do drugs. I know if I were in her pants I would. SO JUST GET OVER IT! LIKE I SAID SHE IS A HUMAN BEING, AND WE NEED TO JUST STAY OUT OF HER LIFE!
Three comments. First, you don't hear about K-Fed trying to spend more time with or get custody of his two kids with Shar. Why? There's no money in that for him. Second, being under the media microscope, every thing Britney does is analyzed and magnified. Geez! How many normal parents have had their kids out at dinner or Grandma's house or wherever at 10 PM? Was it reported in the paper that you were an unfit parent? No. Third and last, although I seem to be cutting Brit some slack here, I just don't get it. Maybe a judge should sentence her to attend some parenting classes. If she can't take proper care of her kids, she should do what other celebs do and hire a nanny or a team of nannies.
Britney needs to quit giving the press and media reasons to right about her. There are many famous celebreties that live their lives without the constant circus that Britney generates. K-fed parties yes, but you dont see him running around half naked, drunk and showing his hiney to the world. He just doesnt have the popularity that his ex does. Doesnt make him a bad guy, maybe just makes him the better parent.
This Britney matter is getting boring, and out of respect for those boys, the gossip, people thrive on it, should stop.
Britney knows exactly what she's doing, when it comes to the press. she knows when to go to target, and all these other hot spots, to get the most attention. the more the better. she wants all of it good or bad. she thrives on it, more than the fans do. she could care less about those boys and what it's doing to them. if it gets her more attention, she'll use them anyway she can. it's really sad, when you think showing your privates to the world is hot and sexy. if one looks like, and one acts like a hore, she's become the poster child for one with a lot of money. what's next a sex tape!!!! is all of this a cry for justin to come rescue her.......
Pay less attention to pop singers and focus on grammar and proofreading.

"Don't" should be "doesn't" since it refers to the singer not the characters in the Bruce Springsteen song.
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