Thursday, October 11, 2007
$120 million for Madonna?
Reports are coming in about Madonna signing (or about to sign) a $120 million deal with Live Nation, the entertainment promoter. The deal allegedly includes a $17 million advance for each of three albums, as well as money for tours, merchandise and the branding Madonna does so well.

Madonna is a marketing genius, no question. She's always known how to get the maximum mileage out of her pop career, whether writhing in a wedding dress, inflaming the Catholic church or putting out "Sex." (Or, even, getting married.) But does anyone still look forward to a Madonna song? Does the prospect of a Madonna tour get the world excited?

Is Madonna worth it?
Another reason why Madonna is so smart! She knows that music labels are choking and she knows where she can make the most money today - touring. So why not sign up with a group that will help her make the most of this revenue stream? And of course she is worth that money - have you ever seen the woman live? You do not have to like Madonna to know that she puts on a terrific performance. And most of her fans are people that have been with her since the early 80’s, and today this is the group with all the extra cash to spend – and she knows it!
There is always interest when Madonna does something. Of course, her music doesn't get the attention it used but her tours always sellout and in the long run Madonna is worth it.
Not even. She is pretentious and full of herself, and hasn't put out a decent record in years.
ahh, yeah. She's definitely worth it. Her last cd alone, Confessions on a Dance Floor, had a huge smash hit, and two subsequent hits and gave her the record for highest profit of any woman touring. This was a smart deal for LiveNation. Madonna is here for another decade, at least.
Who's Madonna?
Looks like she needs 120M to get some "work" done.
Hell yeah she's worth it. That and more. How maany of today's pop artists will sustain the tests of time of that which Madonna has?

sure, she is the queen of pop, in her last record she sold the same number of copys of justin timberlake(success in america), but madonna is not only for america she is worldwide, an pop icon, she still sell a lot of CDs
Are you kidding me? All of the Hollywood/entertainment liberals, including performers can't wait to tell us how much our government is wasting on the wars we are in, yet they never seem to criticize the amounts of money they get for "entertainment" jobs. How about this one; instead of choking up $120MM for Madonnas new record/tour, why doesn't Live Nation donate $20MM to healthcare for US children which all the liberals are so upset about Bush vetoing and give Madonna $100MM instead of $120MM. That way they can both look like society concious people. Adopting a kids every now and then helps one person, choke up $20MM and help alot of people.
C'mon all you bleeding heart liberals who know whats best for everyone else and cant take the medicine you want everyone else to take! PONY IT UP!
Oh where.... oh where is the madonna from the days when all she sang about was sex, and spoke whatever was on her mind. She didnt care what others thought, put out some good dance music plus a book..This new coporate madonna doesnt even vogue!!
Live Nation wants to become a major player in the music/entertainment industry, and Madonna delivers the goods....consistently.

The major labels are suffering...badly...from a combination of grooming too many "get rich quick" artists and being completely behind the curve in terms of marketing. It's a new era....and it is must be embarassing for labels to see companies like Starbucks (!!) beating them at their own game.

Madonna, as always, is ahead of the curve. Love her or hate her, she's one smart act.
She is completely worth it and she is changing the music biz game. Note how the analyst are not commenting on the Rolling Stones. They don't sale a large volume of CDs..they make all their money from touring. Such hipocrosy.
Absolutely worth it!
Live Nation already answered the question. She worth every penny, they aren't dumb. She's the biggest star right now and a truly legend. She'll do her thing and will get paid.
Wish I was Madonna!!!!
yes definitely!
and stop questioning her relevance and every move, she's the one and only queen of pop.
you'll see by time, live nation will make profits from this deal, as it's always been with the material girl.she isn't labelled that for nothing!
my question is another: why american medias keep praising nuts like jackson and mariah or whitney or britney and So not like Madonna? i never got this.
Of course Madonna is worth it!

She's the highest selling female artist ever - and also the biggest female touring artist ever with $192 million from 55 shows from her Confessions Tour. One or two tours alone will make the deal for Live Nation, and probably equally so for Madonna. Yay Madge!
When it comes to the bottom line Madonna has always been worth it. Even her less than successful efforts have made money. Seems like a pretty smart investment from a business standpoint.
She's always willing to take chances and branch in new directions which has kept her from becoming matter what the critics say. Artistically she has grown leaps and bounds while other artists still show her influence on them. Nelly Furtado's song "Do It" sounds like it could have come straight off a Madonna album from the 80's.
People who are criticizing her are just the ones who can't forgive her for growing up (and older). She'll be worth the investment.
Look at her sales. Of course people still get excited. So, of course she's worth it.Whether you like her product or not, she's a role model of success in pop music, business and physical fitness to say the least.
I am very happy for her and this deal. I look forward to more Madonna. Live Nation will do a better job promoting her than Warner Bros.

Madonna is smart, talented, and soooo relevant. She is tougher, smarter and better at her craft than any other entertainer out there.

No one else compares.
Is the Pope Catholic? I have paid close to $1,000 to see her in concert. And yes, she is definitely worth it and more. She still keeps me intrigued and curious as to what she'll do next. She never bores me like the other struggling acts from the 80's.
Are you completely out of your mind?! Madonna is still relevant today as she was in the 80s. Last year her confessions tour broke every record for any female singer. Yes, she's worth the money and yes, we're waiting for her new album. You are crazy!
Relatively speaking, yes, Madonna is worth it. When you read how much some of these no talent flashes in the pan are getting, $120 mil seems to be a drop in the bucket. Madonna is an icon--a legend, a multi-faceted entertainer who has sustained her career throughout the years in an interesting fashion all her own. You have to give her credit!
Smart move. Madonna has been very good at getting people's attention whether we like it or not. She did with her book "Sex" and she did it hanging on a cross. She will keep doing it whether we like it or not. This woman is talented and no one compares. Look at all the music acts out there now, brainless and tactless.

As for the comment about not putting out a "decent" record in years. Why don't you do a search on her last album Confessions on a Dancefloor or even do a Wikepedia search on her name alone.

And the comment about Live Nation donating $20 million to health care? Why not ask these overpaid actors to do it? They go on about AIDS and going green and save the planet, but what do they know of these things? They have no business talking how bad AIDS is or how they can save the planet because in all honesty they don't have the disease or are practicing bad habits of polluting the planet themselves. Why not ask them to spend millions on health care? They can afford it.

Madonna has been an AIDS activist since the 80's and set up Raising Malawi to help children in Africa. She has done her job.

Way to go Madge!
her sales are not as high as they claim. live nation is going to lose money according to the Wall Street Journal.
She used to be. Not any more.
Her post-millenial success certainly has little to do with the strength of any singles she releases. For more than a decade, it's been only about positioning. "Bedtime Stories" was the last album that demonstrated pop artistic merit. "Ray of Light" was a sign that she'd started resting on her laurels. She's banking on the past now. But hey, as long as she delivers a strong concert, as long as she keeps looking great, and as long as she avoids doing anything really unfashionable, she's worth it, right? There must be millions of people, who haven't seen her yet, and still want to see her simply because they danced to "Like a Virgin" at their senior proms. They need her to make new albums with trendy-sounding songs, so she won't get all geriatric on us...
She is a force of nature...
worth every penny!
People have been asking if Madonna is worth it since the start of her career 25 years ago. Apparently, she is! I for one, admire the woman not only as a business person, but yes, as an artist. Think what you want of her, but you never heard about Madonna being on drugs or having to go to rehab like all of these "pseudo starlets" of today.

Long live the Queen!
No. She is WAY past her time
Do the math. By the time she is out of her current label deal, she'll be, what? 55? Definitely not worth it. And they'll no doubt need to sign with a record label to get the record played.
Please tell Madonna- I know a family that could use a million dollars ( mine) - Maybe then I could get out of debit!!!!!!!!
Regarless wht anyone might think of Madonna, the bottom line is that she is a talented, mature, and hard working HUMAN. If she had no talent then why is she still here. How can she become the highest earning woman in showbiz..If she was not worth it, why do people pay up to $800.00 to see her in concert. Madonnas music is highly anticipated by many people, just read a few web sites (Perez Hilton), her music is not airpled in many small towns. But in areas like San Francisco, she is constantly beig played. We are no one to judge her. If you don't like her then, just let her be. No need for hatefull comments, or negative toughts. At the end of the day, your still broke and she isn't...
ABSOLUTELY! And I'll gladly shell out the cash to see her in concert. She has consistently demonstrated her muscial talent and thrown the most creative and electrifying concerts I have ever attended.
Hell yes she's worth it!! I don't understand why people are so quick to pounce on her and say she's no longer relevant. What has she done that is so horrible? she consitently puts out high selling albums, followed up by sell-out tours.

She's never dangled her baby over a balcony, she's never been accused of child molestation. She's never had a DUI, never been busted for drugs, nor has she ever been to rehab.

She makes great music, occassionally writes a children's book, and has helped bring worldwide attention to the plight of AIDS orphans in Africa.

If you ask me, it's the Britneys, Lindseys and Amy Winehouses of the entertainment industry that are no longer relevant.
Madonna rocks. She is a great performer and businessperson, and is truly concerned about raising awareness about events in the world (especially the tragedies in Africa). I'd even trade in all the other stars who can't keep it together (Brit, Paris, LiLo, etc,) for another strong entertainer like her.
Questioning Madonna's relevance went out of style in about 1993. Since her last CD, at the end of 2005, sold about 8 million copies worldwide, set records by hitting #1 in the most amount of countries and she had her biggest worldwide hit single to date, Hung Up, its fairly safe to say Madonna is going to do just fine in selling records. Matter of fact, given WBR history of very poor promotion, she just may do even better next time. Then there is the tours! Her 2006 tour is the highest grossing by a female ever. Here's the kicker; it was with a tour full of mostly NEW material! Imagine if she brought out the hits! She is a cash machine for any company. Record companies are dead!
It would be naive to think that Live Nation is, well, naive not to have thought of ways of recouping their investment. Also, part of the equation not discussed is that this deal will enable Live Nation to attain expertise in the new music biz paradigm, which will benefit them long term.

And yeah, how come when the discussion is on Madonna, it's almost always whether or not she's still relevant? She's been written off so many times like no other. And each time, she comes out swinging.

Admittedly , she does not sell as many records in the US any more as the current hot stars. But she's still a solid and formidable brand with a loyal following. And she can outsell just about anybody globally, and her tours are blockbusters. And most of all, she is one not to bank on nostalgia as she keeps herself continually fresh, and this may extend further her longevity.

Yes, she is worth it.
You can 'You Tube" all of "Confessions on a dancefloor" tour from 2006. The album made her 35 or 36th #1 hit in 2005 and the tour was a sold out phenomenon. She has the audience...and the savvy...and the talent. The tour has some blisteringly wonderful clips.Madonna aint going nowhere but MORE!
she a loon!
YOU'RE a loon!
Madonna is absolutely relevant in a capitalistic society. I hope she decides to teach a marketing class or a finance class to inform us all on how to make a mint on an okay product. the college she teaches at would make loads of cash. I am in awe of her financial prowess and to that i say "Madonna, share the wealth". Who knows maybe there is an infomercial in the future "Market your way to Riches"
Madonna's worth?
She's worth that and more. Why you ask? She has spent years re-inventing herself and developing her image. I'd say that's priceless.
i love her and her work, she has always captivated an audiance of young and old alike and she will always have tons of fans even after she moves on from this sometimes cruel world we all live in. yes she is worth every penny she gets coming to her. also would love to see her in a new movie
This is Madonna. Last of the great iconic "Titans" she's paid her dues and did her time. She should get, and is "worth" more than 120 million dollars. As far as I'm concerned she created the "POP" scene that we know and love today.These young popsters today could only wish they were as half as talented as she is. Love you Madge, keep on truckin....
madonna is a product of the idiot masses not her "marketing genius". she appeals to the lowest common denominator of mass culture that's why she's so popular and wealthy. we live in a very primative world where people have replaced idols (idolatry) with grossly vein self-obsessed people. it's sad.
Nope, sorry. She is all about shock value. I might have one of her CDs (that hasn't seen the light of day for 10 years), but aside from that you won't find her among my 400+ CD (or LP!) library...
Thank God Madonna has been around. Think of it this way, We have been blessed to live in a time where her music has been available to us. MADONNA ROCKS END OF STORY. In my mind 120 isn't enough for all the bull she's put up with over the years. BLESSINGS IN LIGHT.
Is she worth it? In my mind she is!
I live in Canada and I traveled all the way to Denmark to see her show. What a show it was! I am in my mid thirties and I grew up listening to Madonna.I would sing into my hair brush in front of my mirror wanting to be just like her.
Hey BostonBob,

I like the way you deem to give other people's money away. How much have YOU given? Your colors were cast when you used the term "Hollywood liberals." Butt out of other people's business deals.

Madonna's worth is a moot point. If a company thinks she's worth it and is willing to actually pay it... it's as simple as that. She is, now, officially worth it. Period.

As for being past her prime at 55... how idiotic. Just ask the Stones about their last tour, where they made more money than any other artists on any other tour in history, breaking U2's record by a few hundred million dollars. They're in their 60s and laughing all the way to the bank.
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