Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Thinking about Owen Wilson
Nice piece by Dallas writer Matt Zoller Seitz on Owen Wilson, and why it's dangerous to speculate on depression and motivations.

As Seitz writes, "[W]hen I read news stories expressing incredulity that a well-liked comedic actor might be depressed enough to try to end it all, I wonder what planet these writers are from, and if they've ever spent time among the humans that populate this one."

Well said.
I just want to say how very much I miss Owen, and wish him well and to be blessed. Even though I am much older than Owen, I have gone through depression and the thought that the only way out was to end my life, but soon realized that God's will is that we seek help of the doctors that HE has given us and to live a happy, production life. Owen is so very gifted and real, so down to earth, it is a pleasure to watch him. I have followed his career and his brothers as well, they are so very gifted, and thank God for Luke to have been with Owen. I just wanted to say that from a mother, a fan and someone who understands......we love you Owen and need you back, you are a part of us and always will be.
Friend in San Antonio, Texas

I am not sure if you are reading this site or not, there is a lot out there but nothing official that I could find to contact you.

I just to say that you are talented and loved and that you have a ton of people out here that are pulling and praying for you.]

So, keep your chin up Kid. . . you are just gettinig started. Wink.
We love you, Owen.
i couldnt believe the news when i first found out. my heart sank to my feet. i've been a fan of owen's since the first time i saw him in his movie "Bottle Rocket" i just wanted to say thank you, to owen for always making me smile, laugh, and to forget about the bad things in life when i watch his movies. he's always been there for us when we needed a pick me up. now its time for us, his fans, to be there for him..GOD bless you owen and may GOD bless your family. your always in my heart and prayers.. love you!!

Erica - In Pennsylvania
Owen this is Fabiana all the way from Costa Rica, I just want to wish you the best, get away from the Hollywood life, there is a world of friendly people that will welcome you anyday!! Remember you have your family and I´m sure, good friends, reach out, it´s ok to ask for help, for company, for therapy; just don´t let depression win the battle. We love you and wish you the best!!!!!
People don't understand what it feels like to be depressed. I have the perfect life: a great job, wonderful husband, beautiful baby daughter, nice house, more money than I can spend, etc etc... but I think about killing myself weekly. I don't do it because I'm an intelligent logical person and I know it would hurt the people I love... but when the depression comes on, it is like a wave of black tar spilling over me - drowning me... bringing hopelessness, fear, dread, and misery. I'll keep Owen in my thoughts and prayers because I truly feel for him.
Owen, we hope you feel better soon. Try not to be alone a lot. Get out, travel to new places, meet new people, spend time with your family. Getting yourself a pet can help, too. Oh and don´t forget to talk to God. (I´ve been through depression myself...) Take care. A friend from El Salvador.
Hey Owen, The world is not ready to lose you. You are so gifted and natural at what you do. You need to use your the gift God has given you. Be strong and take it day by day. Look around you, there's a whole world that loves ya!!!

J. Big hug from Ottawa, Canada!!!
Owen this is Lisa from Uath I know how you are feeling . My Little commited Suicide 6 year's ago She was
really depressed in life. Me and my family really miss her.Please don't do that to your family I miss her very day ! I only wish the best for you and your family. I will keep you in my pray's. If you need to talk you can email You are a great person .
To Owen, his brothers and his parents:

Owen, please know that your are in my thoughts and prayers. My heart aches when I hear of an attempted suicide and a completed suicide, especially in men. Four years ago my husband ended his life. He was a talented and very smart man, as you are yourself but he feel into deppression and into the deep dark tunnel where he felt the only way out was through ending his life. He thought he was doing our family a favor but he only left us lonely, guilt ridden and missing him very much. I only wish he had been more open with his counselor but he was embarressed by his feelings of worthlessness and the feelings that he had that 'men should not have'. Owen, open up to those around you that want to help, fight the demons within you and you will get through this and not only be a stronger person for it but an inspiration to those who feel all hope is lost. Hope is never lost, sometimes it just gets misplaced and you have to walk a tightrope to find it again..but it is there. And you have it around you just reach out and hold on tight to it till you can again walk alone!

To Luke, Andrew, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson: You seen like a close knit family so I'm sure you are giving lots of support to Owen during this difficult time but I want to share information that will help you understand suicide better. After losing my husband to suicide, I have become very involved in suicide prevention, educating the public about suicide and helping those who lose a loved one to suicide. Go online to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention @ and it will help you understand what Owen is going through and help you all in helping Owen. Depression and suicide are so misunderstood. It can happen to anyone. It is especially high with men because they are seen as macho and it is not 'manly' to seek help. Please continue to encourage Owen to seek help and just be guiding forces behind him. All of our in my thoughts and prayers and I pray that Owen will find the 'light at the end of the tunnel'! Take good care of yourselves! A friend in Holland, MI.
I was in shock and disbelief when I heard about this, thinking if it could happen to him, it could happen to anybody. I don't read the tabloids, they are the main cause/contributor to what's wrong with this world and what happens in Hollywood. I have no respect for the tabloid writers. I really hope they do respect his request to leave him alone to heal. When I know Owen is starring in a film, he is the main reason I go. I try to see all his movies, and have my favorites that I re-watch in my video home library. I don't know what is going on in his life, but he will overcome this. We love you Owen, and pray you get past this with ease so you can put this behind you someday. I wish I could help. What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger and most importantly, what happened, does not make you weak.
Take care - your beloved fan!
It's true what they say about money can't buy everything. There are very few things in life that do not discrimate. Death and depression being two of them. Of course I don't know Owen except for that that is seen through the media and I don't know what goes on in his mind but it does seem he has a very strong support system from his brothers and I hope that he finds comfort in his family and friends. I hope that the media gives him the privacy that he deserves. I know they won't. I pray that you will find comfort and battle through this. Life is a gift and I hope that everyone battling depression including Owen will get through it. It will get better, I promise.
Be strong, Owen. Everybody has issues at one time or another in their lives. You will work through it. Don't listen to critics. Embrace those who reach out and care about you. I am looking forward to seeing your next movie.

Owen, man get better, you are one of my favorite actors. Even if it takes leaving Hollywood and becoming a normal person do it! I would rather know that you were alive laughing and having a great time on some island somewhere than to know that you just couldn't keep up with Hollywood and ended it all. Reach out and get the help you need to get through it, the road is sometimes hard and bumpy but with family, friends and God we can concur anything.
We love you,
Debbie in Florida
PS come on down we willt ake you fishing.
If prays help you to heal, then you must know that the healing has begun. From all that I have read people the world over are praying for you. And so am I. It takes a very strong person to ask for help, and you have taken that first step. Be well and please know that there are people who truly care about you for you, not what you do.
Owen, man you're loved by your fans too. Please get help, get back on your feet and make more movies!
Hi Owen,
I suffer from depression and it not easy. I only wish the best for you, there are alot of stories going around and not sure if true, but if you have depression seek help and be open minded. I love you as an actor and would think you are a great person in private! Stay positive!!
Your Fan
You are a very talented actor and I love your movies ,life sucks sometimes but you gotta hang in there.You have alot of people who love you ,and alot of fans who care .What ever happened I know you will come out ok ,please take care of yourself ,I am looking forward to your next movie
You'd swear that I knew Owen personally - this has bothered me so. Everyone around me is talking about him, and how bad they feel. Owen, you are such a talented, wonderful, handsome and charming man! I wish the press would lay off and let him have this time with his family to heal. As another writer stated, you are always there to make us laugh, to make us feel better, and to make us forget our troubles for those 2 hours we see you on the screen - let us be here for you now! We love you Owen!
We have different levels of depression in my family. Most of us are on some form of anti-depressant. I myself decided not to take it. Had a rough time at first but if that is what pushed Owen into the dark hole of hopelessness be assured you will see better days. Your a wonderful actor and by the comments I've seen it sounds like a great guy.
I will say a prayer that God will keep you safe. Note: the MEDIA will be the demise of this country
The news of Owen Wilson's emotional crisis has shaken me more than I would have thought. His desperation reminds us that we are failing one another as a human family in this country. We need better mental health care for all and more compassion for those who need that help, no matter what their station in life. My hope is that the outpouring of love and sympathy will help Owen through this dark time. If I could, I would tell him that he has made this world a better, happier place. I hope we can do the same for him and others who suffer as he does. C in CA
If addiction is the beast, it is NOT hopeless. Addiction and depression go hand in hand. It is a disease and it can be beaten back with help and determination. Owen, you are a light of joy to so many. You're one of hundreds of thousands that suffer from this and so many understand it now.
You are loved very much. It's not the end, Owen. It's the beginning.
Hang on and go forward with healing. Prayers are going up for you.
Dear Owen,
You are loved not just for your movies and writing but because you are you. Act, write, dream or do whatever it takes to love your life.
The world needs all the light it can get and you are one of the brightest lights. You are loved by so many just for being you. Thank you for adding light to our world.
Do not conform yourself to the standards of this world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God. Romans 12:2

God keeps his promise, and he will NOT allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain firm; at the time you are put to the test, he will give you the strength to endure it, and so provide you with a way out. 1 Corinthians 10:13

God Bless you and keep you safe,
One of your fans
Hey I know that you will probly never read this but i figured it was worth a shot. You'll get through this. I know what it feels kike to hurt so bad you wanna end it and this seems like the only way but trust me its not. Ive sat and stared at a bottle of pills for an hour many times crying. But i cant ever do it. I wouldnt want to put that on my family and friends. My only problem is that I dont talk to them about it. Dont make that mistake. They are there for you. They will do anything to help you. Dont let anybody force you through this process, it takes time. You truly are in my thoughts and prayers. You'll get better trust me. Plus I dont want to lose such a great influence! *Oklahoma Girl*
Owen - if you're reading all of the sentiments coming your way, I hope you're beginning to see the light. I know how demanding your schedule is - it's time to begin saying "no" to some projects and take time just for you. Regroup, refresh and enjoy everything you've worked so hard to accomplish.

Elizabeth - Toronto, CA
My job requires me to research and report on all things that are considered "juicy" or even "dirty" in entertainment. Usually, this is harmless play. Once in a very long time, not a while, a headline appears like a bolt of lightening in December. It makes you sit down and think...makes you sad...makes you think "no...not this". Owen gives us funny and silly. I have been a HUGE fan and made very public my adoration for him for years. What a gift he gives! And the gift we must all give back is his privacy, and our good and best wishes to him and his family so that he may feel great again. Because he is great. Get well soon friend. We do love you!
Me and all my family like you very much and wish you a good recovery. I don't know if you know it but you have a great deal of charisma and we just love all the movies you come out on, just to see you on them.
Friend from El Paso, Tx.
Owen you're so great and wonderful - however as a recovering addict/bipolar disorder patient myself, I can completely understand where you are coming from. I , too, have been at the place you are and how you are feeling right now. I wish you and your family nothing but support, love, and happiness. You are one of the modest people of Hollywood and that is what makes you special.
Take care dear friend.--
Erica in Hoboken NJ.
We love you, Owen. Thanks for all of the laughs and please keep them coming! We look forward to your recovery. God bless you.
If Owen ever needs to escape his very unreal world our doors are open to him in Peoria, AZ. Spending time with a family who has overcome great adversity may help him appreciate his very priveledged life. We love Owen but I do understand that some people can be incredulous, some of us have earned the right. My husband has had two types of cancer and bouts with serious depression, we lost our mom's young to cancer, our 28 year old son lives at home having had over 35 surgeries related to a rare genetic disorder and our youngest also has special needs. Our children are happy every day in spite of thier challenges. In 31 years of marraige we have been through extraordinary circumstances and survived somehow. I would like to see Owen visit any cancer center or children's hospital as part of his recovery therapy. People that are fighting for thier lives every day might be an inspiration to him.
To quote Hippocrates: Healing is not only a matter of time - it is also a matter of opportunity. I pray that Own receives all the love and support he needs during these trying times as well as the respect he deserves from the media.
Remember that you are not alone.
What the hell were you thinking? :)
Owen, honey we love you . Take extra good care.
Love, Amanda
Thomasville, NC
I attempted suicide twice in the past. I didn't heal myself or get better until I found Jesus Christ. Jesus loves you Owen!

Albany, NY
Owen: I can't say anthing profound that will make you read this but if you do, know that there are people out here who don't know you but we care that you felt this much pain and loss and desperation. Please do not feel alone and without hope. I think families untouched by any type of mental illness or substance abuse are rare anymore. Right now I'm the one to get the call, "My therapists says I'm to call you instead of committing suicide." So we talk. We're miles away but we talk. Reach out to others, Owen. Get clear of the substances so you know the core of what you're working with. It does get better. It can turn around. We're praying for you.
Owen, you are so fine and talented. What the hell are you doing Baby? LOVE YOU, hey, I'm available.....jk.. Smile Baby, life is too short.... You are an amazing actor,love you lots!
I love you Owen, all the way from EL SALVADOR, CENTRAL AMERICA. Te amo mucho, Melinda.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, please hang in there, you are awesome! My daughter and I both love you!
You were meant to survive...You don't have to be a hero, though. You're just a man. Your fans just happen to think you're a very special and talented man, faults and all... :) Don't be embarassed or feel like you've let anyone down. Just get the help you need and know we are beaming good thoughts your way. Life is actually a lot simpler than it seems at times - take it in stride. We love ya!
Owen-Please get yourself well. You are in everyone's hearts i Michigan.
I know Owen probably won't see this but I feel like telling him that we all are just human and to keep everything in perspective. Owen you are very talented and very funny but you have to have your own life and I hope you know you are loved because we think, at least I do that you are a nice person in this world. Stay cool and know that if you were not as popular as you are, people who know you would support you and want the best for you!

Tom L.
Owen-Please take care of yourself. Everyone here in Michigan is hoping for your peace. Merry
Owen you are in my prayers and in my thoughts today. Your a great person and I am not sure what your feeling right now but I hope your better and back to the happy person you seem to be in the movies...your a great great actor and I am sure the greatest person in the world. If I was to ever meet you I would be so grateful
Owen, if this is about a girl, my friend, everyone, goes through this desolate place at least once in their lifetime. When you come out of the funk that took you to this perilous place, you will see the trick was to keep moving. Get some weed, a bit of wine, and put some Sinatra on. Feel it all, then let it go.

The common theme, and my first thought was " I wonder if he realizes how much he is loved" and that seems to be the dominate theme.

Good Luck and Godspeed my friend.

God Bless You
Gary Ozenne
Corona, CA
Hi Owen.
You will be okay, dear man. You will get through this. It's not your fault, and you are not alone. Take the time you need. The time will come again when you can live your life and its challenges will have perspective. There is no rush to figure it all out right now. I believe in the power of collective positive thinking and we're with you. Fran
Whatever it was, I hope it is gone. I hope now you have moved beyond it. I hope you can pinpoint it, label it, turn on it and put it in its place. I hope it makes you stronger and wiser. I send you tons of mountains of huge good thoughts. Breathe, man.
So sorry you are hurting so much. I met you in Aspen once - at Eric's. One of the bartenders is an old friend. I am sorry such a private time is so public for you - I cannot imagine. I hope you will find privacy and comfort in the coming weeks. You are very loved and appreciated in this world.
with love from Denver
Owen, you have much love and support and prayers behind you.....I ask God to send his Angels down for a healing for you and comfort you...In Christ's name.

Be well Owen.....
I know that whatever you are going through is hard, just remember that you have a family and many fans that are here for you.
When you feel the time is right, take a trip with your brothers. Go far from home and away from the Hollywood scene. Take the time for yourself, you are worth it!!

With Great Love,
Oklahoma City, OK

You've brought us all much more joy, happiness and laughter than we're entitled to and we're all very thankful (I could drift off into terrible sycophancy, but will resist).

To badly paraphrase Neil Young, I hope you can lose the down that you've found.

Very best wishes mate.


You are are one of the last leading actors in this time that makes me laugh so hard my stomach hurts!

You are good at every thing you approach! Please get well and take care of yourself w/ the same enthusiasm you have towards your rolls. I have faith in you! We can't lose you!


I know what it is liked to be depressed. You just forget all the good things you have and are melancholy all the time. Depression isn't something you can just get over in the snap of a finger. But I hope you see that you have so many loving fans who enjoy your acting. I never get enough of watching "Wedding Crashers". You bring a lot of laughter and joy that can make some one forget about a tough day. Stay strong, man. Unlike Lindsey Lohan and Brittney Spears, I have so much respect for you and feel like you help make the world better. My heart goes out to you!
Owen, get better and heal fast- emotionally and physically. You have no idea how much you are loved by your fans, family and friends. You have to know that you are a very special person and God has more good things in store for you. Never give up hope! You make millions of people laugh and feel so much better for just watching your movies. We love you lots and lots - so you hang in there. No one knows what you are going through or have gone through, but there is an end to everything and you can make it to the other side. Be well. We love you!
From you friend and admirer in Phoenix, Arizona.
Hi Owen.

Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and your family. I'm sending you all my best thoughts. Thanks for making me smile.
You are loved very much Owen. Hoping that whatever ails you will be subdued by thoughts of so many people missing you at this moment.
Dear Owen,
What turmoil you must be going through. I, too have been there. It's not your time and please don't make it your choice. You don't know your fans and we don't really know you, although we love you just the same. Garner strength and support from your wonderful family and friends. It just isn't worth it. It is too final. Think of the things that you have to look forward to, fatherhood, unclehood, (maybe), and try to find joy in that. You are so incredibly talented. You bring so much joy to so many. I hope you find whatever it is that will bring you joy and peace. You will remain in my prayers and in my heart.
My baby's hurtin'! Mama's coming.

No se por lo que estes pasando, me imagino que ha de ser algo muy fuerte, pero Dios nunca pone pruebas que uno no pueda superar.

Te admiro , asi que te comparto este lido pensamiento:


"Él purificará..y los refinará como se hace con la
plata" (Mal. 3,3).

Dios ve necesario poner a sus hijos en un horno,su ojo es constantemente
atento en el trabajo de la purificación, y su sabiduría y amor obran juntos
en la mejor manera para nosotros.

Nuestras pruebas no vienen al azar, y Él
no nos dejará ser probados más allá de lo que podemos sobrellevar.

La señora hizo una pregunta final:"¿Cuándo sabe que el proceso está
completo?" "Pues es muy sencillo", contestó el platero: "Cuando puedo ver
mi propia imagen en la plata, se acaba el proceso de refinación".

He's rich. He's white. He's a famous actor. And lots of ladies want to be with him and that's still not enough. Now, he wants us to feel sorry for him. Not me. He needed help he could have asked for it and he can afford to seek it. Sorry, I've got no more tears, Mr. Wilson!
Hey Owen,

All of my friends and family are praying for you. We have all enjoyed your incredibly strong presence you have shown the whole world in all of your films. It's easy to tell that you are a wonderful guy. We all can't wait to see you again on the big screen. Get yourself better, buddy. We love ya, man!
We love you Owen. Hang in there. Thanks for always making us laugh.

Holley and Melinda from Texas
Boo Hoo,
Im sure he will be alright wrapped up nice and warm with his millions of dollars and hollywood lifestyle. Get some perspective people..
My heart and prayers go out to Owen and his family at this time. I'm sorry that you and your family have to publicly go through this. Just concentrate on yourself (mentally, physically and spiritual). You are needed and loved. Always remember
Im so sorry to hear. My heart goes out to Owen and his family in this delicate time. Always remember that you are loved and needed. You deserve all the best.(mentally, physically and spiritually) Take care. I know from experience. It gets better. You're worth it everyday.
How weak..that this guy who thinks he is such a heart throb can feel like kiliing himself because he needs to be loved and feel like everyone adores him. Grow up baby, so many people have REAL issues to deal with and they don't resort to suicide.
Owen, my thoughts are with you.. take care of yourself as we all need you...
A few months ago I was so sad that in a moment of not thinking straight I slit my left wrist too. I was a bit dumbfounded as I hadn't even been thinking about it before it happened. I had to be taken to the hospital and stitched up. Mostly I was embarrassed and wore long sleeves and bracelets, etc.

All I know is that it was a major wake up call and it changed my perspective on life radically. Thus my heart truly goes out to you Owen. People are going to treat you different than before. But just stay true to yourself and your belief that you are OK and you will move forward.

I have been such a huge fan of yours for years now. I own pretty much every movie you have starred, appeared, or written in. You make me laugh sooo hard in all of your comedies. You're a brilliant writer. You can do it all! I want you to know that I feel for you and I am praying for you and your family during this time.
You are an amazing actor/writer, and such and inspirational person in general. You are what Hollywood needs more of. I'm a 21 year old student and you inspire me in ways I can't even explain. I even try to match your shaggy hair! Get well soon and God Bless You!
May theLord watch over and heal you Owen. You make so many of us laugh at our selves and the 'human condition". May laughter return to your lifeand lightup your face once again.

Abilene Tx
Owen, don't give up. I attempted suicide 4 years ago, but I made it. Medication and therapy have given me a new lease on life. There is help out there. You'll be OK.
Owen - I hope you are reading these because we all love you and your work. I will go see a movie of yours just because you are in it and provide such a breath of fresh air no matter what the subject matter of the movie is. Please take advantage of the treatments that are available to help you through these rough times - we all have them and some of us also have clinical depression but it can be treated and you can resume your life normally. Come back to your fans - we miss you already.
Of course we don't know you, but you are no stranger in our house. My three-year-old son has been watching CARS over and over and OVER again, so it's like you've been a guest in our home the past few weeks! I can hear your voice in the other room all day. Of course we know this isn't really you, that we have no idea what is really going on for you and what your life is like. I can only say that (having depression myself) I know how dark the dark is, and how it feels when your work doesn't feel like enough to light it up again. Persevere. If you can bring this much warmth to our home, then there is something out there that can bring you warmth too. Hang on to that. Oh, my boy is waking up from his nap and no doubt the first thing he will say is, "I want to watch Lightning!" :) You are in our hearts and in our prayers and in our TiVos.
Austin, TX


Just wanted you to know, just take one day at a time. It seems bad now but will get easier. I have been through the same thing. Your missed and loved by all.

You have so many people who admire you as well as love you. Remember that no matter what, hurting yourself is never a way to go. Talk to someone, write therapy it out, find something you can take anger and anguish out on that doesn't harm yourself or others.
Keep your chin up. You have friends in all of us commenting. You would be greatly missed if something happened to you.
We love you Owen, and our thoughts are with you. I wish you could just take all these thoughts from around the world and turn them into something that will help you get out of this. Please take care, and do what you need to do to get well. Not for everyone else, but for yourself.
Owen - take time to take care of yourself, we love you!!

I hope the press gives your the privacy you deserve.
Owen Wilson!
As much as I would like to send you something to remind you that you are highly thought of!

Your family is hopefully supporting you at this time!

I have enjoyed your hilarious shows! you are an excellent guy!

Take step at a time!
My heart breaks for Owen and his family. My sibling has attempted suicide more than once, so I understand what you're all going through. Owen, your fans love you and we want you to get help. Luke, Andrew, and the rest of the Wilsons, just do your best to be there for Owen, and please let him know how much everybody cares about him. There's no shame in having depression or asking for help if you need it.
Praying that God will comfort you and heal your hurts and that you get the time you need to regroup and start the healing process... Dont worry about us (fans) we'll still be here for when you are ready!!

Praying in SC
I know sometimes its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and sometimes its easy to lose sight of the good in a world filled with so much bad. We all feel that way sometimes, Its gods way of reminding us we are only human. When i feel blue, i like to remember the Poem that got so many in my family through their darkest days..Perhaps you know it...

One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord.
Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.
In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.
Sometimes there were two sets of footprints,
other times there was one only.
This bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods of my life,
when I was suffering from anguish,
sorrow or defeat,
I could see only one set of footprints,
so I said to the Lord,
“ You promised me Lord,
that if I followed you,
you would walk with me always.
But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life
there has only been one set of footprints in the sand.
Why, when I needed you most, have you not been there for me?”
The Lord replied,
“ The years when you have seen only one set of footprints,
my child, is when I carried you.”

--Author Mary Stevenson--

I also am not sure if you are reading these comments posted by so many adoring and supportive fans, but if you are not alone. Depression is America's number one plague, but I am confident that you will triumph through this difficult period in your life. Obviously, not being a celebrity myself and not understanding the pressures of being in the spotlight, I have no idea the type of person you are. But I do know that I immensely enjoy your witty sense of humor, your easy going laid back sense of self, and the simple fact that you have family and dear friends that want only the best for you. But most importantly is that the depression doesn't control you, but that YOU control the depression. You seem like a wonderful person that is experiencing a serious, but hopefully a temporary set back. And with the help of those who truly love you, your recovery process will give you the inspiration to seek, overcome, and conquer your depression to be the Owen Wilson, whomever that person means to you, we all know and love. My thoughts and prayers are with you ALWAYS!!! Take it easy will prevail!


Dear Owen,
I won't pretend to know what you're going through, but my prayers are with you in this time of healing. You have made many people laugh and, for that, the world would suffer a great loss if you were no longer in it. I want to share one of my favorite poems with you, and I pray it gives you the strength to hang in there. We love you!
Be well,
Canton Ohio


Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Dear Owen,

We love you so much in Canada and we are praying for you and for your recovery' God bless you now and always'
Owen! Take a chance, you motor boatin' sunnofabitch!!!!!!!!!
Owen... I hope you feel better soon. I lost my bro to something like this and I miss him every day. I don't know honestly if you truly tried to take your life and that is none of my business. It's between you and God or whomever you believe in. Just know that people love you and everyone hits low points in their lives no matter what they do. When someone does decide to take their life it only leaves a wake of destruction beyond belief in all the lives of people who love that person. I speak from experience. I care about you and admire the work that you do. You help us the folks who arent in showbiz forget about our daily strifes and escape for a few hours and that is a great gift. Love you bud....Rick from Laguna Hills..
Hi Owen -
I don't know if you'll ever read this, but I had to try, just in case. I wanted to let you know that even when you feel empty, alone, and this world dissapoints you, there is someone out there who loves you and who will always love you. Jesus. Reach out to Him, and He will be there for you. He fills voids. He will make you feel whole when you feel like most of you is gone. He is what you need. God bless you, Owen. You are in my family's prayers.
Hey, there Owen! This is Jon from far off Philippines. I just have to say that you have a lot of fans here rooting for you to get back on track and live life to the fullest. You have lots of friends behind you, friends you know and friends you don't, like your fans. Thanks for spreading laughter and your talent to this world, and we're looking forward to more of your gift in the future.

Life is never easy, but it is the challenges that make us better people. When I heard that something in your life had affected you so deeply to make such a decision, my heart hurt for you. I understand feeling hopeless, but for different reasons. I volunteer in animal rescue and rehabilitate animals who have been neglected and abused. I have seen the bad side of humanity, and with so many animals out there that need help, I have at times felt that nothing I did really mattered because I couldn't save all of the animals. But when I look into the eyes of those animals I have saved and found new, loving families for, I realize I have made a difference. Not only in the animal's life, but in the people who adopted them through the love the animal offers their family. You make a difference to all those you reach out to in your films. People who may have been having a horrible day and suffering depression may have been pulled out by your talent and humor when they sat down and watched one of your films. Your family and close friends need you as well as your unknown friends who are your fans. You have a gift please don't take that away from us. I feel like giving up sometimes because of the heartache I feel when I lose an animal who came in too sick or injured to survive. But if I give up, there may be may others who may not survive that I could have saved. No one can be the perfect person or save the world. But we can make a difference one person or animal (in my case) at a time. You make a difference and although I do not know you or probably will never meet you, you have a loyal friend in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Sending a ray of light your way; knowing you must be looking for one. Whether you make any more movies or not, you will shine. Take it slow and easy, whatever you choose. There are MANY positive forces sending thoughts your way. Hang in.
okay fine i,ll try again to let you all know media should have respected Owen,s wishes to have not made this a media frenzy!!!
My thoughts are with Owen Wilson and his family- Im just one of thousands who really appreciates his work and him making me laugh out loud in so many of his films. I have lost a friend to suicide- and I hope that Mr. Wilson gets better soon so that he can feel less heartache and much more happiness.
Owen...the pain you are feeling is real, and it will probably always hurt a little, like an "old football injury"...but don't let it become a demon that influences your choices. You are not your pain. It seems like you have a strong, loving family and a lot of people who care very deeply for you. There is help available to you. Don't turn your back on it, and please, please don't try to self-medicate your pain away. So many people have tried, and it always ends the same way if they let it rule their lives. Don't be another sad statistic. I know that if you want to badly enough you can rise above this and have a beautiful life. You just need to ask for the right kind of help from trustworthy people who have your best interests at heart. Choosing to drown yourself in substances or end your life may end your pain, but they create so much pain for all those around you. I'm keeping you in my thoughts, Owen.

With much love,

Victoria BC Canada.
Hi Owen,

We have never met or anything. I guess I would be just normal fan, but aside from being a normal fan...I actually care. Everyone assumes it's depression but it could be more than that. But whatever it is, I know you can get through it. I may have only been exposed to your movie personalities but I know that deep down you are very strong. You have family and friends that love you and care about you. Remember that. I lost a friend to suicide because her support system wasn't strong and she kept things to herself. PLEASE!! IF you feel like you need to talk to someone or ask for help...It's okay to do so. It's amazing what it does when you get stuff off of your chest and just having someone there to listen works wonders as well.
Now I am not Christian but I will surely pray for you and your time of need. Just remember that you have people to talk to. Do whatever is best for you, not what's best for others...especially the media.
STFU you ignorant sob sad morons~!

Pathetic lot.
Owen -

My thoughts are with you as I have been in your position several times myself - most people do not understand what it is like to be talented, giftted, beautiful, and bright and yet to feel so lonely in this world. Your expectations of yourself are probably far greater than one could ever imagine. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. Remember, you are loved by many.


You are the positive influence on the world that I only wish I could be. Please know that a lot of unusual (in the sense that we don't follow celebrity lives or tabloids) people are very saddened by the news of not just the attempt but also the alleged depression. As a sufferer myself, I had actually given up on all areas of my life for a few months but a friend accepted me unconditionally and helped light something up inside me to try and fight. Some days are easier than others but they're all better than nothing.

Keep it real.
Try to listen to positive music. Lyrics click in our mind a way other advice can't I think.

Straylight Run's "Sympathy for the Martyr" literally saved my life.

To everyone: just find that line in a song, or that painting, or that hobby that gives you strength, and just embrace it with everything you have. Hold on tight and believe in yourself.
my thoughts are with owen and his family at this time. regardless of the reasons why he is not doing well the point is he needs time to heal and anyone can have a bad time whether rich or poor, successful or unsuccessful. i wish him the best as i truly enjoy his work as an actor. and he seems like a marvelous person from what i have read.
Owen - I know what you are going through.I have been there. However, unlike you I was able too heal on my own in private but getting excellent medical care as are you. I have tried once too end my life and considered it numerous times more. I found that the "best medicine" is keeping family and friends around that UNDERSTAND and will support you. Not try too help you with what they feel is the best way. I have tried the drugs & alcohol too medicate myself and always ended up feeling worse. Owen, a fight with a friend or family member, a break up with someone special, a loss of a job, NOTHING is worth ending your life. This I have realized as well. Know that there are family and friends not just close too you in your circle but all over the world that have you in their thoughts and prayers. You are a wonderful actor and I am sure a wonderful son and brother. You are too important too so many to leave us all behind. We love you Owen.
Dearest Owen,
God did not let you go for a reason. Keep fighting. Keep holding on. You're amazing...faults and all...that's what makes us humans. Keep that smile on your face. Too many people have fallen in love with that smile.
May God continue to watch over you in this time of need.
You will be in my prayers.

owen, i wish you love, peace, and rest. Take your time. Your worth it. the world will always be here. It will take care of its self. Lots of love. Julie C.
Mr. Wilson,

You are not alone! I too suffer from depression, I have Manic Depression. Which is where your emotions can be very high or very low. Without medication, I would not be here writing to you. I also see a Counselor once a month. There is NO cure for depression yet but I hope with support for Stem Cell Research and other means, a cure WILL be found in our lifetime! I am an aspiring Screenwriter in Hudson, MA, I have loved film and writing since I was a little boy. I am writing about my illness, my heritage (Finnish,) and other bold ideas. I love speaking about my illness and my family. That is what keeps me going! Without that, I would be dead of a suicide. Owen Wilson, be with your family and your friends, seek help, and take some medication. You are NEVER alone!!!

Markus McLaughlin
Hudson, MA, USA
Dear Mr. Wilson,
i am from a culture wherein one does not refer to anyone by first names... that is how coservative we are.I feel compelled to write because i have seen your movies and known the happiness and laughter you have brought to so many of us who are not americans but who are part of humanity that enjoys a good laugh and sees the positive side of life - through your movies you have done just that for many of your viewers.Your viewers relate to you in your movie persona and i am sure that is a very heavy burden to carry. I cannot believe that you do not portray something of your real self in all those films that make us feel so close to you, the reality of life and the funny side of what is often a very sad/desolate and cold existence that we have to endure. I am truly sorry that something seems so amiss that you tried to go away but i am glad you failed because through your eyes so many of us are able to view success that is possible and has eluded us.Do get well soon and nurse and heal yourself the way you have brought joy and succour and hope to so many who may have lost hope but saw a movie of yours and saw that life does play jokes but also rewards and it is possible to grasp them if one is positive. Take care and get well soon would like to see your smile again-rb
I can't think of any actor who is as sweet and cared for as Owen Wilson. I wish him all the best during this difficult time in his life and hope that he will be recovered and back on our screens in no time!
I do not know if these thoughts will be extended to Owen himself. Nevertheless, my sincere thoughts are extended to Owen and his family/loved ones. At such a sensitive time, I think it is fair to say that the best thing we, fans, as well as other sources such as media can do is extend our love, support, admiration, and respect to "Owen"; not only Owen Wilson as his status within our society stands as actor/comedian. By expressing compassion, I believe directly and/or indirectly it will enable him to heal and cope in such a sensitive time! All in all, best of wishes I extend to you, Owen, to you and your family and friends! Smiles
I pray you are reading the wonderful comments about you and take this for what it's worth. You are a natural talent and God has a plan for your life. My father committed suicide 20 years ago and I'd give anything to have him back. You have a family that loves you tremendously and if for nothing else, hold on to that! I understand totally what you have gone through and going through, but just know if you trust God, he'll remove those things in your life that are unhealthy and he won't allow this "earth" to dictate the man you are! We love you in Houston and we ask that your soul prospers and you get more blessings than you can hold in your hand! Get well, be blessed and move on to higher heights and in the meantime, love yourself more than you could imagine! Love you always! Your friend in Houston, Texas!
this is one actor we cannot lose. unless you have been severely depressed yourself (like i was a couple years ago) it is very difficult to understand why someone would take such drastic measures. to a depressed person the world makes no sense. you don't know even HOW to think let alone think logically.

i haven't seen one negative blog about him. this is great and shows how much he is loved. don't blame the guy. support him. just think about how he makes you laugh. his owen-NESS is something the world needs right now. again, we cannot lose this guy...the loss would be too great.

an american in paris
Owen -

Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you. I was saddened by your troubles and hope that you can get better and once again make me laugh. You are quite obviously adored by many.

A fan in Rhode Island

I surely hope you stumble across this blog and realize how many people across this world are praying for you. You are not alone in your depression and addiction and just know, there is hope. Look to family for comfort, good friends for laughter, and come see these comments and realize how you have brought happiness to other people's lives. I wish you the very best and for a speedy recovery. God Bless.
Alot of people are addressing Owen directly so I'll just say this.

Owen, don't read this stuff. Despite everyones best wishes, this kind of thing does not really help. Take your time, sort yourself out and move on. You don't owe anyone an explanation. The average person wouldn't understand anyway.
I just want to say I feel badly for own Wilson. It just goes to show you Money and fame isnt everything. Not even Close. Friends and cant put a price on that.

But one thing that bothers me is why we care so much about moviestars and athletes and singers. Would they care for you? Probablly not. Would they blog for you probablly not. I feel badlly for owen because hes human and was created by god like us all. But as a person i dont know him and the quality of the life he leads i dont know.
Acting is probably one of the most stressful means of employment. My guess is that his issues have been rearing their evil heads for a long time and his recent attempt at suicide was a big red flag.

However, I must say that truth be told, he is not a great actor. I mean honestly could anyone see him playing Mark Whalbergs character in The Departed? Exactly. He is a talented writer and deserved that Oscar nod for The Royal Tannenbaums. People have been saying that his character Richie from The Royal Tannenbaums and Richies suicide attempt might have been a warning to viewers that this is who he was. I have a feeling too. I just hope that he finds his peace and gets well soon.

Life can be difficult and often we all find ourselves feeling like it would be better if we were no longer here. However, there is so much to live for and there is so much love and support out there for you. Please accept the help being offered and get yourself well. I really enjoy your movies and your spirit. God Bless!

Jodie - Virginia
Owen, anyone who can play a drinking game involving Jackie Chan, a bathtub, and a crab has GOT to have a great future!

You make me LAUGH. But it's got to be tough to feel you have to perform. If you need a break, please take one, we'll be glad to see you when you come back!

When I read & heard the news of your depression that took you over not only did it come as a great suprise, but this made my mind flood with many thoughts.

Being a month older than you and having gone through many difficult & different things in our short span of time on this earth. I can fully understand how one can be over welmed, as I too have be where you were back in my early 20's.

For me finding Christ and making Him Lord of my life has changed my life for the far greater as I see things so differently now. In having this relationship with Christ, no matter what comes my way like having melanoma Cancer last year or being told you have the bones of a 70 year old just only three months ago.

I have found my strength comes from the Lord who also provides me with a joy and peace that goes far beyond understanding in the most difficult of times.

As this very active female & still a newly wed adjusts to a new life style that doesn't allow for any more motorcycle rides, climbing trees, roofs or in no way can I fall down as I would end up paralized. Compound that with the medication provided for this illness only made it me a zombie with great pain, thus lead me to stopped taking it two weeks ago and looking into a natural cure.

Owen, I am finding comfort in the Comforter as you can too as He is reaching out & calling you. Life as you know is filled with many ups and downs, things we wish to change and things we never want to end. In all of this The one who gives me the greatest joy is Christ. Don't get me wrong I have a wonderful loving, caring, compassionate husband and a son who is in his second year of collage that loves his mom and doesn't want anything to happen to her. But they can not fullfil what Christ has done for me, they are my precious gifts that the Lord has given me.

My prayers continue to go out to you and will look forward to continue seeing you on the big screen.

Look to Christ for the answers and in John 1:1 just might be a good way to start.

Angelina ; - )

You've brought so much happiness to people like me who watch your movies. We all wish the best for you. Take care of yourself.


The sun rises everyday and you will also rise above this. Take it one day at a time knowing that life is full of valleys and mountains...ironically it is usually thru the hardest of times in the valleys that make us stronger.

Susan Yakabowich
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
(from the open beautiful majestic prairies!)
Owen, I'm glad this isn't a memorial site for you. My wife and I have been fans since Bottle Rockets. Love your work and your wit. Forget Hollywood... move to South Carolina man, get with it, seven different kinds of smoke.

Just kidding. Hope you make a speedy recovery and know that people who don't even know you, care about you. How weird is that?

M to the Urley

Just wanted to say I suffer from depression too, and it takes a lot of support to get through it. Today may seem like you'll never feel happy again, but remember tomorrow is a new day! I just watched you in Zoolander, and you made me laugh so hard my sides hurt! Keep smiling it will get better!

Hi Owen,
You are a beacon of sunshine. Take time to heal and love yourself.
I am writing this to you from a group of middle school teachers who are all huge fans. We are supposed to be having a conference right now...but could not get off the subject of you. We know you through your films and tv appearances, but because of your very unique talents and charisma, you communicate something that we are all able to relate to. You have the capability to affect so many people in this world- and we want you back! So get better, dear friend. Much love to you.

You are a gift from the Universe.
Placed here on earth to illuminate the greatness of others....

You illuminate the world for others with your presence, just by Being YOU...

What this world needs are more Owen's...People not afraid to be themselves...

Heartfelt Blessings, for a speedy recovery...
Walking around with the facade that everything is fine is incredibly hard, especially when you are dying inside to feel good, even for a brief moment. I live everyday wondering when my facade will be found out.

I cannot imagine what it's like trying to pretend life is okay when you're an actor. One would think that it's much easier to do if your profession is to act, but as we now see with Owen - it's not.

I hope he pulls through and gets the help he needs. Love of family and friends can help. I wish we were all so lucky.
Owen, please know that you are loved by this lady from Maryland who's been endlessly entertained by your films. Hang in there!! My father lived with depression and I know all too well the stuff that can plague you--but please be strong and get help and don't leave us yet, buddy!! We love you!
Thank you, CNN, for this outlet to say may depression never dement Owen's mind again (Harry Potter reference there; you know, dementors)!

No more news reports from outside the hospital, please. Just leave him alone until he says he's ready for public life again.

We're behind you, Owen! Get well again!

This webpage is good because it's not in his face, but an "it's here if you want it approach."
Suicide is preventable and depression is treatable. Having a son who came to me and said he had thoughts of suicide and thoughts of how his whole existence was not important. I immediately got him the help he needed. Thank goodness for new medications and therapy we have today. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
Owen, dude... thanks for all the great work, but get away from Hollywood. Clear skies, bro. Clear skies.
Alot of us don't realize that it is not just depression on Owens, he has an addiction. The two combinations can be deadly. With the help and support of friends, family and a strong will, Owens will make it. To the people that may judge him, let him try and heal in peace. This man is hurting and we need to give him and his family private time to heal. God Bless you Owens and your family. Keep fighting, we all love you and some of us have thought about walking in your shoes, but with a stong family we all get through it. Owen, you bring joy to so many people. I wish we could return the favor and help you in your time of need.

Please don't give up. I am praying for you:)

You are a good guy, take care of yourself......
So saddened to hear that someone that has made me laugh countless times is having such a difficult time. My prayers are with you as you struggle to find your peace.
God Bless
To Owen and his family, I wish you all strength and love during this struggle.

To those who have responded in kind - keep up the good work, he needs your positive feedback, especially at this time.

To those who put him down due to his race, his fortunes or his appearance - Suicide and Depression do not care what race you are, how much money you have or what you look like. It has no bias, it will manifest in anyone. Be kind, it could be you one day.
hi owen

i have seen several of your works and feel you are talented. i particularly like when i see u and ur brother together on tv, one can almost see the strong bond.

i have never experienced depression but i know everyone has their share of ups and downs and i know that if u just hang in there a little longer u eventually smile.

pls, pls, pls hang in there, u are greatly loved and admired and u bring joy to so many people.

laide, Nigeria.
Owen, I'm not sure if you will read this. I understand how badly you want to die. I struggle on and off with depression. People think you have a great life and you might, but you feel like it's the end of the world.I finally figured out that I have to look at the good (kids, husband, etc.) and stay focused on that in order to pull myself out of the dark pit. Noone else can do that for you!! There were many times I looked back and didn't even understand myself why or how I could feel so depressed when life was going so well. Look to the sky, breathe deep and tell yourself there is good in your life. Hang on to that and you will pull through. We love you - don't give up....

JHicks - Ocala, FL
to owen wilson, we love all your movies and appreciate your acting, please someday make a zoolander part 2 that movie was the best. good fortune to you . love always a family who thinks you are very good.
This really broke my heart - probably because funny, charming Owen Wilson has always struck me as humble and gentle and just a great comedic actor. I don't know what happened and I don't care, I an just glad it only ALMOST occurred and hope that he has the fortitude to come through it all and get his life back to a place where he sees life as a truly worthwhile choice. May he heal in peace and with privacy as he requested.

As a huge fan of yours, I and the rest of the world, are still trying to come to grips with the reality of your plight. We have all been anxiously awaiting the next movie that includes your wonderful and gifted presence. As everyone has made so clear your charisma is limitless and otherwordly. Ever since I first saw you in, of all movies, "Zoolander" as the most hysterical runway model I had ever encountered,(being in the fashion industry myself) and although you were spoofing the charachter, you could not help but come across as a beautiful man. There are very few actors/comics I would want to meet. You are one- smart, witty, sensitive, wicked funny, and oh yes, gorgeous too!! Get well soon. We love you.
You will be in my prayers, Owen, for only the Lord can help at this time. I am sorry that you feel so distraught that you would have to take your own life. I have been there and felt the same, but realize; that is a permanent solution to an ever changing situation. Please find peace with yourself and best of everything to you. You are so talented and blessed to be in the spot light like you are and have so many fans love you. Remember - you are loved, even by those you don't know!
When I found out last night, I literally was taken aback. You and Ben are my favorite actors of all time. I want you to know that you have so many people who care about you, who want you to be okay, who are sitting here in your corner cheering you on.
I've been there, and it's scary. You feel like there's nothing you can do, like nothing's going to get any better, but it will. It's just like a rainy week in summer - it's hard to know when it'll end, but the sun will be back - it just might take a while.
Be careful with you. Your friends and family cherish you. You're irreplaceable to them, and to all the people you cheer up with you wonderful talents.
We love you
Dear Owen, There is such a light
that radiates from you. We wish
you the same happiness that we feel when we watch one of your movies!
Friends in Dubai.
Dear Owen,

I know what it feels like to be overwhemled with pressure from the society and family to do well. I come from a family that is extremely well known for performing well and being quite intelligent. When the pressure got to me, I, myself, attempted suicide. Never ended in the hospital though. I have to say that what saved me was writing. I wrote and still write everyday. It is amazing the power of words can do to your mood. If writing is your passion, than do it! If the emotions get so high that you can no longer hold them in than cry, but never stop writing. The point is that you release all the anger, sadness that haunts you and that is consumming your insides. If Hollywood is too fast, too public with no privacy, leave. Pack your bags and leave with friends and family for a lost corner of the planet. Find what makes you smile, feel alive and do it. The most important thing is to express your mood, feelings and emotions, whether it is through art or the spoken word. Find someone you trust and who listens and talk. If ever you feel down, call a friend or family. Keeping it inside can only make it worse. Cause if you dont, it could hurt more than anything. Find other short term solutions (alcohol, drugs, sex, running away)are not the answer. Trust me, I've tried and I've seen too many times the result. Do not care what other might think. We know the great, good looking, funny, sensual, understanding guy that you are, now you need to see it. It will take time, energy and sometimes, you will think that you wont get through it, but you will, you just have to believe. Get help for yourself. Do what is right for you, because no one has to be more with you than you. The rest dont matter. Three important things to tell or to ask when one is depressed: When? How? and Where? when, where and how are you going to attempt suicide?If you knw the answer, than it is time to seek help. BTW, if it is true that you cowrote The Royal Tannenbaums. Than hindsight shows that your attempt was in The Royal Tannebaums and that your brother Luke interpreted the scene. No one bothered to ask questions, why should they. Hindsight is annoying, aint it? BTW, what should I know, I'm only 20 living a good life in a small village-city, studying psychology in university. People out there are willing to help you, it is up to you to help yourself because no one can do it for you. Dont mind us, but we are all cheering for you! I know that you can get through this.

We're ready to listen. We don't expect all laughs from you. Lose the pressure, and the expectations. Be yourself, and if you don't know who that is yet, well not all of us have that figured out - so we're alike. Just be true, and know that you're not the center of the universe. Noone revolves around anyone. Life happens. And Owen, you are loved by many, around you.

Sophie in Ottawa, Canada...
I know that feeling. Like everything in life is an accident and that you are not talented at all; however incredibly lucky.

Owen, this is not the truth. You are there because you work hard and you deserve to be.

The first encounter, interview, old friend you see on the street, will be the worst. You will feel that knot all over again. Want to hide or run into a shop to avoid a certain conversation about the undeniable.

But they will forget that day in August and eventually your smile will remind them of the way you are. You will disarm them the way you always do. And your life will go on. Never the same and maybe even harder. But it will go on...

If we had lost you, it would have been a devestating and tragic loss. When I, as many others, heard the news, I truly felt ill thinking we could have lost you.

You are extremely talented and loved! I am so happy, as many others are, that you are okay.
Look after yourself and get the help you need. Can't wait to see you in the future!

GET WELL - we'll be here waiting for your return :-)
I just have to weigh in to defend the press in this, who seem to be seen as the cause or at least the trigger here.

I absolutely feel for Mr. Wilson; I've worked with him as a member of the press. I can assure you he is a great guy - intelligent, funny, kind. I wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

The press didn't do this to Owen, and frankly, if the press weren't out and about getting you folks the entertainment news you PAY FOR, well, this story wouldn't be in print, would it? He'd just be another attempted suicide case, among dozens per day.

Don't shoot the messenger. Some paparazzi take it too far, sure - but this wasn't about some aggressive photographer. If news about Owen's ex drove him over the edge, well we have two parties to blame: 1) Owen himself, and 2) the public that feeds off tabloid entertainment.

If it hadn't been a tabloid, he might've had another trigger - perhaps a mutual friend of his and Kate's breaks the news at dinner... who knows?

The reality is he clearly had deeper issues, and I hope for his sake he can work through them.
Owen, I hope you get to read all these beautiful letters, from real people, who really adore you. I do not comedies but was telling a friend last week that your movies are the only comedies I'll watch because no matter how funny they are supposed to be, there is always a hint of sorrow in them, which makes them so human. Then this happens. How sad I was.... thank God your brother found you. Please know that everyone out here is pulling for you, I don't think anyone can imagine a world that you are not in.
I wanted to take a moment and say that as a close person to this family that I can say for certain that Owen does not even use a computer or much less own one. He loathes the media being so much in his face all the time. For that matter he owns a very small piece of technology including a phone :) I can also go on record to say thank you for continuing him to breathe during his "time off" time that he has so much needed.

Hollywood is not for those who have big hearts and are very practical and down to earth. If you look back in history, those types do a couple of films here and there and then dissappear for a couple years.

Owen, Luke and Andrew have each contributed to the industry and are each equally talented in their own right and are very protective, like any one in the inner circle is.

It's inspiring to read such nice things and I am sure when the time comes he will let everyone know that.

All the best for a safe holiday weekened.
Dear Owen,
your fans in Germany pray for you...get better soon! We love you lots !
Suicide is a cheater's way out. Enough said.
One thing to say to the media and noisy people out there:

Leave the guy Alone!!! stop making rating pretending your support, don't be hypocrites

The guy just need to deal with his own demons with his close ones, not with the rest of the world.

I just wanted to send my best thoughts and support to Owen Wilson during this most difficult time. I had a similar experience recently outside of the public eye , and can't imagine what it is like in the public eye. Hang in there, Owen. Although everything may look bleak and hopeless at the beginning, the first rays of hope are not far away, once the doctors have done their job. Trust your docs, and get lots of rest.
Owen - I wish I could make you laugh just one time to pay you back for the many, many times you've absolutely cracked me up.

I suffer from depression, and I've attempted suicide. You can make it - you have a loving family, many friends and a huge fanbase!

Get well - and then for fun - let's throw all the nosy reporters and photogs into the river.


The World loves you, ignore some of those disenchanted, ignorant and selfess people who post cruel and insensitive remarks just because they are miserable themselves and don't want anyone else to be happy. Know that the majority of us are decent human beings and want only the best for you.

You are definitely a light in this dark world and you bring hope and joy to so many. Remember things happen for a reason and luckily for you and all of us, you weren't successful at ending your life. Which only goes to show you, God doesn't want you to give up, he is not ready for you to leave us because you have so much more to offer us. You have a great purpose in this life and maybe you just needed to hear that you are not alone, that everyone loves you and to make it easier for others to understand what it is like to feel depressed. Please don't ever feel embarrassed or ashamed that you are human. It takes a real man to stand up and acknowledge his feelings and emotions. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. No one who is worth anything will ever judge you badly.

You have been one of only a few actors that I really enjoy these days and you seem like a real genuine person and not some false or phoney image of Hollywood. I know the media can be cruel but I'd still rather read or see anything about you versus Britney, Lindsey or Paris any day. We need you to stick around and continue to make us all laugh - you are so gifted. If it weren't for you, Ben Stiller, Will Farrell and Vince Vaughn, I wouldn't buy any movies. You guys are the real deal and you are very much a part of that team and you would be horribly missed if you were missing from that group. Movies just wouldn't be the same without you. I buy most of them just because you are in them. I love to listen to your expressions. Anyone who doesn't is just jealous of you.

Your family seems so close, loving and supportive. You are so lucky even if you don't know it yet. Keep them close to your heart and they will help you through this - take as much time as you need. We will all be waiting for you when and if you decide you want to return to the performing world and if you don't want to, you won't let us down because we will understand if it is just too much. Do what's right for you.

Owen, please know the world is praying for you, myself included every day. God is with you and so are all of his angels. Take care of yourself and get better. We love you man.

Teri age 44 from Wisconsin
I think you are one of the funniest guys to ever hit the screens.
I always looked forward to your movies and I have watched some of them up to 5 times and will watch again.
Just an older lady that loves you, please, make more movies for me.
Dear Owen,
As an actress, I understand that what we see in your movies is a character, however, I also understand that each of us put so much of our heart and who we are into each role. It is evident you love what you do. But Hollywood and fame is not what was bargained for when we first do what we love. I would never proclaim to know what you should, and should not do, but if you love acting continue, but if fame is crushing you get out and go back to where you were when the love of acting was all there was. Work on the role that matters... your life. We all sound silly trying to tell you what you should do. But in some ways it gives me a bit more faith in the human condition back. Hopefully it does for you. Take care.. Mr.Owen Wilson, and hopefully you will find out who he is and what he needs to keep laughing.
You have to be kidding. Owen tries to kill himself and the well wishers come out of the closet. How much money did Owen make during the past five years? In the millions. He's known as the Vagabond of Europe (that should tell you something) and why would anyone waste their time on anyone who has everything however, has the absolute nerve to try and off himself? I just get steamed at these celebrities who have a death wish of some kind. Any idea how many terminal cancer victims wish for one more day of life? Then someone like poor Owen comes along and makes a mockery of life itself. I'm also tired about hearing about Diana, who cares? It's been 10 years since she decided to get into a car going over 100 miles an hour. The People's Princess was obviously not too bright, as she obviously never opened her mouth to tell the driver to slow down however, she was all for banning land mines. Come on people wake up and smell the coffee! Back to Owen... Hey Owen, grow up!
I'm not sure if this was an actual attempt or maybe just a cry for help, but I am sorry that you felt this was necessary. I personally can't say that I've ever thought about suicide, but I have friends who have made attempts of their own. I was very sad to hear of this.

You should know that you are still loved and adored by your fans and will always be loved. Please understand that you are not alone and we will always support you.

Your adoring fan,
Kaytie from Holland, Pennsylvania
all that success, all the money, deppression? How about drugs and alchohol!! Do not excuse, or feel sorry for, the users who can't handle what they ingest into their system. Do not get me wrong I hope the best for Owen, however deppression is different from addiction! Think about it, if you can.
No amount of fame, money, success or loving friends and family can spare one from depression. If this man is depressed, he needs to be left alone. I understand the impulse to "help" and I share that impulse. However, as someone with intractable clinical depression, I know that sometimes an awareness of how many people love and support you makes you feel even more unworthy and depressed. It is an awful illness and I hope Owen Wilon finds the best treatment and finds some peace..
Owen Wilson is someone who has a generally been a very private individual. He is a beloved comedian and actor who deserves dignity, the preservation of his reputation, and privacy during this difficult time he is facing. None of us can say we truly know the real side of Owen Wilson, and until he chooses to divulge his story of his own voltion, we all ought to take a step back and look at our own lives. If someone as sucessful and as loved as Owen Wilson can feel such depression, and lonliness; anyone of us can. Wishing you all the best Owen!

Everyone down here in the outback of Australia is thinking of you and wishing you well. Please take care of yourself and keep reminding yourself to enjoy what is real and beautiful.
Regards, From A Town Like Alice

"Outpouring of support" doesn't begin to describe it. Whatever you're dealing with, you've got friends, family and millions of strangers standing by you. Can't wait to see you out and about again.

Much <3
One of my favorite Owen movies is Behind Enemy Lines, where his dramatitic talent shines. Hang in Owen,you're the best. Come to Maine and hide for a bit-no one wil bother you here.
you are so talented...hang in there..from one who is going through a dark hole herself...when I first say the Royal Tennenbaums and saw you co wrote it, I was blown away...and hung in there, knowing that there was still people who were artists out have a gift, my friend, and even if you just want to take care, lay low for a while thats okay are loved by many who don't know you personally...when I get so down, I hang out with my horses or go rescue a dog...sounds weird but it, a friend...
People say the glass is either half full or half empty, however when you're depressed and heartbroken that glass is bone dry. He's lucky his brother found him.
I'm not sure if Owen Wilson or his family will read this, but here goes... No matter how hard we struggle, our emotions can sometimes weigh very heavily on our minds and cause us to act in some dire ways. There are family, friends, and people, we hold in high esteem who will listen to us--if we just ask. Let them be your strength to aid in the healing process and know you are never completely alone.

I wish you peace and strength throughout your recovery.

Signed, someone who's been through this at a young age and has found that life is, indeed, very precious.
Owen is a tool, a joke of an actor, a one trick pony. Still can't believe Kate was dumb enough to leave Chris Robinson for a snakey, coke addict like yourself. If you can't handle drugs, then do not do them. I just can't fiugre out who is the worse actor, Hudson or Wilson. Kate has only made one good movie and Owen't only good movie, Wedding Crashers, VV stole the show. Apparently, Owen is living the Royal Tennebaum's. Hopefully, we'll never have to see that stupid grin on the big screen again.
The fact that some people actually took the time to post negative comments on this issue says a lot about them. It's pathetic & a little obsessive. To the people who just seem bitter because of his money, wake the hell up! Money isn't everything & the fact that some people take joy in watching someone else's hard times just shows bitterness & jealousy on their part because they're a miserable human being. Last year, I was financially stable, yet was dealing with some situational depression. I was hospitalized & had to seek out help. This year, everything in my life seems better...yet my finances are screwed. I would rather be in the place I am this year than last year any day!! Being broke & all!! Depression is a serious condition & when mixed with addiction, needless to say it's a million times worse. It's a chicken or the egg situaton. God bless you Owen & know that it's possible to recover fully & live a happy life even after you hit rock bottom. There's nowhere to go but up.<3
Owen Wilson's attempted suicide is a cry for help. His psychological pain was too much for his mind & body to cope with.

Depression is only one of the reasons for his attempted suicide. Owen will know the other reasons & it may be some time before he can open up & talk about them with his family & those closest to him.

He will need some time to heal not just on the outside but on the inside too. With the help of his Doctors, Family & friends he will heal.

I wish him the very best.

never let go
in memory of Charles Rocket
Dear Owen (and any other person reading this who finds him/herself in a similar situation),

First let me say, though we don't know each other, I am so grateful that you are alive. Second, you are in my thoughts and in my prayers. Life is both a gift and a tragedy at the same time for some people. Please seek, love and enjoy the gifts that life offers and hang on during the terrible moments. They really will pass. Find someone to help you through dark times if you feel you need help. But please don't choose to end your life. The only terrible moment that is unsurmountable, that will not pass, is your own death. For some, myself included, life has seemed for so many different, painful reasons, to be without hope. Please believe me, it is never without hope. It only feels that way at times. Please hang on. Find help if your situation overwhelms you. Your situation can change, or your perspective can change. But, please, suicide isn't the best answer. You would miss out on so much.

The day after Hunter S. Thompson took his life, in his town of Aspen it was an incredibly gorgous day, one of those perfect days, and I thought, had he known today would be so beautiful, would he still have chosen yesterday to end his life?

I was in a situation I thought hopeless about 12 years ago. It lasted for longer than I thought I could bear, and I couldn't imagine life improving. I wished to die. (a fear of screwing it up and ending up paralized or something instead prevented me from doing anything. That and a healthy fear of God - I figured He wouldn't be too pleased with me if I decided when I should die). Years later, that old life is so far removed from who I am now, and I am so grateful that I hung in there and got to experience so many wonderful things, that had I died, I never would have experienced. An acquaintance of mine sucessfully committed suicide several years ago. I am so sad that I couldn't warn him, beg him, pleed with him not to. Death is permanent. Please don't be so hasty. Life, situations, can remarkably change. Don't give in to hopelessness. Look for another way out instead. There always is one. God has promised not to give us more than we can bear, and though it may seem like something IS more, we are more capable than we realize.

First, last, and everything in between: you, and everyone in a similar situation, are in my heart. You're in my thoughts and prayers, and I am very glad you are alive.
It's sad and pathetic that some people are posting negative commments. Nice support and empathy..yeah! Obviously they know nothing about addiction or depression and feeling alone at that dark moment when nothing seems to matter anymore. Ignorance is bliss until it happens to someone you care about. I wonder how well some of these uneducated people would handle themselves under the same circumstances. Keep your negative comments to yourself.
Maybe it's just me but I don't think there is anything worth killing yourself over. Come on man, you're a celebrity. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. I work in corporate law. NOTHING IS MORE STRESSFUL THAN THAT.

You are very talented and the world needs people like you to be a part of it.

Get Well Soon
No one knows the feeling inside, no one knows all the fights. Since a long
time its always the same, don’t talk about it, ever in shame. Helpless
and even to strong to say, “cant go alone this difficult way”. A sad
face behind the smiling mask, every day and then, at last?? Every ask
“why you do this to you”, but you don’t know and that the madly true.

dear ones greets from Germany

I know how depression feels. I struggle with it and grew up with a mother who was consumed with it for years. It hurts. My childhood was not one I'd re-visit. Turn to God, get away from Hollywood, and open up to love. Find what matters in life; what's REAL. I am a middle class lady who struggles financially ever day, but even still do not envy celebrities. The lifestyle is just not real. Stay strong. People do love you. I try to focus on my husband and baby girl instead of my own dark cloud. God bless you!!
Honestly, Would we really care as much if he was the guy down the street or our neighbor we chose not to meet or even our co-worker?

Maybe its because He has obtained something that 99% of us will not

Maybe we are looking at his character
he portrays more than anything else.

People are working very long hours and sometimes a good movie can be
an escape from reality, and when we
see the actor as human, the false
sense of perfection comes to life.

We all want to be noticed. It shows
here on the blog.

Maybe, just maybe living the simple
life is really the best. Maybe we, who are not noticed have it better.

Honestly, I probably would not care if it was the guy down the street. Because I do not know him.And because of Owen's character we see on the big screen, we think we know him.

How many of us can really be honest
with ourselves.

I am still struggling with that issue.

Vincent Rizzo
Hi Owen,
What has also always happened actually, I wish you and your family all the best. It is very enviable how much to her for each other there since. This is the most important one. And give a mud around the press the vultures around you circle and rubbish spread.
dear greetings from germany Nicole
Hearing the news about Owen Wilson scared me. The world has lost so many greats to this crippling disease. Owen is one of the actors who really influences the audience and his performances are memorible and stick with you. People like Owen have the chance because they have the ability to not only make people laugh, but also help evolve pop culture. He is life changing. This is of course all coming from an admirer of his work, but the need to add this comment however comes from the fact that Owen truely seems to be one of the great people.
Leave alone Owen please. As if he already did not have enough shit in the neck. Now the supposed friends and everything announce themselves want to tell what. Do push the situation needlessly on for which??? I believe what Owen says sometime , in addition. And if he says it never it also is o.k Because it is his thing !!!!! Now everything what he needs, he has round himself. The security of his family and friends. Respects his wish, not bothered to..Nobody interests it what for problems own neighbour has, but with a star everone goes crazy and spread dung. Thing about it!!!! Let him settle down, please. I wishes Him all the best
I myself have suffered from depression and I would not wish this illness on even my worst enemy. I think you are a wonderful actor and through God and these doctors you can feel alive again.
I hope you get a chance to read all the wonderful comments here. A public life must be very hard, but please know and believe that you touch many people's lives so wonderfully. You provide us with laughter and, well, for lack of a better word - "realness". I can't relate at all to most people in show business, but you strike me as a down-to-earth, talented, caring person. You are blessed with a supportive family, and I hope that you continue to have success, love and friendship for many, many years. Give God a chance, and you'll find in him the most solid, reliable, unchanging and unconditional love that ever existed. It can and will help you when things are rough. God bless you.
Elizabeth in SC
There are so many different people who make up this world, and I for one am glad I am not one of the hateful, jealous, mean and self-righteous posters who visited this site. And a big thank you to the anonymous poster telling us Owen does not own a computer, that is a great bit of news .... he won't read the negative posts by the people listed above. But maybe the anonymous poster could show him the other posts, the ones by the people who actually have a beating heart ........and once again, thanks Owen, you brighten the world.
Well well well Owen is short has a big nose can't act and has a hard time finishing tasks he begins. However, he knows how to close down Silver City. Better luck next time.
Owen won't read this and his problems are bigger than what people say about him on a blog. No words have that power. Detroit fan I had no idea their were shinny happy people in Detroit. I'd imagine enough people have enabled Owen he doesn't need a bunch of bloggers to add to it. A lil honesty and follow thru wouldn't kill him Ben from NY NY
hi Owen, I hopes that it you in the meantime somewhat better goes and which you are not pressed in such a way any longer by the media. you should take yourself the time which you need and you of nobody under pressure set to let. Million people will wait for it, you again laugh to watch and those you respect need no explanation, whatever happened. Your marvelous eyes again laugh watch are each minute worth to be waited. Do it well and never forget that mixes one nice humans will be there around you again to see, if you liked it. loves Greetings nicole

It's been awhile since Owen Wilson's story broke so I don't know if you are accepting any more comments on this story, but here goes.

I feel bad for the guy any time somebody says things like "What's HE got to be sad about", since in a way my own depression story bears a lot of resemblences to his. I had a long and storied history of being moody, but because I was considered "quiet", "kind", and "intelligent", my battle with depression really for the most part escaped the radar.

Then came the meltdown. So much fun to hear people say things like, "so unexpected", and "shocking", when all my life I felt like I was so lonely my heart would explode. It was all a clown face for people to see, until I couldn't tell the "me" me, from the "me" face I was expected to give away to others.

But the worst thing I ever heard was, "But you have it all. What is there for YOU to feel sad about?" (Kind of like blaming a diabetic for their bad pancreas.)

There is such an awful stigma attached to depression and that's part of the invalidation process. My own family pretty much vaporized out of my life after my initial diagnosis at age 17. For Owen's sake I hope his family has a little backbone. After all, he's not the one being tested, so he won't be the one who fails. (As a teen my father once introduced me to a new neighbor as his "emotionally disturbed daughter"; isn't that just hysterically sad?)

Depression and addiction really are brain disorders. In the long run, I have come to appreciate my depressed brain almost more than the rest of me, because it's those parts of me that have seen the darkness that truly make me appreciate the light. I hope Owen Wilson can soon feel the light on his face, too.
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