Wednesday, July 18, 2007
When spoilers attack
It's hard to keep a secret nowadays.

Washington has leaks, Hollywood has gossips and Harry Potter has, apparently, somebody with enough time on their hands to photograph every page of a mysteriously obtained copy of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" and post it all on the Internet.

How times have changed. Just seven years ago, when I was covering the release of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," the big news concerned a handful of retail outlets that accidentally put the book on sale before release. (I remember one girl who, Charlie Bucket-like, stumbled on the golden tome at her local Wal-Mart.)

As each succeeding Potter volume has been released, security has gotten tighter: publishing staffers sworn to secrecy; print-facility employees allegedly allowed to see only portions of the work; bookstores required to sign detailed contracts. (Charlie Bucket's creator, Roald Dahl -- to whom Potter author J.K. Rowling is often compared -- would love it.)

But nowadays all you need is one break in the chain and everybody in the world can know. It happens to car designs and beauty queens' pasts; why not the world's most famous wizard? Given the reach of the Internet, spoilers are now inescapable.

Still, some kind of consequence is not.

So what will happen to the person who posted "Deathly Hallows"? What is the punishment for a world-class spoiler?

I only wish he (or she) were living in Rowling's world. There, he'd be sent to Azkaban and haunted by a Dementor. In our world, he'll simply continue being a troll.

Update, Thursday 7/19, 10:55 a.m.: Sure, it's just a review -- and a positive one at that -- but if you want to remain completely surprised by "Deathly Hallows" don't look at The New York Times' Web site's front page. The Gray Lady has already posted its "Deathly Hallows" review.
I agree. To spoil an ending that people all over the world have been waiting months for is just plain cruel. I hope JK Rowling finds a way to sue him, and whoever else leaked it.

I think the best thing anyone can do is boycott the site. Buy the book and read it like the rest of us. If you don't care for Harry Potter, that's fine, but don't ruin the fun for the rest of us.

Send some death eaters after him!
I remember the first time someone spoiled a movie for me. It was the first, "Indiana Jones." A man two rows behind me had seen the movie and was giving his buddy a blow by blow description on what was going to happen next. To say he ruined the movie for me was an understatement.

I have read the six books prior to the last "Harry Potter." I have enjoyed speculating as to the outcome. Although I don't plan on hitting the store at midnight to pick up my copy, I do plan to get there first thing the next morning. I will not look at the internet or television until I have read the book cover to cover.

This book is going to give me so much pleasure. I am praying that someone doesn't ruin it for me.
It Is really bad when a persn is so loney and has nothing to do but try to ruin everything for everyone else.I feel sorry for the people who may or maynot have the inside scoop on the last Harry Potter Book they are so alone that they have nothing better to do lost and a lone and also mean rotten and this may be why they do this for attention which we are giving them But one day it will come back to BITE them in the Butt. I have not nor will i try to see the spoilers and if anyone tries to tell me before i get my book that person is no friend But no matter i will read and re read all of the great books that Ms Rollings has given us
While I agree that whoever posts a spoiler is a troll, it takes two to spoil the surprise. Go ahead and let them post whatever they feel they need to. I'm waiting for the book for the joy of reading the whole story. It's crossed my mind to peak and try to find out what will happen, but that would almost ruin reading the book for the first time.
I have a solution to anyone who doesn't want something ruined by a spoiler... DON'T READ THEM!!!
I work for a book distributor, and it goes without saying that my life over the last month has been consumed by this book. While I can sympathize with those avid HP fans who don't want the surprise spoiled for them, I have to tell you that the level of secrecy the publisher is demanding for this title and the security measures they have enforced have made the book virtually impossible to sell, and turned my life into a living hell.

I love that people can get so excited about reading, being a reading fanatic myself, but the paranoia and self-importance with which this book is being handled is absurd.
It's not the Manhattan Project now, is it?! Chill, people. Go live in a dark cave alone with no access to any info if the world is driving you crazy. The wailing and nashing of teeth over possible leaks is really making it all the more enjoyable that such a beloved story has been taken to heart by so many people around the world.
While I believe we all need an occasional break from the harsh realities of our world , and while I enjoy escapist entertainment as much as the next guy (I've seen all the Harry Potter movies and read all the books to date), I think we need to keep this in perspective.

You're still carrying a grudge from a showing of the first Indiana Jones movie? "I am praying that someone doesn't ruin it for me"? Come on people. These spoiler publishers are annoying, but let's get a grip. If you're going to pray, pray for someone who needs it. You not seeing a spoiler isn't going to fix world hunger or global warming; it's not going to stop the war in Iraq, or the genocide in Sudan, or the civil war in Palestine, etc.

Get over it already.
In response to Lee, sometimes people sneak spoilers in to pages or documents that seemed innocent at first glance. All of the websites cited by cnn were obvious and had spoiler in the url. However, past books have had people randomly posting in unrelated threads and even videos were created that were advertised as being an entirely different subject. It seems over the top to request that people who don't want a book spoiled should avoid news, forums, websites, and the general public (people can easily shout things out and they do at the midnight releases).

It's sad that some people get their jollies by ruining a book for children. And as J.K. Rowling pointed out herself, spoilers are not going to cause fewer people to purchase her books; she wont be losing any money.

-Lauren in Seattle
I do not advocate violence, however, I just might look the other way should someone decide to blacken the eye of a spoiler. A spoiler should take detention with Dolores Umbridge: "I must not spoil books." The Avada Kadavra curse is too good for him.
Get over it. Hopefully these books will be around for generations and to think that having no inkling as to how the story might turn out will somehow enhance the reading enjoyment devalues the writing. This is artificial hype. The real value of the story is in the telling and in how the characters take part in that telling. Good Lord, the movies are always a big hit and you'd have to live in a small box in a very dark place not to know how those are going to end first, and there's a lot less to the movies than the books.

Nothing is spoiled. Get over it.
As those above have said, I am avoiding reading the spoilers. I have had my book bought for over a month, have informed my boyfriend and my family that disturbing me on Friday/Saturday/Sunday will be hazardous to their health, and I fully plan to lock myself in my room and enjoy finding out the answers to all the questions I want answered. (I'm 28 and Proud HAppy Potter Fan)

SHAME ON THOSE who would try and ruin that for me. If the media would stop reporting this stuff there would be nothing to talk about, but I will say I am impressed with CNN because I have not yet seen the website listed!
To the people who said that if you don't want to see spoilers you shouldn't read them -- that's easy to say, but often not so easy to do. One article I read said that when book 6 was released, people wearing t-shirts spelling out the major plot development in the book were walking up and down the line of people waiting to buy the book. And I saw many Internet forums where people used icons or usernames containing spoilers as well. Unfortunately, the only way to protect yourself completely is to go offline until you have finished reading -- which is what I'm planning to do, and I'm sure many others are as well. I'm already limiting what I read in light of articles like this one.
Send the spoiler to Azkaban prison!

I don't want my reading enjoyment spoiled in any way. I hope this doesn't mean staying away from all news outlets for the next week.
It's not as easy as just not reading them. One day before the release of Book 6 I was reading reviews for a new electronic gadget on a consumer review website. Someone posted a spoiler right there in the reviews for a product not even remotely related to Harry Potter. Not like I went looking for that!
I will play Devil's Advocate.

Maybe it was leakout on purpose or rumor as place on purpose to hype the book even more. Hype! Hype! Hype! Even more people are going to buy the book due to hype. I really doubt except for extreme extreme minority will suddenly stop buying the book once knowing the ending.

Benefits will outweight the lost!
There is a law in the US against distributing copyrighted material before its intended release date. I don't know the exact details, but punishments for releasing HP7 early can be pretty severe. The guy who put Star Wars Episode III on bit torrent before it came out in theaters was facing several years in prison when he was indicted.
I don't care who lives and who dies.

I have not read one single word of any harry potter book and I don't intend to.
Burn them at the stake! Im just finishing Order of the Phoenix, and waiting for my pre-ordered Deathly Hallows to get here so I set aside time to actually read a book and not some goof ball living with his mother, low life posted copies on the net. have some control people get real we, although few still like to wait and actually read a book. so go ahead and post away but we with lives rules and manners will wait for our paid for by working copies!

a note for the trolls get a job a life and maybe a few actual non website friends and finally some help you apparently need some.

Thank You J.K. Rowling you are a true heroine to the reading community our family loves you!
I have to agree with the "get over it" crowd. If Ms. Rowling herself called me up today and told me Harry dies (or Hagrid, or whoever), my anticipation for the book probably be even higher than it is now. My joy in reading is in the HOW, not the major plot lines. If the plot were the thing, people would be content with cliff note versions and never buy the actual book.
To an extent I agree. I believe (however) that before one blabs the spoiler info, that they should ask if the recipients wish to hear/know. As far as internet distribution I have a simple remedy for that: DON'T READ IT!
I'm hoping that post by Will "If you're going to pray, pray for someone who needs it." is not serious. No one could be that self-important OR obnoxious.
There is a video on Youtube right now which is climbing the popularity charts and looks innocent enough. About 15 seconds in, it starts listing deaths and plot points. Beware! Stay of the internet!
No matter what happens, no matter who gets killed...finding out about it earlier than you hoped doesn't change things! If you find out what you are getting for Christmas on the 23rd guess what, you still have to wait. Spoiler man, bring it on.
Actually, "Anonymous : Wed Jul 18, 03:59:00", my point was serious, but the presentation might have been a bit sarcastic. I'm not religious, and I don't believe in prayer. Borrowing a concept introduced into the discussion by an earlier poster was just a (perhaps poorly chosen) rhetorical ploy to make a point.

Seriously, which do you really think is more self-important &/or obnoxious: 1) me, as an admitted fan of the series, simply saying "it's just a book, let's keep this in perspective" or 2) the "why are these terrible people doing this terrible thing to me?" people who let their lives get totally turned upside down by the release of a book and the people who get a kick out of ruining the release of that book.

It's just a book. A book I am looking forward to, but still just a book. The spoilers don't even seem to agree on the things they're saying, so how can the book be ruined? How do these people who are taking all this so seriously even know which spoilers to believe?
Well ... I don't think revealing the ending is spoiling it for everybody ... the ending is not the only thing the book has ... if tht was it there wouldn't be a concept of repeat reading now .. would there ...

Most of us read books to immerse ourselves in the characters and fantasy world created by the books and go along the ride with them ...

I don't think revealing the ending on some stupid websites is going to spoil it for the real Potter fans ...
I don't see why everyone is so up in arms about having the ending spoiled. Do people not enjoy the adventure of following the story anymore? Does the journey not count for more than the final result?
The internet isn't necessary for someone to spoil something for you, even unintentionally. The Monday after "Half-Blood Prince" came out, I sat down at my work desk to resume reading the first chapter for the few minutes I had before work started. A brand-new (first day) employee walked up, saw I was reading the book, and blurted out the major death of that book. She hadn't even read it herself, her boyfriend had told her about it.

It really does ruin your enjoyment of the book to an extent - Knowing a moment is coming and waiting for it to happen is not the same as being able to let everything unfold in front of you without foreknowledge of events.
The spoilers do not bother me. If you don't want to know, don't go looking for the spoilers. Silly people....

Besides, there are so many different spoilers out there its impossible to know which ones are for real.
I hope the people who spoil the books are attacked by U-No-Poo! Anyone who tries to spoil the books for me is going to be in SERIOUS trouble. I don't want to know in advance. It's like having someone tell you what you're getting for Christmas before you open the presents. Spoilers are just that...they SPOIL the excitement.
I remember being on a discussion board about movies, and someone gave the ending to The Sixth Sense in subject line. There was no way to avoid the spoiler, and I was furious.
If you want to be spoiled, well fine. But keep it to yourself, don't blurt it out and ruin the story for everyone.

When I saw the spoilers on the internet yesterday, they took a long route from me to a friend, who is a great fan. He got all upset about it and threatened not to speak to some people forever.
But I feel that all this is useless. People need to get a grip on themselves. So much money has been wasted just to protect what's inside a book.
I've heard they've got armed guards and sniffing dogs to protect the copies of the book. All This money could have been spent elsewhere. I feel sorry for the lives of employees of publishing fims, libraries and bookstores. They have turned into a story staight from a spy-novel. They're constantly being watched by some lunatics who very illogically think that these people who just want to do their jobs will somehow waste their time reading a childrens' book and shout out what happens to the world, just to get sadistic pleasure. Guys, it's not like that. Poor people; its not their fault that some people in this world are out of their heads and are trying to live underwater until a kids' book is released. I'm not trying to justify the leaks on the internet. All i'm trying to say that it's a cause and effect relationship. All this hype and security around the book could have been avoided. Marketing it some wildly could have been avoided. Dramatically shouting out the name of the book from rooftops could have been toned down a little. No. It's not the book that has landed itself in such a big mess. Its the people who promote the book. It looks like immature drama, a cheap publicity stunt, where you let a tiger loose on the street and beg people not to harm it. Those who have lost their heads just for a book need to look at the situation from a more mature point of view. It is not the end of your lives.
When Half Blood Prince came out, someone near where I live strung an enormous banner over a motorway flyover stating who died at the end. Every one of the tens of thousands of people passing underneath saw it until it was taken down. Some people truly have nothing better to do that ruin other people's fun. Luckily for me, I had shut myself away all weekend and already finished the book, but this time I need to go to the city on Saturday and am very worried about guerilla-style spoilers such as this!
While HAS in fact posted a couple websites pertainting to the leaks about the last Harry Potter book, it's nice to see that they have not put a direct link attatched to it. That way, if you really want to check out the spoilers, then you have to deliberately copy and paste them into your web browser. You can't go back and say "Oh I 'accidentally' clicked on the link! I didn't want to look at that! I went to click on something else and somehow that pops up!"

Plain and simple though... if you don't want to see anything that may spoil the last book for you, then don't go looking for it. No news site will make a site mentioned a clickable link because they don't want to be blamed for anything. Wait like the rest of us and when the book finally comes out, you can find out what ending J.K. Rowling has in store for out beloved Hogwarts students.
A spoiler is just a way to give details about something.
If you know that xxxxx is going to die, you will still read the book and be on a lookout for some words that can be crossed and just on the 3 or 4 time reading jump out to your eyes.
That is happening since the newspapers exists.
A little spoiler can get more people to get the book than a closed eyes time.
On the evening of the 6 book selling i already knew that dumbledore would die... we talked about that on the line to the bookstore. No one got it right until reading the book.
No, it's not the end of the world. But there's a long tradition of respect for other people's (for lack of a better word) innocence when approaching plots of books they have not read. I'm not sure why Harry Potter should be exempt from this.

What worries me most is that now, on very respected journalism websites, reviews of the book are written--and prominently displayed. More than one appear to be mere discussions of the hype, until opened up to reveal this or that about what will happen. Journalists who feel the need to trumpet that they already know how it goes, who cannot wait two days until many others will too, are really just a little bit juvenile. If nothing else, that one important word, "spoiler," should appear -somewhere- near the top of those articles.
Hidden spoilers are really annoying. Our local newspaper had an innocent looking report about the start of the sale of the 4th Potter book on its website. In the second paragraph, all of a sudden, the reporter started giving major plot details. After a few hours, the article was changed because there had been so many complaints flooding the server.
Lucky for me, I only got around to reading the book a few months later. I had forgotten most of the spoilers by that time.

Spoilers generally ruin some of the fun. Same goes for extended movie specials. Ever seen one of those on TV and afterwards gone to watch the movie? Worst kind of spoiler. But at least one can avoid those.
Sure, the journey counts, but I want to climb a mountain without knowing what is on the other side and have the anticipation to make the climb worthwhile, not knowing what is behind the next bend.
Plenty of hackers out there, and many of them love Harry Potter. Some lucky leaker may get their stuff wrecked by very unhappy people.
While I agree that you can avoid spoilers by not reading the sites that are publishing them, I actually got spoiled by a DJ on the radio, I did not even had a chance to change the dial before I heard that SO and SO dies on the last book. Come on!
It's awlful, and basically that's theft. I wish the person responsible for this WILL be punished in this world , too.

And not only because of the spoilers. Why do I have to go in "hiding" in order to be able to read what J.K.Rowling decided to be a fitting end to Harry?

It's disrespectful to the author, to the readers, to literature in general.
The caption to the headline link to this blog read: "There's not enough wizardry to protect the boy magician from the power of the Internet." Just like Voldemort underestimated the old magic power of love, the media has underestimated the old magic power of a true love of reading. Those of us who truly love to read will desire and be able to avoid spoilers. I have read several news articles regarding the spoilers and still have not had anything spoiled. The Reader's magic is very powerful and old magic. It cannot be thwarted.

-Sparks Fly
The mystery of how the book got out has been solved...
"Scholastic, the US publisher of the book, confirmed that up to 1,200 copies of the book were accidentally sent out by mail-order several days early."
Can you saw lawsuit?
I don't know what why our society has to try to be the first, earliest and spoiler over everyone. I am waiting and will not read anything that is not in my hands and in print from the publisher. There are so many people patiently and anxiously waiting. In the end we will all find out, but let us have the satisfaction of independent discovery and not mass spoilage.
I was so mad when I went to see "Titanic", this guy right behind me leaned over to his girlfriend and told her "the boat sinks". I stood up and threw my popcorn on the 'sob' and walked out. I've still never seen the movie. What's the point if I already know the boat sinks!?!?
I find it very Sad indeed when a world is consumed by a book that does not even reach the standards of Shakespere, or Tolken. Too call someone a troll only brings yourself down in the view of others.

It is such a waste of energy to become so irate and upset over a few spoilers. I wish people would put that much energy into conservation of the amazon forests, poverty striken countries, war torn cities, Disease ridden villages, AIDS epidemics, etc; rather then get pissy and take a stand over a few minor spoilers of a book.

This world is falling to peices and you are whining over someone else stealing the limelight of a book..

i am a fan of harry potter, i order the books online like 2 months before they come out, i read the previous book again before i get the new one, i watch all the movies, i do not wear tshirt with potter's face on it nor dress up to see the movies... anywho, my point is that i really enjoy harry potter. and to tell you the truth some spoilers don't ruin it for me, they make me want to read even more to know if they are true or not. if you don't like spoilers don't read them, there are some psycho people out there that post stuff out of pure malice. i think we can still live with it. jo will deal with the spoilers, i am sure. you just enjoy the experience.
I must be one of the few who don't really care. I have never read one of the books, and have never seen one of the films. If I came across spoilers, I wouldn't care.
it really gets to me when people ruin these things for everyone. Being so lonely i don't have much to look forwards to in life, and when the ending is ruined it really hits me personally. I hope that this isn't a time where people make rash and impetuous decisions just to ruin someones thoughts- Travis Corra
The review in the NYTimes says nothing to spoil the story. It was an excellent story.
I just read online that the "leaked" one may be a fake. The last word isn't "scar," and JK Rowling has been saying that the last word in the book is "scar."

Maybe no one has been spoiled yet. The whole leak could be a fake.
Whoever stated that you shouldn't go looking for spoilers, you have obviously never been the victim of a guerilla spoiler attack. Be thankful.

I was on the LOST message board on a few weeks back, and someone posted a thread with a topic title that suggested it was about a character on that show. When I opened the thread, I was treated to a list of every person that dies in the final book. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't go looking for that information, did I?
The logic is a bit faulty with saying that the leaker would go to Azkaban. You're comparing leaking a popular book to mass murderers and whatnot.
Why would Roald Dahl love fascism?
I only wish he (or she) were living in Rowling's world. There, he'd be sent to Azkaban and haunted by a Dementor. In our world, he'll simply continue being a troll.

This statement is ridiculus. Someone who put a book up online early for Harry Potter fans to read early should be sent to prison with murderers? Yeah, that's fair punishment. If that's the way it would be done in a magical world, I'm glad that we are living in the real world and the magic of JK Rowling's excellent novels does not exist.
Look... the spoiler is something that has been important much longer than the internet. PT Barnum, king of "there's a sucker every minute" had a room where he would show you the most amazing thing. Two requirements to get into the room -- 5 cents and your promise (back in a day where that meant something) that you would never tell another living soul what was the in room. What was there? The exit.

We are all intrigued by what is behind the door and it really isn't as much fun when you know, but you can still enjoy the ride whether you know your TV really didn't break in the middle of a Journey song or Darth Vader is Luke's father -- it just doesn't take your breath away anymore once it is part of the culture, it is cliche.

Sadly, the ending of Harry Potter will be ingrained in the culture and therefore cliche at about 8am on July 21 and no one's breath will be taken away after that. Hopefully more generations will still enjoy the ride.
It seems obvious to me that this so-called spoiler can only "spoil" it for readers... if they read whatever he posted. So it seems pretty easy to render him powerless...just don't read whatever he the book for yourself. How exactly is it that he spoiled it for everyone? Even if he posted it before the book was released, no one forced anyone to read his posting before they had a chance to purchase the book themselves. Seems like people are giving this "spoiler" a little too much attention - maybe the exact thing he/she wanted.
People will be jerks. Some people care only about themselves and don't care if they ruin something we've been waiting for for years. They post spoilers under the title "no spoilers." They set out to give away the plot line of the book to people who don't want to know. They all should crawl back under the rocks they came from! I personally am 25 years old and have been like a little kid this week. I've counted down to my husband - "3 days 12 hours 22 mintues 5 seconds 4 3 2 1..." I'm not embarrased to admit it. I must say that what really disgusts me is when the most famous newspaper in the country, the New York Times, uses its name to get ahold of a copy, and then, if that's not bad enough, posts a review about the book three days before it's even supposed to be released. What kind of people are they? J.K. Rowling has already come out against the NY Times actions on her website. She referred to the times as an "American newspaper." How bad does that make us Americans look? I hope she finds a way to sue the pants off of them. As a true Harry Potter fan, I still can't wait for tomorrow night!
easiest way to avoid a spoiler and DONT F`ing LOOK FOR IT.

It's just that simple.

Whineing about how some nit-wit photog'd the book and posted about it on line is as useless and worthless and bawling about people recording movies in the theaters and then putting them out to be watched at home for free. News Flash... You don't have to expose yourself to the spoiler. No one is running around door to door telling the secrets of Harry Potter. It's venues like this where people go on and on and on like gossip mongers that cause others to look for the material.

You have one of two options: Get over it. Or get over it anyway.
Does everyone remember when Empire Strikes Back came out? Everyone was talking about who Luke's father was. Friends told me all about the movie but I still went and enjoyed every minute.

I admit to 'cheating' when Half-Blood Prince came out. I read the first two chapters and the last two. And I managed to be quiet until the first of my sons had finished the book. We would whisper about it so as not to ruin the story for the other two.
For Deathly Hallows, the three of them have told me I don't even get to read it until they've finished it.
I can handle that. And if I know who lives and dies before I read it, that's okay.
Just like I knew who Luke's father was before I saw the movie and enjoyed it anyway, I'll enjoy every word of Deathly Hallows.
I think this isn't so much about Harry Potter in and of itself, it's about deliberately wanting to take away from the happiness of people who have eagerly awaited this book for the past 2 years. The people who write and post spoilers are either clueless or psychologically deviant.

I love Harry Potter, the books, the movies, and I will buy book 7 at midnight. JK Rowling is a billionaire, she doesn't need my $25, but I'm going to give it to her because I feel like I've gotten at least $25 worth of entertainment. I think most HP fans feel the same way.
In regards to the leaked one being fake, it's very obvious that it's completely legit if you actually look at the leaked images. Also, the last word of the book isn't scar. I don't have the link offhand, but J.K. Rowling made an announcement that the last word isn't scar anymore. It's really a shame that GaiaOnline would sink to a new low and leak the book.
In respone to Anonymous : Thu Jul 19, 12:24:00 PM EDT ET I just have to say it's not fair to accuse people of not caring about other worthwile causes because they are upset about book spoilers.

Obviously they world is falling apart slowly but surely, but who wants to be depressed thinking about it ALL the time? Just because I say I don't like HP spoilers doesn't mean I don't give money to war-torn countries or volunteer at AIDS hospices. How do you know these people didn't take time to go re-build NOLA and Mississippi after Katrina? You don't.

So before you put down everyone because they're not reading Shakespeare or Tolken. (I've read both by the way and didn't think that much of either and I have a degree in English) Maybe you should think about what you say and realize that not everyone is selfish or heartless, and stop trying to make others feel bad for enjoying a brief escape from this crumbling world. Talk about shame.....
I think that people who spoil books 1) have too much time on their hands, and 2) have issues they need to resolve, whatever they may be. I agree SOMEWHAT with those who say that even if you know the ending, reading all the rest is what truly counts. I have always loved books, and it seems to me the ending is always much better when it's unexpected (not necessarily "out of the blue" unexpected, but "you didn't know EXACTLY what would happen" unexpected, if that makes ANY sense whatsoever...). I've read some of the punishments others have suggested, and they're pretty entertaining and satisfactory in my mind. I had someone spoil who died in the 6th book (on accident, mind you), and it's not very pleasant, even when unintentional. I just felt I needed to have my say in this as well. I sincerely apologize for any mistakes I have made while writing this. I'm a grammar person, so I'll recheck, but I'm not making promises. By the way, Rose, sweetheart, I believe it's "gnashing." Just thought you ought to know. Oh, and to the "Titanic" person, why didn't you know the boat sinks? Where have you been? Here's to everyone who loves Harry Potter, and to the wonderful author who gives us these wonderful books! Enjoy!
I'm a huge HP fan, but this security and whatnot is a huge publicity stunt. I think that a store having to hire their own private militia to keep a book under protection is way out of line and is so disjointed with the real world we live in. (Actually, I think that this only increases spoilers simply because it makes the information such a scarse commodity that people rush to 'post it first' and for the bragging rights.)

However, I am wondering how exactly Scholastic et al will be able to keep spoilers off the internet on 12:01 am GMT? After all, that's still 8 hours before US Pacific time. So, technically, spoilers can go up from London and downloaded in Los Angeles.

Oh, the silly things we do worry about.
You can say don't read the spoilers, but sometimes you can't help it; like, I wanted to see "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers", but the title itself was a spoiler. Those tricky spoilers!!!
To all the people that think there's nothing wrong with the spoilers because you haven't read the books, seen the movies, or intend to do either - I must inquire... why are you even on this blog and posting?

Of course the spoilers will not bother you - it's quite obvious to all of us.

Find something else to do with your time than write judgement entries about people who are concerned about spoilers.
while it may seem very silly to get into such a tizzy over a "children's" book and its ending i think i understand why we are all so worked up. i myself am terrified someone will tell me the end before i read it and thats because we have so little to really enjoy lately, so little to be surprised by that when these types of things come along its fun, its exciting and its a release from all the tragedy in the world and that, to me anyway, is excellent.

as someone else said, may we sick dementors on the person who ruins this story for so many.
Relax. Nobody has to read spoilers if they don't want to. If the book is good, it should be good enough to read even if you do know the end. Haven't you reread great books ever?
Why ruin the book for everyone when it comes out tomorrow at midnight? Why cant you wait one more day?!!
And another thing to all those commenters that have said we should be worrying about more important things..what do you think we do every other day out of the year? This is an important thing to millions and its a weekend out of the year. Get over yourself and stop being so self rightous..If you dont like hearing about all the hype...DONT READ A STORY ABOUT IT!! Besides you cant worry about everything all the time and sometimes you need an escape and this is ours and we dont want it ruined!!!!!!!
I wish people had shown this much anger and audacity when the Sopranos finale aired (MY favorite entertainment of late). I wish people showed this much care and respect when illegally downloading music and movies (guilty here)...
How are these instances any different? Because JK Rowling started out poor? Why should that make a difference? And surely there were actors, directors, and musicians that started out poor as well, and/or deserve our respect and $ to trudge out and buy their new cd, or see their movie at full price.
The truth is, we all have entertainment outlets which we care about, and if you don't want to know the ending/how it all goes- then go elsewhere.
"I've heard they've got armed guards and sniffing dogs to protect the copies of the book. All This money could have been spent elsewhere."

the readers ARE paying for it. How much does this book cost again? $35?

i don't feel like i'm attacked by spoilers. i wouldn't know where to look. if CNN and every other website on this planet hadn't published the story that people are out spoiling the book, i would live in total ignorance of it. i don't see why anybody wants to complain. if you have to actively find the spoilers, you wanted to find them anyway.

it's not like JK and her publishers have to worry about fewer people buying the books. i bought the first book long after i had seen the first and the second movies. even if a throng of people came out and announced "Harry died!" people are going to run out and buy the book because they have to KNOW how Harry died. If you have read the previous 6 books, you aren't going to be deterred by spoilers, the price of the book, websites, and the sheer fact that everywhere you go, you are beaten over the head with Harry Potter.
I normally do not comment on blog sites. I consider most of the internet a complete waste of time and bad information. However, the debate over the leaking of information is funny. We live in a society when a work of fiction gets more time in the press than events of real importance. Rowling's work and the work of any author deserve protection from internet pirates. Maybe Rowling will deed the rights of her famous character to a charitable organization like Barrie's Peter Pan. That would keep others from adding to or resurrecting anyone a la Sherlock Holmes.
If an individual is so concerned about "having his/her experience spoiled", avoid situations where that might happen - reading reviews, visiting messageboards, etc. It's not MY responsibility to make sure YOU don't read something you don't want to. You can choose where you browse and what you read. Anyone who is upset over reading a spoiler has no one to blame but themselves.
I don't usually mind spoilers about anything... and I understand the people who say its not a big deal because thats usually how I feel about spoilers. However I understand completely the people who don't want to know and strangely I find myself among them this time.

Its not the spoilers that are clearly marked that are trouble... its the people who would yell it out at a midnight launch or drive by the line at 12:01 am and yell out a major plot point.

The potter books are part mystery novel part fantasy... how can some not understand why some people wouldn't want to know how the mystery ends? Knowing the destination and enjoying the discovery are two completely different kinds of reading.
I guess I must be repugnant because I can’t wait until I find out the conclusion of the final Harry Potter book.

I won’t divulge it to others but you bet I will be out there on the net reading every spoiler site there is!
I agree that it's not the end of the world if you find out what happens but it does kind of ruin the surprise and suspense of reading the book for the first time. I think it's unfair to say that to avoid coming across spoilers, stay off the internet. So what, because someone decides to ruin the book for other people, we have to be cut off from the internet? For me it's not too big of a deal but for some people it is and it's not very considerate to them.
I read the last 2 chapters last night after finding the book in the stockroom of my work.

My lips are sealed, why should I spoil the fun for others? Thats cruel.

One word about the ending though? WOW!

Enjoy the book folks.
I for one hate being treated like a child. It irritates me no end to ask someone what happens in a movie/book, and have them smile and say they "don't want to ruin it for me." I wouldn't ask unless I wanted to know, and no, it doesn't "ruin" it for me. By the same token - I wouldn't tell someone else unless they asked me to.
Burlington Coat Factory will be selling the HP books for 18.99 instead of the almost 40.00 :D
If the hype (including this blog and all the other media attention) wasn't out there, no one would have to worry about the spoilers.
It would just be about reading the book. But then, would that make the media, Scholastic and JK Rowling any richer?
I think not.
We're completely over Harry Potter. Enough! Over it! No more!!!!
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