Monday, July 02, 2007
Paris Hilton truth squad
The more that I digest Paris Hilton's interview with Larry King, the more I get indigestion. That's what happens when you try to absorb something that is hard to swallow.

The basic problem is that so many of Paris' answers hurt my eyebrows because I kept raising them so high in disbelief. Two of the biggest points of contention: her answers to questions Larry asked about her reported drug use and her self-proclaimed, newly heightened awareness of God and religion.

First, the drugs. Larry asked her straight out if she had ever taken drugs. Paris' answer? A flat-out "No." So Larry, his BS meter clearly setting off internal alarms, asked again: "Never taken drugs?" And Paris' response was, again, a flat-out "No."

The day after the interview, Larry told "Showbiz Tonight's" A.J. Hammer, "I was surprised by her answer on never taking drugs. ... Most people are telling me that they think that in past she probably had a drug problem. And saying she never took drugs, people didn't believe that."

Of course, we have to be careful here and not accuse anyone of anything without seeing some proof to the contrary. But there's the pesky matter of tapes of Paris posted on that were taken from a collection of Paris home videos shot of her in Amsterdam. This wasn't "1 Night In Paris." It could have been called "Paris Goes To Pot," because we see Paris toking away on a pipe that is commonly used to engage in the practice of smoking the ganja. In fact, we hear Paris audibly say, "I’m smoking pot."

Now, of course, it could be that Paris is really into grinding up kitchenware for a toke or two. We must leave open that possibility because, hey, ya never know.

So how then do we explain the part of the tape where we hear Paris say, "Smoke some [expletive] herb." Well, could be that Paris is really into the fine art of inhaling parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Again, just leaving open the possibility.

Oh, lord.

Speaking of which, Paris took great pains before, during and after jail to let us know she has been newly imbued with a sense of purpose through God. In fact, before she checked into the Chateau Lockup, she made sure the paparazzi photographed her holding the Bible.

So imagine King's surprise when he asked Paris, "What is your favorite Bible passage?" and -- after a contemplative pause -- she said, "Um, I don't have a favorite." Larry would later tell A.J. Hammer on "Showbiz Tonight," "It came to me that most people -- most people who read the Bible -- have a favorite passage. So it came to me the thought that maybe she didn't read the Bible. That was a long pause."

Not a pause that refreshes. More like a pause that depresses.

If Paris decides to give any more interviews on her jailhouse not-so-rock, here's a little advice. In the end, the truth will always win out. But it seems that in this case, she couldn't handle the truth.
Paris Hilton's consistent idiocy paraded before the world earns her nothing but increased popularity and curiosity. Why? Her lame-brained inadequacy is flaunted and showcased with amazing precision by the world’s media, and yet she emerges entirely unscathed, and, most recently, a child of God. Never has a person produced such an immediate gag reflex in my so consistently and immediately.
What would happen if the world media just chose to ban her entirely?
It's pretty clear that Ms. Hilton and her handlers don't have much regard for the intelligence of the general public. To actually think we would just believe what she says as the gosple truth (pun intended) without any question is an obvious sign to me that she hasn't a clue as to what the general public really think of her. She isn't a misunderstood and misaligned little rich girl. She's a spoiled brat who is wearing a mask (albeit a very poorly constructed one) to try to fool the world that she has found God and is a changed person. No one is buying it.
I find it pathetic in the way people pass judgement on others including celebrities like Paris. No one is blameless! Neither you nor I nor anyone else.
All of these people making fun of Paris are just plain square. Those people have no appreciation for what's cool or beautiful --both of which Paris is totally! Leave her alone, she is a goddess!
Larry King did a terrible job intereviewing Paris he did McCartney and Starr. The day after the interview there were several articles about how terrible her answers were. The truth is the questions were terrible. He asked what she ate, she told him. He was very boring and she was really nervous. If you want interesting answers, ask interesting questions. I'm sure she did read the bible while she was in jail but I doubt she memorized it and could spout out a passage that quickly - I know I couldn't. I'd say the biggest mistake she made was agreeing to an interview with Larry King.
Not giving a crap about ANYTHING Paris has to say, I didn't watch the interview, I did see sound bites OF question is: When did Larry King start interviewing like he took lessons from Mr. McGoo?
I wish big time that ALL media would stop reporting on Paris Hilton. She proved to the entire world on Larry King that she is a poor liar. She's nothing but a spoiled, rich party girl who made a porn video. She doesn't deserve to have any media coverage. No media coverage would finally give her the message that she doesn't count. What has she ever done to benefit humanity? I'm sick of her hair extensions, false eyelashes, dog clothes, Bentley, Mercedes, clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, Hollywood Hills home, the Simple Life, her jail tenure. Give us a break!
I am so tired of hearing about paris. She should not get to hear her name or see any picture of her self (even a mirror) in any paper, magazine or on T.V. for at least 5 years. So the courts have failed to give her a real punishment, WE can by stopping talking about her. PLEASE.
It's sad to think that a worthless person like Paris Hilton is news worthy. I can't believe that Larry King bumped Michael Moore, to do an interview with her. It sounds like CNN needs to get their act together on what is really news worthy in our country. I say boycott anything to do with the Hilton's.
Could people just stop giving her so much attention? Frankly her spoilt behaviour does not humour me. I think the reporter from MNBC did the right thing by ripping up her story.
I would say she isn't the best person the world...who is? But really, come on now. Someone who reads the bible a lot isn't necessarily going to have a favorite passage. Said person might not even really enjoy reading it. Even the devil can quote scripture so the fact that she couldn't state that she had a favorite one doesn't really mean much.
Does the media ever stop with Paris news? Of course, she is going to do stupid things to keep her news fresh in the news. Every day, it's always something with her!! She contributes nothing to society. I guess the public should shoulder some of the blame. As long as we care about what Paris did or does, there will always be something she does to make the headlines. Enough!
And the dumbass of the year award goes to EZEKIELDAS! It must be blissful living in your reality...ROFL
I am chronically ill, house bound and band from hearing/reading the news (apparently i actually have enough on my plate to worry about right now) and, I am not even American... and, somehow I still managed to hear about the Paris Hilton debacle... That, I guess, is the power of press! Also, exactly why her pr team deserve medals. It is amazing how they have acheived such distribution of worthless, boring rubbush... I say again amazing! If only this kind of power was used for something worth while.

Any one could see, by the way that this scripted nonsence was yet another attempt at 'damage control'.

The only way to deal with it is to block it. If we all stop reading/ watching it, there will be no point in writing it! That is the power of 'us'.
I believe that Paris should remian quiet and out of the spotlight for a good while. Her, Lindsey and Brittany. When they have shown they can do something other than party,lets hear about it. So to all of the media that just wont give it a rest, please find somehting of subtance to talk about. What about the good people we can talk about, like, A+ students who can't afford college, the volunteers who care for our elderly and get paid nothing. Isn't there something other than those 3 girls to read about or watch on TV.
I think "poor baby" when I think of Paris. Imagine being described as "managed by her handlers!". As if, she were a dog. I feel we, the public, are responsible for such garbage as her trials and tribulations. Don't watch, and it will go away!!! Is our life so mundane that we have to live vicariously thru her? We have a problem. flcreeker
I didn't watch the interview because I did not care what Paris Hilton had to say about anything let alone her time in jail (which she so richly deserved). However, I will say that it is pretty sad when people like Paris Hilton are treated like a super-star. In reality, all we have here is a pathetic, rich, spoiled brat living off of her Mommy's and Daddy's money. Now, we can add liar and convicted crimminal to her list of attributes.
Larry should've asked Paris what the average wage is paid to the people who work at the Hilton hotel chain. When managers are lucky to earn $40,000 a year, maybe she should work on improving their welfare because no matter what she does, I will always think of her and her family as spoiled and insensitive.
Paris & her mother are morons alike. Paris is as deep as a damn puddle & her mother is one of those parents who doesn't think her "precious lil child" can do anything wrong or deserves any punishment for the things she does. By the way her mother acted about this situation, you understand why Paris is the way she is. Good grief. Give us a break.
When Ms. Hilton stated that she had never "taken drugs", I suggest that she was sincere. If one counts smoking marijuana as "taking drugs", then one must indict those who use caffeine, nicotine, alchohol, steroids and prescription pills as hypocrites. I'm sure none of those would aver that they have a drug problem. As for the assertion that Ms. Hilton receives too much attention: if you watched this interview or even read about it, you are part of the problem. Personally, I would rather follow Ms. Hilton in the news, rather than the despicable actions of those who have hijacked our government.
David, you probably won't ever read this, nevertheless I must try to penetrate the thick veneer of ignorance that permeates the single most inane entertainment "news" broadcast on television. Now, that's saying something about a genre that includes ET, Access Hollywood, The Insider and other mediocrities, but after a couple of years of suffering through A.J. Hammer and that blathering bimbo, I can't even muster the synaptic energy to remember her name, I am convinced that the reason Showbiz Tonight is as loathsome as it is ----is now crystal clear after reading your Paris Hilton Blog... I'm curious as to where do they find such arrested humanity like you? Talented enough, intelligently suffiice, I suppose, to run a network news program and yet so void of culture, awareness, intellect, integrity, education, and other atrributes as to defy all reason. For you to carry on as you do about the unfortunate Ms. Hilton tells us nothing about her and everything about you. You are the P.H. of entertainment reportage. Do you get that? Instead of going on about the inanity of the inane ...heal thyself physician! Showbiz Tonight is the Paris Hilton of entertainment reportage, capice? It is what's wrong with CNN, CNN Headline News and serious entertainment news in general and you are part of the problem. You are the Paris Hilton of entertainment news! Can you just sit with that? Instead of blathering on about her, take everything you disdain about her and pin it to your self. Maybe then and only then the rest of us can get a really good news program about the entertainment business.
So for all those who think she is a goddess what about those photos with her having pot in her purse, I don't understand everything fasicanation with her she is dumbest person I have ever seen on T.V. her show tanked her album tanked I think everyone in the world would feel a little better everyday we heard less about paris hilton
First, Paris seems farily similar to any average 26 year old American. I would speculate that more people than not have smoked pot durring their college years yet would answer "No, I haven't" if asked in an interview. Most of these do not have drug problems and are pretty decent people. One of these might include the husband of our next president. Yet, who knows perhaps she was just acting goofy at a party or something and never really did inhale...or perhaps she was intending just to present the idea that "no I'm not a Heroine addict."

As far as the favorite Bible verse is concerned. I also don't think that it is that abnormal for even a Biblical Scholar to be caught off gaurd and not sure what to say in regaurds to their "favorite Bible verse" if they do in fact have a single favorite verse or evven think of particular verses when recognizing the fuller message or meaning that extends beyond saying John 3:16 of course, I have it as a bumper sticker.

For myself a favorite verse that jumps to mind is "let he who is without sin cast the first stone."
TO the Anonymous poster from July 09 at 6:28PM EDT:

It's heroin not Heroine. the first one's the narcotic, the second one is a female hero. Of course your inadvertent remark has its own unique irony - Paris the Heroine that is funny.

Now on to the other part of your speculation...did you even watch the videos on thesmokinggun? If you really think she didn't inhale or was "just acting goofy at a party" then I have some land in Louisiana I'd like to sell you.

For myself I'd like to remind everyone that as this quote which has been variously attributed to P.T. Barnum, Joe Bessimer and David Hannum (and which is certainly NOT in the bible)states: "There's a sucker born every minute" If you believe a word of the Paris drivel count yourself among that number.
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows leak:

I found the document on the web and I can re-assure everybody and say that this is a hoax; I've read all 6 books up to now and I am very familiar with J.K Rowlings choice of words.
And I did not recognize the usual way of saying things in the alleged leaked document.
The document is a fake and
I am very suprised that anyody who claims to be a Potter fan did not realize
what was happening here.
So I am looking forward to buy the last book saturday morning and start to read something real!!!
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