Friday, July 20, 2007
The faithful
Jaime Stinson and Lauren Shaw take Harry Potter very seriously.

Both Stinson, 29, and Shaw, 27, are members of the Atlanta Harry Potter group, a 30-person club devoted to all things Potter. (Stinson says that another 45 people are on the e-mail list.) The group meets once a month to play games, throw parties and to hash out the Potter mythology.

"You know, what happens to this person, who is really evil ... We have yelling matches," says Stinson.

Of course, many of those questions will be answered with the publication of "Deathly Hallows." What will happen to the group then?

Well, there are two movies left, Stinson points out, and the group is planning a wake in August for whoever dies in the finale. (They've already prepared "Deathly Hallows" survival kits for tonight's festivities, for readers about to undergo Potter withdrawal.)

Moreover, they're not the only ones. There are Potter groups all over the country, and like other fan organizations, they have big conventions. A recent Potter confab, Phoenix Rising, was held in New Orleans in May.

For now, the two are surmising what will happen in "Deathly Hallows." Shaw believes Ron Weasley, Harry's best friend, will die. "I think he'll sacrifice himself for Harry," she says.

And Stinson believes Harry himself won't make it to the end of the book. "I don't want it to happen," she says, "but Rowling says the book will have a definite end." And Harry's death, she adds, will be about as definite as they come.

In less than two hours, they will know.
I think it is sick how grown adults follow this demented tale of "magic" and sourcery as faithfully as they do.

Grow up - and by the way - your kids are developing an extremely unhealthy notion about reality!

Is it any wonder enrollment into important technical curriculums like engineering and computer science are down to dangerously low levels in this country? No, because everyone seems to believe they will develop magical powers and no real economy will be necessary to survive.

God it is SICK - grow up for God's sake. Go hicking - get a hobby that involves experiencing REALITY!
I'd like to point out that this is indeed is a fiction book something people go to to when they really need a break from the stress in reailty... and anyways I doubt you saying this junk is really going to make any of us change our mind about reading the books.

By the way, if your so grown up why did you mis-spell hiking?
To Anonymous-

why would you come to this blog and post that message? If Harry Potter is not something you enjoy, then don't read about it and don't post about it. I find golf the most boring thing in the world-so I don't go to websites about golf, and I certainly don't post on golf blogs and sites my opinions about golf.

Take a chill pill, Anonymous.
The last comment makes a good point but is made probably a little bit too harshly. I think it's ridiculous that grown adults would spend this much time and energy into something like Harry Potter. Granted, I enjoy the movies, and I really think they are all fabulous, but let's not make this into a cult, people. It's a work of fiction. That's it. Everyone just needs to calm down, get some sleep, and stop spending the night outside of bookstore doors just to have one of the first copies. Who cares? Just be patient. Of course, patience is something which is lacking in today's world -- I see it everyday on the roads, especially!
Yea, stop it, kids are so demented they believe in this magical silly stuff...

They should read the Bible more, in fact, it should be required in schools!

They need to believe in stuff like Jesus and accept him into your heart so you can clear sin created by a women talking to a magical snake that tricked them into eating an apple that gave them infinite wisdom.

Start believing in stuff like Jesus dying, then coming back to life.

Makes a lot more sense than that other fictional novel like Harry Potter.
As a 71 year old grandmother of eight, I think that if Harry dies, it will be a sad way to end an exciting series. I see the Potter books as morality stories. And there is nothing moral in sending a boy through all of this death and torment - only to kill him off in the end.
The "boy wizard" teaches children to think, to hope and to confront adversity! In my opinion, killing Harry sends a, "why try message".
I'm hoping that Ms. Rowling doesn't "cop-out" in this final book, (I.e. she has run out of ideas; and/or doesn't know how to end the series; and/or prefers to spend more time with her family).
Oh My Children and Adults enjoying thinks together, how can that every be wrong when people read.

ps keep your relgion to your self! Some of us have read the bible and still dont believe it any more that we do Harry Potter
Just a note to thank you for publishing my blog, "...As a 71 year old grandmother...", (punctuation errors and all).
My older grandchildren think that it is "awesome" that grandmom put up a Harry Potter blog!
Incidently, the final book is a good ending, (no cop-out), to a great series!
Thanks again.
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