Tuesday, June 05, 2007
When Paris went to jail
A day after reporting on Paris Hilton I'm reminded of what this heiress is really famous for: being reported on.

I counted 12 live trucks at the site. There were media outlets from Australia, Japan and Germany, not to mention local, national and entertainment news venues from the U.S., all to report the incarceration of the media Svengali we've come to know as Paris Hilton.

Correspondents were quick to pepper their reports with puns, predictable and otherwise. I heard one reporter start her story with "From 'The Simple Life' to the prison life." And I can't tell you how may times I heard "the hotel heiress is trading in her designer duds for prison duds."

The day had the occasional surreal moment, as when the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department released not one but two mug shots of the newest inmate. Apparently the first one was taken after her 2006 arrest. Oops! The department quickly ordered a retraction.

My surreal moment came Sunday during the jail's visiting hours, when I went to use the restroom. A young girl handed me a paper napkin with some scribblings on it. It said, "Everyone has been cleared to make way for Paris. She has fresh clean sheets and her cell is close to the TV."

Apparently, some of the inmates were not happy with the hotel heiress' impending arrival, thinking she might be getting preferential treatment. As one woman who was there to visit an inmate hollered at the crowd of reporters, "Why are you all here? She's not so special!"

The "not so special" Paris Hilton is expected to be released on June 26. And, as usual, the paparazzi and dozens of media outlets will more than likely be in tow.
I wonder if Paris Hilton, with all her wealth, has ever donated some of her millions to education or something worthy? Does all her money go to her shopping and partying habits? If so then I am going to boycot ALL hilton hotel establishments. This silly girl should learn to do some good with her money. She is a disgrace. Period.
Write about Paris Hilton's awesome debut album "Paris."
I suppose I feel a little bad for her. Only because it seems everyone is taking enjoyment out of her misfortune. We should show some sympathy. After all, she is just human. Well, to expand on that, she is just human, just like you and me. And if you commit a crime punishable by prison, you have to do the time! Duh. Well, I think that everyone is sick of celebrities getting away with heinous crimes (drunk driving, drugs, maybe even murder!). So yes, even I take part in celebrating Paris' trip (albeit short) to jail. Maybe, just maybe, she'll come out of this experience with some profound thoughts for us all...or more likely, she be in the tabloids next month with a new name she's calling Lindsay Lohan!
Absolutely Paris you must go and go now you must !

Any chance you could get double-time, I would go for that !! Law and Justice are not a repector of persons, so whether you are; rich or poor (goes to show you rich, does not mean smart)

talented or not (you are the latter, you have tried several talent focused activities and really are not a success)

sexy or not (you are the latter, as I have seen a bit of your internet video and a corpse would be more interactive)

beautiful or not (you are the latter, take away your fake blond, and your blue contacts and your sister is way better looking)

So really Paris what good are you really - just a waste of space.

Its a pity that teens today have such a low benchmark of standards to even be like you .. a plain ole ignorant spoilt girl, whose parents did not demonstrate any real love, somehow attempt to make up to give you a credit card and trust fund.

If they really loved you, they would have had some rules and standards to ensure you have some level of responsiblity.

BTW: be prepared to pay the Queen bee in jail some protection money; some prisoners who have so much more less than you, will absolutely detest what you are and will make you their group girlie-friend. -- this may be your true calling and may make a more livelier video..

BTW: skip the idea of a designer wear called "Jail Bait" -- its pretty low, even for you... and you are not welcome at the Hamptons anymore. STAY AWAY !!
I totally agree. She is not that special.
Sorry, but the beauty queen needs to do the time for the crime that she committed. 23 days is nothing but a 3 week vacation from society. Sure she doesn't have her friends or her party outfits, but she is the example that someone finally made. If it was me, I would have been sent down the river, no ifs, ands, or buts. But money talks, and the rich walk.

She was supposed to have a cell mate, but instead is confined to 23 hours of solitude, with one hour a day to shower, watch tv, talk on the phone, etc? Heck, to alot of us working little people, that would be a vacation. And she has to wear the make up that comes from the prison store. What is so bad about that? It may be cheap and meaningless to her. But cheap is what all that some of us can afford.

Hope she learns from this, but I seriously doubt it.

Maybe she will do a show on the simple life from prison. I won't be watching.

Look out Lindsey Lohan! You might be next.
In my honest opinion,I think she got what she deserved. She has gotten away with alot because of "who she is". To me that gives people the impression that the law only applies to people other than the wealthy. I give a big kudos to the judge who sentenced her!!!
the only people that care about this is the media. i have yet to talk to anyone whose response is other then: who cares?
Now if they can only lose the key or her files.
Okay, silly rich heiress breaks the rules, gets caught, cries how life is unfair for her and we should care why? Don't get me wrong, jail for anyone is not a nice concept. It was the in-your-face attitude that is the root cause of her troubles. Is any publicity still good publicity, or is it just another insult to everyday people like that "The Simple Life?" It's more like, "If I hadn't been caught red handed, you wouldn't have known at all."

What seems to be lacking in Ms. Hilton and her ilk is real class. The kind that comes with a maturity lacking these days and mainly from not putting yourself first and foremost in the world. To Paris, darling, the earth revolves around the sun, not around you. PS: please let the media become aware of this same revelation. Be well, and use your time well.
She deserved what she got. Plain and simple.

And how do the officers get off saying she'll only spend such and such time in jail? She only gets days off IF she shows good behavior. If and only if! They should not be allowed to shorten her sentence until she's at least STARTED it. (This was all said about two weeks ago.)
I feel somewhat sorry for her. Everyone loves to hate her. It must be a lonely life.

As for people talking about rich getting out free etc. I think this is a clear example in the opposite direction. Most people driving on a suspended license would be released early or not sent at all for some reason like overcrowding. Clearly they are trying to make a point here. Not that I feel its unwarranted, but at least now we should leave her alone, as she truely is serving a just punishment.

Afterall, think of the rich and famous who have gotten off free and clear...
In a time where Paris truely is human, can we quit ripping on her for 2 seconds...

Also, in regards to the comment about money and partying versus charity:
Paris hasn't inherited her money yet, lets give her time to actually grow up and understand the world before she's required to give back (what isn't even hers yet). Do you think your college kids are considering charities at the moment?
Her job is partying, in fact, aside from her allowance or whatever from her family, its her source of income. Celebs make six figures a night just for showing up at parties. Think of it as a speaking engagement, except that the speaker is not a nobel laureate and is promoting a vodka instead of world peace.
Immature, maybe, but she is certainly a better person than people make her out to be.

ok so task for the day. everytime you think a mean thought about paris or try to slip a paris-themed joke into conversation put a dollar in a jar and then you can send it via golden goose to whatever charity you deem fit. how's the view from that ivory tower...?
The media should just I-G-N-O-R-E this total waste of a spoiled adult brat.

Just say NO to ALL Paris Hilton updates. She is a parasite on Hollywood's Back.
Dang! I've never seen so many haters in my life! She committed a crime and she is doing the time. It is a short sentence but she is not the first nor the last person (famous or not) who will be shown leniency. Get over it! Learn from her mistakes and spend your energy trying to keep another young woman from making the same ones. Dang! Haters!
I agree with everyone here. She needs to be trated like a criminal. If it was me that broke my probation ( I am not just an example) then I would have gome to jail that day. People with money make me mad they think that they are better than everyone else. And what made it worse is that her mom said that she did nothing wrong. I have never and will never stay at a Hilton. I know many people that will not either. I think that she should be with all the other criminals, maybe she will learn a lesson.
Who is this person? Why is there a special page on this? Why am I writing about it?

I think the whole western world who cares about these stuff should get a life.
You know the really sad thing, is we all are wasting our time reading about the poor little rich girl. I am guilty of it also, pretty bad when we have nothing better to do than read about poor little Paris. BOOHOO!!! I am glad a judge finally had the guts to do the right thing, I really believe she should have gotten more time, but oh well at least she will get a little taste of what is like. Who knows, maybe she might grow up a bit from this. Who am I kidding, NOT!!!
Come on now we all know that Ms. Hilton isn't doing this to prove anything to anybody. If she got this much attention to lick a dogs you know what well she would do it. It's all about the attention with these rich spoiled girls. Who can drink more? Who can have kids and still be a rebel? Who can violate California laws until thrown in jail? She's getting exactly what she wants, it's sad, and she's winning, but who's going to to listen to the poor people anyways huh?
There was a time that decency did not accepted people showing their naked picture to the public, there was a time that if you gave bj you would not film it and put it on the net, there was a time if you were rich then maybe, and that is maybe helped the needed one, there was a time bad behavier was not a ticket to get rich, there was a time you did not flaunt your wealth to the poor public, there was a time that the above actions did not make you rich and public did not accept these, etc, etc.

What happened to the West that all the bad stuff became acceptable and a ticket to richness, continuation of these will catch up with these sociaties and it may take some time, but eventually if these sociaties continue as such they will implode within.
Media, if you can even call them media are participating in this rush to destruction.

Am a kid, the way this world is going and choosing what is important and what is not makes me forget about having kids one day and have them to live with this blonny stuff.

What happened to goodness, right, decency, do the good thing, helping others, being nice to others on this earth.

By the way am not a religious person AT ALL.
Sorry, knowing someone who died from a drunk driver, she deserves what she gets.

This girl thumbed her nose at the law when she got back into her car - twice - even though the papers stating that she lost her license, that she signed, were in her glove compartment.

The media is glorifying spoiled, rich little girls into thinking they're so important that they're above everything that is legal. Shame on the media.

And the people are going crazy over this story because Paris is the most spoiled of them all.

I hope that Paris actually learns from this experience. Knowing someone else who has been in County, she should NOT just bide her time. County is a frightening place, scary enough to make a grown man cry.
WHO CARES? Seriously, who is Paris no-talent skank Hilton....?
Inspite of the fact that the more intelligent people on this planet should overlook this story, the reality is that this young woman is a role-model to many other young women. I think she's doing society a favour by going to jail (even if for only 3 weeks), making this whole event into an 'awareness' message for all young people who are thinking about doing the same 'crime'.

PS: I did EXACTLY the same thing as Paris, but in Canada, and only received a 420$ ticket, plus towing expenses (30 days no car). Sure glad I didn't have to go to jail!
Paris is who we make her. Prison won't be terrible, she'll survive.

She has probably never been alone in her life. Whatever else, it might be cathartic.

ahhh good stuff, the scum of the world getting what they deserve. Don't really care but was bored and stumbled upon this.
i think she should gotten a stiffer sentence. i mean come on 23 days.....are you kidding me? if it would have been someone who was'nt a celebrity they would have gotten a longer sentence. people keep saying how smart she is...and i say if she is so smart why is she in jail??? she doesnt strike me as smart at all. she cant act. she cant sing. as far as beauty goes i think her sister is hotter. parris looks like a board with lips and about as smart as one. quite honestly im tired of hearing about her.
If you do the crime, you do the time. It is as simple as that. Paris Hilton will serve and that is it. The problem lies else were. The problem is not Paris Hilton, but the media and the readers. If we (Americans) shift our focus away from socialites and Hollywood, the Paris Hilton's of this world would not exist. By purchasing the tabloid magazines and watch E! TV we give people like that the privilege they do not deserve. I am almost ashamed at our society for losing sight of the importance of family, values, and the endless escaping of our own lives to the pages of the Tabloids. What do we consider more newsworthy... our local towns spelling bee champion or the daily toils of Paris Hilton. Unfortunately, we repeatedly choose Paris. The only reason i am not completely disappointed in our society is because there are a few out there who can actively choose to do what is right and moral and necessary for the better. That makes me smile. I hope that this hoopla about Paris and the question of our values really sinks into the minds of the readers and they ask themselves what is really important.

Spoiled rich kid goes to jail for thinking she is above the law as well as the rest of us...why is that newsworthy?

How about me? I am about to graduate with my masters degree I got while working full time. I now have 65K in student loans to deal with. I donate to animal causes and rescue strays and get them homes when I can. I'd rather read something like this than what that waste of carbon is up to. What does she do to improve the world? Nothing.
Her lawyer is was saying that she is being treated unfairly by the court order to solitary confinement... 23 hours a day in a cell and 1 hour for bathing and whatnot..doesnt he realize they are doing her a favor?? this is not a REAL jail sentence.. this is TimeOut for Paris..i say put her in community rooms and let her serve her time like anyone else would who have committed the same offenses.
Media is bringing on her fame! You should feel ashamed to cover someone who does not deserve this attention!!It's sending the wrong message to the younger generation. Why not find more important issues to comment about. Media is not what it used to be looking at this topic! Sabrina in Syria
This is great. It's like a soap opera.
Whether or not anyone agrees, Paris Hilton is a celebrity. She's famous for being famous. I only hope that her jail time will somehow give her some time to realize that she is in the position (as a celebrity) to affect many young people (that right now unfortunatley look up to her). I would hope that she can somehow use this time in jail to teach teens of how NOT to live. I think any celebrity in this situation should take advantage of being at a celebrity status. I don't think it should just be a luxury, it should also be a duty. She IS a role model to some people, sadly, but true. Hopefully she'll make the right choice and make a change.
I would like to think that she might come out of this with a better outlook and perhaps start putting her time and money to good use. Maybe get involved with some charity or community activity that people less fortunate than her can benefit from. Sadly, I don't think it's likely. She is and always will be a spoiled little rich girl who thinks the world revolves around her. I, for one, am tired of seeing her face and name. I was kind of hoping that her time in jail would be met with media inattention, but it seems the opposite has occurred. Oh, well, 21 more days and things should quiet down again. But, I have to admit, I did love the expression on her face in response to Sara Silverman's jokes about her on the MTV Movie Awards.
I love how people have no reservations about leaving comments and personal attacks on Paris Hilton like she is their best-friend gone bad.
Does anyone take into consideration that Paris has a COMPLETELY different perspective on life? Wouldn't you, if you were born into a family of millionaires? You would never know what it is to sacrafice, or need money, or go without.
This girl has been raised in a completely different world. She has never been told no..because she can buy approval off somebody just as easy as a pair of Prada shoes.
Now I'm not saying that what Paris did was justified in ANY way, shape, or form. I will give her credit for owning up to her mistakes..and for actually owning up to the fact that she did something wrong. I was suprised by the fact that Paris chose county jail over a Celebrity "pay-by-the-day" jail. For this, I commend her.
I hope her time in jail gives her time to reflect on her mistakes, I commend the judge who gave her the sentence as well...I think he may, in essence, have saved her life.
I don't feel sorry for her one bit. I think the judge wasn't harsh enough. Any other person would have been locked away, but then again money talks. I think it's such a shame that people with all that money and time on their hands choose to behave this way. They are going to end up hurting an innocent person or themselves.
Paris is the epitome of the old expression: "No one is entirely useless; even the worst of us can serve as a horrible example"

You go girl! A+ on your work. Every sane adult in the America cites you as a prime example of how their daughters SHOULD NOT BEHAVE.


Momma & Poppa Hilton, you've really helped to raise some great well-grounded kids... too bad they're our kids, and not yours. But, look on the bright side, when the legal fees are all paid in full, you can take a few million $$$ you have lying around and buy yourselves a nice, big, steaming pile of happiness!
Yay!!!!!! I love it. I love it. I love it.

She yearns for attention. She got it.

Dear Sheriff, please lose the keys.
Paris was drinking and driving, she should of went to jail right away for that. It shouldnt of been because she "broke porbation". Im sick of this no talent, heriesses of something or other...getting away with everything. For once...its time for them to learn.
I've been in jail, it's not that bad. She'll survive and let's have a not report on Paris party and let it all alone til the 26th when she steps out of the jail unwaxed and unplucked. Unibrows breed prolifically in jail.
I think the public's biggest beef with Paris is that she got popped 3 times and she only got 23 days. Whereas if any one of us normal people who breakour backs for our families/friends were in the same situation we wouldnt be looking at days in jail, we would be looking at months to years in prison. I just feel as if I/we have been betrayed by the justice system.
who really cares? Enough already!!
A) To the person who wrote: "Do you think your college kids are considering charities at the moment?"
Is Hilton in college??

I don't know if her sentence is 'fair' or not.
Maybe if she wasn't late to court that day?
Maybe if her attitude wasn't so defiante?
Maybe if her finger didn't start pointing?
Maybe if she, from day one, took this seriously, with respect to the Judge, she wouldn't be in jail today.
Maybe if she said riaght away, "I'm sorry. I made a mistake. I thought I'd been informed that I was able to drive again. Maybe I should read thing I sign, or at least show the paper I signed to someone who could explain its importance to me."

I enjoyed her little speech about how she declined a prison upgrade because she wanted to be treated like every body else... with total disregard to the judge plaining stating that there would be no purchasing of an upgrade of facility.

Paris Hilton? My advice is keep your mouth shut and hire a driver for your party nights. I really don't care how much you drink. I really don't care if your liver rots.
I do care if you kill someone because you have no self control and have no family or friends who have the courage or intelligence to tell you "NO!"
I read all these remarks and can't help, but think some people are pretty jealous. If she was so bad why would so many celebs. be remarking on what a kind person she is I mean people you have to remember you really only know what the media shows you about her and other celebs. I mean what kind of world do we live in where we actually get off on someone going to jail just beacuse they like to party? And if it's really about drinking and driving then why was there no uproar over the cast member from Lost when she did the same thing yet got released after a few hrs? People need to recognize their anger and direct it correctly so in closing it seems quite obvious that people are not against her, because she got caught drivng on a suspended license their against her because she was born into wealth and lives a life the rest of us wish we had.
I have been watching for the better part of a year or more at all the young party girls coming and going and all their antics. Frankly I am sick and it isn't just the girls it is the boys too. I say boys because they havedone nothing to prove their worth as adults. As far as Paris and her gaggle of hens that hang on everything she does I say grow up.... To young hollywood I would like them to remember how lucky they are that they don't have to worry how their bills are gonna be paid if someone gets sick, or how their children are gonna eat because all the money had to go to bills to keep lights and water on . Everyday people bust their buts every day to scratch out a living and for the ones that were lucky enough to have been born into money they don'tappreciate it and they believe that they also have the right to do whatever they want with no consequences. We need to stop being afraid of their money and power and enforce the same rules on them that the rest of us live by.. Thank god someone stood up to Miss Hilton's money and let her know that money doesn't solve everything.... Sometimes you have to grow up and face what you have done I hope for her sake this is the wake up call she desperately needs, and she should also get an AIDS test and stop being hollywoods door knob, because it seems that all the guys get a turn.
Seriously, you gotta give it to her, she's still a little hottie. Who cares what she has to say,what she does, she's only here for one reason, sex!
I don't believe it !!! she's out already...

3 days in the pokey and it seems as if she's wriggled her way out of this one....

this just proves that if you make the right bribes you can do anything... I think that there should be a bribe investigation on this and lets get daddy in prison too.

This is completely outrageous..

not only do celebs get obscenly lenient sentences, (which they openly flout) but even if you manage to get one to prison, they get preferential treatment.

it is my hope that some celebs actually get to find out what prison is really like, however it is most likely that if placed in main population it would take them about 10 mins to get "shanked"

What would probably happen is that if celebs "had" to go to prison they would have the priory refurbished into an open prison for celebs only.

or maybe they would have a Big Brother's "Big House" so that incarserated celebs could still be on telly, and the home viewers could make good behaviour votes.

it also seems to have slipped peoples minds (except here) as to what this girl is famous for.....Having a rich Daddy, and "accidentally" getting caught on tape (which was about as accidental as her driving while banned)

it's just horrible to think that there are people who admire this girl as a role model....

I think socialites like this should be played down as undesirables, not publicised in the media....the real target for media should be meaningful individuals who have achieved greatness through personal and intelectual achievement, not these superficial selfish creatures.
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