Thursday, June 07, 2007
Paris out of jail?!?
If you haven't growled it yet, let me do it for you. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!

The news that Paris Hilton was let out of jail after only three days first came in on my BlackBerry as I was heading into the office. And to my surprise, it triggered a BlackBerry-generated message on-screen that read: ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!

OK. Maybe not. But those words did come out of MY mouth. Loud. Instinctive. Visceral. Primal. Guttural.

Matter of fact, I am still shaking my head so hard in disbelief I have a kink in my neck that will require a massage, for which I will send the bill to Paris for collateral damage.

So why was Paris sprung from the pokey after spending just three days of her expected 23 days in the L.A. jail? The sheriff's department cited a "medical condition," didn't say what it was, but took pains to point out that she would now serve out her original 45-day sentence in her house and will wear an electronic monitoring bracelet.


Hold on just a second. Let's take this one at a time.

Medical condition? Do they not have doctors in the jail? When other inmates get sick, are they also let go?

Did some sleuth sneak into the L.A. Sheriff's Department overnight and remove the computer chip that regulates reason? Do they not realize the outrage this will provoke, the claims of special treatment?

So Paris will be under house arrest. Her house. The mansion she lives in. Her reward for getting arrested for DUI, then violating probation by not once -- not twice -- but three times driving with a suspended license.

On "The View," Joy Behar observed "This girl can get out of more things than David Copperfield." Great analogy. Because like a master magician, it would appear that Paris has, indeed, pulled a rabbit out of her hat.

And I'll bet you that even the rabbit is pissed.

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The medical condition was $$$
Absolutely ridiculous! The original judge brought down a sentence which was by far more fair than it should have been. She goes on a hunger strike and gets out? What type of example does that set?
Lesson Learned: Justice for Sale. The only option for the majortity:
all is well in the USA, one law for the poor and one for the rich
This is so wrong, that words can't be found. Skinny thing had no fat reserves to feed off of once she stopped eating prison food.

Every other person in jail for the same reason should be given home sentences . . . in a mansion, with servants, and massage therapists, and cable, and alcohol, and a pool, and OMG. This is so freakin' wrong . . .
Give me a break. This is like when Junior Sopprano got out of jail for "medical reasons"... Maybe they got the idea from the show. Regardless, this just shows that a sentence can be lowered and lowered to the point of is it even punishment?
I'm done with Paris!
Give me a break--what a joke. Too bad the news keeps making the news with this idiot.
Poor baby! I'll bet if she got hungry enough she'd eat the food!
I'm done with Paris!
You are so right, this is ridiculous and embarassing.
I believe that somewhere during the trial her parents/lawyer or someone said they felt that she was being sentenced unfairly because she is a celebrity and they wanted it to be fair. WELL HELLO! John Q Public without a huge bank account does not get an out of jail card because they feel jail food is beneath them. Letting her out clearly shows that money can buy anything. So what has she learned? Only how to be a little more manipulative. Poor little rich girl!
This is a true miscarriage of justice. I hope all the other inmates at the same jail will go on a hunger strike in order to get out of their sentences. This is ridiculous. Does the L.A. County Sheriff's Department realize what kind of precedent they've set for this spoiled, rich, self-obsessed clown?
well if i ever kill someone,or rob a bank i hope i have a "medical condition" so i can go home.
so she's grounded? is that with or without TV and phone?
Amen. All this does is underscore how 1) easy the rich have it, and 2) how crooked and preferential law enforcement is.
This is ridiculous. The rest of us have to go to jail and Paris doesnt because she is rich? There MUST be an ivestigation. We have to write Gov. Swartzenegger.
Money Talks!!!
No one was forcing her to eat the jail food. She could have gone on a hunger strike. After a few weeks when she was getting too weak, she could have been force fed to save her life
Is it truly a surprise that the legal system in the US no longer serves its purpose, catering to select people or companies and imposing entirely different set of rules for regular citizens?

This has, and is still, happening right before our eyes, in all the legislations quietly passed in House and Senate sessions that fail to generate media coverage.

Given the scale of the problem, one person's ability to benefit from their status and wealth is hardly worth as much news coverage as it is generated.
Let out on house arrest because she refused to eat....please!!What message are we sending our youth now a days. She was so brave...wanting to get treated like everyone else she insisted. There are hundreds even thousands of inmates who don't eat and are distressed because they go to jail and we have a "celebrity" who complains and wants to go home and poof the jail doors open. This is humiliating for the justice system as well as for the young minds who watch and adore this girl. I believed strongly that she needed jail time and thought that maybe this would change her, but in reality it has changed nothing. One of these days, these little girls who are parading around drinking and driving is going to cause an accident that can't easily be fixed. Good job system, you have once again let us all down.
I hope somebody riots over this, its the most completely and utterly pathetic thing happening outside of the white house. I'm ashamed to be part of this system... And yes, boycott the hilton! What other message can we send?
More then the rabbit is pissed. I can"t understand why Paris is more important for air time them the two young women (Kelsey Smith) the MURDER VICTIM. (Danielle Cramer) who have been missing for a year,found in a crawl space. What is wrong with this picture?
I had hopes for her but now I never want to hear her name or see her face anywhere as all I feel is disgust for her and anger at the failure of our system of law.
The legal system is a joke. It's a damn shame that people who get wrongly convicted serves time while the convicted doesn't. House arrest? Give me a break!
Let me tell you what steams me the most:

How in the world do we teach our children right from wrong when injustices like what happened today occurred with Paris Hilton?! This is a travesty and wrong on so many levels. The girl is a worthless bum, does NOT contribute to society (at least none that I know of)and for some reason some kids still look up to her. THIS IS UNFORGIVEABLE.

My thoughts EXACTLY! I'd like to know how much the Hilton family paid for this deal.

Clearly the L.A. police department is on "the take". I can't imagine that anyone else would get this preferential treatment for refusing to eat the prison food.

I'm never staying in a Hilton Hotel ever again (and I do a great deal of business travel). I encourage anyone else that is equally as outraged to join me in a boycott to not put another penny into the Hilton trust fund.

Is this what you meant when you were quoted as saying "I'm going to do my time right"?
Refusing to eat! Whatever happened to force feeding that other inmates have been forced to endure?

Damn you Americans are embarrising... You always do this... If she where black and poor she would have sit in for 10 years... Look at Lil Kim ... She where behind bars for a long time... Im white and a dane and we danes only find the American Politicians dumb and irresponseble.
who's the spineless individual(s) who enabled this to happen. what happened to the judges decree. I guess the law doesn't matter anymore...only money does. remember the fall of the roman empire !!!
In California, celebrities can use drugs, drive drunk, rape, rob, and even kill you without fear of law enforcement. They laugh at the legal system. They even laugh in the face of judges while standing in the middle of the courtroom.

There are special laws for these very special people. Paris Hilton is way more important than a doctor, teacher, or scientist -- she's a hotel heiress famous for her acts in hotel rooms.
Why are you surprised? Since when have the rich ever faced the same consequences for their actions? This is real life Monopoly and the rich always have get-out-of-jail-free cards in their pockets.

So she doesn't want to each jail food? Me neither, but that wouldn't get me out of jail. They'd let me starve to death. They'd let you starve to death, too.

If anyone in this country still believes in our system of justice, there's this swamp land I want to show you . . .
What a disappointment! I was promised 45 days of Paris Hilton debasement and humiliation! A month and a half to vent at her and forget about the war, global warming, $4 gas and corruption in D.C. It was going to be so refreshing to finally see a celebrity get her just rewards. Ah well, at least the movie version will be short.
BS She is a spoiled brat that buys her way out of everthing. Do you think they would let anyone in the general public go like she did. BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John, when had you ever STARTED with her? :)
Well, let's tell all the other inmates to go on a hunger strike so they can also acquire a medical condition and go to their homes.
I AM MOVING TO CA. I want house arrest in a mansion for punishment. What will this teach anyone to include Paris $$$$$$$$ Dollars talk the rest of us Do The Time!
I definitely think she "planned" this early exit. Not eating the food will certainly do it. Way to go Paris - what a role model you are. NOT
Yeah, I knew something like this was going to happen. People with money and status NEVER do the time for the crime. Maybe if she kills someone on her next bout of reckless freedom, they will take her offense seriously instead of making the justice system look frail and weak. Must be nice to be above the law.
Another case of: America has the best justice that money can buy!
What will happen when she drinks and drives then kills someone? Maybe they will give her a week in jail. Did she buy the law?
Absolutely unbelievable. I can only image what they would have done if she would have hit someone with her vehicle while she was intoxicated. Maybe she would have served an additional day or two. Every defense attorney should cite this case when defending someone with similar charges.
Wow. I could say I'm surprised, but I'm not. First from 45 days to 23 days, and now confinement to her home? I wonder if any of us 'poor people' would have that opportunity. Must be nice. She gets arrested and violates probation numerous times, and gets only a slap on the wrist. I've never been to jail and could not imagine, but if I acted like she did I'm fairly certain I'd be serving all 23 days. If I refused to eat something tells me that I'd be force-fed.
i'm thinking i will rob a bank and then 3 days later i will say that i'm sick, then i will go home and spend the next 10 years at home , a hell of a deal
First of all I'm disgusted that this keeps making headline news. There are far more important things going on than rich people continuing to skirt the law. Since when is this news? This has been happening in this country for hundreds of years back to when rich people bought thier way out of military service. She's just another spoiled girl whose parents do whatever they can for her no matter what cost to others or the integrity of the justice system. She recieved a far shorter and much more lenient sentence than any middle or lower middle class person would have got in the same circumstance. She was all talk about serving her time properly before she went in but she couldn't take it because no one served her gourmet, five star meals. Give me a break! Turn off the news and read a book pertaining to the long standing bout of inequality in this country. I'll even recommend one to make it easier: A Power Governments Cannot Suppress by Howard Zinn. Learn something.
There is a reason jail is a punishment. If Paris doesn't want to eat the prison food, hook her up to an I.V. bottle.
Why does this country even have laws for society to live by ? Or did I miss the re-issue of the laws
that "entitle" the rich and famous to do whatever they please and then the laws that apply to the "common" rest of society ? I am sickened by the conduct of these classless so called rich and famous. Where would you really be if you weren't living off your granfather's legacy Paris ? You are no better than the parasites I hope you contracted in jail ! I will not ever stay at another HILTON -- ever.
Some years ago I was a guest at the "Greybar Hotel." I did not like the food. Does that mean they should have sent me home where I could relax around the house? Have people over? Get drunk?

If so, they just took the sting out of county lockups. Must be nice to be rich and celebrity-in-her-own-mind.
Not sure what the law is in CA, but most states allow a person on house arrest a certain number of hours per day to leave their homes, ie Martha Stewart. So, Miss Paris can continue her shopping/eating out, etc. during her away from home hours. What kind of sentence is that? Nice what Daddy's money can buy. Has she learned anything valuable? Doubtful. We will see her name listed for another DUI, then what?
Welcome to the America we all helped create... and continue to tolerate.
Sadly, this proves the rich are above justice...
Not eating??? 3 days??? So, what's the problem?
Oh wait!
I get it. Paris didn't like it where she was so she whined and got to go home. Good example for others - hey?
It is good to see the "Justice System" in America work the way it is intended. Rich, superior people are able to commit crimes and skate. ( deservedly so).If you are poor or a minority, and you spit on the sidewalk, you get a friend named "Big Bubba" to help you through your trying times in jail (for a small back-door fee of course). What do want? equal justice for all? Wealthy people make the laws, go figure.
This is a complete outrage. I've lost all hope in our justice system.
This is what happens when you let Los Angeles cops run any portion of the justice system! I think the rap group N.W.A. summed up the opinions of many people about Los Angeles cops in their song "F____ Tha Police!"
Money talks...
Guess Martha should have fasted too!!!
Who did she pay off? She isn't any better than anyone else.
I don't want to deal in hyperbole here, but Paris Hilton and all her fans in general, and this situation specifically, serve as a metaphore for a lot of the problems this country is facing. Do money, beauty, and fame solve every single problem?
This is a joke. A complete Travesty of Justice.

I cannot believe LA. First OJ, now Paris.
Did you really think she would spend the whole time in jail?!? No way! I can't believe people are still suprised when a rich, beautiful woman uses her money/charm to get out of a sticky situation. It's been happening for years. It's the same thing as a pretty girl talking her way out of a speeding ticket. We'd all like to think that laws are enforced fairly, but we should know that is not the case. Personally, I think this is great!!
When I came to USA I did so because I thought this was the most law abainding country on the face of earth, now with the immigration reform and the Hilton saga I'm convinced that this country in no better than my native country, the only difference is that here everthing is politically correct, over there all is crude and in your face, but the result is the same.
Another example of the rich having a different legal system!!!

And I agree with the boycott of Hilton calls!
This is absolutly unbelievable. This rich BXXXH has given the American judical system the finger. Her medical condition is one of having her head up her gold plated AXX. I only hope she has learned something other than rich people can do as they like in America. However, I'm sure we will see her in another similiar situation in the near future. She is a loser and a spoiled brat with parents who should be ashamed of what they have created. I just hope she doesn't hurt someone with her disregard for right and wrong.
Why is this any surprise? Our government has been this way for at least 3 decades. There ARE no laws for the rich and complete laws for all others. Watch for Scooter's pardon soon!
Seems to me that this just proves that money can buy someone else stated "Justice for sale!!" They stated that a medical condition was only part of the reason for their letting her out. What was the rest of the reason??? (like we don't already know!!!) And to think she's famous!! I guess you don't really have to be good at anything at all to be famous. And all this has done in the end is make her more money with her book deals and so much for punishment. Thought punishment was supposed to be a detterent!!!
Seems justice in CA is still up for sale to the highest bidder. What a horrible shame. We live in a world created by lawyers and people devoid of reason.
The Haves and the haves not.
Give me a break. When other prisoners refuse to eat, they stick a tube down their throat.
Ms Hilton's blatant disregard for her health in general with excessive alcohol consumption should have been enough of a reason to keep her behind bars regardless of these "medical issues" that now play a part in her release from prison. The US legal system and those making such a decision to release Ms. Hilton clearly can be swayed by those who can pay to alter minds. This is an absolute disgrace and show injustice to those who cannot affort to get a free ticket out of jail. Perhaps we should all use our medical problems to lessen our sentences. Don't get your hopes up because without money no one is listening. Try a class action law suit if you feel exceptions were made for those more fortunate than for others. What a disgrace...
This action reflects what everyone is beginning to know. That is we no longer have a three tier society. We have two and it is the rich and the rest of us. You have a front row seat to see how the rich work things. This person will be thumbing her nose at society many more times in the future. Why not...
I'll tell you what her "medical conditions" is.....what every other Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, Nicole Richie are familar with

Withdraw from drugs and booze.....

Why a jail for Paris....We all knew it was going to fail and a waste of tax payers money!!!!!!!!!!!

Geeze, if I had my choice, I would put her in a mental hospital. She would never get behind the wheel drunk ever again after living there for 40 days.

Once again, it's obvious money can buy you everything.........

Stupid celebs......
She's not to "sick" to party and drink heavily all night every night, but she can't sit down in a cell for three weeks? this is a travesty and someone's head should roll for it.
This makes me sick. Paris should be hanging her head in shame.
An alcohol-free diet is evidently harmful to her health. If others in the jail have the same problem (or just don't want to eat either), they should received exactly the same sentence; they should be locked up WITH Paris in her mansion for the next 40 days.
Truly an injustice as I know there are many people who were locked up much longer for just a single offense.
Wow. So if all of the inmates now refuse food, they'll all get to home now, too? Of course not. As with all special treatment, this is completely unreasonable. She had a light sentence to being with! She committed a crime, and no amount of money or fame (or infamy) should be able to get her out of her sentence. Absolutely ridiculous.
Nice. I'm so fed up with these spoiled "celebutantes" setting such a high moral example that us strong parenting types have to then exorcise from our kids' minds. Eating disorders, repeated legal offenses, rehab, rehab, rehab. Where does it stop? I'll tell you what, let Paris serve house arrest but ONLY at the home of a military serviceman who's wife is raising 3 kids alone while he's been stationed in Iraq for over a year. Better yet, take Lindsey, Paris, Nicole and Britney and ship them to Iraq. I hear the rehabs & prisons are a killer.
I agree with everyone that this is ridiculous I had a feeling something was up when she showed up to jail early.The justice system proves over and over that money talks and B@#****t walks. I don't understand how this woman/ child even has fans. What has she done other than party like a rock star?
Something is wrong w/ this country and this system, unquestionably wrong.
Refusing to eat prison food is not a "medical condition". It's an "attitude condition". One which I suspect spending a week hungry would correct.
Well now....isn't that nice...I was in jail for the first time 2 years ago in Canada. While there, I was mistaken for someone else bringing in stuff and was beaten up by 3 inmates. I ended up with what Drs now are saying a BLACK MASS where the injury to my head occurred. I was put in Protective Custody, otherwise known as the HOLE..which I am sure this is where Paris was too.
Yes, there are Drs in jail..they are not there all the time..there are duty nurses. I never received any medical attention in jail and have suffered ever since. I was kept in PC or the Hole or 40 days. Until I was why, just because she is famous or has money, can she get such special treatment.
I can not even get a lawyer to press charges against the Instituation for Neglegence on my part...and I have to suffer for the rest of my life because of it.
What a terrible injustice for the families of all the victims of a drunk driver! What are we saying to all those who get on the road after having too much to drink.....if you just stop eating while you're in jail, you'll be home in no time! How disrespectful to all those whose lives have been cut short by drunk drivers. To those who allowed Paris to go home......shame on all of you!
The only justice now will be if the media boycotts her. I am not going to watch any show that gives her any more publicity. This is disgusting. If you have a rich Daddy and pout enough you get to be exempt form the laws that everyone follows. I am not staying in any Hilton Hotels either. This exemplifies that the USA has become a home of the have and have-nots.
We are letting real criminals out of jail because of overcrowding. These freaks will cause more damage to property and persons due to the fact that the jails are overcrowded and they know they will get out early . Let's save the jail space for the real criminals.
word just cant say what I feel, all I know is that I did my full days for driving with suspended license, and I didnt get out, maybe cause I didnt have money like her. Really sad!
This is just too much.

May be we should take a closer look at LA County sheriff's department. Are the people involved in this mess elected ? There is one vote here against any incumbent in that office.
This is an absurd gesture by any means. Unfornately, she is watched and copied by so many younger people. What is this showing and teaching them? That if you have money you dont do time for your crime?

How many instances will people try to get out of doing time now because of similar health reasons? Paris did it... why cant I?

She is treated better then royalty...and she has no reason to be. She is nothing more then an anorexic rich spoiled kid.... where are her parents? Would even they be given such easy time? i think not. why? they have even more money then her, but apparently better class and upbringing.... where did they go wrong in raising this little spoiled brat? her siblings arent like this? why should she get away with it all?

who exactly was n the panel who mad this ridiculous decision.... are they getting something out of this too? i wouldnt be surprised.

so what if shes under house arrest.... nothing stoping people from going there... and party to the hilt(on)there... she just cant drive.... big deal. i guess that is really teaching her a lesson.... NOT!

party at the Hiltons tonight... free booze for all....
Paris out if jail in 3 days because of some phantom medical condition. To make her punishment even more severe, their going to issue her an ugly, dull black, bulky, PLASTIC ankle bracelet lacking jewels or trendy charms. She will be forced to suffer in her posh mansion with all it's amenities for the full, original 45 day sentence. Poor Paris, she'll definitely learn her lesson after this. Thank goodness justice is blind, if she wasn't she'd need to stab her eyes out be completely oblivious to this travesty.
IS ANYONE suprised that this happened. I am not. Like someone else said...there is one law for the poor, and one for the rich (the "rich" law is got cash, there are no laws). How much do ANY of you want to bet that she won't even have to do 40 days of house arrest. They will find SOMEWAY to get her out of even that. By the end of this they will somehow even get the judge to apologize to her for sentencing her.
Paris Hilton does not serve sentences. She serves syllables. a proud member of the Armed Forces I am outraged. I am risking my life for a country that has a legal system that shows favoritism towards the upper class. I realize this has been done on numerous other occassions, however, this one really is insulting. I am very disappointed in our country.

If anybody deserved to spend 45 days in jail its this bimbo from another planet that thinks she is above the law.

Jail sucks. If it was living in the lap of luxury, it wouldn't serve much of a purpose.

Nevermind social injustice, what the hell is happening to rule of law in this country?
This is just another example that if you have money and get caught doing something against the law then you have nothing to worry about. People like OJ Simpson and Paris make me sick!
You must be kidding me, Poor little Paris did not like to food, so she was let home early, what a bunch of BULL S*&^!!!, Paris is such a spoilled little BRAT, and SHE is a DISGRACE to the HILTON name. May she ROT
"I'm done with Paris...?"

What in the world did you ever "have" with Paris?

Nicole Richie was on Letterman last night. WHY? What has she ever done? This is the new era of post modern Hollywood nihilism!

Clearly the P.H. phenomena has more to say about the pathetic state of young girls today than anything else. If she's in the news it's because people want to hear about her.

News flash:
Beverly Hills 90210 is OFF the air!
Live your OWN life ladies.
Only in ^%@!%^& Los Angeles.
That judge and other decision makers who has made a mockery of this system should be thrown in jail to finish her time.
Now that's what I call reciprocity.
Paris was mistreated by the system from the beginning.

It is STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE to do no time at all in L.A. County, even when the judge has handed down a 45-day sentence. The Sheriff suspends the sentence. It happens all the time. They were just making an example of her.

My guess is that someone wised up to the fact that, in the end, Paris was going to look good and L.A. County look stupid.

Good going, Paris.

Stephen Smith
This says something about LAPD.

Is it the same department... whose cops manhandled a poor black kid at a gas station last year, shot a black man to death in 90's?

I doubt a hardworking lower or middle class American will get such a treatment from LAPD --- let alone get a cell without a mate. (And how come that happened? Doesn't California have more prisoners than they had cells for?)

Paris Hilton's fans should be ashamed of themselves if they still follow her.
Look what money can buy,
This just goes to show that our justice system is just as corrupt as our government. Must be nice to have Daddy pay your way out of jail. But knowing Paris, she won't learn from this and do something really stupid that Daddy's money won't be able to get her out of.
Like Defense Attorney's don't have enough B.S. reasons to get their clients off, lets add one more.
I'm a Deputy Sheriff and I lock up pregnant women, people who have full blown AIDS, people dying of cancer, the very poor and the very rich.

When an inmate gets sick (as in a disease, not because they miss their closet full of shoes that cost more than a house) we transport them to the hospital where they are under gaurd until they are brought back to the jail. If their mother dies while they are serving their sentence, they stay put and miss the wake and funeral.

So my advice to Paris Hilton and other Hollywood types is to stay off my roads and buy your drugs somewhere else. You won't find any Left-Coast "justice" out here.
This just proves the system works!!! :)
I am sick and tired of the importance given in the news to such people and what they do. They are hardly what you might call role models. They are nothing but spoiled rich brats who need to be taught a lesson. It is unfortunate that youngsters follows such "role models" and this is one of the major reasons why we have the kind of problems we currently have in our schools. Yes, driving drunk is "cool."
One nation under the almighty dollar. Just shows how the justice system in the country is rotten to the core. Had this been a person of no money or influence, or even a minority, the guards would have likely kicked them in the head and sent them back to their cell for acting stupid and sent them back to their cell hungry. Must be nice to be rich and white...
Justice-Privilege-What happens when she kills some one driveing her cars stoned as she usually is. Is it not time for the public to de throne this useless human being and her cohorts.
Totally ridiculous. I studied law, believe in the legal system and I find this a tragedy. Sadly, it leads people to believe that the law for the rich, the privilege, for... should I dare say... caucasian is different then all others. What will any young person believe when they don’t get the same preferential treatment... Paris should have served her 45 days...
Paris's release from jail isn't that shocking to me actually. The rich and famous in this country abide by a different set of rules. What I find shocking is the attention paid to her when there are many rich people getting away with a lot worse.
I thought when they initially cut her sentence in half, that was going to be it. I wasn't even surprised. I am however, quite disturbed by this turn of events. It actually bothers me...alot. How many people are in jail right now, serving the whole sentence for the same crime, or some lesser charge. It's disgusting. All the people that played a part in this should be ashamed of themselves. Who am I kidding? Never mind.
I cannot believe the injustice in the world today!

Poor little rich girl is subjected to prison food (with no wine) and doesn't eat for FOUR days and has a "medical condition" alredy?

There's not a single doubt in my mind that Paris was sprung from the slammer by Daddy paying off the L.A. police department.

I for one will never put another penny in the Hilton trust fund by staying on one of their hotels. I encourage the entire world to do the same, if they feel equally as outraged by this slap of injustice.

Do we really think this girl learned any lesson at all by all this other than money can truly buy everything?
As a Canadian, our laws concerning DUI and such reflect the USA's. Celebrity however is not held in such lofty regard. Personally, I have all the respect in the world for America, its people and values, as do many if not most Canadians. But it is no wonder the world mocks and ridicules America. Like you say, "God Bless America".
Shocked? Yes. Surprised? No. Did any of us really think that this was going to go the way it was handed down? What happened to "taking responsibility for my actions?". Why not send her to the "pay" jail instead of home? I agree; there really has to be some public outrage and if staying at the Marriott keeps any $$ out of her pocket, maybe next time (and there will be one) she won't have the change to buy her way out.
Who is Paris Hilton??? Is she from another planet. She certainly lives like an alien. Common earthlings have rules & laws. She is in a world of her own.
Everybody's knickers are tied up in knots because she might make money from this. Look what money got her so far. If you really want this girl to hurt, let her make the money, buckets of money. There's no ture love in her life, her parents don't care about her, or they would have intervened a long long time ago. She has not an ounce of worth whatsoever. Americans are obsessed with money. Obviously loads of money brings loads of trouble. Give her buckets and buckets of it, sit back and watch what happens. I'll keep earning my money the honest way, I'll keep my head down and keep my own counsel. I'll be happy, gratified and loved. Life is good. Money is poison.
So If I were to get arrested for driving multiple times on a suspended license after a DUI - A DUI! - do you think I could go on a starvation diet and not have to do my time but be sent to a Hilton to serve my sentence by the pool? This is about fame and $$$ and special treatment. Nothing else. What a mockery of the judicial system....
On the Red Carpet prior to the MTV Awards Show, Paris mentioned that she has received "thousands" of letters from fans who "support" her. I guess the same people who pay her bills and forget to mention to her that her license is suspended are the same people who censor her mail, because she is obviously not getting the "tens-of-thousands" of letters from the rest of us.
They already did her one favor by not putting her in the general population. Now she gets to go home because she doesn't like the food? Perfect example of the "Golden Rule" in effect. You know the one that says, "he who has the gold, makes the rules."
This is moronic!!!!! So if I go to jail in California, all I have to do is refuse to eat and then I get to go home. I just love our justice system.
This is ridiculous. I sincerely hope that when she violates the terms of her house arrest they stick he back in prison for the full sentence.
What kinda of example does this give to our younger generation? How are we as parents suppose to teach our children right from wrong when they see stories like this. Way to go Paris, you have taught our kids that it is okay to get a DUI and ignore your probation. Just cry a little and don't eat for a few days and you can go home. Instead of being proud of their daughter the Hilton's should be ashamed that they have raised such a selfish individual. I won't stay at their Hotel's anymore.
I absolutely can not believe this. They actually let her go. Home confinement is nothing... it does not amount to a sentence of any kind. It does not represent the type of punishment that is required. Paris has shown nothing but absolute contempt for the justice system, and now... this just confirms the notion that she is getting special treatment and that she is not being treated like everyone else. If the average joe could get out of prison by merely starving themselves... don't you think everyone would do so? Come on... there can be no doubt what has transpired... and that is, the wealthy in California get a different form of justice than the rest of the people. It just isn't fair.
Her medical "condition," if properly diagnosed, would be arrogance, total disregard for others and a consuming interest in only herself.

We can only hope that her pitiful, tawdry life will end in the near future.
Such a great example our judicial system has shown.

Sick? I doubt it. I bet Paris and her lawyers are laughing their way to a party at the moment.

This clearly shows that everything is for sale.

I was hoping she would NEVER get out. Take her obnoxious parents to jail, too.

I won't be staying at a Hilton anytime soon.

Let's truely get her were it hurts. The pocket book. If there was ever a case of true unjustice, this takes the cake.
First OJ, now Paris.. what a world!
This is wrong on so many levels! The everyday Jane of this world would not get out on such a flimsy excuse! After all of this is over, why don't we all - Media included - ignore Paris. Just ignore her on the red carpet... no flash bulbs! Ignore her when she goes clubbing... ignore her and her pet of the month or friend of the month... certainly ignore her when she 'innocently' shows a boob or other such parts in public... simply ignore her when she does anything... I think that would be better for her (and the nation as a whole) in the long run!
wow...a skinny rich ***** does not want to eat "jail food" so she is let go??? WOW, just goes to show how money talks and BS walks. Any other "regular" person who refused to eat jail food would just go hungry until they either died or started eating. Its ridiculous. opinion...this was never really a medical situation, just another step in the Paris grand scheme. Initially let's show the public she is willing to accept her sentence, then we "shock the public" with an illness in three days and go home on a tether. All premeditated, by the "Paris People" because we all know the other inmates intimidate the xxxx out of her! Sorry I am not shocked. A bit of advice, you have the money Paris; going forward use one of your chauffeurs!

What's next Paris?
1st day of business law class. Prof steps into the room and says, "Remember this, money and power buy justice in America today."

Resisted thinking that was publically true until today.

WOW, This is really sad.
The Fed's need to move in an clean house.
So, if one of the reasons she is let out is because she refused to eat the food, then what would prohibit other inmates from taking on the same protest. Everyone would rather have house arrest, especially when the house you are confined to has absolutely EVERYTHING a person would need to live it up. I would love to have her punishment...Move over Hiltons, I am moving in for the next 40 days!
Impeach the judge. Take the Doctors license. She is just a rich cry baby who thinks she is better than the rest of us.
If Hilton was black, latino or a lacrosse player the Judge would have extended the sentence to Life.
This is such an injustice. If it was you or I, "joe citizen" we would have had to serve the full 45 days in jail. Who cares if she didn't like to jail food...she probably doesn't eat much anyway..what she couldn't get her daily dose of Red Bull. Cut me a break!!
So do the other prostitutes in LA County Jail get the same deal?
This is not an issue of rich and poor, it is strictly CELEBRITY. Paris can now go out an celebrate with others who have thumbed their nose at the system like O.J. and Robert Blake. If they wait a few weeks maybe Phil Spector will join them.
I think the people who made this call need to lose their jobs over this. We have just seen a complete failure in our legal system.
Governor's Office

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-445-4633

Los Angeles County Sheriff
Leroy (Lee) D. Baca
4700 Ramona Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754
Phone: (213) 526-5000
Web Page:
This whole situation is making a mockery of our justice system. Lower and middle class hard working people are treated like second class citizens while others who pose in front of cameras shopping and lunching all day can drive recklessly under the influence of alcohol (not once, but several times) and avoid jail time.
This is a complete disgrace and I'm concerned about the equity in our justice system. A change needs to happen and fast.
It just proves what everyone knows. If you have money, if you are attractive (which I think she's disgusting - she reminds me of an irritating yappy arrogant chihuahua), you can do whatever you want and get away with it. I'm not an American, although I have relative ties to the US, but if the Americans want to take back their justice system, they better do it fast - because people like Paris H. are proving there isn't any justice for normal people.
What other arrangements did Daddy make on her behalf? I've got a parking ticket I'd like you to get me out of!
Yes it is. Because if it was a regular person they would have said TO BAD TO SAD. It is suppose to be a bad time. It was not suppose to be CLUB FED!!!
This is a sad reminder of the problems and things that are wrong with the legal system in this Country. They have taken creditably away and therefore, why should we bother to obey the law. There is no law or standard, nor are we judged equally. This is an offense to the Constitution. I am outraged for the people who have been sentenced to spend time in jail and endured the hardships and suffering...evidently they should be allowed to buy their way out.
What a freakin' dork!
Can someone start a petition to get her back in jail. Something like the people versus Paris Hilton.

This is ridiculous!
I'm wondering what kind of Pandora's Box has been opened for the CA Justice System.

How many inmates will now try to get released for "unspecified medical issues"?
This is just ridiculous! What an extremely poor decision on the part of the "powers that be". I guess $$$ can buy everything. What a shame.
There should really be an investigation here into whether someone was bribed. Rich family + strange goings-on / disparate treatment = possibility of bribery.
I would love to spend a 45-day sentence in her house. -It would probably be a very nice vacation.
I would like to say, what a complete joke, Paris Hilton has made the judicial system in the United States. I really don't know who to be more angry at-this pathetic girl, who has had every privilege in society, and acts like a rotten, spoiled child who completely disregards awareness and respect of culture and societal laws, or this country, which apparently allows "celebrities" to get off scott free. Medical condition my a**! Got some prison anxiety, Paris? tell it to all the other inmates who are in for much longer than you, who don't have Daddy's money to buy them out. If it were any of the rest of us, we'd all be told to deal with it, and suck it up. Apparently, the silver spoon is a "get out of jail free card." The girl must be one hell of a Monopoly player. That, or Daddy Hilton must be.
This is ABSOLOUTELY out of line. And the first group that I would go after is the Sheriffs Office, and the judge! NO EXCEPTIONS. Anyone else would have just gone hungry.

The Sheriff should resign, and the Judge should STEP done immediately! This is again why the legal system is a joke in this country. MONEY, MONEY can you say money. Paris Hilton should be back in jail. If she ever does anything again.....throw the book at her!
It worked for thinning out the French aristocracy, why not ours too?
I guess everyone IS equal but isn't it a sad world when some are more equal than others? Please now is the time that Arnold should intervene! not to lessen the sentence but to enforce it!!!!!
Fine example of the judicial system in Hollywood. This is digusting. Poor baby. They should AT LEAST put a dog shock collar on her for if she tries to leave the house.
So basically this 'role model' is saying it's ok to drunk drive, put others' lives in jeopardy, not have to address that EVER, and then if you have the cash, go get yourself an amoral attorney to get you off the hook.

Why is the MEDIA still covering this individual?
Jail is supposed to have bad food. This is so stupid...and symptomatic of a society that says one thing and does another. I am sure she will have another run-in with the law. Probably a DUI again. Maybe she'll kill someone next time. Never staying at a Hilton again.
"Medical condition" is right -- presumably Daddy Hilton decided to put the DA's kids through medical school.
And why do poor people hate the police?
If she is sick with a "medical condition" perhaps she would have been better to serve out her sentence in a HOSPITAL and not AT HOME.

So disappointing.

I will have to make sure I commit crimes in LA if I can get get out by not eating for three days.
To say this is absurd is a disservice to the word itself. If Charles Manson had fasted and complained of a "medical condition" would he have been let out of prison? I think not. It doesn't matter that we are talking about two different types of illegal behavior. Breaking the law is breaking the law is breaking the law. Why should a prima donna who couldn't have an intelligent conversation with a paper bag be let out of jail for what was probably no more than a tummy ache? The precedent this sets is staggering. When someone else goes to jail for the same reason Paris did and isn't allowed out for a medical condition how on earth can the justice system validate their decision and maintain any modicum of credibility? Did no one stop to think about that? Clearly not. What a travesty, and I agree with no many of you.... boycott the Hilton.
Determine who exactly made or pushed through this decision. Wait a few months to see if he buys a new Cadillac or Mercedes.
Like they say , we have the best justice system money can buy....
C'mon everyone...if any of us could have the life of Paris, we'd take it in a heartbeat..stop bashing her, it just makes her more popular and in everyone's faces. Try to make your own millions...then you too can be above justice..Just like good ol' P. Hilton.
Paris should not be held accountable for being released.

The corrections facility that let her go is accountable, period. The system failed, not Paris.

There isn't a snowballs' chance in hell that Joe Q. Public would ever be let out because of a hunger strike. Let the worthless sack of social garbage (Paris) rot away and die before releasing her for complaining about food and her purported "medical condition". We've just set another precedent as a socially-disfunctional society by allowing this. What a load of crap.
Breaking news---- Prison food was not the issue. Jail detectives released Ms.Hilton due to a previously unnoticed pea found under her mattress, which prevented the inmate from getting her proper rest.
Oh, honestly. "We" created her. Our time and money funds everything we rant against. If you want to stop this nonsense:

1. Learn about issues and VOTE. If more people voted than watched E! and ET, you'd see a change fast. Think and VOTE! YOU have a say who gets elected, and worry seriously about anyone who attempts to manipulate you by wrapping themselves in fear and the flag.
2. Stop entertaining yourself into
stupor--Leno, Letterman, ET, etc.--all Paris all the time--stop watching! Understand that this is meant to keep you from thinking. They're not funny; they're sarcastic and infantile.
3. Understand that "hot" is a synonym for "trash." Obsession with sex and "sexy" is another drug that keeps you from thinking, learning, and voting.
4. Demand REAL education so you're not so bored you turn to this garbage to dull the pain. Read.
5. Stop watching Nicole and Paris. One minute of their rude, obnoxious behavior is enough to make on sick.
6. Stop watching news networks that don't give you real news--and tell them that you're doing that.

As for me, CNN, I no longer watch anything you have to offer save Lou Dobbs and, for short periods, Wolf Blitzer. I check your website once a day, but I'm losing interest. Hilton, Time-Warner, Murdoch--it's all the same.
Regardless of the fact that Paris is an untalented, unattractive, whiny, spoiled snob, this latest news shows what a JOKE the legal system really is. Did I miss something here? Since when was PRISON supposed to be easy on ones mind? Of course someone is going to be "distraught" going to PRISON. It is not supposed to be fun, which is why MOST people don't break the law in the first place. This has proved that celebrities are ABOVE regular citizens of this country and the rules do not apply to them. Now she gets to serve her DUI and probation "sentence" in the comforts of her mansion. What a joke, I can only shake my head.
That's so hot!
Well done Paris, you single handedly managed to make a complete mockery of our justice system. I almost had a little respect when you said you would do your time, but you are nothing more then a spoilt little heiress that has no spine to face the consequences of the life she chooses to lead. Apparently the rich don't have consequence, just pockets to line and good "DOCTORS". I doubt her cell mate got the same treatment!
Wonder how Martha feels about this?
If there was ever a case of true unjustice, this takes the cake.
Just goes to show you that the rich in this country have privledges the rest of us don't have. This country has lost its way, and can't enforce its own laws. Besides letting the rich get away with law breaking and allowing CEOs to loot their corporations, Congress wants to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants who have broken our immigration laws and committed identity fraud and theft. Stay tuned for the fall of the American Empire.
To: We The People

Dont worry !!! Paris will mess-up again and all the really good threads on this site will rise up and NO $$$ money in this world can stop the "process" again.

Time will tell !
Oh please, everyone is freaking out about Paris Hilton getting out of jail. What people should be concerned with is all the hundreds of rapist, child molesters, and murderers that get out every year. But no everyone freaks about a twenty-something blonde heiress, instead of all the actually criminals who really hurt people. Where is the justice in that? Lets get our priorities straight people.
Hospitals are for medical conditions...she went to a hospital, right?!?!
If I were beautiful, rich and famous, I would love to get out of jail free, but alas, I am of average income, overweight, unattractive, have high blood pressure and a perfect driving record. With that, I'm sure I would be in Jail right now if I did what she did. I am SO disgusted with the legal system and how it always seems to favor fame and money. It's time for a BIG change with our criminal Justice System! Equal rights - equal punishment!
Um, can we all focus on more pertinent issues like civil conflict in underdeveloped nations and Mexicans taking over America?
Phil Specter should take note. O.J. should have plead guilty. He probably would only have had a sentence of time served based upon this level of justice. I understand Richie and Lohan have already started fasting and rehearsing for their sentences.
Don't get me wrong, I'm Canadian and have to utmost respect for Americans, but right now myself and the rest of the World have something in common with Paris, we're all laughing at you, the American public. Like Canadians, you'll all complain and nothing will be done. One person said we should be concentrating on the real crimes. Drunk driving is a real crime and this will set groups like MADD back years! The very people they are trying to get through to are the ones that will mimic Paris.

Paris the night before entering jail: "I am trying to be strong right now," she told reporters on the red carpet. "I'm ready to face my sentence."

The "medical condition" must be short term memory loss.

No surprise she's out.
Don't worry, Britney will "nurse" her back to health.
Perhaps Sheriff Lee D. Baca should change his name to Debacle!
OK Folks! Take a dep breath...Settle down after the initial shock of the knowledge she was sprung from jail. We hear a very lame excuse, rumors Paris refused to eat, but stop. Follow the money folks, follow the money.
Face it in this country sometimes you cannot expect to see true justice done. Ultimately its in the hands of the almighty and what goes around comes around.
She can sneak out, bail out, pay ot, but look, whatever the reason, we know in our souls something is not right. It wil catch up to her in the right time, if it isn't right now.
I guess they don't serve foie gras and caviar in jail. Is this the "democracy" that America is showing the rest of the world?
Sounds like Alberto Gonzoles hand a hand in this decision also. What is the American justice system coming to?
The judge that sentenced her stated the she was not serve any alternative form of punishment. The sheriff that allowed her out needs to be investigated and penalized. First she receives preferential treatment, but then is allowed out after 3 days?!! Anyone else would have seen some real jail time after 3 probation violations.
Speak out America!!!
You do understand that Hilton is a publicly traded company and well she has nothing to do with it nor the money the hotels make, but I would say reasearch what her father does for a living and start there, he is the one who raised her as this princess she thinks she is, so hit his pocket book as well.
It appears that the quote "some pigs are more equal than others" is indeed true. If it was a poor person, would they be given the same treatment?
I can't beleive all of you people care so much. Get a life
Big deal, whats wrong with house arrest? The jails are why to crowded. Maybe more people in jail should be on house arrest. This would free up our jail cells and give more money to cops on the street.
I don't have the slightest problem with Paris getting out after 3 days ...

... as long as every women from this moment onward, accused of breach of probation on a DUI, also gets only 3 days in jail.

If not, the LA Sherriff Dept and the LA District Attorney should spend a year in jail themselves.

PS: Paris Hilton proves the American Dream is now dead; the only way you can become a professional athlete or singer or actor or musician or director or whatever is to be born to parents who are professional athletes, singers, actors, musicians, directors or whatever. Think not? Check, you'll see. Wealth begets wealth, fame begets fame. Wasn't like that for the last 400 years, but is now. There is now no hope for 99% of us. The American dream was the reason to fight Communism. But since the American dream is now dead ...
James Chaney had a medical condition and reported it to Pascoe County Sheriff's when he was arrested. But he was not a celebrity. They didn't give a damn about his addiction to GHB which causes a severe and potentially fatal withdrawal syndrome. Not only did he NOT get a "free pass" (as Paris Hilton has), he did NOT receive medical care. He is dead now due to that improper care.

Paris Hilton is not a celebrity. She is a common, classless slug who happens to have been born rich. Nothing more. This waste of time on her is only overshadowed by the incredible waste of time fussing over Anna Nicole, another slug who was not worthy of celebrityhood. While I agree she should NOT have been let out, enough is enough......Get off of it. Stop making celebrities out of trash.
She was looking a little green around the wallet
This is really not that unusual for DUI cases. My brother-in-law (white but broke) has had about 10 DUIs in Ohio and has served a grand total of 20 days in the pokey. I was more outraged to hear on ABC news that a paraplegic man (black) died in jail for...smoking pot. In America we jail crippled pot smokers and let them die but let healthy drunks run the streets. At least we have the freedom to b**** about it. Whoopee f'n doo.
So Paris' much needed reality check bounced. No shocker there.

It's also no surprise that our youth admire/ emulate this spoiled, sl*tty brat. After all, shiny, glittery, sparkly things always facinate children - even broken glass.

What IS shocking is that we, the parents, ALLOW our kids to emulate and worship the Paris', Brittanys & Lindsays of the world.

Why dont we all stop pointing our fingers at Mommy & Daddy Hilton's very obvious mistakes & take a good hard look at our own parenting methods?

Every tween/ teen I know thrives on MTV, VH-1 and BET, prime sources of 'reality' celebrity tabloid fodder. Our kids are soaking up the social climbing, sexually promiscuous, substance using/ abusing, self-centered attitudes promoted on these shows while we sit back and scratch our heads because our kids are becoming increasingly demanding & narcisistic. And we are the ones footing the cable bill, putting tv sets in their rooms and handing them the remotes.

And how 'bout dressing our teen daughters more age appropriately? How many pairs of Victoria's Secret undies does YOUR daughter own? Allowing our girls to wear push up bras under shirts with plunging necklines with designer jeans cut down to there not only sends out the wrong message, making them potential targets for rape, it's also just one more way we are unconsciously giving Paris and her ilk a big thumbs up as role models.

How 'bout we stop buying our kids nicer cars & more expensive clothes than we ourselves drive/ wear? We've worked & earned the things we have, our kids need to be taught to do the same. Instead of forking over your last $20 bill to your mall bound kid, try booting them off the video game/ computer & haul them down to the local McD's to apply for a job.

If the next generation is expected to thrive, we simply MUST stop coddling our kids every inch of the way. Paris hasnt a clue about self-discipline nor how to stand on her own without her family's money.

It's a proven fact that there is more to be learned from disappointment than success!
This is so great for the world to see what capitalism and power bring one who is rich while some possibly innocent people sit for years without charges, without access to lawyers or contact with family and friends, while men and women her own age for a few thousand dollars a month "walk the wall" to perserve THIS!!! We are such great example of what we are bringing to the Middle East.
After just listening to Harvey Levin from discuss this on CNN, my view has been revised. It wasn't what happened -- she only spent three days in jail -- which is what anyone else would have actually done in a similiar circumstance. It's about HOW it was done. It's still a great lesson in what we must look like to those who are able to actually watch this in the middle of our assault on them to bring them the right to watch Paris Hilton rolling down some freeway to a courtroom. I think we have to stop spreading ALL of what we have to offer the world. It ain't all that good.
I am shocked at the outpouring of hate and vindictiveness this case has caused. Here are some assertions which should calm down anyone who cares to think rationally about this:

1. Paris did not kill, maim, or hurt anyone. At worst, she violated the state's DUI laws, a crime that goes unpunished more often than not. Further she drove on a suspended license, although she claims she received an exception for work, which is a common exception granted to ordinary citizens so that their lives are not ruined by a suspension.

2. Police in this country can stop you for practically any reason, can detain you on the thinnest suspicion, and when it comes to DUI laws, they don't need to even prove that you are drunk. All it takes is "signs" that you were drunk, such as trembling hands (no one is ever nervous at a traffic stop), an "odor" of alcohol (make sure not to get pulled over near a bar), or poor posture ("he was slumped over in the front seat"). You can easily be stopped for DUI and you have almost no defense against the statements of the police. (You were obviously too drunk to remember what happened to testify about it.) That should scare you. We need more protection from the police, not less.

3. DUI offenses where no other party is involved rarely end up in jail time (apart from the initial arrest). People end up paying massive fines and get sent to mandatory treatment. For those who think this is not harsh enough, please weave a little in your car next time you see a cop, fumble with your drivers license, and fail to have perfect pronunciation. Then reevaluate your opinion once you are done being wrung through your local legal system.

4. This nation's jails are overcrowded with murderers, rapists, spouse-beaters, thieves, arsonists, and sundry other crooks that have caused real harm to real people. Many serious crimes are punished by a few days in jail because there is not enough prison space to hold all these people.

5. As much as it might pain you, put yourself in Paris' shoes. If you have ever driven a car after having a beer, if you have ever run a red light, parked illegally, failed to signal a turn, driven on the wrong side of the street, - you have committed a set of crimes equal to hers. Do you honestly believe that your life, however worthwhile or worthless, should be forfeit for 3 months (her original sentence) or even 3 days for what you have done? Put yourself in her situation. How much punishment would you deserve?
Paris did just as much if not more time than anyone else accused of a similar crime in LA county. Check the numbers on early releases and the overcrowded jail problem that has the attention of the Federal Government. This case simply points out the outlandish attention celebrities receive and the news outlets that feed us this BS daily.

Smack in the face of the criminal justice system I think not. Slap in the face of our county and it's citizens to have every news outlet and wackjob on TV talking about it while contributing to the demise of our civilization.
"I am shocked at the outpouring of hate and vindictiveness this case has caused. Here are some assertions which should calm down anyone who cares to think rationally about this:"

The 2 main points in this sad turn of events are these: 1) the judge *specifically* stated that she was not to receive electronic monitoring, yet some Joe Schmo at the jail decided it would be OK to do just that; 2) she wasn't released early due to prison overcrowding or for being a "nonviolent criminal" or even for good behavior - she was released due to some BS medical reason (refusing to eat prison food and bawling her face off 24 hours a day)!

Although she's not a murderer (yet), or a rapist, or a felon, she has *repeatedly* broken the law. And for that, she should be forced to serve the time for which she was sentenced.
I hope retribution will be swift because I detect the masses are about to rebel. Shame on you LA police department. You are a herpes sore on the face of the justice system.
Hooray!!! There is justice after all. She now has to serve the rest of her 45 day sentence behind bars.

Now I don't feel so badly about my son getting 30 days for DWLR. At least he was not charged with a DUI.

So, who is publishing her jail photos? Should be an attractive look for her, ya think?

I am very pleased to see that spoiled rich brats don't always get their way using their looks, charm and money to manipulate others.

Personally, I think they should put her in with general population.

How does it feel to be just like the rest of us, Ms. Hilton? Not so much fun when your treated like the rest of us, is it? Welcome to reality. Hope you enjoy your stay.

By the almost 30, aren't you a bit old to be crying "Mommy" when you don't get your way? Try getting a spine and stand up on your own 2 feet instead of stepping all over everyone elses.
So This is how justice is done in America? And Americans pride themselves on being just, give me a break, this is no better than Truksy. 1) easy the rich have it, and 2) how crooked and preferential law enforcement is.
Paris: Take the time to clean up your act; accept help, stop drinking, if not you're going to hurt an innocent person...PERIOD.
Well, well, well, Paris...welcome to "the simple"(scratch that)REAL LIFE!!! Perhaps the next 40 days will be a time of reflection for you, and I don't mean in the pond of Narcissus. THINK ABOUT IT. Vanity and self-centeredness attracts only its own vapid counterparts. You've got a brain, pull it out of mothballs, and make a new plan; one that won't negatively impact all the teen girls who idolize and emulate you. Make proud the generation of women who fought for your rights as a female and as a capable, intelligent human being. What a sad shame it would be if all the obstacles, closed doors, and glass ceilings that women over the past 35 years have overcome, broken down, and crashed through was all for naught. Show us that our struggles produced more than just the spoiled, selfish, stereotypical, air-headed, man-magnet that you have, thus far, portrayed yourself as. Please.
Thank the Lord and Judge Sauer for giving you a wake-up call
Finally you can look at the results of wealth beating up our social system and say "Thats hot!"
The only reason I Googled this issue today is because I am downright furious at how this country dispenses "justice."

Here is what we know about crime and punishment:

We know today that th death penalty is applied with a great deal of race and class bias.

We know today that drunk driving (esp this time of year) takes the lives of an increasing number of reckless teens. So papers show wrecked cars parked in high school parking lots to wake up the teens to mortality that comes from drink and drive. last night we watched TV reporters at parties w/ smashed teens show us how un-awake they really are and that they *like* drunk driving.

We know today that the "lock em up and throw away the key" politics that has stuffed our prisons with non-violent offenders will see to let-up.

We know today (in CA) that despite a voter initiative to prevent it, drug users go to prison because the state has done nothing to implement the initiative.

We know today that prison guards set up young offenders for gang rape in prisons thanks to the ideology that says "bad" juveniles should go to adult jails and that rape is so normal as to not even get questioned. To report it is to get you called a "snitch" and that gets you killed! So suffer in silence!

We know today that wealth and fame get you the best justice money can buy.

And today we are told tat poor little rich girl who has made her fame by laughing at the poor and peddling her undeserved (inherited) wealth has some type of special aura that gets her hours of coverage and miles of ink. They even lied about how many days she served How did 3 days become 5 days?

Do not underestimate the rage that we feel in this city of injustices and no peace. It's sick, twisted and WRONG!!!!!

Lee Baca should be thrown out of office and Paris should go to Hostel 2. I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it any more.
It is disgusting people are making a joke about anyone going to jail.
My four friends were killed at 10:00 a.m. by a drunk driver.They were killed before my eyes.The drunk was given one year in jail. Bill never lived to see his only child born.
I think she should have done some time, but jail time is never funny.Photographers hunt her should also be in jail. They are stalkers.
No one wins when a person commits a crime. Yvone
Cry Me a River. The fact that so many people have responded to this Paris Saga so hatefully disturbs me. Yes,she did the crime and she must be punished. However, Most people who have been charged with TEH SAME crime (numerous violations of probation) do not even go to jail.

Harvey, from TMZ is correct. Not to mention he is a lawyer. Paris is being used as an example in the legal system, and that is NOT right.

Everyone should get the same treatment, regardless of celebrity, money, or race. The fact that the judge gave her 45 days for a crime that ususally doesnt end up in jail time is disgraceful.

I'm not condoning any of the actions that Paris has done. But the legal system needs to be FAIR. The judge threw her in Jail to prove that celebrities d0ont get special treatment. In that process the judge rendered an unfair verdict BECAUSE of her celebrity.

People need to quit all the compalaining, and the sarcasm and the ignorance. Because in all realness Paris will be just as famous as before, if not more famous. The fact that so many people are talking about this case is because there is an obsession with this girl.People cant get enough. We'll be talking about it while shes in jail, and when she comes out.

Nothing will be learned from this. Our young women now will believe that not only is Paris a role model but to gain superstardom you have to committ a crime.

Dont blame Paris blame the world we live in today. Lets get our priorities straight.

Imagine, it takes a Paris Hilton saga for America to realize there is inequality and injustice in our judicial system. Isnt this what civil rights activists and African-Americans have been argiung for years?

Thanks Paris!
Normally, I wouldn't give Paris Hilton the time of day, but I'm outraged by her blatent disregard for the law and her own actions have landed her where she is now. I believe everyone deserves a second chance, but this bimbo has had more than enough chances to do what's right. Her problem is that she thinks she's above the law and she's probably never been held accountable for anything in her life. I would have more compassion for the "average Joe," who gets behind the wheel of his/her car with a suspended license because they really need their vehicle to get to work to make an honest dollar. Paris, on the other hand, has more than enough resources to hire a chauffer, or her family probably has their own chauffer, for God's sake! Making a conscious decision to get into her car and drive with a suspended license more than once is not a mistake but a blatent disregard for her probation terms. My main concern if she gets off is what message will this send out to those young people who consider her somewhat of a role model (as painful as that is, it's a reality)? What message will this send out to the general public, overall? Paris' behavior through all of this has ruined what little image she may have had left, and in my opinion, she has major amends to make.
"THANKS PARIS"???!!!...FOR WHAT!? For violating your probation, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES?! For throwing a tantrum and behaving like a naughty 2-year-old?! For getting a break not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES!? You call this inequitable treatment?...d*** right! What makes you think average American, Jane Doe, would be walking the streets today had she committed the same crimes?! "THANKS PARIS"...for not KILLING my daughter, my dad, me, or some other innocent victim who just happened to get in the way of your Mercedes while you were driving drunk/high without a license while you were on probation for the same offense!
How sad is it that this is news. How many real dramas are played out every day in every court across the country, where real issues are addressed, where real suffering is felt, and where no attention is paid. Why, oh why does anyone care what happens to this person?
It is repulsive how the American public is enjoying the demise of Paris Hilton. We recognize that she did something wrong, but I have seen nothing but rage spew from the minds of internet bloggers and even the so-called objective media. She is young and she messed up, and she most assuredly will learn from this. Her 45-day sentence was excessive, especially based on other similar crimes in the Los Angeles area. We have all made mistakes, and none of us can say we have made mistakes that the world can see. We know absolutely nothing about this young girl, other than what we hear on the news and what we have seen in the tabloids. The American public may assert that she was a terrible representation of our society; however, our actions and judgments in the past 72 hours have proven that we are just as guilty as Paris is. I can honestly say that I never expected this sort of reaction from the past few days’ events. Everyone is capitalizing on this girls sentence, so I will not blame her for writing a tell all book about this incident. I would love to read it. However, Paris needs to grow up, and so does America. This is not an issue about social equality or racism. This is just the story of a judge who got so pressured by the media and the outside public to give a “fair” sentence; he decided to go a little overboard. It is clear now, America loves drama.
Bad situation with the conflict between judge vs sheriff - who would not take early release if sheriff offered it? Why is Paris being vilified for this? Of course if it is offered she takes it. But wait - judge's ego cannot take this! Judge MUST show world that he and only he controls Paris! Heavens - the vitriol directed at Paris is bizarre and frightening - what on earth brings out all this vitriol in otherwise normal people? Back up and deal with reality here - if it was you or me we would be released already and with no home detainment.
I cannot believe that getting two DUI's and breaking ones probation doesn't seem to be a big deal to some people. I think we have had laws passed that if you continue to do a crime the punishment gets you time in jail. Not going home to your mansion and wear a bracelet around your ankle and partying with your friends.I don't think that some of the groups like MADD was intended as a joke. Drunk drivers kill, injure and bring on devistating physical and emotional pain not to mention costing the victim money out of their pocket. My husband was recently hit by a drunk driver (hit and run) but good citizens got his license number and as the prize he got 9 months of probation. In the meantime, my husband was almost killed, our van was totalled and my husband is going through serious physical problems and needs several surgeries because the van was flipped over on the driver side and he was laying in the road. I think Paris Hilton thinks getting a DUI is the in think to do as many other celebrities and going to re-hab is a joke to get off the hook. The laws need to be inforced and when people break the laws they need to pay for it. No excuses and no double stanards. I am still very upset that the man that hit my husband, looked at him and drove off got only 9 months of punishment and my husband will suffer for the rest of his life. I congratulate the judge for putting his foot down especially to Paris Hilton because she is very ignorant and doesn't respect people by her behavior of being above everyone else.
Plain and simple
* rich people don't go to jail
* good looking white blondes who have sex with under aged teens don't go to jail
* white women who shoot their (winkler)husbands don't go to jail
what does it take? maybe had she killed someone while driving intoxicated the story would be different......naaaahhhhh
As for Paris Hilton, her MONEY TALKS AND WALKS!. She can buy her way out of anything she does. Paris is a criminal and must be treated as such. She is a hazzardous threat to drivers and pedestrians. I read that she got a rash from the prison sheets, poor wee thing, Johnsons corn starch will take care of that! whats good for the goose is good for the gander, there is only ONE Law rich or poor!
Has anyone considered that Paris is mentally retarded?

She acts and behaves like a 10-12 year old. She has been afforded everything money can buy, and she comes from a rich family, yet she behaves like a child or someone who has the emotional/psychological capacity of a child.

Because of her retarded developement, and because of her riches, she is wandering through this world protected by her families wealth as a child would do. Giving her a drivers license and the abilty to buy alcohol is like giving a drivers license and the abiltity to buy alcohol to a child or a mentally retarded person.

This "undisclosed medical condition" is the Hilton family trying to hide the fact that she is psychologically retarded (through the lawyers) and is being kept very secret. They (the family) does not want to admit this through any public record, so as to not admit and face it that she is retarded, they dont want to have to explain to her why they said that she is retarded in public.

Bottom line is this - The Hiltons have a retarded child (Paris) and they could not keep it secret any longer because of Paris's behavior in public. Those close to the family all know this already and don't be suprised when you hear it on CNN soon.
Well, all I can say is injustice has been served. I have over 13 years in the military, make about 1/10th(or less) the money she makes a year. I personally have never been incarcerated, but I have seen guys go to jail for less, spend longer than her "sentence", and then suffer double jeopardy because they were UA from duty. Goes to show that justice is not for the rich and famous. How sad our executive portion of the justice system.
The following comments were attributed to Kathy Hilton after the trial.

"As the family was about to exit the courtroom, said Edwards, Kathy Hilton declared for all to hear, "[The judge] made up his mind before he even came in today. If it were anyone else, this would've never had happened."

She then exclaimed, "And after all the money we spent!"

Now, do you suppose any of that money went to the sheriff??? It sure looks that way!
She found out that jail life Oh, that it is "NOT" so "HOT"!

Georgeous wasn't so georgeous in the car crying like a baby.Now, Now, sit up straight, and take like a grown up.

"What an ugly girl" It is for sure her money cause her looks just don't cut it.She brought this all down on her self. She could of called a cab to take her dumb ass home instead of driving drunk.What a fuck up of a person.

She should be forced to do community work for all the people who have lost a love one to a drunk driver. Beginning with MADD, and SAD.

Paris should be horse whooped.
What a mistake. If she were my child she would not have turned out the way she did, She has no regards for the law or human life.

Leave her in jail. We the public don't need another selfcentered person in the world. She should just crawl back under the rock she crawled out of, and vanish. The public would never miss her.
The drama just goes on and on and on...

Paris insults public schoolers, and those that have less money.

But - can she not see that they atleast have it within them to humbly accept their punishment, own up to what they did (vice push blame), and do the sentence without going through all of "this"?

Simply put, I feel sorry for a person that is so stressed by living outside of their own glamour, that they have the inability to adapt, push on and stand up and allow justice to be even-handed.

I really wonder if this is showing us 'common folk' that the rich and their children might have the bucks, but don't have the backbone to live in 'our' world for not even three, simple days without totally unraveling.

Odd huh... they think they are better than the end.

DJ - Virginia Beach
Post all you want - there is no way Paris Hilton will be reading these comments.

She probably things CNN is some type of candy. (like M&M)...

D. from Norfolk
I have no respect for a selfish, self-entered crybaby..Yes the medical condition was $$$...House arrest is a joke..More like a grounding..All she can do for 40 days is invite all her friends to party at her house! She will be surrounded by her favorite things. It doesn't help that her family is ignorant to the laws... If you did the crime you should do the time! There are two justice systems: one for the rich and one for the rest of us!
I actually feel sorry for Paris as she become more ignorant and weak...As I can recall that many people become men and women when they take responsibility for their own actions...And if it means serving a jail sentence for a crime than so be it...Sadly though most kids run to their parents to bail them out which in turn doesn't teach them anything or to be self-sufficient...And of course Paris has to remember this that her parents and money will not always come to bail her out or save her...So let her think she is living the great life because I know that my life has more meaning and I respect myself...I would rather spend time with an old person who is rich and wise in knowledge and life than spend time with a rich person who only cares about themselves or worries that I am only with them to get their money.
We can come into this blog and whine about how reckless, immature, and wild Paris is, and how "Not Hot" she is, and how privileged she is, and how unfair the courts are and everything else. When what it really boils down to is that, we are the ones giving her positive reinforcement, every time she does something scandalous, shocking, outrageous, and immoral.

She’s like America's little monkey. We say we hate how much attention she’s getting, but we cannot stop watching the news when she comes on, or we go into blogs and post comments. When she does something dumb we just say "that’s Paris" and move on with our lives.

We pay her millions of dollars to attend our parties and establishments so our businesses can get publicity. We have Television shows that exploit her ignorance of the "lower class" and we laugh at it.

We always brag about how “rich and privileged" she is as if it’s our money. We HAVE to buy the magazines with her picture on the cover. We complain about how kids look up to her, yet we have no idea what our children are doing on the internet at this very moment.

We say she needs to be whooped, yet our own children aren’t whipped because DFACS will come knocking, or because their skin is "too sensitive."

We talked for days about how great it is she’s going to jail before they put her in. We laughed, and jeered and talked about it endlessly the three days she was in jail. When they let her out, we all had heart attacks and blame the only reason we’re talking about this so much is because “there is unfairness in our legal system.” Yea, right. Lets please stop lying to ourselves, and stop making ourselves out to be BETTER than Paris.

Notice a trend here?

Paris Hilton walks around as if she is privileged, better then everyone, and can buy her way out of anything because WE ARE THE PROBLEM.

We have allowed this to happen and now our conscious is eating itself. We feed into her ignorance, we watch her highly rated reality show, we buy the magazines, we take the pictures, we emulate her, and we try to look like her. Then we try to blame her.

If I was Paris and I had a bunch of sycophants following my every move, shouting, "Go Paris," "You're soo hot," Giving me free stuff, putting my picture in magazines, getting all the gorgeous men, talking about me CONTINUOUSLY why wouldn’t I feel better then everyone?

She's famous for nothing, yet her face is on the news 24 hours a day, she's in every magazine, we talk about it when we get to work. Yet, we complain.

HA! I laugh at this. Sure, she’s put people’s lives in danger. However, what are we going to do about it?

Buy her book when she comes out??? Probably....

Talk about it non-stop.?? Maybe.

When she does act out again just say, “That Paris!" YEP!

We Americans are so money hungry we probably wouldn’t' realize if we were taking a bribe (if that’s what really happened). We want BIG homes, BIG cars, BIG bank accounts, POWER, Prestige. Fairy tale weddings. YOUTH, Beauty. ATTENTION, LUXURY.

Hmmm.... Isn’t this everything Paris has? Now look at us, we're hating ourselves. How amusing. Michael Jackson gets away with molesting young boys… and he gets away… Wynona Ryder steals from SAKS and barely is punished. O.J, Simpson kills his wife and he gets away with it. And it takes 95 pound Paris Hilton for us to realize that something is wrong. As the kids say….lol.

Therefore, again I say. Thanks Paris. You brought to light the unequal treatment the poor, and minorities get in jail on a daily basis. You also let America understand how much common sense they really lack. You showed us that WE are the problem Not you. Keep doing what you’re doing. Its not as if we’ll really care. You have to kill someone for that to happen.. Well…. I guess that means you’re good for something. By the way. When does your book come out?

Why did I write such a long essay you ask? I must be obsessed with her. Nope. Just hoping you all will see the light. Probably won’t. That’s ok.

Lets keep insulting ourselves. "That’s soo Hot."
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