Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Much ado about nothing
With news outlets and the paparazzi dutifully assembled outside of the L.A. County Correctional Facility in Lynwood, California, the unintentional queen of all media Paris Hilton made her grand exit in front of a live, international television audience early Tuesday morning.

If history so chooses to refer the socialite's exodus as a circus, then Hilton is the undisputed ringmaster -- leaving those of us in the media looking like clowns. Seriously.

I'm pretty sure Hilton is the only inmate that has ever been released from prison with such a spectacle. Sashaying down the walkway as if it were a red carpet, Hilton gave high-fives to the gathered crowd and ran into the arms of her mother, who gave her what would have been a heartwarming hug if she had bothered to actually get out of the SUV she was riding in.

No matter. The crowd ate it up. Photographers, both still and video, bum-rushed the vehicle to try and get a closer look.

For our part, both CNN and CNN International broadcast the big moment live.
More than 5 hours later, I'm still wondering exactly "why?"

Behind the scenes, the levels of coordination and consternation leading up to Hilton's release were on par with some of the bigger news events I've covered. In CNN's spartan Los Angeles bureau, our best-laid plans for wall-to-wall Hilton coverage were completely upended when a massive wildfire near Lake Tahoe forced us to move many of our resources to that area in order to report some actual news.

We've been reporting that Paris has been claiming that her experience in jail has changed her, that she wants to be a better person. Apparently, that doesn't include having the decency to just go away.

Meanwhile, Paris is enjoying a good night's sleep on some very high-thread count sheets. We're reporting that, too.
And exactly how much of the taxpayers money is wasted on this privileged child? Her family should refund the state for her "room and board."
Paris, glad you are out CELEBRATE PARTY YOUR ASS OFF you're in your twenties you are suppose to party
Yes it's pretty silly, that while we have many suffering, many innocent in our jail system. The media coverage on such a petty crime, such a petty thing as Paris Hilton in jail... seems to grab everyone's attention.
I think alot of folks out there, deep down wither they admit it or not, we glad in some sort of fashion that she went to jail... with the hopes that something good will come of this.
I think she looked healthy and happy. I hope she learned something and goes on to live a productive life. She is a lucky lady and, imho* should be very appreciative.
Once again, more important news and here is the face of the twit on the front page news!? This world of entertainment and news reporting is just gone to the pigs! Give me a break and report on something with more meaning. You all know she is getting 1.7 million for being on Larry King tomorrow night because her long time "family friend" Bawbwa Walters wouldn't do the first interview NOR pay her skinny drunk butt for it. Like she needs more money?
I just saw the photos of Her Incarcerated Majesty leaving... Although her tailored suit and simple hairdo give her a much more innocent look than she usually sports when out and about, it still somehow seems that this has been just one more episode from her "reality" show. (Whose reality, I would ask?) "Look at one more real-world thing I subjected myself to." Isn't this just a little too celebratory?

Paid her debt to society? By that if they mean society ironically has now paid for her existence for the last 23 days, I'd buy it.

To whom much is given, much will be expected--isn't that how the adage goes? I can think of many more ways she could "pay" her debt to society that would actually begin to make a dent in our communities' needs, than for us to incarcerate her so that she can shine in yet another media spectacle after three weeks.

Ho hum.
What a farce. A convicted DWI driver and probabation violator is elevated to star status? What does this day about us, the American public?
The biggest ever prison release was magnitudes of magnitudes more important to the whole world than this : the release of Nelson Mandela.That was (and still is) something to talk about.

This 'solcialite leaves paparazzi standing' spectale will most probably not make it passed this year's 2007 TV overview and that is already too much credit.
I think CNN should be ashamed of itself to be paying for her first interview. As others have said, she doesn't need the money, and news outlets should never pay for interviews. It's so obvious that her publicity machine is trying to paint the picture of a party-girl converted - which is totally bogus and the fact that she's charging money to talk to her proves it.
I believe everyone should boycott the Larry King Live show on Wednesday. I believe that a convicted criminal should not be paid a huge amount of money to give her account of her stay in jail. Who cares? She's a convicted criminal who violated her probation. Do they pay to interview everyone who is convicted of DUI? I doubt it.

I also believe that everyone should boycott the sponsors of the Larry King Live show on Wednesday. I believe it is time for Americans to tell the sponsors that we are tired of hearing about Hilton and what she has done and tried to do. We are tired about listening to all of these stars to continue to break laws and expect the judicial system to give them a break because of who they are. They should get the same breaks that the common American gets - NONE.

Let's move on with life people and not put up with this continued abuse of the public broadcast system.

Shame on you Larry King and CNN for paying Hilton so much money for breaking laws.
Paris - I wish you well - you bucked it up and did your time. I think everyone needs to cut her some slack now and let Paris be the young woman God intended her to be.
That kind of attention should be given to our service men and women when they come back home.Some of them in wheelchairs and some in caskets, who have risked their lives and still are in Iraq, where they lived and still do in terrible condition,get shot at, see death every day, haven't see their families and their spouses and children for a year or more and always wonder if they ever will.Men and women who serve in a war ridden country for the freedom of ours. What did Paris do to get all this attention on her release day...or should i say night? Oh yeah...she served 23 days in jail where she landed for partying too much and have a drink or two...how silly of me to even compare.
Hey, don't worry too much about what Paris Hilton says about the American public...in my country, South Africa, our ex-deputy president admitted to having sex with an HIV positive woman, despite once being the head of a "moral regeneration" campaign which stressed the importance of safe sex with regard to HIV; showered after the sex because he claimed it would lessen the chance of infection, and this man is still supported by very large sectors of South Africa for the presidency! Wanna swop?
Thank you for your mia culpa. CNN is not the only culprit wasting resources on this event unworthy of coverage. AP put out a headline last night that read: "World awaits Paris Hilton's return." It is amazing we have elevated her to messianic status of biblical proportions. I would say you get what you deserve and the American public deserves no less than hours and hours and days and days of detailed coverage of all her thoughts, feelings, and bowel movements.
I can't tell you how dismayed I was (and am) to see this story as the lead story on CNN's homepage this morning. I think I'm still in shock. CNN, do you have no shame?
Ex-con Paris as the top story??? Oh come on folks, what's up with that? A spoiled rich-brat gathering the attention of the media for being punished for a crime? Where are the cameras when Joann Q. Public does her sentence and is released? Paris do everyone a favor just GO AWAY.....please. CNN you should be ashamed of playing along with the rest of the brain dead media and actually promoting this thing. Ignore her and she will go away....something she should have done years ago. Paris is so over.....and there is much more important REAL news to report.
Not only should she pay room and board, but be prevented from profiting on any interviews, articles, TV, or other media coverage related to this event.
Is it really fair to blame Paris for the media and public's obsession with her? Was it necessary to have live broadcasting of the "big event"? A lot of people may not like her, but is it really all her fault that she's the object of so much attention?
I have no like or dislike for the woman. I hope jail has made her a better person, and I hope she finds a way to live a less spotlighted life. Unfortunately for her, the media can't and won't leave her alone.
I agree with one of the other comments, boycott Larry King and his sponsors.

Take a poll to see how many people really care about Paris Hilton, and I'm sure 95% could give a hoot.

Bill O'Reilly at Fox news said they had to cover it because their competitors are covering it-maybe they should all get together and refuse to cover her exploits. Wishful thinking!!

How come an Heiress headlines the Larry King Live page over the Beatles/Cirque Du Soleil special airing tonight?

Here is a twenty-something woman who was lucky to be born into wealth. We've seen her since the beginning of this century just attending high-profile parties, finding everything to be "that's hot", and a porn video that accidentally leaked to the public. For what we know until now is that she has no college education or done anything significant that the Hilton clan should be proud of.
So it is ironic that a man who has a tight link with the Lennon clan does pr for a woman whose credentials are not what you want. Granted, we don't know her or know how she is as a person, but actions just speak louder than words.

It is understandable that, when you're in your 20's, you go through a phase of defining yourself as a person that affects the rest of your life. Probably, this incident will make Paris reflect on all the things and events that happened in her last 26 years, and, probably, make a change for the better, like, be more discreet.

PD. By the way, she looks better without her iceblue contacts.
There must have been other cases of much anticipated prison releases, but the last time I remember somebody leaving prison attracting as much media attention as Paris Hilton has, was when Nelson Mandela was released in 1990. I guess this says something about how low the values and priorities of American media have gotten that they grant both events the same amount of coverage.
Much ado about nothing? That's right. But you wrote about it anyway.

None of this nonsense will go away as long as the media continues it's perversion of what 'news' really is.
Once again, CNN and the rest of the cable media focus their spotlight on another story that is absolutely irrelevant. Every second that Paris Hilton coverage takes up children are dying in Darfur, service men and women are being killed in Iraq, and politicans at home and abroad are making decisions that affect each and every one of us. These issues constitute real news. These issues warrant around the clock coverage. These are the stories that CNN and the rest of the news media should be using all of their resources to cover so that the public can understand them and make informed, intelligent decisions.

It goes beyond the Hilton story. While a pregenant woman being murdered is tragic, is it national news warranting around the clock coverage? No. It's sensationalistic journalism. It pays the bills. But it is not national news. An in the effort to provide entertaining stories, real news and real issues are being marginalized to the detriment of us all.

Of course, I can't lay all the blame at the feet of the media. Everyone of us out there that gobbles this garbage up is to blame as well. We should demand more of the media and ourselves.

Now, go back to watching the Rosie O'Donnell dustup, the Paris debacle, the murder story of the week, a story about which orphan Brangelina is adopting, etc. I'm sure that there's nothing else all that important going on in the world.
Sorry I still think the party girl was detoxing from her drugs and alcohol, of course thats my opinion. I am sure she will be back in jail again soon, maybe with Nicole as a cell mate
Paris should pay CNN to interveiw her. Not the other way around. I thought CNN was better than this; come on CNN leave the tabloid headlines alone and do what you do best REAL NEWS!
For 23 days the world was a better place. Send her back.
She looks alot different and just as pretty when her eyes are not half closed from drugs and drink.
News is Entertainment.

Journailim and News is dead and gone. Covering news no longer exists. News is Entertainment.

And everyone believes the lies anyhow.

If CNN confirms they paid for this interview, it cannot be otherwise.
CNN, you have sunk to an all-time low.
While I agree this whole thing is ridiculous I have to say that CNN is not paying a cent for Larry King's interview with Paris. Anderson Cooper & Erica Hill were talking about that last night and they made a point of saying that.
Also people you can't have it both ways, we'd have all screamed 'injustice if she hadn't gone to jail and when she did we all bitched about having to pay for her room and board. I think we should all chill out pay attention to other more serious news.
Who the Hell cares,just another washed up blonde with NO real claim to fame.
Well said Matt!

But can you tell us what the thread count is?

Paying a drunk driver $1.7 M to discuss her "trials and tribulations" after serving less than a month is disgusting. Why doesn't Larry King interview a child from Darfur about surviving having a limb chopped off, rape and seeing family members murdered? That child deserves and could use $1 M. What could a person who continues to drink and drive until they are put in jail (blaming other people all the way to the door) possibly have to say that matters? I thought that CNN was about actual news and world events.
Why does this woman deserve the front page - she's a trust fund baby, not an athlete, politician, entertainer, or even an educator? And really, how many of those 23 days did she actually spend in jail? Check in just before midnight and leave just after midnight? The medical facility, house arrest, whatever. Please, go disappear.
CNN is my home page.
With all the problems in the Middle East and at home, CNN gave top billing to Paris Hilton?
Who cares?
I used CNN because I thought most topics were relevent.
Sorry CNN, you WERE my home page!
I, too, hope that Paris may see the light and maybe help those who are truly disadvantaged. But I doubt it....being spoiled for 26 years - she won't change after 23 days.
A line from the beautiful poem ..."Desiderata" by Max Ehrmann "And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should." ...
Funny, only that does include all the news media putting on a banquet of information about Paris Hilton I suppose...and the audience that devours every little morsel of it.
There are certainly more important news stories to report and there always will be. But if we were only exposed to the heavy, really important issues ALL of the time, we would go mad. Trivial diversions like Paris help keep us sane. For better or worse, sometimes we need a four-course meal and other times we want cotton candy.
No one who has learned anything...would sashay down what amounts to a red carpet. the fact that she is still in model mode with not a hint of humility in her movement or her eyes is telling. A blind person could note that nothing has changed. So she found Jesus in jail; just like 2 million others do with each sentenced pass down. Feeling caged and boxed in, is the first of many emotions a person goes through when incarcerated for the first time. Her reaction to having her freedom taken away...was atypical at best. It's like being mugged...you lose total control of your body and feel paralyzed by the experience.

But back to the point. The drama surrounding this release should be repeated for all of us. Maybe those who leave JAIL (not prison) would be made to feel like; wow I have a second chance at life. I served my sentence and will be forgiven.

Maybe if we celebrate the release of every black man, or poor person that lacks the opportunity to break a vicious circle of incarceration, would not return a second, third, or last time.

What a sick world we live in.
Was CNN forced to cover the release of Paris Hilton? The media need to stop complaining about the amount of coverage given to this girl, show some leadership, and just not show up. Cover the fire, cover the war, cover the homeless living on the streets of L.A. But quit whining about Paris "not going away" - you're the ones keeping her around.
Kudos, Mr. West, on your attempt to be the voice of journalistic virtue. Of course, your screed would have been compelling were it not so throughly hypocritical.

As entertainment producer for CNN, are you not a prime cog in this relentlessly stultifying infotainment juggernaut? Maybe instead of covering your posterior from reader criticism, you should pipe up at the next meeting of minds and say "Listen guys, I realize we might get a lot of hits by putting Paris out front, but don't you think our obligation to supply citizens with relevant news might move us to replace this fluff with something substantive?"

But then, I feel as though I can't remember the last time I saw CNN.com report anything of use to to me as a citizen decision-maker.

So consider me as the exception to the consumer rule that impels your bosses to keep serving up this nutritionless, generic, candy-rack "news"; I imagine that this will be my final visit to CNN.com.

That is, until Mr. West takes these apt criticisms to the people who can actually do something about it. Godspeed.

-Steve K, Maine
Why...why....WHY are you wasting time on this indecently rich tart??? Isn't there something else you could raise an interest in........perhaps someone or something that has actually done something worth reading and talking about. She is not worth the paper it takes to print her antics. The media should just forget all about her, and bury her with the rest of the trash.
This whole Hilton thing is nothing new. People have been fawning over every little gasp and burp of the celebrity culture since day 1. In some respects I do see the over-coverage and over the top interest as perhaps indicative of a viewing public that is sick to death of seeing news stories on the War on Terror, the most recent fatalities in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the constant doom-saying about our environment. As a result, they latch onto something as completely inconsequential as this. For pete's sake, she was only in jail for a few weeks. It's not as if she's going away for upwards of a year like Tom Sizemore might be. And the relative lack of coverage for him is rather telling. I guess if he were a cute blonde girl who made her own porn video rather than just being an average-looking middle-aged guy who made his own porn video, things might have been different.
I think it's absolutely horrible that we sit here and basically encourage her behavior by giving her all the attention that she wants. Who is Paris Hilton anyways? I never heard about her until her home video popped up and suddenly she's everywhere! She's famous for nothing except being a spoiled little rich girl who has no real concept of limitations and cannot accept responsibility for her own actions. "Wah, my publicist said it was okay to drive with a suspended license wah." Who in their right mind really believes that??? She’s not a good actress, she’s not even a decent singer, and her perfumes smell awful! Yet somehow, she gets this celebrity status (because WE gave it to her) and she can’t even complete a full jail sentence that anybody else would have to. Getting released early because of an “unspecified medical condition”? Bulimia isn’t an unspecified medical condition, Hilton!!! There was some justice when her butt was yanked back in, but other than that, this whole thing has been nothing but a circus show. We’re the ones to blame, though. It’s us that make all of this happen. If we’d just stop paying so much attention to where she’s going, what she’s doing, WHO she’s doing, then maybe she’ll actually get talent and EARN the “celebrity” status she’s on right now. But, no, America is too satisfied with her constant partying, cat fights, and all the boyfriends she steals. Hooray for Hollywood.

2,085,620 in PRISON; most of whom are people of color. People who will NEVER receive so much attention at any given moment in their natural lives.

What a sad, sad, world we live in.
Haven't we had enough of miss Hilton? There are NEWS WORTHY things happening in the world today.

The pictures I've seen this morning are not of a "reformed" anything. She's still full of herself and again, acting like a spoiled child.

Was it my imagination or was she clapping her hands and acting like a little girl that just got a pony this morning when she was sitting in mommy's SUV?

She needs to GROW UP and the media needs to report things that are important to the world, not simply inflate miss Hilton ego by making her something that she is not.
I rarely watch Larry King Live if anytime at all. I don't really find his show to be of interest at all. I think one of the episodes that did catch me, is when he interviewed Larry Birkhead about Danny Lynn. I really think though other than that, his show mainly just for fanbase. As for Paris Hilton, it's going to remain to be seen whether she will live up to her promises of changing. In my opinion doubtful.
What a bunch of CRAP.....
I think it's absolutely horrible that we sit here and basically encourage her behavior by giving her all the attention that she wants. Who is Paris Hilton anyways? I never heard about her until her home video popped up and suddenly she's everywhere! She's famous for nothing except being a spoiled little rich girl who has no real concept of limitations and cannot accept responsibility for her own actions. "Wah, my publicist said it was okay to drive with a suspended license wah." Who in their right mind really believes that??? She’s not a good actress, she’s not even a decent singer, and her perfumes smell awful! Yet somehow, she gets this celebrity status (because WE gave it to her) and she can’t even complete a full jail sentence that anybody else would have to. Getting released early because of an “unspecified medical condition”? Bulimia isn’t an unspecified medical condition, Hilton!!! There was some justice when her butt was yanked back in, but other than that, this whole thing has been nothing but a circus show. We’re the ones to blame, though. It’s us that make all of this happen. If we’d just stop paying so much attention to where she’s going, what she’s doing, WHO she’s doing, then maybe she’ll actually get talent and EARN the “celebrity” status she’s on right now. But, no, America is too satisfied with her constant partying, cat fights, and all the boyfriends she steals. Hooray for Hollywood.
Reminds a lot of Marie Antoinette. Oops, I'm sorry. Americans-- and especially you twits in California --don't know who she was. Ah. Well. "Let them eat cake!" I say.
I think that no one really cares about this story. The media covers her, sure, but I don't think anyone with half a brain would miss it one bit if they had completely ignored her.
Nevermind that she's making 1 million dollars out of the deal. I wish I could make a million dollars for going to jail for less than a month.

Frankly, 1 month isn't enough to change anyone in the long-term. Might scare you away from doing the deed again (unless it was something profitable), but for a personality change? Maybe for a couple weeks before she has to force herself into the part of looking innocent, and then the paparazzi catches her sneaking some unruly behavior in.
CNN, please, please take this off your front page. It is so embarrassing, it makes me wince. You are supposed to be a serious news agency, and this non-sense really harms your image as such. Let this idiotic woman have her foolish life, about which only silly people care. Talk about things that matter, please!
It is comical for so many people to hate on Paris Hilton yet feel the need to read and watch everything that is printed about her. Obviously America, meaning its people, is facinated with her and that is why the press continues to report and pay the big bucks for her interviews. The less you watch and read about her, the less she will be reported.
Jealousy is the root of all evil. She is famous because the media deems it that way. The people love this girl so who are you to criticize and/or judge her. Just let the girl be.
This is not news. What would it take for the media to focus on something important?
creepy. every last one of us.
Further to the boycott idea, I am now finished with the Larry King Show - he and the producers have NO IDEA what a firestorm of disgust they have created by affording Paris Hilton this airtime and paying her $1.7 million...pass it on people...take back the airwaves...
This entire overblown Paris Hilton spectacle is nauseating. I am so disappointed with the media for saturating the airwaves with much ado about nothing. It's so blatant that ratings are more important than the substance of a newsworthy story. It must be humiliating for the reporters who have to cover such an empty and meaningless subject. On the other hand, the public is always hungry for a story about a "poor little rich girl" who has everything in life, but only lives to serve herself. This girl's entire life is entertainment to the public; who watch with amusement and enjoy ridiculing her.
stay exactly the same!!!!!
lOVE you,another mother, DEBRA sav- FROM az.
Leave the poor baby alone ... Why can't we all go get our own life ...
Isn't it amazing what money can do?
Can a tiger loose it's stripes? Can Paris Hilton really give up the hedonistic lifestyle that she's so used to? I don't think so. She's just a spoiled rich girl with no sense of right or wrong. All her troubles can be laid at her parent's door who are probably too busy partying themselves to properly raise their child.
Would Paris Hilton act the way she does if the American public and national media did not reward her with all of this attention? As a nation, we tend to reward "bad behavior" with attention, positive or negative, that just encourages more bad behavior.

If you really want to punish Paris, change the channel when she is on TV and boycott her other public appearances as much as possible.
Why does the mainstream media continue to cover this talentless attention whore? She has absolutely no talent. Her credentials are she is a rich, snobby heiress who likes to party, be seen at hip events, take her clothes off and act controversial. She bought her "celebrity". Anyone who has seen her "home videos" can attest she has a flat ass and no breasts. She has the body of a 13-year old. If the mainstream media would just stop covering her, she would be forgotten so fast it will make your head spin.
Throw her back in jail!
Hooray, Hooray, Paris is free. I can hardly contain my excitement!! Unbelievable! With all of the other huge news stories, around the world, which could justifiably dominate the 'air waves', here we have the whole country fixated on a super-rich, spoiled brat. The media circus surrounding this excuse for a productive citizen is nothing short of sickening and the media really should be ashamed. Then again, I guess they really are giving America what they want. Way to go USA, what a society you have developed.
Here is a newsflash for everyone... if you want to see Paris go away... STOP READING AND REPORTING ON HER! Everyone posting here (including me) is to blame for stories like these. The blogger who blogged this is a complete moron stating he wishes she would 'just go away'. Man, are we so stupid that we can't piece this together enough to realize that WE are the ones fanning the flames of Ms. Hilton's press? YOU'RE THE PRESS! If you want to stop Paris from being in the papars... QUIT PUTTING PARIS IN THE PAPERS!
Our American media grows dumberererer by the minute.

You do relaize that by running this story, you yourself give Paris Hilton life, right?

The American media has become the but of every joke in the world scene in a matter of a few short years. Great work guys... keep it up!
I hope she gives the Larry King interview money to some charity that she discovered in jail. After 23 days without a hairdresser she needs to get her roots done.
She did her time....let it be.
Quite frankly this is ridiculous! I cannot believe how much attention this girl is getting from a "real" news station. I honestly used to hold CNN up to a higher standard. Looks like they have lowered themselves to the standards of USA Today and People Magazine.

For any one who wants the real news, go to the New York Times. There is not a single story of Hilton anywhere on their front page. Halleluja for that!
why no hug for daddy Paris? watch the video she hugs all over mom who yelled at the judge but dad got nothing, Was she pissed he didn't make it go away or pissed he canceled the party.
Why isn't her claustrophobia bothering her in that small car surrounded on all side by paparazzi? Nothing could feel more confining than that. Could she perhaps turn in on and off at will.
She did look good though. Her face without makeup is beautiful and it looks like unlike reports she put weight on in jail
What is she famous for again? Oh that's right nothing.
Geeez, an ex con getting their release hyped like a red carpet event. Only in America. What a pethetic statement we make to the world; no wonder they hate us. Make the Hiltons reimburse the tax-payers money wasted on this whole debacle. If you think she's Mother Theresa now, think again. Boycott Larry King, too--CNN I am ashamed of you.
Dear CNN,

Could you please call me the next time Paris Hilton takes a S*%$. It will be about as news worthy as her walking out of jail.

Thank You,
Mr. Bush
I think it is awful to give this DUI convict all the press she is given. The priviliged never suffer the same consequence as the poor or everyday person. Things like this make me sick to my stomach!!!! And yes we should boycott Larry King's show wed, but,unfortuanetly there are folks who want to see this twit give her account of jail.
doesn't paris have blue eyes? why do her eyes look brown in this photo?
i think she deserved exactly what she went thru, I am a Paris Hilton fan but no matter what everyone should pay for there own actions, we all make mistakes and in the real world we have to pay up to them. It should be no different for any celebrity, yes she's young and when were young we do dumb things so i dont judge her for that but be real grow up and learn how to deal with consequences
Had Paris Hilton given aything positive to the rest of us in the "real world", no one would mind all the attention she receives. CNN of all should know the difference between good and bad use of news space!
Use more effort on how we can make the world a better place!
Hey Morons:

If you will stop blogging, she will go away!!!!!!

To Paris: I hope you really mean what you say, because you have the resources to help alot of people in this world, whether you are a celebrity or not. There are too many that could use your help.

Love those who hate you as much as those who love you.
Can't we just give her the electric chair and get it over with. I'm am so sick of hearing about her and seeing her face everywhere. I get online and she's there. I'm completely sick of her. Give her the electric chair so the 99% of the sane people in this country can enjoy the rest of our life Paris free.
Enough already!!!! Please forgo any more Paris Hilton news....she loves it...we are sick of it....real journalists wouldn't give this"story" the light of day...
Ah, yet another celebretard captures America's lack of imagination.
If the media will ignore her, she has a chance to use her 20's to grow up. I don't agree with an earlier comment: many of us graduate from college at 22 or 23, get a job, work in real jobs at corporations, schools, government, or elsewhere and begin to assume adult responsibilities. If you spend your entire 20's partying your ass off, you are, by the rest of society's standards, a loser. At at best, you might be deemed a person who is having a real problem adjusting to adulthood.
Like OJ's thorough and investigative search for the real killer(s) of Nicole Brown Simpson, surely Paris Hilton will turn her life around, become a humanitarian, and become a contributing member of society. What remains fascinating is that she actually believes herself. Plain and simple Paris is addicted to the spotlight, yet she does abosulutely nothing productive/successful that warrants the spotlight, thus once she realizes that "humanitarian Paris" garners no attention, no spotlight, she'll immediately revert to her vile ways. I hope for the sake of the little girls who emulate her that she finds some solid ground to stand on and something positive to contribute to.
personally, i think she was discriminated because she was rich and from a rich family. in n.c. i know a lot of people that has done worse in the violations and did not receive jail time, released and wore a leg locater. the reasons in most cases were due to overcrowding the jail and not a risk to the public, that is debateable. i know this may be a unpopular comment, but it is fact.
This is awesome. We are witnessing American culture going right down the toilet, before our very eyes...and not only do we have every seedy tabloid to cover it for us - we have CNN! Who could ask for anything more?
I hope this experience has changed her as a person and has only made her stronger. This, hopefully, will help her realize who her true friends really are in "Hollywood".
I find it very upsetting that a girl and her unborn child were killed this week and the top story on the news is that Paris Hilton is out of jail!!!!
What a farce. A convicted DWI driver and probabation violator is elevated to star status? What does this day about us, the American public?

I agree with this persons comment. Why are we wasting news time on some spoiled rich B&*ch that got caught with a suspended license. when people are loosing their homes to wild fires and young men and woman are loosing their lives in Iraq. Then to WASTE 2 hours in an interview w/ Larry King. I am embarrassed to call myself an American citizen. We wonder why the rest of the world laughs at us. This waste of skin just needs to go away. Find that rock that you crawled out from under and go back to it.
How many people on this blog can actually say the have never, ever, gotton in thier cars after having one too many cocktails.. yes its a crime, and yes she did her time so let's just move on with it... She's getting paid mega bucks to do an interview? Good for her, I know if I had just been in jail and someone offered me big bucks for an interview I would take it.. And the fact that her face is all over the media, well perhaps if all of us weren't so interested in reading and talking about her, they would not put it on TV. The media reports what people care to see, if you dont want to watch Paris switch to BBC or PBS. Like a previous blogger said, she's in her 20's, she supposed to party,..
If she's so great why doesn't she go entertain the troops as part of her community service.
Let's see, in Ohio we have a cop,
who kills his mistress and unborn
oh yeah..we have a pro wrestler
who kills his wife, and child,
and then himself..
and we have Paris Hilton, who leaves jail..and everyone cheers
wow..this is why we had 9/11 in the
first place..everyone was watching
America, but Americans...
If people would stop watching she would not be news. Larry King just lost my viewing time to other more meaninful news programs. It is kind of sad. I thought Larry King had more class than this.
Only in the US can an amateur porn actress (and not a very good one at that) who happened to be born into a very wealthy family be idolized to such an extent. Found Jesus? Yeah right!!!! Wants to do better things? Does that mean a better porn tape?
Well I personally think that Paris is a spoiled little megalomaniac, and I bet a months pay that she'll have to look that word up ;). But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
For the life of me though, I do not understand why she is so widely disliked. She can't help it if the press follow her EVERY where she goes!. The MEDIA has created Paris Hilton, as far as the constant media coverage is concerned!
I find it amusing that you people are "wasting" your time. If you did not care as much as you say you don't why did you even take the time to click the link and read her story or better yet type a comment about it. Obviously your hypocritical mind is interested in her after all. And furthermore I am sure there are imperfections and bad judgment calls in each of your lives yet you don't see us broadcasting it in your face. Apparently you people lack manners and something better to do.
Are you kidding me. I am definitley boy cotting Larry King. I hope others follw suit. This is news?? Omy my God what is my country coming to. I am so embarassed!!
The hardest thing she's EVER DONE...

23 days in county jail is a much needed vacation in my world. Call me dimwitted or just call me someone who makes only 35K a year actually DOING something! Good grief.

I pray this circus tent collapses very soon.
It is sad that the media chooses to cover the "news" of Paris Hilton with such energy. The media, including CNN, created this monster.
I cannot even believe how pathetic this whole issue is. Let me tell you this...if your daughter or son is a fan of Paris Hilton and look up to her, then you have failed as a parent. Big time!!!! This is all soooo American'ish. Hey USA, remember Hurricane Katrina? Yeah, well those people are still hurting and have nothing...how many years later???
Mainstream media is a festival of stupid because stupid sells. It's not that Paris Hilton won't go away; it's that we just don't seem to know what to do without her.

Don't like it? TURN IT OFF.
Her parents must be so proud of her...an internet porn star, drunken driving convicted, unemployed, just sprung from jail moron. 10 bucks says she's back in jail in two months.
It's pretty ridiculous the amount of coverage Paris Hilton gets for her drunken revelry. And it has never stopped surprising me how the media doesn't get tired of reporting her, especially when it's all just useless information. Am kinda disappointed that CNN, of which am a very very regular reader would infact telecast her release as a live event,as if she's MLK or Nelson Mandela getting released out of jail after a struggle for the people! Very disappointing!
Paris is out of jail... WHOOPIDY DOO!!!!! Who give a flying rat's behind. I couldn't care less. America's obsession with celebrities is just sad and pathetic. The people who have been rooting for Paris just need to get a life. She could drop off the face of the Earth and I wouldn't care.

The sad thing is now she'll write... I mean she'll have someone make up a biography about her "hard time" including how she had to shank someone to gain some street cred in jail.

However when I saw the story online and the picture of her included in the story I did think she was by far much prettier w/o makeup.
I think it's disingenous as all hell for a PRODUCER OF CNN ENTERTAINMENT to whine about all the Paris Hilton coverage. The only reason people are 'sick' of Paris Hilton is BECAUSE of nets like CNN and their ridiculous amounts of coverage. (Oh - and BTW - WHICH network is touting the first interview with her like they just found OBL?) He's whining about the coverage of Hilton leaving, but I'm pretty sure Paris didn't beg for all the jackals like him to be there when she got out.
For the first time, Paris looked like a regular human being without all of the makeup and silly and absolutely stupid face posing she likes to do for the camera. I'm really glad she had this time, too bad she most likely won't put it to good use and become a decent member of society.
In response to those who have taken offense to many of these comments.
Those folks are obviously not fans of hers.
I think it is very cool that CNN has given people a chance to express an opinion on the matter.
Most of us are just very annoyed with all the publicity, especially in view of the fact that being jailed has only increased Paris' fame. Buy then again, take a look at Martha Stewart. She is worth several times more money since she went to jail, than she ever was prior to.
Larry; i have been watching CNN for a long time. If you want to interview paris go ahead. Why does CNN have to pay 1.4 million. Help the poor you bimbos.. I will not watch and condone such actions from
a news organization.
I'm sick of hearing on TV, Radio, from celebrities, reporters, wannabes that Paris deserved what happened to her. If you have never been in a situation where you have to go to jail, you don't know what it's like. Especially if it's like what happened to Paris. I hear ignorance, jealousy, stupidity, and talking just to talk from all of these stupid people that think they know what's up. It changes you period. No matter who you are and what you've done. Because if you are a good person, no matter what you've done, and have to endure the trail of being in a cell like she did and live to tell about it and get to go back to society. You have my respect. Paris good job, you survived, go on and do good and show these ignorant and stupid people how someone can bounce back and be better than before.
She is nothing but a loser...no, no,no...shes worse then that...shes a big ZERO! lol! Lame!
Really, a trivial moment, at best. No talent, no genius, no reason to await the egression of a socialite who is riding on the coattails of her surname and of her family's heritage.
Moreover, no shame -- really, no shame. She should have exited through the back door in a sheepish manner. And now the "loser" Larry King will interview her, both making a fortune courtesy of the idiots who support this trivial socialite.
Many TV talk show hosts don't understand the concept of debate, they control the interview with their guests and debate themselves. Larry King allows his guests to talk and debate and I predict his show with Paris will be a huge success with millions of viewers watching it. If people do not like Larry King inviting Paris on his talk show, they are not forced to watch it! Like, lighten up, Paris did wrong, she did her time in jail, she is no different than other celebrities, many of which do not know how to do anything expect throw a baseball, yet how much money do they make??
Paris hilton, you are fake and a disgrace to all women. You looked so happy coming out of jail and I wanted to smack that smile off ur face. Do you realize how many people are in jail for YEARS and would give anything to have 23 days? You were so "sad" before you went in and I did not feel bad for you at all. In fact, I laughed when I saw how sad your penguin face looked. You're such an actress. I was walking in a movie store the other night and I kept asking myself, "wow...how did Paris Hilton get into so many movies?" Now I understand why!! Now you're all happy because you're released. You say you're going to be different since you went to jail and the 23 days were absolutely life changing for you? Go ahead, I haven't seen you change yet. I can't WAIT to see what you do!!! Nice publicity stunt too, going to jail really put you on the cover of a lot of magazines, and in almost every single people alert i got through e-mail!
Paris, learn from Angelina Jolie - whatever people may think of her, at least she uses her celebrity status for serious and meaningful causes.
Matt West: attempting to be snarky, witty, self-righteous, and inspirational with his lame rock concert review of a celebutante strutting down the red carpet outside a Hollywood detention center.

Let's forget for a moment the non-story that the rest of the sad, sad world is chasing, despite their "best efforts" not to report on this latest act of the psycho circus, and focus on you, a so-called "producer" for CNN.

If you were a real journalist, you'd be tracking down some real story. Instead, you offer up your opinion ( how much do they pay you per word in Hell, anyway? ) to a somnambulant public and try to tell everyone you're above the spectacle. You're feasting on scraps, boy. Go to the ends of the earth and bring back something no one knows about, and show us how interesting it truly is.

In other words: report something NEWSWORTHY, quit duping everyone with irrelevancy and leave the poor little girl alone.

Psst. Pass it on.
the only way to make her go away is to change the channel every time any news show starts talking about her. we might then be able to get it through her head and all the news shows we do not care about her at all and to stop reporting about her. she is trash. lets all get together and show the world we are not interested in trash. until then the rest of the world we continue laughing at us.
I'm amazed at the digs at CNN for covering Miss Hilton's release. People are interested—it's that simple. I'm sure CNN and Larry King are shaking in their boots at your desertion. (NOT.) Remember when the world held it's breath for Barbaro? Were you booing then?

It would be a good thing if the jail experience turns out to be transformational. It may not seem likely, but why not hope for the best?
Did anyone see her mother in the car? Her windows of that black SUV were rolled down, she was shouting answers back to the press, she had this dopey look that seemed to say "I'm just thrilled my daughter is getting this much attention even though it's based on her porn movie." If my daughter walked out of jail, she wouldn't be doing a catwalk, smiling, and waving to the press as she passed by, she'd wear the expression of humiliation and embarrassment. Not Paris and not her mother. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Both mother and daughter crave the camera. Mom defends daughter all the time no matter how stupid or irresponsible her daughter is, because she was that way too and still is that way herself. That's why Dad didn't get such a warm embrace upon her release from jail - dad IS actually embarrassed by her behavior and values his privacy. Well, the only consolation is natural selection. Stupid people, no matter how much money they have, do stupid things and die off. The woman already has herpes and God knows what else. I hope to God she never procreates.
I sympathize for you. Here you have to report "news" about a "celebrity" who has done nohing to entertain the public except for a video that never should have become public material. Yet, because you are in a situation you are forced to report on something you obviously find as interesting as snap, crackle, pop, in the mornings. Truth is, society (including myself), will never get enough of these such stories. They're being pushed on us day in and night, and as long as their is a pot of gold at the end of Paris' prison rainbow, we'll all keep reading. Its good for you, or you may be unemployed. With all do respect, Shawn.
Dear Americans, you all talk to much and are disoriented by the typically star culture that you have. She is in her twenties and like all girls from her age they do sometimes stupid things. You should have a discussion of how it would be possible that a jealous judge can change your legal system as he pleases making different judgements from one person to another. Stop being jealous but instead start your own business, work hard, and get rich!
Greets from Europe.
Nobody should watch this twit and Larry tonight. She is a spoiled waste of air who now tax payers have just paid her stay. Larry you are as low as her.
what time is Michael Moore on Larry Zing tonight to discuss the U.S. health care system's failures?

oh that's right, he was "bumped" for celebuskank.

cutting edge news coverage CNN!
Who cares about this airhead? Send her to Iraq!
Once again. CNN is NOT paying for this interview! LK interviews a wide range of controversial figures and this is just one of them. Anyway somebody had to do it. CNN covers Paris Hilton's antics a lot less than does say Fox News. I find it pathetic that they (fox) covers all-Paris all the time on shows like Greta van Sustren (a gifted lawyer)
Has anyone noticed? Those who support this spoiled, over-privileged icon are horrific writers, let alone, spellers! It makes one think that they are: a) uneducated, b) simpletons, c) under the influence of some mind-altering substance, or d) all of the above. Like attracts like.
Hello Europe, What do you mean telling Americans that we need to work harder to get rich?!.
The average American only gets one to two weeks of vacation per year. You people get what four to five. Also the vast majority of us have to pay for our own health insurance.
BTW, Paris was born with that silver spoon in her mouth, she hasn't done a bloody thing to earn it;)
I think it is a disgrace that you are having Paris on Larry King tonight. What does this teach our young girls? Break the law , go to jail and you will have people offering you 1 million dollars,swarmed by the media, and highlighted and promoted on primetime tv. What has the world come to......?
Paris should go to college. It would be good for her.
An ordinary soldier who fought for freedom in Iraq or Afghanistan in order for Paris to enjoy freedom deserves better or equal exposure from the media. Her happiness upon release from jail was evidently sincere; however, her interview on Larry King was void of any sincerity to change. She may need to be mentored by Angelina Jolie, who had made dramatic changes in her life.
I think this is stupid so much over this one person, she needs to be shown that she is nothing. what has she done besides fool around and make prom movies. Also on Larry King she sid she doesn;t drink or do drug you got to be kidding me.
Paris should have never gone to Jail in the first place. I mean, seriously, she is not a criminal and never will be. The judge was just using her as some sort of an example and should have never gotton away with putting her in jail. NOT FAIR FOR HER!!!
There are too many pictures out there of Paris Hilton doing drugs. She has to pay people to think for her so how could her people let her say she's never done them. At 26 she should be a mature adult. Shame Shame Shame
Hi Katie B.,
I'm sorry to have to disagree with you and all like minded folks out there.
But by her actions, Paris was thumbing her nose at the law and it's courts. Rest assured that, if any average person did the same thing they would have spent the whole 45 days behind bars. It has happened many many times.
I don't care what that Sheriff or her high power attorney says. The L.A. County Sheriff is obviously trying to curry favor among Hollywood's elite. As for the "attorney", well he's payed well by her isn't heeeeee!.
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