Monday, June 11, 2007
Justice for Paris -- and everybody
Look. I'm not one to pile on. Usually. But I'm sorry. My sympathy level for Paris Hilton is so low that you could truck in a "Sympathy Detector" created by the world's most brilliant scientists, flip the switch, aim it right at me, and the needle would not even twitch. Go ahead. Try me.

Here's the deal -- one that we should not lose sight of because, if we lose that sight, then justice would indeed be blind.

I hear from some, "Well, it really doesn't make sense to put all this effort into someone who was simply caught driving with a suspended license." On "Showbiz Tonight" on CNN Headline News, famed defense attorney Roy Black said, "We're supposed to treat people equally, regardless of who they are. She's being singled out."

Hold on there. Let's roll out the Paris Timeline to put this into context. It was not the end (getting caught driving with a suspended license) that led to Paris being punished, it was all the window dressing of self-consumed privilege and holier-than-thou, above-the-law attitude that greased the skids.

This all began with Paris's DUI arrest on January 9, another pimple on a rash of celebrity DUI transgressions so pervasive these days, they oughta create a foundation to look for a cure. And despite having her license suspended, Paris was stopped a total of three, count 'em, three times for driving -- two times actually being cited by cops, and one time, on January 15, she even had the presence of mind (an oxymoron, to be sure) to sign a document acknowledging she is not supposed to drive.

On January 22, Paris pleaded no contest to the DUI charge and Judge Michael Sauer, who sent her back to lockup last week, ordered her to attend a MANDATORY alcohol education class, something Paris apparently thought herself above doing because she NEVER attended. Never. As in never. Best I can tell the only additional alcohol education she got was when she kept on partying at the clubs.

When the Paris push finally came to shove on May 4 and she was hauled back into court to deal with this whole suspended license thing, she had the nerve to arrive 15 minutes late to the hearing -- as if it were some Hollywood premiere she was attending and the paparazzi could just cool their flashes. In court, she claimed she didn't know her license was suspended, despite signing the document acknowledging it! And in the weeks that followed, she was sent to jail, released after three days and sent home to "mansion arrest" DESPITE the judge's specific order that NOT happen.

So is all this a threat to mankind as we know it? Of course not. But Paris has become a symbolic representation of the perception that there are two tiers of justice in this country. Even Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards weighed in on this, saying "without regard to Paris Hilton, we have two Americas and I think what's important is, it's obvious that the problem exists."

Sure does. And in this case it meant locking up Paris to show that "liberty and justice for all" meant she had to lose her her liberty to make the point that there is, indeed, justice.
do the crime do the time. Paris is not above the LAW.
>>Now, I would like to make a difference. ... God has given me this new chance."<<

Oh please!!! The only positive difference you could make would be to stop thinking you are the center of the universe! How in the world are you news worthy? Just stay in jail and keep your mouth shut!
If it was a regular John Doe, they would be in jail much longer. She is lucky to get only 45 days! She deserves more for making fun of the court system.
Paris absolutely deserved what she got. She needs to be reminded that she can't just drive drunk, continue to drive and not be punished. Thank God she didn't kill someone while she was driving around so recklessly and selfishly. Since these people only think as far as thier pocketbook, maybe she should stop to think that had she hurt/killed someone in a DUI situation that they would have lost millions in law suits, damages, etc. I hope people actually do boycott Hilton Hotels. That will hurt thier pocketbook also.
this is so true. while we all realize that she didn't do something absolutely horrendous (in the grand scheme of lawbreaking offenses), these celebrities need to be treated like the average joe would be. too many of them have been allowed to break the law with little more than a slap on the wrist, if even that; their offenses only seem to earn them publicity that fosters inexplicable admiration among the masses. your average citizen would never be able to get away with that.
More than anything, it will be good for her on a variety of levels, and that's as it should be.
Point that sympathy meter at me and I'd probably register just as low. Turn back the clock to the day they announced Paris' "mansion arrest" though, and I would have blown the needle off of an outrage meter. I salute this judge for having the stones to stand up and insist that Paris actually face the consequences of her actions for once in her life.

If insisting that celebrities be treated like everyone else is singling them out, then maybe they should be singled out more often.
I also believe she was given the option of community service which she also turned down.
Well, knock me over with a feather! Who knew that Paris was acting dumb? She deserves an Oscar for that "performance." Would Ms. Hilton have received the same ruling had she not been rich and famous? Justice was served.
She says she will no longer "act dumb."

Is there nothing more important to talk about than this girl? What positive role is leading young girls? Nothing but a waste of time. I would rather read about an elephant that has bad gas than waste news time on her.
So what if she's being treated harsher just because of who she is. She expects and gets VIP treatment everywhere else in her life.
She is being singled out. No other citizen would have been sent to jail for 45 days for driving with a SUSPENDED LICENSE. (It appears many people forget that she is not being sent to jail for her DUI). A couple days maybe, but 45!?! Our system is corrupt and misguided, and obsessed with "teaching lessons." A far more appropriate sentence would have been community service. She could have made a positive impact on society, instead of draining our system of its already overextended resources.
My only problem with it: By upping the jail time back to 45 days, for something the Sheriff’s Department did is a bad precedent.

She should have been sent back to serve the remainder of her 23-day sentence, and the SHERRIF should have paid the price for defying the judge.
Paris got what she deserved. She paid the sheriff off and the judge showed her that she is not special. She broke the law and she will do her time. With everything going on in the world all we can talk about is a spoil little brat who should have had her butt whip a long time ago.
I do believe that the punishment fits the crime, and that the punishment is fair, particularly where she violated her probation. What remains to be seen is whether or not she does, in fact, change her ways once she is out of prison. That will be the true litmus test as to the nature and depth of her character and sincerity, and certainly a defining moment as to her long-term credibility with the public in general.
Yes well Lil Kim did her year a day for lying about what she saw. Paris needs to do her 45 days for what she has done, she very well could have killed someone. Further more jail is not supposed to be fair it is supposed to be hard so that it will be a lesson well learned. Many of people have gone/going through what she is going through some of them are/were actually innocent now how about that.
Paris' punishment does fit the crime, particularly where she had violated her probation. What is now on the table is whether she will 'change her ways' as a result of this experience. That will be the true litmus test as to the nature and extent of her character and believability. While her credibility has been considerably diminished, she still has an opportunity to serve as a positive role model by changing her ways. Will she follow through? Only time will tell, and only Paris knows for sure (or, maybe not!).
I might be wrong but I have a feeling that Paris Hilton can't read. She might have more problems than just being bipolar or whatever the "mental" problem might be. She was not successful in school and that might be one of the problems. She appears to be lucid enough now(in a fantasizing sort of way)to call Barbara Walters and give an interview. Is this a privilege all mental ward patients have in LA county? Could any of the patients call a local talk show and interview? I doubt it. Why hasn't she been sent back to regular confinement now that she is back in "balance".
Well, we shall see about how "Smart" she acts if she really has been acting "dumb" to be honest, if Paris Hilton can turn this around into a "rebirth" of her psyche and her way of thinking about how real people are and not the kind of people that invite only thin people to their parties then fine good luck Paris I hope that this time you actually....really.....seriously...truly STICK TO YOUR WORDS!
how about this - we show the hilton family how much we don't accept paris' "dumb act" anymore and refuse to stay at any hotel/motel that is associated with the hiltons - or we could just stop talking about her and showing her face on tv every night and maybe she would just go away!
Since I don't believe the woman can act, I have to assume that the distress she showed on the day she was arrested and hauled into court was real.

It's about time that she experienced a real emotion, something not manufactured by her publicists, her handlers, her doctors or lawyers, her parents, or her so-called friends! While I think her call-in to Walters' show was obviously staged, and she's trying to regain whatever miniscule amount of public sympathy she had before her outrageous release to "mansion arrest" and her subsequent temper tantrum in court on Friday; maybe having experienced a little bit of real life and real emotion such as most of us "commoners" live everyday will make the words of her publicists and handlers that are coming out of her mouth become a little more authentic.

Re: boycotting the Hilton Hotels - remember, it isn't the Hiltons who are going to suffer by the loss of business, it is the maids, the bellmen, the valets, the doormen, the clerks, and the reservation call-desk workers who probably make minimum wage (if that, in some cases) who will suffer. The Hiltons will just have another tax write-off if their business goes down - these workers may be laid off or even fired to keep the profit margin from tanking.

Julie in Portland
What about the judge's sparkling performance. California has a judge who won't even look at input from doctors before he makes a ruling. He taunts the sheriff from the bench with comments about the time and the fact that he hasen't gotten the paperwork.

I do not care who it is or what they did, a judge that ignores a doctors input and taunts anyone from the bench should be made to answer for his bias.

Quite the hairdo reporting and get serious, this guy embarassed our country and his state.
Justice has been served. And it was fare, considering the fact that a minor traffic offense would cost most of us a weeks pay while Paris dosen't even care about the cost. The only thing that's made her take note of the seriousness of the crime is her doing the time.
I'll be honest, it seems like everyone's being pretty hard on her. I think she has no business being in jail for driving around without a license. Saying someone is "not above the law" by giving them the maximum sentence just because they're a celebrity IS special treatment. It's a power trip exercised by the courts. I think that jail space could definitely be used more intelligently, especially in LA.
Yup, she's got some nerve.

Now that her "dumb act" is over, she will, hopefully, realize that a 45-day jail term is a much lighter sentence than if she had accidentally maimed or killed another human being.

I just hope her parents don't continue to mess it up for her by coddling her. I hope that instead of teaching her that there is always a way to circumvent the law, that they would go buy themselves some parenting skills. They can certainly afford to do so.
WOW! Who knew Paris WAS such a great actress- I had no idea that her "dumb" act was a put on!

Get this girl an OSCAR.

By the way, who said it was cute??
Uh, can Lindsay Lohan be next... pleeze oh pleeeeeze!
Singled Out!? Hah! Anyone else in this situation would have been in jail after the first or second stop, not the third. Does your sympathy meter start at zero, or can it go into the negatives? Leave her in jail until she's served all of her time. Time to move on. Next story please.
Please! This whole thing makes me want to projectile vomit. What a peculiar 180 degree turn she's made. The camera whore now wants the news to leave her alone and focus on more important things. What a joke! Guess now that her little princess, spoiled rotten rich-bitch ass is back in jail where she belongs, it's no longer fun to be in the news. What a slut. I hope she gets gang raped while in prison.

First she says quit spending all this time on me and instead focus on our troops in IRAQ.

THEN she calls Barbara Walters collect when she learns her mother is on the other line.

This girl can't be out of the spotlight. Even in jail she is a main headline.

How absurd.
I'm glad to see that there is apparently a concensus on this page that Paris had it coming. I do have to wonder, though...I wonder if she's gonna have a jail-house version of a sex video for all of us to look forward to?
I don't agree with the point of view displayed here. I know several people in my local area who are regularly apprehended of dui, suspended license, etc who are not treated in this manner. The most they ever get is about 2 weeks and then they are right back out there again. This particular case is getting alot of attention, bear in mind folks, judges like to run for office too, you know. Just as district attorneys like to use high profile cases as spring-boards for their careers, so do judges. I don't think its appropriate in this country for anyone regardless of race, religion, sex, or income to be used to "make the point" so to speak. I hope the appeals go through, in order to "make the point" that we have a judicial SYSTEM not just one high and mighty judge on his/her ivory throne. Please bear in mind, I am not a Paris Hilton "fan". Sure she is beautiful, so are alot of other people. I have never watched any of her shows, can't stand them. She is indeed a spoiled little rich girl, true, but this country is founded on principles, a big one is that all men (or women) are created equal. There should not be leniency, and there should not be any intentional "examples" either.
Justice was served, plain and simple.
If Paris Hilton was "acting dumb", then she is the greatest actress since Katherine Hepburn. I am only glad she was stopped before she killed someone while driving drunk. Many years ago I was riding in a car which was hit broadside by a drunk driver. The car went into a ditch. I only have a small scar hidden by by hair. The police said what saved me and the other people in the car was that it was a 1939 Plymouth (my cousin was driving), and was built like a tank. As far as I am concerned, ANYONE caught driving drunk should be put in jail and their license taken away for good. Driving drunk is tandamount to driving with a loaded automatic weapon out of your window - just a way to kill someonw quickly.
Is it justice when Paris Hilton has to serve the FULL term of her sentence -- and REAL people would have their sentences cut to just a few days??

Paris Hilton is a reality "star" and is followed round by the newspaper reporters and her antics may not be approved of by mature people -- but the fact is in the "eyes of the law" she is just another young woman. Judge Sauer needed to not look at her "celebrity status" and the fact the her parent are rich -- and treat her as any other Jane Doe!!

The judge is sentencing her for two reasons. He is forcing her to pay a higher penalty than if she were a regular person coming thru his court because of her money and because she was not raised properly by her parents (or was it that her nannies and body guards didn't train her properly?).

Being born with money is not a crime. I may not have money -- but I don't believe that someone should be punished because they do -- and personally I think that this is one of two true motivations of the Judge in sentencing this young girl (note I am not using the word lady, as that does not decribe Paris Hilton!).

The second reason is the Judge did not feel she showed the proper "respect" -- and so thus he decided to teach her a "lesson"? Well, I think plenty of regular "bad girls" come thru the court system and they are not given "extreme" punishment for their lack of respect -- they are processed thru and they would have only had to serve 3-4 days of their sentence. The Chief of Police made that abundantly clear in his statement!

Judge Sauer stepping in and interfering with the Chief of Police handling of this case was stepping over boudaries -- does he follow-up on EVERY case to make sure the Jane of Joe Average serve their FULL time in jail? I think not -- I would assume he lets it rest in the hands of the police how much time the guilty party actually serves of the sentence!!

This girl has never been to jail -- whther she has money or not -- her crimes are basically minor ones. He would have done better by being this diligent on forcing her to Alcohol rehabiltation, or seeing a Psychitrist, someone to teach her to take responsiblity, or whatever. Why be so set on sending her to jail??

Personally, I think Judge Sauer should be removed from this case as he obvious has taken a personal dislike to this girl and cannot deal with her unemotionally -- otherwise he would NEVER have ordered her back to jail when she had seved what any ordinary person would have served of the sentence (and not even with the ankle monitor or house arrest!). He would have trusted the judgement call of the Chief of Police on this matter -- instead of "flexing his musles" on this. Doing that proves that this was not just an ordinary "case" for him, but one that he has let his emotions over-rule his head.
Heck yes this is fair. Money shouldn't allow you to get away with breaking the law. If she had hit and killed someone while she was impaired, her money could not/would not bring back someone's child. I say "God bless you" to the judge who had the courage to do the right thing.
I hope this experience will help Paris Hilton grow up and realize that she is not any better than anyone else.
Great acting, even when she didn't know she was being taped in her sex tapes she was shooting for an oscar as the dumb blond. Nailed it.

45 days for DUI is harsh, but all the stuff she did after, it could have been more. A 1500 dollar fine to her is pocket change. The jail time is the only form of justice that can work with her and I say give her a double doe.
Right, five days in jail and she becomes a genius. The complete turn-around of the hollywood bimbette. Now she will take her enlightened mind and right all the wrongs in the world. Right after her getting-out-of jail party and Paris pep rally (bring your own booze and cameras).
Point in fact, per one of the network news programs who investigated this story, the Los Angeles jail system is so overcrowded that it is normal to release offenders after they've served 10% of their sentence. Hilton served longer than that before her release. The judge initially singled her out to be excluded from that policy--not because of the facts of the case but instead because of who she is--violating his obligation to impartially administer justice.

I like Paris Hilton no more than the rest of you. Indeed I feel contempt for her immaturity during the hearing and deep scorn for her intoxicated driving and many other behaviors as well. But the real shame here is the overcrowding at the jail. If they're so over-booked that the standard offender only serves 10% of their time, then it is wrong to single out Paris Hilton and effectively sentence her to a jail term that is effectively 10 times as long as what others in her circumstances are forced to serve. "I don't like rich snobs, so I'm going to sentence you ten times as long as I would anyone else." Is that what we call justice in our society?
Paris: Regarding "Now, I would like to make a difference. ... God has given me this new chance." Perhaps you should take a clue from how Angelina Jolie lives her life.
Way to go Judge Sauer!!!

Hopefully this will make "poor little Paris" wisen up and act more maturely.

Spoiled brat!
Yes, justice has been served. Had she stayed at home it would have been a different story. She is no longer the only one accountable, the Sheriffs Office needs to be investigated, make sure noone got any sort of "payment"...
Paris is still not in jail - she is at a treatment center.

Had she been John Q. Public and with these many strikes against her she would have been in jail.

She did not have a medical condition she had withdrawls from her drinking, and the pills she had been taking.

No sympathy from me - since she did the crime - she needs to be in JAIL NOT A TREATMENT CENTER.

Those of you who thinks Paris is being single out answer this question.

Would I feel sorry for Paris had she caused an accident and the person that got killed was related to me or someone I knew????? Think about it.
I wonder if anyone will be fooled by the ultra-pious bible-carrying act. The more interesting story is coming to light today...why did Sheriff Baca release her in the first place? Turns out Paris' grandfather gave him a campaign contribution and now it's payback time. I guess the grandfather could look on the donation as Partygirl Insurance, but it turns out Sheriff Baca has received a great many "gifts" from other people as well. Including Mel Gibson. Stay tuned.
I think the judge is not doing justice to Paris Hilton, sending her to jail is right but giving the 45 days sentence is really too much. He is not acting as a judge but acting jealously as a negative force.I hope she will come out of this mess a better and stronger person.
Paris Hilton is absolutely pathetic!!!!

She deserves no special treatment in prison. She will never learn or change from this experience.

I wish they would lock her up and throw away the key.
Who says the legal system is broke. Only a week in jail and Paris is reformed. She has found God, will no longer be dumb and wants to make up for all the bad things she has done. That is definately the fastest repentance I have ever heard of. If they have any more openings at the jail, I would like to send 100 senators, 435 representatives and two other high officials I won't mention, but one of them can play on a leval playing field with Paris and her newly found high IQ.
First, THANK YOU Dave Levine - for getting all the facts out. It's refreshing to read your opinion and know that at least one Executive Producer in the Media acknowledges this problem of two levels of justice - and isn't afraid to say so!
By the way - which PR firm do you suppose the Hilton's hired to spoon feed Paris the "I would like to make a difference..God has given me this new chance" - line?
My husband & I travel frequently and we will definitely boycott Hilton hotels. I'm sure that won't even make a nano difference in their profit margin, but I'm not going to support a family that thinks they are above the law - and teaches that to their children.
G in FL -
Finally money CAN'T buy "Everything".
I know that I am of the minority, but I believe that Paris Hilton's sentence was too severe for her crime. I have heard of many "regular John Doe's" receiving far less of a punishment for worse crimes. Because the public views her as a rich snob born with a silver spoon in her mouth (which she is), they love to see her suffer. That's what drives this media circus. However, none of that gives lawmakers the right to punish her more or less severely then the average person. All that aside shouldn't we as a nation use our efforts on a cause that actually deserves the media attention? Like maybe all the brave men and women dying in Iraq?
Please, Please, Leave Paris alone. She does not deserve this. Care for here, be nice to her. She is having a rough time. She will be back. You will see.
I am so sick of reading all the crap about how she was being singled out, blah, blah, blah...

For you Paris fans, this should shut you up, for those of you that don't support her, this will provide you with that little extra ammo to clarify what Paris really got.

A first time DUI is subject to fines, fee, and UP TO 180 DAYS IN JAIL...period. The standard fare in the county I work in is 10 DAYS, 3 years probabtion, fines totaling aprox $1500, first offender class, and an IID (breathalyzer for you car).

From what I read, Paris got probation, the fine, the class, NO IID and NO JAIL TIME!!! This is LOWER than what most people would get.

Once you are on probabtion, if you break probation, you are subject to the maximum penalty, in her case 180 DAYS IN JAIL!!! When Paris violated probation not once, but twice, she subjected herself to the punishment on the ORIGINAL charge, a DUI, not as some claim, driving on a suspended CDL.

Also, the 23 days vs. 45 days seems to confuse a lot of people. Everyone gets "good time" credit, so even though she has to do 45 days, she will be out in about 30 days, unless she does something wrong while in jail.

So there you have it...clarification for al you Paris lovers..and a bit of ammo for all you Paris haters...
Paris got what she deserved and the Judge treated her no differently than other folks who belittle the justice system. She thought she was above the law and she was put in her place.

Those folks saying that she is taking up a bed in the jail do not seem to understand that she is in a special section of the jail that is not full. A section reserved for high profile criminals and those that need protection like former Cops.

She is not in general population she would have been dead the first day if she was.

The Sheriff over stepped his bounds it was made clear that her sentence could not be deferred and yet he did it anyways.
Paris Hilton has PARENTS???? Who knew?? Where the hell have they been for the past few years??
Well, its above time that celebrity and money were not put above the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next!...Nicole? Mel? Hally?? They do the crime they DESERVE the time, just like you and I would, no chances, no questions, no illness. After all, Robert Blake who had NO money did have to serve his sentence!!!!!!!
All I have to say is that she got what she deserved. Had this been any regular Joe they would have gotten a much harsher sentence. As for her "second chance" I personally think she is saying all this hoopla to keep her name in the news. Personally I would rather she did her time in silence and THEN MAYBE I might believe that she is remorseful. As long as she keeps doing interviews it is clear to me that this is all a publicity stunt but then again so is her entire life.
There are numerous DUI related accidents around the country every year. There were families who suffered and victims who could not live with the injuries.
I think community service and alcohol education could be a better sentence for Ms.Hilton and let her know the families that suffered from the massacres. I'm sure she can be a better role model for most of the teens who consider as one.
TO ALL THOSE WHO FEEL PARIS IS BEING MISSTREATED FOR SERVING TIME IN JAIL FOR SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS "DRIVING AROUND WITH A SUSPENDED LICNESE"; Paris Hilton was not on her way to Wendy's for lunch, she was caught driving 70 MPH in a 35 MPH zone, past dark with her headlights turned off. Do you realize that a 35 MPH zone must have been near people's holmes and residential areas? She could have easily killed someone, and that is not over reaction! She is lucky she didn't kill anyone, because people that do less than that have accidently killed people. So before you advise everyone that they are bias and abusing the judicial system, realize that she has no regard for anyone else, and that is what she is being punished for.

Ammaron in CA.
The Judges certainly are not acting with the Wisdom of King Solomon. What these judges have demonstrated is that in their opinion is that driving sober is a more serious threat to Public Health and Safety than driving Drunk!

The egotistical maniacal Judges isolated in their courtroom and chambers should rely upon the professional judgments of the Professionals that actually responsible for and work in running the Jails on a day-to-day basis.

What the Sherriff stated was that Paris Hilton was released based upon usual and customary guidelines established for all prisoners within the LA Criminal Justice System. This was also reported on CNN by independent “celebrity” pundits that Paris Hiltons sentencing was excessive and out-of-range for the usual and customary sentencing for both regular persons and celebrities. That makes her sentencing clearly unusual in a real world analysis.

CNN also reported that the sentencing judge also deliberately put in the sentence restrictions that prohibit usual and customary practices available to other offenders and inmates. This makes her sentencing clearly mean spirited and cruel.

It is an undisputed fact that Paris Hilton is mentally unstable at this time requiring 24-hour personal care in a medical ward of the LA Jail with one or more psychiatric medicines under close and intense care by her MD Psychiatrists.

This makes her sentencing both cruel and unusual, a violation of Federal Law.

Civil Rights laws and the US Constitution must protect everybody’s rights even if you don’t like them and especially if you don’t like them. The Civil Rights of Terrorists and Illegal Aliens have more support that Paris Hilton!
If Paris' punishment means that she will never drive under the influence of alcohol(or any other substance)again, then her punishement was the right punishment. If she commits the same offence again, then her time in jail was not long enough. Paris, if you read this.... people die daily from the actions of drunk drivers. These people are not lost souls. They have families & friends. Count yourself as a lucky one. You could be in jail because you killed someone. Would you really want that on your concience? Please step up and be a real role model for a change. You have a second chance.
I totally is amazing that now she says that her acting "dumb" was an act - Was it really? If so, then why sign a document indicating she was not supposed to drive? Oh, I'm sorry this was a "dumb" act? And another thing doesn't she have drivers so why did she need to drive in the first place?
I think now that this is "reality" for Paris she's going to act as though she has turned her life over to God! Please!! Give us all a break!! She'll be on her best behavior so that she can try to get released earlier for good behavior, but a leopard just doesn't change it's spots. She's now playing the sympathy card which sounds pathetic coming from a spoiled rich brat who is obsessed with herself & thinks that her celebrity status (whatever that may be)is above the law to do whatever she pleases. Stay in jail, Paris. At least those on the streets will be safe from you driving around drunk, which she most likely will be doing again once she gets out of jail! She's too stuck on herself to put God first!
Nearly 18,000 people of all ages were killed in DUI related accidents last year. One of them right by my home in which a little girl was decapitated. Driving while under the influence is serious and they should have hit her with a stiffer sentence like attempted murder. It's like firing a 2 ton bullet into the air for God's sake people!
>>Now, I would like to make a difference. ... God has given me this new chance."<<

Love the God card. Great way to clean up your act, or at least the perception of it. Bush used to be just like Paris: offspring of rich parents, who loved to drink and drive and snort cocaine. All of a sudden he switches one addiction for another. Worked for Bush, why not for Hilton?
Paris (or her handlers) made a smart move when she decided not to appeal the court's decision and go ahead and do her time. It was a hopeful sign of maturity, which has been lacking in her public life since see popped up at age 19. Now I have another suggestion for her road trip towards rehabilitation in the public eye. As soon as she does her time and hits the streets, she needs to go straight to the nearest military recruiter and sign up. She should preferable sign up with the Marine Corp. If she could survive 16 weeks of basic and come out a full fledged Leatherneck, she would instantly change the country's perception of her as a spoiled little rich bitch and become America's newest sweetheart. Think of "Private Benjamin" here.This would be a brilliant public relations move. When Elvis got his draft notice, he didn't whine and complain and try to weasel out of his obligation. He just did it and Americal loved him for it.
Judge Sauer's handling of the Paris Hilton matter was exactly what needed to be done. His original order specifically stated 'no house arrest,' yet, the LA County Sheriff released her, which he was not, under those circumstances, permitted to do (had the order been silent as to early release or house arrest, it might have been a different story. There appear to be a considerable number of bloggers who opine that the sentence was not only disproportionate, but also punitive, based upon Judge Sauer purportedly using Paris' case 'as an example.' Such observations are based upon comparisons with other DUI cases where the facts (and the law) are different. Every case stands upon its own facts, its own merits, and the conduct of the defendant. To the extent that there were 'medical reasons' that would justify an early release, the Sheriff's office, for whatever reason, did not come forward with any specifics, despite repeated requests by the Judge. Even a psychiatrist who offered to testify as to Paris' mental condition as the foundation for the 'medical reasons' justification for early release was not permitted to testify due to the objections of Paris' legal counsel. Even if it is conceded (and I do not concede this point) that Judge Sauer may have imposed a disproportionately long or harsh sentence, it is better to err on the side of emphasizing the serious nature of DUI rather than minimalizing it. In any event, the evaluation of any person's guilt or innocence, or nature or degree of punishment, is not based upon one's personal feelings about the defendant, including wealth, social status and connections, but rather, the facts, the evidence, and the law. Given all of that, Judge Sauer's rulings and conduct over the Paris Hilton matter are to be commended.
Ha! Who is she fooling? P. Hilton won't learn diddly-squat from her incarceration...she will profit from it. Just watch.
Let's not give this 2 bit rich white trash skank any more props.
Sad part of this is Paris will get a book deal and more money in appearence fees for being a "great actress".
To the *very* few that have voiced how Paris has been "singled" out for being a celebrity and that the average person would not get 45 days for driving on suspended.

You're probably right.

Except for one detail you're choosing to ignore - she wasn't sent to jail for driving on a suspended license. She was sent to jail for violating the terms of her probation in connection to her DUI. She violated probation by driving on suspended (more than once) and failing to comply with her manadatory alcohol diversion classes. The average person would get a similar sentence indeed...
If she did her routine in Connecticut, well, I don't know what the statute says for her particular circumstance. However, the penalty for driving without a licence is a MANDATORY 30 days - regardless of celebrity status.

Makes you wonder what would have happened if she did all of this in Texas.
I find it funny how O.J. can kill someone and get zero time and Paris breaks a judges order and gets 45 days - Yep - American justice system, oh wait thats the same as our justice system in Canada!
Just because Paris has money does not give her a right to disregard the law. These dramatics of her are so ridiculous. Paris broke the law and she has to face the consequences. Let's see if she really learned her lesson once she is released. I wonder what special treatment she is receiving in jail. Regardless of what the warden says, I'll make a bet with anyone that her life is not as terrible in jail as it ought to be.
I find it amazing that when someone goes to jail they find God there. Would it not be easier just to go to church to find God? Oh bad....there is just not enough time to go to church with all those hip and happening clubs to crash.
Perfect theme song for your "news" regarding Paris Hilton: Mr. Blues Jumped the Rabbit, track no. 22 from The Blues, Vol, 3, Smithsonian Collection of Classic Blues Singers.
This just goes to show that when you are a celebrity or part of the American Ruling Class, the "Get Out of Jail" ticket is often in easy reach. Not so for 99.9% of the rest of America's citizens...

What she did deserves regular treatment as any other fellon committing the same crime.

I am not American (and glad not to be) but I am appalled at the american way of representing justice. It has proven itself to be quite inefficient, as often is the case with "status".

I guess it just goes with a "mis-under-estimated" way of looking at social fairness. Stupidity just goes a long way in your so-called culture!
I hope she has a fun time in the slammer! She should be a lesson to all the other Hollywood flunkies out there who think that their celebrity status and/or money can put them above the law.

Just think, if this was me or you in court, none of this would have happened.

I think Paris needs some real world experience without Daddy's millions. Maybe if she saw how the rest of the world lived, she wouldn't be so horrid.
Here where I'm living you wouldn't face a 45 day jail sentence for that "small violation" - so maybe that could be the issue - I find it rather strange and wierd with such a long jailsentence. In my contry, Denmark, the penalty would be to pay a low fine - Paris or another person
The poor girl has suffered enough. Let her go home, please. No decent person should be subjected to this kind of treatment.
The one to be investigated should be Sheriff Baca -- did any of the Hilton money fell into his pockets? With so much corruption with lawmakers, it would not surprise me. It was really an embarassment for him to have ignored Judge's Suer's sentence. Thumbs up to the judge!
"Singled out?" I think people in her status (celebrities) should be held to a higher standard. These "stars" have a responsiblity (maybe not knowingly to them)to not only to their fans, but to the public to act as positive role models. It's sad to say but little girls actually look up these celebrities for guidance. Unfortunately many of these girls (celebrities) are spoiled, irresbonsible, and believe that they are above the law.
I think there has been a negitive trend socially of letting people get away with too much. there needs to be a change in how justice is applied to people in a "public status". They should be held accountable for thier actions and punitive actions should be firmly held. I think what happened on Friday was a change into the right dirrection. Let's hope we don't get a push-over judge for Lindsey Lohan's DUI.
In her world she can dictate time and events in any way she deems appropriate. In the REAL world time and events dictate her. It is time she realizes that. How could a person with such a reputable family name spend her time living such a foolish, undirected life? Why isn't she in school trying to make something of her life instead of racing around being a fool for the media? Gimme a break! Grow up little girl. GROW UP!
She is still seeking publicity. Mother Teresa she is not, nor a Princess Diana. She "accidently" called her mother while she was talking to Barbara Walters? Give me a break! Just how dumb does she think people are? I have ZERO sympathy for her.
It is very sad that Miss Hilton has not been better prepared to cope with real life in this world. Shame on her parents for not seeing to it that she have the ability to better interact with all levels of society and to be a more productive member of it. Her public social graces have been quite lacking and that is a shame for such a beautiful and priviledged young woman. I believe this adverse experience will provide positive growth for her. Perhaps she will grow and learn how to act like an appropriate young lady should. I am sad for her that this is what it took to jolt her and I hope she takes responsibility for herself and does the hard work to overcome her lack of a proper upbringing to become the young lady God has planned her to be. I have no doubt her parents love her but perhaps at that level of privilege it is easy to shelter these young people and overlook the skills that are needed to get along in the real world. Paris: He has a good plan for you! Seek Him and you will find it! God Bless you dear girl!
The best of this whole story for me was when the judge sent the police the "manssion" and arrested her. I guess she never dreamed that could happen...She thought she is above everything in this world.

And what is it with her having breakdown/depression. Who said that people go to jail for fun? It for PUNISHMENT!!! Do the psychologists go and see how the poor people are feeling in jail? These are people who will come out and might have no place to live, work and what to eat. Do you think these people have no problems? Well, surely the sherif doesn't care about them. What a corrupt system.........
Paris showed no remorse throughout this process. She snub the courts by arriving late, had her PR agent take the blame for her driving without her license. Even after she was placed under house arrest she stated she hoped others would learn - never once did she state she was sorry, show respect to the courts or take accountability for her own actions. She didn't even want to attend court on Friday- she was hoping she could listen to the court hearing via telephone - no average person would even consider requesting that. Until she shows remorse she got what she deserved. And all the people who think community service would have changed her it wouldn't. It can't work on someone who doesn't think they have done anything wrong.
I think what is happening to Paris is most fitting - she is not above the legal and moral standards most decent law-abiding citizens live by. She should really take this the of solice and reflect on the important things in life and stop acting like some injustice has been thrown upon her.

Orlando, Florida
it's laughable that in a few days she has gone fron her "I'm better that thou" attitude to "I want to make a difference" nonsense. We all know it is to win over the public's approval after the tongue whipping everyone's given her - deservingly of course.
Paris got a raw deal. I'm not a fan, but to go to jail for a minor traffic offense is ludicrous, when many people who harm people's person or property spend no time in jail.

Everyone who is all happy about this situation is just flat out jealous of her, because she has fame, fortune and looks.

But remember, all you losers who get pleasure out of her unfair treatment, when this is over, she will still have fame, fortune, beauty, etc. and you'll still be poor, homely and unpopular!
Too bad, she actually didn't get a little slap on the wrist and told she could stay home. NOT!!! It is about time someone told her it is "my way or the highway princess!"

Amazing how 3 to 5 days in jail has "changed my life" considerabley. We will see when she gets out. My guess is, she will be up to the same old crap and hopefully if that is the case, she will get the book thrown on her!
I think that all these young celebrities need a reality check. They make there fortune at a young age and expect to live out the rest of there life in clubs, only participating in light work to keep there faces in the headlines. I love that Paris is in jail serving out the full amount of her time. Maybe this will give her an opportunity to relies that money cant by everything. She is in her late 20’s , it is time for her to take some kind of responsibility in her life. I hope that this will give her the opportunity to change her life before it is to late. Its great to see her crash and burn for entertainment, but the truth is you wouldn't want to see this done with your own family. I just cant wait till Lindsey Lowhan, Brittney Spears, and a few others have this kind of reality check as well. We as a people need to stop rewarding this kind of behavior that leads them to such horrible ends.
To all these poor Paris idiots. Until you know what it is like to almost get killed by a drunk driver or lose someone to a drunk driver. SHUT THE HELL UP!!! If I had my choice that little skank would rot in jail and then we wouldn't have to worry about her anymore.
To paraphrase J. Edgar Hoover, not that I particularly admire him, "Justice is incidental to law and order". Paris Hilton going to jail has nothing to do with justice being done. It has everything to do with equality before the law.
I think that Paris is being treated fairly. If this was just an ordinary person we would be serving time, so she should not get any special treatment. All this crazyness is nuts. There are more important things in the world then Paris Hilton.
If Paris was drinking and driving again, then yes put her in jail...but she was not her crime (a minor one at that) was driving while suspended...doesn't 45 days seem harsh? I think the judge in this case has some sort of issue with her being who she is...and making an example out of her...I totally think this is a power trip and the judge feels that he has more power then Paris and all her money...a HUGE fine would have benefited everyone much is it costing to keep her in jail? This could have been a win win situation...hit her where it hurts...the wallet...and then the city would be making some money...or even community service make her "work" off her jail time...jail is for those who hurt others..rapists, child molesters, DRUNK DRIVERS, domestic abusers... get it? Mean people who hurt others! Not someone who had their license taken away.
Stay tuned - the Paris saga continues......Nancy Grace is going to her "treatment" facility tonight
The saddest part of this whole thing is that it actually makes the news! I hope that this entire family learns that money can only take you so far. Thank goodness she didn't kill anyone while "acting" dumb!
It is a shame that the whole media revolve around this little rich girl. Ha, Paris is 26 years old, she need to grow up. If Paris can save herself, she should be volunteer for the worthly cost, like Cancer awereness, Red Cross, or Peace Corps. This way, Paris can leave her troublesome past behind and grow up in the right way!
I think most have missed the point about Miss Hilton in this whole situation. She is twenty-something, and should be responsible for her actions. BUT! This just goes to show how miserably her parents failed raising their children. Are they embarrassed? I sure hope so. Perhaps now they realize they have raised a spoiled little brat who thinks she is above the law. Sorry Paris, bawling and screaming for your Mommy won't help you this time. I hope you serve all 45. Maybe you can think of a way to be a productive member of society in that time instead of being a nappy headed HO!
Free Paris and fine Paris...45 days for a suspended license charge is crazy; is anyone looking at the cost of keeping Paris in jail! The money could go to MADD! Just a thought!
I might be the only one who is not Jealous of Paris. It seems that people feel if they have a good reason, a rationale, then they can be hateful. That is sad. It seems most people want her punished because she is pretty and rich. If she were ugly and poor, she would not have spent more than one day in jail, if that. People, look to your motives and try to accept your place in society. Don't hate the rich or famous.
I have no sympathy for her. Boohoo, 45 days in jail. Call the waaah-mulance. I hope she learns her lesson before she runs over someone in one of her drunken stupors.

Regarding her dumbness being an "act" . . . Good ACT, Paris. You sure had me fooled!
The hatred expressed in many of these comments is troublesome. Understandably, there is little sympathy for Paris, both for what she's done and her arrogance in the procedings. However, given the environment she's been raised in, is her behavior a suprise? Of course not. It's encouraging that her incarceration may be showing signs of reaching her. Certainly her parents aren't capable of that and can take a share of the blame for her actions. I like happy endings so I'm hopeful that Paris grows up a little, grows a little and is somehow a better person from the experience. You can have pretty much anything you want when you're rich. Can she have a second chance as well?
People wonder why we pay attention to her? Because she has taken on the role of a village idiot. I mean, on house arrest - she gets cupcakes delivered, and then gourmet dog food. Oh PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

And yes folks - she is in a special wing for special inmates - this was reported by the BBC. She isn't anywhere near the general prison population.

Did she get singled out? Maybe. Judges are human too, and someone who is obviously so in contempt of the justice system and the general world needed a wake-up call - which the judge delivered, well within his rights as a judge.

Paris needs to vanish from the American scene. End of story.
You can't see me, but I'm rolling my eyes! She's no longer going to "act dumb?" I didn't know she was acting!!! And she's have this marvelous transformation in ONLY 3 days?!!!! Wow! She must be up for an Oscar!

Most serial killers, murders take "at least" a few years to "find God" but Paris found it in only 3 days!!! She must be in the "top 2%" geniuses in the whole world!

Paris' first priority? Learn how to read English!! Second priority: Learn how to form complete sentences WITHOUT saying "that's hot!" Third priority: Get some smaller feet!!! 5'8" with size 11's?!!! Scary!!

Hint: They have a library in most prisons! Find a book and start reading. I suggest Cat In The Hat for starters!
I think this was a racist decision. She is white, she did not kill two people and drive down any freeways in California, she did not rape a young women in Colorado. If she had been black, an athelete and bought off someone and had The Reverent on the news weeping for her she could have been out quicker. After all generally they let people get a shorter sentence, go to AA or clean streets. This is not only racist but a classic case of class revenge. Come on, illegal immigration approved by the Pres,
rapes and assault and they let them out of jail for overcrowing.
A little wisdom would suggest there was a lot of overreaction here.
Whoever wrote this, I couldn't agree more:

Paris got a raw deal. I'm not a fan, but to go to jail for a minor traffic offense is ludicrous, when many people who harm people's person or property spend no time in jail.

Everyone who is all happy about this situation is just flat out jealous of her, because she has fame, fortune and looks.

But remember, all you losers who get pleasure out of her unfair treatment, when this is over, she will still have fame, fortune, beauty, etc. and you'll still be poor, homely and unpopular!
Unfortunately, Paris has always had her way and because of who 'she is' expected the same from the judicial system. Perhaps this humbling experience will wake her up and see the real world and not her fantasy one. She has all she could ever dream of; she could do so much for others in need. Then and ONLY THEN, can she compare herself to Princess Di (as the icon she has compared herself to in the past!!!!)
I got hit by a drunk motorcyclist in New Jersey 3 years ago. He was not only drunk but he didn't have insurance or a license! He hit me going about 65MPH and spun my car around!!! And even with a driver's license that looked like a rap sheet, who's license got suspended for 4 months?!!!! Mine! Why, I have NO idea!! I wasn't drinking!! I wasn't speeding. I was turning left on a "delayed green" when jack-ass slammed into my car!!!

Even though I didn't do anything wrong, it still was a nightmare! And living in NJ(the dumb-ass driving capitol of the world) was also no joke!

Bad drivers are killing people like flies. And it's costing us ridiculous sums of money. Hospitals, funerals, rehab, etc.

When are these !#$!#$@#%^ idiots going to get the point! And this goes for road rage as well!
My ex boyfriend got 6 months inprison for violation of probation. it was all alchohol related. Why should Paris get any better treatment?!
To Stump the Dummy,

Do you seriously believe this girl had a "REAL" medical condition that called for her release. POPPYCOCK!!! She's dealing with situational depression over her incarceration, and will not eat. Well I say who the hell cares!!! If she gets hungry enough she will eat. There are people in prison with cancer, diabetes, AIDS, MS, and she deserves to be released because she is depressed!?! I don't blame the judge for not entertaining that BS.

And to the other idiot who said she got 45 days for driving with out a suspended license, lets not make things so simplistic. She got a DUI, was put on probation with the suspended license, continued to get pulled over for various traffic offenses with that suspended license, and never fully complied with the terms of her court ordered probation (i.e. the alcohol program). None of us would have ever gotten that many chances to screw up, so forgive me if I don't share your opinion that she is being singled out. They are finally just tired of her spoiled, rotten behind
WOW. Some really ignorant people writing on here about this (no wonder, fans of Paris…lol)….

#1 - If you think this is a "travesty" or "unfair" because she received a jail sentence for "driving on a suspended license".

This is NOT why she is in jail. She got a DUI, flaked on her court-ordered diversion classes, drove on a suspended license and was caught (twice!). When you get a DUI some sort of probation is mandatory - guess what! Not attending court-ordered classes, AND driving on a suspended license IS violating probation. Had she just been driving around on a suspended license, without being on probation a simple fine would have been all she got.

But, nope, she is too cool for school - "what laws? They don't apply to ME! I'm a hotel heiress, so F-U, my daddy will just pay the evil lawmen off!"

#2 - To everyone saying, "they are over-crowding our jails! They should have given her alcohol classes, or community service!!"

Well, she was given the opportunity to go to said classes, and not drive on a suspended license - she chose otherwise. She was reportedly offered community service - she declined this as well. WTF else can they offer her????

People, life is life - we all make decisions to do things everyday - clearly she is a product of her environment, was most likely neglected by her socialite parents and therefore its not her fault she is the way she is - but that doesn't mean that she's immune to have to learn lessons - hard lessons occasionally when the decision-making she has been taught, fails her. It doesn't help that about the only time she is in the news anymore is for something "shocking" like going to jail for instance? Hmmmmmm……

Car accidents are one of the biggest killers facing this country today - who better to put in jail than those who continually abuse the privelege to share our roads? The LAST thing I ever want to see in my rear-view is Paris and her stupid dog...

I personally made the poor decision to drive on a suspended license once (when I was 18) - I was caught and had to pay a large fine, my insurance went up etc….did I get jailtime? Nope, but then again it was a first offense and I wasn't on probation for anything. How many chances does one person need people? She already had several…eventually someone will throw the book at you no matter how rich you are - thank god for that!

As for trying to compare her to OJ? Lmfao…..lets see, a capital murder case involving hard evidence vs. a probation violation case? As for being jealous of her "fame" and "money"? Seriously. Yep, she is soooooo talented, and soooooo savvy with her "fortune" that we are all jealous. Please, get some real role models to look up to so you're not always having to defend such a sorry-excuse.
Paris Hilton is not news. Death in Iraq, famine in Africa, GPD, gas prices...those are news. Rich brat takes off undies, get drunk and goes to jail is not news.
Thank you Dave Levine. Ms. Hilton is an American Citizen and should receive the same treatment as any other U.S. citizen. That fact that the underlying original charge of DUI (I do not consider this dangerous act as a "minor" crime)is so obviously overlooked by so many, is amazing. Did she get special treatment? She sure did. Right up to the time she WAS rightfully held accountable for her actions, or lack thereof. She plead her DUI down to Reckless Driving. (I would like to see THAT police file photo.) When she agreed to the Reckless Driving charge, she agreed to all the terms and conditions which went along with it. Which included, but was not limited to Alcohol Education Classes (she chose not to attend) and a suspended license in lieu of jail. It WAS Ms. Hilton who continually broke this agreement. Not the judge. Take into consideration that despite driving 70 mph in a 35 mph zone with her headlights off, the Peace Officers used their discretion at that time not to arrest her, however; choosing instead to have her acknowledge and sign the document which stated she knew she was not allowed to drive. THEN, these Peace Officers, instead of having her car towed, let her passenger drive instead. And the pundits state she is not being treated equally because of her status in life? How many times do you need to break the law and get away with it? The truth is, when SHE violated the terms of her probation, the original cause of action (DUI), and the numerous breaches of her probation thereafter, are just cause for the unfortunate circumstances she now finds herself in. She will not do 45 days. She will do 50% of the original sentence, plus additional time off for "good behavior". I don't like, nor do I dislike, Ms. Hilton or her family. However, I am a stickler for "...with Liberty and Justice for All". As for Sheriff Baca, he should be held in contempt. He should be impeached. This two tiered system he hands out puts our officers and cities in distress, turmile and danger. Until he wears the black robe and is either appointed or voted in as a finder of fact and hands out sentences, he has to behave as just a "sheriff"; not Judge, Jury and Executor". As for the overcrowded conditions in the Los Angeles County Jail, these conditions may not apply so much if there were fewer "private" cells. I realize her need for safety reasons. It would be devastating if anything were to happen to her in the general population. In effect, if you need a private cell, don't complain about overcrowding. In closing, Mr. Levine, I saw the look on Ms. Hilton's mother's face as she drove from the prison which held her daughter last week. It hurt my heart. I DO NOT believe Ms. Hilton has suddenly found God in such a short amount of time, but I hope she will take notice of how this type of behavior and the consequences which follow, hurts the people who love her the most. They may not be perfect, however, they are her family. Thank you.
Paris Hilton is the food to the Taliban.
I'm sure this will get flamed, but I don't care. This topic deserves some level-headedness.
Paris should certainly be in jail. That much is clear. Is 45 days just? Who can say? Is 60 days for murdering your husband, or 20 years for email spam fair? Does a traffic offense warrant incarceration in a maximum security facility? I don't know.
But her bad behavior is being enabled by those around her. And the last straw was her release by some idiot in the LA County Sheriff's Office. I'm sure she cried and begged to be let go, but that should never have happened. Everyone can see that. That she was actually released was NOT HER FAULT. It was the enablers.
To send her home and then drag her back two days later while the Powers That Be duked it out in court was just cruel.
It's clear that she is not being treated like the rest of us. Whether she is being treated unfairly or getting preferential treatment is up for debate. I suspect it is a little of each.
But I do have sympathy for her. No matter how much hell she raises, it will never make her happy. I can only hope that this wake-up call truly wakes her up, and that when she gets out she has the presence of mind to ditch the enablers and sycophants, and do something with her life.
About a year ago I got a DUI. This was my first. I received three days in jail and three days alcohol rehab. I was also issued "party plates", Ohio's yellow drunk driving plates. My license was suspended for 6 months and I was only allowed to drive to and from work. I was also fined about $1200, and the lawyer costing another $1000.If I was caught driving anywhere but to or from work, the judge told me it was ten more days in jail.There were plenty of people in the court getting 10 to 30 days in jail for driving on a suspended license. These people were first time offenders driving on a suspended license for a DUI.
I was hit by a drunk driver in 1987 and arrested in late 2006 for DUI on Pacific Coast Highway just outside of Newport Beach at two in the morning. The police released me within a few hours and I hired an attorney and drove off to Nevada in my Mercedes SLR...I paid a fine; never put a foot in a court room. My sentence three years probation. Let Paris pay a fine and go home! We are all tried of being in Paris prison every time we turn on a TV!
i caome from Australia and we downunder have had just enough of all the spoilt rich kids we see on to, here and in the us. i think we should lock them up whenever they do anything wrong small of large and throw away the key. Its time you start reporting on new's that someone cares about.
The PR machine for the Hiltons is certainly in high gear. Attempting to drown out all the derision aimed at PH, bloggers posing as journalists have been working overtime to defend her, to make sure her improved facilities are perceived as nightmarish. Talk show hosts and bloggers who operate on the entertainment side of reporting are easily purchased for disseminating "official views."

Real journalists--where are they--should be alarmed at the way their field has been hijacked.

If she had such a dire medical condition why didn't her lawyers ever declare it in court before the judge sentenced her to anything? Since when is ADD and claustrophobia life threatening conditions?
Guess what folks, I don't know what the laws are in California, but in Pennsylvania, if anyone is caught driving with a suspended license (that was a result of a DUI) the MANDITORY sentense is 90 days in jail.

First off, she didn't get that bad a sentense in the first place. What 20 some days?

Second, the police have no authority to change the terms of any sentence that a judge makes.

Third, even now, she is serving less time than she would have in PA.

Boca, How much did they pay you to let her out early?

Ms. Hilton, get over it you cry baby.

It's very simple. DON'T DRIVE DRUNK. No one seems to consider the fact that she could have killed someone while she was driving.
paris hilton is a product of poor parenting. her parents dont see anything wrong with her daughter doing porn clips in th einternet, getting drunk and drugs until early morning. however, when she goes to jail she cries mommy, mommy. the more i see this people the more a thank god for my kids and my life.
After watching Nancy Grace tonight
it sounds to me that Paris is at camp cupcake. Give me a brake, she
should be put back in her jail cell. Why do the tax payers have to spend 1000.00 more dollars a day for her. I don't feel sorry for her at all, and I think this is just another act on her part.
People, why don't we just stone her to death and get it over with. Too bad Paris, like Martha Stewert is a woman and it appears the judical system likes to make an example when it comes to a famous woman. However, if she had been a rich and famous male like O.J. or Robert Blake she may have gotton away with murder. People need to lighten up. I truly believe she has learned a great deal from this experience.
Drunk driving or violating the probation are serious offences and they deserve even more severe punishment. Do you understand what probation violation is? You have made a mistake once, you were warned. Then you decide to continue doing the wrong thing. And then you get warned yet again. And you do it the third, fourth, fifth, tenth time… If warnings do not seem to work for the thick heads, then prison will have a greater chance. Driving under the influence is like having a bomb in your hand, do you know that it takes just a second to kill somebody innocent? They licences should be taken away for good, not for a short period of time only.

As for Paris, well, I am sick and tired of all the attention this spoiled stupid brat gets. She did not do anything significant in her life to deserve one second of our time. On top of everything, her arrogance and ignorance insult human race (not to mention her inability to come up with 3 meaningful sentences that do not include words like ‘party’ and ‘that’s so hot’). If she did not get a fair sentence, so what? Life is not fair and we all have to deal with unfairness every day.

As I have said at the beginning, I find this sentence too light. I have zero tolerance level for people who get into their cars after they have been drinking. I do not feel sorry for her at all. And trust me, it is not jealousy. Yes, I would like to have a little bit more money, but I am soooo glad I do not have to live her empty life.
>>"Our system is corrupt and misguided, and obsessed with "teaching lessons."

What do you think jail is for if not to "teach a lesson" that what you have done is wrong?

A person's past transgressions are taken into account when being sentenced and each CRIME has a punishment range that someone can be sentenced. I may be mistaken, but she could have gotten 180 days.
I was stunned to read first a fame defense attorney saying she is being singled out. And yet another commentor saying the same.

Here's the thing. As said aboved, Paris was violating her probation. Plain and Simple. She had her warning, and she willfully acted out against it. She attempted to -lie- to get out of it, and say she didn't know that her license was suspended, yet signed a document stating the opposit.

She could have had a tighter sentance, but she got off rather well, in my opinion. Take into consideration that not only had she drove without a license, she drove drunk, could have -killed- someone, or injured people. And you are calling 45 days to much?

In Maine DUI's can get you up to a year. And she didn't even get sentanced for that. Violating Probation, can get you the same. And she -only- got 45 days. You think -you'd- get off so light? Because you wouldn't.

She made a mockery of the judicial system. She deserves exactly what she got. It's unfortunate she has any sympathizers anymore, because it's only going to solidify the fact that she feels she is right, in her mind. And we will never get rid of the idiocracy.
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