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Love to hate Paris?
There is a tendency among the "holier-than-thou-why-should-I-care" crowd to pooh-pooh this whole Paris Hilton thing -- to dismiss it as a story not worthy of anyone's time to talk about Paris doing time, to toss the topic into the junk bin.

Yet the interest remains, as we count down to her lockdown for an expected 23 days in the L.A. pokey for violating her probation on a charge of alcohol-related reckless driving.

In fact, there's not only interest, but passion -- which led to a passionate discussion on "Showbiz Tonight" about why so many people love to hate Paris Hilton.

After we learned that Paris was claiming this whole jail thing had left her "traumatized," we asked in our "Showbiz Tonight" Question of the Day: "Do you feel sorry for Paris?"

Not only was the result one of the biggest responses to any question we have ever asked, it was also the most lopsided we have ever received. Ninety-eight percent said "No," they did not feel sorry for Paris. I'm guessing the 2 percent who said "Yes" -- they did feel sorry for Paris -- were her friends trying to stuff the ballot box so this wouldn't be a clean sweep. (Watch why Hilton fills many people with anger)

I don't know Paris Hilton personally. I suspect that if I did get to know her, I would discover fine things about her that would dispel a lot of the pre-conceived notions surrounding her public persona. She has a true talent: the ability to nurture a lucrative career out of nothing more than her image.

Yet what she has to realize is that images and perceptions work both ways. They can be a cash cow, and they can turn you into dead meat. If you also project an image of thinking you are above the law, that the rules of common decency are a one-way street -- and you don't realize that a little humility can go a long way -- then you are destined to not only learn from history but are doomed to repeat it.

Paris will no doubt cash in on this chapter of notoriety in her life as well. And people will continue to love to hate her. But no one ever sustained a career fueled by sheer negativity. Paris needs to not only get her act together, but reinvent it. If not, she'll become a segment on a future edition of "Whatever Happened To ..." And you can bet this episode will have a laugh track.
I think it is a misrepresentation to imply that we love to hate her is wrong just because the majority of people voted that they do not feel sorry for her. Personally, I don't feel sorry for her is because she should be treated like anyone else under the law. Whether you are poor or wealthy or well known in public, if you break the law, you should be prosecuted. I have no reason to hate her. Unless you interact with her on a day to day bases, nobody would know her enough to hate her.
I do not feel sorry for Paris Hilton. If it were my daughter I am sure she would have to serve time because she is not a rock star, movie star, etc. Celebrities should follow the same rules as anyone else. People tend to think celebrities are smarter. They are not. There is that saying about the "fruit not falling too far from the tree." Just look at the girl's mother and you will understand why Paris is the way she is. It's sad.
90 days was cut to 45 without an emidiate start, because she's Paris! Now that has been reduced to 23 days before she even reports, and she gets to go to a nice facility for 'high profile' people. We should be outraged!
I don't love to hate her. I have read her book, and the unauthorized biography of the Hilton family, because, I convinced myself, I wanted to find out more about this phenomenon called Paris. Who was I kidding? I don't love to hate her, sure, but I love to laugh at her. I can't imagine which is worse because it doesn't have anything to do with Paris at all, instead it says a lot about the kind of person I actually am.
I agree that we dont know enough about her personally to hate her, but she IS the one that puts her 'personality' on air every time she makes a reality TV show. If she wanted us to think differently of her, then why put herself out there liket that? To make money?

I think that she should have gotten the whole 45 days. She should woman up to what she did. If you violate your probabtion, live with the consequences. She could have hired a driver, it's not like she doesn't have the money for it, or hell, she could have taken a 6 month vacation to a beach house, worked on her tan. And so what if she is a star, she still a human living in the U.S., and there are laws to follow.
Personally, I am really tired of turning on my news and every other story has to do with Paris, Nicole Richiw, etc. These 2 are famous ONLY because of either their last names and/or whom they are related to. Neither one of them has any relevance or anything of value or importance to say. I mean - c'mon people, anyone that tries to patent the phrase "That's hot" and uses that phrase more often than any other words in the English language, tells you that they are brainless and clueless. Why should Paris not serve her FULL 45 day jail term? Prison overcrowding is NOT it. It is because her parents are grossly rich and bought someone off and don't want their precious little non-hot airheaded child cleaning toilets with a toothbrush any longer than she absolutely has to. Oh, perish the thought that Paris does some ACTUAL physical work, beyond picking up her dog. Paris is nothing more than an airheaded toothpick with legs. Her parents are upset that she has to do any jail time because why? Because the legal system works and they feel they are above the law and immune from prosecution just because their name is Hilton. Oh please, Mommy and Daddy Hilton dearest. Get a clue. You are no more immune from the law than I am. Your precious little Paris knew precisely what she was doing, and chose to act on the advice of someone that advised her poorly. Here's another clue - suspended license is jsut that - SUSPENDED!!! If Paris had a RESTRICTED license, then and ONLY then, could she drive to/from work. But she chose to break the law yet gain by driving on a SUSPENDED license and viloted the terms of her probation as well. I am tired of my taxes skyrocketing to pay legal public defenders for fools like Paris whom will never see a minute of jail time because her parents bought you off. It is clear that every time Paris talks, she has no REAL education. She is a role model in that she is showing us everyday people how NOT to behave in public or otherwise. She does NOT live in the real world, neither does Nicole Richie, nor does Paris' parents. Paris has never and never will hold down a REAL job. When they start living in the real world and stuggle along with the rest of us, then maybe I might feel sorry for this poor, pathetic little toothpick with legs. Until then, you're NOT hot, Paris. Grow up, engage your brain, and start taking responsibility for your OWN actions instead of always running to Mommy and Daddy.
If the media would just stop publicizing everything that she does, people would soon forget all about her.

And I do agree with the previous response. RANK SHOULD HAVE NO PRIVILEGES, WHEN IT COMES TO JUSTICE!

I am very disappointed that they reduced her sentence because of 'who' she is. They would not have done the same for me.
I think it is a crying shame of how she is getting all this publicity over her careless actions. To be sure, she will cash in on this and knowing the movie industry, I smell an Emmy brewing for some up coming new actress who will play this tasteless, talentless bimbo who had to over come the "Real Life" of being punished for doing something wrong. Someone who was traumatized and distraught over the way she was treated... Not only will HIlton make millions off this sad performance of "The Life of Paris Hilton" but movie moguls will be hitting the cameras the moment she gets released. Be ashamed America for promoting such trash as Paris Hilton. You know the more you stew over this Hilton crap, the closer it will get to becoming a number one box office hit..I would call the movie, "Fifty Ways of Emabarrassment. Paris Hilton's Life."
The only reason that it's garnering any kind of interest is because the media are continuing to hype Paris Hilton's everyday antics as if they were actually important. That is pathetic in itself, but what is more pathetic is that there are people out there with nothing better to do than to discuss the personality failings of someone whose only claims to fame are a) being an heiress and b) despite her riches offering no value at all to anyone.

At this point she's become a parody of herself, and for that she deserves pity, not continuing media adulation or even attention of any kind. Maybe this stint inside will bring out something worthwhile inside of her and we'll shortly be able to read about her work as a respectable human being.
I don't love or hate this woman. Instead, I hate what she represents - a shallow, vulgar, talentless woman of limited intelligence who has used her family wealth and influence to create what can only be euphemistically called a career (though a having a career does in reality require at least some talent and intelligence). The fact that some people actually look up to this woman is even more reprehensible and most of all pathetic. She is the perfect example of the growing mediocrity affecting this country today, not only among our so-called celebrities but also so glaringly apparent throughout our society. Paris Hilton is simply one of its many symptoms.
"Love to hate" suggests more interest than I have in this topic. Paris is famous for being rich and famous; she has made little or no contribution to the world that I know of. I think serving a full sentence would be good for her; it might help her understand that there's a world full of real people with real problems out there. Otherwise, the specter of Anna Nichole Smith looms -- famous for being blond, busty, and greedy. People with few intellectual or emotional resources often suffer terrible fates when they are showered with too much money and attention -- too much getting away with breaking the rules with no consequences. It would be great if Paris could come away from this experience with a little more common sense and humility.
Paris Hilton is a slutty joke. She's famous for being famous. She is a waste of space. I personally think she should go to jail just for annoying the hell out of america. She needs to realize that only about 1% of americas population likes her. The other 99% could care less if we ever hear her name again. Get her off tv, out of the magazines, and let her fade into the darkness where she belongs.
With many other issues in the world that really important, I find it horrible that Paris Hilton is considered news. The government/state and corporation corruption, racism, HIV/Aids, Hunger, the undereducated, homeless, global warming, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the soldiers dying there, etc. and this is important news? Just note that her unfortuate incarceration will do nothing but make her more popular and richer. I look at it as a Career move and she'll also gain some street cred.
98% hahhhahah. amazing
I don't hate Pairis, but I also don't understand why people are fascinated with her. She doesn't work, has no talent, and her sister is twice as pretty as she is. Did I also mention that she's a horrible role model? To me, she's nothing more than a comical, rich snob that has never had to earn anything she has. She's a sad human being but she's not pathetic. That title goes to all those who actually care about what she does. To them I say "Get a Life!"
There is probably a hint of jealousy from some people, and alot of reaction to her being WAY over-exposed in the media. The tabloids fuel most of her exposure. I think Paris lives her life like MANY celebrities do, the media just LOVES to go after her. It's odd. Why do they continue to chronicle her life if SO MANY people supposedly do not like her? Somebody out there MUST want to see her and hear about her life.......????
Paris, says that she is being treated unfair b/c of who she is,,,,,she needs to check up on what kind of punishment "regular" people do for breaking all the rules she did. B/c of who she is, she probably will not do all the time someone else would do. She needs to abide by the rules and deal with the consequences when she breaks them. She is a big spoiled baby!
I would like to visit her in jail and have some radical jail-cell sex.
I agree that none of us know her well enough to dislike her personally. I base my opinions on what her videotaped statements and actions reveal about her character. My main objection to her is that she is a very poor role model for women. She is an undereducated and promiscuous daughter of prominent parents. She is not due any recognition merely by birth. She verbalizes crude racial references, mean spirited comments about her peers, and spends her life seeking attention. I don't love to laugh at her, I hope at some point to read that she pursued and education, joined the peace corps, or works with less fortunate people. She could be like Oprah, and make a difference in the world. I hope all of the little girls that idolize her are taken aside by their moms and dads and that the issue of her incarceration is clearly discussed in terms of behavior and consequences. I hope the media finds and rewards young women for their accomplishments someday soon. The girls of this world need real heroines to emulate.
Why do I live in a world where I even know who Paris Hilton is?
The fact that she did break the law, and is getting a light sentence does bother me. I've had friends get way more than a slap on the wrist like this. PLUS she gets a special cell, I doubt she will have any contact with the dangerous ones there. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if thise ends up being changed to "in house" arrest soon.
I don't know her enough to say that I hate her, but if my daughter made a sex tape and it ended up on the internet and what not, I'd want to crawl into a hole and die. But being a celebrity, they get better treatment than the rest of us. I guess it is what it is. The down side is their lack of privacy, that has to stressful. But she needs to try to learn a lesson here, even if its a few days in jail, maybe "something" will sink in....? So, no I do not feel sorry for her.
To dismiss many people’s feelings as "holier-than-thou-why-should-I-care" is to diminish and ignore what's bothering them. Your and some of the general publics fascination with Paris is the problem. You are contributing to it. You are part of the problem. That's the issue. She has become the symptom of this glomming fame disease you propagate and feed. It’s your fault. Fame Monkey.
I love to hate Paris, I regard her as the poster child for the worst excesses of American capitalism. She has no redeeming values, but is a great example of how not to live. I enjoy reading articles about her bad behavior because it makes me feel better about everyone else out there, since most everyone is superior to her. And I believe Mr. Levine is right, that in about ten years there will be a hilarious 'what happened to Paris' study done. Maybe a few years after that too. I'm hoping she becomes a laughingstock icon for life, and I wouldn't be surprised if she follows the Elvis/Britney Spears/Anna Nicole parabolic plunge.
I find the antics of her and her crew entertaining. I get up, check the news and read about suicide bombers, child molesters and other such "people." She so far hasn't hurt anyone and I look forward to reading about her. Also, being retired from California Law Enforcement, I can't ever remember anyone getting that much time for the violation she was charged with. I think the time received was because she upset the judge by being late. Contempt of the court. I think a lot of those that hate her may be just a little jealous.
I feel sorry for Paris in the sense that she is 26 and still operates her life like a runaway train. She does have some legit things going for her, like a fashion accessory line and an acting career, such as it is. Hopefully the 23 days scare her straight and she realizes that it's better to be known for self-made accomplishments than self-inflicted failures.
I like to believe it is not a love hate relationship America has with Paris but more along the lines of gridlock at a car wreck. One marvels at the irony that someone born (just born), a throw of the dice genetically, comes equipped with power and money. Yet even with the best education (an assumption), the best PR, and attorneys a high profile individual could possess, it still is not enough to overcome stupidity, poor judgment, and lack of class. Paris is the epitome of the metaphor that money cannot buy you class. However, it can buy a reduction in sentencing. Do you honestly think that anyone else of less stature would have a sentence reduced because we showed up for the court date? I am not an attorney but isn't that the law?

The only reason that I have any pity for Paris is that in 10-15yrs when she is trying to relay her accomplishments to her son or daughter all she will have is party girl with nothing to offer but a cheap explicit b-rated home movie and a little bit of time served.
I find it interesting that there are so many people out there who do not like Paris. My thinking is this, if there are so many people that do not like her, why is she so popular? I think she should have to serve all the time that was given to her in the beginning. It is sad to know that celebs can get away with just about anything and be fine where as people such as us would serve the entire time in a regular facility. It outrages me that celebs are so much better to consitute such treatment. I wish just once the law would fall on the side of the "little people".
I imagine when Paris gets out of jail, the media will go into a frenzy and there will be a book, followed by a film, as this seems to be the usual , tired formula that these peole adopt.

That seems to be the plastic way that these things are dealt with and they are "oohh-sooo boring".

While Paris certainly has the talent to invent "something out of literally nothing", her public image seems to be attention seeking and shallow.
i.e what am I going to do next , that is controversial and will get me splashed in the media.

Maybe when she gets out of jail, she will do "the rehab thing", like all her friends.

There are more important things in life than being bombarded with these vacuous stories about some insignificant thing happening in her life (i.e who really cares).

Frankly, I do not want to view pictures of Paris's private parts on the 'Net nor do I want to know her favourite colour or whether she likes Cranberry juice.

Come on Media---Move On
I thihk they should conduct a cavity search every day for 45 days. On the 43rd day give her 6 months probation and make her do dog poop pickup in a park every weekend.
The media reports on things like Paris and Brit and Lohan and all of these other selfish, skill-less people, because 28 people commented on this story... which translates to at least 28000 read it. We wish it would go away, but yet we still read it.

Stop reading it and it will go away.
Ok!!! Now the term money talks B*LL$!^$ walks!!! Comes to mind everytime I hear her name...

You Know as well as I do If I were in this kind of trouble (even though I have spent 22 years in the military) Defending our country and going overseas... They would throw the book at me and would probably give me the 90 days...

Now what has Paris done besides keep the courts full of Proceedings that allow her to go from 90 days to 20 days with out spending one day on Jail. And what else has she done lets see... Well she is a Role model that if your daughter follows she will have life in prision before her life begins. She is giving the courts a bad name as well as the racial tension in the U.S. worst (white girl with a less then perfect record but lots of money compaired to an African American Woman in the same boat just with less money). See the twist to her jail time (which is a resort with out valet parking)can bring up racial problems (and I am a White guy).

I think she should do the full time in a normal jail maybe that will teach the little brat a lesson or she needs a good hard spanking along with her mother beaing beat along the side of her head for helping her get away with the crime . She needs some tough love...

I have a Daughter and she had better not ever act like that I will let her do the time in fact I would probably would suggest hard labor for the entire time (builds Charecater)...

Is this what we get for putting our kids on time out??? Where are you now DR Phil??? Can you fix spoiled at 20+ ???? Guess not sheis broke and will remain like that for life.
People can't help but have no pity for Ms. Hilton. Her arrogance and holier-than-thou attitude are disgusting. I realize her upringing is resposible for her attitude but give me a break, she's 26 now and should be able to figure it all out for herself. She needs something to humble her and wipe that smirk off her face.
I love Paris. She's funny, sweet and gorgeous. And she has found a way for society to pay her tens of millions of dollars for just being her.
Paris Hilton? Doesn't anyone realize there is a war in Iraq? Isn't there anything else worth reading about?
I just have one question. Forget Paris, how many times does Snoop Dogg have to get arrested for guns and drugs before he finally get sentenced to jail?
She deserves to go to jail. She is no better than anyone else. She is a princess in her own mind.
I think Paris should be sent to Iraq to help to war effort there for the duration....
Is there any way we can get her the death penalty?
What irks the most is the celebration of out and out mediocrity. Before us is a person who has accomplished nothing of exceptional or average importance. her claim to fame is based purely on being a celebrity, no contribution to society, no philanthropic offering and no talent of any mention. Yet people want to know about her! I say we should be questioning those who need to know about her and allow her to get on with her terribly mediocre life.
I would hit that...even in jail.
When I look at Paris Hilton and how she lives her life and what she has chosen to do with her life, I am filled with a sense of lost opportunity. That she can be anything and do anything in this world but has chosen to be a joke is sad. That her parents have allowed it is tragic. As far as I can tell, they haven't done her any favours. My 12-year old daughter is more mature and has a better sense of civic responsibility than 25-year old Ms. Hilton. I hope some day she finds a focus and uses her birthright for more than her own entertainment.
Boo Hoo Paris

Hey as long as the High Profile people in our Country get away with their crimes we will have a harder time controling our Kids...

Because if Paris gets away with it and OJ gets away with it and the list goes on and on gets away with it what makes us think that we will ever control crime...

Children see them getting away with it (but little do they understand that money walks BS pays the price)for their crimes.

We need to give these high Profile Stars the same punishement as our normal people. In fact in my opinion we need to make it harder on them because they are in the eye of the media. I think they influance problems more then video games, music and other typs of media... either that or cut off their media coverage and they may think twice prior to doing something stupid.

Paris (even though I do not like her is a role model to young teen girls in the US) And that is why the young girls think she is the bomb but do not realize they are writing checks their butts can nlt cash and they will pay for thier mistakes.

Paris You can be lucky I am not a Judge in your area i would have given you the full 90 days in a camp and have her do some type of forced labor. After breaking a few nails and getting dirty she may have a new respect for life and the people around her. Or she could work in a Hospital (in the ER)from the hours of 2400-0500 and see what trama comes in from a drunk drives carelessness. then locked up the rest of the time.
The High Life

Paris Hilton is not funny any more! She needs to be kept of the streets and put into rehab. She's a party animal that is going to get in a serious wreck one day. If she doesn't kill herself she will kill someone else. A car is a dangerous weapon when your driving around drunk and high on drugs. My friends have seen her out on South Beach in Miami, and she is a SERIOUS PARTY ANIMAL.

Paris has no excuse not to hire a driver, except for the fact the a driver might want to get charged when she gets busted for drug possesion.

Oops did i do that crap wont work when you kill a family driving one night!

Wreckless behavior on the road KILLS and CRIPPLES PEOPLE... DUIs are not funny Do something good for society Paris!
I admire Paris!
Of course most people love to hate her. What has she contributed to society besides being born rich and having blond hair?

We certainly can't blame her for her fame, but does it always have to be about the partying and outrageous behavior? When she does something good with all she has, then attitudes towards her will change.
I certainly do not feel sorry for her, but I kinda like her.You have to admit she is american as apple pie.I also feel that the majority off bad feelings directed her way, are more jealousy than that she is a slight to american morality.
98% ha, that's hilarious.

Her persona is her.She is not an image or a creation of a PR handler. She is exactly what you see.

That's the sad part.
Most people are obviously jealous of her, but unfortunately, they don't see the real issues here. Paris has being used as a celebrity and is being treated harshly.

However, no one in the media is interested to address this issue. They don't bother reporting any positive facts or any of her extremely important statements.
Poor Conrad. I bet he flips in his grave every time she does another stupid thing..
I don't see what the fuss is all about. She's not even pretty and has rather vulgar taste in clothes. Frankly, she should serve jail time and in a normal facility and have her license suspende dor one more year. She certainly gives nice girls a bad name
Paris Hilton is surfing a phenomenon that you the media have created. You're milking her for everything she's worth, and, in spite of any question about her talent, if you do the math she's worth a hell of a lot to you guys. Stop the crap about loving to hate or hating to love Paris Hilton and accept the fact that she's proving an invaluable service to you. What I see is a young woman who is dealing with lots of issues in a pretty spectacular and self-destructive way, and media like CNN that's making their bread and butter off of it.
I think this is a 'wake-up call' for Paris: hope that she hears it. It's a self-destructive road, that she has taken...and she has far more brains, than to do such a thing. Paris isn't above the law; a hard lesson to learn, but one that she must learn...if she wants any future at all. Our 'good looks' and our 'money' will not last forever - and, even if they did... it's a very shallow mark to leave behind.
Paris Hilton Who???
This whole topic is fraudulent. I don't know who Dave Levine is, nor do I care, but for some reason, his "spontaneous" (heh) comment about Paris Hilton - I suspect it's his job to do this - rates a headline link on CNN! Nobody would care about Paris Hilton at all except that guys like Dave Levine make a lot of money by fabricating a level of concern. We live in a celebrity-obssessed culture, in large part because guys like Dave Levine make lots of money off it.

If anyone else would go to jail for the multiple parole violations Hilton apparently committed, then so should she. But that has nothing to do with why people hate her. The people who hate her do so because she has the morals of an alley cat. The people who adore her do so because *they* have the morals of an alley cat.
A breathalyzer should be installed in her car like we do here in Canada when you are charged with DUI (second time), that way if she has been drinking she can not start the car, 'oh what if someone else blows for her' then they both get jail time (if caught), if she causes an accident then she (and her passenger) loose their licenses (for good), end of story, its not like she has a real job anyways...
I think it would be really cool if ALL celebrity law-breakers would be treated just like regular people when they break the law. A car driven by a drunken driver is no less dangerous if that driver is a celeb -- either a real one (who has some kind of talent) or a fake one (Paris). Guns and drugs are just as illegal in Snoop Dogg's hands as elsewhere. Our obsession with the famous reflects sadly on the vacuity of many people's lives. Focusing on the famous is not good for you and it's really not good for them either. Bottom line: live your own life.
The amount of outright hostility towards Paris is laughable and somewhat alarming. None of us "posters" really know Paris and would not except for the American media juggernaut jammed down our throats every minute of the day. The quality of anyone's character cannot be accurately judged from 2nd or 3rd hand accounts misrepresented and published in tabloid quality media. Could not any of our personal lives and demons at age 26 be completely sensationalized and twisted until we were ourselves seen in the same or worse light than Paris is now. Americans in glass mansions shouldn't throw bones.
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