Friday, May 25, 2007
Looking out for No. 1 (and some nuts)
It's not easy being No. 1 -- or a "Jericho" fan.

  • "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" is set to dominate the weekend (watch Mr. Moviefone's take) -- and perhaps make box office history. Just three weeks ago, "Spider-Man 3" set a new three-day box office record, but a number of prognosticators believe the third "Pirates" will outdo even "Spider-Man's" gaudy $151.1 million take.

    "Pirates 2" wasn't affected by mediocre reviews, and "Pirates 3" won't be, either. Critics have been rough on "At World's End" -- it's too long, too confusing, too much, they say -- but it appears that "much" is just what audiences are looking for. (Incidentally, if you have a parody of "Pirates" -- or any movie -- in mind, click here:'s I-Report is looking for you.)

  • "American Idol" finished the season on top of the ratings again, but those ratings weren't quite as good as last year's. Could be any number of reasons -- a relatively lackluster group of contestants, Daylight Saving Time, even Sanjaya's departure -- and some observers have their knives out. Fox and 19 Entertainment are likely laughing all the way to the bank, though, because it's still No. 1 by a healthy margin.

  • And then there are the No. 1 fans of a canceled show -- those fans of "Jericho," who have made their displeasure with CBS' move known across the Web (and yes, I've seen your notes to CNN). They've been sending nuts -- it's an inside reference -- to CBS by the crateload to protest the cancellation.

    According to a press release, "Over 8 tons of nuts have been ordered to date. ... Nearly 80,000 have signed the petition to Save Jericho. ... Dancing Peanuts to protest in from of CBS and full page ads in Variety are being planned."

    If you're a fan of "Jericho," you probably already know where to turn, but if not, is the URL.
  • Thank you so much for your comments on Jericho. We really want a second season.
    Keep Jericho on!!!
    Jericho was the BEST show on tv last year, but got ZERO hype from the "main" stream media. While shows like Studio 60 and the Nine were mooned over, Jericho plugged away in a ridiculous time-slot with only the internet here to comfort us fans. Well, behold CBS, even without a slick marketing campaign we loyal fans are still here in GROWING numbers and NUTS to you!


    Why we fight:

    What's the reason? Second season!
    Jericho is an excellent show!

    Don't believe me? Check it out at

    Find out how you can help at
    CBS needs to recognize the mistake they made in canceling Jericho and get the show back on the air.

    I just wanted to say thanks for your coverage of our campaign to Save Jericho!

    The fans have united and we are not giving up until we get a second season of Jericho! The NUTS will continue to flow!

    Here are some more links for Jericho Fans that are still just finding out about our fight, our numbers are growing and our resolve is solid!

    NUTS to CBS! Save Jericho!

    -A Loyal Jericho Fan!
    Thank you very much for your statement about our campaign to save Jericho!
    Thank you for talking about Jericho, and putting it online, it helps us so much. thank you very much..
    Save Jericho!!
    thank you CNN for doing a story on Save Jericho!!! It is really appreciated!
    Thank you for writing about our protest. We want Jericho back for another season as we feel that CBS did not give it enough publicity or enough time. 8 million viewers running against American Idol is worth something. The show is thought-provoking and action-packed. A family friendly show that makes you think. We need more of those - not less.
    Bring Jericho Back!
    I am thankful Mr Leopold that you have blogged this issue, no this WAR. We are dedicated, serious and ready to hear any terms of surrender that CBS wants to throw out to us, but we will not give up!
    Bring back Jericho CBS, its what YOUR viewers have asked for, how can CBS ignore the cards, letters, calls, blog posts ( google hits are now up from Mon's total of 31,100 hits for the search term "save jericho", to 101,000 hits today, most if not all are unique hits too.)

    There is so much more left in the fans of Jericho concerning this war, and only season 2 will do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the mention of the NUTS for JERICHO campaign. The fans are pulling out all the stops to save this fantastic show! Rarely does a network bring out a show with an interesting premise, intelligent writing, a talented cast, and the right balance of action with relationships. This show has it all, and we want it back!
    Thank you very much Mr. Leopold for the support.
    Hey thanks for talking about the fight to save Jericho! Every little bit helps!! We really want this show back!!

    Again, thank you!!

    Jenny, Ohio
    8 tons of nuts, haha! I thought it was a good show, but wow that's some response for a show with only adequate ratings. I doubt CBS will do much, but it will be interesting to see if another network jumps on this for another season. Good publicity, and do you think there would be interest by Planters Peanuts to become lead sponsor?
    Thank you for mentioning our nutty cause!
    American Idol lost it's audience (including mine) because Sanjaya stayed around NOT because he left!! Once Melinda was voted off there wasn't any sense in watching anymore. The show is just making everyone rich.
    thank you for the note about the Jericho campaign!
    Thank you Todd for your mention of Jericho fans' fight to save the show. 8 million (live) viewers a week is pretty good for any show that is going up against American Idol after being taken off the air for months and having been barely being promoted at all.

    Jerich has a great storyline and a great cast. It would be a shame if CBS lets this show end this way.

    -Chad Boyd
    Thank You for the blurb, very concise ! Also, it was heartening to know that someone at CNN actually does read those notes! Not just ours, but all of them, it lets the public know that they are valued as consumers when their word is heard. Http://JerichoLives.Com
    actually the ratigs at the end were in the 8 to 10 million viewer mark, Heros is 12 million, how is that inadequate?
    CBS needs to take advantage of all this attention. It should re-run the shows over the summer and advertise the heck out of it so previous non-viewers can see what all the fuss is about. When it comes back for a second season, its ratings will be bigger than ever!
    "Dracula, P.I?" Are you nuts at CBS serious?

    Thanks CNN for sharing this story on your website! Now could you please mention it on air???

    Add my voice to the chorus! I am so sick and tired of yet-another-CSI and insert-name-of-mindless-reality-program-here. Jericho is a good, old fashioned story, one that my family watched without fail every week.

    We want it back! And no, we will not settle for a 2-hour "Special Event".

    NUTS to CBS!
    Thank you for taking the SaveJerichoNuts campaign seriously. We are all dedicated and loyal followers of the show and we want it to continue for a second season. Jericho is my favorite show of all time and I just love the way it shows how community can pull together in spite of their differences in the face of real adversity. Again, thank you for taking your time to comment.
    To: Mr Todd Leopold:
    I want to thank you so much for wirting this news story on our cause. We are so tired of watching reality TV, and we are fighting to keep a good show with Drama, Action, Suspence, and Good moral values on primetime TV. Nuts to CBS, and Praises for CNN!!!! Thanks again!

    Thank you for your mention of our efforts to save this wonderful show. Jericho is quality television, and that is rare these days.
    According to

    Jericho was # 18.

    You don't believe me? Follow the URL and look for yourself!

    Jericho OUTPERFORMED the following shows (many of which are being renewed):

    18. Jericho 2006 - 9.0
    19. CSI 2000 - 9.2
    20. Gilmore Girls 2000 - 2007 9.1
    21. Supernatural 2005 - 9.2
    22. The Simpsons 1989 - 9.2
    23. The Sopranos 1999 - 9.2
    24. South Park 1997 - 9.2
    25. Avatar: The Last Airbender 2005 - 9.3
    26. The View 1997 - 5.9
    27. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 2006 - 2007 9.1
    28. The Office 2005 - 9.1
    29. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 1999 - 9.2
    30. Bones 2005 - 9.0
    31. Charmed 1998 - 2006 8.9
    32. ER 1994 - 8.9
    33. The Shield 2002 - 9.1
    34. Nip/Tuck 2003 - 9.1
    35. Boston Legal 2004 - 9.1
    36. America's Next Top Model 2003 - 8.3
    37. Entourage 2004 - 9.1
    38. Bleach 2004 - 9.2
    39. Criminal Minds 2005 - 9.1
    40. The O.C. 2003 - 2007 8.7
    41. Hannah Montana 2006 - 9.0
    42. Friends 1994 - 2004 9.2
    43. MythBusters 2003 - 9.2
    44. CSI: NY 2004 - 8.7
    45. CSI: Miami 2002 - 8.7
    46. Saturday Night Live 1975 - 8.5
    47. Battlestar Galactica (2003) 2003 - 9.3
    48. On the Lot 2007 - 8.1
    49. Stargate SG-1 1997 - 9.3
    50. Stargate Atlantis 2004 - 9.2
    51. Home and Away 1988 - 7.9
    52. The Unit 2006 - 9.0
    53. 7th Heaven 1996 - 2007 8.2
    To put Jericho in a 'nutshell' , it's simply the best show on TV last season and certainly better than anything else on CBS!
    Bring it back! We're demanding a second season, but I doubt we'll have to beg for seasons 3,4, 5 etc.
    Someone (maybe on a different network) will finally see what a teasuretrove of fans are backing this show.
    If any show deserves a second season, it is our beloved Jericho!
    Thank you for helping Jericho fans in the struggle to bring back Jericho.

    Thanks for commenting on Jericho!!!

    Bring it back CBS!!!
    Thanks for your support. Do we have enough problem with our kids acting grown as it is YES. So the last thing we need is KID NATION.
    Thank you CNN for mentioning our cause, you have made a lifelong viewer.

    As for CBS, well that is another story. With the cancelation of Jericho I am not watching CBS for anything, not even my local news.
    Looks like Nielsen families do NOT represent the average TV watcher.

    Renew for season TWO! Renew for season TWO!

    Thanks for talking about our cause!
    Mr. Leopold
    Thank you for your comments on behalf of the show and the cause.
    "Jericho lives!"


    Why we fight?? What's the reason??
    2ND SEASON!!!!
    All the way!!!
    CBS is NUTS!!
    Bring back Jericho for a second season!!
    Why would CBS send Jericho off-air for 3 months, then put it back on against American Idol and then cancel it?

    CBS must be run by idiots.
    THANK YOU THANK YOU! For taking time to mention our cause!

    Sign the petition and call CBS to share your disappointment!

    Go to to find out how!!
    come and join one of the most historical fan movements in the history of television
    Mr. Leopold,

    I wish to thank you for your mention regarding Jericho.

    On an interesting note, we have been writing and posting how the Nielson Ratings are no longer accurate in this age of New Media.

    As you can see, a new article located at:

    discusses the Nielson issue. In fact, NBC is concerned that there could be a problem with the current ratings system.

    Surprising that it took a bunch of fans to identify the problem before any of the networks.

    It is time to move beyond mindless TV and onto something that causes to people to THINK for once.
    "NUTS!" to CBS is RIGHT!

    Jericho is a refreshing island in a sea of brain-dead television shows.

    Perhaps NBC would consider taking it over like CBS did with JAG. It turned out to be a winner.

    I'm sick to death of game shows and un-real "reality" TV, prime-time soap operas where
    nothing happens beyond someone raising their eyebrows again and again.

    This is not just a story about a TV show that is smart and topical, unlike most of what is on the networks these days. This is about a big corporation so focused on the "bottom line" that they have lost sight of the fact that they are alienating their customers. Is CBS big enough to admit its mistake?

    Thank you so much for the Jericho coverage! As I post this comment, the nut-o-meter is tipping towards 19,000 pounds, there are orders from EVERY state in the U.S., as well as orders from Canada, the Armed Forces, and Europe (including England, Romania & Estonia). Can SO MANY people be wrong??? NO WAY!!!


    Jericho was a great show and the only thing on television that my entire family looked forward to watching together.
    Jericho was a stupid show which is why it was cancelled.
    NUTS to CBS! Renew Jericho! Stop attempting to dumb down the American people! Reality TV does nothing to stimulate your brain! There are already 3 CSIs, multiple Law and Orders, too many ER spin-offs! Quality, orginial programming, that's what Jericho is!
    Renew Jericho for Season 2!
    CNN, Thanks for mentioning the NUTS compaign. For anyone interested in helping CBS correct their error, please visit the official boards at and then check out the save Jericho staging area at

    Thank you for your attention to our campaign. CBS blew it more than once in its treatment of both the show itself and the fans. We DO want Jericho back - the series, not a two-hour movie, not a mini-series. Cast and crew intact. The best show on TV should not be allowed to disappear.
    Jericho was awesome! I was really disappointed to here it was going to be taken off. BRING IT BACK PLEASE!
    We were loyal viewers of CBS and watched most all of their shows except for
    the lame reality shows. However as of last Thursday we have blocked CBS and
    cancelled our subscription to Showtime on Directv, until they bring back

    We are sick and tired of all the mindless reality shows these networks are
    flooding us with!!

    Are they really afraid to have shows that require a little thought and more
    than a 5 minute attention span.

    Thank you for article. Jericho is a special show. It is a unique premise, has creative and complicated storylines, and great actors (not to mention handsome too...go Skeet!). We want more -- and not just 2 hours more -- lots more!
    Thanks for posting about the fight to save Jericho. There are so few really good shows on and I was surprised when I heard Jericho was canceled.

    I used to think CBS was more in touch with the changing viewing habits of our society, but I think this showed otherwise. The current ratings system is antiquated at best, obsolete at worst; the networks need to get together with Nielsen to devise a better way to gauge viewership. I rarely watch TV live anymore, preferring the DVR or online viewing so programming will fit my schedule, instead of vice versa. My household is the demographic networks are looking for - married, 30 years old, college graduates, no kids, household income of 120k.

    CBS, please reconsider your position. The kind of publicity WE THE FANS have generated for Jericho cannot be bought. I know many people who did not watch Jericho who are intrigued to find out what this show was all about now. So bring Jericho back, promote it, and don't put it on up against the most popular show on TV and expect it to maintain all of its "live" viewership. And hopefully all of the networks have learned from this year's mistakes and will not put shows on a "winter" hiatus. I don't know of a single show that managed to come back better than before.

    Many thanks to Nuts Online for their assistance - everyone there has been awesome!
    CBS is in a NUTshell. Jericho is truly a one-of-a-kind show! What if the real world ended up in a nuclear war? Folks who watched Jericho would have a better idea HOW to survice with the NUTS!!!!!!

    Bring it back or get bombed by the NUTS!
    Thank you CNN for mentioning the save Jericho campaings. Your positive publicity brings us that much closer to acheiving our goals.
    We love Jericho SEASON 2! !!
    We love JERICHO SEASON 2!!
    Jericho FOREVER
    Not since the original Star trek has a show had fans with such passion, as Jericho enjoys now. 30 years after star treks devoted fans got the show back on the air the star trek has become a BILLION dollar franchise from 5 different tv shows, 10 movies, countless games, action figures, and books.

    CBS ADMIT your mistake SAVE JERICHO! or you truely are NUTS!
    THANK YOU for listening and putting a mention about the campaign. We really do appreciate you helping get the word out. Save Jericho!!!
    Thanks for commenting on the Save Jericho campaign! You ain't seen nuthin' yet! Next week we have some BIG things in store for CBS.
    Keep an eye on the movement, you'll have plenty more to report on...
    Thank you for running the story. Jericho was so much a story about ourselves. people were captivated each week by the struggles of a small town in Kansas coping with a disaster of unheard of but possible in today's worlds proportions.

    Viewers have spoken and CBS needs to forge the win win here and re-new the series. Anything else is just really a botched business opportunity for them.
    Thank you for showing support in the Save Jericho Campaign and helping us get the word out to everyone about the cancellation. There are still many fans that have no idea its been canceled.

    Anyone wanting to join the fight, information is avaliable at:
    Thank you for finally commenting on the NUTS campaign. it's great that it is finally getting some media exposure.
    Thank you for picking the story up for us, fans of Jericho. We truly appreciate it. We need as much exposure as we can get and CNN is such a positive putlet. There are many video's somewhat funny of our delievery and NY Times is picking up the story too. Maybe the actual video clip on the news is something you guys can arrange? Thank you in advance.
    I can't believe that they took that show off of the air. What a great show! What were they thinking.....
    Todd, TY so much for your coverage. CBS will have to sue for peace soon, and the price of peace is nothing less that a full season 2! :)
    Whats this Jericho thing?
    Mr. Leopold,

    Thankyou for mentioning our efforts to bring our beloved Jericho back for a second season. It truly is a unique and fascinating show.

    Also, with all due respect to the poster above, we feel that quality prime time programming is a rarity.

    If stupidity were the dictate for cancellation, Jericho could, most likely, have chosen it's own night and time slot.

    NUTS! to CBS
    Thank you so much Mr. Leopold and CNN for posting on this.
    The networks have to listen up. The Nielsen ratings no longer reflect the actual fanbase and viewers - they are outdated and cause problems. Example at hand: Jericho. Lots of viewers, lots of fans, where went our show? Again, thank you for taking the time to write about our fight.
    After a slow start, “Jericho” was building a good deal of momentum and had become a truly engaging and enjoyable program. It was with a good deal of surprise that I heard it was cancelled as it had become a “must watch” program for myself and many others in the Baltimore viewing area. In addition to the regular TV viewers that watched each week on normal television, there are quite a few people I know who had started watching the show mid-season and were “catching up” on earlier episodes either online or via cable on-demand services… or simply awaiting summer re-runs to catch those earlier episodes. Surprise was definitely the right term for the cancellation of this blossoming program. And surprise that CBS was shooting itself in the foot by prematurely cancelling a promising series. It has been reported this program had a solid viewership of 9 MILLION viewers each week, but even that is probably an undercount as I am not confidant Nielsen ratings accurately represent the viewership of programs in this country. Nevertheless, this program certainly has quite a few fans around here (more than most). Although life will go on without this program, hopefully the folks at CBS will re-consider continuing this program for a second season… and create a win-win-win result for CBS, its sponsors, and all of the cast, crew and MILLIONS of viewers.
    I just canceled tuning in to all CBS stations..including RADIO...I also will boycott all sponsors of CBS for the remainder of my life...Whomever made the decision to put Jericho up against Idol shouldn't be in TV brodcasting and whomever decided Jericho should be cancelled should be banned from further program decision making powers and then booted out of the industry... What Bozo's running that CBS!!!! Fudge the NUTS slogan and just GO TO HELL CBS!!!!! You certainly deserve it....
    Thank you for your coverage of Save Jericho campaign.

    Jericho was an engaging and thought provoking show. It was the only show I watched on CBS. One must be really NUTS to cancel such a great series, only to replace it by stupid reality show.
    We are at 10 tons of peanuts now. This isn't just for fans of Jericho, it's for anyone who is tired of being told what they should watch. Join the fray! Thanks CNN for mentioning us.
    long live Jericho.
    Thank You Mr. Leopold for taking notice of the fans effort to save an intelligent, well-written, primetime program. I was astounded when I found out CBS cancelled "Jericho" and replaced it with another mindless reality show. I am boycotting all CBS programming, including this upcoming football season.
    Bring back Jericho! Season 2! ! !
    Thanks for the kind remarks, Mr. Leopold.

    NUTS to CBS! Only Season 2 will do!
    Thank you CNN for publishing this story. Nuts to CBS! Save Jericho!
    Well, it's about time CNN. Looks like the main stream media is waking up, and the Jericho train is leaving the station.

    Thank you for recognizing our efforts. All the GREAT media sources and networks seem to be, how can they not hear our voices and see us - WE NEED JERICHO - this is the best television show on and we need it back for another season and then another and another - CBS is NUTS for not bringing this show back - my entire family loves this show as do millions of other viewers and their families - It's seems kind of strange to me that CBS has a whole campaign on CBS cares, however, they cancel e-mails when the viewers try and contact them, change phone numbers so they won't literally hear our voices, and I could go on and on-but they need to realize the JERICHO fans and family are bonded and we are here to stay...Someone needs to run coverage on Frank who blogs on the message boards - he just lost his 15 year old son on Wednesday - they watched the show together and he requested that a tribute be done for Jericho in honor of Zack during his funeral this weekend - a fellow Jericho fan made a tribute video on YouTube....they don't know one another but share the special Jericho bond....what other fans on other shows would pull together like that? NUTS to CBS and I will boycott them until Jericho returns in the fall! #1 Jericho Fans in Pittsburgh!
    I'm looking forward to a second season of Jericho! We'll keep the pressure on CBS until we get there. Jericho Jericho Jericho. C'mon CBS!
    CNN comes thru once again...Thank you!!!
    Thank you for your article! We want a second season of Jericho! I think I speak for more than just myself when I say that I'm tried of having to settle for reality shows, gameshows, crime dramas, and legal dramas on network television. I was hyped from day one when I saw the first ever ad for Jericho. I was a viewer from the very first episode, and I was hooked.

    CBS gave us a great source of webcasts via Innertube on their website. Their webcasts are the best of any networks in my opinion, and the online component to the show was amazing. I chose to watch Jericho via the webcast rather than taping Jericho if I had to miss it, because I knew I could count on CBS for that. But CBS apparently wasn't counting me. Their cancellation was based on Nielson figures, which aren't designed to factor in web viewings or even DVR/Tivo viewings at a later time.

    I think Jericho's audience is larger and much more supportive of the show than CBS gave us credit for. Now hopefully we've made our numbers and support clear. We want Jericho back on CBS where it belongs, for season two!


    Wilmington, NC age 34
    Thank you for spending the time to cover our effort. Jericho is an amazing show that is truly captivating. Unfortunately CBS believes "Kid Nation" will bring the second coming...they would get 5x the ratings just covering our efforts to bring back Jericho. Be sure to keep your ear close to the ground for further milestone accomplishments!
    Thanks for your comments on Jericho and our resolve for at least another full season. I am like other people who are no longer watching any CBS programs due to their cancellation of Jericho.
    Thank you so much for your article!! Jericho was an EXCELLENT show and deserves a second season. Jericho did much better than the ratings showed, and even had better ratings than shows that were renewed. UNFAIR!!
    CBS made a huge mistake canceling Jerico. It was the best show on. I hope that they will recognize what a good show they have and put it back on for a second season.
    Pass this info about Jericho onto to Wolf Blitzer I would like to see the Nuts campaign on The Situation Room
    Yes, thank you for reporting on this campaign!!

    I, like many, happened upon Jericho by accident and was hooked. Such compelling characters and a great cast, they could have been reciting the phone book and I would have tuned in.

    I also noticed it was rarely promoted. I watched it on CBS or the rerun on the Space Station, in Canada, on the weekend.

    Please CBS, bring back the best new show of the year, the Nielson system is surely outdated.

    Otherwise, I won't be tuning into any new CBS show, that is for certain.
    Your comments and support of this great show are much appreciated! Jericho, it's cast, producers, writers, directors and most especially its many, many loyal fans DESERVE a second season of the best drama on television.

    We'll accept nothing less.

    Jericho is easily one of the best shows I've had the pleasure of watching in many, many years.

    Please realize your mistake and bring back this fine piece of entertainment.
    i didn't know cbs existed before Jericho.
    why in the world would they cancel this show its all cbs had.Now I'll never watch cbs again.The people who made that decision obviously doesn't have much in the smarts department. After this CBS will surely remain behind all the other networks with all their g rated shows.
    Whats this Jericho thing?
    Thanks for bringing attention to our fight to SAVE JERICHO! This is an awesome show and CBS has made a huge mistake. We demand season 2! Check out as well.
    Nuts!!!!! to CBS
    Season 2 or NUTS!!
    Finally! Thank you for reporting on this story. It is much more newsworthy that Paula Abdul tripping over a dog or Brittany Spears bad pedicure.

    The ratings system that networks use is archaic. Before you know about a new show, they've yanked it from the lineup!

    It was a knee-jerk reaction. CBS should take advantage of this PR.
    Save Jericho and save CBS. Hopefully CBS will at least sell the show to another network. (Thereby, saving face with upset Jericho viewers. CBS can then continue their efforts to only appeal to the 60 year old plus crowd.)
    I remember watching the first episode of Jericho and thinking, "Wow, this is going nowhere." There have been stellar shows in the past cancelled after a short run (Freaks and Geeks, My So Called Life come to mind) but Jericho wasn't one of them. The premise was wicked...for a movie, but not for a serial television show. Sorry. My .02
    Todd, Thank you for writting this and helping our cause. Us Jericho fans are fighting hard for this mistake to be corrected. This show should never have been cancelled. The ratings show that this was a top rated show, there was no justification as to why this was cancelled.

    Thank you again.
    JERICHO was the only network show I have watched in 20 years and CBS had to pull it,just my luck. With such a HUGE following, why not bring it back for a second season ? Come on CBS !!
    Thank you for your mention of Jericho. It might be worth noting that Jericho held the same time slot as Idol, and came out seconed in the ratings. Some of Idols lost viewership may now be fighting with us to save Jericho.
    Thank you so much for canceling Jericho. even a test pattern would be better.
    Thank you, Mr. Leopold, for mentioning Jericho in your column. Any and all publicity helps!

    And to CBS -- as you already know, you'd be "nuts" to not renew such an intelligent, emotionally engaging, provocative, creative show like Jericho! Perhaps at first you underestimated the strength of its fan base. Well, look around you, and realize the error of your "nutty" ways! Please take all of our petitions, letters, emails, faxes and nut deliveries seriously; we are VERY serious in sending them! Thanks. Shari in California

    (The link with my name is not my webpage, but rather a link to a "Save Jericho" community on LiveJournal.)
    here's a idea, rename it survivor jericho kansas and renew it
    Thanks for the shout out to us loyal Jericho Fans.
    I am amazed that 80,000 people can get together to send peanuts and protest the cancellation of a television show (Jericho) yet we cannot do the same to protest the cost of gas by not buying it for just one day! Where are our priorities?
    Jericho was one of the most interesting, thoughtful shows on television. In a television programming world adrift in "reality" tv garbage, this show was real pleasure. KEEP JERICHO ON THE AIR!
    Jericho just plain sucked. The show just drags on like it was waiting to be cancelled from the start. 80,000 signatures is nothing, the first episode was the only one worth watching.
    How Ms. Tessler can act and consider what happened to Jericho as a mere "cancellation" is beyond me. CBS took a viable show and KILLED their own show! They ran the show for a couple of weeks and yanked it for the shelves for several weeks while they put on a cheesy famous/cop reality show (which crashed, burned in ratings and was taken off the air sooner before the show's full run).

    By the time it came back on, some bonehead in programming kept it against Idol...the blockbuster of all ratings. The viewers who were following the intricate storyline and poof! the show was off the air after the first few episodes... setting collecting dust on the shelves for weeks. With a show such as Jericho and it's intricate storyline, deserved better respect--as did the CBS viewer--no matter which form the viewer opted to follow Jericho.

    To then suggest as a "compromise" to the "humbleness" the viewers made CBS felt by Ms. Tessler to let's tie up the odds & end of the story in a 2 hour movie is a slap in the face to the viewer, as well as the cast and crew who lost jobs over CBS slaughtering their show before it ever had a chance.

    The only redemption CBS can possibly offer that would be THE THING TO DO business-wise and morally is to bring the show back put "Jericho" back on for a second season, the show and people who put Jericho together prove themseleves with no more bonehead programming manuevers from CBS.

    It's truly a shame, how one network could kill a show before it ever really got started. Why invest in it to start with?? I used to watch a two hour block of CBS on Wednesday night with Jericho and then Criminal Minds right behind it. As much of a fan I am of Criminal Minds, as well as Jericho, NO MORE. It will be a cold day in hades before CBS is ever turned back on in my house. More because of the lack of integrity from CBS and the disrepscect the network doled out to their viewers. I have better thing to do with my time and I KNOW I deserve better respect!

    I hope that CBS is having one HECK of a NUTTY Day!
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