Tuesday, May 22, 2007
'Idol' chatter: When 17 is a 10
Somewhere Martina McBride is smiling because her classic country tune "A Broken Wing" is going to help a 17-year-old girl from Arizona win "American Idol."

Had you asked me a few months ago -- after her audition in Seattle -- if the 17-year-old, Jordin Sparks, could win the competition, I think I would have said it was possible but the youthful one would have a hard time with some of the genres outside of pop music. Especially since she is a teenager.

Not so Tuesday night. The kid's "Broken Wing" was every bit as good as the original, and that is a big statement because Martina is -- as Randy Jackson would say -- one of the best singers in the known world.

I don't think Jordin's competition was bad. But Blake Lewis had a huge set of obstacles in the way. For starters, the finals have a schmaltzy ballad that often seems to arise straight from the book of love-song cliches. That favored Jordin and she nailed hers, making people forget Blake's well-that-wasn't-so-bad version of ... I forget the name of the song.

The other big challenge was trying to outperform himself on the song that he had done before -- "You Give Love a Bad Name." He couldn't, so he didn't gain a big advantage over Jordin after Round 1. And she won the other two.

I still wish Blake would win. He's cooler, more inventive, unique and a good entertainer. But the finals are often dominated by the better singers. And there's really no question that Jordin easily takes that title -- and the "Idol" title.

I hear she's young. No matter. She sings like a pro.
I dont want to take away from any of the idols currently running for the finale however I still feel none of them could stay up against Melinda. I understand that most of the people that watch American Idol are young but this is a singing contest not a popularity contest.. I honestly think the show needs to rethink their shows policy so the correct choice of singers would be able to show off their skills to become American Idol.. Melinda is the best of both of these finalist.. But If I had to choose one of these, I like Jordan she has a bright future with singing..
Blake is good, but his range is limited and Jordin voice sell music. Blake has great entertainment value, but only on stage. You cannot see it if song is on the radio. So far most of Blake songs, sound simular, due to lack of range. No more Tyler Hicks.
Good luck to all.
I think Blake should win. This is because he is the best entertainer. I don't think we should judge this competition based on singing only because if we do, then Melinda should have won and not Jordin.
Blake is the performer, Jordin has the voice. Even tho almost everyone I've been hearing & reading in the media seems to think Jordin has it in the bag, I still think American Idol has given us enough surprises in the past for people to not take anything for granted. I love Jordin's voice, but I love watching Blake perform. Can they tie? ...please?...oops, had a Paula moment... c'mon Blake!!!!!
I think Jordin is the right person to win AI. She's pretty, young, she can sing, and most of all she is....moldable!! That being said, I think Blake winning AI would hold him back. Blake is better than that! Blake can go on to have huge success being a producer, collaberator, and perhaps even a writer. Look at Timbaland, Pharell and others. Not great singers, but whatever their hands touch when it comes to producing great songs is...Magic! Think of Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot and others to name just a few. To me, that is part and parcel of what being an artist is all about. That's my $0.02!!
Blake is a good entertainer, but so is Britney Spears, however they both lack vocal talent. I was under the impression this was a contest based on singing ability not being cool. As Simon said last night Jordan wiped the floor with Blake.
Jordin should win tonight. She has everything an American Idol should have. Charisma, looks, and she can sing. Blake is okay but this is a singing competition, not a beatbox (or whatever you call it) one. If I want weird sounds, I can just turn on my dishwasher.
We all know Jordin won the junior idol contest, and that the ponies, butterflies, and rainbow ballads that are sung at the end (remind me again about why we had a contest that produced "This is My Now" in not better a fashion than the previous hokey ballads) lent themselves to her choked up voice.

Cliche. Jordin wins, but I won't be buying her CD.

I will however be excited to see what Blake produced... we have seen Yamin and Daughtry perform and guess what, they did alright for not being covered in confetti.

This year is a tough choice because I like both of them!! I think Jordin has a GREAT voice and love Blake's performances. Either way, they both are winners and will have great careers in their own genres. I guess if I had to pick, I'd pick Blake for his originality. He really added a lot to the competition.
I didnt even watch it last night. First Sanjaya; then Menlinda. This show has turned into the biggest joke and I will never watch it again. Will save me 3 hours a week now!! Might have to golf some more. And congrats to all tennie boppers for ruining the show.
Blake gets on my nerves. I can only handle so much beat boxing before I want to hide under the couch. Best of luck to Jordin. She is an excellent singer and a beautiful girl. However, I am completely aghast that Melinda was voted off the competition. I almost boycotted the last two episodes for this reason. Blake could never in a million years outsing Melinda, but his staying on the show can be attributed to a bunch of 'tweens who spend too much time text messaging!
It seems that the song that Idol picked for both of them to sing favored Jordin... does anyone think that was on purpose?
I miss Melinda - the finale was always going to be less-than-incredible without her!

Having said that, since the best singer is out of the competition, giving it to the second-best singer is kinda weak. Which is why I think Blake should win. He is where he is completely on the entertainment factor (and what an entertainer he is!!) and he definitely deserves it over a 17-year-old, average entertainer, with second-best vocals.

That's my opinion. But, I agree with Cowell - Jordin's going to take it - she will get Melinda's votes.
I wish Blake would win. I'm tired of having ballads belted out at me. Sure Jordin could sing better, but I wouldn't listen to her. She was no different than three others in the competition this year. There was no other Blake. I always enjoyed his song choices. You can have a wonderful voice, but I'm still going to change the station if the song is dull.
Puh-lease. Jordun with the over the top fake tears and the oh so sugary ballad. If it's strictly about singing, Melinda should be the winner as she could sing circles around Jordun. Entertainment value lies with Blake hands down. Send Jordun to be a fill-in for "That's So Raven" or off to play offensive lineman in NFL Europa.
I'll buy Blake's CD, I'll change the channel if I ever see or hear that phony behemoth Jordun in the future.

Westwood, CA
Although I am still upset that Melinda was not in the finals I did take a peak at it last night. Here is my take: Jordin sang beautifully. Blake entertained us. Melinda should win.
"But the finals are often dominated by the better singers."

Someone ought to tell this guy that American Idol IS a singing competition! What a dweeb!
Ok Blake is like Britney Spears great on stage huge media attraction, but absolutely no vocal talent and this is a show about who can sing the best and I am sorry people, but Melinda is gone so it's time to move to the person who is the next most talented and that is Jordan. If last night was not proof enough who could sing then you might need to go on Youtube and watch again.
Blake's first song last night was very good, but the rest of his performances were generally weak in the singing category. This is after all a singing competition not a "magic show". His appeal will be to a much smaller audience than Jordin, and he would be another Hicks...a winner without much following. Jordin is only going to get better and when she matures and gains her adult appearance she is going to be beautiful. With come grooming to develop some moves she will be a diva!
Yes, Jordin is the better singer. Yes, Blake is the better entertainer. But no, neither of them blew me away.

The high-school-prom-queen voting style of the show has unfortunately weeded out the best singers (and singer/performers) before the end. Congrats to both the finalists, but after last night's show I'm totally underwhelmed.
I boycotted the show last night because I still think Melinda should have won. Since she's not there, I could care less.
The third song was a dud by both...it was, in fact, a terrible song but one that -- at least -- did lend itself more to a female voice which seemed somewhat unfair to Blake. The wind was taken out of IDOL this year with the loss of LaKeisha, then Melinda.
I have consistently been a huge supporter of Blake's because I think he is the most innovative contestant American Idol has ever seen...however, for the first time in weeks I did NOT vote last night. Simply put, I didn't want to see Blake have to put out that shoddy song that was required of the contestants last night. It was a song choice that was OBVIOUSLY slanted towards Jordin. I would have liked to see more of a battle there...let's put a rockin' song out there for Jordin to sing and see how well she fares out of her element. No? Well, then, it seems to me American Idol has wrapped this one up with a shiny red bow in Jordin's favor. Poor Blake never stood a chance! No matter, I have no desire to purchase more teeny bopper candy coated music similar to what a 17 year old Jordin will release. Give me a funky, stylish beat from Blake any day! Blake is no Taylor Hicks...he will make music that sells, just like Chris Daughtry did.
The fact, to me, is that Clive Davis likes the sugary balladeer to win. That song last night was written for a voice like Jordin has. And she is the better singer.

But... I just really hope against all hope that maybe somehow, someway, Blake will win.

There are 50 Jordin-esque singers on the radio right now, some with better voices. I think she has an incredible voice, and don't deny that last night singing the cheesy This is My Now song sent some shivers up my spine. Maybe Jordin would shine and shape the music world the way Kelly Clarkson has... or maybe she'll fade into obscurity like so many others whose names I can't even remember. Odds lean toward the latter.

Blake is different. He's gutsy. Honestly, despite a weak performance, I almost forgot last night that his Maroon 5 cover is actually one of my favorite songs by that band-- it felt like Blake's own song. Sure, his tone on the notes for "wiiiiillll" were a little rough, but that's nothing that won't be covered on a CD. Plus, the back-up vocals were WAY too loud and made him sound terrible, and again on his last song. Maybe the producers don't have faith in his vocals?

Also, I think Clive Davis wants Jordin to win and it was reflected in all that the judges said. Simon seemed conflicted like he couldn't say everything he wanted. Blake was so frustrated during the cheesy balls last song that I sincerely think he probably wanted to turn that into a more hippity-hoppity-beat-boxy type song and was pretty much shot down.

He knows that's not his style, and it's actually aggravating that he was allowed to explore his style all season and then suddenly for the finale he was slammed into the American Idol prototype-- a tidy little box with bright colors and a sugar sprinkle on top.

But... I love the show. I love the talent. I'll tune back in next week. And at least my beloved Seattle (where I'll be living again in under a month) was redeemed.

Still-- I love ya', Blake! It's sort of a win-win sitation- if he wins, he's the American Idol. If he loses, then he doesn't have to have that cheesy balls song be his first single, and he can get signed by a label more hyped for his style and not Clive Davis' idea of what pop music should be.
Based on last nights performance, Jordin should win. Based on the millions of pre-teen and teenage girls that vote, Blake will win. In my mind, Melinda will always win.
I think that AI needs to adopt a judging format such as that on DWTS. Have the judges issue a score for each performance and have that count for half and have the Audience vote as well for the other half. I also think that they need to limit the vote to (5) per phone line.

Of the two that are left, I could care less. I lost all interest when Melinda got voted off.
Why is it that ever 'original' song used at the end that both singers have to sing is always some smaltzy (sp?) ballad. They are so formulaic. And this put Blake at a huge disadvantage, simply huge. It played right into Jordin's hand. On the last night, I think the performers should be able to pick music that highlights their strengths. They've made it this far singing all the different variations - there is no reason to do it again and I think it would make for a more fair competition.
ARGH!!! I wanted to see it but my husband messed up the VCR and it didn't record it! I was stuck at work till 8:30. I'll have to catch it on YouTube or during the review tonight. *sigh* Without seeing last night, I still want Blake to win ;)
Its not even an competition. Blake's voice is on par with Jordon however Blake is a true musician, understanding how to rearrange music and has both the ability to captivate an audience as proven by the shear number in his votes, as well as personalize the music by rearranging it with ture skill, We dont need another mocking bird we need a performer and BLAKE is it, The New American Idol. He will be one of the first winners who will actually do somthing with the title unlike the past winners who amounted to nothing more then a showing on a morning talk show. Its always the runner ups who were voted out who actually make it, But Blake will change all of that.
Has anybody noticed how Jordin doesn't move when she's singing? She just stands there.
Malinda had vocals and thats were it ends, she is a bore
Okay, so we all know Melinda got ripped off, but then again.. maybe she didn't. We all believed Chris Daughtry got ripped off but he has way outsold Catherine McPhee, Elliot Yamin and Taylor Hicks who all stayed on the show longer than him. Melinda, no doubt will do the same.

On to Jordin Sparks: is she pretty? Yes. Does she sing very well? Yes. Does she make me want to buy concert tickets to go see her? Umm, honestly.. no.

Blake Lewis. Is he the best singer ever? No. Does he sing way better than most of us thought he would be able to when all we had heard was his beatboxing in the beginning? Yes. Can he perform? Yes. If he was in concert, would people buy his tickets? Yes.

Hands down, I would pick Blake as my idol because he is original and I would love to buy tickets to his concert. It would be awesome. I also would buy his CD. It would be a great keep me awake CD on a long road trip.

But, I also don't want Idol to hold me back.
i think American Idol will be cancelled after this year. Lackluster Hicks from last year, and it's been a drag ever since.
I tried to watch this year.
6 years is a good run.
Rather not watch TV at all than suffer through another 20 minutes of show, 40 minutes of commercials.
This thing was rigged from the start and Jordin was supposed to win. Melinda was a decoy and that is sad berceuse she truly was a diva. Yes she will have a career but AI is supposed to mean something. The judges and the network knew Jordin’s dad. I can’t believe that all three judges sat there with a straight face and pretended not to know her. A six foot tall pretty girl with an NFL who they hung out with is not hard to forget. Blake can receive millions more votes and Jordin will win. Come on do you really belie America voted Melinda off. Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry are now some of the hottest acts out there. Bottom line they are trying to dupe and don’t hold their viewing audience in high esteem. Sad to say I probably will watch next year.
I'm sick of hearing all those people complaining about Melinda not being in the finals. How many times did you vote?? Obviously not enough. As much as they try to say that it is a "Singing Competition," it is not! You have to appeal to everyone, and Melinda does not appeal to the younger crowd. She has a great voice, but has no personality. Blake, in my opinion, will have the most successful career, since he has a more dedicated fan base, but Jordin will probably win the competition, based on the fact that all the "Melinda votes" will go to her.
WOW! Last nights show was something American IDOL voters and the last two finalists should be very proud of!
America got it right, Blake got it right, Jordin certainly got it right and the only self admitted wrong was Simon...
This will arguably be the best AI finale ever!
WOW factor was off the charts!

Jordin you are what IDOL is all about, we got it right.
Blake... your still a winner!
Jordin, where were the actual tears? What a joke? Were you fake crying because you just sang the worst song I have ever heard? Blake doesn't belong on American Idol - he is actually inventive, talented, and unique.
This has been the most boring and disappointing season of American Idol since it's inception. To top it all off, they require the finalists to end the finale show with a 'homegrown' written song that is always incredibly horrible and sappy. This is American Idol, not America's best singer...or Melinda should have won. Blake was definitely more interesting, more entertaining, and had is own style from the beginning. It lacks integrity for the show to make the finalists sing such a stupid song to finish things off. I would never tune in to the radio to hear that song, from anyone. It really ends things on a flat note. Why don't they let the last song be a free choice, or let the viewers vote on the web from a selection of 3 songs the finalist has chosen? That, I would tune in for.
It is incredible that Melinda got booted in the first place. She was the best voice in the competition! I was very disappointed. Nonetheless from the two left the choice is obvious. This is a SINGING competition. I can't believe Blake made it this far! He has NO vocal talent. Everytime I heard him sing I thought I was in a bad Karaoke bar. Jordin has an incredible voice. With singing lessons on projection she will get far. Still, I insist what happenned with Melinda. American Idol needs to review their voting rules. It's ok for the public to vote but do pre teens really know waht a good singer is? There should be a mix in the points. A percentage from the audience and another from the judges. Please DON'T vote for Blake. He is NOT a singer at all.
I think Blake should win. He is a very unique singer and America needs change. He is an amazing entertainer and crowd pleaser. I am really hoping he'll win. Go Blake!!!
Shame on the AI producers for engineering this season's outcome. They've probably done so from Day 1, but it has never been more blatant than this season. That perfectly awful and cheesy song, This is My Now, was hand-picked to showcase the undeniable talents of the chosen one, Jordin Sparks. If the competition was really meant to be fair they would have ended the show with a fourth song that played to Blake's strengths. I feel certain that Jordin would have failed miserably at beatboxing and the results revealed on tonight's show would be far more unpredictable. The comments on this blog and from Simon and Randy last night that AI is a singing competition are just nonsense. If the best singer should win then Melinda Dolittle would be wearing the AI crown tonight and both Rubin Studdard and Taylor Hicks would not be former winners.
talk about a lot of crying. Melinda, Melinda, Melinda, who cares??? She was boring, she is gone. So if you liked her so what, I hated her. I loved Daughtry and he got voted off last season but I still watched for goodness sake. Grow up people and stop acting like a bunch of 5 year olds.

And for the last time AI is NOT NOT NOT NOT just a singing competition. There are plenty of good singers that do not make it. It takes more than that to make it in show biz.
All this discussion is irrelevant.

The rumor mills are buzzing with word that the show assembled a team for Jordin several weeks ago, and now that the cast of "Dreamgirls" is going to coronate Sparks tonight.

The show pulls another rig-job (with Blake's full cooperation, no less), and Jordin wins. Barf.
Sparks breathing is too noisy & frankly, she has a tendancy to make every song sound alike.
The best singers were dumped!
I don't believe that the judges should be polled and state their opinions before the final vote because it is prejudicial towards both of the finalists. Their opinions should only be asked if at all, after the voting has been closed. If I were a finalist and the judges influenced the vote and I lost, I would be looking to secure an attorney and take the show to court. I hope someone relays this information to the producers of the show, especially that idiot Simon.
GOOOOO BLAKE!!! Roll Tide!!!
I'm frankly shocked by the number of people claiming that Blake is the best entertainer. Does no one else get vibes of complete insincerity? Is no one bothered by the fact that he has a weak voice that is frequently out of tune? I've watched the show all the way through this season and I've yet to feel entertained by Blake at all.

I would definitely buy a Melinda CD. Possibly a LaKisha CD. Doubtful I'd shell out money for a Jordin CD, and I'd be happy to spend money to AVOID hearing a Blake CD.
Since the best singer was voted off the show (Melinda Doolittle) I don't care who wins. I'm not even watching. I've never purchased American Idol music (except Over the Rainbow) Katherine McPhee but I look forward to buying anything Melinda does. Boy did Idol make a big mistake. No wonder their rating have dropped. The night Doolittle got voted off my husband and I turned it off and haven't watch since. They should take a page from Dancing with the Stars. The best dancers won on that one and Idol is supposed to be about the best singer and the two remaining contestants don't even come close.
If you hear Blake's songs on the radio as someone has suggested earlier, would you request to hear it again? Would you actually SEE him beatboxing when you buy his records? Forget about his dancing, which is horrendous. The fact is, it would have been a more interesting final if either of the 3 divas is on it: Jordin, Lakisha, or Melinda.
Blake's fans have doubled their efforts 3 weeks ago when Simon alluded to him not doing enough to last long. The producers should think of a way that the results are really a reflection of the true following of each contestant.
1,000 voters for Blake calling 3 times each equals to 3,000. 2,500 voters for Jordin calling just once equals only 2,500. 'nuff said.
I want Blake to win. I do not think it was fair how the show ended. I too believe the song choice at the end totally played in Jordin's favor and it was selected because of it. Jordin is boring to watch and the one song she tried to sing (I believe it was her first song of the night) that was more her age was not that impressive. Blake is from my hometown and maybe I am bias but I believe he will have much more success than Jordin. He'll probably do much better in his career if he doesn't win.
It's getting to the point now that anyone in the top twelve that has talent, drive, and uniqueness can "win", even though they only pick one "American Idol". Chris Daughtry...Jennifer Hudson...Tamyra Gray...these folks have benefitted from A.I. Appearances from chart-topping artists are making it this "talent show" even more legit in the music industry, unlike the first couple of seasons.

Blake and Jordin...and even Melinda have all "won" as long as they can play the game on the business end of the music industry.

For the record, though, Jordin "wiped the floor" in the competition last night. Blake was not that entertaining by the end.
I wish pop music would hurry up and die. Blake your "beatbox" crap is lame as your style of clothing. Maybe Kris-Kross needs a backup beater. He has NOTHING to do with pop music,no way is he going to win,and if he does they need to change the shows name to American Idiots...Jordan is about 6'7 but I like her. Maybe after the show I can get her to play a game of football in my yard. Stupid show.
I don't find Blake to be in the least bit "entertaining". He's all gimmick and no substance. Jordin has been inconsistent. Melinda was stellar the entire season and she will be the true star of season 6.
I think Blake should win.
Sure the final song didn't fit his style, but Jordin lacked the conviction in her voice to sell that song.

Both will have great careers either way.
I watch American Idol every week. The judges last night were very harsh on Blake. It was like the show was a set up. Ryan spoke to Jordan more and they acted like Blake was horrible! Jordan and Blake have two totally different styles. Jordan can sing her heart out but Blake Lewis is a crowd pleaser and a GREAT entertainer. But it does not matter now the votes are in and I bet you know who I voted for......
I just wanted to say that this year is the best bunch of kids, they are all nice to each other and seem to respect each other, no back-piting either. Refreshing isn't it?
Clearly Melinda had the better voice but the fact is, she is not in the finals. Blake's beatboxing is unique and interesting but can you take hours of that type of music? On the other hand, I could listen hours on end to Jordin's music. She is extremely talented, marketable and wonderful demeanor. She is constantly being reminded she is 17 years old. Who cares. That girl can sing! I choose Jordin to take it all tonight.
I have been watching American Idol sence the start of the show. I have to say that Jordan is one of the best singers I have seen with years of American Idol. She has a smile and the carisma to match.
So step off Blake. I'm sorry I do not think he should have even been in the finals. It should have been between Jordan and Dolittle. And sence she is the one left between those two. Then hands down Jordan. There is no competition.
i think that blake lewis is the best he is cute and jordin is only winning because she is a girl blake is so much better then she is i hope that blake does win beacause there has been so many more girls than guys so if blake wins that will make me happy
I think it's laughable some think that the last song in the competition, This is My Now, was some kind of set-up. There is nothing about that song that requires it be sung as some kind of ballad. If Kelly Clarkson had sung it, I guarantee she would've made it rock. If Blake was as creative and as good of an entertainer as some think, he would've come through with a way to make it creative and entertaining. He didn't, instead choosing to stand on his voice alone. That's not a winning decision when you aren't the best singer in the competition.
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