Tuesday, May 08, 2007
'Idol' chatter: Jordin rises
Who woulda thunk that Bee Gees tunes were so hard to make interesting?

Thank goodness for Jordin Sparks. It was her night again, which is especially gratifying after last week's Sanjaya-like version of "Living on a Prayer."

Ms. Sparks sang "To Love Somebody" and "A Woman in Love" flawlessly. My complaint was that singing two ballads was a really, really safe way to play the night. I guess I can't blame her (considering last week). I'd also add something about how pretty she looked, but her dad is a former NFL player and I don't want him on my bad side. I think she'll coast into next week. (Watch Steve and Rodney hash things out.)

I also think Melinda Doolittle is safe -- despite an emotionless performance and a half. I was really worried about her until she suddenly decided to turn on her inner Aretha midway through "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart." If this were her first week I wouldn't be surprised if she got booted off. But given her body of work, she should be fine.

I'm not sure what to make of Blake. There were parts of "You Should Be Dancing" that made me physically uncomfortable. But I kinda liked "This Is Where I Came In," which fused reggae and disco. I found a clip of the original online and I see why it was never a hit, so Blake gets extra points from me for making a bad song listenable. He'll stay.

That leaves us with LaKisha Jones.

I think LaKisha did much better with "Stayin' Alive" than she got credit for, with a good vocal and a nicely different tempo. She also showed the ability to be coached. But her lack of stage presence -- she's completely devoid of it -- means this is her last week. She may have even realized that when she flubbed the final big note of "Run to Me."

So will we get a big surprise on the results show?
Idol is pretty fond of giving back, could they now give back the hour I wasted watching 4 contestants sing songs so obscure, and so outdated that their hipness preceded most of the contestant’s birth dates?

That was bad… and not “BAD” like Michael Jackson bad… it was bad like Jordan singing ‘Living on a Prayer” bad.

As the judges critiqued each performer with ‘it wasn’t working” and “out of your comfort zone” I kept thinking, no kidding… I don’t know many 17 year olds that hash out “Staying Alive” other then in parody.

Every contestant just sounds worn out. Lakisha is hoarse, Jordan is pitchy, Melinda is dull, and Blake… well, Blake is still Blake… without the Malibu Barbie highlights.

That being said, Melinda vocally is safe. BUT she may need to step up the entertainment factor not to be the upset, the “Daughtry” of the season.

Lakisha is the weakest link. She didn’t quite have the oomph to boogie it into next week and I predict her hoarse note was enough to tilt her fan base.

Blake, not to quote Randy, but I wasn’t feeling it. I liked the beat boxing as it at least added a little pizzazz to an all too dull night but it wasn’t my favorite. He hit some nice notes in the second song but he is no Josh Groban. He could be in the “Danger Zone” and I admit, the song may foreshadow his future. But as the last “pseudo-man” standing I have to root a little longer for him.

Jordan. Jordan. Jordan. 2 terrible performances coming into tonight, 1 decent song choice and another terribly pitchy song that was as Simon called it, “pageantry”… her days rightfully should be numbered. However, she is only 17, as they have noted the last 237 times. In fact maybe the show wouldn’t have been running so low on time had they quit reminding us of her age. She is probably safe… but she fell from my favorites fast and hard. Her act is getting old. Barry relaying her as one of the finest females of our time… does he own an FM radio?

The whole show is getting old. The lack luster appeal this year seems to be ever present.

That being said, the show relies on CD sales, and it is the teenie boppers and 20 something’s that dominate that scene. They are not going to buy Melinda or Lakisha's... (Remember Taylor Hicks? I think I bought one of the 531 CDs he sold. It is still in the wrapper) and quite frankly Jordan has ALWAYS been pitchy. Not sold entirely on Blake either, but Paula nailed it with the comment there is nothing old about Blake. I would buy his CD as in the studio he might produce a great track.

However, had that been the first time I ever watched Idol I wouldn't watch again.
Just an observation, but maybe someone with actual vocal knowledge should write this blog. Let's face it, Jordan was not great... seriously... the second song was bad.
Two comments:

I agree about Jordin taking the safe route. At the end of the show, I told my wife that IDOL should have a rule that would prevent singing two ballads. Make them sing one up tempo and one ballad.

I disagree with your comment about LiKisha being coachable. Barry tells her what the melody is on Stayin' Alive, encourages her to sing it, and she didn't do it. She stayed with what she had been singing - what in essence was the lower harmony line.
"Flawlessly"?!? I love Jordin, and liked "To Love Somebody", but "A Woman in Love" was not good. I liked Blake's first song, and I agree with you about Lakisha's "Stayin' Alive". However, I'm hoping that she will not stay alive in the competition tonight. She can belt out a song, but I just don't see her winning this. I'd be ok with Melinda or Jordin and Blake as the final 2.
Funny commend by "Anonymous" there...I guess you are a world famous producer? vocalist? Reveal yourself oh wise one!

Steve, thanks for your blog once again.

Jordin takes the cake in my book. Blake is creative, needs to step away from idols choice of artist and write some songs on his own. Melinda has a great voice, I just don't think she is the next american idol. Lakisha has an ubelievable voice, but time to go.
In your dreams! We can tell you are a Jordin fan because NOTHING about her performances were flawless.
Jordin makes me want to gag!!! If I have to see her little heart shape fingers again I think I will throw my shoe at the TV! It's no longer cute. Yes, she can sing, but the others are better and she needs to grow up and get off the stage!
I actually am very worried for Melinda. She is by far my favorite this season and perhaps the best vocalist of any contestant on Idol, EVER. The woman just NEVER seems to make any vocal mistakes. That being said, I think she has to take it up a notch at this point. She has set the bar sooo high that she is going to have to "take 'em to church" as people say. She is just going to have to blow the roof off, and I am sure she is capable of it. But contestants are afraid to do it because it's risky. You run the risk of being told you are over singing or shouting. She just has to take that risk at this point. Her voice is so technically outstanding that she can do it. The judges compare her to Tina Turner and Stephanie Mills for goodness sakes. Go for it Lindy!!! I am begging you before it's too late. In my opinion, this show is doing everything possible to ensure a Jordin victory due to the "package" factor. And admittedly, Jordin would have probably have broader appeal, especially with younger people.

I think Lakisha or Blake should go tonight, but I actually think that Lakisha and Melinda will be the bottom two. I like Blake, but last night was weird for him. And I tried to like Lakisha, but she just has zero stage presence, IMO and there are a zillion other soul singers that sound like her.

The bottom line is that Jordin is pretty much a lock to win this thing, unless she does something disastrous. Like forget an entire second half of a song or something. I have resigned myself to a Jordin win. BUT...if Melinda lets herself go, she will have a shot, IF she survives this week.
I was not impressed with anyone's performance. I am a Dolittle fan but she just wasn't there last night. Jordin's songs are becoming perdictable and boring. Always a ballad. I also love Blake and loved his second choice. He is my top favorite equal with Melinda. All I can say about Lakisha is bye, she was great at the begining and it has gone downhill since then.
I am quite worried about Blake tonite. If he goes home, it isn't my fault because I voted 12 times. However, usually I can't get through to vote for Blake nearly as often as I did last night. I thought that last night the kids were stuck with some awful songs, and that the final 4 should have been given something better to work with. I thought the whole episode wasn't so good. Blake - to me - is the only one who really stands out as creative and different, and also as a truly marketable musical artist, last night notwithstanding. I really like LaKisha, but I think that she should be the next to go.
It's time to sweep Jordin off the stage! I know, I know "She's only 17!" How long do we have to listen to that?
In my opinion, none of the performances last night were great.

LaKisha was uninspiring, Blake made me actually turn down the volume on the television, Melinda was mediocore at best, and Jordin...well, again not great, but certainly not as bad as rock week.

Melinda will continue on, simply because of her legwork into the competition so far. No one can deny her talent, it's her stage presence at times that bores me.

Blake, I'm not too sure about at this point. He brings a different spin, and as Paula Abdul says, makes the competition more contemporary and original. However, as far as true vocal talent, I'm still not impressed by him.

Jordin is safe, no doubt about it. Her talent speaks for itself. But like Melinda, the stage presence sometimes leaves much to be desired.

I too believe that LaKisha will be gone tonight. It's a shame really because at the beginning she was really the one that impressed me the most. But poor song choice, and pitchy deliveries, has clearly put her way down with not only the judges, but those of us who were rooting for her from the start.
Dolittle is an ex-pro. I wish people would see that it's patently unfair to include a pro up against people who, most likely, have never been in front of a an audience, let alone one as large as "Idol". Take the "pro factor" out and it's clear the competition is about Jordan and Lakeisha.
Blake's beat boxing was good on Bon Jovi week. But it was a gimmick. And the gimmick just fell very flat tonite...on both songs. He's got to go. I like Melinda but Paula hit the nail with her description of Melinda being a 'good technician'. Lakisha's Stayin Alive wasn't that bad. Liked both of her songs. And Jordin? Like her first song, hated her second. This week's AI has got to be the most boring one this season.
I think Jordin looks fine, but the mass entertainment world would probably want her to lose at least 20 lbs. Name one young chubby singer out there now in the top 20. She relys too much on ballads. It doesnt work that way, ask Kelly Clarkson.

Melinda, Lakisha are not idol material. Great voices, but they belong in musicals or older adult contemporary radio.

I love the songs Blake did. He is marketable. Blake is the only one that stood out again. Fresh and a risk-taker, he should be the next America Idol.
Does anyone seriously see Blake as a recording artist? He will quickly go the way of Taylor Hicks and even Hicks had more potential in that area.

Jordin is the answer because Melinda is ultimately not very attractive and, let's face it, that counts for almost everything!
To the voter who voted for Blake "12" times... I couldn't get through at all... also, you can text you vote, there are TWO lines for each contestant, and you can go online... no worries 'mate.
I think Jordin is the whole "package". She has a fantastic voice and makes you happy just to watch her. I hope she's the Idol - we love her. And the person who said she gags her - what's wrong with that person!
I htought Kiki did much better than Jordan. Jordan seemed to sing better when she was with Barry Gibb then she did on stage. I thought she was average at best. Blake was also very average for me...even his beatboxing wasn't that impressive. I loved Melinda's songs (she should have received more compliments from judges) and I really liked Kiki's as well. Isn't weird how differently everyone see's this stuff?
Has anyone noticed when Jordin stinks, the judges almost cringe to say bad things about her, are quick to remind the audience how good she is otherwise, etc., etc., whereas with Blake and LaKisha they don't hesitate to fire volleys at them. They're influencing the outcome waaaaay too much, and it was a little too obvious last night.

I mean, c'mon, the freaking BEE GEES? What can you do with that music? Number one, it's no longer relevant, and number two, Barry Gibb and his brother had such unique voices, they *made* those songs (the good ones, at least).

They knew Blake would try and bring the songs limping into the 21st century, and, being a Bee Gees admirer myself, loved what Blake did...

When Jordin was rehearsing for her second song, two notes into it I looked at my wife and said, she got another kudos song, and just knew they were going to lavish her with praise. My wife actually called it *before* Jordin even started singing, and sure enough, they slobbered all over her after the song (as planned?).

I'm just not happy with how the judges are influencing the outcome of the show. My gut feeling tells me that the producers sat down with the judges about a month ago and said, 'look, we've determined that Jordin has the broadest appeal and the most marketability, so, in these next weeks, we'd kind of like you to put your comments about her performances in, well, as positive a light as you can make them. Do you get what we're saying?' And the marionettes have performed admirabley.
I would like to respond to the poster who said it's "unfair" because Melinda is a "pro". Jordin is also a pro who has done a lot of work including singing the national anthem at sporting events, performing in plays and recording an album for goodness sakes. That hardly makes her a novice. Besides that, many other idol contestants were professional singers. Kelly Clarkson did studio work if I remember correctly, Taylor was in a band. It goes on and on and on.

AI is not an amateur hour.
Here we go with the Melinda and the 'pro' comments again. I said it once and I'll say it again, there have been a number of contestants who made money through their singing. Chris Daughtry had a band. I would guess that most post-high school contestants have had meaningful experiences singing in front of large crowds and most of them for money.
Melinda is good but very boring (old), Lakisha lacks enthusiasum (lost her soul and thunder) and is pitchy, Jordan is consistantly out of tune.

Blake is an idol, young, new, creative and different. I look forward to watching what he will do next.
I think some of the people who responded to this blog need to get their ears checked. Jordin was great last night. Her last song was pitchy in some spots, but she was the best one last night. How many 17 year olds can sing like that? I hope Jordin wins the whole thing.
I think Lakeshia could be going home - to me no one had a gratifying night but it is ultimatley up to America on who is going and who is staying. I think Jordan is going on to possibly the finale and win this competition out right. She has been consistent along the way and that is making her the one to win this year. I do not have a favorite this year but if I had a choice I would choose Jordan.
I am a classically trained singer (I have my bachelor's and masters in performance and am working on my doctorate right now) and a huge Idol fan. Have been since season 1. In my 30's, I am way out of their target demographic too...

This is the week almost every season where the contestants get vocally and physically weary. I remember the judges commenting in previous seasons about a "smoky" sound emerging and praising it!! This year, they seem to have understood that hoarseness and vocal fatigue is not a good thing.Oh well...on to last night. Here's my take on the night:

Melinda: She is fabulous...my fave hands down. Everyone has an off performance, and this was hers. Vocally, there was nothing wrong with her AT ALL, but it was obvious that she was not into her songs. Although, I have to say that her second one was immensely better than the first. SAFE

Blake: What can I say...I love his hipness and his ability to make an older song relevant. An earlier comment remarked that while the others seemed tired, Blake was "Blake". The thing about Blake for me is that he does not use the full power of his voice...he relies heavily on the mic. From a vocal health standpoint, that decision is brilliant, but I would just like to see him break out and wail! OH, and beatboxing does not belong in EVERY song, although it is cool every once in a while.

LaKisha: At the beginning of the season, I was a big fan. As the season progressed, so did the other singers. Not LaKisha! She remains static. For me, she peaked with her first performance of "I'm tellin' you". Don't get me wrong, the girl can REALLY SING, I just hate hearing her sing like she's angry week after week after week.

Jordin: So this young woman is emerging as a real contender. Last week was dreadful for her, but I have to say that she redeemed herself this week. Her first song was really well done, near flawless. In the second song, though, she did have some pitch problems. It was not as bad as everyone seemed to deem it. I think that her pitchiness comes from fatigue all around.

After last night, I think that I can make a prediction on the final. LaKisha goes home this week, Jordin bids us farewell next week. I believe thoroughly that the final two will be Blake and Melinda with Blake winning. I know what you're thinking: "Blake, not Jordin you say?" Yes...one word: MARKETABILITY. He is insanely marketable to a large demographic. Disney cute with innovative musical ideas. Jordin needs to get her talented rear end to Broadway FAST! Dolittle fans, fret ye not...Melinda will get a sweet record deal and emerge as this year's Clay (I am a hardcore Clay fan too) with more longevity.
Just my opinions here:

Either Lakisha or Blake goes home tonight. Whichever one doesn't, goes home next week. Final two are Jordin and Melinda, Melinda wins.

Btw... Lakisha is "coachable"?? I think not. She dissed everyone from Barry Gibb to Tony Bennett. I would not dare to consider myself above the advice of people like them.
Jordin--right on, pretty solid
Melinda--sounded good, but not "going to church" as someone rightly suggested she should do
LaKisha--overrated, overrated, overrated
Blake--Cool, inventive, but I've really begun to notice that he almost never smiles. He has the coolness factor, but there seems to be a void behind that coolness. Is he nervous? Does he really have disdain for this process? I LOVE beatboxing, but I don't know if what Blake does will really work in the world of AI. I almost hope he doesn't win so he will have a bit more freedom in the creative direction he takes.
Last night was rather sad. Jordin I dunno; she's got the package but I don't think the Staying Power. Lakisha I love her, there is a difference between singing and shouting and I think the judges miss that. Lakisha probably did not follow Barry's instructions because she couldn't do it. As a performer I can tell you how many times I was able to hit my high register comfortably during rehearsal but the excitement of the performance changed that outcome. Adrenalin does strange things to vocal cords. Blake is beating the BeatBox thing to death. One or 2 on a CD is OK but an entire CD wont in the mainstream market. Melinda is EXCEPTIONALLY SMART. She has listened not only to her critique but the critique of others. She hears folks being told they are pitchy - so she makes sure she's not. She hears folks being told they are Shouting - so she makes sure she doesn't. It's gotten her this far and I would not be surprised if she makes it to the Top 2 and THEN decides to shatter glass, raise the roof, give a gut wrenching performance that brings James Brown, Ray Charles and Elvis back from the dead and while she's at it talk with the angels because at that point THATS WHERE IT COUNTS! I guess we'll see tonight...
Melinda was much better than Jordin for both songs. If you
DVRed them, and listened to both singers one after the other, you realize this. Melinda sounds as if she's in a completely different league - that of someone who's already made it. The problem with her is that she's consistantly good, so people (including the judges) keep comparing her to herself, not to the other contestants. And she is a tough act to follow, even when she's doing the following! Her first performance particularly was outstanding.
Blake has been my favorite from the beginning, but he had a rough night last night. I have to agree with most of the bloogers here though, they were not great songs to begin with.

Melinda is my second favorite. She did ok last night, but she does lack a certain stage presence.

LaKeisha would be an excellent gospel singer, but I don't think she will ever make it as a pop singer.

Jordin makes me crazy! She is good at ballads, but that's it. And that's not all the time. She has more bad performances than good. The judges are constantly remininding everyone of her age, never in the past have they asked the listening audience to cut someone a break because of their age. Actually, they have done quite the opposite. Telling contestants they have plenty of time to get a recording contract BECAUSE they are so young.

A comment to the person who said Melinda wasn't pretty enough...what a load of crap! How often do you see the people you listen to on the radio?
Even though I personally do not care too much for Blake and Lakisha, I must first say that each of the existing Idol contestants are doing a pretty decent job this season....
...However I do believe that Idol has definitely dug up the worst genres that they could possibly find this season! I'm sorry, but there is just no way possible to keep this generation of Idol viewers interested by listening to a Bee Gees song! Some weeks ago, we had to endure LuLu and some other guy from England....though I have respect for those artists I just do not believe they have a place on American Idol in 2007. Sorry. I just don't remember past Idol shows forcing the contestants to sing such bland songs. This year's choice of genre has been quite boring. Does anyone else agree with me?
Okay, lets keep it real guys...
I have LOVED Lakeshia from her audition in that cute little orange skirt. But she has lost the charisma she I once saw. Melinda is such a wonderful person. I think she would be great doing a christian album like Mandisa. I agree w/ Randy about Blake. He does not have to beat box on every song. So about little Jordon, she is okay in my book; and that's all she is. This season is the worse by far. I hope next season will be no reflection to this one.
I think that Blake is the only breath of fresh air this season. Jordin is beginning to remind me too much of Katherine McPhee. (I wasn't a fan.) Lakisha was terrible last night and deserves to go home this week. It's nearly impossible to determine what any of the words are when she sings. As someone who grew up learning how to clearly enunciate when singing, I find it almost impossible to listen to her at all. I like Melinda's style and her obvious talent, she just needs to step up and really "wow" the audience next week.
I don't understand why people continue to say Blake is fresh and new. Beatboxing is over 20 years old. I'm so glad Randy finally commented on it last night.
Has Blake EVER hit a high note? EVER? And only an amateur would critcize the Bee Gees with all of the awards they have won over the years. What about Bon Jovi? He's okay though? What about Peter Noone? I can't stand country music, but I had to see Carrie Underwood. It has been my life long dream to see the Bee Gees in concert, and that will never happen! Thank goodness Barry will be performing tonight! Just like Barry said, Jordin is the whole package - the others don't stack up at all! She's beautiful and talented!
You obviously need a class in music if you thought Jordin's performances were flawless. That is rediculous!! She has some good qualities, but none compared to Melinda or Lakisha. Her vibrato is too fast, etc. I don't understand where you are getting this information from?

It's interesting how people criticize Melinda for being "too technical," "not a performer," etc. First of all, I respectfully disagree with the criticism. In light of the fact that her flawless technique includes brilliant lyrical interpretations of the songs, I could listen to her all night long and hear different, ENTERTAINING things all night long. Second, the winner will be making an album. You won't be looking at the person; you'll be listening to him or her. And if you're listening to this person, wouldn't you rather listen to the one who hits every note and delivers the lyrics with emotion and style? Poor Melinda. She's been so ridiculously perfect over the course of the competition that the bar has been set higher for her.

As for Jordin, no way was she flawless last night. Her take on To Love Somebody was quite nice, but her take on Woman in Love was, at best, just meh. She missed notes all over the place, and she didn't embody the drama of the song. Eventually, I just started pretending that I was listening to Babs sing. It was the only way that I could get through it.
I disagree that Lakisha should be judged off. Rather Blake. He always sounds like a lunatic. Putting tunes to bee bop, regardless. The only reason he sang as if he was a dude was because he is the only dude left.
I agree in theory with your assessment, but Melinda is being penalized for being so good so often. People call that boring. Celine Dion never misses a note. Boring. NOT! Jordin is very good and very, very young with a huge upside. But it's Melinda's time right here, right now. Blake may benefit only from the cute-guy-last-one-standing vote, but he rightfully had no confidence last night and should leave. Lakisha second choice to "leave the island". Go, Ms. Doolittle!!
Idol is ending up the way I predicted it would from the point of the final 12, if not even before that: LaKisha, Melinda and Jordin will be the top 3. At first, I thought LaKisha would take it, but then she has leveled off and even dropped somewhat over the course of the Top 12 part of the show. Melidna is indeed a fine singer, she never disappoints and will certainly find a career in music. In my estimation, Jordin, though not perfect, has the "whole package" that will make her the Idol winner. She has the look, the voice, the stage presence, the personality. And I believe she has steadily improved over the course of the show and has risen to the level of being the winner.

While I can agree that some of her performances could have been better, she still has that quality and strength and control of voice that are definitely star quality and will see her through. At 17, she has a lot of learning and developing to do that can only make her better and better. I don't think Gibb's comment that she will be one of our great female recording artists is off the mark at all.

Even accomplished, seasoned professionals flub: even they choose the wrong song, or go off key, or forget the lyrics.

Bottom line: Jordin is this year's American Idol.
Jordin should win
I vote that we should move boogie (disco) night earlier in the season. It is just not a good closer. This is where the contestants should be free to do their own thing, not be conformed to a style that died before they were born -- I don't care how many records BG sold in the disco era.

That being said, I thought Melinda stood out last night. Her phrasing on the second song was tremendous. She owned that song and I would buy it. Her first song was passable and she should continue through.

Jordin lacks maturity. She tries hard and has fun - which is something I enjoy. I think Taylor won last year because he had fun. The others got caught trying to hard -- it was too much like work -- which isn't talent. Given a little more coaching, Jordin will do great - she doesn't need to win (unless AI wants to claim another pelt).

Blake is refreshing. I thought both songs last night bombed, but you have to give him points for creativity. Beat-boxing is getting old tho. Refreshing songs with new rhythms and combinations is good, like the Disco / Reggae interpretation last night of a song NO ONE HAS HEARD!
By my count, Blake leads the number of potential hits on today's market and he will squeak through with his BFFs Chris' votes from last week.

LaKisha has been hanging around too long. She reminds me about the 800 lb gorilla that could hit a drive 500 yards - right on the green. He would then go up to the ball and hit it another 500 yards. Only one club in the bag and it is boring... us and her... she cannot be coached... either doesn't want to make the effort or simply doesn't understand. Strutting doesn't make it Aretha -- so she can strut right out the door this evening.

AI needs a surprise / shocker virtuoso performance from someone to make the season. Jordin was all ready to go (I thought her practice was better than her performance), but she failed to launch. If Melinda can surprise us with the right song in the right place - it will be a horse race!

But BGs?! Come on! Who owes who what favors? Everyone has stumbled into the stretch because of poor selection by AI, not the singers.
Lakisha is NOT better than Jordin last night. Jordin did have the best performance on her first song, the second performnce is okay. Lakisha NEVER listen (song choice, the way she should sings, keys, etc), each week people who try to help her she disregard them and do what she wanted. Who do she think she is? I love what Blake did last week, but I don't think he should do it this week. It is okay to use new mix sometime, but not every week! Melinda has the best vocal, but last night performance is 50/50.
well, well, well. there's singing loud and then there's something called artistry and musicianship. there's taking tones and notes and crafting them into a moment and frankly, Jordin and Melinda didn't do that. they rang the bell real loud - but did they show a lick of musical talent or creative talent or anything other than same old same old?

lakisha works with sounds, you may not always like it - but she's crafting something there - and of course, so is blake. this guy is lke bobby darin in sheer scope and oblique approach to a hackneyed tune. american idol has churned out a couple of hacks, we need creative talent. i vote for lakisha and blake any day over hitting notes and playing to the nose bleed section.
Last night's performances were nothing to write home about.
Out of the 4 contestants mediocre performances, Jordan's was the best.
As far as who should be gone this week, Blake is the one I would send out. Get realistic, not every song can or should be beat boxed. He sounded like an old rerun of Flipper last night. The way he looked and the way he sang last night made me cringe. He doesn't seem progressive to me at all. He has shades of the early eighties one hit oddities.

Out of the 4 contestants left, Jordin is the most marketable. Although truthfully I have found this season to be quite a dud.
I just dont get it. Melinda to me is by FAR the best singer, she is amazing, she is the winner. Jordin does not come close to being ready for her closeup like Melinda is. I don't even understand the controversy. The powers that be on AI have been trying to steer a Jordin victory. Their comments were BS re: Melinda, she was amazing. And Barry? He got paid for that. I'm really disgusted with AI for trying so hard using employees like the judges to have the one they think is most marketable be the winner.
Yes, Melinda and LaKisha can sing. That is obvious. However, they are built on the same blueprint of Gladys Knight and Aretha Franklin. There is a reason Gladys and Aretha records are not flying off shelves and topping the charts today. People are different and their tastes are different. It's American Idol not 60'/70's Idol. If either Melinda or LaKisha would release a record today I think initially it would sell, but it would have the same effect as Taylor Hicks had. People who buy music want something fresh and hip not soething to make them feel old and sleepy. Blake and Jordin will suceed no matter what the outcome of this played out competition.
I think the problem was utilizing songs from the Bee Gees. They are a tired old group and who really listens to their songs now. I think it was a poor choice for AI to have the idols focus on that group. Thats why it sounds pagently and outdated. For me, Blake is contemporty and taleneted and appealing.
I understand what Randy was telling Blake. The beat boxing thing can get old QUICK. Little kids like it because they think they are listening to "Barney's Greatest Hits." Jordin is okay but last night she sounded like she was auditioning for Scream 4. I can't criticize Melinda. I do agree she need to sing one more song that just blow everyone away, and Lakisha needs more attitude. Lakisha or Blake is going home. It should be Blake since his talent is the beat boxing thing. I can only give him that. I liked him on British Invasion week and after that he just seem to be flat. He should have went home last week and Phil Stacey should have stayed.
This is the kind of disasterous season I anticipated when they brought no rock or country or blues to the table. Just R&B, shouting, and beat boxing. YAWN.
I thought Mr BeeGee looked and sounded like one of the Cavemen car insurance commercials. I liked Blake's second song better than his first. Lakisha seemed to shout again during her second song but I did like her outfit she wore on the second song. I thought Melinda turned it on only during the second half of her second song. Why does Melinda always wiggle her fingers in front of her when she sings, and she can't dance a lick. Jordin is young and I wish she would of turned it up a notch. She wore a nice dress during her second song but I think she should of worn something a little more modern. I think Lakisha will go tonight even though I think she can wow the crowd.
Blake is my favorite, and I do expect the finals to be he and Melinda in a showdown. However, I don't believe that Blake's career would be best served with a win. You can't appear on Regis & Kelly and still claim to be edgy.

His career doesn't need a win and all of the accompanying pressure or media tour. Melinda needs that. She needs to be able to show her fun side to engage the younger audience that will otherwise abandon her come record release day.
I think it will come down to Melinda and Jordin. Blake is extremely talented and he will definitely be in the music industry, if not as a singer, as a writer or producer. He has an ear for it. Lakisha is talented but boring, as is Melinda. As mentioned before, Melinda is a professional and should not be on this type of show. Jordin does need work with non-ballad songs, but she has listened to advice from the mentors and would do well under a good manager or producer. I agree with previous blogs that the genres chosen have not been good, and limits the contestants showing their talents and personalities. Genres are at least a better bet than specific groups.
I think Blake and Lakisha should be in the bottom tonight. Blakes beat boxing is getting old. Lakisha is having a hard time.
Jordon was the best last night with Melinda right behind her. Melinda does need the put more into her performance. Her vocals are great. I think Melinda or Jordon should be the next American Idol!
Given the song choices, I think most of the finalists did fairly well - I wasn't really imrpessed with anyone - Jordin did the best and its a toss up between laKisha and Blake who will go next. BeeGees aside, not many people can sign those songs...how23 about some R & B and let the girls belt it out ??

CD - Nassau, Bahamas
Steve, steve. STEVE. Flawlessly? Who on earth do you listen to, and is there a problem with your television's sound that miraculously masked the extraordinary sins of pitch that Jordin committed in her second selection? Good heavens. Atrocious. The judges were kind. VERY kind. Her rendition and vocal style of "Woman in Love" was beyond amateur. It was poor. POOR. BAD. Let's say a mediocre-day-singing-in-the shower-when-the-tune-is-so-loud- you-can't-really-hear-yourself- embarrassingly-belting-'till-your heart's-content-but-your-roomate-is-suffering-BAD. C'mon Steve.
Okay, so who thinks they her can sing a BGees song and hit every note exactly as it was sung? Duh! That was a very difficult choice of songs for all of them last night. I give them all credit for at least making each song as there own.
Jordin was safe in her choice of songs. LaKisha was way out of her element. Blake was okay but give the bee bop a rest and show us what ya got. Melinda was boring. She reminds me of a female Shrek. Put some green on her face and she can pass for Shrek.
Who's going? Toss up between Lakisha or Melinda. Both are not Idol material.
Finalists will be Blake and Jordin.
My 2 cents:

Blake: I agree with Randy that it's cool that he can Beat Box, but don't do it EVERY SONG! He's in my bottom 2 tonight

Lakisha: She's just kind of been going down hill for awhile now. I think she has a great voice, but she just seems bored with the whole event.

Melinda: Someone made the comment about her being a "pro". I don't really care who has bands, or who's recorded a CD or whatever. Seriously if you have the money anyone can produce a CD. American Idol, to me, is about giving people who don't have the opportunity to get themselves heard a fighting chance. She's a FREAKING back up singer for crying out loud! Of all the contestants, she probably needed the least HELP breaking into the industry. Which is why, no matter how great her voice is - aside from the fact that I think she's annoying and the "nice act" is fake - I won't vote for her.

Jordin: I think she's great! Yes her ballads are a LOT predictable. But she as least seems to have the most FUN on stage! My vote is for her to WIN IT!

I think Idol really needs a Makeover. The songs are TIRED to say the least. Seriously, I'm 30 and I could care less about Andy Gibb. And why he wants the girls to sing all high, just because he can is ridiculuos! They need fresher songs! And judges who aren't name dropping (Randy) or Paula who is on any guy contestants bandwagon, or Simon who must sincerely only think that good music came BEFORE 1975. I'm tired of most things about the show!
To answer the question of Blake's freshness: sometimes music is cyclical. Much like Madonna bringing back electronica or dance music coming back or teen pop music like Britney or a lot of artists sampling 80's beats (i.e. Rhianna -sampled "Tainted Love"). Blake is a fresh and different because not else is doing on that American Idol stage. Got it! Good!
Jordin wins it hands down. It all comes down to her being marketable and that she is.

Blake reminds me of a guy I listened to in the 80s. Yep, I forgot his name and people will forget Blake's name also.
This season is a wash for American Idol. There was not a good contestant in the entire season and I think the show is on its way out. I am sure they will keep it around for 1 or 2 more years, but that will be it.
Let's be honest...Melinda looks like Shrek and she's beyond annoying with her "little ol' me, awe shucks" routine every week.
Blake is marketable and innovative, none of the other contestants can say that.
i saw the bee gees live in concert in 1979, if i recall correctly, at the miami beach convention center - they brought out andy for a set, too.

not only that but stevie wonder was also brought out - a hell of show.
While I'm a huge Jordin fan I think what Randy said to Blake on last nights show was absolutely ridiculous. He tells Blake that his "beatboxing doesn't need to be done on every joint...dawg", but if you remember a couple weeks back when Blake had given the beatboxing a rest for a few weeks Randy's statment was "beatboxing is your thing, you need to bring it back dawg, that's you, that's what you do". I think the judge's are very contradictory from week to week when in all reality, at this point, it doesn't matter what they say anyways. Simon is still awesome, Paula is a word stumbling chairfiller and Randy is the "dawg".
The beat box thing is limiting. Melinda is the best singer. Jordin is the cutest. Lakisha is sweet but not it.
I'm not sure why people keep talking about Blake's voice not being as good as the other singers. Obviously it isn't and I think he would admit that. There are a lot of famous singers, though, that have done quite well for themselves without having the greatest voice. Despite what Simon says, AI is not a singing competition. Blake has a good, if not great, voice and he is entertaining. That's what counts.

Oh, and Blake certainly does not beat box on every song. I remember him going for a few weeks without doing it.
This Writer (Steve Almasy) must have too much wax in his ears, because Jordin sucked last night. If Almasy thinks "A Woman in Love" was flawless, CNN should cut his phone lines, removing his ability to vote on any more American Idols. The top two should be Melinda “No Neck” Doolittle, and Blake, but my fear is Jordin will get the Spanish vote, leaving Blake behind.

For those complaining that Melinda is a "pro" and that isn't fair to Jordin -- Jordin is a pro too -- she toured for over a year as a back-up singer for Michael W. Smith -- he is a HUGE christian "rock" singer. Blake also has professional experience -- Lakisha is the only "true" amateur left. Not that any of this matters -- the rules for AI is that the performer not have a recording contract, not that they be amatuers.
Don't you all know that at this time it doesn't matter. The tour is set, and the CDs will be made, and we will go to the show, (or not), and purchase the CDs (or not). That said, I would love to see Melinda do some Janis Joplin, maybe "Cry Baby", and blow the show out - she will sell the most CDs.
Blake's beat boxing is not even that great! Go to u tube and you'll find many better. He should have used it very sparingly instead i cannot think of Blake without the stupid sounds...

Lakisha's performances are nothing new.

Jordin is young and talented and if she got a stylist and more fit and when she grows into a woman she may be gorgeous. Her voice is good enough but her stage presence is fantastic.

Melinda is the only star though. I can't help but watch her, and can't help but want to know more about what she's thinking... I believe she has depth as a persona whereas the other 3 are bland.

I would not want to hang out and drink coffee with anybody in the top 4 except Melinda, if anybody will make hits post-idol, it's Melinda. She's unique. And let me remind you although not a godess, Melinda is still MUCH cuter than Fantasia!
Blake had an off night - everyone does now and then. Last week's Bon Jovi remix was awesome. The second song last night was also very well done. Blake needs to stay as he offers a much needed slice of variety.

Lakisha has done nothing but regress since the outset. She must go.

Melinda is solid, but when she was a backup singer she had to have perfect pitch - so that's nothing to win AI over. She needs the IT factor...and doesn't (imo) have "it".

Jordin has a winning personality and, when it's going on, a solid voice. She'll win, but I'd rather see Blake win.

As for comparing Blake to Taylor Hicks, that gave me a good laugh. The two are totally different. Taylor was and is an "old soul" and will never sell as many albums as most of the other idols but hopefully that doesn't matter to him.
Lakisha has been my favorite thru out the competition but unfortunately she lacks stage presence. Blake will be voted off tonight and deserves to be. Jordin is a great singer and deserves to win. She stands out among the rest. Melinda should have never been allowed to be on the show in the first place because she is already a professional singer and this show is about finding undiscovered talent. She is the best singer though and she has the best stage presence. She knows how to work it because she's already a pro. She will end up winning. Its inevitable. Too bad for the others. The rules should be changed to not allow singers to compete that are already in the professional music business. Its not fair. Period.
What?? Lakisha apparently CANNOT be coached. She completely ignored Barry's advice on her first song. As usual! I was very surprised she deigned to take his advice on teh second song, which was a little better, but not much. I love Jordin, but she was NOT flawless on her second song. Good, but not flawless. Melinda was monotonously good, while Blake was ?? I don't know how I feel about his performances, which is probably not good. We'll see!
What the judges and producers failed to realize is that Bee Gees songs are not "singers' songs". For goodness' sake, most of them were sung by a man in a high falsetto! As great as they were as pop tunes, they aren't, for the most part, vocal showcases, and the vocals very typically were just the high melody track.

With all that said, I was surprised no one did "For Whom The Bell Tolls", which is maybe the best song the Bee Gees ever did and could've really brought down the house.
I love Jordin, but her version of Woman in Love was criminal. Listen to Streisand and then listen to Jordin's version and it's painfully obvious Jordin failed miserably.

Indeed, this season has shown us that the AI talent pool is as shallow as Simon's commentary.

There isn't a single person left that has the chops to go anywhere.

Blake goes home tonight and the race is now between Doolittle and Sparks, with Sparks the prohibitive favorite due to her youth, looks and promise.

Honestly, I thought last year was bad with Mr. Soul Patrol, but this year eclipsed that for lack of real talent by a mile and a 1/3.

What a complete and utter waste of time. This season cannot end soon enough and if Fox manages to save this show from jumping the shark, it will only be because people will watch anything.
Blake needs to leave. That was atrocious. My husband actually turned to me and asked, "Is this a joke?" I just shook my head and muted the TV. It was HORRIBLE.

This is a SINGING contest. Not a beat-boxing contest. I want to hear people with the vocal chops to impress and blow the off. Blake has a mediocre voice with a tiny range. The past two weeks, he has beat-boxed through a majority of his songs.

Bon Jovi was right. There's something strange when Blake makes his fart noises through 16 measures of a song while the other ladies are singing their hearts out.

But last night, Blake's squeally falsetto made my ears bleed. It was the worst thing I've seen on this show. I cannot believe this clown is in the final 4. This show has really jumped the shark.

When fart-noises and record scratching imitations replace actual SINGING, then this show has lost all credibility.
IU am so sick of the "hype" over Jordin. Yes, she can sing, but she's not that great! Last night she wasn't good at all. She was straining for notes and screaming in her second song. I agree, the judges are making it so she wins this. It's blatently obvoiius. Why?... because at 17, she is marketable to the prime demographic of the show. What 13 year old wants to listen to Melinda or Lekisha? So regardless of how superior Melinda and Lekisha are (and they are) it really doesn't matter. I'm also not concerned, because both Melinda and Lekisha will have very successful careers and I'll be first in line to buy their CD's.
Blake... he just needs to go away. Hoepfully, tonights the night.
Blake so annoys me with his beatboxing. Even Randy said he was bored with it. Blake should go home. He has no talent nor an upper lip. Ryan Seacrest also annoys me with his over annuciating of every single word he says. Maybe that is why the show is running into OT.
Lakisha has hit the wall vocally and charismatically - I am afraid that she's likely headed home tonight. Seems like a nice person, and a huge voice, but I don't think she's got the legs (figuratively) to take this thing to the finish line.

Blake - has anyone really paid attention and watched / listened to him sing? It always seems to me like he's a half-beat slow when he sings, even when he sings an up-tempo song. It's a little disconcerting. Also, I'm about done with the beat-boxing ... he needs to hang that back up for an episode, I think.

Jordin - she's perky and bubbly, but she needs some polish. She's amazing for her age, but she definitely needs some more work on her vocals and needs to pick up some versatility. I really want to like her, but she's too up-and-down for me in terms of song choices and execution.

Melinda - I think she's by far the best singer there, but I don't know if she can win this thing unless she picks up some flair and shows some personality in the next couple weeks. People want to love her, I think, but the "aw shucks" factor has worn a little threadbare, and I think people want to get at who she really is. I don't think she can win unless she shows a little more of her own persona.

If nothing else, the last couple weeks should be interesting ... :)
Though I have no vocal talent myself, I can see talent in others, and I'll back this up by saying that I've picked 4 of the 5 winners of American Idol, and I usually do it by the final 10-12 or earlier. Last year I picked Daughtrey, he didn't win, but we know how his album sales have compared with Hicks's. Kelly, Fantasia, and Carrie were easy choices as they were clearly better than their competition that year. And I picked Reuben over Clay in season 2. Believe it or not, since I have no proof.

Anyway, I think it's down to Jordin and Melinda (again, picked them in final 12). Blake might slip in because he's the only guy left, and you can't underestimate the obsessiveness of teenage girls. His beat-boxing is great, but his voice is thin and his songs all sound the same. Lakisha is too similar to Melinda, but Melinda's better while Lakisha is prone to shouting fits. Now, Melinda and Jordin. Melinda is a consummate professional with a great voice, but she's just a bit too...boring. I don't get excited listening to her. Jordin is not nearly as consistent as Melinda, but she's younger, more exciting, more versatile, and has a greater range on her voice. And much better stage presence, as people I watch Idol with really want to see her and how she performs. Here's hoping Jordin takes the prize.
I cannot believe how original people are saying Blake is. And how musically he is great. He sat there two weeks ago and said he uses a program on a computer to come up with the music for hevan sakes.

I hope Jordan wins the whole thing. She is a great performer. She has great vocals most of the time and she is cute.

Melinda however great her voice is, she looks like Shrek. I cannot see a record label making much money off that one.
If this were a movie, I want the money for my ticket back. Seriously, I'm no expert but Idol is OVER. These contestants won't sell CD's and if Melinda doesn't WOW me soon, she needs to head to "Backupsingersville". LaKisha had the best chance of winning if she would wqarm up to our existence.
Bring back Phil Stacey. He was the only singer worth anything and deserves to win over these last four.
This season is the worst. Honestly, How did Sanjaya stay on so long? Clearly American Idol is no longer a singing competition. It's a high school popularity contest and the person with the most relatives and friends voting for them wins!! Yaaaaa We should be proud America, we should be PROUD!!
Somebody get Barry Gibb some Chap Stick!
How can Steve Almsay say LaKisha "showed the ability to be coached"? Barry Gibb gave her two suggestions last night that she totally ignored. This isn't the first time she's done this and indicates to me she either can't do the recommendations or she thinks she's above the constructive criticism. Either way, I think she needs to go.
I think Melinda is by far the best this year. I really liked Jordin's song on the give back week, but last night and last week really ruined my opinion of her. I think Melinda should wow us by singing a church song and changing her appearance a bit.
If that was Andy Gibb, he looked great for someone who passed away about twenty years ago. That was actually Barry Gibb last night. Andy is the baby brother of the three guys who formed the Bee Gee's and he died in 1988 at the age of 30.
hey jc, the one who said he/she bought one of taylor's blah blah blah cd's sold -- he sold more than 700,000 CDs without hardly any radio play...that's amazing. he's also sold out concert venues. sounds like you're a little jealous of someone who can count higher than you and sing better than you!
Hey, Blake:


Beatbox that!
It was not a good night for any of them, but one consistent thing that keeps driving me nuts is the judges. First they say be original and then when you are original, they say "Some songs don't need to be changed" but if they sing it like the original artist, they are compared to the original artists which is not far and they never seem to be "good enough" - make up your minds, Randy, Paula & Simon! Either its be original or not!
I think they all had a bad night last night and let's face it, BeeGees are hard to sing. What drives me nuts is the judges; first they say be original to the contestents; then when they are, they say "You don't have to change a good song" but if they sing it like the original artists, they are always compared to the original and the judges are never impressed. So, Randy, Paula & Simon, make up your minds - either be original or not!
OK, here's the way it should break down. Melinda and Jordin should be the final two. Blake was refreshing at the beginning, but when you have shown that your only difference is that you beat box into every song, whether it sounds good or not you should expect to go home. Lekeisha has a wonderful voice, but has proven she is not (YET) able to move into other genres.

To me, that is going to be the appeal of Melinda and Jordin. Both can sing very well. Both have excellent control. I do believe Melinda is the better singer, but Jordin has the better voice. I think it could very well come down to performance. If Melinda loses, it will be because she shows no personality. She has a huge fan base and should win, but Jordin's personality could take it all away.
We all have to remember that this is a singing contest, first and foremost. Melinda is by far the best singer of the bunch. I have no doubt that with the right management and song selections, her first CD could be a huge hit with a wide market. Blake is a one trick poney in this competition and last night more than proved it. Lakisha is also a great singer as is Jordin.
Blake should go off tonight and Meinda should win it all.
The best part about last night's show was the commercial for "So You think You can Dance?" That generated the most buzz in my household. We can't wait. sorry Jordin, you are my fave but you stunk it up pretty badly last night.
Its so TIRING to hear folk call Melinda Shrek! Even if she does; HOW MANY MILLIONS were made off of the now THREE Shrek movies?!?! Stop Hatin people. She may not be cute or adorable but at 29 who needs to be cute and adorable. There are plenty of Divas who have made FABULOUS and long standing careers who aren't beauty queens namely Ella Fitzgerald, Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler, Aretha Franklin and Celia Cruz and note to the wise their songs have been covered by several AI contestants throughout the seasons. So if the "complete package" doesn't have a long shelf life its a waste of energy, time and money. Last thing to remember is that it may be the teanny bopper crowd going to concerts but its the Parents who are flippin the bill - my kudos and best wishes to both Lakisha and Melinda!
Melinda is so far superior to the others. They aren't even in the same league, IMO. That's the beginning and end of the analysis. She plainly deserves to win, and it's a bogus competition if she doesn't.
I have been a fan of Idol since day one way back in the summer of 2002. I haven't missed an episode (thank goodness for DVR and VCRs). And I have been a loyal fan to all of my hopefuls each season. Even when my hopeful missed the title by say...150,000 votes, or lost to someone they thought was more mature (because having a child at 17 and trying to be a big star in the music business makes you more mature), I have followed them and their careers offering support and feedback. This season of Idol appears to be a bit bland when it comes to the final four. And though I'm not a devout Doolittle Fan, I fear that the only thing that's going to make it interesting is her being booted either this week or next week. Yes it would be an injustice, but the judges had it right last night. Yes, technically she is the superior singer, but she doesn't put the heart and soul into that LaKisha, Phil, and even Gina put into some of their best preformances. Yes they were littered with pitchy spots and missed notes, but when all was said and done you knew that they had put their whole being out there to be judged. Melinda on the other hand delivers a sound vocal preformance that leaves you wondering.

I am a Jordin fan first and foremost. I like Blake and think Melinda has provided us with some good preformances this season. I can't stand LeKisha. (enough said). I think Jordin might actually win this too. Yes I remember the last time a 17 year old made it to the top four. She eventually moved on to the top two. But what Diana had working against her was a very unsupportative Simon. Fantasia not really the best singer. She had some good and profound preformces (I still get chills when I hear her version of Summertime), but over all she was a complete mess and had "Lifetime" movie written all over her. Diana was young, and Simon didn't believe someone that young should win. It seems his tune has changed, because he has been courting Jordin a good portion of this season. And Jordin SANG the hell out of To Love Somebody, and A Woman in Love wasn't too bad persay. This maybe America's chance to right the wrong they made season three, and it may be at the expense of a well polished singer. Who knows.

I do believe Blake and Jordin will be in the final two. Whether or not people agree..that's your issue not mine.
I forgot to mention Barry Gibb. He really was a bit embarassing.
Blake has never been exciting. I remember last season when a non-white singer beat boxed at the end of Every Little Step I Take and was told he was out of his element and he sounded much better than Blake. Siniging and beat boxing.

LaKisha is much better singer than Jordin and Blake but I'm pretty sure she will leav tonight, unfortunately.
I think Jordin is cute, but her cuteness is wearing off. She can sing, but would do well with some vocal training.

Melinda gives me goosebumps. I think she played it safe last night, but she wows me.

Blake... Of all of the guys that were on this season, he is the one that deserved to make it this far. I like his style, but think he needs to loosen up just a bit.

LaKeisha can sing, but I think she took her critcism too literally and just quit trying new things for fear of hearing more criticism. Now, it seems like she is on anti-depressants or something. Glazed over eyes and absolutely no "wow" factor anymore.

Whatever is up for next week, I hope it is better than Bee Gees and all the other stuff this season has given us.

I hesitate to pick a winner. Jordin or Melinda or Blake.... But I think LaKeisha is done.
Singing in the real world doesn't require the big, "hit the high note, change the key 5 times", talent show thing that American Idol is all about. Blake has the
kind of voice that would record well, and sound great on the radio.
He's got style, he's cool, and he's

Melinda just plain is a natural talent. Singing is effortless for her. She also could easily have her own niche; different than
Blake's place in the world, but
just as worthy to be the winner.
You can't change your "teeth and no neck" Shrek apprearance in one week. Not gonna happen! Sing a church song? What year are you living in?! Hello this is 2007!! Welcome to the next generation where people want to hear new wave stuff. Get with the program!!! At least Blake and Jordin can change their hair to make a different appearance. Melinda is stuck in Shrekville!
To the person that doesn't think
Blake is original because he uses
a computer to come up with song
ideas...get a clue! That's how
music is made today! Plus, not
everyone could do what he does
with his computer. There's lots of
people that have music programs and
doesn't mean they can come up with
anything good. The guy can not only sing, he's got ideas and skills to be original with his
I thought last night was a rather dull night, though Blake and Melinda are both still the best. They're the only ones who really offer variety of some kind. Without them...well, American Idol would be nothing.

Last week offered one of the best nights in AI history I have ever witnessed, but this week, not so much. I actually was expecting last night to be a flop anyhow. None of the remaining contestants have a disco vibe to them, though of course most people predicted Blake would hit success because of his beatboxing talents. Melinda was able to shine through, but only just enough for her to make it to the next round. She'll be in the finals no doubt, but Jordin does pose a direct threat to Blake. I'd rather see Blake with Melinda in the finals than Jordin, but unfortunately I can't hope for much.

I automatically know Melinda will make it through for the rest of the competition, so last night for the two hours the phone lines were open, I soley voted for Blake. Which was...a lot. I can't stand to see him go because he does have a lot of talent regardless. No one beat up on him through the whole competition up until now, and that's just because there's no Sanjaya or Antonella there to take his place.

Let's just hope Lakisha's the one going home. She is a good singer; don't get me wrong, but it's her time. I hope next week Jordin goes, because while she too offers her own spice, it's just not AI material.

C'mon Blake and Melinda....go for it!
There is no doubt that Melinda is by far more talented than the others in every aspect. She has shown from the very beginning that she's in another league. Her performances have been consistently outstanding to excellent, regardless of genre. The girl has a wide vocal range and can sing anything. She has excellent stage presence in that she can own the song and project it to the audience. No one else has shown the ability to express a song the way she does. With her excellent vocals and seasoned professional presence, she should be the next American Idol.

I won't comment on Jordin's age, but her voice, and everything else about her, needs maturing. As that comes along, her future will glow brighter and brighter. Some posters say she has the whole package. However, the package is not yet ready for shipping. Now is not her time.

Blake has only gotten this far because he's fooled the audience into thinking he has talent with his beatboxing gimmick. And it is a gimmick. Where's the talent in spitting into the mic. or sounding like a scratched record. Seriously, his vocal range is very limited and flat, and he needs to mask it with beatboxing. His constant use of beatboxing simply makes him boring. As another poster mentioned, beatboxing is not fresh, it's been around for at least 20 years. Bye-bye Blake.

Lakisha initially had a chance to prove herself, but her chances have run out. Had she followed the advice of the guest mentors, she might have been able stay in the game. However, she chose not to take a chance and playing it safe backfired.

To sum it up, Melinda wins, Jordin and Lakisha fight for second, and Blake is just plain gone.
In short...LaKisha & Blake are 'one trick ponies'. Both of them need to leave before the finale in 2 weeks. While Melinda is more 'seasoned', she is not as 'well rounded' as Jordin, nor is Melinda as marketable as Jordin. And, surprisingly, Jordin is only 17 years old...far younger, and better than her co-contestants. Jordin should be the 6th American Idol! - The best combination of looks, personality, marketability, youth, & talent!
As someone who has watched every idol moment since 2002 and who has gone back and re-watched Season 1 with Kelly and Justin, I find it fascinating that Idol has evolved into a show that promotes big stars or has-been stars instead of idol contestants. Requiring the four remaining to sing genres of music like BeeGee songs, which should only be sung by a BG, is utter torture for the kids as well as the audience. Let them pick songs that they love and that showcases their voice and talent in the style that suits them as performers. IDOL needs to stop forcing it's contestants to fit into a outdated mold and then critizing them for not sounding like it fits. It's not fair to us or them.

Go Jordan! I love your voice and your "sparkle". You are fun to watch and to listen to. I will defintely buy your CDs. Melinda and Lakisha I will definitely go to see you both on Broadway that's where you will flourish. Blake... do your own thing, buddy you'll do fine...
Chris Richardson, I'll definitely buy your CD.
Lakisha and Melinda have the pipes!! Too bad the winner is voted in by teenagers....
The Real Question..Is Ford Selling More Cars and getting out of Debt?
I really hope Jordin takes it. She has a beautiful voice, a sweet personality, and a knock-em dead smile. She is the perfect package for pop success. As far as I can see, only Kelly and Carrie have had any real commercial success, so yes - marketability DOES MATTER. The others have fallen away just about as quickly as they rose to the top. I think Jordin has the ability to continue to entertain us all.

Jordin is young and has her rough spots, but I think she has not shown us all she is capable of - that would be too risky and could cost her making it to the end. I think with some coaching and molding we will see more from her than just "ballads" in the future. I believe she will one day get in touch with her "inner rocker".

Jordin is up against two other very similar and powerful female vocalists - no mistake there - Melinda and Lakisha are amazing vocally and I LOVE to hear them sing. I knew the first time I heard them that Melinda, Jordin and Lakisha would make it through most, if not all, of the competition. All clearly stand out vocally.

Right now all three of these ladies are playing it safe (as they need to) in order to stay in the running.

Melinda is consistent and has a beautiful voice. I am certain she will be the other finalist.

Lakisha has a fantastic range and ability to knock the roof off - she is an amazing vocal talent. I hope someone finds her and utilizes that talent. But I honestly believe this could be the end for her tonight.

Though I am not a Blake fan (his style is just not my thing), I can clearly see this guy has talent - hopefully someone who matters in the music biz is paying attention and will scoop him up. He is creative and visionary with his interpretation of different songs. Heck, he even has a pretty good voice! So what if it is all beatbox? It apparently has appeal for lot's of folks. Blake will find his way and I look forward to hearing from him again.

All in all.... XXXOOO to any and all of you AI contestants (still in the game or no longer with us on TV each week) who may be reading this blog today. I have loved watching all of you this season. You have HEART - I have watched you cry as a fellow contestant is voted off and I love you all for the goodness in your souls that you have shown us this season. No matter what the outcome, you are all winners in my book. I have smiled with you, cried with you, and rejoiced with you. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us.

Jordin, Melinda, Lakisha and Blake: Best of luck tonight and thanks for making me smile.

When I talk with folks about who their favorite AI singer, they usually mention one that represents their favorite sytle of music... but then I press them to say who is the best singer and the answer always has been "Melinda of course". This in the end should be a singing competiton but its evolved into a "package" competition (ie Taylor Hicks) The reason this season is a bit drab is there really is no competition for the best, just to stay out of the bottom 2.

I will often avert my eyes from the screen and listen to the music as I would the Radio... and my opinions of a performance changes quite a bit. Melinda would sound great on a CD... and the rest sound kinda thin.

Also.. what happened to the contestant profiles that we liked so much in years past? I miss seeing Pickler skating at the Sonic Drive-In or Underwood feeding the cows. I never really felt that I knew this year's singers like in years past.
I just want to address one issue that really bugs me. Although I'd like him to, I don't see Blake winning the competition. But since last night I keep hearing people say he shouldn't beat box every single song. You know, he went song after song for quite a long time without beat boxing. I thought it smart because it can be overdone. In fact, people were commenting that they missed it. Okay, he added it in last week and this week to song genres that were appropriate. Now he's doing it too much??? Give me a break.
Jordin has been my pick since the top 12, and it has been fun watching her nail her place as the one contestant that actually is AI material. If the show is fair, she will win it.
Phil should still be in the competition, Blake is a joke compared to the actual talent Phil had. That being said, Blake should go, then LaKeisha, Jordin wins with Melinda close behind. Melinda's great, but idols must have a neck. Also, LaKeisha and Melinda are both great singers, but Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight records are still available, so why buy these two?
Tuesday, May 8th was a night for the women on the show. Blake made a real effort for Gibbs offerings, but it wasn't his style(no fault of his) Too bad.
In short the show is rigged. This will be proven if Blake goes home tonight and the producers try to spin the Final 3 as America's Dream Girls.
Scott Spring Garden PA
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