Thursday, May 24, 2007
'Idol' chatter: It ends with Jordin
Only time will tell if Jordin Sparks, the winner of the 2007 season of "American Idol," becomes another Kelly Clarkson -- or another Ruben Studdard. If I were a betting man, I'd say she's gonna have a couple of big-selling CDs and a pretty good career. (Watch what's happened to "Idols" past)

Last night's results show was probably the worst of the recent season-enders. Not surprising, I suppose; it's not been the best season. I particularly loathe the made-up awards given to the strange birds that try out and then come back for the finale to be made fun of again, this time on live TV. (And the worst of them was some woman from Atlanta who dressed like a stripping chicken. My town ain't really like that, people.)

Last night's shining moment, other than the much expected coronation of Jordin, was Gladys Knight coming out and singing with the six female finalists. Featured singers Melinda Doolittle and LaKisha Jones belted mightily.

My second favorite bit was the African Children's Choir. Very sweet. Makes me think I should see if they have a CD or four. Perhaps that series of tubes called the Internets can provide some assistance.

That there loser, Blake Lewis, didn't do so bad as a runner-up. He won a car and a chance to jam with Doug E. Fresh. I still wish he had won -- OK, I really wish Melinda had won -- so it would give him a better chance to meet America (on the publicity blitz that now begins for Jordin) and get his name out there.

No worries, however. I think he'll end up as a producer, and he will be very good at it.
Don't bet the farm that Jordun will have a big career, she elicits an awful lot of negativity. She's a phony - the crocodile tears and the goofy looks....Chewbacca Sparks ain't all that, dude.
Jordan won!!! Yoo Hoo!! A beautiful strong voice. An American sweetheart, talented, sweet, loaded with personality. Way to go.

I could barely stomach Blake, I usually fast forwarded through his performances. Dressed like a clown!

Everyone raves about Doolittle. If shes such a hot commodity, why hasn't some record company signed her already? She could sing OK, but her voice was deep and groveley on some songs.
I said almost from day one that Melinda should win but America and I didn't agree on that. So when my hopes for Melinda were dashed I changed my favor to Blake. Sadly, America and I just didn't seem to agree again. I honestly think that Blake will have a music career one way or the other.

I think last nights finale was a joke. Why was Green Day even there??? Taylor should just give it up already, he wasn't the right person last year and he still isn't this year. Paris Hilton could do a better job than Taylor.

I think American Idol has run it's course; it's all hype and has beens in the finale - maybe it's time to give it up...
Jordin deserved to win and she did. I'm really happy for her.

As for American Idol - they really need to allow more time at the end for the Loser or Winner in this case, instead of rushing them with their last song or enjoying THEIR moment they've worked so hard to get to. Giving them less then 3-5 minutes is so UNFAIR - especially after wasting air time on contestants that had NO chance of getting anywhere or arguing between Simon and Ryan.

Give the kids their LAST OFFICIAL chance on stage - instead of CUTTING the show in the middle of their song.

MOst people would have enjoyed seeing ALL the kids celebrating one another last night at the end - but instead they cut them all off. This is wrong.
For the first time in months, I didn't watch.

BIG SURPRISE that Jordan won. Don't bet the farm on her though, she has a lot of growing up to do...

I am glad Blake didn't get saddled with the crappy songs Idol selects and instead has the chance to blossom on his own... I will stand in line for his CD.

Congrats Jordin (and I say that with as much authenticity as her crocodile tears and gushing teenage reactions). I still am more familiar with your father's stats than yours.
I actually thought it was the best finale...minus the Golden Idol nonsense (and Bette Middler didn't sound that great to me). Melinda was the best, but Jordin was the best in final. I think 6 or 7 of the top 10 could be successful. Sunjaya will even probably have 1 moderatly successful CD based on his current 15 minutes of fame. I agree Blake will have an album or two, but be better off as a producer/promoter. Noted the commercials were actually better than superbowl commercials.
Ok, Blake should have won. He was by far the most creative, and had a decent singing voice. I'm not blind enough to say it was fantastic, but on a whole, I think he was far superior. Of course the final song on Tuesday was going to be a let down for Blake fans, IT WAS WRITTEN FOR A GIRL! Jordin did a good job, but I'm just tired of all the vocal gymnastics she did, and she does look like a line backer! I wouldn't be so harsh to say Chewbacca though. My boyfriend, who is not into American Idol, even heard Blake's version of "You Give Love a Bad Name" on in the background and was very impressed with Blake's beat boxing, actually watched the rest of his performance. He's very talented, but maybe it did work out for the best, he can do work of his own and work with a ton of artists, a little bit more freely than Miss Jordin who will be stuck in the American Idol mold.
Jordin is definitely the better "Idol".

Having said that, Blake is far more talented and will likely exceed Jordin in record sales, etc.
the right person hasn't won yet on this stupid show. what a bunch of crap.
Why hasn't some record company signed Melinda Doolittle to a contract? Geez! She was just voted off two weeks ago! Record contracts don't happen overnight AND who is to say that she's not already in negotiations? Just because a record deal hasn't been announced doesn't mean that she's not been contacted!

Everyone knows that if this competition was based upon singing talent, Melinda Doolittle would have wiped the floor with whomever she went up against in the finals. The fact that she didn't make the finals and was, arguably, the best singer in the competition this year AND that ridiculous excuse for a singer, Sanjaya, made it as far as he did just proves that the voting can be swayed either by the producers (and I'm not a conspiracy theorist) or by a voting bloc that rallies for/against one person.

I think it is fair to say (and Cowell actually said this on Tuesday) that the best singer didn't win the competition this year. If the judges had any input into the voting towards the end, the outcome would have been entirely different.

As for Blake Lewis, he's an entertainer and while he may not get a huge recording contract, I'm betting that we've not seen/heard the last of him.
I am really disappointed in the whole AI show this year. I have to agree that Jordin is a phony, guess daddy taught her well how to be a drama queen like many pro-fottball players can't be.

Highlight of the show was Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood...true American Idols!
Jordin may have a big voice (like 1/2 of the other idol contestents) but Blake is the true performer and I hope he has a successful career! I'm waiting for your CD, Blake!
Blake should have won. Jordin is the same old the fake tears bothered me.
I agree that jordan should of won. She was really good adn she knew how to carry a tune. I think Blake kinda stank and nobody else could hold a candle to jordan's awesome voice!
Record breaking votes and most of the IDOLS past and present performing under one light and were still questioning if the right choice was made? The show was awesome!
When making remarks about Jordin's character perhaps we should try and remember she is still a child. As talented as she is the world has sped up around her and she has to be a bit overwhelmed, she certainly looked like a deer in the headlights more than once last night, You can not fake that.
Melinda is a great singer and made it a long way and will do well. Yet, the majority of Americans do not share the fanatical belief she should have been in the finals. Get over it.
The finale was a complete disappointment. 2 hours and they still managed to run over?! The multiple performances by past idols were completely gratuitous. No suprise that Jordin won, but it would have been priceless to see her reaction if Blake had won. From the clips that they showed throughout the competition, Blake definately has an ear and the talent to become a writer/producer and could probably put out a decent CD of his own. If you really sit down and listen to the clips of Jordin from the AI website, she's not all that great. It will probably take some "studio magic" to really polish her voice up for a decent CD. I too really wish that Melinda would have won. She held her own with Gladys Knight and I bet that she will have a long, amazing career! I'll be one of those in line for her CD when it comes out!
Now Blake entertained

Jordan and Melinda could sing anything and make it sound good.

But we can come back about a Year from now and see how well things really are by the record sales.

How I think it will go:

Jordan will have an excellent Freshman Album But her second will not be as strong unless she matures more.

Melinda will do 2-3 albums may win a Grammy for one but will take about a 4-5 year break after that and may come out with 2 more and be done.

Blake will be Co-Frontman with a group that has a lead singer but needs the person with ability to beat box and get down!!!

Chris R. Has a chance to make a couple of albums which will sell with Tweeners (people between country and rock) but has the best oppertunity besides

(the Navy Guy) sorry cant think of it right now. he can sing well but must choose his music wisely

But i think over all this group will do alright but to say they will outsell (Underwood, Akien, Dautery) is hard to say.

There was talent but really know one that I would wait to buy the Album. But i like Rock and none of these people had it. Besides Gina and she reminds me a little of a Pat Bennatar (starting out)

One more thing seeing Blake and Doug E. Fresh doing their thing last night showed what i have been saying all the time (Blake is not doing anything new) and if you think it is new and fresh I have some Videos of Miami Vice and some Parachute Pants for You!!! Because it might be making a come Back!!
The finale last night was brutal. I am a huge supporter of both Blake's talent and Jordin's vocals, but there is no point in bringing back the past horrible contestants to poke fun of them again. I thought it was disgusting and a waste of time! On a brighter note, I think the final two are very talented and I would watch them perform anytime.
The best pure all around singer seems to always get voted off the show. Melinda was this years person, but if I had to pick a person to win besides her, it would have been Jordin, so I'm not totally upset with how this all went down. Jordin will make it big, and I'm sure she will have a very long career being only 17. Melinda and Blake the same as well, American Idol was only the starting point to their fame. Blake might be the only person I see that may have a little trouble with success in the beginning since everyone does not know all about beatboxing, but I guess time will tell.
Wrong person won this title. She definitely won't be selling millions. She screams, she doesn't sing. This was a singing competition not a screaming competition. She won because of her daddy's fame. She'll be another one of the idols that just fades away. This was the worst season!

Now Melinda can sing, she's the best out of all of them and she was robbed of the title. However, she will be the one getting the record contracts and making it. What a voice, what a natural gift, she's the best!
they can't sign a contract for a record deal until Idol wraps up. And besides, I'll betcha Doolittle has a LOT of suitors right now and is having to pick which one is best. I'll bet she's being fought over quite fiercly. She will have a better career than Sparks by far. You do better if you finish in the top 5 or 6 but don't win.
Still underwhelmed. Good for the girl, but underwhelmed. Won't be purchasing any of those albums.

OH, and:

"Everyone raves about Doolittle. If shes such a hot commodity, why hasn't some record company signed her already? She could sing OK, but her voice was deep and groveley on some songs."

The deep and groveley sound? That's what a GROWN WOMAN'S adult voice sounds like; if the radio wasn't so addicted to 13 year old girls featuring pre-pube whining and size two jeans, we'd celebrate that, rather than criticize it. God forbid anyone be an alto or a mezzo these days.

Just wait and see, kiddies. Melinda was working, quite well, as a professional singer before this show came along, and I think you'll find yourself eating your words when she's snatched up now that she's been showcased...just like Daughtry, McPhee, etc.. Just because you don't have your picture on the iTunes homepage doesn't mean you're not working.

PS It will be interesting to see how Jordin's voice changes when she has her early-adulthood voice flip around 20 or 21. Just saying.
Jordin has the potential to have a great career! Only time will tell if she will be as successful as Clarkson or Underwood.

I disagree with "Anonymous" though. Regardless if whether a person likes Jordin or not, she has always seemed to be a very positive and geniune person. As for the goofy/croc/Chewbacca comments, I suppose that's the best we can expect from yet another "anonymous" blogger who probably looks like Jaba the Hut.
Of the two finalists, I'd have to say that Jordin deserved to win, but I lost interest in Idol after LaKisha and Melinda were voted off.
Am I the only one that cringed when Bette sang last night? Was she on the same non-alcoholic beverages that Paula was on? Also, what's with suffocating the show with music from my parent's generation? When will Am Idol have a finale with some modern talent? After all, who buys the albums today? Kids. Check the demographics. That's why Chris and Carrie did so well.
Jordin won "GREAT".
I think Jordin and Blake are both winners.
To all you negitave people, apparently you cannot judge talent when it hit you in the face.

The will be a lot of record deals made from the Idol group.
I think the judges should be more involved with who makes it to the top ten. America should not be trusted to vote until the top ten has been set. You cannot trust Americans because everything done here is biased in some way. Who looks better, who dresses better, who has more money, whether you are white or black etc. If this is a singing competition then Sanjoker would have never made it that far. I blame the judges for sending him to Hollywood when there were better singers. But, again, they didnt have the look ?
A cute little 17 year old from a bi-racial family. Neither her nor Blake belonged in the finnal; I think most people (with any kind of appreciation for talent!) would agree that LaKisha and Melinda should have been there.
Congrats to Jordin for winning!
I still think Blake should have won due to the fact that he is more creative, and risk taker, and also knows when to leave a good song alone as is.

Jordin will do well, since she has the AI contract to guide her for a while, but time will tell.

Blake will do well too, and now has a lot more opportunties since he isn't locked into the contract.
Look at Chris Daughtry.

This season, as in recent pasts seasons was totally underwhelming.
AI needs to re-think this whole voting thing, and maybe it is time for new judges too.
Simon, Paula and Randy have been doing this for too long, and it is getting tired to hear them every year. Maybe it is time for people who actually produce music, and perform to step in and provide a current spin on what America is looking for in an American Idol.
I am so glad Jordin won! She has a really fantastic voice and I am sure she will do well! Congrats Jordin!!
i dont believe that Jordin is the best choice for american idol. She was not at all excited about winning. she didn't cry and it seemed like the moments she was emotional she was forcing. Blake on the other hand was not a great choice either. So based on vocals they picked the right person but on being an American Idol i doubt she will do anything great. I still wish Melinda would have won. She is amazing and has a strong light about her that makes her an even better performer. Other than that i hope jordin decides to act genuinely excited and not make it seem so acted.
its a shame i have to share my own name with blake.( and im a girl haha) he sucks. they all suck. i don't think there has been a good outcome of american idol since kelly clarkson ( which by the way did anyone see her enormous thighs) well i love her anywayz. melinda was awesome but american picks idols on looks and appeal not on actual talent. hello!? its called american idol. who do people idolize? people like paris hilton. exactly. that in itself makes the show nothing more than a popularity contest. they should make them all wear paper bags over their heads and not show the winner until the end. i bet you people would be able to pick the best singer not the best overall. american idol is americans high school popularity contest.
It is a real shame that America was not able to vote the best singer in this competition (Melinda Doolittle) as its winner. Anyone who knows anything about music performance will agree that hers was the best vocal talent in this year's installment of the show, and quite possibly all others.
I lost pretty much all respect for the show when Simon rolled his eyes last month following a contestant's "shout out" for the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy. It was outright disrespectful.

Oh, sure, he went on record the next night to set things straight ... but like everything else that has happened to other high profile celebrities, it cannot be undone.

I am embarrassed to be an American when we endorse, by virtue its ratings, a show whose hosts act with such rude and insensitivity. And those merchants, especially so called sports taverns who turn off hockey playoffs for this show, should be equally ashamed for airing it to their customers.

This show is just another pathetic example of how America is becoming a national of mindless sloths and zombies.
I disagree with last nights American Idol winner. Jordin has a wonderful voice, but I don't see myself buying her cd anytime soon. Blake on the other hand, is a great singer and can actually entertain the audience. Blake had my vote from day one. I hope he goes on to have a great career.

Roanoke, VA
hey people... Its JORDIN not JORDAN.

Well, I would say that she has a lot of things to do for her to reach the real success as a singer.. Shes too young but very talented... But I can see right now that havin a lot of votes she got, I would say either that that would really help her to achieve in a short span of time her dream. that's with the help of the people who helped her during the competition. Aside from being a very good singer and very charming appearance, what else can you ask for? I'll support you Jordin Sparks! It's Jordin not Jordan...
Ok everyone, yes Jordin won. Like the judges said, and have always said, it is a singing competition, not performing competition, otherwise, 'Big Bird' would have won. It also come down to the style of music you like. I don't like the beat-box style that Blake used to carry him through the season, but he does perform well. I had to go with Jordin, because she has a good singing voice; however, she can be coached to perform.

The winner was chosen by over 37 million votes, but I'm sure that both will have a so-so career. I wish them both great success.
I think the company that the Idol winner makes a record with has the right of first refusal to the top 12. So they aren't able to go out and sign a contract as soon as they are voted off. I would have liked to see Blake win, but I kind of figured Jordin would. I don't think she'll sell a ton of records though. I think Blake has a better chance of selling records and moving into a producer type career.
the worst? are you kidding! the show last night was brilliant. and i have to disagree - i thought the true shining moment was smokey robinson singing with the 6 guys. they all sounded wonderful. i truly enjoyed the finale show.
The show doesn't really do anyone any justice. The people who should win never do. The people who don't win still have the chance to be seen and make an impact, look at Chris Daughtry. You just shouldn't have ANYTHING decided by a vote from the American people, just look at who's in office. You can't count on Americans to make that correct choice because it won't be made intelligently. People really don't know what's good or bad, right or wrong, they only know what the media tells them. If it's on TV then it must be true. Morons.
Open Letter to America

Please America I beg you to stop watching and caring about this schlok. Is there no form of artistry left in music today? Yes I agree most of these folks are great singers. Also it is impossible to dismiss the impact that this show has based on the remarkable ratings and vote totals. But its destroying an already pathetic music industry that rewards only youth, good looks, and barely adequate vocals. Whatever happended to great singers and songwriters. My answer is nothing happended to them, they're all still here we just cant get access to them on mainstream TV or Radio. The biggest shame of all is that credible artists will soon if not already be forced to go on this show for any real exposure.

The real talent in this country is lost and will remain that way as long as we continue to tune in and watch this nonsense. Stop eating the junk food that this show feeds you and decide for YOURSELF what you like and why.

Wake up!
I guess I'm in the minority here, but I loved last night's show (with the exception of the Golden Idols). How wonderful the whole experience must have been for all of the contestants to sing and/or just be in the presence of Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight, Bette Midler and Tony Bennett. Lasting, precious memories for all - and well deserved.

Congratulations to Jordin... you are amazingly talented. I'm sure you will make the most of the opportunity you have earned. You brought me to tears more than once listening to you sing. I look forward to hearing your future songs. Please hold onto your youth, your sensitivity, your humanity - you are a beautiful person both inside and outside.

Congratulations to Blake... you did not win, but you are so extremely talented that you will find success. Keep following your dreams. You are just a sweetheart of a guy - cute, kind hearted, and just so darned loveable. I look forward to hearing from you again too and I wish for you all the best things in life.

Congratulations to ALL of the top 12 AI contestants... you are all beautiful and talented, each in your own special way. I wish for each of you a happy life and fulfillment of your dreams.

Thank you all for last night's "hurrah". I loved seeig all of you again.


MM in Tampa
I love how everyone thinks Blake's beatboxing is so "original". Beatboxing has been around since the early '80's. And Blake only does it now because the idol for all young white male singers, Justin Timberlake, has been doing it for a few years. That's not original or fresh, especially when you put it in every song. He sounds like the guy from the Police Academy movies that made all the sound effects with his mouth. That's not music, its a gimmick. As for American Idol itself, it sucks and who cares.
Melissa was robbed. She was flat out the best singer. I would pay money to see her but I would n't cross the street to see the two finalists. It's not that they didn't have talent it's just that Melissa is at a completely different level.

She will become America's idol.

I think American Idol kas been rigged for a few years now. As for America getting to pick an Idol, that's crazy. America does not specialize in who has the attitude, look, and sound to make it in such a cut-throat industry. Does America get to pick the next Top Model....NO. The judges who are professional do. America picks who is yound and who they want to see. This show has been rigged for a while. The only good things from this show are Clarkson, Daughtry, and Underwood.

I didn't like either of the top two. I'm not good with names, but the b-bop guy had tallent, but who wants a CD of that to listen to, it gets old and annoying. He would be good on commercials and cameo's though for sure. And the Jordin girl could sing, but not like the Last two black women could. Melinda and Lakisha I believe. That was tallent!! I even liked the black girl with the short hair. She had a beautiful voice as well.

Jordin is a pretty girl, and the chewbecca remarks are harsh. But lets face it, a girl her age has to keep up with the Britney Spears and Pussy Cat Dolls appearence to make it as a star. The poor girl is just too thick to dress and dance like she needs to. She has no idea what she is up against. I think who her father is helped her win this competition. And she just isnt mature enough to handle what she is sbout to face. She is gonna crumble like a cookie. Most artists her age have been doing this since they were born, and while Im sure she is use to the media being her father was a football pro, get real she just isnt idol material. She is way too fake, and people will get tired of her soon.

American Idol has gotten even faker though!! Let the judges decide who is America's next Idol, thats what they are paid for. Put some shoulder pads and a helmet on Jordin and send her on the field, cause thats the closest to good she will ever be. The poor girl looks more like a football player than a pop star. America can vote on this as well! Can the girl even dance?? I can't wait to see her first music video so I can have a good laugh. The thing to remember is anyone can be pretty when you have people doing your hair and make-up for you and airbrushing your pics and videod, and touching up your voice in the sound studio. Let's take bets on how far she goes.

I am honestly sick of seeing past idol losers on every channel. Justin Guarinni and that Mcfee. Can we please just bury them in a big idol loser hole. Daughtry is dang good though!! And Taylor Hicks.... he is so creepy. Im so sick of American Idols I could just spit on them all!!!
did the right person win? not in my opinion. without a shadow of a doubt Melinda was the class of all the idol contestants. How ever Jordin was a close second. OK see you guys next year.
This has become a beauty / popularity contest instead of the best singer. Jordin, of course, was the better singer between she & Blake. However, Melinda and Lakisha were the best singers and should have been the last two standing. I didn't watch this week because it didn't matter to me who won and from what I've read that was a wise choice. I don't plan on watching next year at all.
Ok here's the thing DAWG...

The season started off with little hope of anything good. The girls were mostly great singers the guys were the worst I've ever heard - and I hear myself in the shower so that's saying case you're not totally convinced yet...I have one word...SANJAYA!

The season was pitchy in places DAWG, it wasn't their best performance you know it was 'aight

Once Sanjaya was gone, the show started to get a little more serious - until of course the real "should have been winner" was kicked off...yes, you all know LaKisha was the best singer of the lot - what a set of pipes on that woman! Not to slag Melinda off, but early on that "you like me? you really like me? you really, really do..." look started to ware thin....

But there's no way Blake should have been anywhere near the finals so it was anti climatic, and of the two finalists...the best one won! Congrats - here's to the rich getting richer - Jordin....Best of luck with it...

Maybe next year will be "DA BOMB" in stead of just a bomb.
I wish Melinda has won. She had a better voice and stage personality than Jordin. Jordin may have won, but we'll see who will really make it.(example: Taylor Hicks - Mr. Forgotten won, but he's still a struggle artist) I think LaKrisha and Melinda have a great future in front of them.
"Highlight of the show was Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood."

C'mon...even YOU don't believe that..try again!
I'm sorry but Kelly Clarkson needs to be promoting J. Craig and I don't mean Johnny.
Can't wait to buy Melinda, Chris, Jordin's CDs!
I am completely ok with Blake being the runner up - thank GOD he never has to sing that cheesy This Is My Now song again. Please don't let that become as overplayed as so many other songs are on the radio.

I found this season's finale to be a big disappointment. I cannot believe that I have to sit through a two hour show to get to the five minutes I want to see. Absolutely ridiculous. The results show should never be longer than a half hour. Period.
Melinda should have won because she has more talent and present than two two have althogether.
One could analyze the heck out of shows like these. Instead of criticizing the poor lady I think we should give her a hardy cheer. Yes it could have been any one of them but in the finale it was the best one. Singing is about emotion and Jordin Sparks raises the hair off my neck just like when I heard my own daughter sing in her first competition. She will be the next Celine Dion. And I am proud to be a Canadian.
I believe that the less versatile singer of the two won. Jordin has a good voice but not great yet in my opinion. She could get better with more singing lessons that teach could teach her how to use the diaphragm to improve her performances so she won't blow her voice out. Any Professional Concert Choir Director will teach all their students this important skill.

Her over all performances showed someone with a nice singing voice who is young, pretty, but in need of more life experience. If Jordin is not careful she could end up really struggling a lot more than other artists (Spears or Lohan for example) in find her own original style if she buys into the Hollywood mold mirrored by American Idol.

Blake was just the more developed artist who took more chances to refit the songs he performed to his style. Beat boxing of course is nothing new. Blake seems to be bringing the type of performance back into style. A lot of people in younger generations and different backgrounds were likely not exposed to beat boxing. So it is probably for the best that he didn't win. American Idol might stifle his creativity and Jordin will be easier for them to control. If he finds the right agency I'm sure he'll be as successful as Daughtery.

I don't think many of this years contestants were as talented as previous years. Unfortunately now Artists now MUST look "pretty", have connections, and have a tiny bit of talent to be known. Most of the Classic Artists wouldn't have a chance in today's Hollywood if they were starting out because they would not have the look.
I was really disappointed, although I figured Jordin would win, just because....there was still that hope that Blake would pull it off. I was really pulling for him.
Blake is a whole lot better than they give him credit for. He's original and has a sexy voice. I wish him the best of luck in the future because I know he will go far.
Maybe it is a good thing he didn't win, so he wouldn't have to be under the "idol contract" and he can do what he really enjoys.
It's official. American Idol is irrelevant for me. It is a teeny bopper show. Move it to MTV and stop taking up valuable airtime.

I can't imagine anyone over the age of 14 buying Jordin Sparks records. Way too sugary and cloying a personality. Get real sistah!
There is so much negativity by Melinda supporters towards the other contestants it may actually go against her. You better get another job and buy two because I personally will not buy one of her albums in protest of her self professed and shrinking pool of hostile fans.
It is obvious the majority of IDOL fans are not posting on this blog, of course why would they? Their votes have been counted and they won!
History will prove America made the right choice and melinda was not as appealing as all the self proclaimed arm chair talent schmucks delusionaly believe she was.
Jordin is a sweet and talented child and certainly does not deserve the abuse she is taking by melinda supporters. I agree with a previous post, melindas fake surprise "oh you like me looks" got old early and actually cost her support. Jordin was a front runner and consistent talent from the start, she was the most deserving of this years award and IMO this season (finale) was the best yet. All you folks who continue to state you will never participate in AI again...The fact you keep promoting your minority veiws on this blog, see you next year!
I loved Jordin. She's extremely talented and has the whole package. Yes, i agree Lakisha and Melinda are great singers, but they're not very versatile. They cant (or dont) sing different types of music. Jordin took risks and proved she can sing just about anything and sound good.

Yes, Blake is a better performer, and yes performing is extremely important, but I still think Jordin will be the most successful.

Does it suck that physical importance is so important? yes. but you gotta have one or the other. Ruben isnt attractive and he cant sing. I dont know how he won AI in the first place. same with Fanstasia. horrible voice, and she's not pretty. same with taylor hicks. not cute, cant sing. you gotta come to the table with SOMETHING.
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