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'Idol' chatter: Get ready to boogie
From Special Projects producer -- and "American Idol" fan -- Steve Almasy:

Thank you for your many respectful comments on yesterday's "American Idol" blog post. You kindly asked, so I watched and listened to Blake again, and I'll agree with you who liked it on one thing. If you DO like that kinda stuff, it was genius. Especially given the circumstances -- short window to work on the song, ability to reinvent it, flawless vocals.

BUT (cue the boos) -- it's still not my cup of tea. (Watch Steve and Rodney argue it out.) I'm much more likely to buy Melinda's first album than Blake's, but I think he'll do well as a singer/producer in his genre. I AM glad that he's still in the contest because it'll be fun to see him on "boogie night" next week and whatever the theme is the week after that. And I think we now get two songs per contestant.

We bid adieu to Chris and Phil last night, and if I may brag –- to the people who think I'm a moron –- that's five weeks in a row (not including last week's freebie) I've picked who was going home. I wish Phil was staying because his singing was improving each week and he was getting better at working the stage. I thought it especially showed in his classy exit performance.

Chris I won't miss so much. I never thought of him as a frontman, but on his bio it says he plays a few instruments so maybe he can make a career in a band.

Got any song suggestions for next week?

-- Steve Almasy
I was really glad that they kept Blake last night, but I sure did not like seeing Phil or Chris go. It is going to be hard these next few weeks with the talent they have. My money is on Blake and his unique style. Even though this is the worst season of American Idol, I am going to watch it to see Blake win.
I was so sad to see Phil go. I agree that he was getting so much better each week and he did SO well this week. I thought Lakisha deserved to go more because she had a few bad weeks (although she is also extremely talented).

I was happy that the voters gave Jordin another chance. She'll do better next week with a new genre.

Can't wait to see what is in store for next week!

p.s. Blake is amazingly talented!!
You know, I was glad to see Chris go... but Phil seemed to have been reborn over the last three weeks. He looked like a true contender...

I was surprised Lakisha didn't crack the bottom two... but the top four are tough candidates.

Jordin's stock is falling... hope she knows how to Boogie, but if I was a gambling girl I would bet Blake will bring his A game...

And Melinda will "modestly" say she doesn't know how to "boogie" and then proceed to break down in Saturday Night Fever...

Vocally she is flawless, but I can't say for certain I would buy ANY of their CD's...

Hoping Blake can stay strong and make the finals. An all girl finals is so passe.
anything but "stayin' alive". i don't think i could handle the screaming..."ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' alive, stayin' alive, stayin' aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive"
Phil, Phil...wherefor art thou Phil.
In my own personal opinion I think that Blake is very over-rated. He has his own unique style, but he has one of the weakest vocal capabilities that I have ever seen on American Idol. Lakisha Jones just get's under my skin. She tries too hard to become a duplicate of past Idols (Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia....need I go on). She has no identity if you ask me. Jordin Sparks has a voice so great that if you're not careful you would think she was a seasoned vocalist. But my hat goes off to Melinda, because she is one of the most consistent contestants that I've seen on American Idol in a while. She knows how to fit in any genre...she's just ultimately great. I'm really hoping she takes the American Idol crown this year.
Sad to see Phil leave!! Glad to finally see Chris leave. His whinning voice grated my nerves almost as bad a finger nails down a chalkboard!

I'd like to see Blake revise some K.C. & the Sunshine Band. Maybe "play That Funky Music"???
I am a american idol fanatic, and like you, I have been right every single time as to who would go home. It gets harder and harder to see them go, but in the end, only 1 can win. Not sure who will get it this year...I think it really has to do with how many people you have out there voting for you this year. I think I'd like to see Jordin win, she really is talented. Sure, I like Blake, I think he is ingenious, but I'm always for the underdog, and I think it would be neat if a 17 year old won.
Does everyone really love Melinda THAT much? She can sing, but is she idol material? I think she has an odd stage presence. Blake is amazing and brings something very different to the competition. Jordin is very impressive and I am hoping she takes it. Last year, America OBVIOUSLY picked the wrong person! Let's hope its better this season.
I think it is a tough call. Even Chris and Phil, I thought, were strong contenders. I will be sad to see any go from here on out. I think we all know Melinda will win, but anything is possible.
I am really surprised that Phil went home. He was consistent and had an awesome voice and stage presence. I think Lakisha should have gone home instead. No tears shed over Chris though. While I thought he was great earlier on, he sounded the same every performance and didn't seem to "break out."
I, for one, am getting a little tired of Blake. (and have been for quite a while) He is not nearly as talented as the judges have made him out to be. The audience, as usual in America, believes whatever hype is thrown at them. He has butchered several of the songs he has attempted, and does not deserve to be on the same stage with Doolittle and Sparks. It is time that people stop voting because someone tells them that a person is "really bringing it, Dog!", and start voting for what they see for themselves. Blake should have been voted out a couple of weeks ago!
So here is the question that one needs to ask when watching this show: A) Will I download one of these contestants onto my IPOD? B) Will I ever buy one of their CDs? For me the answer is NO to all of them. Don't get me wrong, I love the show, but I believe that this season is a bit drab.

My prediction is that Melinda, LaKeshia and Jordan will be the three left and the winner will be Melinda.
I can't believe so many people support Jordin - she's so forgettable. I can't remember a single song she's sung this season other than that one from the Land Before Time XII or whatever and that was cheesy as heck.

Melinda has got this down pat as long as she doesn't fall off the stage.

LaKisha is great, but is sure to have one or two subpar weeks ahead.

Blake is not an amazing singer, but he's got personality and orginiality. It's Blake v. Melinda in the final.

I wish Phil was still around. I'd take him over Jordin anyday.
I was supprise Phil went home as well. I believe it was Lakisha's time to go. I guess the kiss made it for her. Like other's have said, she it trying to be other idol's and that usually sends you home the first time you sing one of their songs, she has done it twice. Jordan is to young. She is a great talent, but how do you mess up Bon Jovi, when you mother played them through out your childhood. Doolittle is a great singer, but I don't picture her as an idol. I believe Blake should be the next idol. At least in my book. He is like a young Simon Le Bon or Sting, plus he can write and arrange. He could be the best idol so far!
How exciting! Seeing the comments shows that every one has their own preference in style and genre. I'm thankful for American Idol and it's positive impact on America. What a great time for something so positive and exciting to be in the forefront. We hear so much negative news. I'm glued to the t.v. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays now for the hour of American Idol. I've even gotten my 5 and 7-year-old daughters interested. As for my personal opinion...I think Lakisha is by far the most talented performer on the show this year. But it's not exactly going to come down to just vocals. Personality plays a role, as well as stage presence. Guess that's why it's anybody's game!!! Kudos to American Idol!!!!!!!
I have been an Idol fan since season 2 I this has been the easiest to predict so far. Here's what will happen in the next three weeks:

Next week, Kiki goes (amazing voice, but she rubs too many people wrong).

The following week, Melinda is out (most consistent contestant ever, but not inspirational or original).

That leaves Jordin & Blake. Jordin wins the votes of fans who just prefer her personality over Blake's. He may have a more successful career, but Jordin wins this year.

By the way, I am horrible at picking winners in anything, so This will almost assuredly NOT happen as I said.
First off, thank goodness Chris finally left. All he was, was a pretty face (for some). Phil definitely shouldn't have had to go. His voice was so soulful. LaKisha should've been ousted instead. I agree with Simon when he says she screams. It's not a range she's belting out, it's her various levels of shreek.

As for the winner of it all, while I think Melinda is talented, it has to be Jordin. The age demographic the American Idol should be appealing to is teens into early/mid twenties. That was the whole purpose behind the age limitations in earlier seasons of the show--because the older crowd doesn't always appeal to the younger crowd. Melinda just isn't for the younger crowd. She won't sell as many records because of it. Get her a record deal, but not the American Idol crown--that has to go to Jordin or Blake.
Melinda is so boring; she is definitely not Idol material. Given the fact that she is a professional singer, she never should have been allowed to compete in the first place. I guess I thought the premise of the show was to promote new talent; people who did not have the luxury of already being professionally employed as singers. At any rate, she certainly does not fit an "idol" profile; expecially if she does not get rid of that ridiculous grin and wide-eyed look. Another observation...calling her name first every Wednesday night to tell her she's safe is becoming very tiresome.
I'd like to start by saying that I have only really been watching American Idol for the last couple of seasons. Initially I was turned off by reality television and the horrible impact that it has on our society. Whatever happened to a good old fashioned sitcom?

BUT...I will admit that I've been hooked into American Idol now. I would really like to praise the show for their charity event last week - kudos to them for taking advantage of their popularity to do something good and humane for this world.

Regarding the finalists...I am a Blake fan all the way, but I agree with many that say this show is just a popularity contest. The sad thing is that the truly talented contestants this season were shadowed by the ridiculous Sanjaya and the over-inflated Chris Richardson. Now that they are gone perhaps we will see a true showdown. All four finalists are incredibly talented...but still...GO BLAKE!
As long as they keep Jordin, I'll keep watching. Jordin is fantastic!
Perfect song for Blake next week for boogie night should be "Play that Funky Music White Boy". Totally.
While Jordin is talented... she really is pretty karaoke... she lacks the power of the other females. BLAKE is not powerful, but he could sell records. Last year, the Idol producer signed Daughtry instead of Hicks... What does that say? Jordin has some serious competition and needs to step it up!! Like she did in the beginning! :)
Yeah! Blake is still in! I'm telling you he should win because he's young and talented. Blake will sell very well even if he doesn't win because we already have a Fantasia and a Kelly. Let's to Blake! Blake and the remixes!

James, Dallas
I was extremely disappointed and surprised at Phil's dismissal ! I still don't believe it. I didn't think he would actually win the title, but never,ever thought his dismissal would be this soon. The voting process is so flawsed that it has turned this program into a joke. I congratulate Phil for handling this disappointment with dignity and class. We haven't heard the last of him. Having one a former contestant (who did not win)receive a Grammy proves that winning American Idol does not make that person the most talented. It's just a title and now it has become flawed. I hope Phil and the others realize this.
Last night was no surprise as far as Chris. Phil has greatly improved so much, and as Tony Bennett said,"Phil has one of the better voices I have heard anywhere!" He was just coming into his niche and was so very good the last 2 weeks. He will be recognized after AI now and can utilize his talents for the rest of his life. Blake has that personality trait that has kept him in the running. His voice talent is not as good as Phil's.
But, it's all about votes of the American public and they rule.
Melinda is really perfection. She is developing more stage appeal each week. Jordin will be heard from someday if not here, somewhere along the way. Blake has a lot of originality which is good, now, if his voice was just as good.
Maggie from Arkansas...
Sad good-bye to 2 talented guys....Phil and Chris...really loved you both. Blake has talent and hope he makes it with a singing career. What's left now....Melinda....annoying voice and awful appearance. Jordin...much the same.
Okay, I have to weigh in. I've never been particularly fond of Blake. I think he is very innovative and hip, but he doesn't have the strongest voice. I was sorry to see Chris and Phil leave. Chris seems unassuming and modest, and I like his singing style. Phil has improved each week and I thought he deserved at least one more week. In my mind, Melinda is the best. Her stage presence and style has improved week by week, and she definitely has the best voice!
I personally think that Blake is awful. He really doesn't have a strong singing voice and he absolutely murdered one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs.

Whenever Randy and Paula say that he is "fresh" and "updated" I wonder what the heck they are talking about. Everything that he is doing was done back in 1985! Maybe they like him because that was when they were in their heyday. It was very obvious that Jon Bon Jovi did NOT like the arrangement he came up with, probably because back in the day Bon Jovi made fun of that type of music. I don't think he is original at all.

I hope Jordin wins. In my opinion, the best ever Idol was Kelly Clarkson, mainly because she really can sing and her music appeals to a wide audience. I think Jordin would be similar.
I was really sad to see Chris go last night. I enjoyed watching him each week. Blake rocks, I hope he wins. I'm tired of Melinda and LaKeesha, they sound the same each week and never try anything different.
Its a shame that people are judged so harshly based on age and looks. Melinda has a wonderful personality, very humble and lovable, and to top it off, she can sing GREAT!! Look at all the "good looking" people in Hollywood, and tell me that they always do things right just because they are young and pretty!!
Awww... I really liked Chris and Phil. I'll just have to keep an eye on them and see how they do. Somehow AI just lost all its simmer for me and I feel the show might be a tad boring now. I guess I'll watch it to see how Blake does since he's about the only interesting one left now.

Bye Chris! Call me!
It was definately time for Chris to go. As for Phil, I think he deserved to stick around for awhile yet. If you haven't already listened to Phil's songs available for download on the American Idol website, I would suggest going to listen now. He is VERY talented!! His versions of "Every Breath You Take" and "Blaze of Glory" are very impressive. I would have preferred to see LaKisha go. She is boring to watch and listen to. I'm pulling for a Melinda / Blake finale!
Did anyone else think it was ridiculous how Chris and Blake kept hugging eachother?? I love Blake but I think they overdid it a little bit!
I think Blake was much better than Melinda, she is too much like what is already out there. I don't feel like she brings anything unique to the competition. She does have a very good voice, but that's about it. Blake has the whole package!
If Blake can re-invent a rock song then I'm sure he'll have no trouble with "boogie nights". The music of the 'Bee Gees' has a wide range and plenty of choices, I can hardly wait to see what he does with it! It seems to me he'll fare better than any of the other three although Melinda surprised me with her 'rock'.
since it is boogie time maybe go back a bit..jordin sining bette midler's version of boggie woogie or a few old barry manilow fast tunes

should be very intersting.

sorry to see phil go he was doing so well.
I think a good theme for one of the weeks would be "one hit wonders" with perhaps an appearance by the one hit wonders themselves and talk to them to find out what they are doing now. Also, I think Jordin is sensational and just needs better song choice. If she had chosen a power ballad from Bon Jovi, she would have done better...Melinda has a great voice, no personality. Lakisha out next week and Blake will go to the finale.
This blog defininetly shows why Sanjaya stayed so long. Different strokes for different folks. Everyone listens to music differently and hears different things. For me, I never heard "different" from Chris. Every song and his on stage persona were the same, week to week - the young girl that Ryan interviewed on the street said it - He's just another Justin Timberlake wannabe. His whole look and sound come from that. Every song he sung sounded the same and my wife and I had been saying "NASALLY" for WEEKS before Simon finally said something. As for Phil, I too was sad to see him go. But in AI, it's not only present performance, but past. Jordin proved that. She stunk it up this week but stayed. Phil turned in his best performance ever and left. Part of the process is building a following. Jordin's been doing that for weeks and weeks. Phil's just now coming into his own. Had he started this transformation a month ago? Things might have been different. You may not like Blake's style but he is, by far, the most versatile and talented "performer" on the show. There is no one past or present who can do with songs what he can and do them so well. Some of the performers can make some adjustments in the song, runs, riffs, etc... to make the song sound a little more original but none can do what he does. I'm not a 20 year old gen-Z or whatever letter we're on to now. But Blake really did a great job last night. He mixed his style in with some true rock bits and belted it ou. It just worked. Melinda? Again proved she will win. She was about 30 seconds into her song and I turned to my wife and said "Wow.. Tina Turner incarnate!" which was endorsed by the judges. Jordin? Nuf said. She needs to step up and I have no doubt she can. Lakisha was the most disappointing to me last night. It was "rock" night. Bon Jovi for crying out loud!! And she chose an R&B song and stayed well within her comfort level. She did not stand out. Unlike Melinda who rocked the house doing something WAY outside her persona. Or Blake who took a huge risk or Phil who was just starting to FIND a comfort zone. And someone needs to tell Clinton and Stacy about Lakisha's OUTFIT! EEEEK!!!
Our entire family loves watching Idol. We were sad to see Phil go. As for Chris,in the words of my 6 year old..."The bobblehead kid is going home!!!" Priceless.
Phil is going to get signed for Country like Josh Gracin, and Justin Timberfake will get a contract too. Win or lose the idea is exposeure, and they had a lot of it.

As for Boogie Night

Blake-Play That Funky Music(White Boy)- Wild Cherry

Jordin- "Come To Me"- Franz Jolie

Kiki- Don't Leave Me This Way
(Thelma Houston version)

Melinda- Heaven Must Have Sent You-Bonnie Pointer
For once I was right on who was leaving the show. If I closed my eyes and just listened to Phil, he sounded better. Never cared much for Chris at all. LaKisha needs to step back up and she'll go out soon. Blake is good, and very talented. I think it'll be between Melinda and Jordin at the end.
I'm a bit surprised by the comments regarding Melinda being a professional. If I'm not mistaken, there have people in the past who made a living via their music. Didn't Chris Daughtery? I'm just not sure where people are drawing the line here.
Glad to see Chris finally get the axe, his nasally voice was really grading on me every week. Melinda has the voice and has been consistant every week, however, her stage presents is terrible. I vote for Jordin, she's young and can really sing and will have many years of entertaining ahead of her. Blake can't carry a tune no matter how much the extra crap is throw into the songs.
I can't get past Melinda's strange look. Does she have a kneck? I haven't seen it yet.

Whoever let Lakisha go on stage in that horrible outfit Tuesday night (remember the whole, "i can't sit down thing), should be fired. She looked awful - but sounded great.

Jordin better come back strong or she'll be the next to go. Lakisha doesn't do anything for me.

Blake is a tiny bit too twitchy when he sings. I think he is more original than most, but certainly not more talented.
So glad to see Phil go home. Lakisha should have gone instead of Chris. I hope Jordin or Blake wins. Melinda is good, but her surprised facial expression is annoying.
I can't get over the fact that Robin Thicke sung last night. He is HORRIBLE!!! Get him off the stage. He makes EVERYONE (including me) sound better. I had never heard of him and I hope I never do again.
It went about right now if they can dump Blake next week the 3 best will be left
When I listen to music on my car radio, on a cd or on an ipod, I just 'hear' the music and am not influenced by what someone is wearing or what they look like, so on Tuesday night I closed my eyes and just listened to the American Idol performances. Based soley on Tuesday night's songs, I believe Chris and Jordin should have gone...and that Lakisha and Blake were the 'winners' on this particular Tuesday evening. Whereas I didn't care for Melinda's performance as much (probably song choice), she is an incredible talent who consistently amazes and deserves to be in the top two. The other three, Blake, Jordin and Lakisha, have all had their ups and downs, however, if they all "bring it" the next few weeks, I think Lakisha has the better voice of the three and should be in the finals with's just my opinion...
Talent is in the eye of the beholder. While American Idol is indeed a singing contest, you can't discount other talents. I think people need to look at the marketability of a contestant. Blake's beatboxing is an amazing talent. For him to not incorporate that into his song choices would be insane. He has purposely left it out in prior weeks so that people could see that he can sing as well as beatbox. When he performs as he did this week, you can imagine being at one of his concerts, and how much fun it would be.
Jordin Sparks has an amazing voice for someone so young. Her personality is sweet and fun. She is going to keep developing her voice, and with her personality, has the ability to go a long way in the music business.
Melinda is the consummate pro, and I give her props for her performances, as she has consistently shown amazing stage presence and great vocals. While I don't think she'll be very marketable in the young adult arena, she could definitly be a hit with the middle-agers.
LaKisha has a great voice for someone who has never had professional training. Her training came from singing in church, and I think that's the genre she's headed for. She should stick to gospel music.
That being said, I predict Jordin will be the winner of this season's American Idol, followed by Blake, then Melinda. LaKisha will be the next to fall.
I honestly don't care who wins. I wouldn't buy any of their albums. In fact, Kelly Clarkson is the only Idol who's album I own.
I do agree with alot of you though. Melinda does need help with her image. Lakisha irritates me. Jordin, too cheerful and friendly. Now Blake; I am sick of him. I've been calling him a hobit for weeks now.
As much as I appreciate the other contestants' efforts, Melinda is just far and away the most talented. She shines in every performance. She's the one who should win, but even if she doesn't she'll have an amazing career! I can't wait for her first CD!
The top singers from the get-go were Jordin, Melinda and LaKisha (although LaKisha has been the most inconsistent in quality week after week). The men just didn't have it this year, sorry. Blake sounds like a weak Rod Stewart to me, and I don't know why there was so much excitement over his performance this week - he sounded off-key to me. I'll miss Phil - he really improved the past few weeks.
I think the three girls are going to kick some serious booty next week.

But whatever happens, dear God, Blake ... PLEASE don't beatbox the Bee-Gees.

(And, hey, does anyone else think he looks like Robin Williams? Not exactly a compliment, but ...)
I was very glad to see Chris Richardson go. He was like a poor man's Justin Timberlake. My pick for the winner is Jordin Sparks. She has the charisma and talent to sell records. I am baffled by Melinda. Yes, she can sing, but GOD, she is NOT American Idol material. Does anyone else think she looks like Shrek? Seriously...
I feel cheated. Phil left and Lakisha stayed? come on... Phil deserved to stay for at least one extra week.

I am so glad Blake stayed, that kid rules. Yeah, he's not great singer, but hell he has future...
Chris, yes, finally gone. Couldn't be any happier about that.

Anyway, Lakisha's got to go!!!
I'm with you Steve. That stuff Blake was doing is not my thing. My wife loved it. (Oh well) Anyway, I'm hoping for a Lakisha vs Melinda final.

For Boogie Night:

Melinda: Last Dance
Lakisha: Don't Leave me this way
Jordin: I Will Survive
Blake: Night Fever
I hope people realize that who stays on the show is not so simple a matter as "who gets the most votes". Do the math. 135 Million votes over 2 weeks. That's 67.5 Million votes per week. Figure a 4 hour voting window, plus 3 more hours taking time zones into effect, and you get 7 hours. That would be ~9.6 Million votes per hour, or about 2700 votes per second. Even if half of those are text messages, that's still well over a thousand votes per second. I know FOX has lots of money and resources, but I'm pretty sure the technology does not exist to record over 1000 phone votes PER SECOND.

They probably use some sort of statistical analysis approach, where they only sample a small fraction of the votes that come in and extrapolate, to get total vote numbers. And even without being dishonest, there are ways to tune a statistical extrapolation. Meaning that, even without "cooking the vote", FOX can control, somewhat, who stays and who goes.
I'm with Idol chatter, Blake is not my cup of tea either. And, I honestly think he is a 'one-trick pony', which is why he needs to tweak the songs to fit his singing style.

I thought Phil was a better singer, but then I don't vote, unlike the countless girls under the age of 12. I fear Blake will survive much in the same way as Sanjaya - for 'cuteness' vs talent.

Personally, I have felt from the begining, that this is a 'two-horse race' between Melinda and Jordin. Melinda 'stumbled' during Latin week, and Jordin 'tripped-up' this week.

However, eventhough Melinda has more experience and 'polish', I believe that Jordin will appeal to the younger - voting - viewers, and is far more marketable. So, I feel she will win in the end. But, both will be successful in the industry. I seriously, enjoy watching them both.
I thought there should have been more reminders of the way everyone sang the previous week, considering that the votes were added together. I'm sure that's what saved Jordin after a weak showing in rock week.

Melinda is the most polished singer, fantastic intonation and has pretty good stage presence but I just don't find her that original.

Jordin has a very fresh appeal that makes up for the lack of experience and she also sings very well. Very emotive and generally in tune.

LaKisha has a great voice that needs a little refinement: she has a tendency to be out of tune a bit and can overdo the volume on occassion. She is the least flexible of everyone in term of style. I think she'll be the next one to go.

Blake is my personal favorite. I like the style of music he sings and I think he's the most imaginative and original of anyone on the show. I'd bet he has a career as both a producer and singer. I absolutely loved what he did with the song this week, keeping the chorus pretty true to the original and going to town with the rest. He got that audience FIRED UP and that to me is the mark of a true persormer.

I'd like to hear Blake and Jordin in the finals, with the verdict going to Blake.
steve is a genius!
This week I must admit, I was among the saddened to see Phil leave. Although he's seemed to have some rough starts to his songs, he had come into his own over the last few weeks and really shown the true caliber of his voice. I've heard his tracks on MySpace and feel he'll have a very nice, respectable following as a recording artist.

As far a Chris goes, I fully expected him to be gone weeks ago. Last night's performance was better than Tuesday's (the "no more pressure" phenomenon) but on the whole was still uncomfortable to listen to. Shake it up a little bud, you've got the soul.

This was the first week I actually thought Blake did well and he was another I thought should have been let go early in the game. I think he's more of a rocker than he's previously let on and this style suited him, but his vocals on the whole are fairly weak. Stick to the beat-boxing, Blake, that's where you shine. You kicked it up this week, dude.

Jordin's performance was difficult to listen to because she was surely out of her element (but props for the red highlights as a tribute to Gina). Jordin has amazing talent for such a wee bairn, but needs vibrato control as it's becoming as distracting as Chris Daughtry's was last year. Dont' get me wrong, I love Daughtry's album, but I also love that they covered up the vibrato issues fairly well. Jordin has the world at her doorstep and she'll have a great time enjoying every minute.

LaKisha was back in the house this week, but I agree that she does too much copycat performing and doesn't show enough of her own style. Still, she has a wicked set of pipes and will find her niche after AI.

Now let me introduce you to Melinda; the most solid, individual, incredibly talented performer to hit the American Idol stage. Period. I can't say enough about her and I'm glad Simon asked her to stop acting surprised as she genuinely looks happy and comfortable up there where she belongs. Front and center. America, listen up. Melinda is a true American Idol no matter who wins.
Can't anyone see talent when it's right in front of you? Phil is by far the best true singer up there. Is this truly the best out of the contestants in America? The American people are just working when the show is on or they just can't hear. Put Phil back in the show, people like him better. Lakisha, watch out,your probably next to go. Your voice is nice but sometimes out of tune.
Boogie Nights!

Should be an interesting week. Seems the opinion is that the girls will shine. Let's hope Blake steps up his game as he does every week . .

My song picks for some dancing and singing under the disco ball . .

Lakisha - "Don't Leave Me This Way" (Thelma Houston)

Melinda - We are Family

Jordin - Knock on Wood by Aimee Stewart

Blake - Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel by Tavares OR Love Rollercoaster by the Ohio Players (he could incorporate beatboxing into that)

Can't wait for Tuesday!
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