Wednesday, May 02, 2007
'Idol' chatter: Beating the risks?
From Special Projects producer -- and "American Idol" fan -- Steve Almasy:

Bon Jovi night on "American Idol" gave us more two surprises and one performance that will be talked about for years. The surprises? Simon and LaKisha kissed, and Jordin was terrible -- really, really terrible in every way.

But we should talk about Blake Lewis and his rendition of "You Give Love a Bad Name." We first met Blake back in Seattle, where he gave us a hint of his beat-boxing prowess, a rare skill indeed. So we've been expecting him –- at least I have -– to take a classic song and give it a beat-box flavor. (Watch some of Blake's performance -- and Steve and Rodney's take.)

So Blake's version was as risky as any arrangement any "Idol" contestant has ever taken on. And I must disagree with Simon, who said 50 percent of the TV audience would love it and 50 percent would hate it. I think it's more like 70-30.

I'm in the 30 who hated it. Actually "hate" is a strong word. I hate smoking. I hate racism. I just didn't care for Blake's performance. I much prefer the original.

OK, I'm old enough to have seen Bon Jovi as the opening act (for 38 Special!) in concert. But it's not about being old. Heck, my friend Stephanie in Chicago told me her dad loved the Blake version, as did she.

I didn't like the beginning, in which Blake emulated a jukebox and the record beginning to play. Maybe that's Blake being an old-school guy, but I think it's "old-school guy" in the same vein as the guy in the "Police Academy" movies who made the funny noises.

The beat-boxing was good, but it seemed clever for the sake of being clever. It didn't fit the song. And the arrangement took all the power out "You Give Love a Bad Name."

I readily admit I'm in the minority on this one. He should rightfully get huge credit – the kind that puts him in the top four -- for being unique and taking a risk. That doesn't mean everyone has to like it, however.

What did you think of Blake?

-- Steve Almasy
Let’s face it, there is one person out there who can truly sing Bon Jovi… and it is not Chris…. LOVED Jon as a mentor, but dang… what was JORDIN thinking?? Anyhow…

Here is the deal, Jon was the real man of the night and I am still cringing with jealousy that I was not a part of that whole deal. Not to mention… Idol Gave Back almost 70 million dollars?? Okay, kudos on that whole deal… could have done without the teleprompted Bush speech, especially after his earlier TV appearance… give me a break, the man does not need that much air time. My IQ drops the more I witness him.

The judges were surprising subdued for rock night, though Paula somewhat resembled a part of the Kentucky Derby field with her rocking pony tail. Someone needs to tell her how much is TOO much…

But I digress…

Phil came out in a ‘Blaze of Glory’- added a little twang, hit all the notes to perfection and I loved it. Now, three weeks ago I would have said to send the creepy boy a packing… now, well I am ready to hear him again and will be exceptionally disappointed not to see him make the final four… He was confident, he managed to work the crowds and his performance SHOULD by rights safeguard him tonight… He didn’t change it up- smart. The song is iconic.

Then came Jordin… Not to quote Meredith Grey here, but seriously, seriously?

Now I have been a member of the Go Jordin Fan Club for some time… but, after last weeks shriek fest fell flat… the Sanjaya’d hair (my gosh that DID become a household term!) and horrible vocals may earn her the most shocking send home of the season…. Remember Daughtry?? Well, her fan club should have been voting in full force after that performance- she is going to need it.

Did anyone else feel she looked like a linebacker next to Ryan?

I am okay if she sticks around another week as I think she can bounce back, but after two horrible weeks she is in my bottom two… shocking.

Along came KiKi who learned how to rock the house. She took us to Church with “This Ain’t a Love Song” and reminded us why we fell in love with her to begin with. Is it enough to overcome her Idolatry challenges the weeks prior? I am no convinced. I certainly hope it is long enough to keep her ahead of Chris. If not, way to remind us what we WILL be missing…

But would Kiki kiss and tell… Simon sure did with his “Nice Lips”. Wonder where is lady was last night… and could that “kiss” be enough to boost her popularity? Or will she be “kissing” us all good bye!

And of course there is Blake who managed to secure some shoe polish and dye is hair black. Not a horrible look, the intentional stutters to “You Give Love A Bad Name”… well Blakey Boy- you give Bon Jovi a bad remix.

That being said, that was one of the BEST vocals Blake put forth… on the lyrics themselves…. When he sang and not stuttered them. Loved SOME of the beat boxing which was a bit nerve wrecking… that is a long time on a singing show to NOT sing. And had he l-l-l eft the s-s-s-tutters how I would have COMPLETELY bought into this.

Simon hit it… hopefully the half that love him voted fast and often.

Chris came out in his pseudo Curious George Meets Justin Timberlake Eye Rolling Nasal personality.

Okay, I don’t like Chris, never have, never will. He is the Sanjaya of the competition. He doesn’t belong there, I won’t buy his record and he isn’t even good to look at. Dang. There I go again with the Sanjaya effect…

Anyway- his vocals did NOTHING for me. Can we say you are NOT Daughtry, and tell me you did NOT just ride that mike stand like a John Wayne western?

I “Wanted” Chris to stop singing and I just keep hoping everyone else does too. His voice for him wasn’t bad, which isn’t saying much…. His performance just wasn’t memorable.

Mindy-Doo however FINALLY secured her talents for me yesterday. She was ROCKIN!!! And, I finally felt like she could step out of her comfort zone and produce and Idol worth CD.

Okay, so we know she is vocally flawless… but I still do take issue with a pro winning an amateur contest. That being said- she looked, sang, and even strutted like she belonged there singing a Bon Jovi cover.

SOOOOOO……. My bottom two?

Personally, I hate to say this but…. Jordin and Chris R. (I only hated the first part of that)

The Two Most Likely To Be Sent Home?

Bottom three could predictably be Phil, Kiki, and Chris R… with the first two going home. BUT let’s hope not!
I just LOVED Blake. I think he is extremely talented. An amateur who takes a song and completely creates a new sound. It was amazing!
Of course there will be people who don't like it and that's fair. I hope the voters liked him because it would be a shame to see such talent go home.
I,m with you Steve. I didn't care for Blake's rendition on bon Jovi night but my son and husband liked it. My household is split 50/50
I actually enjoyed Blake's performance. I thought it was a different spin on a classic song and was enjoyable. He sang it with his own style.
I couldn't agree with you more. Now, I may be biased in that I simply love Bon Jovi, but it just didn't fit. Beatboxing and rock anthems dont' mix.
I'm 47 and loved Blake's rendition. I thought it showed talent and personality.
I'm 47 and my daughter is 13 and I'm a huge Jon Bon Jovi fan. We shrieked like little girls during Blake's version. I think it was the most original, entertaining performance I've ever seen on AI. I think he might win it all.
I think that Blake's rendition was excellent. I get so tired of week after week of these people copying note for note the songs they are performing. I think Blake is unique and shows that he really has the ability to be an American Idol. Copying songs can be done by anyone, but Blake repeatedly finds a way to shine in each genre and that to me is what this competition is about.
I agree totally with Steve Almasy on the Blake performance. He is so out of line for an American Idol. He's such a Justin Timberlake wanna be.
I thought Blake was fantastic last night. We are and have been always been diehard BonJovi fans. He did the song proud. It was our favorite performance of the night.
They always tell them to be different and make it their own, and who can sing the original better than Jon Bon Jovi himself - so why mess that up. Give Blake credit where credit is due - he took a great song, and instead of trying to be like the original, he stepped out on his own and tried something different and cool. I think it was awesome!!
I'm sorta with you, Steve. I wasn't too hot on the beginning. I was prepared to hate the whole thing but Blake had me after that point. If I ever get the chance to hear the song again, I think I'd love it.
I am a very huge Bon Jovi fan. I have seen them many, many times in concert over the past 20 years, two shows last year alone. I have most of their albums on my Ipod which I listen to daily. I am a big as well but I must admit I was concerned when they announced that the group would be mentored by Jon. I loved, loved, loved Blake's version of "You give love a bad name" Nobody can sing a Bon Jovi song like Jon can, so I really appreciated the fact that Blake made it totally different. I would definitely buy his version.
I've been waiting for a crazy beatbox performance from him since the auditions in Seattle. He has shown little flashes of it throughout the year but this was the first time he went crazy with it. That performance will be talked about for years. It generated 14 text messages from my american idol watching friends (easily the most Ive ever received for one performance) and all of them said something along the lines of "Most amazing performance of the year!"
At first, I was not sure about whether I liked it or not. But, after hearing it back for the second time....I absolutely loved it. It was original, hip and in his own style. Bon Jovi encouraged them to make HIS songs THEIR own, and Blake totally did that. Kudos to him for taking that risk!!!
I'm a Blake fan, and a huge Bon Jovi fan, and this is one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs. However, I absolutely LOVED what Blake did with it. It was fresh, fun, and entertaining. The original version is still out there, it's not like it's being re-written for the history books. It's okay to love both! And I do!
Loved it and loved Blake for taking the risk. As usual, I thought Melinda was terrific. Phil keeps getting better, a real surprise to me. Wish Jordin had done better, she has grown so much in recent weeks, last week was amazing, but this week it just wasn't there. Lakisha showed such promise at the start, but she & Chris just can't keep up at this point in my opinion.
I did not like it.
I would hope that none of these young talents go on to cover old songs in front of millions of people, but isn't that what they HAVE to do right now? So I say give these kids some slack. Blake took a huge step last night which was original and bold and he pulled it off great. Let's be honest, Phil's got a great voice, but he's not an entertainer (unless it's at Six Flags), Chris is toooo much like J.T. and that won't fly in the end, Lakisha and Melinda - great voices and presence...two of the best...and will entertain a market one day, but just not the american idol market (e.g. Fantasia??). The contest comes down to Jordin and Blake in my mind, too exciting young stars with talent, charisma, appeal, and creativity. And come on folks - who isn't saying every week..."I wonder what Blake will do tonight!?"

Thanks - Clint
I am old enough to remember Bon Jovi as an opening act also. I thought Blake was brilliant last night. I think it is fine to prefer the original of any song but I can recognize the extreme creativity Blake brought to his performance last night also. I would buy a CD with his version on it--in fact, I hope to get a chance to do just that.
I am a huge Bon Jovi fan and I was very uncertain about Blake's song choice and performance arrangement. I prefer the original, but I did like this version as well. I don't think his version will sit well with most die hard fans, but definitely gave a pop spin on a great song. Overall, thumbs up!
Just wanted to say I, too, saw Bon Jovi open for 38 Special, in Atlanta. Not sure if that was the show you saw, but the one thing I'll always remember is Jon dropping the mic stand on the drum set from the riser behind Tico Torres during You Give Love a Bad Name. Probably the funniest unintentional concert moment of my life. And FWIW, I liked Blake's version - he's perfect as a gimmicky AI contestant, a breath of fresh air on the show - but on a CD or in concert, it would get old. QUICK.
I am in the 70 percent who liked it. American Idol can get so boring and karaoke sometimes, so it is really entertaining when a contestant like Blake -- as Paula says -- "makes it his own". I would like to see him stick around and maybe even win the show. Contestants like him will help Idol further build its credibility in the music industry, by showing that the show really is discovering fresh talent, not just Whitney wannabes.
I am a regular viewer of Idol but, have NEVER voted.

I changed that last night after seeing Blake's pefomance. I went online and voted for Blake.

I loved his vesion of what was a boring Bon jovi song and I appreciate Blake even more now that he was bold enough to take such a risk.
I absolutely loved Blake! Thought it was risky and well performed!
Listening to and watching Blake has always been like fingernails on a chalkboard to me... the only thing I noticed this week was that he had dyed his hair. Otherwise -- same old noise.
Blake's performance last night was the BEST in Idol history.

My folks, my husband and I all loved it.

Hands down.. very entertaining.
I think Blake's rendition of Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name" was absolutely great !!! I am a woman in my 50's and have children who have been Bon Jovi fans since he first came on the scene. I was really impressed with Blake last night and would love to see him go all the way in this competition. WAY TO GO BLAKE !!!!
I LOVE Blake. If you took all the songs that he has sung this season and put them on one album, I would be the first in line to buy it. And "You Give Love a Bad Name" should be the first single off the album. Like others have said, no one can sing Bon Jovi like Bon Jovi can, and Blake didn't try. He is the only singer that consistently makes songs his own, and he always does it with reverence to the original while putting his spin on it. He'll go far, even if he doesn't win it all.

I'm worried for LaKisha tonight. If they combine this week's votes with last week (and last week, let's face it, she was BAD), then she could be going home tonight. I think Phil's good performance last week will save him tonight. Remember, folks, there can only be 1 winner. I know its terrible to see LaKisha and Jordin go home, but if Blake or Melinda is going to win, those two powerhouses have to go at some point. I think tonight, we'll say good-bye to Chris and LaKisha. Sniff Sniff.
First, Justin timberflake WISHES he had this much talent...he needs machines to do what Blake does. Second, Chris isn't the be-all and end-all of good rock music. Actually while Jon sings, Chris screams -- big difference and I hated Chris' rendition of it last year. Blake's was original, not a JonBonJovi wanna be and showed how to take a song that's NOT his genre and make it his own. if he hadn't of done that, the judges would've said, "Dude, we were waiting for you to make it your own." Can't win with them, so be yourself and do it proud. He did.
I for one, am in the 70% that truly enjoyed Blake's rendition. However one chooses to side, credit must be given to him for originality, balls and creativity. To have the courage to take a standard in rock songs and make it unique is a testamount to Blake's musical capabilities and dare I say, brilliance.
I thought Blake did a really good but he was far from being in the top 3 last night.
Im a 30 something year old female and eventhough I am not a Blake fan by any means, I liked his rendition. It was hip, fresh and above all different. A lot of young people dont know Bon Jovi and Blake's rendition probably peaked their interest... Good for him. I do think he deserves to be in the top 4. Its time to say goodbye to Chris and Phil...
My wife and I liked the performance. We felt that it was original and edgy. He made the song his last night. I feel that if Blake were to leave tonight he would put the pen to his record deal tomorrow. He has talent, skill and stage presence and that is more than some artisit out there today.
I was almost impressed with last nights AI. I am a HUGE Bon Jovi fan and have been since 1985. I had to take my mind off of the fact that these were my 'beloved" Bon Jovi songs and, surprisingly, I found it quite easy to do. Lakisha blew me away!! Phil was great. When I first heard Blake I thought "What is he doing?!" NOOO!!! But then Chris butchered "Wanted Dead or Alive" and I actually started to like "Bad Name". Chris and Jordin should go home. Blake had guts, I give him that much, and for that he should stay!
Could not disagree more with Steve. I'm middle-aged AND a Bon Jovi fan and not so much a Blake fan, however, my husband and I both really enjoyed Blake's cover of the song. I am MUCH more put off by someone who tries to sing a classic the original way and mutilates why not be true to yourself and your own personal style? Good for you Blake for not being a sellout!
I think Blake rocked! And I am a product of the "Bon Jovi era". It was risky, but the risk paid off. Even if he is voted off tonight, Blake will have a recording career in his future. Isn't that right Chris Daughtry?
Say what you will, the kid has guts. We're down to six and he takes what is arguably the quintessential Bon Jovi song and makes it hos own. Personally, I think he is THE entertainer in the group; I wouldn't be upset if he takes it all. On another note, did LaKisha pick the right song or what?!
Blake was amazing. I can't wait to download the rendition from YouTube. He was original, dynamic, showed his range of creativity. Everyone else tried to be John Bon Jovi, Blake was Blake. WOW. Loved every minute of it. Can't wait to get home from work and snag that clip.

Love Blake

Mike from Toronto
I really appreciated Blake's performance for a couple of reasons. Not because it was flawless (let's face it, that was an odd song to beat-box to), but because it was absolutely original.

1. Unlike some other finalists we could speak of (Jordin & Chris), Blake is aware of his vocal limitations. His voice is a bit thin, and if he'd tried to wail on a Bon Jovi rock song, he would've sounded like, well, Jordin and Chris. So instead of attempting something that was beyond him, he figured out a way to make the song fit his natural talents. That sort of self-awareness is very rare among amateur performers.

2. Who wants to see another pop star who does nothing but what his handlers tell him to do, imitating the same old boring styles and vocal affectations that everyone else does? The guy deserves credit for having a vision. He knew what he wanted to do, and he pulled it off. I'd rather see an artist who brings some ideas to the table than someone who just parrots everyone else.
I don't think that the song is supposed to be better than the original--it is suposed to be his interpretation for a singing competition, which was pretty good.
I'm 58 and luckily I taped the show because I play Blake's portion of the show over and over and over... I absolutely LOVED it.
This young man is a STAR. Steve,
please watch Blake's version again, with an open clear mind. Try to forget previous versions of this song. Take it all as hearing this song for the first time....
Now what do you think of Blake?
I thought Blake proved himself to be the most versatile contestant this year. Even in a genre he's not
comfortable in, he's good enough to
make it fit his style. If Blake and Jordin are not the last two standing, then America got it wrong.
I too LOVE the original song, but truly appreciated Blake's creative spin. I think he kept a small portion of the song "original" and made it a lot of fun. Great job, Blake! Sometimes, we want plain original pizza which is awesome and sometimes we want all the toppings for a different flavor! Just my opinion..Liz from New York!
I loved Blake's rendition. Much more hip and up to date. Don't get me wrong I love the orginal as well, but I think Blake could take alot of old songs and make hits today with them.
Go Blake!!!
I thought it was great!!!
I'm 56 and I thought Blake was awesome. I thought his vocals were his best yet, and the beat boxing just made it that much better.

I think Chris and Phil are gone.
I absolutely loved Blake's performance last night. I am honestly still in awe of how great it was. However, I respect that not everyone shares my opinion...I accept the fact that not everyone appreciates the greatness that is Blake Lewis.
(and I accept the fact that many people will be annoyed by that smiley, but I couldn't find any other way to express myself!)
Seriously, though, everyone did well last night...except Jordin. And I think she deserves to go home tonight, though I don't see that happening, what with all the hype surrounding her. Also, she was the golden child last week, and those votes combined with the meager number she deserved last night could be enough to send her to the final four.
Anyway, I've basically said the same thing many other people have said...but I felt compelled to comment on this post because of my extreme disagreement with the assessment of Blake here. I thought it was the best performance on this show - or any television talent competition - ever. But that's just my opinion. And your opinion is yours. And I respect that. But I love Blake...and that's all I'm going to say for now.
I too can remember Bon Jovi as an opening act. I am still a huge fan of the hair bands and metal in general. I think everyone is getting caught up in the song not the performance. My son and I watched the show last night, my son is into really heavy metal, and we both thought the performance was great. It was different, outside the box. John himself told them to take the songs and make them yours. That is what he did. When he talked about adding beatbox I kind of cringed but I thought the entire performance was great.
Jukebox? No, I'm pretty sure Blake has never even played a jukebox. He was emulating a turntable... a DJ. That is what beat boxing is about. Apparently that point was lost on some.
I admit at first I didn't like it at all. I am a big Bon Jovi fan also. But then once I really started listening to it . . . I like it. I had to step outside the box, as Blake did, and listen to it from a different angle. In the end I enjoyed it. Blake has his own style and he does an amazing job putting it out there. Go Blake!!
LOVED Blake last night. I grew up listening to Bon Jovi and "messing" with a rock classic from this outstanding rock group is a huge risk...but Blake went for it and definitely pulled it off. He knows his strong points and smartly used them last night.
Franky, I think "You Give Love A Bad" name is the sort of cheesey, arena rock confectionary that in no way deserves any sort or holy reverence. Much like most of their songs, it's a modestly rocking pop song made for stadium sing-alongs and karaoke.

("Wanted Dead Or Alive" must be in the top ten of male sung karaoke tracks of all time.)

Blakes version, while not a risk in that he didn't perform it over a pool of man-eating sharks, was at least personalized. It also was his most enegetic and confident performance in weeks.
Hi - I am 48 and like the other 40's something who have commented, I love everything Blake does. I am thrilled at the thought of having kids listen to him rather than a lot of the other music currently out there. I hope this parental endorsement doesn't mean the end for him.
I've been a big AI fan since season 2 and have always voted with enthusiasm. However, this season there has not been anyone that has moved me to really care who won. Last night was the first night I actually started to feel invested. Blake's performance was the first this season that actually made me smile and get me out of my seat (and I'm old enough to have been rocking to early Bon Jovi w/ my mall hair and acid wash!) I was glad to see Kiki back and I'm fearful for Jordan.

I think Chris needs to be gone. He's the one left that is truly outclassed by all the other talent. I think Jordin got enough votes last week to be safe this time (Ryan did say they were combining the votes, right?). Bottom 2 will be Chris, joined by either Phil or (sadly) Lakisha - although she was great this week, I don't think it was enough to undue the damage from last week.

Oh, and as much as I enjoyed Blake's performance, that Duran Duran hair has GOT to go! What was he thinking?
I loved Blakes performance as well as Melinda - they both rocked!!!

Jordin - what was she thinking?
Chris needs to go home
LaKisha - did she really deserve that kiss from Simon?
Phil - not bad - put his country style on it

bottom two - that's hard - should be Chris and LaKisha, but I think it will be Chris and Jordin
I thought Blakes performance was excellent and refreshing. There is nobody left on the show that has marketable talent that a record company can truly capitalize on except Blake. I've been in bands for the past ten years and I understand business.....Blake will make money because he is a standout or should I say "original?"
I am with you on Blake's performance. The beginning left me scratching my head, but when he actually sang it was very good. I am not a beat box fan, but Blake "worked it out" as Randy would say.

Kiki wowed me for the first time in weeks - she had attitude, sass and the pipes for the performance. The kiss with Simon was well deserved and may save her.

Melinda is vocally superior - but she's a pro after all and IMHO doesn't belong on AI - which is supposed to be for amateurs!! I say let her go home with a nice fat recording contract but NOT as the AI winner.

My bottom 3 would be Chris, Jordin and Phil - with the guys most likely going home. Too bad though as Phil is really starting to grow on me!
Steve, normally I think you're right on. But I completely disagree with you about Blake. Before last night's performance, I was not a Blake fan at all. In fact, I found him quite annoying and couldn't wait until he was voted off. But he flipped me around after that version of "You Give Love a Bad Name." I love Bon Jovi, but one thing the judges always say is that the contestant can't just karaoke his/her way through the song; s/he has to make it unique. And that was the most unique take on an established song I think you'll ever see on that show. I watched it back on my TiVo 10 times after the show...I couldn't get enough! After last night, I'm rooting for Blake all the way!!
Blake's rendition of "You Give Love a Bad Name" just wasn't my cup of tea; however, I do appreciate the risk, the individuality, etc......

Jordin was disapponting, although I think she will be back next week. Chris has got to leave....every time I hear him singing, I feel like shaking him and asking him to remove the clothespin from his nose...

But, oh boy, does Jon Bon Jovi look great, or what????
What a cutie.
Blakes redition was the only original thing that show has ever seen. I thought it was great.

Seriously, who the hell wants to hear that stooopid song one more time. I'm tired of the "kareoke" performances of AI. Blake's version was refreshing and actually, very good.
I love Bon Jovi and I loved Blake, he rocked!!! He has a style of his own and a personality of his own. I was at home screaming for Blake when I heard his version, simply wonderful!
Get over it already. Blake did fine whether you liked it or not. I'm a DJ and there are more than a few dance remixes of that song and everytime I have to play it, the Bon Jovi fans love it. At least he didn't do a copycat version of the song which American Idol is famous for. I've never been a big Bon Jovi fan and I feel like Jon sings all his songs with is "rock star" effect on his voice. Like he's trying to sound like a rock star, but last night I actually liked him as a mentor. Though I'm sure tonight, he'll be back with his "I'm a rock star voice" when he performs. And before you bash me, I'm old enough to remember Bon Jovi before the big "Slippery When Wet" album. I like him better on the old songs like "Runaway." Before he started singing with that effect in his voice. Anyway, I think they all did okay last night. This is by far the most boring season of Idol ever and I just wish it would go away after this season.
I didn't prefer it however I will give Blake credit for "making it his own".
Well, put me in the 30%. I didn't "hate it", but to me "Idol" should be about singing not gimmicks, and the Beat Box thing is a gimmick. As for Jordin, had she pulled it off they would have said she was brilliant. Unfortunately, she couldn't pull it off.
I hated Blake's version of the song. I like what he does but it shouldn't have been with that song. I believe he will go home tonight. I agree with Simon about the 50/50. It's split that way at my work. Jordin really struggled last night but I think with the votes that she received the week before, she should be safe.
I am huge fan of Bon Jovi and I still think Blake was awesome last night. I didn't care for Melinda at all. Simon compared her to a young Tina Turner, but I thought it was a terrible. I don't know what Jordin was thinking. The song choice was wrong, the outfit was awful and the hair! I thought she looked like Oprah Winfrey on crack.
I thought Blake took a huge risk in his performance last night. It was good - in the proper venue - but I don't think his style is what Idol is all about. Beat box, as a genre, does not have the following that, say, jazz or country or rock has. I did enjoy watching him last night and was impressed with his talent. I don't think he'll be sent home quite yet. I DO, however, think Chris needs to go. He does have talent, but not on the same level as the others. And Jordin - she is an amazing singer and mature beyond her years - and as much as I like her I think last night's performance may have put her in jeopardy. It wasn't awful, but Simon did make a good point - that the women last night were at a disadvantage in attempting to sing Bon Jovi. His music, as a whole, is geared more toward the male voice. Even though LaKisha did great and Melinda did okay too, I think Jordin is too talented to be voted off because of one less-than-perfect performance.
I think Blake was outstanding... First off, he took a risk and there is no gain without a risk. Secound, it was extremely creative!!! Think about what his mind had to do to compose that... Well done Blake... Like it or hate it, Well done!!!!!
I can see how people would like Blake's gotta give him that. But he just annoys me!

I go with Melinda Doolittle all the way. She's the only one up there with real talent.
I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of Blake, I have a tendency to think he's trying to skate through this show based on his good looks. I also have to say that I'm a huge Bon Jovi fan. That being said, I watched last night WANTING find something wrong. However, as I watched all the little pieces of the performance come together, I couldn't help but think "This guy is going to be a star."

Seriously, with or without winning AI, Blake is going places. He's got true talent and he's got his boyish good looks. He may be one of those "one-album wonders", but when he's done with AI, Blake is going to be famous in a huge way.
I absolutely loved his rendition and was very impressed with the risk in changing such a powerful and extremely popular song. He could have really fallen on his face with that one, but he came out on top and I was thoroughly entertained.
blake killed it last night - best and most fun contestant ever!
Bon Jovi night! Jordin.....wrong song choice're so much better than that!You have one of the best voices and only seventeen. I 'd gladly send you through to tne next round because I know you have the voict to back it up.
Phil...Phil...Phil....I just don't get you. I cannot like anything about your whole package. It's time for you to go home and enjoy your family.
Chris there is something about you that makes me want you back on that stage weeek after week. I liked your take on Wanted: Dead or Alive. were back to the KiKi we all love last night . Great perfromance but......there is still something about you that makes me say ....well it would be O.K. with me if you left the show.
Melinda........You were hot last night. You need to continue to show attitude in your performance....but...I wouldn't be unhappy to see you go either. almost burned us through the screen last night you were so hot. Defenitely....defenitely rocked to your song last night. Keep that personality shining!!!
To sum up...Blake..Chris...Jordin...don't want to lose you guys....KiKi...Phil...Melinda...parting would not be such sweeet sorrow.
I've never been a fan of the original "You Give Love a Bad Name," but Blake's take on it actually made me like the song. I think he may be too talented for American Idol -- he's a great vocalist, sure, but he seems to be a great musician as well.

I've been a Jordin fan from Day One, but I must agree (well, heck, even she agreed, that her performance was horrible. That said, her strong showing last week will probably let her float, especially considering there'll probably be half the votes cast this week as last.
I am in my late 40's. I grew up listening to Bon Jovi, 38 Special, etc. I love their music. I think Blake took a geat song and updated it. Blake's rendition was fabulous. I love that Blake always makes a song fresh and new. I sincerely hope he is in the final four. His voice is amazing and he takes songs from any era and does an amazing job of making them "his own."
I think Blake did a good job, it was different. He won't be going home tonite & rightfully so.

But honestly- Lakisha BLEW ME AWAY! In my opinion she was the best performance of the nite. I pray she doesn't go home tonite. I'm sad that they are going off of last weeks votes as well cause she could be in trouble. I'm like Simon- never heard the song before in my life, but Lakisha can re-record it & I'd be hitting the shelves to purchase it!

In order from last nite:
1. Lakisha
2. Melinda
3. Blake
4. Chris- I Like him last nite! (for once)
5. Phil
6. Jordin- poor thang!
I absolutely love Blake. He's so unique and has a great voice. What's wrong with being different? I would definitely pay to see him if he goes on tour.
Generally speaking, I've enjoyed Blake's performances, but he's not been my favorite. But I LOVED his beat-box version of "You give love a bad name" and, of course I loved the original.....I'm a 58 yr. old female.
I'm glad that someone told me what Blake was doing at the beginning of the song, because I just thought he was just making a lot of random noises with his mouth. Not sure why so many people take to this kid and to that beat boxing -- isn't that 1995? Or 1985? Anyway, Bon Jovi is really not known for being a singer, y'know. Just for rockin' it out and having great hair back in the day. My favorite Bon Jovi record is still 7800 Degrees Fahrenheit --talk about old school!
I'm an old time rocker and I loved Blake's version.
Anyone who didn't like Blakes performance needs to get their hearing checked. Seriously! Maybe it wasn't YOUR type of music, but regardless, it was great. GREAT! I DVRed it and have played it over and over. It was amazing. He deserves major propz for taking that risk. Haven't seen anyone else take a leap of faith like that have you? Blake = Superstar! Btw, I love Melinda too. :o)
I loved Blake's rendition. This is what the competition is about, taking a song and making it your own. What Blake did was phenomenal. I would buy his CD just for his take on that song. Awesome!
Bon Jovi makes me weak in the knees and squeal like a teenager, but Blake got me excited and happy over his performance. And by the by, my 18 month old clapped for Blake and did not clap for anyone else.
Todd, you could not have said it better. I completely agree with you. I did not like it either but I have to give him credit for his rendition. He does have talent but I don't think you should mess with that song, at all.
I really enjoyed Blake's performance because he really made it his own, which is what American Idol is supposed to be all about! He is so talented and should get a contract after Idol is over with. Yes, Jordan didn't fare well with her version and I feel the song was way too big for her but I had to give her credit for trying! She also should get a contract!! Lakeesha is wonderful no matter what! When people compare her to Doolittle, they have to remember that Lakeesha has had NO training at all compared to Doolittle who has had so much training; has been on stage numerous times in productions! I think Doolittle actually shouldn't be on American Idol because it is really taking away from the other contestants who have not had the training she has had. I think she could have quite easily obtained a contract without going on Idol. But, I do think Idol has given her the confidence to now go out on her own and do extrememy well. After all, she is wonderful! Chris is great no matter what, especially for his genre. Phil is ok....
Well....maybe your employer should choose someone who is younger and more open minded to write the column and is more in tune with the majority of people who watch American Idol. Blake was great and he should win. Everyone one else was bad or realllllly boring.
I think Blake 'did his thing' well enough. But, basically, I think he's a poser. His tone can get monotonous. His camera gazing comes across as vacuous -- all style, no substance. Remember when he sang Lennon's "Imagine" a couple of weeks ago? Not very moving, for those who have ears.
Two comments:

One, beat boxing is not a "gimmick." It is a form of artistic expression that is diverse, lyrical, and expressive like any other art form.

Two, I am voting for the best artist this year like I have every other year. The performer with SOLID vocals that is unique. Unique, to me, is the greatest expression of hard work and talent. Blake is my man this season.

Persaonlly, I think Melinda is the best singing talent ever on AI. I also think her style...where she "feels" the most comfortable, would best be served in Vegas highlighting a major casino show. I can't get that out of my head, and think it would be a perfect match.
I LOVE Blake, he is fresh and different, makes me want to get up and dance!!
Lame-o. A bad remix of a great song.
Blake's rendition of "YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME" was absolutely awesome. Everyone wants originality, well he gave originality.

Phil was awesome, too. He sang his heart out.
Ok - Blake rocked it last night. He has continuously created original, fun arrangements on songs. And he does the arrangements himself. There are so many singers who just sing what's given to them. Their managers create an image for them and that's who they become. Blake creates his own music. That's talent. I'd rather listen to people like Sarah McLaughlin, Norah Jones, Chris Daughtry and others who write or collaborate on their own songs. These people are true musicians. Blake falls in to that category. Kudos to him for taking a huge risk and doing it in front of the iconic, original recording artist.

Jordin - at least she knew she bombed it. I just hope she doesn't go home because of it. She is a far better singer than Chris. Chris is just another singer who's manager can mold him in to another boy band "sensation." That is so tired and boring. He needs to go home.
I agree with you, Blake's rendition did not fit the song and I felt it was a very weak performance. I have not liked him the last 3 weeks and I originally thought he could win! I think it will be between Melinda and Phil, who has come on strong these past few weeks.
Blake has an excellent career ahead of him. His rendition last night only provides more proof of his talent. He demonstrates what it takes to make it in the music business - take risks, be original, but more importantly BE YOURSELF. Go Blake!!!!!
I thought Blake really nailed his “re-mix” of “You Give Love a Bad Name”. He took a classic and made it sound fresh and new without messing with the melody (which would have certainly killed it).
A lot of times, especially on this show, 80’s songs are preformed terribly, either by sounding extremely dated, or by performers attempting to “make it their own”. Blake has a unique way of arranging music that doesn’t ruin the original material, spicing it with his personal flavor – a talent that has seldom been seen on American Idol.
As for taking the power away from the song – I disagree! He stayed true to the original in the power department, lifting the audience with a standing, hand-clapping anthem toward the end of the song that kind of reminded me of . . . Jon Bon Jovi.
Also, Blake has a special talent to take silly noises and make them sound cool and appropriate. The turntable bit was his way of hinting that he would be “scratching” the record at some point in the song. His vocal effects were not for laughs, and they were cleverly placed and performed.
I know I'm in the minority, but I hated Blake's rendition. He butchered a classic song that I love and tried to make it "hip-hop". I hate beatboxing and hip-hop anyway, and it certainly didn't work with this song. I think people should stop trying to make a song "their own" and stick with singing it the way it was originally intended.
Are you kidding me!!!! Blake's performance of Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name" was the best American Idol performance ever! And I'm a 40+ year old male from Utah. Unbelievable performance and now I want to buy the American Idol Season DVD's just to watch Blake's performance again!
I agree that Blake's performance was a risk and I agree that it was a make-or-break type of performance. For me, however, it broke. I've never seen a performance on AI that I've hated more than that last night. And I happen to think Blake is really talented...I just hated this performance more than any other this season. My sister-in-law called to say she had to mute the TV because she couldn't stand to listen to any more of it. It was a shame, too, because I really liked a lot of Blake's work before...not now. I know a lot of people who liked it, but I think I'd rather see Sanjaya back than have to listen to that again.
Comparing Blake to Michael Winslow from "Police Academy" is ridiculous. He's a talented singer, beatboxer, *and* musician.
Was great. Fresh and unique.
I'm 56 and I by now I've heard lots of artists do remakes of old songs and none of them come close to the original. Blake was 100% right on not taking the safe route and his performance was terrific. His unique style is what will propel his career.
Absolutely loved Blake's performance last night. The fact that he also was the only one to take Jon's advice to "make the song their own" also made him a standout. Loved the darker hair, hope he keeps it.
I was a Bon Jovi fan in the 80's ... saw him twice in Hershey PA, once w/ Skid Row and once with Cinderella. Jon was mediocre then, and hasn't improved much since. Looks great for his age, but is still musically very ho-hum. I thought Blakes version actually put Bon Jovi's to shame.

While I believe Mindy is far and away the best singer in the bunch, I still think Blake has a shot too.
Blake's performance was a stroke of sheer genius. In a time where everyone and everything follows the trends, I am refreshed to see someone that is as creative as he is take a chance. Go Blake! and please keep the risk taking up. I for one am extremely bored with today's music and it energizes me to see such new and innovative ideas coming to life. I hope he wins the idol competition. American could use some good entertainment for a change.
Loved it, loved it, loved it. It was sung well, it was orginal and I loved his version of it. I'm 40 and grew up w/ Bon Jovi, and still loved it. So yes, I'm afraid that your take on it is a bit "old."
I am a HUGE Blake fan! I think he did an amazing job! I've been waiting for him to break out with his beat boxin, and he finally did it!! A big YAY! for his orginality, and an even bigger YAY! just for him! I am definately in the top 50% of liking him! Great job Blake!!
Hated it!!!!
Let's face it, none of the performers last night did BJ songs justice. Those who think Melinda Doolittle had a great performance last night have rose-colored glasses on...she was terrible. Blake was a breath of fresh air. While his version probably made hard core BJ fans cringe, his originality and execution showed true talent.
I very much enjoyed Blake's rendition. The way that Blake takes songs, and rearanges them shows that he may have more musical insight than many others who merely pop up on the stage and sing like the original. After all, this is a musical competition.
I'm a Canadian viewer who was born in 1980 and am quite familiar with the song. I don't recall Blake's first performance, not sure why. However, I do vividly remember when he belted out Jamiroquai. Right then and there my opinion was that Blake should go far in American Idol. He was hip, current, and a true entertainer. My biggest fear was that he would sound the same each week. Granted, he has his original style and when he sings, his mouth is crooked, but that's the nuance of Blake Lewis. He's my favorite (so there's a certain degree of bias here) and I hope that he does win American Idol.

As for his rendition of You Give Love a Bad Name? I thought it was the absolute best performance ever on American Idol in all its 6 seasons. Good job Blake and good luck.
I'm 71 years old .. have always loved Bon Jovi and think this kid did a great job ... frankly, Steve, I'dont know what your're talking about.
I had mixed feelings through the whole song. I did not care for the beginning, and thought it was a little over - DJ/dance club-esque, but at the end of it, I was liking it. I really think the self-echo effects were a bit much. Still, Blake is my favorite to go on to a serious music career, singing or otherwise. I don't think he needs to win the competition. In fact, it may be better for him if he doesn't.
I abolutely loved Blake's performance. Although still not the best vocal up against Doolittle, it was a well executed creative and hip rendition of an old favorite. Refreshing!
First a comment about the style of music that Blake is emulating via his vocal chords. Normally such a performance is perfected through a drum machine if not multiple, run through compressors and sound effects, manipulated in a studio taking HOURS to perfect to the sound the engineer wishes. Blake did this all in sync and live. So in that particular sense he did a great job.

Next - he took a song as Bon Jovi said that people are not going to want him to mess with. However being in a place where Blake has to stand out he has to do his own rendition of it.

I agree with Simon there are going to be people that love it and theres going to be people that hate it and it will probably be closer to 50/50. What people can't deny is there is talent there, and that talent shouldn't be subjected to the contract of American Idol. It should be allowed to grow freely.

Cheers Blake
Blake steals scat from Etta James, steals his one dance move from Dwight Yoakam, and steals his wardrobe from the Bratz dolls, yet Randy and Paula keep calling him fresh and original. Give me a break... Blake is waaay overrated and a bit on the annoying side.
Beat-boxing or not, why is it that people overlook the plain and simple fact that this dude can't actually SING in tune???
Blake gave an amazing performance. There aren't too many professionals in the music business (making tons of money) that could have taken that song and made it so entertaining in such a unique way.

It was innovative, creative and just plain awesome!
Okay Steve, I too went to the 38 Special concert w/Bon Jovi opening. I also went to the "flying" Bon Jovi concerts and Blake ROCKED THE HOUSE! Seriously! I loved it. You can't say it was a remake but he made it his own.

Also, in regards to Jordin as a 17 year old who in this day and age can't appreciate an icon like Jon; today's music performers fall short in soooo many ways. I feel she tried to compensate for her shortcomings as a rocker with the hair and outfit. I am hoping thought that last week's performance/votes will save her from any tragedy.

I would like to see a finale of Jordin and Blake, as either one of them is a winner in my eyes. I hope AI can put out another winner as in Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood and I think Jordin and Blake could foot the bill.
I'm old enough to have seen Bon Jovi perform at an amusement park (Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ). I expected to hate the alternative version; I actually liked it. Kudos for putting his own touch to a classic song- isn't that what a great "cover" is about.
Bon Jovi is awful, really awful. A hair band cloning the boss.

That said, my favorite was truly awful last night. Jordin, who I thought was unstoppable, made me cringe.

Blake, who I previously found annoying, had one of, if not the, best performances since Kelly Clarkson.

If America votes based solely on last night, buh bie Jordin and/or (hopefully!) Chris, who appears to be tweeking all the time.

Good luck, AI fanatics!
When I first heard it was Bon Jovi night, I cringed, thought it would be yet another night of weird song choices & performances. And heck, just not a fan of his music! I admit I was WRONG! I thought Bon Jovi was the best mentor this season. I think he really had a good feel for each of the contestants and their individual talents, and was dead on with his advice. I loved when he told Melinda to sell it like she was in church, and use body language, which I thought was odd advice for a rock song, but hey, she ran with it! LOVED it! I guess Phil's years of practice on that song came through for him, because he sold me on a song I really do not like. Certainly Bon Jovi brought out the old Lakisha, and about time, too! I missed her! Did anyone else get the immediate vibe from Bon Jovi that he was concerned about Jodin and her ability to pull off the song? Because she was horrible! As for Blake, not a beat box fan, but I give him tons of credit for sheer cheek! Whatever anyone thinks of it, he succeeded in getting everyone to talk about him! He's the man of the moment! As for Chris, sorry, but he should've gone weeks ago. He's my Sanjaya. As for eliminations, I hope Chris is finally bye-bye boy! As for the others in the bottom three, it's a tough call, since results are combined with last week's. Here's my guess: Melinda and Blake gave two solid performances which should make them safe. I think Phil gave two solid performances, but I fear he may not have the fan base to keep him in the top four. Lakisha and Jordin each gave a horrible performance and a good one, although I believe Lakisha's performance this week was better than Jordin's last week. So I guess it comes down to momentum - Lakisha was rolling downhill fast, while Jordin was soaring. Did Lakisha garner enough votes this week to compensate for a certain lack of votes last week? How long a memory does Jordin's fan's have; enough to forgive and forget this week's ear cringing song? Okay, out on a limb, Phil will go, too, but wouldn't be surprised if it's Lakisha. Melinda, Blake, and Jordin should be safe! Who's next week's mentor & what's the theme?
I hated Blake's performance. Melinda was by far the best of the night. Phil performed well also. Jordin was way off. But I hope she stays around for awhile.
I do not GET IT. Why is everyone so in love with Blake? His voice is absolutely nothing special and he sings every song like the lower half of his face is numb. And he looks like a chipmunk.
I thought Blake was awesome!!! I love Bon Jovi's version as well but Blake did his thing and it turned out great!!
I loved it! I'm not a huge 80's rocker fan anyway, so it definitely didn't bother me for Blake to arrange it differently. I've been waiting for him to get back to his element!
Blake's performance was bold and creative in a sense. He's done what few have ventured to do on 'Idol "remixing" a song to the degree he did. I give him credit for that. I don’t believe any contestant has shown an aptitude for arranging music as he, most others being just talented vocalists.

That all said, however, I personally did not care for the performance. Don't get me wrong, I think he has a good voice, but Blake reminded me too much of Justin Timberlake's suburban-want-to-be-urban style, which to me is cheap commercialized/formula music. True talent comes from being musically innovative, progressive and not doing what has already been done.

If you look to MTV and commercial radio to guide your music decisions, which are in the end driven by corporate record labels, then perhaps Blake and the like are for you. To me, however, true music fans understand originality, musicianship, seek out their music, and aren't spoon fed it. When people are impressed by Blake's performance, yes, he deserves credit for being risky and totally reinventing the Bon Jovi song. But don't confuse this with talent. The percussionist at Blakes side, now that was talent.
You really are a dinosaur!
everybody likes somthing differant, but last night the girls could not hang with the guys, blake was fantastic!!! by far the best...idol needs a singer who can do it all..let's not have another taylor hicks...nice guy but singer ???? rita elkins
Blakes version of you give love a bad name was off the chain! his originality and performance style is what will make him win American Idol.
The judges from the beginning told the contestants to "make a song their own" and also to "give the audience something to remember" or "talk about the next day".. he accomplished that. Was interesting enough, but if he had of sang it like the original, the judges would of ripped him apart.
I'm not much of a fan of the beebop skeebob, but he does it well and makes things interesting!
First off, American Idol is my guilty pleasure. I can't get enough of it. Secondly, I'm also a Bon Jovi fan, and let's face it, there's only one Jon Bon Jovi. Last night was bittersweet in the fact that as much as I wanted to love all of the performances because it was Bon Jovi week, I really only bought into one. No was can sing a Bon Jovi song like Jon himself. I wanted the performances to be great, I wanted the contestants to break into "Dead or Alive" the way that Chris Daughtry did last year, but as anyone who's watched this season knows, it ain't gonna happen. Last night I think that credit has to be given to Blake Lewis for not trying to be Bon Jovi. It may not have been the version that I would have bought into back in the mid 80's, but this isn't then and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the fact that he put his own spin on the song and didn't try to sing it as if he were somone that he isn't. Kiki also deserves a little "Something Something". She nailed her song. I haven't been a fan of hers in the past, but last night, she rose to the occasion. Should Blake win, not for me to say. Who should go, again, not for me to say, but if I had to choose, I'd say goodnight to Chris Richardson and Jordin Sparks.
I myself am in the 70% bracket. Its just so nice to see someone not doing same-old same-old yet again. While I do love the song as it is and am not looking to see the song itself changed, for the purposes of last night, Blake's rendition made for a great Idol performance. I loved it! And I voted for him.
The beatboxing aside, the vocal performance was great. Best of the night in my opinion.
I am from the "OLD SCHOOL", and I absolutely LOVED Blake's rendition of "You give love a bad name! First of all, it can't be easy to sing these songs as it is, but to take them and make them their own (which the judges have told them to do)has got to be incredibly challenging!!! I say take what got you into this competition and use it whenever it is possible to do so. I agree, some won't like it because they are not opened minded to anything "new" or "different". I grew up with Bon Jovi, Madonna and for God Sakes...BOY GEORGE...if we can listen to them and enjoy it, we sure can learn to like...maybe even LOVE the new stuff that is sure to come. I think that Blake is going to be one of the "NEW"!!!!
Blake was amzing. The best performance I have seen on American Idol. The old school people will not like it, but thats ok. Blake appeals to a youner more hip crowd!
I agree with your article. I thought it was the worst!
I, too, hated it! It seemed very contrived to me.
Not sure what I was watching when I saw Blake, household is in agreement that his risk wasn't good. I'm young heard a lot of Bon Jovi but I think his talent didn't quite work for a powerful song, yeah it could work with a mellow song for example and give it some light but this song is pretty powerful and it was like what the Judges were saying afew weeks ago about taking an original song and messing with it, this I feel fell in that catergory.
I don't get why people think he's so great. The only time I see a hint of talent is when he's doing his sound fx. He's a "decent" singer but that's even giving him more cred than he's due. When you put him up against Lakisha or Melinda he's really just a Six Flags singer. I will give him props on his style. I like the quasi-alternative-preppy look but damn, dude needs to look in the mirror and check out the lip action.
In a nutshell.... didn't like Blake, Jordin was a hurtin' pup last night, Chris sounded like Justin Timberlake - "he's just okay for me" to quote Randy. LaKisha rocked, but I don't know if it will redeem her from last week. I wasn't digging Phil (I call him "cue ball") at first, but he's growing on me. He needs some hair though - seriously, and if he's going to be country, he needs some country vibe in his image - lose the low rise pants and button down shirt over white t-shirt look; get a cowboy hat (to cover up the cue ball).

Okay, so let's talk about Melinda. I am so over the coy act. She says to Bon Jovi, "I am so bad at rock," then she gets out there and jams? Can anyone say, "fishing for compliments?" I know she's very talented, but I seriously can't stand her "oh I am such a bad singer" attitude. I hope she doesn't win just because of that - just play it like it is Melinda - you're great, but your mousy act ruins it for me.

My predictions:
Going home tonight: Chris and either Lakisha or Phil

Top three:
Phil or Blake

Winner: Melinda - I say that begrudgingly...get a grip Melinda!
It was risky, but fabulous! I grew up on Bon Jovi. I think the band should be PROUD!!
I was actually SHOCKED about how much I did LOVE Blake's version. I'm also from the Bon Jovi era and thought oh gosh what is he doing! But I'd buy his version in a heart beat.

I think Blake could have chosen a better song to do his mix to but Bon Jovi doesn't give a whole lot of room to work with.

But to have the knowledge, the intelligence, and the creativeness that Blake has to mix up a song like that and still sing it great like he did shows everyone that he has the most talent on that show....ever. Sure, others in the past AI contests might have had voices that appeal to the masses, but honestly, when you invest in someone for the future, you want to get someone that will get the attention for being original and have that "mass" appeal. Blake's got it, the others just sing, but he's got the Cha Ching $$$ !
I loved Blake's take on the song! Wish Jordin had picked something else - still love her voice!
Both my husband and I absolutely LOVED Blake's performance. I grew up on Bon Jovi - have seen them in concert several times "back in the day." I thought Blake took a rock anthem and added a little kick to it that would make it a top 10 today if recorded. FABULOUS!!
With it being Season 6 and the fact that America has chosen every type of singer under the sun, it seems only fitting that someone who does something completely original would be the next American Idol. Saying that, I definitely think Blake is the next American Idol. I look forward to seeing him every week b/c he's different. I know Melinda and Jordin are very good, but I think the whole reason I watch the show is b/c I'm just interested to see what new thing Blake is going to do. He's shown us he can pull off pretty much any genre and make songs his own as well as perform, which are what you need to do in order to set yourself apart in the music industry. I love Melinda and Jordin, but I'm concerned they would get lost in the shuffle.
Go Blake! Last night was the most memorable performance of any AI song ever. I love the beatboxing, I love the changes to the song, I thought that it was a wonderful reinvention of the song that reminded me why Blake has always been my favorite.
Speaking of "old school" all I can think of when I look at Blake is that old video game "Q-Bert"... I hated his version of "You Give Love A Bad Name," I am not a die-hard Bon Jovi fan either. I think the guy is very talented, however, and definitely like him dark-haired over the spiky blonde highlights. Now he needs to ditch the baggy pants for some skinny jeans and he'll really fit the "old school" bill.
LOVED Blake's rendition and performance!!!! (and I am 40 yrs old)
Can't say I liked it. I felt like he tried a little too hard to be different. Sure it was cool, but it's a singing competition, not a talent show.

There are more talented singers on the show.
I thought Blake did a fantastic job last night. The beginning of the song was incredible, and then Blake let loose with some fantastic vocals. The beatboxing in the middle of the song was cool at first, and then at the exact moment that I was thinking to myself "OK, he's dragging this out a little too far", he started singing again, with terrific vocals again, and ended the song almost as well as he began it. The only criticism I can offer is that he's simply not as good as Melinda. But then, nobody on the show is. I can't wait to see what Blake's first CD is like. I can only hope it doesn't disappoint like Bo Bice's CD did.
I'm as "old school" as they come when it comes to Rock n'Roll!! I absolutely LOVED Blake's spin on Bon Jovi's "You Give Love A Bad Name"!!!! It was fresh and funky without being over-done!!!
I'm an old school Bon Jovi fan, and all I can say is that Blake's performance was brilliant! It was risky, innovative and just plain good. That is why he is going to be a star. Of course, in my humble opinion :-)
It was called "Rock Week". Umm, correct me if I'm wrong, but what I saw looked a lot like hip hop stuff. All he needed was the chains, sideway hat, and the grill going on. Creative, yes, I'll give him that much. Rocking the house, no way. I'm surprised he's made it this far.
I'm a Blake fan.....and I loved what he did last night. I've been waiting for him to "cut loose" with his twist on a song. Way to go, Blake!
Blake rules! He gave a unique spin on a popular song. The contestants don't need to sound like the original artists because that's boring. The idols need to show their own talent as well. That is what Blake did! Excellent! I hope he can release his version.

James, Dallas
I feel Blake is very talented, creative and original, isn't that what we would like to see in the upcoming singers?

I loved his song.
I have been a HUGE fan of AI since season 1, but find this one the most boring of all seasons. Don't really care who wins. Derfinately NOT a Blake fan. Just sing it and be done with it. Comparing him to the guy on Police academy was right on. It was funny then, not funny or whatever he is going for now. I said I'd never watch again if Fantasia won, which was unbeliveable that she made it to the end. Definately NOT an entertainer. eeek. but i was back. But this was was the most dull bunch this year. Just don't care. Have found Dancing with the Stars much more interesting this season than AI. :)
Can you imagine listening to a full CD of someone spitting into the mic??? I guess if I was 13 that would be "awesome"!

Beatboxing or not, his voice IS one of the weakest on the show. He has to do these little "skits" just to get people to like him.
Rock on, Blake. I liked it much better than the original (no offense Bon Jovi) and I'd buy it along with Blake's earlier Idol song, 'What's Your Name..Who's Your Daddy.'
I absoultely loved it. I have been a fan of Blakes since day one. I've been WAITING for him to give more of his style back. I think that he's been a little hesitant and has been trying to blend in - but that's just it, he doesn't blend in and that's what I love about him. I must say I'm happy to be in the 70% of Blake support. When and if he releases a album - it would be the first Idol CD I will have ever bought!
It was the BEST performance on American Idol that I have seen since season 2!!!! I love Bon Jovi & Blake!!!! I hope he goes all the way. It would be a GREAT change from all of the same old type of performers that win year after year. This is 2007, we need FRESH talent like Blake to bring back the interest in the show! Blake is my AI!!
LOVED IT! Loved the the rendition, love the beat boxing, loved it all. What I did not love is Blake's new hair color. I like him with highlights.

I also grew up with Bon Jovi and as much as I love the original I thought this was a new spin on a great old song. I may be bias a bit as I love remixes of great oldies.

I almost never pay attention to Idol and it takes a lot from the show to pique my interest, let alone get me to comment. I did catch Blake's performance last night however and wow! Totally awesome. He shows many unique abilities and talents, including skill in putting together an arrangement. The only Idol singer I've ever wanted to hear more from, even after the competition is over. I want to hear something new and be entertained. I admit that most of the others are good singers, but they bore me to death.
i thought Blake was great! he's got his own way of doing stuff and that's what makes him different. it's Blake all the way :)
As a 52 yo, female, that listens to all types of music, I thought that Blake's take on his Bon Jovi sound was really good. I grew up with a lot of genre's of music - and I do not mind someone changing an original song as long as they do it well - and Blake did it more than well. Blake is versitle, unlike some of the other idol contestants, and whether he wins or not - he will have his place in music - and possibly music history.
I admit I struggled with the whole Bon Jovi thing last night. To those of us who grew up and frankly worship the band, it is a religion to us. To have some amatuers singing these songs on national tv - the thought was disturbing. I do have to admit, some, and I mean some pulled it off well.

My most pleasant surprise - Melinda. Now where did she pull that from??? But she needs to keep bringing it! That was great. Phil needs to stay if not for that rockin performance alone... I love Jordin but my God... ouch that was really bad. Lakisha surprising found the song that worked for her - and I am willing to let it slide that she didn't even know who Bon Jovi was (what rock is she living under???????) Chris hands down just needs to go home. And Blake well, I didn't like it. You just can't do that to a classic from Bon Jovi. But... he does deserve to stay...

Cheers my fellow Bon Jovi fanatics!
I cringe every week when Blake performs. Beat-boxing is not singing. I think he is bland and unappealing. It's time for the boys to go home and let the ladies finish the contest.
who still beatbox's??? that was awful, ruined the song and possibly the night
My breath was taken away by Blake's performance...but not in a good way. I am on the fifty percent that Simon said didn't like his arrangement. Even Bon Jovi was hesitant about it. It might have been even insulting to the song to arrange it like that. I really was not impressed and I love the original version of the song!
I'm so tired of the judges saying Melinda is a cut above the rest blah blah blah. Yeah, we know she's a good singer, but when it comes down to it, she struggles out of her comfort zone.

Blake's performance oozed of originality, and not since Bo Bice did an a capella version of a song one year has there been any kind originality in a performer. Blake totally was into the song, he owned it, which is exactly what Bon Jovi's advice was.

Way to go, Blake.
I fall into the did NOT like it camp. I would have much rather heard Blake SING as this is truly what the competition is all about. He's proven that he can hold his own based on his vocals. He doesn't need the gimmick of beat-boxing. I thought he'd moved beyond that.
I'm 43 years old and LOVED it...for the "risk" as well as the actual performance. Of course, I don't have much use for JBJ's housewife-rock, anyway.
That's my Blakey Boy!!!!! WoooooHoooo!!!
I'm 60 and I thought Blake was amazing! This isn't American Impersonator, it's American Idol and a little creativity ain't a bad thing. Kiki was great too, it's good to have her sassyness back.
First of all, JC from Ann Arbor, Mich. sounds like you have way too much time on your hands with your comments. Also, who the hell quotes Meredith Grey? You need to get a LIFE, sounds like you watch way too much TV.
Second of all, I think they were all great except for Phil and Jordon. But to be fair, Chris and Phil should go home because Jordon has been doing a great job up until last night!! Peace.
I think the whole show is ridiculous but lets be honest. Can't we save time and cut it down to Melinda and Jordin right now. Then we can all move on to something better. This show is past it's prime.
I am not a huge fan of "Idol" but I was so excited to watch last night, as Bon Jovi is by far my favorite band. Love them! Needless to say, I was very nervous to see how the performers would slaugher some all time classic songs. And, there were a few--Jordin, namely. Phil's Blaze of Glory was also not my favorite and lacked the richness and haunting soulfulness of the orignial. However, of all of the performances last night, I was the most nervous about Blake's. He has a strong voice and has an amazing talent with his beat-boxing (it leaves me in awe whenever I hear people doing what he does). I was worried that he might really over-do the sound effects and take away from the song. And when JBJ mentioned that he, too, was a bit worried with Blake's rendition, it made me cringe a bit. That being said, Blake's performance was certainly the most risky, but I believe the most creative and daring and artistic of all of the performances. When one sings songs that are hugely popular, the tendancy is to emulate the orignial vocals, which is not creative, but at the same time--rarely is one better than the original artist and it can tarnish the memory of the song. Then again, many fans don't want to hear any new takes on an old classic that they have come to love. Even Bon Jovi ran into that very problem a few years ago when they released 'This Left Feels Right'--and they were the original artists!! Blake's performance was risky, but even though it did stray from the tried and true anthem we all love to sing to at the top of our lungs, I must say I actually really loved it when all was said and done. It gave the song a new flavor, and though it wasn't the most "singable" and melodious rendition, it retained just enough of the chorus and lyrics. It was memorable and creative, and for that reason, it was fantastic.
Drooled over Bon Jovi when I was 15; clapped and cheered for Blake last night. I haven't liked him much till that performance. It was gutsy, fun, and totally enjoyable--what American Idol should be.
MY MOTHER, SISTER AND I LOVED IT!!! I've played it about 6 times already. Blake's arrangement was flawless from beginning to end... That guy is going places...
I was in your 30%. I thought it was horrible and seizure inducing!! I know others liked it but I love Bon Jovi and her mutilated a classic. Blake's voice reminds me of Phil Collins for some reason and I can't stand Phil Collins.

I loved Jon last night. He's so cool!

I voted for Phil and LaKiesha last night. I thought they were both awesome!!
It was refreshing to hear Chris' take on an old, grossly-overplayed song. But how can one buy a CD of that performance? A DVD, yes. But a CD?

OK, so we won't hear Jordin singing Black Sabbath, Cream, Bon Jovi, or other rocker any time soon. That's fine with me. Already she has won a place in my CD-buying heart, along with Melinda. Whatever they produce, I'll buy.

Can't say the same about the others. Chris and Phil should go home tonight.
Blake and Phil were awesome. Melinda has got to go. Good singer no idol.
I think Blake is in line for Police Academy: The Sequel to the Sequel of the last 20 sequels. I'm not saying I'm a die hard Bon Jovi fan, but I do like their songs. Blake has a great voice and he should've just sang it sans sound effects and beat boxing. So we know you can beatbox!!! Thank you for tearing up an awesome song. I know Jon Bon Jovi was given him credit for what he did, but I would've cracked him over the head with my guitar as I asked him "what were you thinking".
you guys are giving Blake way to much credit. As a person who is 39 and actually "grew up" with Bon Jovi in the '80s when they came up in the music scene, I can say that while the act was certainly different and creative, the attempt to introduce hip-hop in a perfectly good,and dare I say, classic 80's song, into an 80's musical is sacreligious. Blake's rendition of one of the greatest 80's tunes was absolute junk adolescent candy store entertainment at best.

And by the way, Jordin is the hands down winner of this years idol. She could afford to have a bad week, as she has never had one.
Let's be honest . . In the previous five seasons of American Idol, as viewers, we have not seen a contestant like Blake. I say that in the upmost praise.

Blake oozes talent. When he's not throwing down a beat box, the kid can sing. He can hold a note.

What I like about Blake, other than taking risks and making every single song his own somehow, is that he has that charisma, charm and confidence WITHOUT coming across has egotistical and arrogant. He knows he has talent. He knows he is taking huge leaps of faith in his decisions and song choices. He knows people might not like it or approve; yet, he does it anyway. He knows he can deliver.

Blake is the kind of contestant I would like to see for an entire show. I get bored after a while with the same old routines. Every contestant singing the song the same way. Every single time Blake is on stage it is different from the last, is slightly or extremely different from the original and is always entertaining. I'm hoping he wins the whole thing. If he does not, I'm not worried because I think he will not have a problem finding business after Idol.

Just my two cents :)

Bottom three . . Phil, Chris and Lakeesha. Jordin might be in there. I felt so bad for her last night. The performance for her was so out of character. I'm hoping her previous greatness in owning the Idol stage will keep her there. I would like to see her and Blake in the finals.
Blake was awesome last night. I loved it. The first part was wierd but I like it once he started singing. I like his voice but do not like the close-up shots. He looks like he is missing a top lip. I like Lakeesha but she will not win. We've seen her talent before. Phil sounds nice but unpleasant to look at. He reminds me of a skinny Uncle Fester. Melinda is amazing. I think she should win it all. She has nothing to worry about even if she doesn't because she'll get a contract. It would be a repeat of season 2, where she will outsale the actual winner. I'd miss her on the show if she got the boot. I like Jordin. I was scared that she was on her way to pass Melinda. Thanks for the screw up so I can hang on to Melinda. Chris---what can I say? I can't stand him, I fastforward my DVR when he sings. He is a Justin Timberflake wannabee. I can't stand Justin so there is no way I can like Chris. I preferred Sanjaya over him during every episode. Atleast Sanjaya had me curious as to what he was going to do. I could care less what Chris is going to do. It's time to go home Chris. See ya.

Bottom 3. Chris, Phil, and Lakeesha.

Going home: Chris and Lakeesha.
First off....Blake looks sooo much better with dark hair. Second, I LOVED his version of Bon Jovi's song. Blake stays true to his beat boxing style which is great and it was young anf fresh. I loved it when they can take a classic song such as that and make it their own, yet staying true to the original artist.

In a good way, Lakisha's rendtition of "This Ain't A Love Song" sent a chill up my spine.

Melinda...well, she could sing. I think alot of people has lost sight of her having been a back up singer. She has that advantage with every song she sings.

Jordin...all I have to say it was just as bad as anything Sanjaya sang.

Phil...kicked butt on "Blaze of Glory"; awesome song.

Blake...move over Michael Winslow. At least we know if he gets voted off, he has a better chance at the next Police Academy.

Chris...more Dead than Alive
I am part of the "older" audience watching Idol but count me in the 70% (I suspect it's higher than 70%)who LOVED Blake's performance.
When I heard what Blake was going to do I thought "oh no" but when he finished my teenage daughter and I looked at each other and said "Wow, that was really good!". I was pleasantly surprised and Blake has shown that he has talents beyond singing and beat boxing. He is multi-talented and can do more than just sing someone else's song. He has repeatedly redone the arrangements himself to make it his own and we have heard week after week from the judges that is what they need to do.
The judges say over and is about the contestants putting their own style into the song. Blake's performance actually had my husband watching AI for the first time. It was awesome and risky and what makes people watch. He was the only one who really put himself out there. Jordin made a horrible choice, Phil looked like he was in a Bon Jovi cover band, Lakisha played it safe (if Jordin sang the same song as Lakisha there would be no talk of her going home). My prediction for who is leaving: Chris and Phil.
Can someone define a professional singer? There has been a lot of criticism of Melinda because she is a professional and everyone else is amateur. Wasn't Taylor Hicks a professional? or Bo Bice? What about Chris Sligh, Chris Daughtry, Constantine Maroulis? Even everyone's beloved Kelly Clarkson had been paid to sing and had recorded and attempted to sell albums.

I think at least 4 of the 6 are genuinely talented and understand why many would see Jordin or Blake as more commercially appealing. If you are hopelessly compulsive as I am, listen to the full downloads on, and you'll be able to understand why Melinda is so good.
I have been a Bon Jovi fan since they stated and I really thought that I was going to hate Blake changing their song, but I loved it. He added something new, made the song his and he could release it and make money.

Phil was just ok, nothing really to talk about.

Jordan you have to talk about because I have never heard her sound so bad. You can not tell me there is not another song on all the Albums that Bon Jovi has done that she could have picked.

Melinda just got on my nerves. Looked like she had no idea what she was doing and I thought she screamed when she was unsure. Pull that head in little turtle because I think the judges must have been deaf by the time they got to her.

Chris is just cute. Not that great.
my husband and i loved it. i'm waiting for it to come available on to download it. that performance made him my favorite.

as a side note, i really thought lakisha was on her way out, but last night she gave me goose bumps!
I am a 42 year old mother of 2 and I loved it! Go Blake !
Wow, Blake!
The original is a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE and corny song. Blake's version actually gave the song something worth going back to...Actually Bon Jovi in general is TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!
I thought it was different from anything else on Idol ever. He took a classic and made it his own and while most of us prefer the orginial it was nice to see him do his own thing instead of sticking to the usual drawl we always hear from them.
I really thought that Blake did an amaaaazzzinnnng job with that song. Besides the totally sweet beat boxing he did, he did actually sing the song very well I thought.

I think he has the most unique, and sweet voice at the same time. He can lay down techno, as we all know, and then he can go from country, to Bon Jovi. He has very good transition to the style of music.

So, I think that Blake is definetly in it to win it. He has the voice, the looks (oh yeah, I said it!), and he has the talent, and style to be the next American Idol.

So, I completly think that he totally dominated last nite with that rendition of that song. It has always been my favorite song by Bon Jovi. And he just made it even farther ahead of the others.

So, so finish this, I think he definetly should be in the top 4. Oh, and, I most definetly do not think he needs to get a kiss from Simon to be the best.

--Marista Marie
I couldn't disagree with you more. I thought Blake's remix was incredible. On a show where 90% of the contestants are doing karaoke and merely mimicking the voices of the original authors, he actually has his own image. And think about it, this show isn't just about who has the best voice. Because as great as a voice as Melinda has, who's going to actually buy her album. It's nice music, very soothing, incredible voice, but it's not something people will actually go out and buy. it's not catchy, it's soothing. People who like Melinda the best, are merely ranking the contestants, and are not looking for an artist outside of the show. Fathers/Mothers and grandmothers like her. She's talented with a rare voice and she's the most tolerable of the contestants, but that's it - this demographic isn't going to buy albums of ANY of the contestants. They're looking for a winner, not an artist. Blake's an artist, and can exist outside of American Idol.
It's interesting because Blake is really the who singer who ACTUALLY has a talent for being an artist, which is what I think we should ideally want out of an American Idol (Melinda's got serious vocal talent, but what kind of album would she make?). So I really dug Blake's performance for taking a ultimately CHEESY rock anthem that made sense when it came out and placing it into today's context. There is something special about that ability. I have serious doubts about the American public's taste, but I think Blake can rest assured that he'll get some sort of record deal.
Okay, I am not a Bon Jovi fan or a fan of rock music, so I don't have a vested interest if he took a classic and butchered it. My point is it is a singing show, and I don't personnally think that Blake has the vocals to win the competition. If beat-boxing were the main focus he would obviously win hands down, but it is not and because Jordin and Chris were worse last night that is the only way I feel he should stick around for next weeks show.
I'm a 42 year old mother and I LOVED Blake's performance! He is too cool, very talented and seems very intelligent. I liked it so much I actually voted for the first time ever!
Blake's performance was entertaining, inovative and contemporary. Personally I never much liked most of the BJ songs that I heard on the radio, but Blake's verion was da Bomb. The jukebox beginning got me what's he gonna do with this...and the rest of the song was pure professional entertainment. A risk well taken.
Although I like Blake but he is not my favorite. Granted he took a chance to be different and wanted to stand apart from the rest, his performances are all the same and the beat boxing and repetitive moves are getting old. He needs new material. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was voted off.

I am on your side on this. Obviously your readers who enjoyed him either need a new television or need to have their ears checked. He was awful!!!!!! Btw he is one of my favorites!
I did not like what Blake did and I really don't care for him acting like he can really Beat Box. You have to know that Beat Boxing is an art in the Rap world ( not hip hop, because that is different). You need to hear the original Beat boxers like the Fat Boys, Doug E Fresh and the absolute king of Beat Boxing Biz Markie. Everytime someone does something off beat is a good thing but just like anything that has been done before you have to "BRING IT". His beat boxing is just very mediocre at best.
I thought Blake was amazing last night. I've been a Bon Jovi fan from the first not of "Runaway" and I was skeptical about last night. I was, for the most part, pleasantly surprised.

I thought Phil was pretty good and I'm not his biggest fan. I thought poor Jordin was just awful and I'm afraid it could hurt her tonight. Then there's Kiki... couldn't she have picked any other Bon Jovi song? I was pegging her to do something off of "This Left Feels Right", but alas I was disappointed. There was just no risk in her performance. Chris was Chris, I don't like him and never will. Melinda was bold. You could tell she was totally out of her element, but I thought overall it was not terrible.

I was disappointed that nobody tryed "Who Says You Can't Go Home" and very happy than nobody tried "It's My Life". But as I said earlier, I was really hoping something off "This Left Feels Right".

Tonight I really hope to say goodbye to Chris, and the other is a toss-up between Jordin :( and Kiki. Hmmm.
I actually I'm old enough to have seen Bon Jovi open up for 38 special and I absolutely loved Blake's version! I was born and raised in the Bronx and always loved Rock music but was around break dancing, hip-hop etc. Blake did an awesome job adding the human beat box. He is one of the most original Idol contestants to date and I hope either he or Melinda Doolittle wins the title of American Idol. Jeanette from the Boogie Down Bronx, NYC
I thought Blake was great! I'm an 80's child (Class of 87) and love the original version. I was skeptical at first, but I loved it. I thought it was a fresh approach to an old song. I think Blake should record it after his gig with Idol is up.

Stop making us older guys look old and not able to appreciate the creativity of today's youth. Remember, we used to be Blake and there was an older guy like yourself stuck in the old days.
I didn't hate Blake's beat box number but I didn't love it either. It was a good excuse to take a break during Idol.

What I really hated was the Bush's making any kind of appearance on Idol.

Jordin was not at her best.

Lakisha is finally back with a great number.

Phil is improving but I think it is too late to help him much.

Chris is just annoying and should have been gone some time ago.

Melinda as always was great.
blake was unbelievable last night! he is a performer and is very unique! my whole family watched and re watched about 10 times that performance! incredible! im under the theory of messing with a well known song is fine if its done well! that was done well!!
Blake... How can anyone say anything bad about last nights preformance. He dares to different, to make each song his own and he does this w/ so much confidence and sureness that i know he will do great. I must admit I though he was going to bomb, but his interpertation of "you give love a bad name" was fantastic I couldn't think of being any better. Now granted he isn't the best singer but he will go far
I'm a very big american idol fan. I'm 57 years, and I thought Blake was awesome last night, I loved it. I didn't like him at first, but I hope it's him and Jordin the last 2 standing. I think it's unfair for melinda to be there, being she's a pro, even if it's a backup singer. I thought Phil was very good last night also. Lakisha can go, a long time ago, Phil, he's ok, but never liked lakisha and never will. the kiss was eweeee last night, glad I missed it. anyway, jordin is just awesome, maybe not last night, but has more good nights than bad.
Blake's performance was OVER THE TOP in my opinion. I think he did a awesome job last nite. YOU GO BLAKE!!!!!!
Blake was awesome!!! I want to see it again! :-) Jordin was awful, in fact, she looked like Oprah! LOL
Kudos to Blake for being original and for taking a risk! What a recording career Blake will have, and I hope that "You Give Love a Bad Name" will be the first release. Can't wait to buy it!!!!
176 comments, exactly 35 of you hated Blake's performance. This is 20 percent--so rather that 50/50 as Simon Cowell said or 70/30 the split if more like 80/20.
Way to go Blake and welcome back Lakisha!!
I have to admit with Sanjaya gone I'm truly enjoying Idol again.
Jordin what were you thinking last night? All you had to do was pick one of JBJ's ubiquitous ballads get up there belt it out and you would have been fine. Instead we got Livin on a Prayer, and you may need your prayers answered in order to stay safe this week. I didn't expect her to have that much trouble with this genre of music as we saw her come out and give a red hot Pat Benatar performance earlier this season but last night it wasn't meant to be.

You can say what you will about Blake and you can love or hate his performance from last night but there is no doubt that he can perform and he's got a ton of talent. I for one thought he was amazing last night. His performance was daring, it was original and most importantly he knew what not to screw with on the song, the chorus, he sang that big and when my fiance and I finished watching his performance we were both speechless. I've never seen anything like him and you better believe that he will get a big fat record deal. I'd sure pay to see him perform.
I'm 41 and my husband is 43...Blake has been our favorite ever since he sang Nights in White Satin during '60s week. Blake is a wonderful entertainer with an awesome voice. I've also been a Bon Jovi fan for years and I appreciated the new take on an old favorite. In addition, Blake's new haircolor and style look great! Go, Blake!
I am a 64 year old great grandfather and I go back to "Rock
Around the Clock". I've heard them all! I have been an Idol fan since its first year. Blake took a great song and made it his own as the judges have been telling the contestants to do. What's wrong with being innovative and original? Wasn't "Imagine" dissed for not making it "your own"? Give the boy credit......he did great!!
My partner and I (we're gay and in our 40's) kinda groaned when we saw it was gonna be Bon Jovi night. Neither of us are big fans of his music. However, it turned out to be one of the best nights of the show. All the contestants were either great or really good - including one's I normally can't stand (Chris R., I mean YOU) and one's that other's thought weren't good (Jordin, we thought you were fine.) All that being said, though, Blake rocked the friggin' house! He is the most unique, fresh, and versatile performer AI has ever had. We look forward to what he's going to do every week. We thought his version of YGLABN was BETTER than Bon Jovi's. The fact that we think Blake is ADORABLE, could have something to do with why we like him so much, too..
I hated it. I didn't even think the beatboxing was all that good. I think it's great he took a risk but I didn't think he did a very good job of arranging the song to allow for the seamless intergration of the beatboxsing.
Blake lists Martin Sexton as one of his favorite influences, which makes him far cooler than any other contestant and in my opinion...he should win on that single fact alone. MARTIN SEXTON RULES!!!
If so many people were moved by Blake's performance, I think he is deserved of the credit. Personally, He gave me goosebumps. I know Bon Jovi and I thought he did a really good job with it all. I thought he was really really cool. Melinda Doolittle is a great singer and we've all known that from the beginning. She has only been razzed for the "surprised" look she gets on her face, but I think she is humble and fearful (who wouldn't be). But I think that Blake has a certain presence, like Fantasia and Kelly Clarkson did. Neither were fashion models or perfect figures, but there was a bold talent there and I think that is the ONLY edge that Blake really has over Melinda's amazing voice and talents to allow him to win. Paul and Chris have both been lucky not to be picked out, but Sanjaya tried so bard with his hair to ruin everything that it almost made me stop com'on, Blake! We are rooten for ya in Indiana!
I absolutely loved Blake. I thought that it was original and refreshing and his vocals were right on. I am an 80s alternative freak and I saw a little twist that caught my attention. He has musical talent beyond just singing. He can re-arrange the music and that is not something easy to do. He is a true musician.
Loved his version! Can't wait for Blake's CD
I don't find Blake to be the least bit entertaining. I think he destroyed a great song and instead of being "different" I find him to be defiant. He really isn't a singer - he's good at making noises but I wasn't aware that it was American Noise Maker we were voting for. Jon Bonjovi was clearly not happy with Blake's mangling of his song and I can't blame him. I hope Blake leaves soon. It was sad to see what he did to that song. Awful.
Anyone can do what Blake did last night with the right training from any street MC it's not called talent it's called training. From a vocal standpoint he sounds horrid. Lakeisha was as always star quality that people is what you call talent when u have vocal range not ripping off a style to detract from ur lack of vocal ability.
Blake is the only splash of color in an Idol season painted with ash.

I don't understand all of the comments about him not being able to sing and covering it up with the beatboxing. His last songs? Imagine-- no beatboxing. I Need to Know-- no beatboxing. Where the Stars Go Blue-- no beatboxing. Lovesong-- no beatboxing! SHEEZ. Give the guy a break!

He took a much-loved JBJ song and gave it a twist... and managed to do it in a way that still kept the heart and soul of the original intact. That's talent!

(Who knows the verses of that song anyway?? NO ONE. It's all about the soaring chorus, which Blake (love him or hate him) NAILED.)

He killed it. Killed it DEAD.
I was a huge Bon Jovi fan back in the 80s and still love them. I was skeptical at first, but once the song was over I thought that it was pretty good. Blake is unique from any other Idol contestant in that he can create his own music, or take a song and really make it his own. This is what makes an artist. There are plenty of great artists out there that are not the best singers, but they can create. He has my vote every week!!
i think blake did a great job with it!
I REALLY like Chris! Really!! I don't care if he is a little nasally at times or whatever, and then little twang he gives to certain notes in the song make it more original for me. I always find myself comparing him to Maroon5 and even sometimes Keith Urban. On top of that he's GORGEOUS!! In my eyes, absolutely nothing to NOT like about the guy.

As far as Blake is concerned, yeah he can beatbox, so can Justin Timberlake, but in the end JT always has to sing on his albums.

Melinda and Lakisha are great singers, but I don't feel like marketable enough to be an American Idol. Jordin is very good, especially at slow songs, but I can only listen to so many slow songs.

People need to give more credit to Phil. He really does have a good voice, seriously! And it's soothing as well. I like him.

If Chris goes tonight I will be crying...:(
From the beginning of the show I did not care for Blake's singing at all. Last night changed my mind, but I still believe he is not good enough to be the American Idol.

It's Chris Richardson's time to go, too.
Simon said we'd love it or hate it, but I was really split down the middle. I enjoyed the fact that he's so unique and took a risk, but don't know if I liked his take on that particular song.

That said, I hope he doesn't get eliminated tonight. He's not my favorite to win but I think he has a bright future and the further he goes, the better.
I am a die-hard Bon Jovi fan. I have even had the good fortune of meeting the band and partying with them in Nashville. I have to say, Blake's rendition of YGLABN was FABULOUS!!! Knowing Jon and his views of music, talent, and the passion for pursuing one's craft, I think that Blake did him proud with the risk he took last night. Kudos Blake!!!
Blake's rendition of the song was clever, yes. But I don't like beat boxing, nor does anyone else in our household. So the score here is not 50/50, it's more like 99/1 (the budgie in his cage was bobbing up and down).
Blake exudes an "I love me, and everything I do" attitude. I can't wait to see his face drop when he's finally voted off and Melinda and Lakisha become the final two.
Forget the idols last nite - what hole did Robin Thicke crawl out of? Other than his daddy being on Growing Pains, what's his claim to fame?? The worst idol contestent (William Hung) sings better than he does!!!
At this point, all of the contestants are super, but if I were to vote for the "last two standing" it would be Blake and Melinda. Melinda is hands down the best vocalist, and Blake is far and away the best musician. I have total respect for both of them.
I loved Blake's performance and I really did not like Jordin. She did not do her best. She could have done better. Phil was very good. I was disappointed that he didn't make it. I didn't like Mindy-Doolittle's performance. I never do... Chris did OK. I was upset with the fact that they took of Phil Stacey. Jordin should have gone off. Let's hope she does!
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