Tuesday, May 15, 2007
'Idol' chatter: B-B-B-Blake
Man, you folks are gonna accuse me of flip-flopping more than a political candidate. (I guess I'm just preparing for the 2016 elections.) But I'm gonna endorse Blake Lewis for three really good performances last night on "American Idol's" penultimate performance show.

Which means I think one of the two favorites should go. And in that case, it should be Jordin Sparks.

Now my colleague, Rodney Ho of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, has said Jordin will win what has been an uninspiring season 6. I can see why he likes Jordin, but for me the difference between her and Melinda Doolittle last night came down to Ms. Sparks' bland version of "She Works Hard for the Money." It was easily the worst performance of the night. (Watch Steve and Rodney go at it on " 'Idol' Chatter")

I thought it was interesting that for the artist's choice songs, Melinda and Jordin took the safe route with repeats, but Blake went with a new tune, "When I Get You Alone," by Robin Thicke. Really good version, much better than the original. Put that together with a really good "Roxanne" and a nice version of the Maroon 5 song "This Love," and Blake was my favorite last night.

The other thing I like a lot about Blake is his fearlessness in adeptly tackling songs that are risky because they are current or iconic. He gives them a nice twist, too. I haven't liked the finished product every time, but at least he has tried to be more than just a singer. And oh yeah, he's a better singer than most people think.

I also enjoyed the Bo Bice-like mic stand power moves.

So, who goes? Before the show I said Melinda because people seemed weary of her consistently really, really good -- but not showstopping -- performances and the fact that she hadn't measureably improved.

But I think Jordin and Blake are just as in danger, if not more vulnerable.

Dawg, this is a hard one. I'll say Jordin. No, Blake. No, Jordin. OK, Blake.

Sorry, dude. I liked you last night, but on the whole I don't think you'll make it. But hey, you can be my running mate in that presidential election.
So dawg, this is a tough call... I mean those were three great performers last night... and not truly a bad performance in the dog house.

But seriously...

Blake was DEAD on last night! The vocals were great, the performances were entertaining, and he brought back a unique appeal to AI over all.

Even Melinda stepped up her game, rocking the stage and doing a little Whitney. It was not my favorite song but overall this girl has been consistant and talented... she truly has stepped up her vocals this week.

Jordin's lackluster "She Works Hard for the Money" and a dull song choice by Simon were not strengths.

She, like Melinda, played it safe ending the night on a powerhouse vocal that has been considered her breakthrough performance.

It was fantastic, but to be honest I can't stand to see her make the heart shape again.

So, who do I vote to go? I am looking for a Melinda/Blake finale... Jordin has been good, but remember for the 710th time- she is only 17. (Anybody catch her own reminder of the fact?)

An all girl ending would leave me to channel surf- there has to be something else on at 8pm on Tuesdays.
They where all good last night, but I really want to see Jordin and Melinda at the final. My favorite is Jordan... you go girl!!!!
Blake should not be the one to go home tonight. I agree with Steve that, "I haven't liked the finished product every time, but at least he has tried to be more than just a singer. And oh yeah, he's a better singer than most people think." Jordin and Melinda are good singers, but just that - they have never put on a show. They did play it safe last night. If I'm going to buy songs, I want something new - I have enough bluesy female vocalists. I especially don't like Melinda's gravely, coarse voice as it came out in the Tina Turner song last night. I guess even if Blake doesn't make the final, he may be the winner anyway based on how last year's competition worked out.
"I object!!"

What was with Melinda and Spark's repeats? Jordin fumbled tonight.

I thought encores were for the finale?? How can a debut artist already release their greatest hits?

Jordin's stock has been falling... ever since a decent but overhyped ''You'll Never Walk Alone,'' a simply awful ''Livin' on a Prayer,'' a pleasant''To Love Somebody,'' and a shrill, screaming banchee version of ''Woman in Love.''

Jordin's petulance to Simon should cost her a spot in the finals. But let's face it, it probably won't.

Truthfully though, A Blake-Melinda finale would have all the qualities of a close call.
Blake won my vote after his three performances last night. He is innovative and original - and I'm also interested to see what he will take on (whether it works or not!).

Melinda is the steady performer and I'm sure she will have a career with or with out the American Idol title.

Jordin must go. She really showed her immaturity last night and came across as a bit desperate in her interactions with Ryan. She also seemed to piss Simon off a bit. And if she makes that heart sign again....ugh.....
I'm sorry, I just don't get the Blake hype. I thought his rendition of Roxxanne was awful. he went off key once or twice and his voice has never been very strong.

True, he can be entertaining and I did enjoy the Maroon 5 selection, but he always reminds me of a Vegas entertainer, good, unique but lacking in that star quality.

I have to agree with Randy, it should be a two girl finale. Melinda was straight on, as usually and finally showed energy in each of her selections (her one inconsistency).

I think Jordin has the complete package. Great vocal range, excellent stage presence, and exhuberance. I'm looking for a Jordin - Melinda finale.
dialidol.com has Blake and Jordin EXTREMELY close... too close. I am not sure how accurate it is... but GO BLAKE!
While I would probably never buy an album of Blakes due to personal taste, I think he really deserves to win American Idol. Melinda can sing well, but she hasn't been all that original in her performances. That is indicative of a future album singing R&B or Soul, but nothing else. Blake is unique,passionate and talented. Plus his album would be very main stream pop. Jordin is also amazing, and in all honesty would make a better pop album than Melinda. But Melinda has the better voice, making a win from Jordan seem almost unfair. So my vote is for Blake to go to the finals!...sorry Jordan...
Wow. Did you guys watch the same show I did? Blake's version of "Roxanne" was worse than my old college roommate singing in the shower. Awful. As for that Robin Thicke song, the backing singers overwhelmed him and it was really cheesy. Melinda and Jordin in the final. All I kept thinking last night when watching Blake was, "Man, Phil would have destroyed Blake tonight". Nuf said.
I don't like any of them as much as some from seasons past, but Blake now has my vote.
I think Melinda Doolittle should be the next American Idol. She has been the only performer who has been the most consistent week after week and she deserves to be the winner.
I was for Jordin all the way, but last night I thought Blake did better than her, in that he was more interesting and fun! Melinda obviously rocks (she'll probably win) and Blake was fun! My poor Jordin was boring! That being said, I'm sure she'll have an awesome music career after this. She IS only 17 and is extremely talented!
I don't get the Blake thing either. I think he is way, way, way less tallented than the other two finalists. But hey, this is American pop culture, and talent has very little to do with that!
It seems like many many people have been complaining about this season being boring (I am not one of them). Even if it's true that the contestants and/or the show have been a bit dull this season, I still can't remember the last time the semifinals had this much drama. I don't think anyone really knows who is going home tonight. Talk about a nail biter. Even my girl Melinda, who is the best vocalist Idol has ever had in my opinion, isn't a lock for the finals. Wow.

That being said, I have never really been a Jordin fan. Her voice (especially and vibrato) grates on my nerves. No offense to Jordin fans. But I definitely am hoping to see a Melinda Blake finale. BUT...the finale usually includes power ballads and I think Jordin may do better than Blake in that respect.

I think they all did a really good job last night. But the Whitney Houston song, though far from my favorite from her, is extremely difficult. Melinda did her thing last night!
I think because Melinda has been so consistently great, that now, everything she does doesn't seem so mind-blowing anymore. Blake and Jordin are nowhere even CLOSE to her league in terms of talent but because they falter one week and then do something great the week after, it makes it seem that they're giving something extra.

Blake's just average. I don't think his Robin Thicke's song was anything different from what he normally does; he's only great when he's B-boxing. Jordin has moments of greatness but is not in Melinda's league - god knows it will be a travesty if Ms. Mindy-Doo doesn't take the American Idol crown.

Blake's going home - he was in the bottom two last week and Lakisha's voters won't be dialing his numbers.
Blake's voice is unexciting. If it weren't for his beatboxing fetish (which he seems to have largely scaled back since the start of the season), he'd have been eliminated weeks ago.

As the judges like to remind everyone from time to time, American Idol is a singing competition. Jordin and Melinda are much better singers than Blake will ever be. That is why next week will likely be a showdown between the two women.

Besides, not winning American Idol will work out better for Blake in the long run.
Blake has been right on each week. He might have had some "not-so-good" performances, but what you can ensure is that he will take whatever he is given and run wtih it! I was very unimpressed by the repeat songs, and that is one reason why Blake stands out for me. He isn't afraid of a challenge and his ability to make a song his own will greatly enhance any album that he produces. For quite some time, I have been sick of what looks to be feigned shock by Melinda. I have thought for a while that she was faking some surprise when she got praise. She didn't impress me at all last night. As for Jordyn, she is young and does have a lot of talent. However, she needs to step out of the box and try some different things. She didn't get my vote for last night either. Blake in the finals seems the only right thing to do.
Blake is a one trick pony. I tolerate him and I can not deny his artistry and talent for his arrangements but I feel he could be an outstanding producer instead of a performer. Voice is just not up to par. But he will get a record deal.

Jordin has what it takes to have a very stellar career, as she gets older and lets her voice mature. I'd say if she doesn't fall into the chasm that other "pop stars" fall into, she will be a fantastic vocalist in about 8-10 years. Hope to still be hearing from her then. She WILL get a record deal.

Melinda has the savvy of being on stage and performance but now I want...something. Don't know exactly, presence? Showmanship? She brought it out a little yesterday with Tina Turner and Whitney Houston interpretations but I've been waiting to see it and I want to see more. She has the voice and the experience and she will undoubtly get a record deal but sometimes I just want her, as well as Jordin and Blake to stand still, remove all the electronics and SING. Or in Blakes case, pretend he is scratching.
if it goes the way it should tp [ast contestant and critism, jordin should be gone. why she did a song simon hated the first time, i don't know why she did it again. melinda is the same boring performance every week. would never buy anything those 2 put out. blake was awesome. we never vote. but, hopefully, we helped to keep him in like he deserves. i truely believe they want it to be an all girl finale. all in all i'll be glad when it's over this year.
I agree with you about Blake, but I'm a bit nervous. I called 5 times in a row to vote for him and got right through each time. No busy signals. So that worries me some.

But Blake has an "originality" that the others don't have. They may be more polished in their vocals at times (and that in no way knocks his ability), but the creativity that he has (whether you like it or not) is unquestionable. I'd like to see what this guy can do outside the bounds of American Idol. Let him do his own thing, make his own album, and I bet it'd be a hit.
Ok, so I think everybody is getting the fact that Jordin is a little young to be the next American Idol, she's 17 and although she has had some good vocals I don't think she's ready.

I defintely agree that Blake had a GREAT night and should not be the one to go. I have been a Blake supporter the whole season, he's different and he's given this season some definte originallity rather than the karaoke versions that we normally get.

I agree with Simon on this one, it should be a Melinda/Blake finale but something tells me I may be wrong but lets hope not.

Go Blake!!!!!
Next season, I would like to see the judges asked questions. I would particularly like to see them probed on why they vote the way they do. Simon's judgements, in particular, seem to reflect a personal agenda rather than the quality of the singing. He seems to go after people such as Lakisha and now Jordan he does not want in the competition. What's up with that? Paul Garneau, Marathon Florida
Come on...Blake will stay..he is the all around best performer. Melinda and Jordin will split votes because they are too much alike. I think Blake will put together an awesome final. I will not be watching if it is Melinda and Jordin in the final...boring!!!!
It's time for Seacrest to go!!! What an arrogant a@@....
You state that Melinda hasn't "measureably improved". How do you improve on perfection? Her voice is so pure and powerful I don't think she needs to do anymore than that.
What are you smoking. Blake was heinous at best. He only has two dance moves, and beat box went out in the 90's. And besides, we need to get Blake off the show so his grandpa can have his pants back.
What about the fact that Blake can't sing?
I mean, sheesh, come on, he's got a ridiculously thin voice that just doesn't make it. So you like his style. So you like his attitude. What about his voice? It sucks.
Melinda is and has been from the start head and shoulders above everyone else. She is the real deal. A fantastically talented singer. I can't understand why anyone finds that boring. On the contrary, it's thrilling, goose-bump-inducing exciting, to hear her beautiful artistry. What's boring about being magnificent every time?

Melinda won with her Ike & Tina tune. Rocked me to my feet to applaud her!

Blake's Maroon 5 was the coolest performance of the night, but he lost the win in my eyes only due to a pitchy and rushed Police cover as his first tune.

Jordan, while super-talented a sweet gave the most forgettable performances of the eve.

To all 3, I wish them great musical careers and multiple Top 10 hits in whatever genre they feel like kickin' it in!
In case you forgot, Jordin was given that song - she did not pick it. She worked best with what she had and did a great job. She was smart to sing I Who Have Nothing again - that was where she shined!
I don’t know what you’re watching but Melinda is in a different league. The other 2 are very good, but cannot touch the level in which Melinda delivers every week.

The finals should be Blake and Melinda. The last two weeks have shown that Jordin is a screamer and is not a entertainer.

Blake has taken a risk just about every week and this week Randy also forced Melinda to take a risk by singing a Whitney song and she nailed it.

Jordin is 17 but sings like she is 57, where is her youth?

Blake and Melinda, bye Jordin
The most underwhelming season ever!

Blake is a one-trick pony. 99% of his songs have to be "upgraded" with his "talents" which are average at best. Innovative in regards to Idol, but less than average overall.

Melinda is too studio ready. She seems robotic and her performances are too clear cut. SHe is great at some genres, but not the protoype for American Idol. Talented as ever, but bland!!!!!

Jordan seems like she will be the winner, but she is boring! She wil win, but none of these three have longevity written on them.
Blakes version of "When I Get You Alone" is the first performance this season that would actually inspire me to go out and buy a CD. I've been a Melinda fan all year, but I think Blake clearly won last night.
I really enjoyed the show last night. From the start of the show I have not been a Jordin fan. Yes, she can sing, yes, she is perky, but she is also annoying and she showed last night (more than ever) her immaturity. A word of advice, learn to listen Jordin. Sometimes it pays to be gracious.

I think that Melinda and Blake should be in the finals. They are so different and yet each has brought something to the competition. Melinda is a professional/ Blake is the innovator. I think all three of them could have good careers in music.
I think it should come down to a Blake/Melinda finale.

Blake is an original, adding his own twists to current songs that most of us know. Being different is what it's all about, bringing something new to the table, and Blake dominates this contest in that area.

Yes, Melinda has been consistent,she has a powerful voice, but she doesnt make me want to get up and dance, or sing along. I just sit there and go, ok, that was nicely done. There is just nothing about her performances that reach out and grab me.

Jordin seems like a very sweet girl. However, she has stumbled a few times over the last few weeks with song choices and unless she is really belting out a song, I dont find her all that great. It's another case of the blah's for me when she sings. For example, last night when she sang Donna Summers.That song is meant to be powerful and Jordin left me sitting there asking, she works hard for what? Oh, the money.

Blake has my vote all the way.
My preference is still for Melinda. I've liked her from the very start and still believe that she has by far the greater talent. Blake's rendition of Roxanne was, IMHO very underwhelming, Jordin gave in to her youth with both her slightly weak performances and even more so with the immature behavior. Of course had I had my druthers, Melinda would really have been presented a singing challenge in the form of "Autumn Leaves". If you're going to make them sing, then make them sing something truly difficult.
Jordin Sparks should go. Blake and Melinda should be in the final; they performed the best last night.
If there was a rule against repeating a performance before the finals, then the p.t.b. should have told them. So, I will not bash them for doing it.

I didn't like the producer and Simon's choices for Jordin. Her performance of I Who Have Nothing gave me goose pumps again as it did the first time she performed it.

Melinda was great as usual.

Blake was fresh and the producer's choice was a good one, not so sure about Paula's choice.

Overall, I like all three of them and wish them the best.

Also, just like to let the people who constantly attack the constestants' appearance, etc., they do read the blogs, so please try to be kind. Would you like your kids to be put down about their looks? Think about it and let's all be decent human beings.
I'm so glad to see other people picking up on the Jordin annoying-ness. She is overrated and her performances are pretty bad. The Gwen STefani performance was painful and so was Donna Summer last night. I really think Blake should win it for originality and guts....Do we really want another R&B singer out there? If it's between Jordin and Melinda, I definitely won't tune in....
Please! Is no one going to mention it??!! Melinda flubbed the lyrics at the beginning of "I'm A Woman," and the shock even registered in her face! People talk about the judges forcing Jordin on us, but we all know it's been Melinda they want to win, so why didn't they say anything? You know they would have if Blake or Jordin screwed up. Go back and listen again if you DVR'd the show. My whole family noticed it and couldn't believe none of the judges said anything. If they had, I believe Melinda would be gone tonight.
Hey Everyone!!!

I have to say that I thought of Blake from the very start was 4th best at best. But as I thought Last season Chris was best (ended up 4th best) but has done well with album sales.

Ok Melinda I felt this season from first time hearing her she was the best. Second best I thought Lakisha then Jordan and Chris tied for 3rd (as you can see i did not do so well.

But being a rock music lover I tend to like more up beat and not so much high pitched music like Mariha sounds more like a small animal being run through a blender.

Ok I think with that all said Blake Should be gone now. But as stated befor the flat and unimpressive performance Jordan gave last night could have sealed her fate. But she has been on a roller coaster season anyway good a couple weeks and weak a week. Now Blake has been strong off and on (more off then on) His beat box style takes me back to the 80's hip hop music. But other then his performance on Maroon 5's song last night he was not really all that great he is someone I would see in a Bar and say what the heck you doing here. But seeing him in concert with Linkin Park or something I would be saying how did you get here. He would be good in Vegas His Album would maybe sell as good as Hicks (at best). Jordan and Blake Have their good looks gong for them (not saying Melinda is not Pretty just that she is not as marketable with her looks as Jordan or Blake are).

But the most consistant with her voice and has not disapointed me yet I would have to say melinda is the best but she has had a little more time then the other two to mature (she has the chance to make a good couple of albums before calling it quits) Jordan Has longevity over all of the AI Contestants and Blake will only sell to a small portion of America (like Hicks).

So who will win?? and if they do win will they win in the album sales department or will they flop??? and will the person who wins American Idol sell like Hicks or Like Underwood??

Goode Luck and Good Night
Blake rocks--the others didn't compare last night. He will go on to have a hit album whether he wins or not just like Daughtry last season. Jordan and Melinda are not "Pop" singers. Blake's refreshing and original. I voted for the first time last night for Blake--hope he wins but if he doesn't it's certainly not the end for him.
It was Blake's night! The girls were lukewarm but not HOT!. Let's put it this way; I would definitely hire Blake to perform at my kid's and my own Birthday parties! The girls not so much. The boy can put on a show! He's marketable to a mass audience. Blake's got my vote to win.

James, Dallas
I've never been a fan of Blake's - he's like the boring Perry Como of Idol *snore*. Last night he went off-key and nobody mentioned that. I was thinking of Phil and how I'd enjoy seeing him more than Blake last night. I usually agree with Simon's comments, but last night he was just mean to Jordin, and off, in my opinion. Melinda and Jordin have been my favorites from day one of Idol and I will be happy for either of them should one of them win. Melinda has had years of experience singing back-up - she's not in the same category as Jordin or Blake, and I don't know if that's really quite fair. Jordin is a knockout and I hope she does have a great singing career ahead of her no matter what happens on the show.
I personally think Jordin should be gone. Simon gave her for her first song "Wishing on a Star" by Rolls Royce which she should have blown us away, kinda like Teena Marie did the song. Instead she totally flubbed it. That should have been a wonderful song for her. Then she made a smart comment at the end of her last performance. I for one am tired of her. Melinda was by far the superior singer, she blew Whitney;s song away, then did very well with Tina and Ike's song. Blake did very well as well. I love his orginality. I hope America makes the right decision.
At least I know what kind of album Blake would make... unlike a mishmash of genres that Melinda does well and an obviously 17y/o album that Jordin would do. Blake is the only one that has solidly shown who he is outside of the competition.
Here's how I see it...This is American IDOL. I think all 3 finalists can sing and that is how they have gotten this far. Now, I also believe that the winner needs to have the "IT" factor.

Doolittle does not have IT. She is a great singer, but not an American Idol. I think it should be Blake and Jordin in the end.
I like all three finalists. However, Blake should win. Jordin is still young. Melinda is a PROFESSIONAL back-up singer. Jordin has been my fav since the auditions but now, I'm in the Blake camp and don't think that Jordin will be hurting for a record deal.
Blake's version better than Thicke? wowwww, you've gotta be kidding me. apparently, the beat-boxing, cheesy reggae-hop arrangements, and the frosted tips have made up for actual vocal talent in your critique. roxanne was the worst performance of the night... he was flat on the maroon 5 song, and the thicke song was undeniably mediocre.

there is no way melinda should not win this thing. the country roasted sanjaya for not being able to carry a tune - are people even listening to blake's missed notes each week? ugh.
If Blade wins after knocking out Lakisha, Melinda and Jordin, could there be some race issues involved? Several of Blake's songs have been off key and filled with wandering notes. A little scat goes a long way and he seems to believe that is what will save him. I hope America has grown up enough to allow a black person to win a national contest.
I Tivo American Idol and watch it about an hour later...(no commercials). I couldn't help myself but to hit the fast forward button a few seconds after Blake started singing. He has the weirdest mouth ever. Where's his top lip? Jordin was OK. I love the last song she did. Melinda was AMAZING as expected. I agree with Simon in that as long as Melinda is in the final, I don't care who else is there.
We've come from a season thought to be lackluster to a night with 3 really superior performers. None of them "deserve" to be voted off - it was a fine night.

The loser - big time - was the accompanyment. Bad arrangements, bad mixing, and uninspired performances by the rhythm tracks ("works hard" is a DANCE tune, guys) throughout served to undercut all three performers. It's clear to see that none of them will be on the center stage next season.
Blake should win. He is the most original of them all. I'm tired of the sam old same old in Melinda. Go Blake. I voted for him 10 times last night!!!!
Three B's for Blake: Bland, boring, bad.

His voice has no inflections whatsoever and he's just dullsville.

Jordin should win, although I think Melinda will.
Blake and Jordin have been my favorites from the beginning (in addition to Chris R). I honestly cannot stand watching Melinda's performances or her "4-year old stuck in a 29-year old's body" responses to everything, including her references to her "mommy" last night. I admit that she has a good voice, but her music bores me and I cannot see her making a popular album that sells to anyone other than 50 year old housewives.
If either Blake or Jordin wins, I will be happy .. as long as Blake makes an awesome record after the show ends! He is original, creative, entertaining, has a great personality, and he has a charming presence on stage. He gets my vote all the way!
In case the Idol contestants do read this column . . .

Paula was thinking like I do that Blake ought to perform some Police/Sting songs - he reminds me a lot of Sting. Maybe Roxanne wasn't the best of songs, but he should look at other Police music for the next show. The whole African vibe that the Police were into for awhile might be perfect for Blake's talents.

Sting doesn't have the best voice either, but he is a great performer. I don't think Idol is just a singing contest - it's about who is the best performer.

Melinda and Jordin can sing, but that's all. I'm bored with their performances and have no expectations otherwise. I'm always anxious to see what Blake is going to do. He has put a lot of interest into this year's otherwise lackluster show.
It irks me just a tad at how frequently I see comments/"opinions" about a contestant not deserving to win because they are too good. Someone commented "Melinda is too studio ready". What is AI looking for? A mediocre singer/beatboxer who "looks the part"??!! Is this the reason we should all join the bandwagon of miminizing Melinda's clearly superior performances? The reason we should fail to acknowledge that she has been head and shoulders above her competition, consistently for 11 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!
Melinda and Jordin are, inarguably, fantastic singers. That being said, Blake is far and away the most entertaining performer AI has ever had. The way he moves and sings (and makes more familiar songs unique and fresh) makes him exciting and FUN to watch. He doesn't just stand there and sing. Lately, Melinda has been moving and making her performances less stagnant. Jordin, while a truly gifted and beautiful singer, suffers from the same problem Katharine McPhee does, just not having a compelling stage presence, an ability to "own" the stage like Blake Lew and Melinda Doo do. (Hehe...he said doo-doo.) GO BLAKE!
Melinda should win. Unfortunately, I think that Jordin will take the top spot.

AIM = skinnydippinluv
I disagree wholeheartedly. Blake proved who he was last night: a sub-par vocalist going head to head with two powerhouse vocalists. True, he is talented, but Jordin and Melinda are vocally leaps and bounds ahead of him; his sound is more novelty than strength. I did *not* hear him last night as having "three really good performances"; I heard him last night unsure of when to intro "Roxanne" and constantly looking over his shoulder at the band; I heard him start it off on the wrong key. I heard him beatboxing ad nauseum, as if he knew that it might be his last opportunity to do so on American Idol.

Jordin had a so-so night, with her first performance of the night being the best (and only truly likeable of her performances) and the other two ranging from lack-luster to downright creepy and uncomfortable. Still, she's got the stuff when she brings it; she just doesn't have complete control and mastery of her vocals.

Melinda truly brought her A-game last night and finally shone with the personality and charisma we've all known was there, somewhere, way down inside. Matched with her amazing, spot-on vocals last night and consistently throughout the competition, it's a safe bet that she's your next American Idol.
I agree with the author - this has been a VERY "uninspiring" year (i.e. BORING. I also agree, I'm stunned by all the Blake fans. just don't get it. The beatboxing is annoying and without it, I can't say he is much of an entertainer. Melinda, for some reason, I just can't like her. i know it is a singing competition, but I can't picture her singing anything you'd want to hear on the radio, much less purchase. I think Jordan is as close to a complete package. Face it, the only AI winners that have had the looks as well as the voice were Kelly Clarkson and Carrie underwood. Where are the rest of them now? Simon said it before to people, that they didn't LOOK like a star. He is right. A good voice will get you a few jobs and make you a little money, but you need the complete package to really be a star. I said won Fantasia won, I'd never watch again. Not only was she NOT the best singer inthe competition, I couldn't stand to watch her. I came back the next year, but last year had a hard time keeping my interest, and this year - well, I'm enjoying Dancing with the Stars more than AI. Don't really care who wins. Although I think Jordin has the potential to be a Kelly Clarkson. She is good now, but once out from under the AI people and has someone write some good music for her, she can be great. Melinda can be her backup singer.
As said before "Blake would be good to have at my Kids B-Day Party" maybe not the way to really say it but he will never ever be bigger then Underwood, Akien, Studdard, or even Clarkson... He will have sales like Maybe as good as (Hicks)...

He is a Fad like Backstreet Boys, NKB, IN SYNK... He will maybe do well but for a short time and he will Get restricted by American Idol if he wins. He needs to take 2nd place at best (hint for those of you that love him).. But in about 5-6 years look for him in the Where are they now!! or One hit wonders or may be Celebarety Dance or maybe on that reality show show with Robyn Leach on MTV or VH 1 with those old washed up people like Vanillia Ice, Ron Jeramey, ect... You know the one..

I think it could be a Blake Melinda Final or Melinda Jordan Final Melinda should be there...

So Blake in the past weeks yes is different form the rest But this is a singing competition and you must be talented every week and be able to sing a complete song with out making sounds like a terets case.

Good Luck Melinda
Good Bye Blake or Jordan !!!!
I see Blake and Melinda as the final two.

Jordin proved my point last night that she is a singer of ballads and nothing else. Anything with rythym or a beat and she is horrible. I was not inpressed at all with her songs last night.

Blake is always willing to step out of the box and do his own thing. He accepts the criticism that is given to him (unlike a 17 yr old we know) and works with it. I loved all of his performances last night.

Melinda, love the Doolittle, loved all of her performances last night, thought I was a little disappointed she did a repeat. But she did work that.

Blake/Doolittle final 2
Final ?
To Mer, OH, why do you put down women in their 50s? And why is everybody hung up on Jordin's age? It doesn't matter how old she is. She's a very good singer and is just at the start of what might be a great career.
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