Wednesday, May 16, 2007
'Idol' chatter: Ain't that a kick in the head
The last time I called in sick for work was February 1989. I wasn't even really that sick that day. Today, I'm gonna have a hard time getting in. My girl, Melinda Doolittle, is going home and it makes me very sad.

I still can't believe there weren't enough people who saw the brilliance in her I do. She really may have as good a voice as any "Idol" contestant, ever, except perhaps Kelly Clarkson. (Watch Steve and Rodney get over the shock)

I know her personality did her in, but I was hoping the voters would see her new-found confidence and reward her. Even on her worst night, she was almost always better than almost anyone else on "Idol."

But the voters have spoken. So, good luck to Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks. Nothing against our young songstress from the desert, but I'm going to be cheering for Blake. Jordin should win -- she fits the big-voiced "Idol" type -- but I think Blake might just pull it off.

Who do you think will win -- and who do you think should win?
As good as Jordin is, I'm still pushing for Blake, I have been all the way. He has the voice, the upbeat attitude and the risk-taking nerve..... and that is my idea of what the winner should be. Good luck to both, but c'mon Blake!!!
Am shock that Melinda was eliminated last night, she way better, I mean really better than Blake... I would've taught that it was going to be Melinda and Jordan final. I think Jordan is going to win...she is a really good singer, good personality and would be a good role model!
blake will win especially with the young crowds
Melinda should have won. Jordin will win. But like you, I'll be rooting for the underdog. I miss Mel already.
I was so surprised to see Melinda go. She is an incredible performer and singer who deserved to win this season. Now that she's gone, I'll also be cheering for Blake because I love his originality. But I figure either way, all three of them have a bright future to look forward to.
I think America is TONE DEAF. That's what I honestly think. But perhaps I need to stop viewing this as a singing competition and more of a who can we mold into a pop star(let) that will appeal to kids and adults who want to feel cool like their kids? There is no doubt in my mind, that Blake and Jordin can be molded by the man more than Melinda and that's what they're looking for. But ask this: Sure, the remaining two will sell CDs (or downloads) at first, but who would have a longer, richer career? A gifted singer who can tackle any style thrown at her? Or the other? Jordin has natural talent and will grow with the right people behind her. And perhaps, in 15 years, she'll be on musical par with Melinda. Blake....he's a decent guy and likeable, but a forgetful singer. Take note...I said singer. And sure, while he has a talent beatboxing, that'll get old quick. There, I'm done with my rant. I'm taking my toys and going home! LOL Good luck to the remaining two, but the true musician lost out last night.
We in canada are like Simon stunned!! Melinda You are One heck Of A Singer and performer. God Bless You..We cried here in Canada, but by no means did you lose. In Canada your our Idol!! America You don't know a professional when you see one. We will buy your Cd's in Canada Melinda. We are discouraged and will not watch the rest of American Idol!! Sorry Blake and Jordin!! Melinda is the one!!
Go Blake!!!1 he's like a breath of fresh air!!!!
C'mon - Blake / Jordin ... I can't believe Jordin will win this - last year a guy won, this year it will be a girl. It alternates every year. I'm finished watching Idol - I can't believe they booted the best singer.
I was hoping Melinda would go to the finals, but I am not surprise that it is between Jordin and Blake. I hope Blake wins Idol because of his originality and upbeat attitude. Go Blake
Interest thing to note. Did the voters actually speak, or was it simply a marketing decision to kick her off by idol. As far as we know, since we don't see the final votes, the show could have purposely kicked her off since she appears to be the less marketable of the three.
Everyone in Jordins camp probably knows this- I however did not. She was the winner on the Junior Idol show that ran in 2003... these judges HAVE met her before. To think it has not been rigged is ridiculous.

Linda Sharp posted these facts on her site:

Jordin happened to snag her ticket to Seattle and subsequent entrance into the judges’ chambers as part of the prize package for winning Fox 10’s (local FOX affiliate) Arizona Idol, besting over 500 other singers.

So therein is a little "smoking gun" for you. Yes, the door was opened a bit easier for her by the state win.

But the larger piece of the conspiracy pie contains actual photos of Jordin with Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson three years back , the same time she competed on (and won in her first appearance) America’s Most Talented Kids (2004). This followed a brush with American Juniors, the short lived American Idol spin-off for tweenies in 2003.

Foul? Flag on the field?

That in itself is still not enough to make me think anything untoward was going on. But then factor in that Jordin was crowned the Coca Cola Rising Star for 2002, and I admit to raising an eyebrow.

American Idol’s biggest sponsor with a connection to a contestant who’s got serious game.

And now here she is in the final three.

Coincidence? Merely the trajectory of a girl who has chased her dream with some measure of success all along the way? Or was there another shooter behind that grassy knoll?
Haven't you people learned yet that our votes did not decide last nights elimination. The producers did not want another failure like Taylor Hicks on their hands so the opted out the older (best) girl to go with the two young kids. I'm 28 and I guess I'm considered too old to be watching now cause Melinda is the only one I would buy a CD from. Not one single judge said "America got it wrong" because they realize that american is not the one choosing the winner. The producers and record executives want money so whoever they think will get them the most money will win. Everything is about politics and money these days. I will not watch next Tuesday and will probably only watch the last 10 minutes on Wednesday because at this point, does it really matter who wins? They are both failures to Melinda. Goodbye MindyDoo.
America Idol is a joke this season. People what are you thinking. Melinda was the best from the beginning. I think Idol is over!!! Good Luck Melinda in whatever you do!!!!
This was Mindy-Do's to win... and she will have a great career ahead of her.

Arrogant Jordin has had multiple local wins and should have no problems earning a record deal.

I am pulling for Blake the whole way. The classy way in which he accepted Melinda's fate without a crack of a smile was evidence of his humble roots.

This isn't an America's Greatest Singer competition. This is American IDOL. Someone who is more than just a voice. Someone who can be idolized as having a great personality and diversity in whatever they do. Melinda is not attractive, strick one. She had no personality, strike two. She ultimately had one style: 70's soul sister singing. This is no longer popular or mainstream. Strike three.

Jordin has tons of untapped ability but like Melinda she really only has one style.

Blake is the key here, really. I thought it was just my opinion that he is the best but apparently more than just myself think this. This guy is amazing. He may not be as perfect of a singer as Melinda, but he has imagination and originality. He knows when to take a chance(You give love a bad name), and he knows when to keep it in line with the original(Roxanne). His intelligence and ingenuity will land him in the winner's spotlight.
I am still in shock! Unbelievable! I guess Americans never cease to surprise us. Maybe Melinda was voted off because everyone was so confident she would win they figured she already had enough votes, so they didnt vote for her but for their second favorite, Jordin. I can't figure it out. Jordin should have left before Melinda. Melinda and Jordin were by far better singers than Blake. But they do not have entertainment value, they were boring, although Melinda was loosening up --when she did Bob Seagers' Nutbush, she almost looked like a rocker. I think Blake has more entertainment value, I always look forward to seeing what he is going to do. I think the finale would have been dull with just the 2 girls. It should have been Melinda and Blake. Although I wouldnt buy his album, I would want to see him in concert. I don't believe Idol is a "singing" competition, I think its an "American Idol" competition, who has talent to entertain America.
A showdown between Melinda and Jordin would have been a star quality show.'s just a great singer (Jordin) versus legions of teenyboppers with cellphones voting for Blake.

Note to Melinda - when your album comes out, I will buy it.
Jordin will win because she's more marketable. Melinda should've won because she has the best voice. Blake, on the other hand, CANNOT BEATBOX OR SING THAT WELL, but he should turn out to be a decent producer. Darn you vote for the worst!
Melinda out?!?!? I could not believe it. The best singer in the competition out! But Am I surprised? No, it has been obvious the Idol has been building Jording from the get-go to win this thing.

And please, Jordin is not bubbly- it showed during her visit to home video clips that she is annoying and conceited. I don't buy her. She has a Katherine McPhee quality.

At this point I don't care to watch the show anymore, but I hope that out of the two Blake wins. He might not be a great singer but I do believe he is a true musician and he has genuine charisma.
I was so sure that Melinda would win that I actually cried when I heard she was eliminated. She gave me chills each and everytime she sang. She is a star, an artist, the true representation of someone who loves her art. I wish her all the best and will definitely buy her album!!! And Jordin will win since she is 17 (and also very talented!)and can be molded into whatever they want to make of her.
"I'm gonna STOP watching the show because THEY booted off the best singer"...c'mon....YOU should have voted then! This is NOT a singing competition! This is a popularity contest to see who can get the most people to stay up and call in votes all night! Sometimes Lady Luck is on the side of talent as well! I'm still bitter over the whole Clay Aiken debacle, but I digress..I'm surprised Melinda was voted off but again I'm glad. To be frank, Melinda should have never competed..she was a professional back up singer. She was paid to sing. Regardless of her position (lead or back up) she was paid, therefore a professional. Great voice, little to no personality, she's better off not winning this..she'll be snatched right up and become the next Tina Turner. Jordan embodies what American Idol is all about, in my humble opinion. I wish I could sing like her when I was 17. With the right mentors, she will be unbelieveable as she matures. Hopefully, her parents will be watchful with whom she associates in her professional path. Blake, too, is fresh and will make a place for himself in the music business if he chooses. Who will win? Depends on who has the most tweens with late night bedtimes that can vote as many times as possible!
If anyone ever needed proof that American Idol is NOT a singing competition (even though Simon says it is all the time), this should prove it. Melinda was the best singer hands-down. Having said that, my bet is the demographics of the voters is skewed way down the age chart to the very young and young side (by that, I mean 25 or less - no offense to the 25 year-olds, I wish I was still that young). I can fully understand how they would vote for the two finalists.

I must say that Blake was, by far, the most comfortable with all the fanfare and hooplay that occurred during his return home. He just seems to relish in it (as his quote 'I'm having a blast' in response to Seaquist question "are you having fun?" shows).

When I saw Melinda in her church, I thought - I would by a gospel album (I just showed my age) by her. Truthfully, probably more likely to buy that than some R&B album of generic songs.

Oh well, good luck to Blake and Jordin. No need to worry about Melinda; she'll do just fine in her music career.
America Spoke! When the Teeney-Boppers can vote an unlimited number of times for their choice it's predictible that a more "mod" entertainer will win. Melinda has the better voice but doesn't have the youth of the other two. Don't worry, she have a heck of a career!
I am shocked that Melinda was tossed from the show last night. To me, she was the clear front runnner ...if not... the shoe in choice. The other interesting suprise last night happened when guest singer Elliot Yamin let it be know that he prefered Porsche cars over sponser Ford's brand. Ryan Seacreast's cringe was nothing I'm sure compared to the head shaking going on in Dearborn after that little unexpected endorsement.
Melinda should have definitely been there in the final. That girl had talent, she would have and will be up there with some of the greats. In fact it's probably better for her that she didn't win. She'll still come out on top.

As for Blake and Jordan, I'm Going for Blake, Jordan's Good, but Blake's fresh, and like Simon Said he's not scared to take risks. Let's have a Fresh and Lasting Idol not another Copy-Cat who will fade away by the time next season rolls around.
I'm sad to see Melinda go, but I'm sure the contract was waiting for her backstage! Jordin is sweet, a little weak in some areas, but she'll certainly continue to grow as a singer and performer, and I'm sure she'll be made an offer as well. I've been rooting for Blake since the start of the season, he's an innovative talented musician, song writer, producer, and yes, he is a good singer. I wish all of them the best in their bright futures. Nice seeing the "new" Elliott last night!
Jonie.. I couldn't have said it better. Melinda,the people knew you are the best The number one Idol. The people of America are losers when it comes to voting. The Judging should be with Judges only Randy, Paula and Simon only!! Jordin your youny and inspiring and have a lovely voice, and Blake your good also very original and funny and creative..but come on to let Melinda go..She was never off key..A+.. I think she should be called back and the votes counted again.. If you want us people to watch the show and have good ratings..Call her back!! We want Melinda back or no show!!
i really think the producers have stepped in since the elimination of sanjaya to manipulate the results, and they really wanted a male/female finale, the only reason i can think of for a melinda elimination is that she has always been consistanly the best, but never grew.. the other two have grown and continue to grow.. i just don't want blake to win cause he won't fit the idol album mold, on his own he'll do great
I think that all three will go on to have good careers in the music industry but I have never been a Doolittle fan. Her personality and faked shock at praise given to her turned me off right away. As for her singing - she sings most songs okay but only sings a specific type really well and that type happens to be old school diva such as her WOMAN performance. Jordin is the girl to beat! She is much more contemporary and has an extraordinary voice and a beautiful personality. Blake, don't fret there is room for you in the industry as well!
i too think this was more of the producer's "choice" than "america's vote" by eliminating melinda.

as noted by a previous poster here, we never in all the years of AI have been privvy to the voting tallies and therefore, they can be manipulated in any way the producers deem.

sanjaya was kept on right up to the "AI gives back" show which required more seriousness on the part of the contestants - he would not have fit in with that episode and well, the producers thought his shark had jumped.

in regard to melinda, she is 29 and while she was indeed the best singer, she was not an American Idol - and she wasn't even perceived as unique or hip such as the minimally talented taylor hicks.

i think this was a producer's decision. don't be fooled by anything else. she supposedly pooled the most votes week after week...and yet mysteriously loses out right before the finals to two lesser talents?

don't buy it.
I'm not coming back for a two hour finale after they booted Melinda Doolittle. I feel jerked around to cheer on someone who really deserved to win it all, just to have her voted off third place. Who cares who wins next week? Blake and Jordin know they aren't the best singers. They looked as surprised as anyone. Blake does not have the versatility or the voice. Jordin did well on a couple of songs, but the networks were obviously pushing her to the front earlier in the show to make the competition happen, when Melinda was running away with it. They "teased" Jordin when they hinted she was eliminated, then favored her later to "make up for it".
I will be looking out for Melinda's CD. We loved her and want to see her make it. Her integrity and her humility with her level of talent is a breath of fresh air in this industry. Also, why don't they make it so that one phone number gets one vote instead of the "repeat votes" counting the same. Don't they have that technology? I just can't believe that the majority of people who watched the show voted her off.
Yeesh! Well, this finale is going to be sub-par without Melinda but I ain't wasting no tears on Mindy Doo since she'll be a recording contract richer than she was before this show. She performed and left yesterday with remarkable grace, elegance and maturity - she's already an american idol.

I don't know why but Jordin and Blake are two performers I never really warmed up to - Jordin's exaggerated bubbliness and sweet innocence just seemed so "Brady Bunch" and really irritated me, and Blake's average vocals made me wonder what the hell he was doing there in the first place. So I'm torn, albeit in a strange way, between the two. Anyway, I'll be voting for Blake (at least he's different from the other Idols) but I don't think it will help since I think Ms. Sparks is going to take it.
I agree with several of the comments. There's no doubt that this is just a marketing ploy. Take for example last year, they booted off Daughtry thinking that McPhee would be a perfect target to push. Well, it backfired...Daughtry outsold McPhee in everyway.
Now, about this Blake guy, what's so original about him? Oh wow, he can beatbox...WOW!!!...How original...(insert sarcastic laugh here). If Melinda was told she was the most consistant one of them all, it's probably because she was.
It really doesn't matter who wins. You can be good, bad or indifferent. People vote for what’s different, not for what is actually good.

The better person from Idol is the one who sells the most recordings.

Once you get to the final four, one should not worry about winning; just find you a good promoter.
The problem is that the two good female singers get their votes split. Whle Blake collects all the votes from those who like the new-style guy "singer". Both the ladies have vocal and style ranges that far surpass Blake's limited abilities. Jordin fits the idol role (young & pretty) better than Melinda so she stays. But considering how long the talentless Janjaya lasted, who can predict a winner now?
Although I must say I was suprised of last nights results I do believe it was for the best. Last years winner Taylor hasn't been seen much on the music walk of fame, which I do believe would have been the same result of Melinda. I do believe that Melinda has a wonderful voice, and maybe one of the best, but lets face it, the younger generation is who keeps these artist in business. How many 40 and above year olds do you see checking out the cd collect at your local music store? Usually if you do catch a few they are seaching for a cd from way back when. As for Idol, I do believe that Blake will be your best sold cd's of the too remaing. Blake has the club type style that almost anyone can listen to, where Jordin has more of the Jessica Simpson approach that mostly girls will apt listing to or shall I say buy CDs. Blake much like Chris of last year's Idol hits a larger range of fans, that include the teeny boppers, club goes, and many other music fans, that just enjoy a little pop in their listening. So once again since day one I say GO BLAKE~
It was fixed....just read the TV Guide that just came out. Says something like "producers will have to explain why Blake remained on the show so long"....I knew Doolittle was gone. We too will probably stop watching now. Blake?.....
Now that the best singer is gone, I hope the one with class wins and that is Blake. He handled himself very humbly when Melinda was voted off. Jordin, though 17, has a lot to learn. She couldn't come across as more fake.
I was in a toss up between Jordin and Melinda. I found out through the internet that Melinda is already a professional back-up singer, so no amazement of her personality besting the rest of the Idol contestants. I did get tired of her "suprised look" every time Melinda went to the judges after she sang a song. As far as Blake goes, like Randy and Simon said, a little hip-hop sound goes a long way. I am voting for Jordin. For 17 years old, she has a voice, with a little coaching, that will sell millions of records in the future. Go Jordin!
I suspect that so people assumed that Melinda would easily get into the finale that they figured they'd vote for Jordin or Blake.

I'll be all over Melinda's CD when it comes out!
This has got to be the most rediculous season ever.It is no doubt that Melinda was the "American Idol" as far as talent goes. She has stage presence and has earned the right to be in the finale.One must ask themselves, would you pay $60 to attend a show put on by Jordin or Blake. The answer is "no", but I would for Melinda. This show has turned into a joke.
Now that Melinda is gone (boo hoo), I really don't care who wins. Jordin's a sweetie and Blake is fun to watch, but neither one can hold a candle to Melinda. She was robbed!
This feels like de ja vou... last year when Chris Daughtry got voted off, I was so shocked since he was by far a much better singer and got a uniqueness to him, unlike the other idol contestants that sound like all the other so so music on the radio. Now Chris sells albums, not the idol winners. Melinda will be another Chris.... when her album comes out, her album will sell (count me in). I don't think I'll buy albums from the 2 remaining contestants... maybe a song or two at most.
Melinda was the best singer, but she was not the best Idol material. She's too old and she will meet a similar fate as Taylor, lackluster record sales. Jordin is 12 years younger than Melinda and will be every bit as good as Melinda at age 29. She's Idol material. Blake is gimmicky and has a mediocre voice. Jordin will take the win, rightly so.
Done with American Idol.
Best contestant went home. Who cares now?
Well I feel the two singers that should be in the finals have been booted off in the past week. Lakisha and Melinda would have been an awesome final.

Blake is very annoying and he's very gimmicky. Jordin isn't consistant at all.

Once again, American got it Wrong when it comes to Idol.
I am with the one who will not watch this any more because the
best voice has left and I couldn't
care less on the remaining two
contestants. Melinda you were the
best voice!
As I have said so many times... this is not a singing competition, it's a popularity contest. The fact that everybody thought Melinda was a sure thing also was in her disadvantage, because a lot of viewers probably thought she didn't need their vote anyway. That being said, I think Jordin will win, because she'll get the votes Melinda would have gotten. She is/was definitely not even close to being the best singer on this competition, but she'll win anyway. I think they should change the format and let half of the points be determined by the judges or another panel of experts.
I've predicted Jordan will win this for a while. Why? As much as I liked Lekesha and Melinda (I actually preferred Lekesha), they both are more appealing to the over-30 crowd and less appealing to the younger crowd. Personally, as consistently good as Melinda has been, she is missing some of the "sparkle" needed in both her personality AND HER SINGING. I don't recall an outstanding performance - just a bunch of very, very good ones.

The guys were all weak this year. Blake has been the most creative, but really doesn't compete as a pure singer. GO JORDAN!

A 45-year old male fan
After last night results, who care if Blake wins ?

Just ask: Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, Clay Aiken and Katharine McPhee.

Now that Melinda is gone, time is going to show who is the real IDOL this season!
At this stage of the game as it was during the final 12, it is about ratings and advertising NOT TALENT. While Mindy and Jordin would have made for an excellent showdown: the pro versus the princess, Blake and Jordin will bring more money to the commercial table- Princess versus Court Jester. Like Chris Daughtry before her, Melinda will do very well as a singer. However, I do stress that the producers need to do two things next year:

1. Admit that they also have a say in the voting by placing a disclaimer at the end of the broadcast.

2. A rule should be established that professional back up singers are not permitted to audition.
I liked all three of the finalists, but Melinda was the best singer, hands down. I'll be waiting for her first album!
Melinda shoud have won. Jordin will win. Not a chance for Blake.
The show is designed to choose someone who is marketable (HELLO, meaning it's a popularity contest and not a contest to find the best singer!) Blake is the best contestant outside of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood that the show has produced in six seasons. GO BLAKE!
I think people are mistaking American Idol for a singing contest. It's not just a singing contest; it's a comprehensive contest that focuses on singing. That means they've got to be entertaining to watch, and unfortunately Melinda wasn't terribly entertaining.
Jordin - hands down, all the way. Blake is too weak as a singer. He's there because he is marketable period. Jordin is marketable and has the power voice to go along with it. Melinda was lacking the marketability. She absolutely had to go home last night. This is American Idol - the winner has to have the whole package and Jordin has been the only one all the way with everything it takes.
I just want Blakes first Album to be titled "Back to the Beat"....older songs remixed with his beat style.

Melinda can bring back the Motown Sound.

Jordin is a pop queen waiting to happen---will take a few years.
Do you people really think that your vote counts each week? This has been scripted from day one, why do you think Sanjay lasted so long, it's all about ratings....

The person who should be crowned winner will not, it will be Jordin because that's what the producers want, even the Blake should win hands down.
Melinda out makes for a great finale. She was boring and annoying to watch perform.

Jordin is a little better, not as good of voice. Take away looks and performance last year and Elliott would have won. He, by far, had the best voice.

An "Idol" is supposed to have a voice and performance appeal and Blake has that. He has a fresh contemporary feel and look. He doesn't necessarily have to put the "beatbox" into every song, but he makes it interesting.

I think in the long run Jordin, due to age and early exposure would sell more albums, but Blake should be the immediate impact choice for entertainment appeal.

I like Blake a lot. He'd be a refreshing blend of 80's hip hop and 00's rock/pop.

Again, losing Melinda is a good thing. Her and Jordin would have been a snoozer of a finale. Go Blake!!
I also hated to see Melinda eliminated however there is a saving grace to that - She will be able to go out on her own, choose her own record company to be hooked up with and not be under the finger of 19.
Hey folks, relax and just enjoy the show.
All of this goes to show we need to vote! We can't assume our favorite will get enough votes "without us". I have been a Blake fan from the beginning. I agree he has class. Plus, it is HARD to do what he does!!!!! I really thought it would down to he and Melinda. Watch the trips home again. Jordin is too YOUNG to be our American Idol!!!! GO BLAKE!!!!!
i think jordin will win.blake is horrible. nobody should vote for him
I can't believe how wrong America got this vote last night, I mean seriously what happened. You have two fantastic singers and performers up there and then Blake. We lost the best singer and Blake is still in the competition. Blake is terrible, there is absolutely nothing "original" about him. Sure he can beat box but that has gotten so old, he can't sing well, well he might, but he never sings with full power. He just pouts out the words and does the same moves over and over and over. That's original? Enough of my Blake rant and back to the real Idol left and that is Jordin. She has a great personality and sing circles around Blake. She can't beat box but I'll think she'll be ok. I know I'll be voting for Jordin all the way.
Melinda is a great singer, however she was not a great preformer. Jordin and Blake improved as time went on as well as Phil did. Melinda will do well I don't feel sorry for her. She has probably already got a record deal.
Melinda should have won this season's AI. I know she'll go on to a successful career. She's more than proved herself.

Of the final two, I prefer Jordan. I have no idea who will actually win though. After Melinda's elimination, I'm dumbfounded over the voting.
Melinda is a SOUL SINGER. American Idol is looking for the next POP STAR. She is NOT a POP STAR. She doesn't even like pop music. Correct choice with Blake and Jordin in the final. While Melinda has a wonderful voice, she is not a POP STAR. If she would have won, we would have seen her on broadway or something and that's it. Plain and simple. Maybe you people who are complaining about never watching it again should have voted for Melinda then. And by the way, stop being babies- you will watch it again. GIVE ME A BREAK.
I am very upset Melinda is not in the finals. She truly deserved it. I believe the competition is rigged and I will not be watching the final. I sincerely hope Blake wins though. Maybe I will turn on the show long enough to get Blake's number. Jordin does have a pretty voice, however she does not know how to use it as she demonstrated. Over the last 4 weeks I think she has had only 1 or 2 solid performances. I will only watch th e show next year if the judges opinions counts and we can see the final results.
With Melinda out of it, who really cares? Bet ratings are way down next week. It'll be a bit like watching the second place playoffs.
American Idol is banned in my household as of last nite! American Idol doesnt go by talent at all, they go by whos gonna make us the most money since Taylor Hicks was a flop, I mean look at Chris Daughtry. In my opinion, Melinda will out sell Blake and Jordin twice over. I think the american public didnt vote for her thinking she already had , just like what happened to Chris last season. I think Blake will win just because, but he wont last, and Jordin will only appeal to the younger crowd, I personally dont feel like hearing her shout out her music. The darling Melinda not once ever made a mistake and was on top every week,cant say that for the other two. I think it is rigged, why else do you think they kept Sanjay as long as they did. They only booted him so Simon wouldnt quit, and we all know we like to watch Simon and hear his remarks. Simon is right every season on whos gonna win, the producers musta wanted to not listen. Mel is awesome..we will buy her albums!
To Xopher: Neither was Rueben and expecially Fantasia good looking; plus the fact they were not good singers. Melinda had a voice like no other idol and was the least bit conceited. She really got cheated. As far as Blake; he CANNOT sing....cannot even carry a tune. America should not be involved in the should be the present judges plus a few more. They are the experts. Even though none of the last 2 impress me, I prefer Jordin.
I have thought from the very first show that these two would wind up in the final. American Idol is not just about "voice" - there is an age limit for a reason, they are looking for young, hip kids who happen to be able to sing well. It is an overall image, not just the voice. Melinda will have a fabulous career on her own, so her fans shouldn't feel sad for her.
Melinda is my American Idol. The way she handled herself after she lost was with so much class. I also appreciate the way Blake handled himself. I cannot stand Jordin. She is a whiney cry baby. Also I am sick and tired of hearing about Melinda back-up singer experience. All three of them have had experience. The only true amateur left was Lakeisha. I believe America got it wrong, if even we decided.
this show is not rigged! If it were, Chris Daughtry would have surely won the crown last year! The producers and Simon all loathed Taylor but he won anyway. They do not want an ARTIST to win, they want someone they can mold and turn into a manufactured pop star. Taylor is not that. Melinda is not that. I don't even think Blake is that, but Jordin is. I'm sure they are crossing their fingers and toes that she will win, even though Blake is better.
By the way, to whomever insinuated that Taylor is a flop, he has gone platinum. His sales are nowhere near Daughtry but that is to be expected. Daughtry is WAY more commercial where Taylor's music is not mainstream. That's part of the reason I love Taylor. Longevity is the real goal, not sales numbers.
Go Blake!
I am so totally devastated about Melinda Doolittle going home last night. She was the only "idol" who gave a great performance each week, -- week after week, during the whole season. My favorite song was "My funny valentine." I was hoping to hear her singing that song once again. Regardless of the outcome last night, Melinda Doolittle is already a star and I can't wait to listen to her music on the radio in the near future. Aside from Melinda, Jordin Sparks is my second choice and I hope she wins, instead of Blake, I never liked his style of music. In addition, Blake doesn't have what it takes to be a real American Idol. He is another Taylor Hicks who won last year. He didn't have what it takes either.
Ok so I was upset Melinda was voted off while Blake stayed, but we all know they will all get a contract. Given Simons power he can insure Mindy gets one so lets not all be to upset. I'm not sure what being an American has to do with poor voting choices. And if people think Jordans happy disposition has anything to do with being fake take a look at her family their very warm and caring as is her best friend. In the end it matters not who gets voted off or stays, because they have all been given a platform to display their talents and we all know major labels monitor the talent on AI so if ur good ur gonna get an offer.
Since the best singer's been voted off, who cares who wins? Some singing competition! I can see all those pre-teens now, glued to their cell phones, texting in votes for little heart throb Blake. They could care less about great singing, they don't know any better. I have always been an observer and never have voted for Idol contestants, so I wasn't about to start now. But you can plainly see the age group that does vote consistently.

I tuned in week after week this season to see what Melinda was going to do next, groaning through Phil, Chris, all those boring male singers, and watching Jordin improve. I know my husband will want to watch the finale but honestly, now that the REAL competition between Jordin and Melinda is kaput, I could care less who wins!
I was not that suprised Melinda went home. I mean come on, what kind of CD would Melinda put out. Yes, she is a great singer but she has an older voice. She is definatly not pop or country. But I will be voting for Blake. I have like him from the beginning and he has such great talent. Jordin is great too but my choice is Blake. All 3 have great talent and I know will go far with there career.
The result last night was not the result of some nefarious conspiracy.

Basically, Jordin and Melinda were very similar to each other when compared to Blake. So they split the R&B, soul-singing vote, leaving Blake in the finals with the contemporary vote. (Blake also has songwriting and breakdancing talents that the other contestants didn't. That also played in his favor.)

It didn't ultimately come down to a contest between Blake and Melinda for the second spot as the producers implied by the order of the results, but between Melinda and Jordin.

Between those two, Jordin won on youth and charisma. An earlier poster indicated that the producers rigged the outcome to get a more marketable finalist. They didn't have to because the vote is based on marketability in the first place.

Now that the Jordin/Melinda vote is no longer split, it's going to be very interesting to see which of the remaining two performers, *not* singers, will win.
Look at it this way. Melinda now has great flexibility with who she signs with. She gets to pick her own songs. She has freedom to go into whatever genre she wants. Melinda is probably quite lucky to get out right now. She's going to get signed. I have no doubts about that. And while Jordin will have to do exactly what American Idol wants her to do, Melinda is free. (Oh, and by the way, Jordin is going to win. Every year the opposite sex wins from the year before. From the beginning of the season it's been declared the girls' year - by all.)
I really thought Melinda would go onto the next round. It's too bad people can't tell what talent is.
Such a travesty of talent! Melinda was by far the most consistent thru-out - Blake was adventerous, however not in the same league - Jordan should win "hands down" if Idol is truely a talent competition!!
I'm rooting for Blake. Creativity and originality all the way.
Sparks has the spark for more potential than the other. She is very young and extremely talented. I think she will take it all.
This is the exact reason I quit watching six months ago.
I get so tired of hearing people say that a certain competition is rigged! Yeah, Melinda was good. But....Jordin was good also. Jordin has far more than Melinda. She has alot more than just a good voice. She seems so sincere plus....being so beautiful. Maybe it is time for a younger person to get it so younger kids can finally have a decent person to look up to! So much for Britney, Paris, Lindsay & etc.
I am far from being a teeny bopper and I think Blake is it! He is the package. He is unique and fun to see. The others are great singers but boring.

Go Blake!!!!!
Good-bye Idol. The winner has left the building!
It amazes me to see people calling American Idol a talent show. It should be called Americas Performer because that's what wins the votes of the fans. Sure Melinda was the best singer (FYI she comes from a career of background singing) but think of her stage presence. It bothered me to watch her perform sometimes. Blake is a true original performer and Jordan is young and has one of those developing powerhouse voices that you will hearing on a record label even if she does not win. This show is a reality show not a talent show. Why else would you see the rejects perform in front of the judges in the beginning of the show. It is about ratings and who gets the votes. I am sure Melinda will be signing a recording deal soon and I wish her the best of luck with her new career.
WOW, did america get this one wrong or what?? the way this season has gone really has me wondering. I can't remember an Idol show where there was a "what the" moment on every single show like this year all the way back to Sundance. the only thing Melinda was not very good at was stage presence. great to listen to but easy to nap to if the volume was off. which is exactly why Blake is still there, he definitely can't sing but is real fun to watch. I still say when it gets down to the final 5 the judges should carry some wieght in deciding who moves on and who goes home. Melinda was truly hosed last night.
Melinda Doolittle has always been my most adored contender from day one of the American Idol 06/07. Having her voted out at this stage is like having the fire blown out of the Olympic handtorch seconds before you light up the main stadium torch. What an anti-climax!! Anyway, Cheer Up Melinda... I am waiting for the launch of your new album soon and thanks for keeping me glued to the TV week after week. By the way, I am going fishing next week and let the TV rests at home!
I'm an "old" Grandma and I like Blake too. I would agree with those who say Jordin (and Melinda) have the better voices, but Blake is just plain fun to watch on stage and I think has the most charisma & potential for a "hip" career.....he's not just another "big voice." I'm voting for him----many times over thanks to "redial." Go Blake!
Along with many others i am shocked that Melinda was voted off. I guess I'll will have to root for Jordin, since I think Blake is not Idol material, in other words , he can't sing!!! He should of been voted off long before Gena
Jordin has to win - she is better than Blake. His beatboxing is good but it isn't like we have heard that before (about 20+ years ago), it isn't anything new and original!
All these people saying Jordin is "cute" and "bubbly"? Jordin on American Idol? Please, she's far from attractive, extremely fake, annoying, and might be best suited for a back up defensive end in the Canadian Football League.
Go Blake!!
I don't care, they voted off the best singer. In fact I may stop watching IDOL after that Sonjaya staying that long and then Melinda leaving it is obviously a kiddy popularity contest.
I really wish people would get off the 'Melinda is a professional backround singer' kick. So what. Too many contenstants to list were 'professionals' before they went on Idol. Some had bands, others did studio work, etc. Jordin has sung backround herself. America Idol is NOT an amateur competition. Blake even said last night, hesitantly I might add, that he had done shows with Sir Mix Alot who is very well known to those who follow hip hop.

I have gotten over my initial shock and dissapointment and now I actually think it is better that she doesn't win.

I am rooting for Blake at this point. He seems like a genuinely nice guy. I still love him from when he wiped the tears from Lakeisha's eyes one week. Jordin is a talented beautiful girl. BUT...where others see sweet and bubbly and humble, I see FAKE and spoiled. Sorry, that's just how she comes across. She always manages to turn off the tears soon after she learns she is safe.

I believe by far melinda had the best voice but to me seems to ordinary and bland. Blake i think will win because he is different and new and refreshing with how he puts his spin on things. Melinda will go on to probably have a good singing career but i think blake speaks more to the majority of the people who watch the show, which is why i think he will win. If it was based purely on singing ability, melinda would win hands down. But it's a combination of many things which blake has more of. Just my 2 cents.
I'm actually shocked....shocked to see all of these people say "OH MY, I CAN'T BELIEVE MELINDA IS GOING HOME!".

Are you kidding me?

Can she sing? Undeniably she can. So can thousands of paid back up singers and studio talent across the country. It takes more than just a great voice.

I was a professional musician, my band played with many top 25 rock acts, and let me tell you all - image matters. Stage presence matters. Likeability matters.

And Blake has these traits moreso than the other artists, which is why I believe he'll win. He's much more flexible in terms of style as well.

Melinda lost me EARLY on this season. Her shyness and "aww shucks" attitude bothered me. No confidence. By the time some say she found it, it seemed forced. PERFECT EXAMPLE - when she sang her "woman" song she reprised last night. She was hardcore, working that stage, making all the right faces. Then the SECOND the song was over, there was timid little Melinda, gently setting down the microphone.

All three will no doubt put out CDs. All three will get their chance to prove America right or wrong, like Chris Daughtrey did.

It's not just a singing contest - it's a PERFORMANCE contest. Goodbye Shrek. Good luck.
I along with my Wife were also very surprised in the outcome last night, 05/16/07. We truely expected Jordon and Malinda to be in the finals.
In the end, Jordon will take the Trophy. Blake is not up to the challenge with Jordon's range and vocal abilities and besides, she's better lookin !

Bill ---- Doylestown Pa.
wow - with Melinda gone - I am free to do other things next week as I don't care:

  Blake - limited range with one shtick

  Jordin - ballads ok but can't keep up with pace of real songs

To those that complain about Melinda being a backup singer - and want rule changes to restrict anybody who has been paid to sing - get over it. If all the guys and gals who've been in a street band and got gas money were prohibited - all they would have is a set of wannabes who want immediate success with no real work to make it happen.

I'd keep it like it is, with decent but 'new' talent coming forward.
"BEST VOICE NOT REQUIRED AMERICAN IDOL" Melinda was the best singer, NO DOUBT. But, she is old-school R&B and it's not all about the singing, it's a whole-package modern pop contest. It's true, Jordin and Melinda can NOT move the way Blake does. Blake has charisma and creativity and takes risks. That's what music and art are about...taking risks and thinking outside the box. Elvis took a risk with Rock-n-Roll. Nirvana took risks with Grunge music. Britney Spears can NOT sing extremely well but the girl can perform and has outsold the better singers like Christina Aguilera and Brandy. Blake brings on singing with a touch beatboxing. Don't be fooled by people who say beatboxing is not hard to do. Many singers find it harder to do than singing. Blake has mass pop music appeal. BLAKE stands out! 20 years from now, we would remember Blake as the guy that sang and beatboxed on American Idol. Jordin who? Every time Jordin sings she seems like she's in a beauty pageant. BORING and FORGETFUL! Jordin has to lose at least 30 pounds. Name one chubby singer out there that sold millions of records. MY VOTE IS ON BLAKE TO WIN!

James, Dallas
BLAKE! Jordin is sweet and appeals to people becasue she is like everyones daughter. Since she won Idol Teen and that has NEVER been revealed by the show, Blake deserves it. He is interesting and truly works hard for his own personal style.
Remember people, American Idol isn't a singing contest, it is a popularity contest for singers.

Let's be serious. Can you actually see some 12 year old girl with a Melinda poster on her wall. Yes, she can sing but she's definitely not the "whole package".

This season has been the best ever, hands-down.
I'm voting for Blake.

I'm not surprised that Melinda went and it's not the producers that made that choice. Why would they do a thing like that...ratings you say. I hardly doubt that the #1 reality show would need to do that. They make millions regardless. It's the voters who have the say, whether or not we see the votes. Does anyone remember the hawaiian girl, Jasmine. She had the whole state of Hawaii rooting for her and made the tides change and booted off a good singer. I would imagine that Jordin who is still in high school has her whole high school voting for her many times over. As for Blake, he's a breath of fresh air coming into the competition and has great orginality. Now Melinda may have the greatest voice and all, but what age limit is voting for her? I hardly doubt i would see a 30+ year old voting 100 times on the phone like the teenagers.

But needless to say I'm happy for all three of them, but will be going for BLAKE.
I think base on these votes, "american has spoken" maybe American Idol should look at the judges votes verse America, professionally speaking. People vote for various reason and I am usre you know it is not always professional!! These are young up coming singers who need a professional opinion verse a what the people say opnion.
I feel very sorry that Melinda was eliminated from the competition last night. I really felt she was the sure thing - and I'm sure she still is. She will definitely sell albums with powerful vocals like hers, and gracious attitude.
However, I would really appreciate it if you folks who disapprove of Jordin Sparks would keep the criticisms down. You might find her bubbly personality exaggerated, but do you really know her personally? I go to church with her, and sang in the choir with her. She is not putting on an act, or being irritatingly fluffy. She is down to earth and for someone from her background is unspoiled and sweet. It is terrible of you adults to say horrible things like that publicly about a child.
I think Melinda is the best, however without her I'm going with Blake. He is original, young, fresh and creative. meanwhile Jordin is getting me tired with her "faces" and "gestures" that sometimes it seems she is trying too hard. She is from the same type as Melinda and Lakisha and they were both better than her, that's also why I think that she doesn't deserve to win. Go Blake!!!!
I'm highly disappointed with Melinda's elimination last night because she is an exceptional talent.

If the show is to be American Idol as it says, perhaps the rules of competition age should be limited from 17 to 20 to reflect the predectable teeny/tweeny-bopper votes and marketability issue.

Why let anyone over the age of 20 try out? Why waste their time and talent if the results and marketability is pre-determined as it seemed to be last night?

Melinda has an amazing singing future ahead of her and will be snatched up by a major record label immediately. Her records will sell and make more money than Jourdin and Blake combined.

American Idol should be ashamed of themselves for allowing two lukewarm talents to remain in the finale, but it's all about the bottom, that you believe you will make.

I guarantee, after this show the producers will have empty pockets but Melinda's will be full.

I love the show but will not watch the disappointing finale.
American idol is a joke. This is my last season watching. American is not voting for best voice, they are voting for who they like and that is not fair to the contestants. Melinda & Lakisha sings far better than Blake. The show has gotten away from what it's really about "the best voice". American Idol needs to find another way to vote either (1) limit the amount of calls on a contestant per phone (2)Find another way to control this.
Go Blake! He is very popular with the teenagers and that's the majority of who is voting.
Melinda was the most polished singer and has had plenty of professional training. They even showed her voice coach in one episode. But she has no star quality, little personality, and is not a strong performer. Jordin is TWELVE years younger than her and with the same coaching will be just as good if not better. And Blake is by far one of the most talented musicians and performers the show has had. America got it right. I'm rooting for Blake, but Jordin should and will win. And in the long run both finalists will sell more records than Melinda.
Idol will only be fair when they limit the votes to 5 per phone like with other shows.
Melinda is a professional and good yes but she should never have been in a competition with amateurs. To pit a 29 year old pro who has toured and received compensation for show (my definition of a pro) against a 17 year old is not what this show started out to be. It was much more fun when it started out and we had more variety.
The votes do not show the true feelings of the viewers but of those who are ambitious to stay up all night voting over and over. What a fair vote.. LIMIT it.
Hi, I've been reading today's commentary on Jordin Sparks and the likelihood of a "set-up". Why are you all so bitter that Jordin has been working very hard on her career? Some of you stated that her winning a title from Idol's biggest sponsor led to her being in the semi-finals. You need oxygen.

For the record, I was sad to see Melinda leave last night; she is a performer and she put Blake to shame. America voted--we guess? It's down to two. One good and one not so good.

Get over the bitterness! If you're an Idol fan, glue yourself to the tube next Tuesday night and listen. Make a decision and dial or text in. See if your vote counted on Wednesday night.

I plan to vote for Jordin. Why:

1. Talented (performer and singer)
2. Track record of success from a very early age (tenacious and diligent).
3. Jordin deserves to be the Idol winner and she represents tangible "hope" for a world full of bad news and rigged politics!

I enjoy all types of music from all types of performers. Those performers with multiple talents, grit, and humanity get my dollar and my vote!
I think Jordan should be the WINNER!!!
C'mon guys we know is Jordan.. Besides, once you're in final three, you got a career, or once you're in American Idol for that matter.

I love it. When will you people realize this is a pop star competition not just a singing competition. Melinda was sooooooo boring. She has a good voice, so do millions of other people in this country. She has been a back singer for years, if she was truly THAT GOOD someone would have given her a chance.
Melinda/Blake would have been an awesome finale. Too bad.

Oh well - I hope that Blake wins! His rendition of "Time of the Season" was so hot. And yes, I am a 25 year old female, not a pre-teen...
Contrary to what I’ve been reading, it was no surprise at all that Melinda Doolittle was eliminated. As a child, I was subjected to listening to Streisand, Bennett, Doris Day, and Frankie, and I’m pleased today to know a good voice when I hear one. Melinda Doolittle is one of the best I’ve heard, and it’s a blessing that she won’t be yoked to an American Idol trophy around her neck. Her strengths are bringing classics back to new life with a good old-fashioned voice: A voice with diction, nuance, meaning, inflections, and passion. She can do it all, and it will be a pleasure to buy all of her “records” in the future. We have no female Michael Buble, no female Harry Connick Jr., and no Kurt Elling. Melinda can do all that and more, and I can’t wait.

Melinda Doolittle is not in the final because she IS a good old-fashion great singer, and 29 years of age. Blake Lewis and Jordan Sparks represent the kind of music the young people of today are listening to. Neither idol has a particularly strong voice and both fail in the diction/nuance/meaning/inflections/passion categories. Young people don’t care! They did not grow up listening to great singers on their parent’s phonographs like my generation did.

Melinda Doolittle has a great career ahead of her, longer than either one of the finalists, and I’m sure the agents are knocking on her door already. I can’t wait.
America gets what it deserves. This time around, it will get a) a cute, personable boy-toy who makes funny machine noises but has neither range nor power, and b) a cute teen-ager with a peppy "gee whiz I'm-so-happy-just-to-be-here" but who's voice needs a LOT of training. Neither Blake nor Jordin have a long-term future in music.

Melinda's problem is that she is not as physically attractive as the other two, so she lost the cute-boy vote to Blake and the peppy-teenager vote to Jordin. The look on Simon's face (the only judge who is worth anything, and PLEASE fire the unfortunate Paula Abdul) says it all.
Remember, many of these voters are the same ones who elected George Bush.
As much as I hate to say this I am kind of glad Doolittle is gone, now maybe the curse of the final two won't touch her. Look back at past Idols and the only names from the top two we recognize is Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and Carrie Underwood. Obviously America is not buying the cd's for the people they are "voting" for. I think Melinda will be happier since she will not have to form to what the recording contract that is given the winner wants. I am hoping to here some gospel and soul cause that is what she is. Jordin is fake and annoying. I go for Blake just because I don't like Jordin and I like him.
Shocked at her loss? I was not shocked. MOST all of her music has that old Aretha Franklin fill to it and that isn't very appealing to the masses.

Out of the 3, Blake would make the best and most logical choice for the top spot since his style, abilities, and charisma have to most market potential. He sounds like Justin Timberlake and can
dance too. I think he'll win it all and you'll see hip-hop music from him in the future being played in dance clubs all over the USA.
Im boycotting i-dol 4ever. Melinda was simply da; no other singer came close.
C'mon. If Melinda were that great she would still be there. She could sing, yet her genre and song choice did not and will not entertain the masses nor cross demographic lines. Blakes will.
American Idol is more than just singing, we are looking for the next Idol. The one who best represents the American spirit while entertaining. Melinda never missed a note but she never brought people to their feet with a great performance either.
We may not agree with the American voters but they have not missed yet and there is a much different perception sitting in front of a TV Than sitting 10 foot from the contestants with a recording contract. Simon has been wrong before. When he said she (Melinda) should be in the finals was one of them.
Jordin is a fresh face. Blake is a risk taker. Voters can relate to both. Melinda is free to sign a recording contract free of IDOL and Simon...we probably did her a favor.
IDOL needs to get into the suburbs and smaller auditions if they are ever going to find the next great Lorretta. He/She just cannot afford to travel to the city, not enough resources. Or they can have towns nominate online and IDOL can pay to have hidden talent shipped to auditions like they do to hollywood. Lastly the judges need to get real, this season left way too much talent behind.
Well, you know, this is the first time in the American Idol series that I have actually watched. I feel in love with Melinda and I actually wanted to watch the show. Now that she is gone, I won't be watching. Also, I won't be watching any future series.

Melinda, if you see this, I will buy your CDs and I wiil pay money for concerts.

Now for the other two. Jordin....she is okay. Too cutesy for my taste and definitely not my style of performance.

Blake.....I liked the beat box thing for about 1 song. After that...snooooooze!!!!

Unless, there is a major change in their stylings. I won't be spending my money on them.
it would be interesting if the next presidential election were decided by idol viewers. Oh, I forgot, it seems the last election was decided that way. Melinda was simply the best; what is wrong with the american public?
Melinda by far was the Best singer!!! I Know for sure I will be the first in line to buy her CD, I guess AI did her a favor, she will not have to be stuck in a :LAME: contract and can do her on thing..
Melinda you are the Best, you can take that to the bank. I will not be watching next week, I am through with AI.
The show is American Idol, not America's best singer. Being an entertainer isn't just about singing. Although quite possibly the best singer, Melinda had the personality and presence of a loaf of bread.
I believe that American's have very poor taste in music. In fact, I will go farther by saying that I believe American's have No idea what good music is supposed to sound like. Heck, most of the famous pop singers would completely bomb out singing to a crowd in acapella.

Melinda Doolittle was my favorite, not just because she can really sing and make song what it should be, but because she was honest, sincere, and a very nice person.
It always amuses me when someone's favorite doesn't win a show is rigged Rigged game shows went out with the $64000 Question game show scandal, but of course, since that's "ancient history" none of the kids today know about that. Out of 60 million votes Melinda couldn't muster enough to take her to the final 2, but that's unfortunate. Now Jordin is the target of hate why? Because she's young and bubbly? She's 17. She's not arrogant, but from watching her going home clip I see that she's very confident before crowds. I should think that's a plus for an entertainer. Then, in the end, since Melinda didn't make F2, you're going to vote for Blake instead of Jordin. Jordin may have a big voice, but can be a versatile singer. Blake will only ever have his thready little voice and beat-boxing. So the question is, in the long run who will be more durable?
Jordin Sparks has "charisma"? You can't be serious. She's gotten so cocky it's hard to watch her!
Why did the phone voting sequences start with ending number 0?
Jordin was number 0, Blake number 1, and Malinda was number 2.
60 million votes came in.
Jordin had about 16 million, Malinda must have had less, since she lost, let's give her 15 million, a total of 31 million. Now that means Blake got about 28 - 29 million votes, nearly double what Malinda or Jordin had. Now that seems very unbalanced, considering that Jordin is supposed to be the favorite over Blake. I believe that
when the people voted many voted for ending number 2 (Malinda), and that the phone banks at AT&T had a more natural ending voting number sequence setup.
Jordin ending number 1
Blake ending number 2
Malinda ending number 3
Now that would account for the massive votes Blake received.
Maybe I am wrong -
It's just a thought.
It's not a total shock that Melinda was voted off last night as she was the least appealing "eye candy" of the three. Americans are not tone deaf, but they like to listen with their eyes. Blake is the young teeney boppers favorite, Jordin is every guy from Jr. High on up favorite new "it" girl--17 being an absolute plus with this group. And there was Melinda, tiny, a bit stubby of shape (like the majority of America) and humble---except when she opened her mouth to sing! When she sang, she was huge, and voluptuous, more confident and in your face smacking you around with this enormous talent---BUT, she lacked that "Entertainer" aspect that Blake has got, that Taylor has, that Kelly Clarkson has that appeals to the younger than 40 generation who want to Jam and get up and Dance. She is a solid talent but she is for the Streisland, Whitney, Celine circuit. I guess what all this means is we will be seeing Melinda for a long, long, time and looking forward to it when we are ready to sit down finally and enjoy our entertainers!
Rather than a conspiracy afoot - unless one considers America's love of saccharin youth to be conspiratorial - Melinda's ousting is a more a reflection of our cultural preference for syle over substance. Britney Spears? Paris Hilton? Hillary Duff? We just love a pretty girl with a marginal talent. Jordin outsings all these US Weekly regulars, mind you, but still can't hold a candle to Melinda. For those of us who don't do teen adorable, we can only hope Blake pulls out all the stops next week for the finale. To be honest, his performance of Shot Through the Heart is the only one I've ever in six seasons gone back and watched on my Tivo FOUR times. And as mad as I am at America for letting me down, AGAIN, I take comfort in watching the career of last season's Chris Daughtry. Melinda will be just fine.
The show is rigged. Thanks to the producers, thinks they have won. I wouldn't be surprised if the producers were behind on that too.
When I first started watching, I agree that Melinda had a "bang on" voice, but after weeks of watching, I realize why she was always a backup singer instead of a star. She hasn't got star personality. She's not an entertainer. Blake may not be the best voice, but he is undeniably an entertainer and Jordin, although inconsistent, has the voice and looks to win.
I was definitely disappointed in the outcome of This week's results. Yes Melinda's stage presentation improved tremendously. But, the public forogt what the competition is all about. It is a singing competition and who can tell their story best through song. And, handsdown Melinda did this consistantly.
My consolation is that by leaving (even a week early) will give her a jump start on her personal career, because My guess is that producers have lined up to sign her on.
This happens every year. People get so bent out of shape with this show because the person they liked the "most" gets voted off or, in the case of last year, the person people like so much because of originality wins. They claim they will stick by them, buy their album and vow that their favorite singer, even finishing in 3rd place, will sell more records than the winner. Then, come 4-5 months later, the public doesn't care anymore, American Idol of that season is just a memory and people go on with their lives. Melinda was an excellent singer who should have stayed and likely won, but who is not to say her fan support would have faltered just like Taylor Hicks last year? The audience for this show has group-think mentality, and changes opinions and tastes quicker than any contestant can put out a cd. An entertaining and fun show, but maybe people should continue to support their chosen finalist beyond their departure, instead of saying "Melinda who?" come August.
I bet a co-worker last night that Blake would go through instead of Melinda because Taylor Hicks proved the best singer does not always win. Melinda had zero personality and the embarassed and shocked looks she would give while receiving praise were growing very tired. I see Jordin as the clear winner here. She is too strong, but who knows, maybe a 'Beatbox Patrol' will emerge.
Goes to show how the young generation is fickle and buys into what is marketable rather than true talent. Ready to buy Melinda's first CD.
I had never liked "Idol", but decided to give it a try this season when I heard Melinda Doolittle sing. And seeing that she was voted off last night for 2 so-called "singers" just confirms my argument as to why I never liked "Idol." Blake's beat-boxing is old, stale & tired, while Jordin, who is an ok singer, should have her daddy pay for more vocal lessons. This is why AI should not let the viewers vote on a winner until the finals & rely on the judges' decisions more often. Too often than not singers are judged more for appearance & personality than actual singing ability.
BECAUSE I like Blake I'll be voting for Jordin so he doesn't get stuck with American Idol taking the reins from him.
I find it extremely funny that while we have ALL the things going
on in the world (war, poverty, crime) all you air-heads can think of is to cry about who got booted off american idol. I am 46 and think the 2 finalist ARE the correct choice!! I would NEVER buy
Melinda's CD.....her music is boring! By the is she! I
never heard of beat boxing before
Blake, and find it very refreshing!
Jordin is a powerhouse, pretty, and
likable girl. I am happy with the
2 that made it to the finals! Whichever one wins....I will be happy! Both are GREAT!!
melinda dolittle had the perfect name. She DO LITTLE. She was very boring and old sounding. Remember this competition is geared to the younger crowds, the ones who actually buy music. Melinda looked like turtle (no neck) and was not appealing to te younger generation. So stop whining ohh I am never going watch idol again. yeah right. see ya next year.
i would have loved to see that stupid fake shoulder shrug I am so suprised last night.
Jordin and Melinda are very good as is Blake. Now that we are down to Jordin and Blake, Politcal Correctness will win. There cannot be two consecutive white guy American Idols. (Taylor last year and Blake this year.)

It will be controlled so to insure that Jordin wins.
Who says only the teenyboppers are voting for Blake? I'm 28 and he has been my pick since the top 12 was formed. He is not as good of a technical singer as Melinda was, but he was tremendously more entertaining to watch perform.

I will buy his album, and vote for him next week.

Wow "we in Canada wept"? It's just a stupid TV show. "I miss Melinda already"? People this is just a tv show. It's not life or death. There is a war in Iraq going on where people are dieing everyday. Get your priorities set right. Please.
Why am I not surprised? Well because the "Tinnie Booper" society has embraced Britney and Paris as thier Idols.So talent is not really a factor.This goes out to the "knuckle heads" that think Blake is talented! (i.e Elizabeth Hassleback.)Hope he trips on his beat box.CHUC CHUC!!
It's too bad that Melinda, as clearly the best singer, was ousted last night. But hey, that's show biz. I believe that from the very beginning producers realized that the show was too lopsided with the impeccable talent of Melinda versus all other contestants which were not in her same league. Subsequently, the judges became more lax and forgiving of flaws of the other contestants in an attempt to even out the field by swaying the public to think the others were decent enough to be competitive. Obviously it worked with the American public as Jordin and Blake are in the finals. Blake I can see in the finals, as he's an unique talent. Not necessarily the strongest vocally, but his individuality and uniqueness is somewhat fresh and new. Jordin? Give me a break. She's just a wannabe and brings absolutely nothing new to the table. To make matters worse, Jordin has a pitchy, whiney voice and thinks she's all that but is clearly not. Jordin has a huge attitude problem that she can't back up with the technical merit of her voice. She has a weight problem which will only worsen with age. On a positive note, I will say that Jordin has a fantastic dentist. Her teeth are superb. Unfortunately, Jordin probably will take the Idol title, but will end up as another has been, another wannabe soon forgotten. Who's going to remember an overweight, mediocre talent with an ego the size of Texas?
Melinda is a winner and she is my American Idol. I am defintely not encourage to watch the remaining competition but goodluck - Blake and Jordin
Really - Lakisha should have won the whole thing - now, it's Blake all the way

Go Blake Go
I find it interesting that some of the comments about Melinda go on and on about personality or lack thereof. FYI - some of the biggest record sellers in the world lacked any sort of personality - look at Bob Dylan and James Taylor. You only need to rely on personality when you have no talent to back it up. It appears that some of these people are more interested in the next Britney Spears than the next Aretha Franklin. I still love my music and I suppose it serves me right for expecting to get it from a show where the viewers think performance and entertainment is a bigger sell than talent. I say bring back Sanjaya!!
Blake should win. Not only does he have a great voice(which people tend to forget), but he can dance and beatbox. Blake can really make a song his own and lets not forget the entertainment value. It takes more than just a good voice to be a star, and the others don't have it like he does!
I'm beginning to think that Simon is the jinx! The last thing he said to Clay Aiken on finale night was ' I think that performance may have won you the competition' Last year he sure didn't mask his dislike of Taylor Hicks but he won anyway. This year he praised Melinda up most of the time & even stated he wanted to see her in the finale, now SHE's gone. Simon shouldn't make his preferences known maybe?
I can't believe I am saying this... I actually feel sorry for Simon. He clearly wanted this show to be 'mature' and intelligent. Almost every comment he made was painstakingly geared towards educating America -- daring the nation to look beyond the superfical. Alas, they haven't got a clue what 'he is on about'. We can thus thank Paula for her consistent, embarassing, praises for the untalented. She 'got' America. I, in fact, worried when she managed to squeeze in a praise for Melinda. For the latter does not belong in the American Idol finals. She is too good for that.

All of this uproar merely reflects the American public's embarassment (and quiet admission) of its tendency of making the wrong choices.
The only reason Melinda got booted because she wasn't pretty or sexy...sad but true
O.K. yes, I am over 30... and yes I loved Melinda for her amazing talent. Aside from the fact that she should be this years IDOL winner, I am disappointed by frequent comments that people find Melinda's personality lacking and consider her humility a negative. Humility is a wonderful quality that is greatly lacking in our narcissistic culture. I will get over the vote to eliminate Melinda from the competition when I purchase her first CD. My concerns about the shallow nature of our culture which are reflected in this vote will linger much longer.
People need to STOP saying
Melinda is out by lack of votes. "PERIOD". YES she was a very good singer, but her performances lacked excitement. Blake is original and very talented. Jordin is a very good singer, pretty, and a very nice person. America DID NOT get this wrong.

Good luck to both of these young kids
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