Monday, May 14, 2007
Goodbye, 'Studio 60'; hello, 'Journeyman'?
NBC is out with its fall schedule, and there are few surprises. Gone are "Studio 60" and "Crossing Jordan"; staying are the Thursday night comedies and "Friday Night Lights." (And "Law & Order," but that was never really in doubt, right?)

As anyone who regularly subjects him or herself to the annoyance of this blog knows, I had very mixed feelings about "Studio 60." I found it incredibly disappointing and called for its cancellation, but didn't think it was completely unsalvageable (and there were countless people with better ideas than I had). But NBC decided to throw in the towel. In "Studio 60's" place will be "Journeyman," a perhaps unfortunate name for a show about a time-traveling journalist. (It's obviously a better segue out of "Heroes," given the subject matter.)

Elsewhere on the fall schedule is a remake of "The Bionic Woman" and Brooke Shields starring in "Lipstick Jungle."

Given the obvious disgust many blog respondents have for the broadcast networks -- and knowing that it's almost impossible to know a show from a capsule description -- did NBC do well? Will you sample the new shows? Or will you be spending more time watching cable, renting movies or reading books?
Please do not cancel CROSSING JORDAN. This is one of the few bright spots in your lineup, that depicts actors who are like family to many of us. Your one strong female character, adored for her independent streak, should definitely stay on the air or many viewers will be extremely hostile!
Barbara Coleman
Washington, DC
I wanted Studio 60 to be better than it was. Very disappointing.
I rather like Jordan. Heroes rocks.

Bionic Woman? Again? Egad.

Well, it's Food Network, SCi Fi or DVD's.
I am really angry that NBC is canceling Jordan. I have been a fan of Jordan since it began and I really believe the last two years have been some of their best.
We felt that the characters on Studio 60 were going to be as interesting as any other. The writing was quick and witty. To us it was the best show on Monday night. an otherwise throwaway night.
I am curious as to why the networks are proving to be so inept at developing good shows anymore. They seem to thrive on creating the early buzz that leads to big audiences and critical praise, but fail by using long hiatuses that kill the momentum of great storylines.

Heroes is the only show I have found worth watching on NBC, and I am afraid that the introduction of this Heroes: Origins is the first step towards the demise of this truly unique television show.

Oddly enough, I am happy to see NBC failing so miserably these days. I always thought they were far too arrogant during their heydey. An arrogance that CBS is dangerously close to repeating and ABC used to stifle an admirable comeback.

Somehow, these networks have forgotten how to run good TV. It's a shame because there are a lot of great ideas on TV these days.
NBC should just cancell itself alltogether. They put shows on, never give them a chance,(E-Ring, Studio 60, Black Donnelys) then cancell them. They think they invented football with all the ballyhoo over Sunday Night Football. They screwed up the way they presented Nascar. Wise up...the way to compete with other networks is not to thy 6 different shows in a certain time slot in a 20 week period. Commit to something and stick to it, the few viewers you have left might appreciate it.
I am VERY disappointed in the cancelling of Studio 60 - I found it to be a much better show than 30 Rock and I will really miss it.
"Journeyman" is just a recycled idea from the 1980s series "Quantum Leap", where Scott Bakula jumped around in time helping people, but with the added twist that he jumps into other people's bodies, including women, providing some funny drag queen moments.

I can't complain about the supernatural bent of the new superhero programming. It's a welcome departure from the former sacred trinity of subject matter of network TV: lawyers, doctors and cops.
Killing off "Jordan" is a travesty. The show is finally coming together, bringing on some new characters to hate and allowing the Woody/Jordan romance falre anew.
Heroes is a very interesting show, and I hate to miss it.

C'mon though.....Friday Night Lights instead of Studio 60!!! Studio 60 was smart, that's probably why it didn't get renewed. FNLs is typical, boring and predictable. Too bad for NBC...they have probably lost my viewership....Heroes or not!!
Medium is one of the BEST shows on so why in the world would you wait until January to bring it back. Who ever is in charge is scheduling is driving hard core TV fans back to reading!
Shame on you, NBC, for cancelling "Crossing Jordan"! I've watched this show from the very beginning and it's always been a consistently great show. Let me guess....there will be NO closure after the season ending episode this week either, will there?! It's just like the big networks always do....kill your good shows just to put on some piece of crap in it's place! There are very few things I even bother to watch on NBC. Now, there goes another one of my favorites!
And here I go, too, NBC! You're the pits!
Heroes spinoff is a mistake. Don't fix it if it ain't broke. If you're going to do a spinoff, I wouldn't do after only the 1st season.
I absolutely loved Studio 60 - I'm sad it got cancelled. A time travelling journalist? Um, no. I can only take so many sci fi shows in one season.
If you are going to have a show then keep the episodes together...By the time you get interested in a program it's gone for weeks or reruns. I watch TV to relax, not to worry about when a show may or may not be on. Want to keep an audiance then get it together...If heros lost part of an audience what good is a spin off?
I really think that NBC has completely dropped the ball in programming. The only really intelligent show that they have premiered in a while is Studio 60 and they've cancelled it. By adding even more science fiction, they are leaving out a large audience of viewers who don't enjoy the genre. My only hope is that some other network, even cable, will pick the show up and allow the loyal followers to move with it.
Here's the truth.
90% of people under 30 know how to use a computer or a DV-R. So ratings anymore are probably worthless when it comes to "who actually watches the show." Viewers are still watching. They just either tape it or download it. This is bad news but the truth for advertisers. We skip your commercials now. Why? Because we can.

I love Heroes, I love Scrubs, I love The Office. All extremely GREAT shows.

But why the heck am I going to change my schedule just so I can watch them when they air. Especially when I can get a commercial free version a day or two later?

Doesn't make sense to anyone who knows how to use a computer.

Oh yeah. And Battlestar Galactica still owns all NBC shows. Ok maybe Scrubs ties.
I am done with NBC! No one has any idea what they are doing over there, canceling Studio 60 is one thing but not giving The Black Donnellys a real chance has got to be one of the biggest mistakes ever. Its such a great show, I hope another network picks it up.
Given the over abundance of, in my opinion, idiotic "reality shows", I am very disappointed in the cancellation of Studio 60. It was one of the very few shows I found to be entertaining. Not perfect, but entertaining. At least they had the good sense to leave Friday Night Lights alone. Perhaps, it is better to just stick to movies and a good book.
NBC is making a big mistake. The "reality" shows are a fad that they missed the boat on. Now they are taking a great show off the air. Studio 60 was never really given a fair shake. The story line was interesting and the characters were great. I hope another network picks it up and watches it turn into a big success.
Please DO NOT CANCEL Crossing Jordan. It's a great show at a great time and I don't think i've ever missed an episode.
My wife and I really enjoyed Studio 60 and it was one of the few shows we watched 'live' each week. While it's a shame more people didn't enjoy it, I do think that NBC needs to wisen up to the new order of things. Everything is so niche now, you have to capture a target and be happy with smaller numbers. These are no longer the days of 3 channels! Why can you 2nd most successful new show of the season because it doesn't meet the numbers from 20 years ago?
NBC has become the "sound bite" of a fast food nation. If they stopped changing air times, kept Heroes in play without the recent spring 'intermission', and given Studio 60 a chance (maybe too intellegent for a drive-through society), then their ratings might fare better. Good thing for DVR's. That way, at least IT can remember when shows are airing from week to week.
Jordan is one of your best shows. Why would you8 cancel it?

No wonder your network is always sub-par compared to the others.

wake up!!!!!
Its a shame NBC won't give some of the newer shows like Studio 60 a chance and especially the Black Donnellys. They never got a fair chance or time to attract a loyal following which I think they can. I have no interest in another bionic woman and whereas "heroes" is one of my favorites I feel a spin-off will fail, and the time traveler thing has been done before, a couple of times. Of course, its not like NBC will really give them time to prove themselves anyway....its like shooting themselves in the foot the way they did with the Black Donnellys, if it wasn't for Earl, the office and heroes I wouldn't watch NBC at all....
The cancellation of Studio 60 is just another error in an ever increasing pile of shows that NBC has canceled.
The show was never even given a chance because of retooling, hiatus, and all that stuff. The characters were good. Amanda Pete was excellent and this show deserved better. Shame on you NBC. What would have happened if you had pulled the plug on the very unwatched Seinfeld its first couple of seasons? It's lucky that show didn't come along 10 years later or it never would have had a chance.
NBC (Network Belongs to Cretins)has indicated by it's programming choices for the Fall Season that it wants to program to the lowest common denominators among us. Deleting shows like Studio 60 which was both entertaining and intellectual is a perfect example of programming to the stupidity in our society. I for one will watch less network tv and thus less commercials, producing less revenue for NBC which will continue their cycle of loss. It's no longer "Must See TV" but is now "Musty TV".
NBC's fall lineup? Ho hum. Not that I do not think they need to shake things up, but Heroes Origins? Sounds like Heroes meets Survivor! Leave Heroes alone as it will be hard enough to maintain what it has accomplished this year.

Studio 60? What a shame. A really smartly written show, but what can one say if few watch it?
Crossing Jordan has been a favorite of ours since it began--it has tremendous possibly for character exploration, etc. How many times can we see the Bionic Woman (or man) jump and save someone? At least Crossing Jordan had some mystery to solve with everyday people!
Studio 60 also had tremendous promise, with witty writing and characters screaming to be explored. When are TV viewers going to decide that intellectual entertainment and good writing is just as entertaining as the slapstick, dirty humor of a sitcom?
Cancellation of Studio 60 is disappointing, but expected. Intelligent shows rarely do well in the ratings.

It is easy to see why NBC is the #3 network. Spinoffs of shows that just completed their first season? That reeks of desperation.
NBC gets major points for saving "Friday Night Lights," easily the best drama on TV. I am so relieved - this was one of the only network shows I actually made time to watch.
The only problem with Studio 60 and a lot of other good shows is that they are not given a chance. The networks juggle time slots, specials, cram in 42 awards shows that cover the same thing over and over again, move things to different nights within a season - and then wonder why no one is watching. Viewers are busy and have schedules. Start a show out in a time slot and leave it there for an entire season. Let it get ingrained in to viewers schedules and stop moving it around. Heroes is a great show but according to the article it suffered from it's long haitus - Duh! If you let people get used to something and then take it away for weeks before bringing it back, people are already on to something else. Can you remember what was on in it's place - nope, neither can I, I just know heroes wasn't on. This is so simple is ludicrous. Instead we get Bionic woman? Please...
I stopped watching NBC completely when they cancelled "American Dreams" in 2005. They did not even allow a show finale. They just cut off the show without any consideration for its fans.

NBC has a very poor sense of good TV programming and it's no wonder they are in last place.
Of COURSE they are cancelling Jordan. It seems they decided its fate long ago: start the season late over several years, put it on hiatus to try other shows in its time slot, change its night to Wednesday to be against incredibly strong competition. NBC obviously did not care for this show nearly as much as its devoted fans have. What a pity and loss...
There goes NBC screwing up again. Studio 60 was a class show. I guess it did not have blood and guts for the viewing audience to sink their teeth into. Intellient viewing is too much to ask of the general public. When will they ever learn?
Studio 60 has real potential. It was witty and very watchable. NBC needs to give these shows a time slot and let people find it. Studio 60 really improved over the season.

I think the Heroes spinoff is a mistake. I think NBC is too tentative here, just trying to "me too" to other successful ideas. To make it big, take some risks, do something original!
There was a time, I fondly recall, when TV was really fun. It ran in a regular schedule, starting right after Labor Day and continuing straight through until June. There were so many good shows, some nights it was hard to decide which to watch. (This is pre-VCR, pre-Tivo, I'm seriously dating myself.) NOW... in this enlighted advanced age... TV is just complete and utter crap. Clearly there are no qualified writers anymore, because the networks can only seem to produce more reality (which is so NOT reality) and game shows. There is virtually nothing of any quality on TV. And I'm not a rocket scientist, I'm pretty darn easy to entertain, so for me to say there's nothing good on TV, well, that sums it all up. They churn out gory crime shows and inane sitcoms, then wonder why no one's watching. Anything half-decent gets cancelled anyway, so why should we viewers invest ourselves in it? NBC is taking today's jabs but really, it's all the networks. The entire TV industry needs an overhaul.
I will not watch any of the new NBC shows. I think NBC is a crock!! Any network that would cancel great shows like The Black Donnellys deserves to be #4! Bring back TBD!!!!!!
Pam Bailey, Phoenix, Arizona

So glad to see NBC renewing "Friday Night Lights." Such a wholesome program with always a message to send. As parents of adult children we a glad to see some return to the way TV was when our children were growing up in the 60's and 70's. Parents are challenged enough today. Let's see more programming with quality actors and scripts. Enough of the violence and vulgarity that permeates television today.
The only show that I watch on NBC is Medium. It is smart, funny and actually shows a family struggling through their problems instead of running away from them. It is a shame that I will not be able to watch NBC until January.
What is the thinking behind canceling Crossing Jordan? That is the dumbest move NBC could possibly make since they moved Jordan to a different night. The only time I watch NBC is for ER and Crossing Jordan. If Crossing Jordan is gone, NBC will get even less of my time.
Please don't cancel my favorite show Crossing Jordan. Especially now that there is a spark between Kate and Nigel.
Crossing Jordan and Studio 60 are the only shows I've ever tuned in to watch on NBC other than Heroes. Studio 60 is smart, well written, quick, ie enjoyable! To bad for NBC. Heroes is really good too, why a spinoff? It will ruin the flavor of the original show. And Crossing Jordan gone? It was just starting to pick up and get interesting again.
Try staying with the good shows you've had and show them each week without the hiatuses which stops the momentum of the show and causes people not to come back to them because they've had to search around for something else to watch while they're not on and they then become interested in whatever they've found as the substitute.
Um, a new Bionic Woman? No! What a waste!
We were loyal followers of almost all the action shows that have been cancelled in the last year. Commander in Chief, The Nine, Standoff, Justice, Studio 60, Jordan, etc. Instead we get force fed crap award shows, game shows, reality shows, inane sitcoms. The networks are driving people who just want to sit and be entertained after a long day to find other outlets...away from the TV set!!
How dare they cancel Crossing Jordan. It is their fault for the poor ratings. They moved the time slot to go up against American Idol. HOW STUPID IS THAT..... I am lucky, I have TIVO and have been taping Jordan.

They screw up everything. They have Heros up against 24.... guess what, I watch 24.... NBC get the hint, you cant compete with #1 shows.... adjust your schedule accordingly.
I can't believe "Jordan" is cancelled. I agree with others in that they show is coming into an exciting time and the story lines could go on. Bug loves the baby, Woody and Jordan. Why cancel a good show to put some garbage like Bionic Woman, pleazzzzzzzzzzzz.
Thanks, Sherry in Georgia
I think "we" get the television programs that "we" watch. It does no good to complain about quality programming when the shows that are obviously lacking are quite often the ones that get are at the top of the ratings heap.

R.I.P. Studio 60; I am sure you'll be replaced by some (so-called) reality show.
I am truly bummed about "Studio 60", I LOVED the smart dialog and the characters. OK, it could get a little preachy, but it had its place!

I missed both Heroes and FNL- I hope they replay the entire seasons over the summer so I can DVR and see if they're worth watching. I don't see one new show on the lineup that I plan to watch, although maybe I'll give Brooke a try.
Friday Night Lights is one of my all-time favorite shows. Glad to see it back.
I love "Crossing Jordan" and wish it would not be cancelled. It seems like the networks are just like the president, doesn't listen to the people.
NBC's real problem is a fundamental misunderstanding of scheduling. Creating a show that gets viewers hooked is a feat in itself; then you take it away for months at a time - viewers will find something else to get hooked on in that time slot. Shouldn't they have learned something from the slip in audience after their inexplicable "hiatus" of Heroes? Why on earth won't Medium be back with new episodes until January? And why take Heroes from a normal 22 episode schedule, create a spinoff for 30 total episodes between the two?? For anyone thinking through the math, it is a remarkably reduced number of "new" episodes of either show, and the rest of the time? It's as if NBC *wants* their viewers to develop non-television related hobbies.

I have better advice - turn the channel. I used to be an avid NBC watcher - now, the infrequency of any new episodes of any of their decent shows has me either watching other channels or reading a book.
I cannot believe you are cancelling Jordan. First you make us wait until January, then you change the day it is on. You never gave this show a chance this year. I really hope you will al least have the courtesy to give us closure from the season finale last week.
Loved Studio 60 - intelligent, witty, edgy - great fun and thought provoking - all tabpps on TV - this network and other are driving me to HBO and FXO - when are they going to get it?
I Love Medium...please do not let it end!
I am pleased that The Office will return for another season. I was bummed when the British version went off the air.

I am on the the people that DVR everything I watch. I have not watched a TV show (consistently) live in about 2 years. There are too many commercials and with the recent trend of amping the audio volume of commercials up I find that I will not watch TV unless I can fast forward through it.
Cancelling Jordan was (another) stupid executive mistake - when will these suits learn from past mistakes??? Bounce around time slots and what happens? YOU LOSE VIEWERS! And WHEN will there ever be some ORIGINALITY in Hollywood, instead of remake this and remake that??? They keep these moronic sit-coms (oh, sorry, I forgot the "h" in there) on the air - with their 8th grade mentality level, and cancel any show that rises above that - I'm still astonished that any of the CSI shows haven't been cancelled - anyone remember the David Soul series that was basically the same? It was called Unsub - it was cancelled after only a few episodes. I expect to see Criminal Minds on the chopping block next.
In my opinion, it was a terrible move to cancel The Black Donnellys... and then they couldn't even let it run its course, so they dropped it and ran that terrible improv show... what a joke.

how can shows even find a proper place when you don't give them a chance to air? it wasn't perfect, but it seems it could've at least been allowed to finish on air... (and like someone before me mentioned, people are downloading or TiVo-ing shows more than ever... do they take this into consideration?)

it also seems that if you want the big new show to end all shows, that will de-throne the American Idols and CSIs (and help regain your lofty, self-imposed titles) you'll know it from the get-go... whatever.
"Studio 60" was a major dud, so I won't miss it. In fact, most of NBC's shows wouldn't be missed if they were gone. They took their best new show, the excellent "Raines" and killed it by throwing it out on Fridays with little promotion. Most folks never knew it existed. Way to go, NBC!
I LOVE CROSSING JORDAN!!! Don't cancel it, PLEASE!!! It would be a shame to cancel it after moving it around and bringing it back mid-season.

NBC has some great shows, ones that I'd like to watch, but if I don't own a DVR, the on-demand shows cost .99. Why? CBS offers them free, and I watch their shows on re-runs all the time.

L&O SVU is great, FNL is a great show. Keep it up, but don't can Crossing Jordan.

I'm not a Hero's fan, but it does appear to fascinate many. Keep the shows that have loyal viewers.

Chicago, Illinois
I can't believe NBC is cancelling Crossing Jordan. It is one of the best shows on. I may stop watching NBC compeltely.
Studio 60 never had a shot in the crummy time slot NBC stuck it it. It's a real shame that they never gave it a chance, yet "Joey" got two seasons. No wonder NBC is sinking so fast. Their best show, and they dump it. Ridiculous.
Pathetic. Cancelling quality programs in order to broadcast recycled shows that, in some cases, weren't very good the first time around speaks volumes on how far NBC has sunk.

Sorry, but with choices like "Bionic Woman" and "Deal Or No Deal", looks like I'll be tuning into cable and increasing my Netflix subscription.
Another reason not to watch NBC. They rarely give good shows like Studio 60 a chance to succeed and then expect you to tune into a new show that will only be canceled in a few weeks, thus, repeating the cycle. I am glad I stayed away from the Black Donnely's and will be certain to stay away from any new show they throw out.
Well, my new fall schedule is out and it does not included NBC.
Studio 60 was one of the best shows on tv. They should have given it more time.
Oh, but gee, your new shows look great.
I not sure you will finish higher then the cartoon network next year.
I loved Studio 60, and I have to echo another poster who said the real problem was not the show, but NBC's failure to commit. Without a DVR, how the heck would anyone know when the show would be on, with all the moving that NBC was doing? And even if the showtime doesn't change, the lengthy hiatuses that NBC imposes on its shows (Studio 60 and Heroes, among others) all but ensures a huge dropoff in viewers. Why are they surprised by this? They haven't shown the viewers any respect in the way they've handled this season, so why should we give them any loyalty (and almighty eyeballs)?

Oh, and I agree that until the networks figure out how to account for DVR and online viewings (90-100% of my TV watching), they will never know what people are really watching (especially in the crucial young-and-tech-savvy cohorts) and will continue to make programming mistakes.
The only NBC shows I watch weekly are Crossing Jordan and Medium. Come fall, I guess I won't be dialing up NBC until Medium returns in January. Thankfully, that will just free up more time to read.
It's a real shame to see Studio 60 go. I always made a point of watching it. Every actor was excellent; the writing was great; the stories going in interesting directions. They were only just laying the foundation! When I first saw Matthew Perry in an Aaron Sorkin show, I could not believe how good he was in that type of role, the perfect counterpart to Bradley Whitford. I loved how clever it all was. You'll never see that collection of writers and actors together again.

How typical of the network! I would hope that a cable network would pick it up, but it's far more practical to not bother.
I loved Studio 60 & have patiently waited for its return. Too bad its gone. Except for L&O (the original) there is nothing on NBC I will watch. Way to alienate an audience.
Crossing Jordan is one of the best shows on. NBC keeps moving it to different time slots and different days and keeps starting it later and later in the season. It is much better than Friday Night Lights, that is the one that should have been cancelled. NBC executives are a bunch of monkeys on a rock, they know nothing about what contitutes a good show!!!!!
I have to agree with some previous posts. "Journeyman" sounds too much like "Quantum Leap" which NBC killed off without a decent ending. If NBC wants quality programming they should put "Battlestar Galactica" on NBC instead of hiding it on the SciFi network and bring back "Boomtown".
This is what happens to a once great broadcast network when a microwave company buys it then plays tv. Hey, maybe GE should give Jeff Zucker the Medal of Freedom just like Bush gave to George Tenet. "Good Work Brownie " imcompetence rules the airwaves.
Friday Night Lights is a great show!!!
Cancelling Crossing Jordan must be a mistake. It is my favorite show on TV and the new shows just do not appeal to me. Please reconsider leaving this show on the air.
I haven't heard anything about Scrubs coming back next season? Is it or isn't it? I think it's one of the best shows on NBC.
I was disappointed when The Black Donnellys was cancelled, which outside of the Law & Orders, Earl, and The Office are the only reasons I watch NBC. It looks like I'll be watching more cable than ever this year.
Cancelling Jordan and Studio 60 is a huge mistake. I agree that the ratings are not reflecting who is actually watching.....there needs to be a new system to rate these shows because there are a lot of people from desireable demographics watching! I feel like smart shows are getting axed and ridiculous, dumbed-down shows are debuting (Bionic woman? COME ON! Spare us the `80's cheesefest remakes). Too bad that Nielsen's inaccuracy dictates the fall lineup. It looks bad, very bad. :(
What a mistake it is to cancel Studio 60 in favor of continued murder and mayhem offered by too many Law and Order spinoffs.
NBC has given chances to perform by shows with far less promise than this...Shame on NBC for cancelling their best show.
I can't believe The Black Donnellys and Studio 60 get the axe, yet Friday Night Lights, which had lower or equal to ratings gets a reprieve. I see next years lineup is full of new series that will be lucky to make it past 6 episodes, The Bionic Woman-reborn-already watched in the 70's, Journeyman - Quantum Leap reborn-already watched late 80's early 90's, and Heroes spinoff where viewers call to vote on a new hero each week! Give me a break! You don't see us voting on a new Lost-away each week!
NBC should cancel thier decision makers. Sunset Strip deserved at least to be moved to different time slot before cancelling. Mondays are for recovering from weekends, not for staying up to watch a later show that requires thinking. Sunset's intelligence gives it 2 strikes to start, Monday night made the 3rd
I'm done with NBC. I don't trust them. They give us great shows like The Black Donnellys, Crossing Jordan and Studio 60 and then they can them for no good reason. There's a reason that they're #4 and as far as I'm concerned, NBC is as dead to me as the Donnellys are to them!
Please don't cancel Jordan!!! I didn't see Raines either and I liked that show tooo! Please bring Jordan back.

I join the many others who are now upset with NBC for cancelling "Crossing Jordan". All of these 'out of space and out of mind' shows are just nothing. At least with Jordan, you are seeing real life people doing real life things with real emotions. I particularly hate the reality shows and have never watched one. (and never will)

Another gripe I have is all this on again and off again scheduling. No wonder the viewing audiences are down. We can't find our favorite shows half the time.
Brooke Shields? You've got to be kidding! She can't act!

We all know from experience that 3 out of 4 shows will be canceled in the first couple of weeks. The execs have such a hair trigger that someday they'll cancel fall shows during the previous summer. And of those that make it, why only 22 episodes? Why don't they record enough to go from Fall into May without reruns? When I see an episode that is a rerun I go to cable for something else. This year, during the hiatus, I dropped some network shows in favor of other cable fare and I didn't go back.
Let me see if I understand this: A show gets "critical acclaim", but few viewers, so it gets renewed (like the obnoxious "The Office"). And other shows have plenty of viewers but "the critics" don't like them, so they get cancelled. hhhmmmm And the networks wonder why they keep losing more and more viewers. Big mystery only if you're clueless.
It is so frustrating to see the networks advertise & promote new shows and if they don't have an instant hit, they put them on hiatus or cancel. The only way to get "hooked" on watching a show is to keep it running on the same night, at the same time, and prevent breaking up the excitement too fast by playing re-runs. Studio 60 was a perfect example of it...half the time you didn't know when it was going to be on, you already saw the episode, or they would run something else in place of it. Not a good way to promote consistency to viewers...especially for a new show. The Nine on ABC was another example....the list goes on and on.
I'm glad we'll still have Law & Order, but the writing needs to improve. I also like Crossing Jordan. Not much to watch on TV as it is.
Studio 60 had some promise. I am disappointed by it's departure from the line up.

The Bionic Woman will be an curiosity show for a brief time ( I give it 1 season then gone), likely to showcase a guest appearance by Linsay Wagner (for ratings) and maybe even Sandra Bullock (not) for you "bionic" fans out there.
Do NOT CANCEL CROSSING JORDAN are you out of your minds!!!!!!!!!!!

this is a bad call
the executives should reconsider
Sorry to hear about cancelation of "Crossing Jordan". Now I have only "ER" to watch on NBC and no filler between "Bones" and "CSI-NY " on Wed. Sounds like the NBC execs took a page from George's book - Mission Accomplished!
STUDIO 60: A show that had the potential to be smart and witty for 30 something's. It does/did require some writting corrections, but the basic foundation had all the fixings for a secure show given the support.
Friday Night Lights is a show for over grown football players and cheerleaders who want to replay their high school years. NBC's rating have been slipping in the past year, I can see that there doesn't seem to be any pressure to correct the downward spiral.
I'm very disappointed that NBC cancelled Studio 60.

A spin off for Heroes sounds like a very cheesy mistake.

NBC what are you doing?

Their only right move was keeping the Thursday night lineup.
It is too bad that you cannot come up with decent TV anymore and run the same ones for 18 years??? Maybe they are still popular because its the best you've got!
I have cable and found Jordan on the rerun channels and now it is appearing regularly on the basic channels. A while ago CSI was dominating all channels and the point being that it is a bit much!
I have started reading more, renting more documentaries and spending my time with more interesting things instead of the same cops and robbers or doctor stories.
Perhaps what needs to be changed is the people that pick the lineups!
We like Crossing Jordan and the thursday nite lineup (office,30 rock.) Get rid of Earl. No more cop shows or hospital shows for a while.
Wow! A remake about Wonder Woman and yet another series spin-off; creating a cheap way to stretch an idea even farther than it should be stretched. How am I going to wait ?
Next fall should be really keen.
I suppose I will forget about the enjoyment and intellectual fodder that I gained from the smart and well-written "Studi0 60" - one of the very few things that I still watched on NBC.
Sadly, just when NBC was begining to compete with the ABC and CBS with shows based on some real substance and original writing, they throw in the towel and turn to old used-up ideas meant to enterain the mindless.
Goodbye NBC. You will be missed.
I'm very disappointed that NBC cancelled Studio 60.

A spin off for Heroes sounds like a very cheesy mistake.

NBC what are you doing?

Their only right move was keeping the Thursday night lineup.
I am totally bummed about Crossing Jordan. I love that show !
Hereos is just mind blowing ! I look forward to whats to come next season. As far as cancelling shows like Crossing Jordan , etc. just to have spinoffs of the same genre like Hereos is gonna totally kill the point of having a show like Hereos. Viewers will get sick and tired of watching shows that all seem to be alike. I hope NBC takes a good look and try and stick to what makes them unique. Heres hoping Crossing Jordan will be back.
Crossing Jordan is one of the best shows on. If NBC did not move it constantly time to different time slots and different days they would see they have a consistent audience. NBC executives don't really know what they are doing!
Way to go NBC---you canceled Studio 60. Idiots.

I guess it's too much to ask to get some intelligent programming on that doesn't involve law enforcement. Once again, a great show falls to the wayside as it's too smart for the average pot bellied American.

Hopefully soon they'll bring American Gladiators back and we can get our fix of pituary retards banging out each other's skulls. Then everything will be right once again. that I have no reason to watch NBC this fall, toggling between ABC and Fox will be simplified.
I'm sorry you are cancelling "Crossing Jordan" because I enjoy that show. I have tried to follow Kyle Chandler's career. "Friday Night Lights" has so many obnoxious rich people telling the coach what to do that I can't stand it. Klye is more gorgeous than ever, the football scenes really take me back to attending high school games, and the actors who portray his family and the high school kids are great, but I just can't stomach those scenes with the rich people running his life. I don't see anything about "Raines," hope that show comes back. I always watch "Medium." Moving things around and giving them only portions of seasons has never helped a TV show in the long run.
Studio 60 was a good show in the wrong time slot. Most of the rest of the shows on television are garbage. Quit appealing to the lowest common denominator and quit putting shows on and then taking them off or putting such big gaps in the first run episodes...then maybe the ratings will come up.
It's too bad about Crossing Jordan. Once again a series leaves the air without a resolution to a plotline. Shame on NBC.
Bravo! that NBC is keeping Law and Order but bring it back to Wednesdays where it was successful. The other programs do not appeal to me.
Thank goodness for DVD's. Beside the fare we can find on cable, we can reach into the ol' drawerf or those chestnuts we have not seen in awhile like West Wing.

I note a few comments on Battlestar Galactica....just bought season one and after two hours...WOW! So NBC, my family and I wish you the best as we watch the best of the rest!
I'm glad to see "The Office" and "30 Rock" still in the lineup. Scrubs was getting old, but I love the office & 30 rock, glad to see they both made the cut.
I gave up on NBC years ago when they made a
mess of the Olympics coverage and cancelled
what I thought was one of the best shows on TV,
Quantum Leap. Quantum Leap showed the
incredible versatility of Scott Bakula. Most new
shows are simply a rehashing of similar story
lines or mind-numbing trivia. Not worth the
effort. We focus more on higher quality
programming offered by cable.
Please, please, please don't cancel Studio 60. It was so nice NOT to have to watch reality again. It was smart, whitty and real. It made the high-stardom of TV life seem sp down to earth and "normal". PLEASE keep it. what else am I going to watch on Mondays?
Ever since NBC dropped The Black Donnelly's and added some other stupid show, they have lost me as a fan for a very long time now.
I have watched Crossing Jordan since it cam on the air, I think is it one of the best show NBC has!!!.. Stupid choice.. Who does you rating system.. not all have the same tastes
I am deeply disheartened (and quite angry) that Studio 60 was cancelled in exchange for Friday Night Lights and Heroes. Sorry, there's too much Sci-Fi on TV as it is, Heroes is too simple and downright silly to even try to follow if you have a college education. Studio 60 however, was an intelligent show which required you to actually have to THINK about things instead of having them fed to you. I guess that goes to show the level of stupidity in our country, that only ignorant people control what shows the rest of us get to watch. I'm switching back to satellite.
Crossing Jordan was the best show on NBC. It was great script and great cast members - ADULT cast members. Its a shame.
Well, it looks like NBC will be in fourth place again next and for a very long time into the future. Canceling good shows to be replaced by CR*P, regurgitaing shows from the past is not going to get them out of their hold on the bottom spot. The head of NBC entertainment, or whoever is incharge of picking the programs, should give back his/her salary because the person definitely didn't earn it with these new shows and canceling some very good shows from last year. Maybe they need to get a chimp to pick the shows, what do they have to loose.

Crossing Jordan probably has one year left to go before it was truly done. Give the fans a chance have the show "wrap up" the storylines of the characters. Studio 60 was good at first but it went off onto strange stories that didn't flow anymore from week to week. Black Donnelleys was a good dark show and that lasted 6 weeks tops to be replaced with the inciped "The Real Wedding Crashers". Please, how stupid do they think viewers are. Even though "Deal or No Deal" is their most watched show, how can someone find a game that requires no skill or knowledge viewable.

"30 Rock" and "The Office". give me a break, they stink. I watched the first two episodes of both, I always try to give a show a second chance especially comedies, but after an hour of each show and NOT laughing once, they became MUST NOT SEE TV.
Since NBC cancelled Black Donnelly's, they can go bankrupt for all I care. That network is dead to me.
Good grief. Who's bright idea was the "heroes reality show"? Seriously, it's about scheduling. You watch a show for /its/ mystery, not its schedule's mystery. Keep the flow going by keeping up the continuity. Network TV is making such a mess of things any more.
Can't believe Studio 60 is gone - most memorable hour in all of telelvision this past season was the Holiday episode featuring a haunting version of "O Holy Night" performed by displaced New Orleans musicians.
Hard to understand why some shows get numerous time slot & night changes while others are just dumped.
Maybe a cable channel will option this gem and allow at least one show for viewers who've read a book or two in life.
Totally excited that they renewed "Friday Night Lights" easily the best drama on television. Not so excited that they'll be airing it on Friday's at 10. Of course NBC, why not air it when your viewers will be out of the house? That seems like a great idea. Thank goodness for DVR/itunes
Biggest problem with broadcast television is the contstant tinkering with the schedule, inconsistant season start dates, and long hiatuses.

Start every show the same week in the fall, run all the new episodes consecutively and consistantly at the same time of the week.

When the season runs out, then re-evaluate and run them again in different time slots (or don't).

Don't mess with the first half of the season after it's set, otherwise by the time viewers find the good shows, they move or go on hiatus and loose momentum.
I am really pleased that you have decided to give Friday Night Lights another chance....another time period, perhaps later in the evening might help viewership. Thank you so much!!!
NBC - PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL CROSSING JORDAN. This is one of the very few shows left on the air that i actually look forward to every week. The show is just now getting better and better. Please dont do this to a great show, i feel like Jordan, Bug, Nigel, Woody are part of my family.
I am so not happy with NBC. Now, they are canceling Crossing Jordan?!? This is a lousy move. It is a great show. They have been shoving Crossing Jordan all around the schedule. It is no wonder it couldn't keep the fan base- because it was impossible to find. I would watch it one week- so happy to find it, then next week- it moved with no notice?!

NO more NBC. I'm moving back to watching a competitor.
They can't cancel Crossing Jordan. It is one of the best shows on NBC. Its one of the few shows on NBC that keeps you coming back for next week and not wanting to miss anything....Jordan has been a great show from the beginning and still is. I don't really think that there's any other reason to watch NBC.

Lakeland, Florida
I have mixed thoughts and reviews for the way that NBC has approached the upcoming fall season. It seems reasonable that shows like "Studio 60" are being cancelled because although they are well-written shows, they haven't received the amount of traction that a major show that costs as much as Studio 60 should receive. I agree that it is a shame that NBC is cancelling "Crossing Jordan," but like all good series that have been killed off this way, there is a loyal fan base but not one that attracts the amount of viewers the show saw in its early years. As for new shows, it seems that NBC is going in the complete opposite direction and the shows that are slated for a fall debut, don't seem to be very interesting. A 9 episode Heroes spinoff seems pretty interesting and seeing as how it is the only show to be a hit this year for NBC, it seems smart that they have chosen this route. I suggest some major changes for NBC's schedule ... one that has shows that are successful on other networks. Nbc just isnt putting in the energy it takes anymore to get quality programming. On another note, it is awesome that "Friday Night Lights" was renewed.
Great that you are keeping Friday Night Lights! This is a great family show, with real life issues that families can enjoy and relate to. There is a real lack of family television these days and its a real bright spot in our evenings to watch this program together. Remember that? the entire family watching tv in one room all at once? Thank you NBC for Friday Night Lights! I have a feeling this is going to be a great show for you!
NBC has to get the monkeys out of the programming office. How can a good show succeed (Studio 60) when it bounces time slots and has long breaks between episodes.

I DVR everything (I work at night) so I can keep up with the shows that bounce around. But it looks like L&O will be the only show left for me to watch.

Hopefully a network will pick up Studio 60 and prove that NBC doesn't know what a good show really is.
I don't watch NBC and this lineup is a perfect example.
I'm disappointed that "Studio 60" is getting canceled. I was an avid watcher in the beginning, but lost track of the show because it was never on consistently. (And they wonder why ratings went down?)

NBC needs to concentrate on developing good shows and/or building on shows with promise (like Studio 60). Instead, they seem to give up on shows after a couple of episdoes.
Studio 60 was finally hitting its stride (it took it a while to figure out the characters and story) and they put it on break (Granted, pEET had her baby...), now its coming back to finish its season and die. Bad move on NBC's part. West Wing was almost canceled after its first season as well and look how well that show ended up doing. What a waste. If viewers had been able to follow the whole storyline things might have worked out better.
NBC needs to wise up. They attract new viewers and then turn them away disgusted when they cancel their shows. Where does that get them? After the whole Studio 60/Black Donnellys farce they pulled this year, I'd like to write the network off completely. If it weren't for The Office, I would have. They don't advertise or market they're shows (probably why The Office hasn't caught on) and they don't take into account that most people who watch the 10 o'clock shows are using Tivo or DVR. The ratings system is crap. I was a Nielsen household a few years ago, it is a worthless system.
Why not skip a few Law and Order Reruns and to show the last 6 episodes of the Black Donnellys? Would anyone really be upset if they only got 20 episodes of Law and Order for a few weeks instead of 22?
That NBC has canceled "Studio 60" is of absolutely no surprise to me.

That "The West Wing" lasted as long as it did IS a surprise.

But really, none of the decisions made by any network executive should really be that shocking.

After all, these people are cut from the same cloth whose precedents have been quoted as saying "I don't like the dialog on page 32, a martian wouldn't say that."

With that in mind, by canceling "Studio 60", I think it is safe to say good-bye to quality programming, programs with intelligent writers, and other offerings made by creative people, because a network executive won't air that.
NBC suffers greatly from trying to do the same thing every network does. They too often compete for the same audience at the same time. When they don't get a huge share of ratings, they move the shows.

I tend to be a rather loyal TV viewer. If I have time to see a show in its timeslot, I watch it. If not, I at least record it. NBC cancelled shows I watch, like American Dreams, E-Ring, Studio 60. Other networks do the same thing.

I watch Heroes every week, and I hope they don't cause it to jump the shark. Otherwise, since Studio 60 was pulled, I haven't watched NBC. I currently watch nothing on ABC. CBS still has me with NCIS, and as long as they don't try to move the slot to compete with House, I'll keep watching. Fox is doing well with me with House and Bones. The CW still has me watching Supernatural.

I miss the Washington inside type shows. When will they fill the hole left by The West Wing? When will networks realise that show loyalty can turn into brand loyalty and better revenues for better ad placement?

Peter Buchy
Hephzibah, GA
Hooray to NBC for renewing "Friday Night Lights", truly one of the best shows on tv. This show in not about football folks, and it has so much heart. The cast should be receiving emmy nominations and the characters are wonderful. Check it out!
I have decided that I am going to start my own network. I figure if I just pick up all the great shows that are dropped I could have a full line up for the fall.
Studio 60
Black Donnellys
American Dreams

I will also pick up shows from the other networks so it will be like a home for broken toys. Reality and games shows need not apply.
NBC programmed Studio 60 opposite Monday Night Football, took it away for a month in mid-season, dropped it unexpectedly for an Irish-themed Sopranos rip-off, then pissed away the remaining momentum by leaving fans hanging for too long.

Seriously - The Real Wedding Crashers? 1 vs 100? Identity? America's Got Talent? And NBC wonders why they're tanking. They can't leave a good show on long enough to build an audie... oh wait, they're actually trying that with Friday Night Lights? Tell you what, let us know how that works out, on Friday night, when the subjects of the show are all out at the real Friday night football games, instead of home watching the show.

And please send Studio 60 to Bravo, where we can still watch it.
Studio 60 was never given a chance; as someone has said, it must have been too intelligent. I wish they'd retired worn-out ER and put Studio 60 there, to give it another chance. Considering NBC is #4, it couldn't hurt and might help.
I really am disappointed that they cut Studio 60. I loved that show. I'm also not a fan of supernatural, paranormal garbage, so I'm not interested in many of their choices. Been there, done that with Bionic Woman and some network already had a series (with Kyle Chandler, maybe?) about someone that traveled through time and changed history. I much prefer stories grounded in reality.

I will watch the L&O series they renewed and will sample Life and Lipstick Jungle. Sounds like that's about it.
Over the past few years, NBC has had some of the best quality shows in network TV. I believe that the fact that they are now in serious trouble is due to their practice of moving shows around in the schedule, sometimes from week to week or having a long hiatus with no explaination. We simply got tired of trying to keep up with the guessing game, so we gave up.
I watch VERY little TV anymore precisely for this reason. If a network puts out a quality show that I find interesting and provoking (a la "Studio 60"), they unceremoniously drop it in favor of shows that offer us more of the same. They do not even give the show a decent chance. I have absolutely no faith left in NBC, they have pretty much lost my viewership altogether. I better stock up on good books and movies.
What ever happened to NBC's "Must-See TV"? I used to live by NBC's schedule. Now, I DVR Jordan and Studio 60, and even these are going away? Are you kidding me? I swore that I was done with NBC after they killed Joey and E-Ring, but now it's definitely over. I can imagine that next year no one will notice what they pull and what they leave in.
How is it that Kevin Reilly still has a job? He was credited with saving The Office and bringing in Heroes... but only to do what? Get rid of the rest of the good shows on NBC? Too much resting on laurels here.

Studio 60 was well written and witty. Crossing Jordan, well I never watched it, but looks like it had a lot of support. The Black Donnellys was actually entertaining.

But of course, you have to keep on the "good shows" running. ER feels like its dragging a dead horse. Friday Night Lights feel like it's in triple overtime and the fans have already left the stadium. My Name Is Earl? My name is bored.

As for the reality shows? The Apprentice is now as exciting as the Donald's comb-over... America's Got Talent just proves America has no talent (well at least not on NBC... oh and is there going to be any fall-out for David Hasselhoff's ordeal?)... The Real Wedding Crashers should be crashed. The Biggest Loser is just that.

Heroes is a fantastic show. The STUPIDEST thing NBC could have done was put an intermission in, where people came back to it and were pretty much lost. The show was on a roll. It had a major draw to it. It kept you wanting more. But after weeks and weeks of nothing, it was as if the show was no big deal anymore. And now to attempt a spinoff of it? Who is making these decisions?

Kevin Reilly should be switched out with Amanda Peet. I'm sure she could probably do a better job at finding quality shows for people to watch. Plus she's not too bad looking either. :-)
CBS must be very happy. I will now be able to go back to watching "Criminal Minds" (my second favorite show). I had stopped watching it when NBC moved Crossing Jordan (my favorite show) to Wednesday nights. I am also disappointed that Studio 60 was dropped just when it was starting to improve. Aaron Sorkin is a very smart writer, he would have figured it out given time. West Wing did not take off until well into its second year. The new shows don't sound very interesting.
Hooray! hooray!! hooray!!!
I love Law & Order. I can watch it all day--and do.
The studio 60 cancellation is really no surprise to anyone--look, the show had potential, but in the end it never lived up to it and only had a few memorable moments in it's first season.

I'm giving huge props to NBC for not giving up on 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights, two of the best new shows this year, even though their ratings weren't great.
Advertisers should not wonder why DVR (a la Tivo) has taken off. Besides the obvious aspect of recording, it turns out to be one of the only ways viewers have of a realistic chance of watching their "regular" shows these days. With networks constantly switching shows all over the weekly schedule, viewers don't have a chance. favorite Monday night show is now on....what?... Wednesday...or Friday...or, God-forbid, Saturday! Good luck to all us viewers...and shame on all networks. You expect viewers to be loyal to your programming when you don't know the meaning of it!
Cancelling Crossing Jordan and picking up The Bionic Woman? Who are the moronic stiffs that decided on that? Crossing Jordan is one of the only good shows you have. The characters are great, the story lines are fresh, and each show is unique. What a shame. I will be cancelling NBC from my fall schedule.
Well...their new fall line-up doesn't sound too appealing and might not draw the viewers, but we can't feel too sorry for NBC. After all, they must have picked up thousands of new folks when Katie Couric assumed the news anchorship at CBS!

When "Deal or No Deal" is your number one show, it's time to admit you've made a bad deal.

A "Heroes" spinoff is way too premature at this time. It's time to stop recycling. What's next..."Heroes: Deal or No Deal", "Heroes at The Office", "Scrub Heroes"?
Some years ago, NBC decided to junk JAG which was picked up by CBS and became a great show-we watched all the shows. Then a couple of years ago, NBC decided to add 2 more people to Law and Order-Criminal Intent by bringing in Chris Noth-what a mistake-the original cast was far and away the better one. I refuse to watch this show in the week when Chris plays the lead role. Now a spinoff of Heroes. Here's to DVD's and reruns,as NBC has again proven incapable of making the "right" decisions.
Studio 60 was one of the best new shows of the season. We never missed an episode and anxiously waited for the next one. It's no wonder that NBC is doing so poorly when they cancel some of their best shows. Whoever makes these idiotic decisions should be canned themselves!
I am so sick of the Law and Order is time to pull it!!!

Between the originals and the re-runs on TNT, it seems like there is nothing else on.
The scheduling for Studio 60 (like many new shows) was erratic. I never knew when it was on. It was preempted as often as not. This is problemmatic for all networks, for old and new shows. And when a show is on, we never know whether it is a rerun. The season is a mess. It is one reason I am going more to cable, and movies.
I know what NBC could do - give Al Roker his own sitcom where he could get other celebrities fired - oh wait - that would be a reality show.
NBC You will continue to fail as long as you continue to endlessly switching your schedules, having shows go on hiatus... jesus cant you guys get 22 orginal episodes of a single show made and on the air without repeats? You guys are morons. I stopped watching NBC when Will and Grace ended, there has been nothing worth watching on since. The shows I thought looked good get moved to a new time and night every 5 minutes, and Law and Order is so old, I'm sick of it. I think everyone at the helm of NBC needs to be fired and replaced with some new young blood that will come up with cool shows like "Ugly Betty" or "Brothers and Sisters" and give them a shot. WAKE UP
I am never surprised by the lack of patience the networks display. If a show doesn't reap immediate returns then it is scrapped. (Star Trek was scrapped before it ever became a hit).

I had quit watching the 3 traditional networks ( NBC, CBS and ABC )and turned my attention to cable channels ( HBO ) until recently when shows like the "The West Wing" were aired. Hollywood fires talent like Aaron Sorkin, due to his foibles, but keeps shoving the mediocre talent of Robert Downy Jr/Britney Spears an their ilk on us.

I found Studio 60 to be the epitome of Aaron Sorkin, and of Hollywood, It's intelligent, witty, and controversial.

Out of complete and utter hopelessness I will turn my attention to the Discovery Channel.
I did like Studio 60 very much.. Unlike years ago, the networks either run too many repeat shows or move the time slot till ya get dizzy! They don't give the shows time to develop and by changing the day showed you end up recording 'something' else. Think these new whiz kids(program executives) of television will destroy it as common sense is out the window..
Allow me to add my name to the chorus of those disappointed to see Studio 60 canceled. This show had excellent beginnings and lots of potential. I recall many shows in the past that had slow starts and built to become major hits (M*A*S*H and Star Trek to name a couple) and I dearly wish the networks would gamble just a little bit more on this show adding its name to that list. It is rare to find witty, fast-paced writing on network television. As such, it should be treasured, rather than abandoned.
I am so glad that NBC has kept Friday Night Lights. It is a great show and is very interesting. I love the characters and story line. YEAH!
Its still a sad line-up. Gone are the days where anyone is excited about an NBC show. Vegas is a show that should have long since died. Building a line up around a moronic game show that takes NO skill or intelligence other than picking a number and deciding whether or not you are selfish or not says it all about NBC.

Remakes (bionic woman), retreads (lipstick jungle) and reruns are all that they are offering. I will watch something else thank you. (Well, heroes definitely)
They renewed E.R. and cancelled Crossing Jordan?! E.R. used to be a great MEDICAL drama, now it's a second rate night time soap. Please give it the DNR and save something worth saving!
Studio 60 had great potential - Sorkin really should have written a show about corporate television rather than the premise of a single tv show. If he did that we would still be enjoying his dialogue today.
Television, as a whole, has been declining in quality for a number of years. I will admit, I find myself watching shows like "Crossing Jordan", "Law & Order" and "CSI" when I do sit down to watch TV. Unfortunately, due to the horrible programing that is available, I choose to do things other than watch TV most of the time and usually catch the local news before drifting off to sleep each night.

In my own mind, I feel that television programming has been steadily getting worse since networks began canceling shows like "Northern Exposure" in the 90's. Someone needs to come up with a new, more realistic, project that relates to the masses. Let's stop with the "Reality TV," supernatural/unrealistic and investigative shows that flood the airwaves. That horse has been dead for a long time! Do we not have any decent writers out there that can come up with something original and intriguing? I think that I could do better. . . .

I mean, come on! The Bionic Woman?!?!? You've got to be kidding. Surely you can do better than that.
After West Wing I though Sorkin could do no wrong, but Studio 60 turned out to be a huge let-down. Those talented actors deserve better. Friday Night Lights is the best show on television today. Never expected to love a show about football, high school OR Texas...but it's much more than that. Kudos to NBC for having the guts to give it another chance.
Ok, this may sound a bit 1950ish, nut I live out in the country and only get the 3 main stations, NBC, CBS, and ABC and most of my television watching is on NBC. After reading their new fall line up, I am not so sure.

I am not much of a reality show person (it has come and gone) but I do love shows like Law and Order, Crossing Jordan, Scrubs, and I guess I am not into the whole "supernatural" thing that seems like it will be NBC's whole line up. Where are the options?

I do have to say that I loved to watch Studion 60. It had fast wit and was cleverly written. Give it a chance, who knows what will happen. What is it going to hurt now?
Thanks so much for keeping Friday Night Lights. That is a show that both my husband and I can enjoy. We are from a town much like that one, and can relate very much to the show. Thanks again!
>>New series "Journeyman" is about a San Francisco newspaper reporter who travels through time to alter people's lives<<

Hmm...wasn't there a little show like that some years back...hmm...let's see...could it have been: QUANTUM LEAP???

Way to go NBC, for finding something original.
I agree with everything everyone has said about NBC's programming. I was an avid viewer of Crossing Jordan until their first long hiatus several years ago. I haven't watched since, though I don't doubt it's still a terrific show. Long hiatus and short lived series amount to fewer viewers, enough said.

On a side note, it's all well and good to express your opinions about NBC programming here in the form of a blog comment, but it might be more productive to contact NBC directly.
The spinoff "Heroes: Origins" will only include eight episodes, according to an NBC insider, and will air in between blocks of new episodes of "Heroes". The show's producer, Tim Kring, said that he wanted to explore some of the ancestors of the current characters, to find out more about them and what powers, if any, they had, so this sounds like a great addition to me.

Very disappointing, especially giving the ax to "Studio 60." Aaron Sorkin and his brilliant team should take show to HBO where it can get the support and creative freedom that a smart show deserves.

At least NBC saved "The Office" (for the meantime). Thank you for that.
What a shame! Another "Bionic Woman" to replace a class act like "Crossing Jordan". NBC (Leno got it right!)
Bad news America...Good shows get cancelled and it's your fault, not NBC's.

You made American Idol, Dancing with the stars and Deal or no Deal too popular, so the resulting cancelation of actual TV shows is most certainly the fault of the bad taste of viewers, not the choices of networks.

Two bad years and NBC is all of a sudden a villan. Stop dumping on NBC, if this was a story about Fox or ABC they would have cancelled 30 Rock and the Office as well.

For the record: If there was ever a network that gave up on great shows it was FOX.
I don't know if it says more about the studio or viewers that something as insipid, poorly written, derivative, and built on "surprises" over characters (Heroes) gets a spin off; while something as entertaining, well-acted and engaging (Studio 60), is being canceled.

Oh well. At least I only have to keep track of FNLs and 30 Rock now.
Season? There is no such thing as a season anymore. It doesn't take a marketing genius to realize that NBC's poor scheduling tactics are to blame for sub-par ratings.

What happens when you let viewers down week after week? Guess what - they stop coming back.

You don't need to spend millions of dollars on marketing research to figure this out. When will you get your heads out of the dark, NBC!!!
I don't watch much TV, but as a rule I religiously watch Heroes, whether on the television or via internet, and catch Crossing Jordan whenever I'm home to do so. I also used to enjoy Studio 60 for its intelligence and involving characters. There are very few character centered shows out there these days, and Studio 60 really had something. I am overall disappointed with NBC for several reasons.

First, I feel that making a spinoff of Heroes will lead to its eventual ruin. Heroes is a bit cheesy, but the characters are engaging and the plot exciting and intriguing. Adding is spinoff is like pouring a can of cheese-whiz on a fine aged double cream brie. Of course, judging by NBC's choices for the fall, most of their targeted audience have probably never heard of brie. Also, Heroes would undoubtedly do better if it were not up against Fox's 24. That show has a die-hard dedicated audience of men of all ages who are ready to die for a glimpse of their man-crush, Jack Bauer, in action.

As far as Crossing Jordan goes, why not get rid of a Law & Order instead? With Jerry Orbeck gone, the orignial holds little pull over old fans, and the cast of Criminal Intent are as hokey and annoying as the lead guy from CSI Miami. Crossing Jordan had loveable, personable characters from diverse backgrounds. It had the attractive quirkiness and unrequited romance of Fox's Bones, and the drama & "who-dunnit-ness" of the classic crime dramas. The end of this show is a true disappointment.

As far as Studio 60, I can understand the choice. Anyone who enjoyed Studio 60 probably had a higher IQ and longer attention span than most of their peers. A lot of these people aren't prone to gorging themselves on television and cheese whiz unless their doing some sort of "participant observation" field study. Juding on their new line-up, a lot of NBC's choice viewers probably tuned out during the Studio 60 hour, only to become engrossed in something else, thus missing the 11 o'clock news.

Aside from that, the new shows they're adding look like refuse, the main ingredient in cheese whiz. If I wanted to watch bad sci-fi shows I'd tune into the CW's Smallville, or turn on the Sci-fi channel. As it stands, they're starting to look better every day.
The problem with NBC is whoever they've hired for their leader in all programming. This person has decided that it's fine to stop airing a show for MONTHS on end! They do this on Sci-Fi too (which Universal also owns). They only make 10 episodes and then put the show on hiatus for 6 months. It's ridiculous! Then they expect people to care in 6 months...they expect us to remember what was happening. Oh that's right, they "catch us up" by showing an all day marathon. Like real working people are at home all day doing nothing but "catching up". I can't believe these people get paid exorbitant salaries to be this idiotic. Wish I could get paid 6-7 figures to be stupid.
Nice to see The Office is back. It is the only show I watch on regular network TV. Great cast and very funny and with 30 new shows I'll be there every Thursday. Can't wait for Season 3 DVD set.
NOBODY wanted to love "Studio 60" more than I did. "West Wing" stank after Aaron Sorkin left, so I was thrilled when he had a new vehicle write for. I lasted two episodes. I'm not sure what was wrong but it was just...lame. Glad NBC is going to put it out of its misery. Poor ol' nag. On the other hand, I had no hopes for "30 Rock," but that show has just gotten funnier and funnier. I'm hooked. It's the best thing on TV--subversive, smart and very cleverly written--but that probably means it's doomed because I said the same thing about "Arrested Development."
Way to go NBC - We hope another network picks this up and makes a hit out of it - Can you say JAG???
I'm sorry to see Jordan go, but I'm not surprised. I do wish the networks could be more creative: reality and game shows are so beyond boring. I watch TV to be entertained, or to learn.

At least Law & Order will still be around. I just hope that we can get through a season without time slot changes and long periods of reruns. It's really difficult to follow a show when you can't find it...
I predict that this will be the first show cancelled in the new fall season. This premise has been done to death and the writer/producer who sold this idea should be fired.

'NBC's other new series, "Life," is a drama about a detective given a second chance after spending years in prison for a crime he didn't commit.'

The rest of the options look pretty boring too. I think that all of NBC's new shows will be tanked by the end of the season. Bionic Woman remake? Please!
I am disappointed with the decision to cancel Studio 60 and The Black Donnelys, I thought they were two great shows, NBC keeps other shows around that frankly are not that good, they should have gave these two shows more of a chance.
I'm very disappointed that Studio 60 won't be coming back. I know I'm, like, the 3,456th person to say this, but it was never given a proper chance. The writing was smart and the performances great. Somebody should team up Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford in something else; they spark together. And Stephen Weber and Sarah Paulson both deserve high-profile roles -- they were great and hopefully they'll get the chance to shine again.
Aaron Sorkin must have enemies in high places. He is one of the most talented writers in television. Studio 60 will be missed.
Very happy to see that Friday Night Lights has been given another season, but even more so, I'm very disappointed in the cancellation of "Crossing Jordan". She is a witty, intelligent and strong character and will be sorely missed... goes into the pile of other NBC shows that had strong, intelligent characters and were TOSSED ASIDE, such as Commander in Chief and E-Ring, without a chance or a finale. Luckily I was able to Netflix C-i-C and re-watch it... I LOVED Geena Davis in that role. Benjamin Bratt in E-Ring was AWESOME also. Please bring back some good programming, NBC!!!!!!!!!!
NBC has lost its vision and identity. They definitely need some "new blood" for ideas. There's nothing I watch on this station anymore.
I extremely upset that Crossing Jordan is being dropped. It is one of the few really entertaining programs you have. It's strength is that each o the characters have a presence in their own right. It's nice to watch something where all the characters are interesting and make you want to know more about them. Each of these actors does a good job of developing their characters. This ensemble is a group that works especially well together. To break that up is really annoying (to me, at least)!
I am proud of NBC for sticking to its guns and keeping "Friday Night Lights" on. I have to agree that Crossing Jordan, Criminal Intent and Studio 60 needed to go.
Im thrille that Law and Order is staying put.
Way to go NBC
What about the pilot "October Road" that aired after Grey's Anatomy for a few weeks? That was a great story and should be a successful show!
I LOVED STUDIO 60!! I got my friends to start watching it too. I could not wait until the "BLACK Donnelys" was over and Studio 60 was back on the air. It's one of the few shows I watched live and would follow up with an internet viewing to catch a part I may haved missed. It was well written, good acting and I liked the characters. Give it a second chance. It's the only thing good on Mondays!!!
NBC screwed up royally. They had several shows they never gave a real chance to succeed. The Black Donnelly's had an awful lead-in once Heroes went on "hiatus", then was pitted against CSI as well as the NCAA. Not to mention, there was next to no advertising for the show...and they wonder why the ratings were low? Crossing Jordan, Studio 60...all excellent as well.

NBC needs to stick with these shows as other networks would LOVE to have them. Instead, they're trying to go the cheapest route possible. It's no wonder they're 4th and falling. It will be no great surprise to me when their new fall lineup leaves them blowing in the wind.

NBC should listen to its viewers, afterall, WE are the ones watching, aren't we?
Why would they cancel Crossing Jordan. Great show with a great following. I have been watching since inception and all the studio cares about is introducing new and boring shows with no substance!

helen hawkins
Why did NBC not give "The Black Donnellys" more of a chance to find a viewership? This was a great drama and was different from the shows on the other Alphabet Networks. Bad move! I wish NBC would bring back HOMICIDE: Life on the Streets. However, I am thrilled it renewed "Friday Night Lights!" Other than it, "My Name is Earl" and "The Office", there is nothing much else worth watching on this network anymore.
It's a shame that NBC is going to cancel "Crossing Jordan." It is a great show and one of the few (actually the only NBC show) that my husband and I watch together. I think NBC has lost another viewer!!!!!
You wonder why NBC is struggling.. they have given up on their target audience! With the loss of Friends.. then the loss of West Wing... Now they let go Studio 60.....It seems NBC (Nobody Better Care) because they have a direction and they are sticking to it..... Yes.. down hill is a direction...I never would have thought I would have seen the end to one of the big 3..... but what goes up.. must come down!
Given the lack of any decent replacement shows, why not keep some of them around in their own time slot and give them a chance. As usual, the smart shows don't get past the short thinkers at the NBC.
I think NBC is sooo smart. They listen to that Neilsen and he is sooo smart too. Did you know that over 10000 households in the United States have Neilsen's box on top of their TV. That's like almost 1%. I was talking to the Beaver yesterday and he thinks the Neilsen ratings are great and really accurrate.

Too bad Neilsen and the Beaver are relics of the past. Smarten up networks, the ratings system is a joke. People watch TV when they want to now. Its called DVR, Computers, IPODS.
The problem with constantly cancelling shows after a few episodes, or cancelling long-running shows with no series finale, is that it starts to establish a pattern in the minds of the viewers. You cut away at the audience who might invest the time to start off with a new show, because the audience is becoming more and more jaded.

Why would anyone start watching a new show on NBC with the ever-growing possibility that the show won't make it past episode 3?
Cancelling Jericho!!! I don't watch much TV but this is one of the shows I do tune into. I tried not to miss it. Last year it was Commander and Chief. Gina Davis wins an award and then cancel the show. It is getting so that the only thing on will be reality shows. No wonder ratings are down!!I am glad they kept Law in Order.
Networks don't give some of these shows a chance. I can't believe that Jericho is being cancelled! You get us hooked on the show. Then you take it off for awhile and start it back up again. You left us hanging on the last show. Who is behind cancelling these shows? Do they ever watch or listen to people about them???
No wonder people are disatisfied with the networks.
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