Wednesday, May 16, 2007
CBS = edgy? Fox = quality?
It's interesting to watch the reaction people have to networks' fall schedules -- how some broadcast networks inspire more emotion than others.

NBC has apparently blown most of the goodwill it gathered in the '90s and earlier this decade, when the network was riding high with "Seinfeld," "Friends," "Frasier" and the Anthony Edwards-led "ER." The comments to this blog indicate that viewers aren't just disappointed in NBC -- they're positively irate, as if a once favored child has become a useless layabout.

Fortunes can change quickly in television, but even if NBC's ratings go up, it'll be some time before viewers get comfortable again -- and in today's multichannel marketplace, there's no guarantee that will happen. The brand has been damaged.

As for ABC, viewers seem more willing to trust the Alphabet Network, which is almost recovered from the overscheduling (and killing) of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" several years ago. The network now has a handful of hits and may slowly be getting back in viewers' good graces -- the "Lost" hiatus/confusion and "What About Brian" cancellation notwithstanding.

Now it's CBS' and Fox's turns. CBS, working from a position of strength, has only five new shows this fall. But the network's image is a little dull, so it's going for "edgy" (the Associated Press' word) this time around. Is this the right thing to do?

And Fox remains the broadcast networks' wild child, never quite shaking the taint of its hit-and-run reality shows despite the quality of "House" (or "The Simpsons," for that matter). One of its new shows, "Back to You," features Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton -- veterans of two of the all-time greats, "Frasier" and "Everybody Loves Raymond," respectively. Perhaps they're trying to acquire that old NBC aura?

Given the decline in viewership, are any of the broadcast networks moving in the right direction?
Why can't the networks at least give fans a closing when they cancel shows??????????????? Now CBS has cancelled Jericho and no ending in sight. Maybe we should all quit watching TV and start reading books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOOOOO!!! Jericho is the best show on TV! I hope all the fans can get together to show CBS that they are making a huge mistake. I for one, will boycott CBS if they do not reinstate Jericho! We at least need an ending!
CBS made a dumb decision to cancel Jericho. it was their decision to do the "mid-season hiatus". This was the only show I looked forward to every week. Give the show time to develop an audience. This is why TV viewership is declining. HORRIBLE DECISION BY CBS!!!!
All networks have had some really good shows over the last few years. Here is the problem, one day they are here and the next day they are gone!!! Some of us would really like to see how some of the shows played out. Yes, viewer rates have dropped, but if the networks keep pulling the shows that are being watched by the viewers that they still have they are going to drop even lower. I guess I will have to take up reading, and sell my tv.
All of the network lost me years ago with the reality TV craze. I miss sitcoms, sci fi shows, and dramas. Most interesting shows are now on cable. The only show I get excited to watch is Monk which was rejected by the networks.
I loved Jericho and sad to see it go... Especially when a vampire show is chosen over it. :( CBS see ya!
I might be willing to agree with the "Fox = Quality" label...if Fox were actually in the habit of keeping around quality dramas. Other than 24 and House, Fox has a healthy history of cancelling series very quickly, from Firefly to Wonderfalls to John Doe to Drive, despite frequently marketing these series heavily. (Even Family Guy made fun of this tendency when it was brought back, against the odds.) As a viewer, I am no longer willing to give new Fox shows a chance unless they have been on for a season or more.
I am so annoyed. I really enjoyed jericho. They could have at least provided an ending!
Jericho is an awesome show. The characters and plot were developing really well, and the cast are fantastic. What do the networks expect when they don't provide continuity mid season? The same thing happened to Surface. I agree with the previous poster - time to stop watching tv and start reading...
Ending Jericho is a very bad decision for the network. It was one of the only shows on the network that most of my friends would even consider watching. CBS just lost several viewers. I mean seriously how dumb can they get!
I am so sick of the networks letting shows run for a year, then cancelling them without warning. It was Invasion and Surface last year and now this year it is Jericho. I am tired of getting into a show that stays on for a full season and then is cancelled, just to be replaced by some stupid show. I wish these networks were held more accountable for their actions.
The network screws the show up with the mid-season hiatus, and then cancels the show in the end. Hopefully one of the gazillion cable networks might pick it up and run with it.
Munves, you suck... everything you touch turns to crap. Whose geniuos idea was it to put such a long break right in the middle of a successful season... you are an idiot.
I agree with Anon above. Jericho was the only show I FAITHFULLY watched this season and now all the fans are left hanging. After reading CBS's promises of the new shows that are coming out I'm disgusted...who wants to watch a show about a vampire (didn't the CW or WB just do two shows about that--Buffy and Angel ring a bell?) And, give me a break, but a drama about a Cuban-American sugar farmer sounds about a thrilling as a root canal! At least Jericho kept you on the seat of your pants!

Boycotting and reading sounds a lot better than watching the crap these network big-wigs are coming up with anymore!
It is really disappointing that CBS would cancel Jericho. It should not punish loyal viewers when CBS is the one that screws up shows by giving them such long stints in between seasons. DID YOU NOT LEARN ANYTHING FROM ABC AND LOST?? Jericho was a great show. This is really sad. I wish I could mod the above post 'up', alternatives to TV are looking better and better when compared to the whims of ignorant TV execs. I hope you remember one thing, CBS, quality is what made you a better network -- not 'edgy' as the article describes.
This is a real tragedy. Jericho and House are the only two network shows that I never miss. I used to watch Shark, but after only a few show they started airing reruns and I thought it was over. Now, I am behind on the story and don't watch. These networks running themselves into the ground. For a while, I thought that this was the golden age of television. There were so many good shows and so much creativity flowing through the airwaves. All I read about for a while was how box office sales were down for movies, but TV seemed to really be shining. Thats all over now. Why would anyone want to become interested in a show when it probably won't last a whole season? I just don't understand the logic behind these cancellations. They don't even give the audience a chance to like a show before it is gone. I barely remember watching Dallas with my parents when I was little, but I watched the whole thing later on reruns. I think it ran for 14 years. I have seen every season and every episode, and it was not always a good show. There were some major chunks of that show that were terrible, but overall, it was a great story. You have to take the good with the bad and the low ratings with the big ones. Jericho was a great show with a great plot, great characters and great actors. Sure, the story might have gone in a direction I wouldn't have chosen and it certainly ended differently than I would have liked, but I would have been the first one ready for next season. People's lives don't really revolve around the prime time schedule. Especially now with the advent of DVR and Tivo. We can finally have it our way. I never watched a single episode of Jericho at its airing time. I always recorded it and watched it right after so I could skip the commercials. This is a great loss and I hope they reconsider. CBS seemed untouchable, but now I probably won't even watch anymore. I guess I'll just have to enjoy House until its cancelled, too.
Seems to me the right direction would be for ALL the producers of these shows to create them without any hiatus! You push us to the brink by making us wait, then turn around and cancel without any closures! I specifically bought Tivo so I wouldn't miss my shows, and CBS was topping the list at my house for shows throughout the week. Makes me want to rethink MY schedule and perhaps put ALL of you networks on Hiatus. ANyone want a Tivo cheap?!?!?
cbs you suck, i cant believe you are cancelling jericho and leaving all of us faithful watchers hanging like that!
and also about the fact that you are adding shows that are edgier and less family friendly, that is the problem with tv today,too much sex and not enough family friendly shows, i for one will not watch cbs shows anymore unless you bring back jericho or at least give us a few more episodes and and ending, i am sick of networks cancelling shows without proper closure, this kind of thing is going to make lots of people stop watching your network completley because who wants to get into a show just to have it abruptly end without any closure! so why get hooked on another series just to have the networks do it to you again and again, you suck cbs!
can i get an amen?!
pissed off in louisiana
Way to GO CBS. Drop a great show like Jericho and bring in lame ducks. What is the idea behind Kid Nation? Come on get real. just another sign CBS leadership is blind as a bat. "Lost steam" was do to CBS blatant stupidity and putting Jericho on a 10 week leave. Wow, a great option for success there. Ok, so bye CBS and CBS advertisers.
Nope, Kidnapped, Smith, Vanished, What about Brian, Knights of Prosperity, Point Pleasant, Reunion, and now Jericho. I know not all on the same network, but why bother investing in shows that are going to be yanked. I for one will not be wathcing.
I can't believe that CBS cancelled "Jericho." Well, actually I can...but if they would've kept it on for the entire season instead of this long break it had, who knows how well it would have done in ratings. No one gives their shows any time to garner support from viewers. They either do a few episodes and then take a really long break or they just keep moving it around (like that really helps!).

I enjoyed watching "Jericho" and looked forward to it every week. I was looking forward to see new story lines on how the town & it's people would continue to survive.

What a shame the networks don't have faith in the viewers or their own shows.
I don't understand why CBS is canceling quality TV shows and bringing us more "reality" TV? The Class was hilarious and New Adventures of Old Christine should absolutely be on the fall line-up! Jericho was another good show. How are we supposed to start watching any new show without fear of it being canceled before we get any resolution?
"Why can't the networks at least give fans a closing when they cancel shows??????????????? Now CBS has cancelled Jericho and no ending in sight. Maybe we should all quit watching TV and start reading books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I agree with this poster, why should we watch any shows if they just cancel them and leave us hanging? Wake up CBS, the ratings dropped because of the time to the show.
Really sorry to see that CBS has canceled Jericho. It's there own fault, for leaving it off the air during mid winter. That was a real good exciting show. Shame on you CBS. You should try and resurrect it. But I'm sure you won't?
I can't believe that CBS got rid of "Jericho." How does this network or any other network expect their viewers to continue to watch their shows if they don't keep them on? Starting and stopping a series doesn't help. And as a viewer, it frustrates the heck out of me.
Give the fans closure? Maybe the studios should give a month or two's notice to the writers so they CAN give closure to the fans. It's a given that executive decisions are relayed to show creators last, and that's why we're always disappointed by untimely and clumsy show endings.
In a word, "No". CBS has missed the mark on this one.

It was only about a week ago when we were discussing where the television viewers had gone. I remember a fair number of people saying that they watched "Jericho" and liked the show. Now that show has been cancelled.

How do networks think they're going to build viewer loyalty to a show if they continue to split seasons and then cancel the shows? Was there a reason why "Jericho" was split into two halves, with six or eight weeks between the parts? I didn't see a reason why they did it, and it seemed to be a move that would doom the series to not being renewed, which is exactly what has happened.

It's getting to the point that I'm going to seriously think about which shows I'm going to watch, based on how long they've been on TV. It seems that if a show doesn't build an audience within the first month that it's on the air, the networks decide to cancel it.

I will miss "Jericho", and my wife and I were really enjoying the show.
Tend to agree with the first poster. What's more is that the network execs make hamfisted decisions, such as the mid season hiatus, and then assume that like a bunch of lemmings, the viewers will all return.

When you overhype series, fanning the flames of viewer interest and then suddenly walk away, you have to expect viewers will burn out.

Lost? - Stuck in a quagmire of storylines without end. Fans want at least some closure. Feels like writers are using a magic 8-ball.

Heroes? - Only problem was walking away and letting viewers forget how cool it was.

Jericho? - Well, there is a point where you start saying, "You would all be DEAD now!" Needs to be more post-apocalyptic, less Dawson's Creek.
CBS cancelling Jericho, ABC cancelling What About Brian, and NBC cancelling Studio 60. At least the networks can't cancel sports!
I'm extremely frustrated to hear of the cancelation of Jericho. It was quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. Now we are stuck with another great show that leaves us hanging with no resolution. CBS gets a black mark in my book for this one!
Great, CBS cancels another good show. I really liked Jericho. It was different than any of the others shows out there. Can't believe they did that. Maybe they shouldn't have put such a good show on hiatus for so long - hello.............
I am amazed that CBS still does not realize that the group of television viewers is more mature and enjoys dramas such as Jericho. Too many times over the last 10 years I have watched series after series be cancelled that were based on either good “clean family entertainment” or thought provoking story lines for trash. In addition, when will ABC, CBS, and NBC realize that long midseason hiatus' do not work? I did not miss an episode of Jericho. It is time for the 50 something’s to stop watching the ABC, CBS, and NBC, then where will you be.
Man, Bye CBS, Wednesday Night was the only time I watched regular TV, now you have cancelled on of the shows that kept me on the edge of my seat. I am going to miss JERICHO, Are you going to dismiss Criminal Minds, and CSI-New YORK Too!! Made a big mistake
My wife and I have been fans of Jericho since the beginning. We have really enjoyed it each week. Shame on CBS (and the other networks) for these forced interruptions of these shows on the viewers. These shows loose their audience when they have an 'hiatus' in the middle of the season. We viewers look for other things to watch. Then we loose track of the shows we used to like. I have been becoming very weary of trying out new shows when the networks do this to shows I have really started to enjoy. I believe networks could really win back viewers by having programs start in early September, run through with new episodes all the way through May, with no hiatus in the middle. That is how to win back loyal viewers. I guess for now its "Hello TV Land" and watch old time favorites.

- viewer in DeWitt, MI
Great job CBS!! You killed the only reason I watch ur network. Hey TV Execs u wonder where all the viewers went? We're all out in syndication or cable-land watching all the shows you've axed!
I might follow the above person's suggestion and turn to books. I really haven't seen a quality program in several years that peaked my interest. Then Jericho came along and for the first time in ages I eagerly awaiting a night of television. This was obviously one they weren't sure of until the very end other they would have left loyal fans with a better finale than standard cliff hanger. Not sure if I want to invest anymore time in network tv when this is the fate which given to unique programming when cookie cutter programs like CSI (three of them no less) live on. I may cancel my cable.
I believe CBS is Making a HUGH mistake in dropping Jerico. I hope another netwrok picks up the show and leaves CBS blowing in the wind.
As much as I loved watching "Jericho", why am I not surprised that CBS decides to get rid of it? It's a shame that this network (and all the others as well) do not have or show any loyalty to their viewers.

I was always home in time to watch "Jericho" and keep up with the stories and characters. But then it went on this long break in mid-season. Why do the networks do this? What is the real purpose? If this show had stayed on for an entire "REGULAR" season, I don't think it would've been cancelled. (Well, I'd like to hope that would be true.)
Does anyone think this is a little odd?
"For those of you who accuse CBS of being too conservative, you will feel differently when you see the shows we have lined up," said Leslie Moonves, chairman of CBS Corp.

A new reality show, "Kid Nation," will take 40 children and set them up in an abandoned New Mexico town. Cameras will follow them as they try to set up their own society without adult supervision.

My fiance and I are absolutely livid that you have decided not to renew the show Jericho for one more season.

That is all we need! Just some closure on a very good show!

This was the ONLY good show CBS has aired. I am happy to say that I will not be watching CBS anymore. You never should have cancelled Jericho.
CBS BLOWS!! Why would they cancel Jericho??? Why not give it a chance, why rush to cancel, they did the same thing with Invasion last year, but Jericho was even better than Invasion. They pumped up the season final then freakin cancel!?? Why, I hope another network picks it up and CBS as a network folds, screw then and their retarted repetitive CSI shows!!!
What is wrong with you(CBS)! Jericho was one of very few really good shows on your network. It is for sure more eventful than what I see you have planned for upcoming shows.
Very Disappointed
What a waste, CBS canceled a great show to bring in what sounds like more crap that I won't be watching. Good job tv exec's!
I can't believe they canceled Jericho - a quality show with a loyal following - in favor of some of those new shows they've announced. A musical? When has a musical ever done well on TV?

And I understand that ratings weren't the highest, but how did CBS expect that the show would perform after taking it off the air for 2.5 months and then putting it on opposite American Idol?

Perhaps one of the other networks (hello Fox and CW) will get wise and pick up this gem.
CBS is a joke. Edgy? More like crappy. They killed off Jericho with horrid programming decisions, then scheduling it up against that B grade talent show on Fox. Network TV is pathetic. I've stopped watching new shows altogether, because if they're any good, or somewhat intelligent, and don't include some type of crime fighting/solving, they're sure to be canceled. Then, the spot is filled with some moronic game show or so called 'reality' TV.
What are these networks thinking? How can CBS cancel Jericho and The Class??? If they say it's because of ratings being low than why don't they try putting the show on,not moving it around and not taking it off the air for weeks.
Jericho is one of my favorite shows and I can't believe they'd take it off the air.I was very angried that they took it off for a few weeks to try other shows.Why do that to a show in it's first season?
The Class had to be one of the funniest down to earth "Friends" type shows I've seen in a long time.But again this show was bumped and moved.Not on one week then on the next and reran the following week.Come on really how can you get a viewer following that way.
After reading what the planned new shows are I am even more dissapointed.None of these new shows will last.
Where are the shows we grew up with,you know series that can last 5 years or more?By the looks of the shows that are being canceld by all the networks and what they want to replace them with I guess my Tivo will get a break next season.
Jericho was the best show on TV. If these networks would learn that a mid season hiatus can seriously damage a show it would still be on the air.

It was the only show that had me watching network tv.

In that sense I think cbs is going in the wrong direction.
A couple of the new CBS shows sound interesting. However, there is no way I'll watch any of them. I gave them a shot with Jericho and really loved it. I'm going to chance having that happen again.

Fox is the same, but I gave up on them years ago.
RE: Jericho

Dear Anonymous:

I and my daughter agree with you completely. I just got to watch the "season finale" last night and was upset that they killed off Gerald McRainey. Now I find out they are cancelling it completely and leaving us hanging. Television has gotten so horrible that all I watch now is Law and Order. I looked forward to Jericho every Wednesday. Where do these television stations get their information????

Anonymous Also
okay CBS,

i used to watch survivor, but it's getting ridiculous now with all the twists

the amazing race got boring

now you cancel the only show i wacth onyour network - Jericho.

anyway i hope your network's ratings wont crash next year with kids nation or w.e thats called. and seriously who made up that idea for a show? i would perosnally jsut read lord of the flies or something
Who is making the decisions on programming with these networks? They are TOTALLY out of touch with what the public wants. Jericho was a great show. I can't believe they just canceled it and left us not knowing how it would end. Maybe some other more intelligent network will pick it up and go with it. Why is it that every good show I really like ends up canceled? The new stuff CBS is talking about doesn't sound like anything I would watch. And those crime shows..ever since NCIS without warning violently killed off one of the main characters I refuse to watch any of that GARBAGE. I do not want to see main characters meet a violent grahpic end. Note to have idiots making your decisions and seem to be following the example of NBC in cancelling very popular shows.
Watch what on CBS? In cancelling Jericho, CBS just cancelled its only show with a good cast and good storyline. I suspect that CBS will be cancelled next season as it races towards 4th place among the major networks.

Way to make the shows (and viewers)pay the price for overpaid executives that are killing network TV single-handedly!

MESSAGE TO ADVERTISERS: Don't purchase any airtime because I can guarantee that there won't be any viewers this FALL! Thankfully, there's cable.

Maybe TNT or FX will be wise enough to pick up Jericho? We can only hope.
CBS had a small, but extremely loyal viewership for "Jericho". What is stodgy about a post-apocolyptic drama? The network killed it with an extended hiatus and stupid decisions. And, it's being replaced with vampires, musicals and a kiddie Survivor? That's not edgy, that's dumb. The "Jericho" fans are not going to let the show go without expressing our extreme dispeasure. Watch for them to be inundated with Nuts. For an explanation of the significance, watch the season finale.
How can CBS possibly claim to be going 'edgy' and then replace something as unique and original as Jericho with KID NATION (or half of what they've announced).

Jericho was a show that actually succeeded in bringing viewers back to network programming after they had written it off years ago.

The network put the show on a 3 month hiatus - yes it lost the casual viewers. All the network shows are dropping. The difference is once Jericho dropped, it stayed at that level and was consistent whereas other shows continue to slide. The viewers are there week after week regardless of what runs agains Jericho.

And viewers of the show have more than embraced alternative media - just look at the performance of Jericho's online presence as compared to that of any other show on network televison. Participation in Jericho's forum and wiki exceeds the total for all other CBS programs - COMBINED.

CBS has made a big mistake with this decision, cost themselves a guaranteed 8-9 million viewers minumum weekly, and should reconsider.
I give up. Everytime I like a show like Jericho they cancel it. Standoff, Vanished, Surface, Invasion. If a network is going to have a show with a PLOT they must have an out in case they cancel. You can't just up and run on your viewers. TV should be ashamed of itself.
I am afraid to get started in serial shows because all the Shaun Cassidy shows get cancelled without endings and now Jericho. I am so done with making up my own endings and watching shows on t.v. even though we got a new HDTV. It will be all movies from now on. ABC, CBS, NBC we are sick of shows we grow attached to being cancelled on us all the time. I love Heros, but better start getting unattached to that also.
So disappointed!! The only shows I bother to make sure I see are on cbs- jericho being one of them! This was a show my husband and I both watched adn liked - not a show for kids...but for 30 soemthings to enjoy!
NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I have been a big fan of sitcoms (almost exclusively) for many, many years. Mainly because I don't like hospital dramas, cop dramas, and lawyer dramas. This was the first year that I watched more than one actual hour long drama that I actually liked, and NO sitcoms. I LOVED Jericho. My BF got me into it, and now I'm hooked. Now the fans, of course, will have a multitude of unanswered questions and will be left with the sound of gunshots while fading to black. Did New Bern win? Lose?

Did they HAVE to cancel Jericho??!! That's right---cancel all the quality shows. We need another television show about a vampire. Great idea. >:(

Another let down one year after Alias ended. Great.
CBS needs to understand, no viewers, no money. I hope another network picks up Jericho.
What is it with the networks??? You have a GREAT show like Jericho and I looked forward to it every week then it breaks for the holidays, then hiatus, then the local station has to show a University of Dayton basketball game instead,,, as a viewer I feel really jerked around. NYPD Blue finnaly got the idea that fans didn't like breaks and promised several episodes in a row (after 7 or 8 years)just before they ended that series... If you must cancel, at least finish the show with a Mini-series format
I can't believe they canceled Jericho! My husband and I won't be watching any CBS shows anymore. Why on earth would you replace Jericho with some stupid reality show about kids? Why doesn't any network care about older audiences anymore? What about the baby boomers and Generation X? WE'RE the ones with the money to support your advertisers. I've always thought that not only did the hiatus hurt Jericho, but the almost total lack of marketing on CBS's part killed it. The executives just never really got behind that show.
I think that ending Jericho is stupid. I was a very good show. Will it just end where it left off or will they come back and give us a ending. Why not get rid of shows like trying to fined true love on tv. If you can't fined it in real life the tv can't help you. Why do I care if a bunch of kids can make their on society? Or maybe I don't care about watching shows that people drink blood.
You finally find something your family enjoys watching together on TV, because it is NOT a reality show, to find out it is being cancelled.

CBS, WHY, couldn't you give your viewers some sort of ending? Your reason to cancel is due to the loss of viewers mid-season. Reality is we were giving CBS another chance about then, due to the positive comments about Jericho.

and WHY did I ever give up my cable shows for you. Guess you taught me a lesson.
Close to Home and Jericho? Looks like I will have less reason to watch CBS. Two of my favorites. If they hadn't let Jerico lanquish for weeks before returning, it would have retained more of its viewers. It actually got much better during the last 4 episodes. Let's hope Survivor keeps going.
CBS---let's cancel you. CBS screws up and takes it out on the viewers by cancelling the show. a lot of good comments above...let's do what we can to cancel the CBS executives. Let's put them on Hiatus--permanently. Jerico -- good show, CBS--Bad Network.
I think it is TV = Trash. Even if the show is family friendly, the commercials are trash. How many times should you have to watch a commercial concerning hot lines or viagra type products?
How stinking typical. They take a well-written show, build an audience, REMOVE IT FROM VIEW FOR MONTHS FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN THEIR OWN STUPIDITY, then wonder what went wrong. People used to build their plans around TV nights and favorite shows. None of the major 3 get it. When you keep switching nights, time slots, removing shows for long periods, you do an injustice to your audience that is rewarded by apathy. The networks also don't get that the "teasers" they run virtually ruin watching the upcoming show. I'm constantly grabbing the remote and muting, to keep some fun in watching a show. That never happend in the golden age of TV. You watched because the networks were confident they had earned your trust. Now, through their own miscues, trust is a thing of the past and they've earned the stew they sit in. Absolutly pathetic.
The cancellation of Jericho is just one more reason to stop watching CBS. Like many other commenters, I made sure that I saw if every week, and if I wasn't home to watch, I recorded it for later watching. With all of the "junk" that is targeted at that great desirable demographic of 18 to 49, I'm going to leave the television off. My brain cells will shrivel up if I don't get away from the drivel available to watch in the evenings. Jericho made me THINK. I will be looking for something else that will do the same thing!!
Typical network bs... they pull a mid-season disappearing act on the show and then cancel the show because their decision lost them viewers - those of us who invested the time to follow Jericho's story are extremely upset and I for one will not give CBS the time of day on any of their new shows - Why bother???
CBS is being incredibly short sighted with the decision to cancel Jericho.

Finally there is something new and different that doesn't fit in with the mindless drivel running rampant on all the networks.

This show actually brought viewers back to network television and despite the hiatus and running against American Idol - it managed to keep a very solid consistent number all spring.

Big, big mistake CBS.

I won't threaten to boycott your network. I don't need to. You've already boycotted me. I've seen your 2007-2008 line up (and those of the other networks). There's nothing there that appeals to the millions of Jericho fans out here.

Please reconsider.
All network execs on all the networks do not know ANYTHING about what the consumer (meaning the TV viewer) wants. The statement about Jericho losing steam is just a BOLD FACE LIE!!!!! Stop messing with those damn numbers!!! Some young gun must have slip some money to a Scientologist wannabe to get it canceled so their concept can be pushed forward. (Kid Nation?? Moonlight?? What kind of junk is that?!?! Viva Laughlin?!?!? You shoving another "Cop Rock" on us, Les???) You want to make room?!?! Knock off one of those CSI: crime-dramedies copycats. Hell that's HALF of your schedule!!! And for pete's sake KILL Survivor!!! I mean, please The Amazing Race is way more interesting.
Put Jericho back on and FINISH THE STORY LINE!!!! You hear me Les!!!! PUT IT BACK ON!!!!!
It is a very sad day when a town that survives an nuclear holocaust cannot survive the stupidity of network executives. I was a faithful follower of Jerico, even through the ill advised mid season hiatus. Yes, there have been some over-the-top plots and errors, but for the most part Jerico was a very entertaining series and one of only 2 shows that I record and watch every week from the networks. I was waiting for a Greenburg EF-5 tornado to decend upon New Berg and wipe it off the map! Hey, it is Kansas after all! Now maybe the twister should hit the CBS corp. offices instead! This is a mistake that CBS will not recover from!
Everyone in my family of 7 siblings watched Jericho in their respective households. From the 87-yr-old grandmother to the teenage great-grandchildren watched Jericho. Jericho was the only show I only watched on CBS - period. Network TV has sucked for years - Jericho showed that it had a chance to capture viewers. It's back to the History Channel for me.
I can't believe this network is STUPID enough to cancel a fantastic show like Jericho. I hope another network picks Jericho up and CBS ratings will continue to go down the toilet. BIG MISTAKE CBS!
Good bye CBS. Bad decision to cancel Jericho and leave us hanging... I hope some networks witn more common sense in their heads will pick up the show and continue the series. I, for one, will stop watching the CSI as well.
I can't believe CBS canceled Jericho. Such an amazing show (my favorite) with so many possibilities. My wife is going to be pissed when she gets home. Lousy CBS - a truly foolish decision, especially since all the lame ideas they have lined up don't even come close to what Jericho is/was. Disappointing.
Two words: Arrested Development.

now a bunch more words... Networks should take a step back from their ratings reports, watch the shows they are putting out and ask this question... "Is this a good show?" and if you gotta look at the ratings ask, "is this show good enough to stand behind." If you only give a show a couple of episodes before it's cancelled the show doesn't get a chance to build a viewership. They are counting the chickens before they hatch. Viewers will come to good shows. it's word of mouth, it's catching the show on a good night... it's alot of things that take a little patients.
I agree. At least give us an ending and notice of cancellation.
This sucks. I have watched this program from the beginning.
Very, very disappointing.
With the fragmenting of television viewership its no surprise that shows no longer command the same Nielsen ratings as they used to before the era of "choice" descended on us. But with what passes for as "choice" its a real disappointment when quality shows such as Jericho, the Class, Studio 60, etc get cancelled in favour of 20 year old repeats (The Bionic Woman returns... where was she in the shop for a tune-up?). The sooner network programmer figure that not everyone needs 15 mintues of fame and cancels the raft of horrific "reality" television shows the better.
Everyone go to Under the community section there is an area for Jerico where you can post/discuss.

What a bunch of idiots at CBS. Only two good shows, Jerico and Shark, and now one is gone. I'm sure we'll get yet another DUMB reality show to replace it.

Write to CBS, make them bring back Jerico!
Yeah - another reality show and a kid one at that. Jericho was the only reason to turn on the TV on Wednesday. What a stupid decision, but then look at the their new choices. Books and movies will be my choice.
I think the mistake, if you could call it that, isn't just with CBS but with all the networks with these new short seasons. They produce few new shows, and don't maintain viewership during hiatus. That makes it all the harder to kick start the fan base when the new 'season' starts up. Look at 'Rescue Me' on FX. Great show, but I've just about lost interest waiting for the next fix.
My wife and I watched Jericho every week. I cannot believe that they would drop such a good show. The worst part is that the shows they are adding do not look very good. Why should we get involved in shows if they are just going to cancel them?
CBS lost another viewer.. they canceled their only good show they had. Yet next fall they will be wondering why they have even less viewers. I give kid survior two weeks and it will be off the air.. so stupid...
CBS keeps Katie Couric and cancels Jericho. What else need be said about the state of network television?
It's really sad: The network buys the show. The network promotes the show. The show does reasonably well in the ratings. The network suspends the show for about 2 months and cancels it because it wasn't drawing enough viewers. That's really going to give CBS stockholders a lot of faith in television network management.
I am utterly disgusted with CBS right now! I think we should “go to the mattresses” with this bull, and protest watching CBS!!! I think that Jericho is one of the best shows that CBS has ever had. Another thought....what is up with CBS not giving people warning that these shows are going to be cancelled???? The only other network show that I watch is House, and I wouldn’t be surprised is they cancelled it too. Geez….there were only 2 million watchers, guess it wasn’t enough. I really enjoyed the prior post of someone named Brad Hundley. You are exactly right with the TiVo and DVR thing. I too have DVR and I never watch a commercial anymore. I will record something and then watch it an hour or so later, just to have the luxury of fast forwarding it! Great post! All I have to say to CBS is “Nuts.”
Fox is one the best around they tend to play what people like!!! Not always what is Politically correct or right!!!

CBS which stands for Canceled Best Shows Normally cares what the minorty think or easily Persuaded by religous groups and political persons. so dont just blame the station there are those nuts out there ACLU, Farewell, moral Majority Group and so on

And though Fox I am Sure the get the same they at least have the balls to stand up to them...

And the power is in the people so write your stations and let them know that they are loosing a customer because your programming is going to heck!!!!
The networks seem to be taking a cue from the instant gratification generation. They're not giving shows the time necessary to develop when they're dramas--or the audience the time to become invested in the characters/storylines. I think the days of huge numbers for a handful of shows is over and the networks have yet to recognize this. If they continue to drop interesting and thought-provoking shows like Jericho, then they will soon find themselves with an ever-dwindling audience for any of their shows no matter how good or poor the quality of programming. Audiences have lots of choices now (computer, hand-held devices, games, DVD's, and the old-fashioned movie theater to name a few). On the bright side, when I eventually give up on television programming altogether (and that day seems to be coming sooner rather than later), I will do a lot more reading and get more "real" living done. I might miss my few hours of enjoyable escapism, but maybe I'll be too busy to really notice in the end.
I am heartbroken to see Jericho go. Heaven forbid that I want to watch a show with drama and people who feel like my neighbors. Jericho just didn't have enough sex and raunchiness, I guess. Now I'm back to reading 7 nights a week. Everything else in life is "fast" and "disposable", why shouldn't our favorite TV shows be? How embarassing to be replaces with a vampire trying to make it in the city and over-sexed couples in Chicago trying to make it. CBS, you should be ashamed of giving in to peer pressure. JUST SAY NO!!!

Jericho, Kansas
Now I'm mad! The networks kill shows by doing that stupid hiatus thing and then they blame the viewers for loosing interest. It is frustrating to watch a show and then it disappears for a hiatus. I know a lot of people who stopped watching different shows just for that reason. They also take really funny sitcoms and put them in impossible time slots (such as Andy Barker, PI)and then cancel them. And the ratings systems - come on - how many people use their DVR and then watch it within 24/48 hours.
Kid Nation? We all read Lord of the Flies or saw the movie. What possible interest could this have to anyone?

Moonves is an idiot. Jericho wasn't an easy show to get into, but I managed towards the end. I was looking forward to seeing all the episodes over the summer and go into the new season in the fall.

What television executives don't understand is that their actions are driving away the viewers, not the new media. The commercials have gotten so long that an hour long program is 40 minutes. So it's much easier to watch it on TiVo or DVR, or get the DVDs, and avoid the commercials. Plus, one doesn't have to change the volume on the TV to avoid the commercial blare.

Cheers ran 11 years - it took three years to become a hit. Ratings were dismal then. Also, in CBS's history - remember Touched by an Angel? That struggled.

Some people commented they need family friendly shows. Actually, what I think they need are shows about people being adults. No "a little child shall lead them" shows. No T & A shows. And no "heavy funny best friend finds love with a guy wackier and weirder than her." (Gilmore Girls - I detested Sookie and Jackson as a relationship).

Real people, struggling with interesting issues in real ways. That was Jericho. That's Friday Night Lights, and Heroes, and even Firefly on Fox (you really believed that that was how real people would react among the fantasy elements).

What CBS needed to do is indicate that this was a "rebuilding year" similar to in baseball. I can see cancelling Old Christine, it had a two year run, but they should have left the new shows alone and given them another year to find their audience.
This is really hard to believe that a big station like CBS would pull the plug on Jericho right after the season finaly. They left us hanging for nothing. I spent all of my time watching a great show like Jericho so they can cancel it later. Why even bother watching another one of their shows. Why risk it again.
I guess i learned my lesson. Thanks CBS for nothing.
Ok that's it. CBS cancels Jericho, which is a GREAT show. My family and I will be officially boycotting CBS from now on. You guys at CBS really need to look at the big picture here and not your petty "bottom line"
Jericho gone?!?!?!? It is a sad state of affairs when a show that shows a potential reality is dropped for shows that have, at best, paltry plot lines. What does is say to our kids that the best shows on TV are mind-numbing with no thought required? As far as I can see, CBS has more problems than falling ratings, they've just lost another viewer. I'll stick to cable channels that at least have something interesting on!
CBS - What a shocker! They cancel a "GOOD" show due to inability to keep mid-season afloat with crap.

Someone at corporate smack Kelly Kahl upside the head. What are you saying "Lost a lot of steam"? Well *DUH* that's what happens to all shows that take long breaks. Doesn't mean the viewers are gone.

The CRAP you have scheduled for next season will not show at my house. Not to mention "Close to Home" is no longer going to be seen as well.

ABC, CBS, NBC take note. You all need to pay attention to the constant off / on again type programing. Every time the ratings drop like 1/2 percent you jump, freak out and then toss the shows to the wolves.

And you all wonder WHY is Netflix and Blockbuster so popular now?
I am so discusted with CBS after the cancelation of Jericho. I would rather sit on my deck and watch the grass grow than watch any of their new shows this fall!
I think Kid Nation was already done. It was called the Lord of the Flies.

It looked like CBS would do something fresh, like Babylon Fields. But no. This is why I watch cable, not network, TV.
CBS must have gotten a phone call from DC. guess they were getting to close to reality. Where do these executive get their information that people are not interested in this very well written and oh so true to reality show. Every wed the whole family and friend were glued to the TV for the hour. CBS won't get my veiwing time anymore.
I am personally tired of chasing down my TV shows. Between trying to figure out which night and time slot they have been moved to, or if the show will return at all.

It is a shame that they will cancel Jericho. It has been an excellent show and one of the very few that I would want to track down, if they were to move it instead of cancelling it.
Maybe if CBS had called it: "CSI: Jericho"...they wouldn't have cancelled it. Never mind that Jericho was something refreshing and somewhat inventive on a schedule festering with law enforcement dramas. Jericho offered a nice break, a plot that seemed to have finally found direction in the second half of the season and good acting by television standards. CBS has badly miscaculated with Jericho's hiatus, a misstep deepened with its cancellation. At least have the decency of offering a final episode with closure after leaving fans with a humdinger of a cliffhanger "season finale."
So tell me CBS, what is "edgy" about a bunch of people on a sugar mill? Or better yet a musical? Now how about an original one about a vampire? Gee, that has never been done before! When are you people going to get your heads out of the ground and realize your mistakes? Jericho was one of the only shows I would watch on CBS, so congrats on losing me completely. I hope the shareholders find you all as incompetant as we do. Do us a favor and sell the rights of Jericho to another station so that we can watch it on their station - ya bunch of idiots.
Please don't cancel Close to Home. I love that show! Just when a show begins to have a strong following, the networks decide to cancel them. Please rethink canceling Close to Home.
CBS = Can't Be Serious! Jericho was THE best new show this season, what could you be thinking? And to replace it with more of the same garbage that's on all the other stations? You Can't Be Serious!
I have been disappointed with CBS since they cancelled JAG... and Jericho!! My TV will no longer be turned to CBS!! What a bummer!!
I can't believe they are canceling Jericho! Give the show a chance to get a following....just because viewership went down after one hiatus on one season doesn't mean it should automatically be cancelled. This was a great show! One of my favorites! At least give fans a chance to give input on whether to cancel it...and at least plan for some kind of ending at the end of a season if there is even a remote possiblity of cancellation. Leaving us all hanging is just ridiculously not fair! CBS is making a big mistake with this.
SUGGESTION: Why don't the networks take a lesson in "Planning". No really.

How about SPREAD OUT your broadcast of these shows? I wouldn't mind waiting two weeks to see the next episode. Run one episode two weeks in a row. Then on week three the new one. Then during specific "Sweeps" or whatever weeks you can run them weekly for those that need two episodes. This allows for those who share a TV or TIVO to not miss a show. Or those who travel even.

Just a suggestion. Want to keep fans around, you need to stop dropping shows like flys that the people like. Pulling the plug on a couple "GOOD" shows for five maybe's is not good. Vampire? Kid's Nation? Are you kidding me? Put Jericho back and stop the stupid number crunching games.
""Jericho" started out strong last fall for CBS. However, like "Lost" on ABC and "Heroes" on NBC, many viewers abandoned the show after it went on a long midseason hiatus."
"I know we had loyal viewers"

Maybe there is a message in these quotes-you loose viewers with
"a long midseason hiatus"
I say Fire Les Moonves and bring back Jericho.
A show that ALL of the family could enjoy, way to go CBS another poorly thought out least you are consistent.
RUFSM??!!! CBS cancels one of the few shows on network TV worth watching (Jericho). Complete idiots! Regardless of how much I liked watching Letterman I can't watch a network that is this incompetent anymore. CBS just lost me and my TV time for good. Thank god for NON-network TV. Can I get an amen?
What is wrong with CBS? Jericho was a sure winner and our family never missed it.

I'm going to stop watching CBS news because I'm protesting the cancellation of Jerhicho.
CBS= Canceled Best Shows

ABC= A Bad Choice

NBC= No Body Cares

FOX= Fun Or Xtreme
I am absolutely OUTRAGED at the cancellation of Jericho (such a good look at what could be the future), Close to Home (would have been nice to have a "heads up" on that one) and the thought that New Adventures of Old Christine looked at facing the same chopping block.

Did CBS stop to think that staying on the conservative side may be the one thing that draws viewer to the station???

I WILL NOT allow garbage to come in our home so if they go the way of being "edgier", then they need to know they will be edged OFF the televisions is our home as well as a large number of others in my town that are disgusted about the same issue.

Very dissappointing. So sad when trash and smut is what they will cater to rather than good shows that a family can watch.
I agree that it is the networks fault for the decline in viewership of Jericho, after all it was the choice to do a midseason hiatus. Jericho was the best show on TV and now were not given an ending. How about letting the viewers choose what shows stay or go. ENOUGH WITH REALITY SHOWS.
I can't believe they canceled Jericho. Along with Lost, it is the ONLY show that I actually watched when it aired--commercials and all.

Terrible decision.
Let's see Third Watch, Alias, Invasion, What About Brian, & Jericho. All AWESOME shows that I watched religiously EVERY week, whether it be live or via DVR. All are now gone. There have been many others in the last few years, but these are the ones I can think of right now.

When are the network execs going to wake up & realize the reason why their ratings are so terrible is because of their poor scheduling, long hiatuses, etc. Not because the viewers aren't watching. We are out here & frankly I don't think any of you are listening to what the viewers really want to watch. I don't know about everyone else but I am sick to death of all of the reality tv shows. Been there, done that, & if you'd been paying attention you would realize that aside from a couple of shows (American Idol & America's Got Talent are the only 2 I think are worth watching) that craze was over years ago.

Ticked off in Colorado
I am so sick of corporate network BS! CBS killed its own ratings by putting Jericho on such a long hiatus. Essentially they cut off their own legs and then complained that they couldn't walk!
Jerico caused people to ~think~ about issues too... God forbid that corporate networks allow people to think! Next thing you know, we'll want to vote too! ;)

I'm mad that I'll never see how the storyline would have played out. Maybe if the show's producers could have figured out how to do product placement in a post-apocalyptic world, I would have been able to find out.

I've decided to finally put my "V-chip" to good use and BLOCK THE ENTIRE NETWORK!
Fans are rallying to save Jericho!
Here is a link to a petition started by fan David Murphy.
There is a ton of fans over at CBS forums, staging and instigating all kinds of retorts to CBS callous treatment and high handed dealing with Jerichos Fans.
check out the forums, and lend a hand of support to us, please.
also, the petition online now has 12,847 names since 12:08 this afternoon, we have gone from being at 5949, to 12847 names.
Please sign the petition here
also check out
we need your support!!!!
Yeah, like y'all are going to read books! Puh-lease! TV is frustrating, yes, and clearly people are very passionate about it. The reality of it all is this: too many networks, too many choices, too few viewers, too archaic are the systems of viewership measurement. The networks want us, indeed NEED us, to watch commercials. But now we have the freedom to skip them, and it's really throwing a wrench in the whole mess that has become TV. Networks don't ever really "believe" in shows, or care about shows, or care about viewers. Networks care about cash. And when a repeat of a hit show garners higher viewers than a new show in the same slot, the need for profits dictates doing what makes the most money. And I believe multi-season serialized dramas are headed the way of dinosaurs. Viewers will demand closure, and networks will have to respond, probably by doing lots of unscripted shows and short-run serialized dramas that cover 6 to 13 weeks and end.
This is RIDICULOUS. I'll stick with the CSIs and The Unit, but after they pulled the plug on Smith so quickly and now cancelling Jericho because of how they scheduled it, I won't begin watching any new series from CBS.
Here is my idea. Split the seasons into two pieces, most networks are doing this somewhat already. The first would be an 18 week commitment from September to December, which also allows time for annual specials, award shows etc. Make a commitment to air the show during the time, pulling a show after 3 to 4 airing means that as a viewer I am reluctant to invest time in a show that is considered marginal in “reviewers” minds, because it might be pulled. I could take up pages listing shows I began to like only to see them put on hiatus, and never comeback, leaving no closure.

The second season would run from Jan to May with the same idea. Then the summer can be used to run the best of both seasons, and hopefully catch new viewer. The shorter season allow for more quality writing and the elimination of clip and recap shows (ABC has done that to death the last few years).

I think if networks were to make such a commitment to programming, many of the viewer ship would come back, plus find a way to count DVR programs. I never watch anything live anymore, commercials breaks just too annoying.
CBS cancels Jericho. Stockholder cancels CBS
"CBS keeps Katie Couric and cancels Jericho." I like that. On the one hand Edward R. Murrow is rolling over in his grave and on the other, so is Bill Paley. I hope my stockbroker is at work early in the morning.
In an Associated Press story about the cancellation of Jericho, the CBS programming chief complained that the show "lost steam" after starting out strongly.
You put the show on hold for months and then cancel it because it lost steam???????
What hypocracy.
Can't believe Jericho is cancelled and we don't even get a decent ending. Very reminiscent of a few other shows I was into that got cancelled. My friends and I were all talking today about Jericho and we are all really tired of this disappointment.
I think its time to pick up some books I have been wanting to read. I'm so sick of reality TV.
It's pretty frustrating to get into a show and then BOOM! its on hiatus and then BOOM! gone at the end of the season.
What is with these network gurus these days? They don't seem to get how viewers work.
Count me in here, too. I nearly forgot about Jericho during its "hiatus" (whatever that's supposed to mean). Then I found it again, and just a couple weeks ago, told a good friend what a great episode I'd seen. I was so pleased to find the story going somewhere interesting. Now, once again, I feel cheated for investing my time trying to follow a serial drama. Why haven't I learned?? Do the network execs care at all about the intense loyalty developed by high quality shows like Jericho?

I'm completely sick of smart guys and hot women solving complicated murders week after week. Reality shows will come and go, with very little long-term viewer loyalty. But once in a while someone brave breaks the mold and dares to pitch a solid story about intrigueing characters (who aren't cops or lawyers or doctors). Ah well, I'll miss Jericho, and be just a little less likely to bother next time.

As another commenter mentioned, there are thousands of great books out there, just waiting to be read. At least the [expletive deleted] network execs can't cancel those! Farewell, Jericho.

--Jim, Fairport NY
CBS must stand for Could Be Senile. That's the only explanation for the cancelling of Jericho. Out of all the people I know, Two were not watching Jericho. The rest were. Those two? My parents. So apparently they want to stick with that demographic.
I just finally started watching network television again after turning it off because of the "Dancing with The American Survivor's Crime Scene Idol" crap because Jericho is a well-written, plot-intensive show with a very good ensemble of actors. So I've either got 2 dum miself down 2 dat levl of programin and stair slak id at the tv...

Or I'll go back to the Science and History Channels instead.

I choose the later.

I think we should organize a boycot of all CBS programming for the rest of the month of May. May is a sweeps month. Networks use May ratings (and November and February) to set advertising rates, i.e. the income they get from shows. A successful boycot of CBS for the rest of the month will cost them viewers, cost them ratings and cost them money. We can do this for two weeks and maybe they'll realize the power of the people and put Jericho back on the air.

Protest the Jericho decision. Boycot all CBS programming for the rest of the month. Hit 'em where it hurts.
So CBS screws up, puts a 1st year serialized drama on hiatus for 2 months, brings it back against American Idol, and then wonders where half the viewers went? Fire those at the top of the food chain that made that scheduling decision! Don't cancel an excellent show! MORONS! Can't wait for the next "been there, done that" crime drama!

First ABC cancels Invasion on me last year. Now CBS cancels Jericho on me.

Can't wait to see trailers for the new shows coming this fall so I can pick one to watch and see axed after one season.
cbs has been blocked on my remote for lame and retarded thinking SAVE JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jericho was the edgiest thing on tv!!!!! CBS is taking a step backward, NOT a step toward edgy!!! Jericho is the only quality show on tv and I know that I will not be alone in my boycott of CBS in regards to this very irresponsible decision.

They've lost my respect. And now they'll lose my viewership.

(Sorry Oprah, but I can't support your network anymore. So long.)
I am angry that they left us hanging with the Jericho Season Finale. A lot of us are confused how CBS cancelled a show even though it was bringing in 10 million viewers against Idol. The show was called a surprise hit prior to the new season of Idol, so they knew it was a successful show. But they put in a 3 month hiatus and then put it against Idol and then point their fingers at dropped ratings. Well duh. Instead of rescheduling the show, they are just cutting it. Go to to sign a petition. Thanks.
I feel CBS does not care about its viewers. And I dont care what they haev lined up for fall. I will not be viewing i canceled them
I think CBS has made a big mistake in taking Jericho off the air. It was the best show on TV. Now, I have been robbed of the ending of the show. I spent a lot of time watching that show and thinking about it, etc. And now, CBS just yanks it off the air. How can CBS ever expect us to "Trust" them again. Yeah, get hooked on this us!
So, that's it for me and CBS. Good luck with your new shows, I for one will not even give them the time of day.

- Disgruntled Jericho Fan
Is CBS mental or something? Jericho was the best show I've seen in a long time.. bye CBS.
CBS made a big mistake cancelling JERICHO
Don't cancel Jericho! It is the only show on TV worth watching. You are making a huge mistake, CBS! NUTS!!!
I am highly disappointed in CBS for canceling a thought provoking, non-reality, great show. I am speaking of Jericho. I, for one, will not be watching any of CBS's new (and "edgy") lineup. Vampires? Sugar Cane farmers? Ok...
CBS, what is wrong with you? YOU schedule a hiatus in the middle of the Jericho season and then use the results of that hiatus as a reason to cancel the show. I am reminded of the "Who's On First" skit here . . . Jericho was one of the best-written shows in a decade. I will not be watching any CBS show from now on. Kid's Nation -- edgier programming this fall?! Please!
In the biggest mistake since Moonves, CBS is canceling one of the best shows to come around in many, many seasons.

Now, the WISEMEN of CBS bring us a reality show about kids in a ghost town? Give me a break and quit trying to DUMB DOWN AMERICA!

It's bad enough as it is.
Jericho is a family oriented show-my mother, myself, my children, and my grandchildren all watch it together. Please help us keep this show on the air.I have pledged to not watch any shows on CBS or their affiliates until Jericho returns. Thank you
It is a sad day in Television land. We know "who dropped the bomb" on one of the most cracking teleivision shows of the 2007-2008 season "Jericho". The answer is CBS. Jericho was one of the few things worth watching besides soccer on television. What is worse, it left with a cliffhanger with no resolution. How does a show that averages 10 million viewers get cancelled. Nuts to CBS and I hope they think long and hard about this. At least have a two hour movie to wrap up the show. Fans like myself are at least owed that much.
I can't believe CBS! Cancelled JERICHO??? Are you kidding me??

It was the only good thing on television this season. In a TV schedule flooded by crime and forensic dramas, JERICHO was a refreshing change. It actually spurred one to think which is more than I can say for 98% of the shows on the grid. CBS had made a huge mistake on this one.

I don't buy their excuse that it wasn't "performing". That was their blunder, not a lack of viewership. Putting JERICHO, a new show, that is just finding an audience on a 3 month hiatus and bringing it back against a juggernaut like American Idol was not a good move on their part. It was not becuase the viewers were not there.

I can't speak for everyone, but they have lost this viewer's support for their shows and products. But I guess a 30-something, upper middle class, professional female isn't what they want in their demographic.
this is the petition to save Jericho please sign it!
I just got home from the library. I figured that since CBS cancelled Jericho ( the only show I watched), and all that tv has to offer is pointless drivel, that I should start reading again! I will not support CBS or any of their major sponsors again!!!
Unfortunately it is only about money and not satisfying their customers (their viewers).

This cancellation reflects poor management at CBS. They should fire the executive that decided to have a break mid season that was way too long. :(
Everyone I knew loved Jericho....I am so upset with CBS' decision. GIVE YOUR SHOWS A CHANCE. I may need to boycott CBS if they don't bring the best show back.
Can't. Be. Serious.
Family night. gather around, make some popcorn watch t.v. and discuss what is going on. Jericho gave my wife, myself, and our three girls something to talk about. and in this day in age, its hard for any parent to find things to discuss with there children.
T.V. is no longer for family. Guess we go back to board game night. Thanks c.b.s. for nothing

long live Jericho
Besides a few sporting events, the only thing I watched on CBS was Jericho and stayed around to watch the show after it. Its a pity you don't give it time to get its following back. Its a good show and what you are putting on in place of it really sounds like garbage.
I just got off the phone with my husband, brotherS and parents all are floored at the cancellation of JERICHO. Our entire family looked forward to each weeks episode. I agree with the other comments. GOOD BYE CBS!!!!!!
plz a network should pick very sad right now..
At this point I am not so intent on changing CBS's mind as I am to hope the show can be picked up by another network. The CBS programming executives should fire themselves for killing off a unique and captivating new show. Look at the schedule: all either crime dramas or reality shows. Kid Nation, please give me a break. And to think someone at CBS is actually proud of that decision. As someone said above, should have renamed the show CSI:Jericho, that would have insured a few more seasons.
CBS claims to have canceled Jericho due to a drop in viewership - I say they canceled it due to a drop in their brain activity. What show could have increased viewership when put up against American *boring* Idol after coming back from a "break"? Why can't CBS see THEY made an error in judgement and give Jericho the 2nd chance it deserves. It's a great show! Come on CBS - show some class, show some guts - take a chance, not just on the show BUT on your FANS!!
CBS cancelled Jericho, a smart, intelligent, edgy (yes...a show about life after a nuclear war IS edgy) show my entire family (14-45) watched for Kid Nation and Swingtown, two shows I can assure you that no one in my family will watch??

They also did this cancellation with UTTER disregard for the viewers of Jericho, leaving us with an unfinished cliff hanger. This, after 1 YEAR we invested in the show.

I can tell you that the ONLY one watching CBS next year in our house will be Grandma, watching her trusty old non-edgy CSI.

If CBS brings back Jericho, I PROMISE to give Katie Couric doing the news a try. I'll even sit with Grandma and watch a CSI or two.
Like many of the others, Jericho was the only show I watched faithfully. Making us wait through the winter hiatus a stupid decision as well as a surefire way to ice a show - what did they think would happen? What's the saying, you don't fix what ain't broken.

As it is, Jericho was the last thing that kept me watching CBS at all; looks like now i can narrow things down to ABC and Fox now.

Don't get me wrong, my elderly parents still love CBS, but I thought maybe CBS was actually serious at going for a younger demo (I'm 37.) Guess they weren't.

I hope someone else picks the show up if that's possible...
JERICHO was the best show on Reg. TV. Just shows CBS has no taste in good tv anymore!
CBS just lost me as a viewer, so it is safe to say that they have chosen a bad direction. I am a proud member of the 18-49 demographic that will no longer watch CBS, but I WILL switch to any network that picks up Jericho next season.

Nuts to you, CBS. Cancelling Jericho was a very poor move.
I am not a tv series watcher and for once, i finally found a show that i loved, i loved it so much, if i missed it, i could always find it on the internet. I would never miss a show. Now, it's cancelled. Jericho is the best thing to happen to CBS. Obviously whoever monitors your views isn't up to par on how to operate that machine and should go under servere re-training in this matter. We will not rest until it is back on the air or atleast we get an ending to the season and we don't mean in the 2009-2010 season. You could've aired it tonight and after the show maybe explained a little in detail on why you were cancelling it. But instead you don't take the feeling of any of your viewers into considerations when you just dropped it like it was never anything at all. I hope that some how, someway that there is a loop hole and another station gets the rights to this series, because from this point on, i am no longer a loyal CBS viewer. You can take your Bob Barker special and stick it where the sun don't shine!!!
Jericho is one of the best shows on TV. This is a crime and i will despise CBS forever for this.
I can't believe that Jericho was cancelled. It was the only show I watched every week. It showed during church, so I had to tivo, perhaps a new time slot would boost viewership?
Jericho was about the only show we looked forward to watching. I think CBS is out of touch with viewers. There are too many mindless reality shows along with police and lawyer shows. Enough already.
I can't believe CBS is canceling Jericho ...what a let down! It's the ONLY programme we were looking forward to watch every week! Now what? I agree -I'm heading for a book can't cancel this -leaving your viewership frustrated ...really! What were you thinking!! I really hope you reconsider ...for your sake!
I cant believe this, Jericho was the best show I watched next to House.

and let the season finale end the way it did???? Come on don't leave us hanging like this.

Please re think this dessicon,

other networks please get this from thme if they don
That does it! After the hiatus fiasco this year, and now with these bone headed decisions to cancel fan favorite programming such as Jericho and Close to Home, I am done with CBS. They claim to be trying to go "edgier"? They just slipped off the "edge" so far as I, and I am sure many others, am concerned. They don't deserve my time. I'll stick with other networks like ABC, FOX and WB that stand by their programming. I don't know where CBS thought ratings were down but if they had that idea they need to fire whoever is misinforming them. Look at the real America and not just Nielsen.
I really think it stinks that CBS canceled JERICHO. My whole family watched JERICHO every Wednesday. Bring it back or I will join everyone else and BOYCOTT CBS....and don't just bring it back for a ending. Bring the show back for good!!!!!!
This is amazing, CBS gets the bright idea (as did ABC with Lost) to screw over the viewers by putting the shows on extended breaks, like we would be foolish enough to stick around and watch whatever garbage they substituted in that time spot. Then they are horrified that we have found something else to watch and sometimes don't come back to the orignal show! Imagine that, so the viewers are punished by having the show cancelled (or getting a shortened season like Lost is going to have) because of CBS exec mistakes! Nice to know, and also nice to know I have 200 other channels to find something interesting to watch rather than these stupid 'broadcast' channels! And they wonder why they lose viewers? Hey CBS, I will do Moonves job for half his pay and probably be better at it!
I think CBS are a pathetic excuse for a network. I can't believe these morons put Jericho, a brand new and high quality show on a freakin' THREE MONTH HIATUS with absolutely NO reruns and they couldn't put their selfishness aside and acknowledge they made a HUGE mistake and give Jericho another shot.

I feel that the trend of cancelling a show like Jericho that makes you think, was different and relevant to replace it with yet another "reality" show is contributing to the dumbing down of our society.
I feel that CBS and it's company it owns with Warner Bros. the CW has made some horrible decisions with regards to cancelling shows in favor of "reality" programming.

While the "reality" shows certainly bring in numerous viewers I see a steady trend of people turning away from all the floods of shows that are filled with contests, drama, and anonymous people we only know for a season and then are gone.
I think a decline in viewership is only the beginning.
A full scale revolt is on the brink and I think the networks are going to find that viewers will be looking to cable networks for original programming and companies that will take the time and money to allow a show to develop.
Just posting to say I will no longer be watching CBS. I am not going to waste my valuable time on a network that ignores what their audience wants. Im going back to cable channels!

Viewer in Reno, NV
I not exactly sure how taking Jericho off the air and replacing it with yet another idiotic reality program is suppose to make CBS an "edgier" network. Can someone explain this to me please?

I actually had started to watch this network because of Jericho. Now there are no programs left I would be interested in.
Jericho is the only show my family watches together on TV, we are intelligent, thinking people who are not otherwise catered for on TV
How dare CBS tell me to watch CSI:Miami. If I wanted to I would, but it is boring. Jericho was interesting, challenging and engaging.
There was only one show on CBS that I watched and that was "Jericho". Last year I looked forward to Wednesdays because of "Lost" and "Invasion" then they cancelled "Invasion". This year it was "Jericho" and "Lost". I only watched four network shows this year and two have been cancelled. I am through with network television!!! I want programs that make you think. Not reality tv and game shows! And they wonder why they are loosing their audience..............
ABC puts Lost on hiatus...ratings gets renewed through 2010.

NBC puts Heroes on hiatus...ratings gets renewed plus a spin-off.

CBS puts Jericho on hiatus...ratings gets cancelled.

Guess which of the 3 networks I won't be watching anymore?
CBS is ridiculous. I will never watch that network again after what they did to Jericho. CBS wouldn't know a good show if it bit Les Moonves on the ...
I can't believe that CBS would cancel a quality show, such as Jericho, and replace it with yet another fake "reality" show. To blame it on viewership is ridiculous. What do they expect when they put a show on hiatus for months? It's bound to have a loss in ratings. Lost, one of tv's top rated shows, suffered a loss in ratings, when they returned from hiatus. What did CBS expect when it came to Jericho?
CBS lost a loyal viewer when Jericho was cancelled. I watched Jericho, CSI, CSI Miami, and numerous other programs. I vow to never again watch a program on CBS until Jericho is returned. CBS sold out and straight lied to the viewers of Jericho.
I just Blasted some letters to CBS websites. I AM NOT pleased at all about their decision on Jericho. Canceling a quality show,in favor of a Vampire show(anyone remember ANGEL..HEllo!)Jericho had great actors and a really good storyline. I was excited for next season and now once again (just like Joan of Arcadia) I get the rugged pulled out from under me. Now what do i have left...oh yeah CSI...Where All the shows are the SAME!! THanks CBS FOR NOTHING!!! So Yeah I am upset!!!
I give up on television! First Surface and Invasion and now Jericho! It is impossible to get attached to a show anymore when they are continually yanking them off the air. And always the shows with the original and fantastic storylines. We will miss Jericho. CBS made a mistake. Time to turn off the tube.....
I can't believe that CBS has gone and cancelled Jericho!! And how were we, the viewers, supposed to know about it? What about the people that were still watching??
I think CBS has really dropped the ball with this one. Cancelling Jericho will turn out to be a very bad decision for CBS when the viewers leave for good. It was the only show I watched on CBS. Thanks for nothing CBS.
What is wrong with network tv? Why do they insist on shoving mindless reality shows and CSI/Law and Order Version 600 down our throats? I'm completely outraged at CBS's decision to cancel Jericho. It was the best show on tv this year and their BS about it 'losing steam' and declining ratings is ridiculous....THEY TOOK IT OFF AIR FOR LIKE 2 MONTHS AND THAN REINTRODUCED IT AGAINST IDOL...WHAT THE HELL DID THEY THINK WOULD HAPPEN TO THE RATINGS? And even if the ratings weren't the best, so many shows have started off slowly and been on the edge of cancellation in season 1 but thanks to a little faith from the network were given a second chance only to successfully go on for many more seasons.
I have advice for CBS if they really want to be "edgy" and watercooler-worthy. I think CBS's dramas take themselves much much too seriously. All the crime procedurals look the same, whether it's a vampire or David Caruso as the lead. They need an hour drama(dy) that doesn't take itself so seriously. THAT WOULD BE DIFFERENT. All their hours look the same to me, with the rock music in the background, the generically pleasing-looking leads (ugh, get someone diff looking, please), the dead-pan serious lines. get something tongue in cheek CBS and I'll watch it.
Boy, I can't wait til technology catches up to stupidity and CBS starts cancelling shows in the middle of episodes! Anyone else think that's in the cards? I can just see it now- the Rice-A-Roni commercial ends during the 8:20-8:40 set of's just when the CSI dweeb is about to name the killer. As his lips start to form the name, the screen flashes, and a short message appears on the screen- "We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this show has lost steam, and has been replaced by "That 70's American Sugar-Field Vampire Survivor". We now join this exciting, edgy, new show already in progress."

Give us a little credit, Les. More people were watching Jericho than you realize, and more people will be bailing out on your network than you think. Was this your idea, or Kelly's? Either way, you should both resign immediately in shame. I've already taken CBS' stations out of my remote. Skips right over them, it does! You're a drooling moron with no concept of loyalty to your viewers or your advertisers.

I've got an idea- let's go to a two-week season format! More seasons=more shows you can cancel! An added benefit would be that the shows you put "on hiatus" in the middle of the season wouldn't have to be canceled! The new, edgy, shorter season would take care of that!

Another idea I have that you'll probably steal would be to do away with the shows altogether, and just show commercials 24-7! That would reduce your costs tremendously! No development and production budgets would mean higher profit for CBS! And that would translate to bigger bonuses for you!
Jericho Fans - go to and help with the fight to bring the show back.
Without Jericho I will no longer watch CBS.

Is CBS Kidding? canceling Jericho! the best show on its network! and replacing it with a Vampire show! for reals CBS? Im so disappointed with the way network tv is going now days. I boycott CBS till they bring Jericho back
Canceling Jericho is a perfect example of the mindle$$ decision-making by the corporate machine. Jericho has a very strong fan base, but CBS did not give it the attention it deserved. Now they want to be "edgier"? Please!. . .They obviously don't have the "nuts" for that.
I am just so disgusted that CBS took one of it's best new shows off of the air. My husband and I watched it each week. CBS should never have put it on such a long hiatus. I never saw much advertising when it returned and missed its first week back.

I will no longer be bothered with CBS. I'll stick to FOX and NBC.
I hadn't tuned into CBS regularly for almost a decade. Then Jericho came along and changed all that. A great show with good actors and solid writing. Not perfect by any means, but much better than a lot of what is on TV these days. So what does CBS do? It cancels the shows claiming the ratings tanked. Why? The show took a two-month long hiatus and was paired with American Idol when it came back. Is anyone that surprised that the ratings fell? What's surprising is that they didn't fall more. And what does CBS (emphasis on the BS) replace it with? Kid's Nation. A show that is absolutely shameless and exploits children. Good job! I stayed away from CBS for over a decade before; I will stay away a lot longer this time.
With the cancellation of Jericho, we have lost not only one of the best shows on the CBS network, but on all of television. I - like many other loyal fans of the show - have been watching repeatedly since the very first episode and have continued to do so all season long. The reason? Jericho is a show that appeals to almost everyone; has an excellent cast; an incredible storyline; and an originality that not many shows on network TV possess anymore.

While I am sure that the decision was made on the numbers, I think it's key to note that a) Jericho performed very well despite going up against the American Idol juggernaut; b) like almost every other show, a long hiatus hurt its momentum; and c) some of the best shows in the history of TV have needed some time to build up momentum (and very often, take off like wildfire in their 2nd seasons).

I am a 39 year old male, and can tell you that not only I, but my girlfriend, parents, and friends have all become addicted to this show. So much so that this is the first time in my life I have ever felt compelled to write to a network to let them know my feelings. And they are this: if CBS does indeed not bring back Jericho, they will have lost a couple of viewers - FOR LIFE. I have already removed the CBS channel from my programming guide, and will not endorse any of their sponsors whatsoever.

On the last episode, the characters were fighting for their very survival. Count me in as one of the 8 million viewers who are fighting for them.
To Whom It May Concern,

I cannot express enough the anger and disappointment that I am feeling toward CBS right now. I am 41 years old, and my wife (38) and two boys (12 & 16) are avid fans of the show Jericho. This show was a breath of fresh air...a thought-provoking, relevent show amidst a sea of reality show tripe and CSI proceedurals. It is a show which, like many classics before it, showed the value of family, teamwork, and other value which I (and many others like me!) wish to pass on to our children. Seldom does television cater to the moral high-ground such as Jericho, the norm is to swim in a sea of retarded high-school sexuality, the back-stabbing false friendships of reality shows, or the gratuitous spectacle of autopsy room gore. I remember when my 12 year old first got interested in watching this, around episode six, when he said, "Gee dad, this is good." It surprised me because he usually doesn't think his dad has good taste in TV shows. During the very poorly concieved mid-season break, he asked me numerous times when the next show would be, to which I replied, "A few more weeks!" We went back and caught up on all the first season. We all shared the second half of the season and, upon the season finale of Jericho, everyone in my house let out a loud "NOOO!" when the credits rolled. My 12 year old asked me when the next show would be and what I thought would happen, and I promised him that we would find out next season. Alas! That is not to be. I guess another lesson was taught by Jericho which I can pass to my kids: In the real world, money means more than loyalty.

Beyond this show, CBS has held no interest to me for years. Not since M*A*S*H* concluded its phenomenal run have I followed a CBS series so closely. If I recall, M*A*S*H* had poor ratings for it's first couple of seasons. I will be honest and say that this KidNation show which is replacing Jericho is not going to be watched in our kids have both read Lord Of The Flies.

The most shocking discovery I have made came from one of CBS' very own message boards, wherein a post regarding comments by Ms Tassler stated, "If a low-rated serial drama doesn't get the chance to tell the end of its story, Tassler said, that's just too bad. " That is an utter slap in the face to me...YOUR CUSTOMER!!

A few facts about what my family has done in response:

* I have informed both my local CBS affilliate (WMAZ Macon) and regional Atlanta affilliate 46 that I and several other (see below) Jericho fans have blocked their stations in our home and offices.
* I cannot speak to how they plan to react, but I personally know of several people who are angry for how CBS has treated their customers in this matter. I have eight coworkers and their families (most of whom also have upset friends) who are involved in the boycott and letter writing campaigns, as well my own family, two of my brothers and their families, my parents, several of my wife's parents, and many friends. My current tally is 34 people...just who I know personally and have mentioned Jericho's cancellation to.
* I must also mention that my wife's coworkers on Robins AFB are avid fans and they are just as upset. I don't know what the tally of people she knows is.
* I have sent emails to Lowe's, AT&T, Subway, and McDonalds letting them know that I am very dissatisfied with CBS business pratices: the fact that my family and I have been fraudulantly lured into believing that we were going to recieve a satisfactory product in return for 22 valuable hours of our time, only to be left hanging with an incomplete product.
* I am also seriously considering reworking my mutual fund portfolio so as not to be involved with CBS in any way.
* Jericho was not a victim of poor ratings, it was a victim of a bad timeslot (going up against American Idol) and bad decision making (the mid-season break).

It is one thing to cancel a much loved series (after all it IS only TV), but to cancel one with such promise in the way that you did leading your customers on is quite another. Ms Tassler's reaction to her customers is completely unacceptable.

Thanks, Ms. Tassler, why don't you tell my 12 year old that his favorite show being cancelled without resolution is "...just too bad."

Thanks, CBS, for making me a liar to my son.

A former of many I am sure!
CBS cancelled Jericho for "Kid Nation" Please! They are on the edge alright--the edge of madness! Keep Jericho! Dump "Kid Nation"!
Please don't cancel Jericho. It was one of the few shows on TV that my whole family can watch together and discuss. It also is one of the few shows that depicts people as they actually are, some truly good, some truly evil, but most somewhere in the middle trying to do their best for themselves and everyone around them. Maybe CBS can run the entire series over the summer when all the other reruns are on and grab up more viewers. Please, CBS, don't make me have to tell my daughter, who's already dying to see if the army(whichever army it is) makes it to Jericho in time, that we're never going to know.
Nuts to CBS for cancelling one of the best shows on TV. Jericho made me think, it brought to the forefront the what-if's. As a member of thier 'coveted' demographic (I don't understand how they say they didn't reach their demo, everyone I knew that watched it was in the 18-49), I am officially Boycotting CBS, it's affiliates, and their sponsers. As I've noticed many other people are also doing.
Frankly, I hope CBS gets cancelled. They continue to cancel decent shows and hold on to garbage. I can recall when CBS was the channel to watch if you wanted decent programming, but now, they have continued their decline like so many other broadcasters. Maybe the broadcasters need to think about WHY people are no longer watching television. Do you really think it is Daylight Savings Time, you're kidding! What is going on is that decent shows (not great, because TV has declined so much over the years) are going away after a brief stint because people aren't talking about the filth, sex, raunch and gore. Anyone can make that garbage. You have to have talent and staying power to make quality TV. Too bad for CBS Jericho and Close to Home were decent shows. Hopefully, it won't be long before the American way (true competition) forces the smaller networks to closedown the bigger ones. Arrogance is obvious in large network TV. I say "go ahead, cater to the trash viewers" you'll be left standing in your own mess before too long.

To other Jericho fans, hang in there, trash TV can't last forever!
SHAME ON YOU CBS. You obviously can't be trusted. Just when I thought you were getting it, you prove me wrong again! Jericho and Close to Home were good shows, as TV goes. It's hard to find decent TV any more, but these were thought provoking shows that could be viewed without fear of sudden embarrasement.

It is my hope that soon the American system, one of true competition will put to an end, the dominance of ABC, CBS and NBC. Once staples in the family home, these networks are now intruders who can't be trusted and often seduce and violate more often than they entertain and inform. I know that our market system will soon usher in other networks, as cable has provided, that care more about content, than comment. Stop catering to the psyco fringe and think about those who watch TV. The reason for the decline in viewing is due to people being fed up with the shock, rot and sex that you ofen try to force into homes these days.

To other Jericho fans, hang in there, this garbage won't rule forever!

Freedom fighters unite!
I am astonished at the cancellation of Jericho! Jericho is THE favorite show in our house! If I have to work when it’s on, I tivo it and I watch it the second I get home! Never in my life have I had this kind of addiction to a show!


Join the Army of Jericho NOW!

Call, email, and snail mail CBS!! Let them know we are mad and we’re NOT backing down!


For as long as Jericho is not on CBS…CBS will NOT be on my TV!!


— Posted by Heather
Cancelling Jericho is unbelievable...they admit themselves that the haitus (sp?) was the problem, not the show....I guess I have to just watch the crappy game shows on TV like Deal or No Deal or Identity. TV is so, so bad....
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