Tuesday, May 15, 2007
ABC goes with another shade of 'Grey's'
ABC announced its schedule Tuesday. The worst-kept secret was that "Private Practice," the spinoff of "Grey's Anatomy," would receive a spot -- in "Private's" case, Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET. If "Private" can get close to the audience "Grey's" attracts, ABC will be very happy.

But overall, the network appears to be wiping the slate clean. No more "George Lopez," which dated back to 2002; no more "Knights of Prosperity," which barely scraped (more or less) through its opening season. (Even "According to Jim," many critics' favorite punching bag, is on the chopping block ... to mix metaphors.)

In their places, viewers will find 11 new series, including "Cashmere Mafia" (I wonder if it will end up going against NBC's "Lipstick Jungle"), "Miss/Guided" (no relation to the 2003 Alicia Silverstone show "Miss Match") and "Big Shots," about four CEO buddies.

Is ABC doing the right thing by programming so many new shows? Or did they pull the trigger too quickly on some of their current programs?
ABC made thr wrong choice with cancelling "What About Brian". Period. They are willing to keep shows that had barely any viewers and scrap the ones that did "ok" on the ratings. Of course, ABC Networks is really good about fumbling their viewers.

This past season, was probably the first season I watched mostly ABC shows. But again, ABC has cancelled many good shows, so off to CBS I go, again.

Clayton Morgan
The George Lopez show is one of the funniest shows on television. I think that ABC has made a mistake canceling this show. Hopefully it will get picked up by another network.
"Sons and Daughters" last year,
"Knights of Prosperity" this year.
Two very funny shows ABC tossed in the trash. But "According to Jim" keeps hanging around? Whats wrong with these people?
I can not believe they cancelled What About Brian !!! You know, ABC is really starting to lack on what viewers want. I mean, come on now, you get rid of What About Brian and you put a stupid show about the Geico Cavemen on?!?! I have seriously lost must respect for ABC and I have been a faithful watcher of that station my whole life.
Wow, another great show bites the dust thanks to ABC. My husband & I like "What About Bryan". I had really hoped the show would be a success and in my eyes, it was. But as always, a terrific show isn't given a shot to build an audience.
I think "what About Brian" should come back for its 3rd season. I think it is a great show and but was in a bad time slot with CSI:Miami on Monday nights.
I CANNOT believe "What About Brian" is not coming back to ABC.
That was such a GREAT show even my European house guest loved that show and have been waiting for it to return. The story line was so fantastic, the location of where they all lived was also fun to watch. What were they thinking?
ABC cancels everything good without even giving the show a fighting chance (ex: Eyes, The Nine, etc). Lucky for us, though -- this leaves room in the schedule for a show about cavemen. Cavemen? Give me a break! Go ahead and print out that cancellation press release. I guess I'll also be heading to CBS or NBC.
I totally agree. "What About Brian" was awesome. Are there any episodes left that haven't aired?

At least they aren't moving stuff around again.
Caveman is a mistake. The 30 second commercial gets boring. How can anyone stand an hour??
Cashmere Mafia is not a good name.
Phil, Ventura, CA
No kidding why would ABC cancel "What About Brian" it was a really great show! Maybe the ratings wouldn't have gone down if they hadn't put in such a big break between the fall and the spring. How can a show like this be cancelled but they can approve a new show about the Geico caveman? Yeah, that show will be cancelled in less than 3 episodes.
ABC should keep "George Lopez." It's a funny show and I really look forward to seeing it every week. What I could do without is so much "Grey's Anatomy" and "Ugly Betty." The shows are simply not that good, especially "Ugly Betty." ABC thinks those shows are the be all, end all. Well every time I turn to ABC and see either of them, I immediately change the channel.

Congratulations on having the good sense to keep "Men In Trees." It's not lame like "Ugly Betty" and not another overdone doctor/ hospital drama like "Grey's Anatomy," which has been done to death already.
So...let me get this straight. "What About Brian" is gone, but we get to watch the idiotic escapades of "Cavemen"? The 15-second Geico ads are enough...trust me
Maybe I don't pay close enough attention to TV schedules, but it seems like these shows come and go before I even get a chance to watch them. I remember reading about a new show called "Knights of Prosperity" and thinking it would be good. Just yesterday I remembered it and looked it up, only to find that it is already off the air. I also enjoyed "Smith" and "3 lbs", but just as soon as they got going, they were gone. I don't think they give people a chance to really like something before they cancel it. Also, there was a recent article regarding how the Neilson ratings do not count shows watched on DVR or On-Demand. We finally have plenty of options for watching TV when we want, and they think we're gone and cancel shows. The networks cannot expect a show to be a hit on its first episode. Word of mouth is the best advertisement and it might take a whole season before people tune in.
ABC are clearly idots when it comes to running their own network. Putting MEN IN TREES back on Fridays when it didn't work the first time in just stupid. Why don't they just cancel the show and stop jerking the viewers around.
I loved What About Brian! Why would they cancel that show. All the women in my family watch as well as all my friends! Who is not tuning in? Viewers were able to bring Cagney and Lacey back to life. Let's all ring in our commentary for this heartwarming funny show!!
What About Brian had great potential and was just getting it all together when cancelled. It was a much better renewal choice than Men In Trees or October Road.

And Cavemen over George Lopez? Give me a break! Less people of color on TV for a show that will be one of the very first cancelled next year has to be one of the biggest TV blunders in years. A public relations nightmare. ABC just flat missed that call! What were they thinking?
You have made a HUGE mistake in cancelling 'What About Brian'. I am not that much of a TV watcher, but you really got my attention with the line up last fall. Now, I won't be watching much of ABC except for a few select shows.
You people are crazy What about Brian was the best show ABC had on. Why must you always the cancel the shows with witty intelligent writing? Good luck with your Grey's spin off, I hope no one watches!
I'm just tired of ABC cancelling all the good shows.
I think ABC made a mistake not bring What About Brian Back. I watch very few shows, and this was one of them. And people I know began watching the show as the season ended and were getting interested in the show.
Dropping "What about Brian" was a mistake. That was the only ABC show I actually watched.
The cancellation of "What About Brian " is a an absolute devastation...EVERYONE I know watches it...I agree with the prior post...this was the one show I tuned to ABC to watch (I no longer watch Desperate Housewives anymore due to it's recent poor writing) ... back to CBS! At least I know there's always something I can count on there...look at the success of their programming schedule...they choose far more wisely and it's proven in the lengthy tenures of the programs on the air! What an absolute shame...
Thanks a lot for cancelling "What about Brian", yet another show that I really enjoyed watching! I guess I will be switching networks AGAIN! Why do you take away shows like Brian and put shows on that are going to fail
1.Notes from the Underbelly
2. Private Practice
You have to get greedy with the sucess of Grey's Anatomy. You can't just let it continue it's journey you have to screw with it. What about Brian was a great show and attracted a younger audience. Thank you very little!
Cancel What about Brian for Greys Anatomy Pt. 2?
Private Practice will only survive with special guest appearances from the core Greys cast, but how many of those can you have to make the show ligit?
Typical Hollywood, should have cancelled LOST.
Put What About Brian back in the lineup!
George Lopez Show will be missed and hopefully will be picked up by the UPN or CW.

It would be a mistake to cancel According to Jim as it has proven to be the go to show for ABC when all the new stuff fails.

Remember all the time slots filled by According to Jim this past year. Sometime showing up to 4 episodes a night.

While not high brow humor it is consistantly good fun entertainment and fun for the family too. Jim continues to amuse after all these years. The reruns continue to kick butt.

Jim should take the show to NBC. They need it.
They pulled the plug to early. Their new line up doesn't sound good at all and I loved What about Brian along with George Lopez. They will see when their ratings go down!!
I am very disappointed that ABC did not pick up another year of "What about Brian." It was nice see others, 26-40, relating the same issues as I. It was a great way to relax on Mondays.
I agree with Clayton. This was the first year I watched primarily ABC shows and it looks like I won't be in the upcoming new season. Letting go of What About Brian - big mistake. I'd rather watch George Lopez and What About Jim over dirty fake looking cavemen any day.

Poor decisions, ABC.
I cannot believe the ABC is not renewing What About Brain - everytime they have a good show worth watching they take it off.
I completely agree with the above comments. I LOVED "What about Brian". It had interesting characters and sharp dialogue. What a shame!
They got rid of George Lopez for some cavemen???
I hope NBC snatches up George Lopez.
I believe that ABC made a huge mistake canceling What About Brian. What they should have done is given it a better time to see if it does better at an earlier time.

It is has almost gotten to the point of why bother watching shows because you know they will just be canceled during the middle of the series so they never have an ending. That has happened to more good shows and it is so frustrating. What About Brian is a prime example.
ABC is missing the target by canceling What About Brian. It may not have had the viewership of Greys Anatomy, but those who watched it loved it.

Instead of starting 11 new shows - they should focus on keeping the creative ones.
I agree. I though What About Brian was a decent show. Does ABC actually think that the Grey's Spinoff will be a huge hit? ABC needs to take a lesson from Joey. Just because you have a hit doesn't mean running off with a spinoff will have the same results. I am a huge fan of Grey's but I honestly do not think I will be watching Private Practice. You can not duplicate the kind of success Grey's has had. Also, three more years of Lost?? Seriously! I only watch it because I want to see how it ends, how many more weird things can happen on that island? They need to move it to an earlier time slot so I don't fall asleep while I watch it, or get some more eye candy for us women to look at! Oh yea, whatever happened to Six Degrees?? One day it's on, the next it's not, then it's back again and then after like 3 episodes it's gone again! ABC is going a little crazy over there.
Cancelling "What About Brian" is a mistake. That was the only show I watched on Mondays on a regular. Me and several of my friends would have a blog session first thing tuesday mornings. It will be missed. On the other hand we are looking forward to the spinoff of Grey's Anatomy.
I think they made a huge mistake cancelling "What About Brian?". I know so many people who watch it and love it, including myself. Plus I can't believe that "Private Practice" will do much better. When they had it on Grey's it was so boring.
I can't believe that they cancelled What About Bryan. That is abouth the only show worth watching!!!
What About Brian was one of my favorite shows! I am so disappointed. Please bring it back ...
I think it's a mistlake canceling "What About Brian?" Very good ensemble cast, characters and acting (except Stacey Keebler, didn't care for her on this show). Different story lines from many things that are out there. Enough cops and doctors already.

K. K., Mattawan, MI
ABC has some really good sitcoms going, but, sadly decided to cancel 3 of their best. "Cavemen"??? Give me a break. Do the execs really think this show can replace George, Jim, or Knights? Maybe they've hired people from NBC. . .
ABC totally did the wrong thing in cancelling What About Brian. This was a solid show and instead of holding on to something solid, they are going to instead cancel it and then bring on 11 new shows? Something just doesn't seem right here. I think that the execs at ABC need to rethink some of their choices and bring back BRIAN!!!!
In a TV schedule full of mindless shows, George Lopez was one of the few sit-coms I still enjoyed.
I am rather surprised it is being cancelled, and I am wondering what ABC is thinking.
At least it is now being released on DVD, so we'll be able to continue enjoying it.
What About Brian" is a great show. Please rethink your decision.
Just when i had some renewed faith in ABC they go and cancel a show like What about Brian. No-more ABC for me.
Cancelling "What About Brian" is a BIG, big mistake! ABC had the next "Friends" with that one! Bad, bad move...Almost everyone I know watched it!
ABC just messed up, really, they cancelled one of their better shows in The George Lopez Show, they have lost at least one viewer.
I am very disappointed that ABC has chosen to cancel What about Brian and in turn give us more shows that will not even make an entire season. I realize ratings rule, but this show has a huge following and terrific cast.
ABC has some great shows and must know what they are doing, however, I thought it was an internet hoax that there was going to be a show with the GEICO Caveman. It's not April 1st is it? I can't stand the commercials and I certainly wouldn't stoop low enough to watch a 30 minute comedy that can only be sponsored by GEICO. What's next a show with a talking gecko?
Cancelling "What About Brian"?!?! What a HUGE mistake!! That was a great show - one I looked foward to watching all week. I hope someone rethinks that one and decides to do the right thing - Bring Back Brian!!!!
I think cancelling 'What About Brian' is a HUGE! mistake. It is a great show. It makes me so mad to get into a show to have it yanked so quickly. Some shows take a little time to build a large fan base. And none of the other shows on the line-up look worth any of my time.
I really looked forward to "What about Brian" Bummer.
I agree that cancelling "What About Brian" is a big mistake. The show was well thought out, the characters had layers and it had huge potential to be a great hit. I'm very disappointed in ABC with this decision.
There's not much here that interests me. I gave up on "Lost" at the end of the last season; I felt that the show had no idea where it was going and was a time-waster.

I am appalled my the notion of the "coma comedy,"I am Sam." How desperate are the networks? Does that sound funny to anyone???? Granted, I experienced the hell of having someone I love in a coma for a month --there was really nothing funny about it --But I find it hard to believe that this idea sounds good to anyone. I also disliked the movie "Regarding Henry" where Harrison Ford turned into a great guy after a brain injury. But even without my grim personal experience, I think I would find the "I am Sam" concept kind of repulsive.
I agree with the previous post. Cancelling "What About Brian" was a terrible mistake! It's a great show and ABC did not give it a chance. Too bad ABC!
ABC Made the wrong choice in "What about Brian", my freinds and I felt it was the best show out on Network TV. I have been scanning the shelves waiting for the DVD's to come out for ages. It was a great show, we are all very dissapointed...
ABC made a huge mistake in cancelling "What About Brian". It was a great drama about a group of friends dealing with random issues. It was a great show... and I was a loyal viewer. Just like it takes new businesses at least 1 if not 2 years to be profitable, it is the same with TV shows. Quit introducing so many new ones that leaves viewers lost and overwhelmed and start keeping some existing ones and give them a chance to grow and flourish. Big mistake. Huge.
What about Brian was a great show, with some fresh story lines and great actors. It was a mistake for ABC to give up on that show. I think in the world of TIVO and DVRs it would have developed a loyal following if it was given a little more time.
I cannot believe they canceled "What About Brian." The cast had really good chemistry - but then my favorite of all, "Gilmore Girls" got canceled, so I feel whoever decides these things doesn't use the pulse from most of us in TVland.
Wow - I can't believe ABC cancelled What about Brian and instead is investing in a show about the Cavemen?

It's no wonder the national TV viewing has been on the decline.
Are you kidding, "what about Brian" is gone? Bad choice...I don't even think it got a fair shake! Please reconsider!
"What about Brian" is awesome! why must you cancel all the good shows! Sad!
Who wants to see a series about cavemen? The commercials are already so annoying that I change the channel! We do not need another series based around some guy complaining that life isn’t fair – get a grip. I watch this channel more than any other but this is not the way to expand my viewing with more mindless shows.
I have one question - WHAT ABOUT BRIAN?????
Way to go ABC...that was the only show on your station I watched.
well, thanks alot for cancelling What About Brian! Now I have a reason to start watching CSI Miami again. The last year I have missed all the episodes of CSI Miami (which, by the way, was my favorite show) just so I could watch What About Brian! Oh well, adios ABC--- Hello CBS and NBC!
I'm so dissapointed that ABC is cancelling What About Brian. It was one of the few shows I actually sat down to watch. I love Grey's but I have no plans of watching the spinoff...the pilot to it about put me to sleep. And I used to watch Desperate Housewives, but its gotten rediculous too. ABC is going to watch their ratings plummet this year, maybe NBC will do better than someone?! Who's going to watch cave men on TV...the commercials annoy me to no end, I cant imagine a whole show! Bad, bad choices ABC.
Canceling What About Brian is a huge mistake. Why do you always have to cancel the good shows? I've been religiously watching this show every week, as were many of my friends.

I'm looking forward to watching Private Practice. PLEEEASE the Geico Cavemen??? GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Talk about lame!
What About Brian was a great show. I can't believe ABC would say no to that show but give a nod to a spinoff of a commercial. Way to screw with the faithful viewers
Not impressed with the spin off Private Practice. It will crash and burn.
Looks like "Six Degrees" has been canceled as well...that sucks. JJ Abrams first failed show, I guess..
I can't believe ABC cancelled "What about Brian"
I can not believe that they are cancelling one of the funniest shows on ABC George Lopez has been moved around from wednesday to tuesday and from time slot to time slot... I as well as many others have followed George and his families antics! It is a shame that ABC is losing more of it's viewers. I mean really who is going t watch those stupid cave men! In addition if they cancel According to Jim they are left without and good comedies. So much for network executives knowing what they are doing.
Good Luck George we the people still love you!
What about Bryan was a very unique sjhow that truly appealed to the 25 - 40 year old fan base! ABC screwed up by having the show on for a few weeks and then not showing it again for 3 or 4 weeks. It made it frustrating as a viewer to stick with the show. It had great potential and a very good cast that could appeal to a variety of viewers. I cannot believe ABC dumped a show that had so much potential and appeal. There are too many crime shows and doctor shows and What About Bryan was a different show that actually seemed realistic and easy for the viewers to sympathize with the characters. I really hope ABC changes their mind or possibly CBS or NBC can pick up the show! I loved the show and got together regulariy with a group of friends to watch it! Big Mistake!
I love "What about Brian", awesome show, Why are you canceling one of the best program on television. Please rethink this decision.
I agree that they made a mistake cancelling What About Brian. That was a great show. I actually could live w/out Grey's nowadays. What About Brian was just beginning to capture viewers. I was able to get my husband to watch it & for him to watch a drama like that is rare. He agreed it was one of the best on TV. Bad call ABC!
I can't believe what about Brian has been canceled. It was my favorite show on ABC. What can we do to get it back. I TiVo'd the last episode and watch it once a week because it is such a good show. I'm very disappointed about this.
I believe that the Grey's Anatomy spin-off is a terrible idea. I am a huge Grey's fan, but did not like the episode where the spin-off characters were introduced. There was a lack of chemistry between the actors and a definite lack of plot. Also, every fan blog that I have have read opposed this idea, especially after watching. ABC should definitely reconsider.
I really enjoyed "What About Brian" and am shocked and disappointed to learn of its cancellation!!
Overall the schedule doesn't look too bad...but...
Caveman. Wow.
Already thinking of it in "Whoops!" and "Baby Bob" level of awful. My bet is it will live up to those expectations.
CNN - please send a copy of these comments to ABC Executives. I think they should know what a huge mistake cancelling a show like What About Brian is.
ABC cancels all of the good shows. I do not watch to much TV as it is but once I get into a show it is canceled. Who is running the place over there? Make up your mind & make some kind of commitment. George Lopez cut? who ever is cutting all of the good shows and thinks that a cave man show is going to work needs to be cut-off themselves. I can't even stand those commercials, they are not at all funny. I don't get the jokes from the commercials, why would we want to see a whole show. Please keep Ugly Betty. Just move on to the next level already. Lost is so powerful right now, I think that is the only thing really keeping me turning to ABC at all. think of a new rating system, It's 2007 already!
Cancelling "What about Brian" is a huge mistake. ABC should really reconsider.
I watched the pilot for the spinoff of Grey's. BAD!
Bad enough I won't be tuning back in. The writers need to step it up with a plot. Doctor's in a coop drooling over a surfer boy receptionist. Please!
Oh my another show that was good has bit the dust.
ABC what are you doing?
The time slot was the problem with What About Brian not the plot or the acting..

ABC showed remarkable patience with What About Brian. It was the only show from the 2005-2006 season that they picked up for a second year. Even with the dismal numbers it posted all season, ABC stuck by it and let it run a full season. Clearly this show was not gaining any traction even when its now-series finale had a Dancing with the Stars lead-in. I can't believe that the tired Bachelor franchise is still alive, but, simply put, it still does better than Brian's ratings.
I think maybe we should get something going to make ABC relize that canceling George Lopez is a BIG BIG mistake
I predict (and I am usually right) that the Grey's spinoff will go right down the toliet. The spinoff stunk. Stop jumping the shark. ABC had a good thing and are messing it up with the spin off. ABC almost destroyed "Lost" with all the waiting and changes this last year. People get bored and just change the channel...Hello...there is something called cable...
I think everyone should go to ABC.com and click on the Contact ABC link at the very bottom and let the network know WHAT ABOUT BRIAN was a success and that given a chance it would have been the "breakout success" they are only interested in. Let them know WE are the viewers and WE should decide what stays and what goes
I really can't believe you would cancel "What About Brian", and add a show about "Cavemen". Please reconsider that one. I am excited that "Men in Trees" is coming back and looking forward to the Grey's Anatomy spinoff, Private Practice and of course Grey's Anatomy is the best.
Seriously, reconsider bringing back "What About Brian", it gave us something to watch on Monday nights.
I am disappointed that ABC chose to not continue "What About Brian". The show's characters dealt with real issues and had the potential to grow and develop. I will NOT be tuning in to a show about the Geico cavemen. Perhaps the gecko would be a better alternative.
Can't wait to continue NOT watching anything on ABC. None of their new shows sound remotely entertaining especially that idiotic show Cavemen. What makes the powers-that-be think they can sustain a 30 second commercial for 30 minutes?
What about who? Never heard of it, George Lopez, yup heard of him.. The new lineup could be good, I've always like Applegate and Lucy Lu. Grey's (awesome!) but, spinoff I'm not so sure.. not one for me. Ugly betty (my fav!), housewives (they better do something with the plots!), lost is cool, but on way to late for a wed, and brothers/sisters is really good (although, how about an hour earlier plz??)
I don't know about any of you but I will not be watching "Private Practice". The characters didn't grab me at all.....
Cavemen: "Friends" meets "The Flintstones"...I can smell the 'fromage' from here. The Geico gecko will soon demand his OWN show...perhaps on Animal Planet. George Lopez has every right to feel shafted...his show has bounced around ABC's schedule five times in five years. And what looms next on the ABC horizon? BINGO. One hour of BINGO...under the Disney umbrella, ABC and Goofy has never been a better fit than now.
I cannot imagine what ABC is thinking by cancelling "What About Brian;" it was one of the best shows on television! ABC, please reconsider and put Brian back on the air. This past season was the best one yet for Brian and I was so looking forward to what was next in the fall with the show. If ABC would look at all these blogs they would see that the viewers are behind the show 100% and would be back to watch.
Thank you ABC for cutting George Lopez! Stupid show and now that George Lopez seems to be taking a slap at people other than the Mexican race (his own comments about why his show was pulled), I am glad the show is gone. What About Brian, what a shame and what the heck were the decision makers thinking...Way too much cigar smoke in that board room!Not sure if Grey's side kick show will make it.
Here is ABC's generic TV formula:
Get 4 (HAS to be 4, like "Friends" )men/women/cavemen, and make them lawyers,doctors, or roommates.
No wonder I don't watch Network TV anymore. Time for the Discovery Channel.
i can't believe what about brian is cancelled. If caveman airs and WAB does not, i'm out of here ABC.
ABC is making a HUGE mistake in cancelling What About Brian! I agree with so many others that this show was one I never missed. My days of watching ABC are over if they stand by their decision to cancel this show. Bring back What About Brian!
I'm done with ABC. What about Brian was my absolute favorite show.
What a mistake, cancelling What about Brian? Time to look at a different network.
I'll be the first one on this blog to counter the first 96 comments, and say that ABC probably did the right thing cancelling what about brian. Honestly, I thought they'd cancel it after the first season. It was an okay show. I liked it, but didn't love it. but the fact is, the ratings weren't there. That's life. George Lopez was a good show, but it was getting old. And the Friends meets Flintsones, I'm not sure about that one, but I'm willing to give it a chance before bashing it. There are definitely a surprising amount of people (at least in the Northeast) who find those Geico commercials ridiculously funny (me not being one of them).
Most of what I watch on ABC was cancelled this year: The Nine, Six Degrees,Day Break,and What About Brian? It makes me wonder why I should spend the time or effort. Some of these shows were pulled too soon and were never given the time to find an audience. Moving some of the shows about, didn't help. I have doubts about this new line up. I've watched the "Private Practice" pilot and was not impressed. It needs a rewrite and a re-work. They will remain stuck in third place unless they come up with a better plan.
Men in Trees should follow Private Practice... not stick on Fridays... good show, bad timeslot.

What About Brian was a GREAT show... why cancel that and keep that ridiculously awful NOTES FROM THE UNDERBELLY. It's bad, just bad.
ABC is ridiculous. I can't believe they got rid of the last two family comedies George Lopez and According to Jim. Well actually I can after the way they treat these shows. Left off the schedule last year they appear after the new lame shows fail. Once you find out their on, they move them to different times and nights. Then they are scheduled to be on and at the last minute, ABC decides to run a rerun of Lost or Dancing With the Barely Famous that just was on the night before. These new shows are a joke. I'll be tuning in when Lost comes back now that they will be eliminating the pointless episodes. Other than that, Kimmel will be the only thing I'll be tuning into ABC for.
What About Brian was my favorite show. The only one I really turned my TV on to watch. I'll watch some of the others online.
With Idol all most over, and George Lopez being cancelled, I guess it is back to watching Raymond reruns...............
i cant believe they are canceling what about brian for a 30 minute geico commercial that they are passing off as television

while advertising and product placement is pathetically rampant in the media already, this has really crossed the line for me.

and i found private practice to be completely not engaging. at the end of the hour i couldnt care less about the characters. ugg.
As a huge fan of Grey's, I have to say that the spin off of Grey's is so lame. I find the story line absolutely mind-numbing and boring. I could care less about the Caveman show and also haven't we had enough of the CIS era? I am so sick of it.

Also, I am proud to say that I am not one of the 75% of americans who supposedly plan their social life around TV shows. In an age of tivo and dvr that's ridiculous, and I have niether of them.

There are so many other things one can do other than sit like a potato and watch TV.
As a coveted member of the 18-49 demo, I can say as of now I will not be tuning in, or tivoing one ABC show next fall. Good lineup.
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