Thursday, April 19, 2007
What? You mean he's gone?
From Special Projects producer -- and "American Idol" fan -- Steve Almasy:

Tell me I'm not dreaming. Last night, I could have sworn I saw Ryan Seacrest send Sanjaya home from "American Idol." Well, what the bleep will we talk about now? (Watch Steve and Rodney try to figure that one out)

I don't know, maybe the fact that we have three fabulous female singers left and one guy who is a good entertainer. And -- like on the first season of "Gilligan's Island" -- and "the rest."

I have to tell you, this tradition on the results show with the top seven has to go. Every year they divide them into two groups of three and then tell the remaining contestant to stand by the people who he or she thinks got the most votes. It's awkward and played out.

Next week, the real season starts, with the special Idol Gives Back shows and the final six singing tunes about love and compassion.

It'll also be interesting to see who adopts as its new poster boy. I'm guessing the intentionally nasally Chris Richardson.

Who will the people who liked Sanjaya vote for?
I thought Sanjaya was the only thing providing real entertainment value for me. Now that he's gone, I'm just going to watch something else. As Simon might say "It's become completely irrelevent".
Yahhh! He's gone! Finally some common sense was knocked into the head of the American public.
I am very sad that Sanjaya is gone. He was the hope of many to rid the television world of this pathetic show. Making pop/country stars out of average karaoke singers just proves the sad state of the music world today. Proves that anyone can get a record deal and that lack of talent really does not matter today.

Sorry to see you go Sanjaya.
I had a theory that turned out to be correct: The people who voted for Gina, Chris Sligh, and Haley would not vote for Sanjaya, so his days were numbered. I think Sanjaya's groupies--as well as those who want to sabotage Idol--will vote for Chris now. That will keep him in for a little longer. That's bad news for the inconsistent singers like Blake, LaKisha, and Phil.
WOW! Needless to say, I think we can move on... but let's face it. There is not a lot to "talk about now" not even hair.
Thank goodness he's gone! Sanjaya was not deserving of even being on American Idol. Without the help of Howard Stern and the Vote For The Worst website, it's likely he wouldn't have made it this far. American Idol should be about talent, not mediocrity. Sanjaya is the clear defintion of what sub-par singing is all about.
We are a nation of voracious consumers.
Before we consume the soul of a very brave 17 year old, obviously sweet young man let us take pause.
The entertainment industry is a brutal place. This young man smiled in the face of adult criticism and media ridicule. He deserves our admiration for pursuing his dream and daring to step up?
What a great kid.
Well, now that Sanjaya got the boot, I don't see any reason to continue watching the show. Melinda is by far the most talented and if she doesn't win, it'll be a bigger shock than Sanjaya sticking around as long as he did.
Well finally America has made a right move. I wish him well but he was clearly not an america idol. Maybe he should look into modeling or commericals for toothpaste. Good luck, but it's time to move on.
Now that Sanjaya is gone AI reverts to being a boring suckfest. At least there was some spark to the show when he was around.
thank god sanjayjay is finally gone!!! hurraaaaaaaaaaaay!!!
I agree with Pam. Sanjaya is a very brave, entertaining and talented young 17 year old. He was very mature and professional in the way that he handled such brutal attacks from the adults who put him there. A very classy kid. I wish him the best as he grows into a star singer. I hope other teens learn from his wisdom.
It was definitely time. How could LaKisha and Blake be in the bottom three, though? That's what I don't understand. And Phil was in the top 3?! Come one! Here's how I see it.

To be eliminated in this order:
LaKisha (sorry--love ya!)
Jordin & Melinda in the finale, with Melinda winning.
Finally! Now, we can get back to what this show is all about; locating real talent!
Enough showboating, already!

Apparently, anyone can catch and hold the publics' attention, as long as you're willing to act out, or act up; depending on which age level you're shooting toward acting like.

Talent, is another matter altogether. Obviously, based on past winners - and their successes since they won- the show has merit. so...

For those of you who think this show is a waste of time: a simple solution: stop watching!

The true contest now begins; We all know Jordin and Melinda are the top 2 contenders and have been since day 1.

My vote is on Jordin!
We can all rest easy now. The nightmare of Sanjaya is over.

But, I would like to pose a question. How did a contestant called "horrendous" by the judges ever get into the Top 24? Let me think... oh yes, he was put there by the same judges who said he was the worst Idol contestant ever.

I don't know, and maybe I'm wrong, but do you think the producers and judges of "American Idol" are manipulating us and the contestants?
Well the drama has played itself out, now that he is gone the ratings should drop like a stone, America has spoken, American Idol should be over. (Although you know it will probably be back on next year anyway)
I liked Sanjaya's attitude and disposition, specailly after the rude, cruel and hummiliating words that Simon had for him adn other in the show....I admire him that being so young he stood there and took evrything in spite of Simon and the media criticism...I see my own child on him and I wish him the best of luck in his future and may God bless him and his family.
Evidently the cows couldn't get to the phones Tuesday night.
I haven't watched American Idol since its second season because it got tremendously boring. After everybody started hammering away at this poor 17-year old kid, I actually started to watch the show again because there was actual drama. I have to admit, I was pulling for Sanjaya because he was such an underdog. I think the above commentators are correct: now that the country has succeeded in booting him off, there will probably be another boring, Southern, singer with no personality that wins this contest. In other words, there's no reason to watch; the drama's gone.
I will miss Sanjaya. He was not the most talented but he was the most colorful and fun! I looked forward to each week. Now with only the remaining bland and boring 6, I will probably not rush home anymore to watch IDOL. At this point, who cares who wins? No one left on this show in my opinion is an Idol.
In leaving, Sanjaya is taking with him any sort of real entertainment that can come out of this show. Now it's back to boring, and I really don't care who wins. It was a fun run while it lasted.
RE: Pam A.'s post. While it does appear that your intentions are good, when it comes down to the bottom line, though, don't confuse smiling in the face of adult criticism with lack of talent. Suriving ridicule does not ALWAYS deserve admiration.
It is about time this hodgepodge voting scheme to keep Sanjaya in American Idol is over! In no means would I want to put down a 17-year old kid but, let's face it, this is a talent show and he lost talent a long tome ago. Let the real American Idol race begin! Good Bye Sanjaya!!!
Without "hair" and "legs" to talk about, what else is left? Talent? I think the top three will be Jordin, Melinda, Phil. Melinda is great, but I don't think she has the appeal for record sales to the younger folks who buy most of the records. The AI of 2007 will be Jordin Sparks who has tremendous talent, humility, and universal appeal. Melinda & Phil should be up there to get record deals, as well. Nasally Chris is too dependent on being a JT clone for me. Blake is super talented in music, but not a singer. LaKisha is very good but not broad enough appeal.
american idol is supposed to be a show about people with talent, how in the world did sanjaya ever get to hollywood anyway..i saw where he was chosen to go, and couldn't believe it then... so it makes me think they needed a scape goat to ridicule and laugh at and then kick off...the kid has no talent, and he made a farce of the show...makes yah wonder if there is not something shady going on somewhere...Jordin or Malinda should take top honors..both have future's as they are fantastic in their own rights....Next season, maybe they will pick people for talent purposes and not for show
It's about time that he finally left. It was way overdue. People with more talent than he has have left before him, i.e. Gina, Chris S. There are some very talented people left and now I can say we finally have a competition!
Our prayers have finally been answered!!!!!
well... i have to say, i'm not a fan of 'american idol', but have to give it to sanjaya for definitely keeping it entertaining...

it was fascinating to see his new 'catch' of the week..and i'm pretty darn sure, we'll see him again...

sanjaya may have lost, but i think he will be a winner in the end...

he's a smart cookie.. a publicist's dream.. he's totally marketable..

sanjaya hair extentions, are an idea to start...
Concerning Simon rolling his eyes at the VT condolences from Chris. He did do that! He wasn't dissing VT he was dissing Chris as being phony (or whatever) in his best-wishes. BUT IDOL MIS-EDITED THE FOOTAGE! They left out an arm motion and surly snicker that Simon DID DO.
I cried when Sangina went home last night. Tears of joy, that is. I was surpised to see Blake and LaKisha in the bottom three and Chris Richardson, who, I'm sorry, sings nasally ALL THE TIME, in the top four. Who will the Sanjaya fans vote for now? I'm guessing all those tween girls will now be voting for Jordin.
Sanjaya is cute, has a beautiful smile and obviously has a lot of personality. But it's a singing competition and though the previously mentioned attibutes are an asset, if you can't sing, you shouldn't win... I vowed to no longer watch Idol until he was booted. Finally, I can watch again!
will never figured out why sanjaya was ever invited to hollywood, i saw his tryouts and didn't like him then...was good to see someone that actually does have talent wasn't booted off instead of him..i am a true believer that they need scape goats,on the show and poor sanjaya fit that profile just fine. talent like Jordin, and Malinda are what that show is all about, its a shame they have to throw in all that garbage along with the talented people just to make the show interesting... OH yah 1 more thing..the judges need to not be rude while the people are performing.. simon and poor ole paula pound on each other while these kids are up there singing their hearts out.. RUDE RUDE RUDE....
Thank goodness he is gone...
I was beginning to wonder if this was all rigged...I was disappointed week after week that the ones that were talented singers, were sent home, while Sanjaya stayed on. My husband and I kind of lost interest as I did not feel it was right that American was voted for him, while someone else more deserving was sent home. Yes the little girls liked him, but it surely was not because he could sing. My dog can sing better than Sanjaya, plus my dog is more entertaining!!! Good ridance!! Now I can watch the show and feel like it's a competition as Simon says it should be.
I've finally been pushed to my limit and forced to make a comment. Those who are taking pleasure in trying to ruin a show for other people are pretty pathetic. Do these people who actully spend time thinking of how to ruin something for everyone else have nothing better to do? IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE SHOW, DON'T WATCH IT! Take a look at yourself, are you really proud of this mean spirited behavior. Maybe some of the Idol fans should spend some time thinking of how we can get Howard Stern off the airwaves. No never mind, given enough time, hateful people like him will always do themselves in. My advice, try to find a way to use your time constructively and leave those people alone who just want to escape real life for a little while and watch some talented young people perform.
To Anonymous hurraying

I am struck by your bullying attitude. Sanjaya can sing better than the rest but his voice has not gone thru puberty yet.

How does it help you if some talent makes millions and you don't? Just live vicariously?
To Todd Leopold

People who voted for Sanjaya will NOT vote for anyone on the dull show anymore.
I agree he was not the most talented contestant out there, however it takes courage and desire to want to stand up againts someone like Simon.
Yes I do understand that being critisied is part of the deal, but constantatly by someone like Simon wasn't called for.
While I am glad that Sanjaya is gone, I also feel for him. I believe that the judges are told to put at least one untalented person thru to the top 12 in order to boost rating. I just can't believe that the judges, especially Simon, thought that Sanjaya was talented from the very beginning. Look at past seasons of AI - there always seemed to be one that stood out who had little talent. It is more about ratings and less about talent. Sad, but true!
Sanjaya has more class than most people twice his age. He was unfairly ridiculed. He has talent. Maybe he's not the best singer, but there are many average singers who, when productionalized, are great.
He didn't give up, and smiled until the very end. AI will be a drag without him. You are a class act Sanjaya. I wish you all the success in the world!!!!!!
There is no reason for me to continue watching American Idol this season. I liked Sanjaya, voted for him, and now he's gone. the american public was so rude to Sanjaya. he may not be the best singer in the world, but neither are any other the other singers on that show. Sanjaya is a singer, and a good one at that, and he deserves a lot more credit for even being on that show than most people would even care to realize. At least he was brave enough to try out for the show, which is a lot more than the people who I'm sure are critizing him now. He's young and he's got time to further develop his voice, and i'm sure he will so that he can prove all of his doubters wrong. I hope Sanjaya doesn't give up on singing...he DOES have fans.
As a huge Sanjaya supporter, I was heart broken to see him go. Needless to say, I'm not going to be tuning into American Idol anymore. What's the point? When you get down to it, it's a truly boring show. There are plenty of fans of the other singers to watch AI. There's just no reason for me to watch the show after one of the greatest reason to watch the show left it.
COME ON PEOPLE!!! this show is NOT a talent contest. all the singers, except for melinda, are overrated. this show is about who is more popular, NOT who can sing best. just look at last years winner. and yes people the show is messing with you, you really think they don't have complete control over what happens? please, anybody who takes this show serious needs a life.
I wish you people would watch something other than American Idol. I can't stand that show, and I don't understand the fascination with it. Get a life people. Or at least try watching something else.
I think the "Blue Man Group" wanta be should have been voted off - ok so he can makes his voice like a country singer - it really is not hard to do - twang and accent - he sucks the most - poor Sanjaya - he was a sweet person, at least he did not play the audience and voters - like many others - Good Bless - I am just blessed to be here - yah right - go home to your new born man - doesn't that tell you what he is really like - a selfish person - what color are your kids eyes - or better yet - do you even know what the sex of your new born is?????
I think the teenie boopers who were voting for him 300 times, their parents finally got their phone bill! Thank goodness he is gone!
I am extremely happy that Sanjaya was eliminated last night. He did not have "American Idol" talent and it was unfortunate that other more worthy contestants had to fall before him. His performances were NOT entertaining and Simon's comments following each of his numbers were real and true. The BEST singer and the BEST entertainer and the BEST performer are supposed to end up as the American Idol. Maybe this can finally have a chance of happening now that HE IS GONE.
Was it me or did anyone else notice how happy Simon was before the anouncement as if he already knew? I was 98% sure who was leaving just looking at Simon way before the announcement. The announcement only confirmed it..
It is a sad testimony that:
1 People actually watch shows like this as opposed to.....reading or working in their yards.
2 People think this is such an important topic they devote an ounce of their mental activities to discussing shows like this
3 People even watch TV at all.

America has turned in to a country of weak minded worms.
He's gone! Yay! I been waiting for this moment since week 1.
I still wonder when the judges let him move on and not his sister, if it was a case of mistaken identity...or talent?
Sanjaya was a hot mess from the beg. of the show. People were wrong to vote for him and keep the talented people off the show for his non-sense. He needed to be booted the first week. I truly believe because of him being able to stay as long as he did will an impact on the shows to come. Definately because I know I will probably NEVER WATCH THAT SHOW AGAIN AFTER THIS SEASON IS DONE...
Blake will get Sanjaya's votes
This is not a show about how cute someone is or how different they can wear their hair. It's a singing competition!!! Sanjaya could not sing. Hopefully after this fiasco, the producers will change some of the rules and only let America vote after the top ten is chosen!!
RE:To annonymus who fashioned her dog to be a better singer and entertainer than the seventeen year old sanjaya.AI is just another TV program and not a venue for personal rediculment.He is given his best and we viewers at least have something to talk about.And for the dog make sure singing is the only thing he can do best aroud the house.
I am just waiting for one of these singers to make me want to buy a record! I think I saw last year's winner in the $4.99 bargin bin...
I'll buy Gina's CD when it comes out, maybe Chris' too- but those smooth- singing girls missed their key demographic by being born in the wrong decade. Sure they can sing, but can they be marketed to the 14-30 crowd who spends the big bucks on music?
PS: Not losing sleep over Sanjaya being gone!
It is about time!!!!
Now Sanjaya is gone, our TV will not be turned on to American Idol show anymore because it will be very boring. Bye American Idol.
I am so glad he is gone , if sanjaya would of stayed on any longer this would of been the last season for american idol. This is a signing contest, not the gong show, so needless to say i am very happy now

Sanjaya is gone. Hallefrickinluia!
(I hope I spelled that correctly!)
I think the people that should get booted is the judges after all they were the ones that pick Sanjaya out of thousands of contestants. But I applaud Sanjaya for getting out there every week in front of millions of people and singing. He is a breath of fresh air and while he may not be as talented as some of the other contestants I believe with time he will evolve. Frankly I am going to miss his wonderful smile and personality.
Those who voted for Sanjaya just boycott the show right now and not VOTE anymore for the reason that a 17 year old constantly got ugly racist remarks for no reason from the media and lazy couch potato viewers/bloggers who have no life.
Perhaps Sanjaya could sign up for one of those caveman commercials...
If you don't know someone that has tried out for AI, you should find someone and learn about how they cast for the show.

Yes they do ignore people that are better singers because they don't have a good story to go alongside their talent. If the show had 24 talented singers to start out, we would get great performances, but the show would lack in the ratings. Ever wonder why say during the Olympics we can't just watch the competition? Why do we have to be subjected to background stories, and all the other fodder? Why was Carrie Underwood cast vs. someone else? Besides she was a great singer, she was from BFE Oklahoma. Kellie Pickler????? a great singer??? NOOOOOO, but had a fun story, right? Bo Bice? legitamate singer, running the grind in Alabama (I think). Fantasia (who I still can't believe won)... single mother (a la LaKisha this year)...remember the girl for Hollywood week that was a National Reservist.. husband was in Iraq... had a story.... makes her compelling... They are casting for a show.. not trying to find the 100% best talent out there. The winner is a side effect of the ratings created by the stories they look for.

Think about all the variables necessary for this show... the show is to find a Pop star... Pop meaning popular music... that means a Justin Timberlake, or Christina Agulera, or Brittany Spears (during her good years). So lets cast a bunch of those and let the 12-25 demographic choose, right? Nice thought, but they don't have all the money to spend. We also have to make the show interesting to the 18-35 demo (white males.. wanna see some sexy girls), the stay at home moms (the ones that watch soap operas.. they just love stuff like this), the older couples who really are interested in musical talent.. but mostly... and this is critical.. the proper demographic for the advertisers. You think Ford is advertising to 12-25 year old women???? They can't afford the cars they sell. Look at the advertisers on the show. They push the casting as much as the judges do. There are sooooooooo many reasons why the show works the way it does... don't be so narrow minded about how things happen.

Sanjaya (regardless of his skills), was undoubtedly placed, along the lines of Kevin Covais, etc. The judges/producers know he can sing... reasonably (Heck, I can sing reasonably... me and that dog would probably do well together). They know he won't win (at least hope he won't). Many are using the word scapegoat (inappropriately), he was more of just a plant or a ratings booster. Someone with color and enough interesting things to keep the show entertaining. Besides, they know Simon is going to say bad things about someone, this guarantees he can do it to someone, then the fans have something to talk about. the producers know exactly what they are doing when they cast.

Realistically they cast 4-6 legitamate contenders and the rest are for flavor. Do any of you honestly think contestants along the lines of Chris Sligh, or Kevin Covais were considered as contenders when cast? This show contracts with the winner to produce an album to sell. It's business kids and they want to make money with the winner.... consider that and think about who they want to win now (the producers)... easy picks are Jordin and Blake (they have the look first and foremost)... Phil actually got a nice foot in the Country door last night.... Melinda is a great singer... a very very good singer. (there is your legitamate top 4 boys and girls..... out of who they cast... Can't imagine that a better top 4 wasn't available from the 100,000 people that tried out... BTW I don't mind this top 4, they can sing and perform, so no issues there) but to me she is boring. I wouldnt go see her in concert. wouldnt' buy a record unless she was in the league of songs like whitney or mariah or celine... Anyone really want to buy a record or go to a concert of someone that sings nasally on purpose??? (can't believe he said that... who teaches that as a singing style or believes that is a proper way to sing??? they tell everyone that does it to knock it off and sing the right way). Also.. how come no one has pointed out the obvious LISP that LaKisha has? This alone would make me disinterested in her as a winner (beyond the fact that visably she doesn't have the right look (a la Rueben)). We'll see what happens.
There is no way Sanjaya receive the lowest amount of votes. The producers wanted him off, he would have gone all the way. If the votes really counted, he would still be there.

I for one agree with the post about this show being a plague on television. It's such a joke. It's sad to think that people take this show so seriously. Get a life people! These people can't sing, and there star will fade.

American Idol needs to go. It's a waste of airtime.
I'm sad that Sanjaya is gone. it is the only entertainment in the whole show. After this boot off, the show will be boring and repetitive and people will start watching other shows. The contestants who already were doing well from the beginning are still doing well. That's not going to change. There are no surprises to the show anymore.
I agree with Pam. I give a lot of credit to Sanjaya. He has been constantly ridiculed by the judges and the media but he always had a smile on his face. Even when Ryan had him stand up and sit down several times during one elimination, he was a good sport about it. I wasn't crazy about him in the beginning, but after time went on I looked forward to seeing him perform. I was sad to see him go. He made the show entertaining for me. Of them all, I think he has the best chance of any real success in the future.
The talent level for this season was only sub-par b/c the no talented cry baby sanjaya was a part of it. Anyone who enjoyed seeing sanjaya make a fool of himself on stage week in and week out only contributed to nightmare that the fans of Idol had to deal with. I cant wait to see sanjaya exploited for what he's NOT and will nver be in his last few seconds of his 15 minutes of fame
That sucks! Well, now I can say it...Screw American Idol, I probably will not watch anymore this season. It's the same cookie cutter season as every other year. Melinda Doolittle is obviously going to win. Hand it over and stop dragging this show out. Maybe I'll see you next year. Good night!
If the reason you watched the show was to cheer for a sanjaya you neeed to get a life
Well now the entertainment is gone. No Sanjaya = No fun.

So if we want to play serious then we should vote off Lakisha and Chris. I still can't believe why people think Lakisha is any good. She has a strong voice, yes, but is no good singer. Chris, well I don't think I need to explain why...

Not that it matters, since we know how it is going to end anyway. With Melinda and Jordin. Who will win? I don't know.
American idol has become a big joke, there is no one worth voting for, The people who where chosen are awful singers, It has become a gong show. I can not believe there were 32,000 votes. Everyone you talk to does not even watch the show. Must be a lot of repeat voters. Maybe they should aloud one vote per person, then maybe you would really see how many people are actually watching.
"Pam A", you said exactly what I have known and believed this entire time. Sanjaya is innocent in this whole, ugly ordeal and it has been painful to watch. Place outrage, blame and criticism where it belongs, people. Give the kid a break!
Idol would be much more interesting if until the final 6, it was a vote to remove a contestant. Some might say this adds a negative slant but it would be more real then what we currently have and probably keep the best around longer. At worst case, why not test it for one season...
There's no point in watching now that Sanjaya's gone. They just lost my vote, and my rating points!
Hey Bobo the Hedgehog -- I find it incredibly amusing that you are bashing those who watch television instead of "reading or working in the yard", but you are spending time on the Internet blogging about a television show. What gives man? A tad hypocritical?
I'm sorry, but what's all this Sanjaya bashing when that Chris is still squeaking weekly? I think he's a worse singer than Sanjaya. Weird thing is that the 'professional' jury
seems to hear another soundtrack every week and hear a talented singer.

There, glad i got that out.
Those conspiracy theorists are a hoot--do they really think the show is fixed? The reason why AI works is because it ISN'T fixed. They don't need to fix the show. If it got out--which would probably happen--it would be a major scandal and the end of AI.

I, for one, will miss Sanjaya. I also felt he had the charismatic spark necessary for fame, and a smart producer would see that. I do think it was his time to go, however. Phil and Jordin were great this week--and so was Melinda--but I agree, I don't see her as the American Idol--her style of music is long over. I still haven't given up on Blake. He was my first pick to win.
Although screams of joy escaped my body, I couldn't help but realize this was a bit anti-climatic-Sanjaya's dismissal off the AI Island, that is. Once he got to the top 10 I just grew to expect he'd be a consistant thorn in my side. I did enjoy hating him especially after he became more and more arrogant as the weeks went on. Peace out, homie and unfortuantely, I'll probably see ya around.
Thank gosh, he had very little talent. He also needs to man up and not cry, you knew you where out if your league.
people are asking, who will get votes of people who voted for sanjaya...
my guess is..most fans of sanjaya will stop watching the show....hence votes from 38 million will fall down to around 30-32 million...
no1 can deny he made the show entertaining and worth watching..
now its the same old story with the remaining 6 boring contestants...nothin new in them...
Sanjaya voters will vote for no one! We're turning the channel!
Gee Christy, i thought you said Ole Sanj was gonna be the next AI....
BTW: "Lack of Talent" and Sanj are synonomous terms.

Sam J...go ahead and turn the channel....don't worry, i am sure Sanj will wind up on "The Surreal Life" or some other show for has beens and wanna-bes.
That's right, PamA. Sanjaya smiled thru it all, & that's a great entertainer. Keep it up, Sanjaya. Look at Prince. In the beginning, he was booed off the stage, and he peservered & he won. You will, too, Sanjaya!!!! This comment is coming from a woman who has been around for a long time, so I should know. Break a leg!!! Love you!!
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