Wednesday, April 04, 2007
'Idol' chatter: Singers benefit with Bennett
From Special Projects producer -- and "American Idol" fan -- Steve Almasy:

So just a week after I said LaKisha Jones was turning into an also-ran, she charges right on back. (Watch Steve and Troy disagree about "Idol.") With Tony Bennett coaching the "Idol" hopefuls this week, we were treated to one of her best vocals of the season. Kiki smoked "Stormy Weather," and each time I listened to it, it got better. There were some odd notes in the beginning, but 90 percent of that song was blazin'.

I also had to listen to Chris Richardson several more times, because I thought he was average (although I liked the way he finished). But the judges all praised him, so I listened like three more times. I'll stand by my opinion. He was cool -- way cooler than Blake -- but the vocal for most of the song wasn't that great.

I had had high hopes for Haley Scarnato and Sanjaya Malakar because big-band tunes should have made for their easiest week. And while Haley did pretty good vocal with "Ain't Misbehavin' " and we got a glimpse of her gams, she didn't impress anyone with her performance, which was a little too cutesy and, as Simon says, cabaret.

Sanjaya -- who is gonna be safe for a few more weeks -- was horrendous. Well, when he was singing with Tony Bennett he was good -- encouragingly good -- but then on the show he put style over substance. He dressed the part, but he didn't sing it.

Who's going to be gone tonight? Look out Haley, Gina Glocksen (sang great, completely the wrong look) and Phil Stacey (poor song choice). Also, I worry Jordin Sparks' song choice will work against her, but she sang so well, she should be safe.
I think that the most outstanding participant in American Idol this week was Tony Bennett. His coaching enabled most of the contestants to achieve a new level of excellence. Tony Bennett is clearly one of the world's great singing coaches.
Why does everyone keep dissing Blake?!?! He is the only one in the competion that I would even consider buying a cd from. He keeps the show fun and he always makes the music his own which you would have to do to become a musician. By the way, "Kiki" is so boring and she is so annoying because now she is getting a big head.
I disagree that Chris R. was better than Blake. I was actually rather flabbergasted that the judges praised him. He had that vibrato thing going on which was totally inappropriate for the song.

Great song choices last last, and I thought Haley did a pretty good job with "On A Clear Day", though I doubt seriously if Streisand was even remotely jealous.

Melinda continues to outshine everyone else. She is so far above the rest in talent that it boggles the mind. However, that having been said, I actually kind of hope she doesn't win, although she deserves to. Why? Because if she wins she will be saddled with having to put out the kind of pop mush that is being foisted on the public these days (think Kelly Clarkson). She is far better than that. She needs to be able to do her own thing...maybe sign with Blue Note and make a career in jazz and standards. She would excel there and gain countless fans. And I wager she would be a helluva lot happier.
Sanjaya for the first time impressed me with his dancing and entertainment factor. Kiki, loved the vocals, but she ignored Bennett's advice about the leaving the ending on a big note- I would have liked to see her do that. I didn't like how she ignored the "expert" advice- she is no dive just yet! Loved Gina's vocals... wrong look... Chris and Blake were "eh" but not horrible. My bottom two? Haley and Phil... and I think it is "bye bye baldy". Tip for Haley... when you are working the song and audience stop gamming at the camera and actually pay attention to the guy looking down your dress. It is awkward to sing in the audience and focus your smile on the camera solely. Would they just vote her off already!?
Am I the only one who thinks Chris Richardson is awful? For some reason, the judges love him. I think they are already looking ahead to who's more marketable after this show is over and less at who is putting on the better performances. Sanjaya is a joke, but that joke is what's keeping him in. But Chris Richardson is a mediocre talent surrounded by people who make him look bad each week. Let's hope Chris goes, followed soon after by the joke.
You know, this is not the first time lack luster talent gets the spotlight- remember Kellie Pickler? There is someone who can just GO AWAY. Hate to say it, but it is not about talent, it is about sales... and we are all watching and stroking the water cooler discussion about Sanjaya. I don't think I can stand another "Red High Heels" type rendition on mainstream radio... lets rig this thing and move forward WITHOUT Haley and Sanjaya!
I really feel that Fox should step in and ask Sanjaya to step out of the show-He should have been outsted a long time ago, but because someone has suggested this "lets keep the worst as long as we can" Sanjaya is hurting alot of great singers that may have a chance at making it big.
I think AI needs to seriously rethink the coaches they bring in. They all seem pretty confused to me (not LuLu). Hopefully J-Lo will be a little bit smarter. Keep in mind we should be seeing the best 10 seconds of the coaching. This year is so weird. Kind of like a side show/train wreck. I honestly don't think I would buy any of their CDs. While I really like Chris Sligh, Gina, etc., if the judges are going to criticize uniqueness, they should think about who the let in the top 24, not torture the ones who are just being themselves.
I think Tony Bennett should be a regular coach! He's the first one in my opinion to actually "help" the performers. I was very impressed with him, however, though I absolutely LOVE Kiki, I was disappointed she didn't take his advice. I cannot for the life of me figure out what makes these people think they know more than the "professionals"..I am afraid attitude may cost her along the line and I am sorry to say that because she has always been my favorite. Sanjaya? Poor, poor Sanjaya! If that were my child, I would have pulled him a long time ago. How sad he is living this lie. I think the kid really does think people like him...Mama needs to tell her boy the truth, but maybe she just see's $$$....There are those who are simply attempting to ruin the credibility of the show and I think it's working....for my part, this is the worst season!
I do not believe Chris Richardson is that good of a singer. He is a Justin wannabe. Blake, by far, is the best male singer in the competition. As for the ladies, Melinda Doolittle has my vote all the way. Her shyness shows that she doesn't have a big head. I love how she takes the praises from the judges. You can't get more original than that.
Sorry, old boy, Blake was was cooler than Chris who sings through his nose AND Pil murdered the Porter. Watching him sing is like watching Edvard Munch's "Scream" singing. Those weird notes at the beginning of "Stormy Weather" was KiKi singing REALLY off key. Gina was great and Haley as usual second rate. Sanjaya reminds me and has the charm of Fred Astaire--I only wish he could dance like Astaire!
Has anyone noticed that this is the third week in a row that Lakisha has asked advice of these well-established stars and has ignored all three pointers given to her? She may have talent but to ignore sound advice from people who know what it takes (obviously) makes me wonder about her attitude. Already a Diva, I guess.
If this is a true talent search then Dolittle will win hands down. No need to mock or critise the others. Dolittle is a natural,she doesn't have to "try". She is absolutely fantastic!
"90 percent of that song was blazin"

what happened to 100% of a song being good? doing something 90% well isn't reason enough to praise someone.

hopefully this joke of 'entertainment' dies after sanjaya wins because people think it's funny to vote for him. i knew this would happen eventually, just glad the day is here!
Not that I am against singing the standards necessarily, but wouldn't it be nice if more contemporary artists and themes were brought to the show? Who can blame someone for not sounding contemporary while bellowing along to arrangements of songs from the 50's? They tried with Gwen Stefani, kudos for that, but what about Madonna? What about having a 'goth night', where you have to pick from The Cure, The Smiths, Evanescence, etc.? What about a 'teen angst' night, where you'd have to pick something from Green Day, Linkin Park, etc.? I would think stretching in this way would be both a better prediction of commerical success (wouldn't end up with Studdard/Hicks), and be more entertaining for the kids anyway.

Oh, and uhh... Really pulling for you here Glocksen, so show us something next week okay? :)
I too noticed that LaKisha ignored Tony Bennett's advice. She doesn't take the advice of a legend? What is she thinking other than "nobody is going to tell me what to do." I was a big fan until she did that. I liked Simon's analysis of Sanjaya's performance. Maybe a little reverse psychology will work to get people to quit giving him their sympathy vote. If Melinda doesn't win this whole thing then something is wrong. She's already a professional.
I just don't care anymore. I have been a loyal fan of Idol since its inception, but I will no longer vote, nor even WATCH, until Sanjaya is gone.
I guess I'm too old, but get Sanjaya out of there. If he should win "the whole thing" what will that really, really say for American talent? It should truly either be Melissa or Jordin to show the world what we've really got. GET SANJAYA OUT!! NOW
I didn't think that Sanjaya sounded half bad last night. He wasn't good, precisely, but he didn't make my ears bleed, which usually occurs. As for people feeling sorry for him, I don't. By this point in time, Sanjaya is totally in on the joke, and he's relishing it with glee.

I love Melinda -- she amazes me every time she steps out on the stage. Her interpretive abilities, as well as her ability to work a stage and the crowd, mark her as a true professional. Some folks have commented that they find her boring, but she's boring only if Roberta Flack is boring, or Patti LaBelle is boring, or Dolly Parton is boring, etc. And yes, I will put her in their category because she has the ability to get there. I don't think she will win, though -- I think that Jordin is going to win -- but I think that she is so good, it doesn't even matter.

Lakisha, unfortunately, is leaving me cold. Not only does she look joyless on the stage, but she never listens to the guest coach's advice. I'm not saying she has to do everything that they say, but it's odd that she listens to nothing that they say. On the other hand, it's possible that the show is doing her an editing disservice. She might be taking all of their other advice, but we're only seeing the advice she rejects. Who knows.
It is more than time for Sanjaya to go. That said, I think Gina and Phil were not on their game last night. Phil has a good voice, but no IT factor going for him. Very bland. I LOVE Lakisha! I don't think she's had a bad night yet. She has much more diversity than Melinda.
Ok, first of Sanjaya shouldn't "step down" because only 2 or 3 people have a decent shot at winning. At this point whatever order these middle-kids leave in is of no importance.

Second, I dig Blake's style, but he mucked up the lyrics at the beginning of the song and NO ONE said anything about that.

Phil or Haley are out tonight.
Once again, I feel that the only reason that Sanjaya is being kept in is to run up the vote totals. Remember, this year, on the "AI Gives Back" episode, vote totals = money for their liberal cause.

Right after that show, Sanjaya will "step down".

If the people at "voteforthe" really want to hurt AI, they should ask all their people NOT to vote on the "gives back" show. They don't realise that their inflated voting makes AI appear stronger to their advertisers.

I still predict that on that show, there will be more time spent with the 20 or more "special guests" than there will be with the 6 or so singers.
Does Chris annoy anyone else? The trailing off ends of sentences and insessant bobbing side to side. Can't stand to watch the kid. Why Chris or Sanjaya are still there is beyond me, unless the pre-teen votes are far more powerful than I estimate. But then it is a popularity contest, not a singing contest.

Blake and Melinda are the reasons I watch - and the only ones I'd actually pay to see. Kiki is a good singer, but I wouldn't rush out to buy her records. Haley - maybe there's a modeling job or TV guest appearance in her future. Then again - you don't really have to have talent to be a pop star. Gina should find herself a good band and song writer and she'll do fine in the Rock & Roll world. Idol isn't the place for someone like her.
Let me just say that I think Lakisha has gotten soo unbelievably boring and has not shown ANY versatility. She is coasting on the fact that she is "a good old fashioned belter" per Simon. Her head is big and she's not that great. Her rendition of "And I'm telling you.." could not stand up to H-Hud's AT ALL. I also do not think she is a great performer. It seems forced and is not genuine like any of the other contestants. In order for her to gian fans, she needs to step outside of her comfort zone and surprise us all. If not, see ya later "Kiki". On the other hand, I think Melinda has found her groove again and was INCREDIBLE last night. "I got rhythm" was a perfect song choice for her. Blake is the best guy, hands down and I'd love to see Jordin win. We all know that the winner will be forced to do an album that is ballady and full of pop. And Jordin is young enough to be able to bounce back from all that if the album is not up to par. the others(Melinda and Blake) are deserving to win, but I don't want them to so they can have more say in the creative aspect of their debuts.
I really don't like any of the male singers. They are all pretty bland-sounding to me. I do agree with the judges about Chris Richardson's vocals--they were very nice. Melinda, as always, was fantastic. I noticed last night that she wasn't so suprised-looking to receive positive feedback. I was so tired of her shocked "really, you like me?!?" face. It's the annoying things that will get you kicked off. That ties into Sanjaya--I used to have pity on the kid, but now, I'm more frustrated with Randy, Paula and Simon for not ripping into him for pathetic, horrible vocals, and using their energy to rip into someone who was better than Sanjaya (Haley). They should probably evaluate him, because I'm tired of their lame evaluations of his pitiful performances. That annoys me more than his singing ability.
Sanjaya still made me cringe, yeesh! I voted for Gina just because I love her look and her singing! Yes, she could have gone a bit more glamorous last night, but that's just her. Chris R. was surprisingly good, too! Melinda rocked the house and I enjoyed Jordin as well! But Sanjaya needs to GO!!!!
If Sanjaya had a PR rep worth a darn, they would recommend he resign his place on Idol as the attention has been taken away from the true singing competition. His performances and voting base are a distraction to millions of viewers. He could gain what little respect he could from the public by stepping down and help the truly talented singers fairly compete. As a sidenote, he might gain some integrity.
Sanjaya was the best. He rocked.
Ok, greg, if it's such a joke - then why were you paying so much attention that you can QUOTE the judges?!

I think Melinda will end up in the finale. But I also think her sweetness is a put on. She gets on my nerves. Haley's not the best singer but she fits the bill for the show. I really hope Gina doesn't win so that she can venture out on her own - she's so not a pop singer. Kiki's just another Mandisa - I don't think she'll last much longer either. None of the guys have a voice worth recording. They are all mediocre. Chris and Blake sing no better than my husband in the shower!!
I believe that Phil is getting a bad wrap for a fantastic performance. The song is a dark song, and why nobody from the music industry does not know this Cole Porter song and what it was written about. Technically the couple of measures were rough, but the 90% of the song was fantastic and performed in the context of the meaning of the song. I give it 8 out of 10.
Finally, Simon said what i had been thinking for weeks now about Hayley.. she is way too "pagenty".. she needed to have gone home weeks ago. As far as Sanjaya? I cringe whenever i see or hear him. He's seriously thinking he has talent. He should have never made it on the show. Melinda rocks as usual!
In many ways, I am wanting Sanjaya to go as far as he can. Even possibly win it. Why? Because AI "jumped the shark" long ago, but most people don't seem to want to realize it. So, having the fact that Sanjaya of all people goes far just might open people's eyes.

As for last night, I'm sorry, but I was horribly disappointed in LaKisha. Her vocals weren't right for at least half the song, she ignored the coaches (again), and her stage presence is pathetic at best. The sooner she is voted off, the better.
Kiki, quit being a diva and take good advice from EXPERTS!

Haley, dear girl PLEASE go back to pageants.

Melinda, STOP LOOKING SO SURPRISED. You are talented, knock it off.

Jordan, just keep on keeping on!

Blake, Good thing the competition isn't so hot- they make you look good.

Chris R, Justin-Timberlake-sings Karaoke. Not good enough to make CD sales...

Phil, WAY to creepy looking, poor song choices. Think, cheesy lounge singer.

Gina, Honey, nice voice- but you aren't PINK. You gotta be able to work your look to get the votes on this show.

Sanjaya, Yeah... I give up on that one. What a joke.

Guess we all should have audtitioned... seems like it is Karaoke 101!
The truth is Lakeisha and Melinda are the best on the show. That said, Jordin will go farther than LaKeisha, because KiKi would love to possess the humility which Melinda can't help but exude. AND HOW REFRESHING IS THAT!!! Blake is really cool (and I'm old school) but something goes wrong with the sound on my TV when Chris sings. All not mentioned by name, shouldn't be.
American Idol continues to be a "talent competition" that keeps people watching to see who will win. However, something seems different this season that has those same people wondering "what happened?" Why is it so boring? Why did the judges fill the final 24 (where they had full control before the voting) with people they continue to discredit week after week?

This week in particular Tony Bennett did his best to coach the singers to a good performance of american standards. Nice try Tony. Blake, although an interesting personality, gave a soft and dull performance. Melinda was wonderful as usual. Chris, while not the best vocally, was at least interesting to watch as he attempted to update an old ballad.

It went downhill from there. It was so distracting to watch the cockatiel on Gina's head that I couldn't even hear her sing. Haley just needs the Jaycees on horseback following her down the stage to complete her rodeo queen look. Phil's vocals continue to be competent but his Make-A-Wish visit to LA needs to end now. Jordin sang wonderfully but it was also a bit formula for her "and if I'm being honest with you" it's not a record I would buy. Lakisha continues to sing like she is entirely ticked off at the world. "Don't sing angry!" is the advice the next guest judge should impart on her. It's offputting to watch.

Finally, I must comment on Sanjaya. First, I reiterate my complaint that the judges had no business putting him in the top 24. I remember at least two gentlemen from Hollywood week that gave stronger performances than he has. Second, for the people who are continuing to vote for him as some sort of "joke" and thumbing their nose at the "establishment" (whatever they believe that to be). You are just like an obnoxious drunk cousin at a party. You are not wanted here, you typically don't make any sense, you rant and rave about nonsense and you are ruining this party for the rest of us. It's time for you to GO!
I'm glad there are others who are feeling that Lakisha isn't 'all that'. She can sing competently, but she's pedestrian and uninteresting, and her lack of charisma leaves me cold.
Lakisha can sing great, but the nipple thing at the end when they were panning up her dress!! They want to hang Janet Jackson, but it's o.k. on idol!!!
All these sites getting people to vote for Sanjaya need to be shut down. The joke is not funny anymore. It's enough already...and why don't the judges come out and say how awful he is? They're helping to perpetuate this crap, and I'm starting to think the whole thing is fixed.
Sanjaya will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I voted for him and I am admitting I vote for him because he is the worst. Finally, maybe this show will cease to exist from the air and Fox can replace it with something actually worth watching.

Go Sanjaya and rid the world of this pathetic show!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jordin ~ definitely my pick to win.

Lakisha ~ Great voice, but getting boring. And why won't she take anyone's advice?

Melinda ~ she's a "professional" back-up singer so she shouldn't even be on Idol. Getting predictable and boring as well. I'm tired of the "deer in the headlights" look on her face when the judges tell her how good she is.

Blake ~ great voice, entertainer; different and interesting to watch.

Chris ~ we don't need another Timberlake.

Phil ~ I don't understand why people like him so much. He's not that good. He shouts too much when he sings and I don't like his look; creepy.

Gina ~ Wannabe rocker chic who can't cut it. I can't shake that comment she made during try-outs. "I don't care about any of you, I only care about myself."

Haley ~ Put your clothes back on. No talent; "skanky" attitude. She's got to go.

Sanjaya ~ Just walk away.
This message is for Howard Stern, need to Quit promoting Sanjaya unless you want to hear him on the radio every day. It's okay to have fun, but this has gone on way too far!! The joke needs to end!!
Wow! great show tonight. But the Sanjaya joke is not funny anymore. ok, we got the point - kick him out!

My bet - Melinda Doolittle. She's shining over and over again.
Just behind her; LaKisha Jones & Jordin Sparks (she also had the right name).

From Israel with love.
I am "sickened" over Sanjaya still standing on the stage......
No matter what type of voting is used (vote for the best, or vote for the worst), there will still be those who will flood the lines. All other shows that use voting have a 10 call limit (either phone, text, or on-line). Several have a setting where the judges have a final vote.

AI has always been different, because they need high vote totals to get the ad money.

I believe this year is their "jump the shark" year, with their "gives back" premise. They think that the high number of votes will be a show of support for their cause. If they get a large show of "support", then expect even more "telethon" moments.

I don't watch or vote because I care about their cause. Several people I know will not be voting on that show. Once they see the TRUE numbers of people that care about the singers, and not the starving in africa, hopefully, they'll change their voting.
I think Gina or Phil will go home. Yes Haley and Sanjaya deserve it but they are both getting votes for other reasons.

Ms. Kiki really can go too - she's a bit too diva for a karaoke singer.

I think Chris and Melinda did the best last night. Melinda should not and will not win. She will be able to do so much better without the AI title.

I was unimpressed with Blake messing up the words.

As far as Jordin being the so marketable funny how that wasn't the thought last year when Paris was 17 and could easily sing circles around Jordin. I guess it's a matter of lack of competition.
personally I think Sanjaya is making a mockery of Idol. Even the judges won't comment on his singing because he can't.
My favorites ar Sanjaya and Jordin. They both put on a "show". I don't understand why so many people are upset with Sanjaya staying. I,for one, like to see his performances and always vote for him. I do not think he is still there due to VFTW but due to viewers like myself who like him!
haven't any of you ever read the disclaimer at the bottom of the credits every week? Fox reserves the right to change the voting results as they see fit, which basically means they can disregard what the actual votes are all together. Sanjaya is still around because its good for business (for whatever reason), and he'll go when his "appeal" (i.e. let's see how bad he is this week) fades or when the producers decide that him winning will not sell any records.
I think that not only is Lakisha not that good, but her clothes look awful on her. Also I do not know if it annoys anyone else, but why does Haley have to start every song sitting down, we get it, you love your legs, but stand up!!!! Sanjaya is so bad it is not even worth talking about!! Blake is fun, and I would buy CDs with his music, but he isn't the type of singer who should win the competition. Melinda is such a good singer but she really doesn't know how to perform. I think that Jordan should win since she is not only a great singer, but she is young and a lot of young girls can connect with her. She dresses well and is not a stick and this could be encouraging for girls struggling with their image.
I didn't get a chance to see last night's performances, to tell you the truth this season just hasn't been all that entertaining. I would just like to ask those who have such a big problem with Sanjaya: Where were you all last season when it came to Pete Covais aka "Chicken Little"? Mr. Covais at best, in my opinion, is equal in talent to Sanjaya but there were no nay sayers when Pete made it this far? What's the real issue here?

And people lighten up this is still a "TV show"...a hyped up reality TV show
Modesty if my topic! KiKI sings great but its time to show a little modesty. Its time for her to cover her bust. After all, it is a competition and covering her bust might get her a few more votes from a more conservative group.

Melinda needs a complete overhaul, refurbishing. She is a beautiful girl but a new wig, weave, extensions etc is greatly needed. Also, a new look (nothing short like mini skirts and cleavage) but more fashionable, more glitter. She needs to keep in mind singing is only part of what she is doing; performing as a entertainer is what she should be concentrating on. She dresses like she is singing at a family reunion..( Don�t take offense Melinda, I really like you OKAY)

I love Blake, I can listen to him all night long. He really is from another planet. Where did he get that smooth charm from and he style is incredible!

Gina, I am glad she is gone. This show is not for her. She is in her own world with the tongue ring, weird boots and mini dresses but what she should understand is a very small percentage of American like her type of music. Now if the competition was call ROCKER IDOL..she would be leading the pack.

LAST BIT OF ADVICE TO ALL IDOL SINGERS. Keep in mind that when you are singing you are trying to get votes. Do like the politicians, be someone you are not, step out of the box, GET YOUR VOTES, and then change back into who you really are. POLITICIANS DO IT ALL THE TIME and it works for them.
American Idol sucks!! Sanjaya is still there and yet again we get rid of someone good.
Has the show decided what they will do when the fan clubs of America choose him as the american Idol. Will they appoint a runner up. He should be gone!!!!!!
you are my san-jaya, my only san-jaya, you make me san-jaya when the skys are san-jaya, oh dont you know san-jaya, how much i san-jaya you, please dont take my san-jaya awaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

I will no longer watch american idol
I do not understand what is going on with Sanjaya he is a joke he is in the same category as William Hung
How convenient the votes are narrowing them down to four guys and four gals. I am starting to wonder about the vote counting....I guess they want to end up with one of each.
Sanjaya is a joke. This show has lost its credibility by his survival.
the 2 back street boys have to go. do you actually hear any solid music from them? the band is drowning them out thankfully because neither of them can sing a note- in tune or out of tune. if their look is what you are voting for, they are cute. but they cant sing. its just so silly to watch either of them. THEY CANT SING.
What are you smoking to think Lakisha had a good performance? That was pitchy all over, she has no support in her chest voice (ironically enough), she ignored Tony Bennett's advice on how to end to the song, and in doing so demonstrates completely why he was right. And the pouting at the end was ridiculous. I like the woman and think she's way talented, but the praise for this performance is incomprehensible.
Gina clearly wasn't in the same leadgue as the other female singers. So it was her time to go. Kiki, Melinda and Jordan are better singers. Gina never seemed to get a following that would carry her on off nights. Personally, I thought Phil should have been bounced but I guess he has the "Hicks Holdovers" voting for him.
Sanjaya is sooooooooo bad that if people vote him in as the American Idol just to try and be "cute", it will do more harm than good - it will take the chance away from a really good singer and will hurt the reputation of the show. WAKE-UP PEOPLE and be serious!!!
Is someone playing a joke on America? Really, come on....enough is enough! This USE TO be a search for talented singers. Now....some people, from somewhere are making a mockery of the show. Too bad. Guess it's time to bid it farewell. When the judges look bored and half asleep week after week, it's time!
I think Sanjeah should have been voted off, what is the problem he has not talent and I do agree with Simon that Gina had some tough competition. I hope that Sanjeyah will be voted off soon - he is a disgrace to American Idol. Gina, as a rocker and a pierced tongue also the clothes with her hair hdifferent colors and then sometimes she could sing and then not sing very well, I guess it was from her choices of songs she was not a very good model for American Idol. The competition is tough but Sanjeyah has no talkent and is very, very strange it is time to vote hime off the show.
What is wrong with America, Vote for someone who can SING and Sanjaya is not a singer, there have been some awesome singers let go, and he should have been the first. I really dont know how he got to the top, but he did now its our turn to put someone on the top who can sing, who knows what they are doing..........WOW! I guess we will see How it all ends......How awful it would be to cheat someone who really deserved it out of a chance of a lifetime..........
When Simon said "Let's try another tactic." Then turned to Sanjaya and said "You were great." and Sanjaya looked thrilled to hear that....oy. What scares me is that people are listening to Howard Stern....can anyone say "Follow the piper?" What happened to independent thinking?
Honestly, I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY WITHOUT A DOUBT HATE Sonjaya. He SUCKS! Gina could outsing and outperform his funky butt any day! Gina I'm sorry I missed the show to vote BUT I've voted for you since the beginning! You'll get a contract and his funky butt HOPEFULLY will not! From now on I will be voting for everyone else but HIM!
Sanjaya should do the right thing and drop out of the competition.Everybody knows that he will never be a true American Idol and the people that are keeping him on the show are doing a great injustice to the others that really have a chance to see their dreams come true because the pure, absolute talent that radiates from them everytime they open their mouths. It is waaaay past time for Sanjaya to go!!!!!
They have had it wrong for weeks! Hey Sanjaya, the honorable thing to do would be to bow out and go home on your own so as not to jeapordize the true singers in the bunch. I'm sure that you and William Hung can tour together and Ms Barba can be one of your fly girls.
Sanjaya should never have been put through to begin with..this is just another way to draw attention to this show... when it started it used to be about talent, but look at what it has become....a show place for freaks... unless of course you are Malinda, jordin or lakesha...they are great.. the guys are horrible..and then there is paula... what a put on...
Maybe if we all turned our t.v. to another channel when Sanjaya comes on the ratings will drop for that 2 minutes and the network will get the message.
One topic I have not seen in the long thread on responses is, what ever Sandjob and the voters are doing is working.. The numbers of votes are up each week, more people are watching and the shows producers and sponsors are Very Happy $$$$'s. If you don't agree with the direction of where this years show going you don't have to watch (switch channels) or vote.. I bet if all the people complaining about who got cut, who didn't and can't figure out why Sandjob is still on the show, stopped watching and voting you would see a much different set of contestants.. Just think if the number of viewers dropped to 50,000 and the number of votes dropped to 1,000,000, you would have the producers and sponsors scrambling to figure put what happened and what to do to boost the shows ratings and veiwer-ship back up.. Send a message to the show, Don't watch and Don't vote..
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