Wednesday, April 18, 2007
'Idol' chatter: Country surprises
From Special Projects producer -- and "American Idol" fan -- Steve Almasy:

This is why I watch "American Idol." In the middle of an awful, horrifying week, we get a break from the news that is dominating the television hour after hour. We get an hour just to enjoy ourselves a little.

A little. (Watch Steve and Rodney rate the show)

It was country week and we got a couple surprises -- and possibly had an important development. We have to talk about Sanjaya, whom my friend Troy (who has departed for HGTV) said looked more like a pirate than a country singer. With his bandanna flailing about his head, Sanjaya was at his absolute worst singing "Something to Talk About." He will finally be in the bottom three -- and I think could get kicked off. Finally.

The surprises were Phil, pretty good (vocally) in a genre he obviously really likes; and LaKisha, pretty bad taking on a song by a former American Idol (never do that).

The clear winners were Jordin, who sang "A Broken Wing" by Martina McBride (who was just OK as guest coach) and Melinda, who sang the obscure "Trouble Is a Woman" and made me want to grab a tall, cool longneck.

Simon was pretty grumpy last night. What was up with that?
test 2
Mark my words..Sanjaya will be one of the final 3....
I agree with Todd's comments for the most part. I believe it should be Sanjaya, LaKisha, and Chris in the bottom three if it is determined soley by singing (which we know it is not). What surprised me most about last night is the judges really took a pass on the last guy (Mr. Beat Box, I've forgotten his name). In the middle of the song, he had some real issues hitting the intervals. When those same intervals were repeated at the end, he hit them better but still not right on. I can't believe Simon didn't at least mention it.
Simon was grumpy last night because he had to suffer through yet another week of Sanjaha!! As soon as he is voted off then we can get down to enjoying American Idol once again. Simon has "judged" this season dead on! He knows what he's doing when making comments about a poor no talent like Sanjaha.
I have spent a great many years in show-business, in the UK. Also having been a vocal and image coach. Since living in the US, over three years now, I have been astonished at the low standard of most of the performers and bands, who appear regularly on television.

Except of course for the obvious greats, like Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, etc., and most American Idol contestants are never near such a high calibre. So, where are they? Where are the naturals, and the professionals who want a chance of fame through AI? Why do they not get auditions? I believe the age limit is too low, and the most professional singers are kept out.

It is right that the contestants sing all genres, but most can not do this. An all round singer would make the best AI winner, including them having a pleasing image. In this season's show, it has been proved that they are only comfortable with their own preference of songs.

The boys have proved they are not versatile enough. Phil has only been able to sing country, and Sanjaya sings ballads the best. Chris, had been the best out of the lads, with his terrific voice and ability to project his vocals properly. But, he did not have the right image.

The top three girls have more or less proved themselves, all with great vocal technique, although some have picked songs completely incorrect for their voices. And, in the wrong keys.

Jordin, appears to be the most consistent, but Melinda has the best and strongest vocal. Lakisha is great on some songs, but does not project enough. Actually, apart from Melinda, no-one else really projects.

I cannot see why celebrities, (apart from their being extra publicity for the AI show), are seen to be helping the singers, as they do not do this at all. In this instance, the celebrity, if they know their singing business well enough, will know when a song does not suit the singer, and will also know the best key for them. This should be the only time when each singer can do consistently well. Also, some of the contestants are better than the celebrity singers chosen to be on the show!

The winner this season, will not necessarily be the best singer, but the one most popular with the audiences. Sanjaya could pull through, as he has the added backing of Howard Stern, and being voted for, for the wrong reasons. We will never know for sure how popular Sanjaya really is. His future after American Idol, will prove that.

The show has been a sham this time around, and if American Idol can be a more honest show, only picking out of the best who audition for them, highering the age limit at least by 10 years, and not taking some on who will be a joke to keep the ratings up, it could be a great show each time.

There are many auditions the contestants have to go through, which the public are not told about, even before they reach Randy (the dog), Paula (the sweetie) and Simon (who should be allowed his opinion, without Ryan having a go at him). The show is one of the best time wasters, but could stand for so much more.

Also, the show should not be as long drawn out as it has become, and we should ALL see the poll results for each contestant. This would prove that American Idol is not working its own wishes, behind the scenes.
Oh dear, I have to clarify a point I just made, as there is still a lad by the same name in the show. When I said 'Chris' had the best strongest vocal, with projection, I meant Chris Sligh, the chappie who went out a while back. A large guy with a head full of too many curls, and a great deal of personality.
Do you call it Country? It is hard to sing but a few of them did well. I am having a problem with Ryan. Why does that jerk always interupt Simon when he is talking or giving his opinion? Isn't that was he is supposed to do. I think we need a new host for American Idol next year. Simon makes the show not Ryan, it just really makes my blood boil every time Ryan interuptes Simon but never Randy or Paula. Good Luck Sanjaya you need it after that performance. I know he can sing but hasn't brought it out yet, it might be to late.
I am so relieved that Sanjyah was finally voted off. He's a cute kid but does not have the talent that the other contestants have. The others will FINALLY have a fair chance. America got it right!
Well, he's gone now, and that sucks because I was hoping he would win and prove what a joke this show really is.
Sanjaya epitomizes the American Idol - charismatic, entertaining, and sincere. I hope he wins the title.
When Simon smiled at the bottom three, I felt he was hoping for the same thing that I wanted -- to see Sanjaya gone. While Sanjaya was likeable, he didn't have talent and should not have continued on so long.
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