Thursday, April 12, 2007
Goodbye, Haley
From Special Projects producer -- and "American Idol" fan -- Steve Almasy:

No more looking at the best gams in "Idol" history.

Haley Scarnato gets to go home to beautiful San Antonio and get ready for the "Idol" summer tour, and maybe the Miss Texas pageant. (Watch Steve and Troy energetically debate the decision.) Yes, Phil Stacey survived another week, but I think he can start packing his bags for his departure next week.

I was a little stunned that Chris Richardson was in the bottom three, but apparently there were many people who agreed with me that he screwed up a perfectly cool song on Tuesday night. It's just that I thought he was more popular than that.

Next week should be interesting and potentially disastrous, and I hope I like it because I love country music. We need to hear someone do a little Patsy Cline ("Crazy," anyone?) or maybe some Johnny Cash (how about a modern version of "Ring of Fire," Blake?). Or maybe one of my favorite new groups, Sugarland. Melinda might do some Alabama, a band she has worked with before.

And why, oh why, do I want Sanjaya to do his hair like Willie Nelson and sing "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" or "To All The Girls I've Loved Before"?

What songs do you want to hear?
For the first time the voters SERIOUSLY did get it right. Send the brunette beauty back to Texas... there is a pageant calling her name.

Now, I am waiting to hear some big songs from powerhouses Lakeisha and Melinda, something fun from Jordan.

Should be a great week for Blake and Chris (I am thinking Keith Urban), Phil- how about a little Gary Allen (Life Ain't Always Beautiful...)

Watch for Sanjaya to struggle... song choices are crucial... we all remember a bad take on "Any Man of Man" by a true powerhouse voice...

Can't wait for the Country week!
I would like to hear some Dolly Parton, LeAnn Rimes and many more. I like country music so anything sounds good to me! I do agree that Phil is the next to leave, but you never know there are always surprises on Idol�

But I want to say that I�ve been a fan of Idol since day one and I don�t understand why Sunjaha is still there, it is ridiculous. I don�t blame him; I blame the judge for putting him through in the first place. If he wins this competition am not watching Idol anymore, I know Sunjaha is good for rating but this is a singing competition not a freak show. He is making a joke out of Idol�
Idol fans goofed again. If we have to listen to singers with little talent, one with the body and legs of Haley is much more preferable to Sanjaya. He cant decide on a look and is the least talented of anyone on the show. Oh well, the American public elected George Bush to two terms too so we know its not the best person who wins when it comes to voting.
I do not understand why the judges were so hard on Haley (I think when it comes to Simon, he was obviously "hard-on" Haley in more ways then one) but........ Haley CAN sing! At the least she is as good as some of those "pop" singers we hear on the radio, ei-Ashley Simpson, Hillary Duff, etc. I do not see what the fuss is about Chris Richardson. He sounds to me like he has something stuck in his throat.
When are they going to get Sanjaya off the show. His singing is just awful. Everyone knows this. GET THIS GUY OFF!!!!!
Ok - enough is enough! I hope that Idol producers have learned thier lesson. Perhaps in future American Idol years, if there are any after this, the panel of judges will be able to step in and override America's ill voting. We're sending actual talent home early in keeping someone that couldn't carry a tune in a bucket around for certainly more weeks than he deserves. This is a great show, and a terrific concept.... but it's evident that it needs some serious "fine tuning".
It's too bad that the people calling in for Sanjaya do not realize that he cannot sing and unfortunately is knocking out alot of people who really can and deserve a spot (Chris, Gina, Sabrina)...time for votefortheworst to stop!
Go Sanjaya! I can't wait to see him win. I voted over 100 times! Sanjaya with a cowboy hat and chaps? hmmm

Hope Howard Stern can keep him going until the end!
"Idol would have been great Tuesday if only the singers hadn't sung.
The only reason Sanjaya is still on is because people think it's funny that this kid is still on! He lacks all of the key ingredients needed to be successful, talent, charisma, articulation. The only props I can give this kid is he takes the criticism in stride, especially for someone so young! But it is LONG past time to get him off the show and start focusing on those with real potential!
Haley was nice to look at, and she had a decent voice. I was so irritated with the way Simon sexually harassed her every time she got on stage. She didn't have the voice to win, but it couldn't hurt to treat people with a bit of dignity. Simon was over the line. However, America still got it right in the end. Sanjaya should go next, then Phil then Chris. Go Blake!!!
If you aren't voting during this year's season of "American Idol," what are you waiting for? Talented singers are being sent home while Sanjaya remains in the competition. Although viewers are voting for him, I wonder how much of that relates to his culture rather than his singing ability (or, lack thereof). Earlier in the season, I noticed someone holding a sign in the audience for Sanjaya, which read (in part): Vote for my people. Held by a South Asian man, the sign clearly encouraged votes based on ethnicity, which I find entirely objectionable. What's next--black and white contestants being supported by fans with black pride and white pride bumper stickers? Ridiculous. People, please vote next week! America has to stop sending home people who can actually sing.

- Jennifer Herron, San Francisco, CA
I want to hear "Sanjaya you're going home!" other than that nothing else matters.
I use to actually vote for good singing but the show has become a moquery due to the likes of Howard (the sleeze) Stern and why should I bother. It's not a singing competition anymore it's whose your favorite. The producers Nygel Lithgoe LOVE IT because of the ratings this whole Sanyaya character is generating but when they see he actually WINS the competition ...I'm hoping they make some changes to the voting system and change it to the way it's done for "Dancing with the Stars". Not a fan anymore!!
What is it going to take to get Sanjaya off this show? I have had to leave the room so I don't have to hear or see him singing. Who is voting for this guy? Do they really think he will have a singing career after American Idol?
My final four Lakesha, Melinda, Blake & Chris. I don't think Jordan and Sanjaya will manage country week. Phil is on the bubble already. Competition gets fiercer when down to six and every song counts. The teen age girls will split votes between Chris, Sanjaya and Blake. The girls will be competing more against each other and start getting less votes. When there are a lot of contestants people tend to vote for four or five, when it is down to six, they vote for one or two.
I do miss Gina - but the viewers got it right this week. After Haley clopped all over the stage, barely looked in the camera and was time to say goodbye. Simon was right about the clothes. For her - less was more (votes) Bottom three were my exact choice and I'm no Sanjaya fan.

Country week could be painful for Sanjaya, Phil and Lakisha. I'm sure Phil will pick some morbidly boring song that will never show his true voice - plus he'll add a huge hat to hide his face.

Call for top three: Melinda, Jordan and Blake. They are workin it.
Knew it was time for Haley to go, but it needs to be Sanjaya next week. He's just not that good.
This season's AI has become an exercise in mediocrity at best. People usually vote for candidates they are really passionate about and this season the pickings are slim. Sooo... many people may be watching but not voting anymore. I believe that's Sanjaya's strenghth.... He is winning thanks to the many people who are still passionate enough about their favorite WORST to pick up the phone and vote!
I LIKE Sanjaya! I find him interesting and fun to watch. And this might come as a shock to some people, but not everyone enjoys seeing Nearly Naked Haley on a "family show." Sanjaya had a fantastic first audition and made it to Hollywood, but he had not shown his potential again until this past Tuesday (Latin week). I think people have been voting for him because they knew that he could be really good and were hoping that he would be again. I voted for the first time this week, and I voted five times for Sanjaya. I also really like Jordin. I don't believe that the anti-fans have nearly the power to sway the vote that is being attributed to them. People like him! I am NOT the only one. He is the main reason I tune in each week. He has stage presence, and say what you will, but he is not boring!
once again the public was wrong in the voting for the "idol". The panel should
be more represented in the vote.
Also the last performance should not be the deciding factor.
I'm amazed that this 66 year old grandmother is so taken by this show; it's reminiscent of my youth when talent shows were so popular. But I will not be a fan of the show next year for sure if Sanjaya makes it---I'm putting my money on Jordin, thank you.
i think the sexual comments towrds haley was disquisting and embarrassing. especially when every week we have to look at lakisha's boobs and nothing is said to her. why is that ????????? you know every wk who is going home. next week bye phil-i think your great though.
dancing with the stars is the same-next week bye john.
There are millions of young women who have nice legs in this country. Millions who are nice to look at. Halley is one of millions who fit that bill. I don't have to watch Idol to see women like that. Hell, I can go to the grocery store and see better in the flesh no pun intended. She used her better then average looks because she can't sing on the level Idol requires. Her singing was mediocre.. at best. Glad she got the boot. Sangi is next. That guy is popular because he appeals to gays and little girls.
Go Sanjy!!! I'm rooting for you!
I have been a faithful watcher of Idol for two years now. I think it's a shame that some great singers have gone home while jokes like Sanjaya and Haley have stayed. It was a relief to see Haley go last night. If she had looked like me and sung like she did, she'd never even made it to Hollywood.

I hate that what was once an enjoyable show I could watch with my young daughter, has become a BIG JOKE.
If only I could vote - can't because I live in Canada. I watch each week and each week I hope that America will get it right and get rid of Sanjaya. But each week America disappoints me AND my five year old who holds her ears when he sings. Those who vote for Sanjaya are making him look more and more like a fool and what is even more sad is that Sanjaya just doesn't seem to get it. Does he really believe that the votes he is receiving are because he can really sing? Is he that stupid? Come on America - get it right this time and vote for the real talent (yes and sorry I was referring to Bush as well!)

If I could vote, I would vote for Blake and Melinda.
I have only one word -- WRONG !!! America voted and once again they left the talentless Sanjaya in the running. It's really sad that a guy who couldn't win a karaoke contest is still on the stage.
Poor Haley...she couldn't continue using her better then average looks because she is common amongst millions of other women in this country. Idol demands much more then she could ever offer. You don't need to tune into Idol to see legs. Idol is about singing, not beauty contests. I was surprised she lasted as long as she did.
It was pass time for Haley to go!
Hayley deserved to go... the girl could not sing... I am from San Antonio, and I could not even stand her. Hooray!!!!! Maybe now the local news can cover more news worthy issues.
I'm still trying to figger out what the heck that so called music group was that sang(?) on the show....and how Simon and the dogs could applaud them and tell anyone else they can't sing or don't measure up. Whatzup with that?
In the end I agree that Haley Scarnato needed to be voted from the show, however, the comment that Simon made about her "tactic" of baring skin to continue in the competition was humiliating, innapropriate, and belittling. Now, I think Simon usually gets it right with his critiques, but this time he went a little too far.
Every one of the contestants on American Idol are putting themselves out there in front of millions of people every week and they all deserve to be treated with a little bit of respect. Haley has been the judges inside joke for most of the live portion of this season's competition.
Haley really never received good, or even decent, reviews other than Simon saying she had had a memorable performance during British Invasion week (I think that's when it was). What I find myself wondering about is if Randy, Paula and Simon felt that she wasn't good, week after week, what did they see in her during the audition stages to put her through to the top 24?
Now, I don't think Haley is a terrible singer. If you consider Haley separately from this season's leading ladies (Jordin, Melinda and Lakisha), she isn't all that bad. In fact, if she was a contestant on Idol Season 1, she probably would have gotten even further than she did this season. Truly, a singer's talent is in the ear of the beholder. I played a clip of both Melinda and Jording to someone who doesn't even know what American Idol is and they thought they were both terrible (incredibly shocking, but true).
The moral of this story is that every contestant, including Haley and Sanjaya, deserve a little respect from the American Idol judges and the rest of all of the media sharks.
I get very frustrated each week when I hear Sanjaya should be voted off! This is not JUST a singing competition it is an Idol competition. Part of the overall package is who is marketable and who does not make your eyes water when you watch them sing. Sanjaya does not sing the best, however, he did sing well enough to get to the top 24. What he does bring is complete marketability. Who will buy his CDs? Millions of of 13 year olds, millions of 13 year old's parents and yes, this 50 year old!!! His voice is unique and put him in a recording studio and they will make him sound terrific. Lakesha soulds exactly the same week after week and im my opinion has not improved from the first week. Not only that, but she is very hard on the eyes! I am sick of seeing how shocked Melinda looks each week when the judges say she sung well. She was a professional for years - she should sing well but the fake humbleness is getting old. Phil sings well but is missing the physical appearance and Chris sings through his nose. So that leaves Jordin and Blake - the two I think should be in the finals.
Although this show and Simon keep stressing singing competition, it is not always the best singer that wins. Clay was definitely better than Rueben. Katharine was and is a much better singer than Taylor. I thought all along that Simon's comments during the first round of last years competition that Taylor was a wedding singer were right on. However, I wouldn't want him singing at my wedding because he squats too much and I keep thinking he has a gastrointestinal problem.
I think Sanjaya has improved each week. He has handled the negative comments with patience and humor. He truly has the IT or WOW factor. He can sing, albeit not as well as Jordin, Melinda, or Blake, but he has the Idol factor!!!
Sanjaya's continual stay has been so totally unfair to some excellent singers. Yes he has adorable eyes but he should have been gone 4 weeks ago. Although Haley's voice is not in the caliber of Melinda, Jordan & Lakisha, she did a great job. Phil has an outstanding voice but fails to pick the right songs that show it off. I wish he would WOW them this week with the right song and a little more UMPH on the stage. He really can sing. Unfortunately, he probably will go this next week, due to Sanjaya's unfair following. If Sanjaya ends up winning this, which I doubt, I think a lot of America will stop watching.
I think Haley should have used her looks MORE to her advantage. Her vocals have potential unlike Sanjaya but, Sanjaya has come out with confidence and creativity making people like him. Haleys only mistake was not using her niche to her advantage.
Sanjaya is making a mockery of the show. The show is turning into a joke. If he continues on and by some miracle(?!?) becomes the Idol, I will never watch the show again. This show is about talent - something that he does not have much of. Contestants with more talent have been voted off - which is truly a shame.
This is too funny. IT'S A TV SHOW!!! It's all about ratings, not about talent. I've never watched the show, nor will I ever watch it. However, I've been voting for Sanjaya for weeks, simply because it's absolutely hysterical to read everyone's posts complaining about it.

It is time for Sanjaya to hit the road.
This is a talent contest and not merely a popularity poll.
I've only watched Idol for several seasons and enjoy it immensely. I'm a senior citizen and appreciate any show that is clean, wholesome, and family oriented. As for talent this year I'm betting on Melinda or Jordan. Weather we like it or not it's not just about singing. It's also about performing. If not the contestants would just line up and belt out songs. I hear fantastic singers in church each week but performers???? No way!! Young Sanjaya may not be a great singer but he is a fun performer. He certainly has a future in some venue. Lakeisha, on the other hand can sing well but with her low cut outfits and hefty size she doesn't appeal to me except perhaps as an overweight opera singer. I don't find any of the guys very entertaining. But, with some of the people today that pass for singers who can tell. I mean people pay to listen to Michel Jackson and I find him disgusting. Regardless of who wins it's a great show. We are Midwest country fans so next week will be more to my liking. You can't beat country songs. As for the judges, I like Simon a lot more than Paula. I find her so syrupy and phony and think she should stay in her chair and stop dancing around like she was the star. Simon may be tough but he hits the nail on the head with his comments and as he said in an interview these kids are on the fast track to fame and money and if they can't take some harsh comments they better head home and sing in the choir.
If Sanjay wins I will never watch American Idol again - I alomst quit watching this year because Chris Daughtry was 4th last year which was just stupid but then again the America public voted for Geroge Bush a 2nd time I continue to be disappointed by most of our country and thier ability to recognize stregth of character,intelligence, and now talent....

This kid can not carry a tune, he's just cute and the hair well it's just silly. He's the weakest singer of the crew and has been from the beginging he's simply propped up by good stylists. He will have Zero staying power and simply can't compare to talents that have come from this show like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry.
Sanjaya...the Liberace of our day. Nuff said!
It's about time Haley head back to Texas! She took 3 good contestants place by even being considered at all. The part that gets me is why are the top 10 crying when they'll be banking in 2 months with the 35 city tour. At least you guys have a job some Americans don't. I am calling Melinda America's next idol. She has paid her dues working with other celebrities as a backup singer and has the professionalism and attitude to win it all. I believe LaKisha will get a recording contract without a doubt, so will Jordin and Chris R. The other competitors are "iffy".
I want to see the Idol contestants do renditions of heavy metal songs. In particular, Sanjaya massacre Metallica's "Leper Messiah".
Haley was a weak link in the talent chain. I hope Sanjaya follows suit now. He should have been long gone and would have probably if it weren't for these people that vote for the worst instead. You may not like Amercian Idol but don't make a joke of the talent that is on there.
I for one, am so glad that Haley is gone. She was completely anoying. Phil or Chris will be next. I think Sanjaya will beat out Lakisha before the insanity stops. Once he makes someone REALLY good go home then he'll finally leave. If he beats out Blake, the show is over. Blake is the most fun to watch. If He doesn't win, I'm voting for Sanjaya. Because by then the show will stink anyway
I think this is a great example of why American Idol needs to limit the number of votes used from one phone #.
Having been the type of Idol fan that would fall into the category of "Close to Devoted", it is becoming clear to me and others I speak to that this will probably be the last season I pay close attention to. I have been adamant for the last six weeks that if Sanjaya continued to be pushed through, it would cost the American Idol producers an invaluable amount of fans. Just in my office alone, at least five people I know who watched the show on a regular basis have moved on to other viewing options simply because they are frustrated at having to still watch Sanjaya move thru, and move thru with gliding ease (he is no longer even appearing in the bottom three on cut nights!). The contestants themselves must anguish over the thought that simply being the best, or even having talent for that matter, is of no importance when the American public continues to make light of the power to vote. I could wander way off the beaten path on this subject, into the realm of democratic elections but that is for a different time and blog. As it pertains to Idol, the public has already proven that it considers the success of Sanjaya as a sort of punchline to a very funny joke. Why actually make the deserved winner the actual winner? Wouldn't it be hilarious to nominate the kid who cant sing, dance, dress, or even comb his hair? What would have happend if that She-Bang character had actually been sent to Hollywood and placed in the hands of the voters? Not that it mattered...He became a star anyway. Which brings me to my final point... If Malakar actually wins this thing, and I have a strong suspicion he will, who gets the blame? The people who abused the voting system by flooding in repeated amounts of votes for a candidate they know is not deserving? Or the people who abused the voting process by never voting at all? It may be just a silly TV show contest but the parallels to our very state of the Union are concerning. Remember people...election day is coming...And I'm not talking about American idol!
Sanjaya Sanjaya! I love him! I voted for him at least 175 times. My friends and family also vote for him. He's the "popular" vote, the favorite. Ryan does NOT ask you to vote for the "best singer", he asks you to vote for "YOUR FAVORITE". You haters have to realize... Sanjaya has a HUGE fan base. We're not voting for him to make fun of him. We are voting for him because we got his back! GO SANJAYA!
Who could possibly think Haley was any worse than Sanjaya? This show has become a joke. It obviously isn't based on talent anymore. I think new rules must be made.
Haley, You are wonderful and such an entertainer! Thanks for sharing your talents with us. I love your energy and enthusiasm, and definitely your voice and style. I can not wait to see you live in San Antonio! You are an amazing young woman.
WHY? WHY would America vote off such a gorgeous creature? That woman is beautiful
Poor Sanjaha!! His parents don't love him, or they would tell him to get off the stage and stop making a fool and a joke of himself. Sanjaha is an idiot and I'm grossed out every time I have to suffer thru him in order to hear the other singers on American Idol. PLEASE GO HOME SANJAHA!!!!!
I happen to disagree re: Sanjaya. I think he is a good singer, better than many others, and if he had been given support by the judges instead of such derision, he would be giving even better performances. I thought he was 2nd best in Latin week. He rocked 'You Really got me". He just doesnt deserve this, really doesnt. Music is my passion, especially vocalists, I am 45 and have heard and seen in concert alot of singing. I dont understand this vicious tirade against this guy who really can sing.
i quit watching idol, this sanjaya think has gotten ridiculous, he should have been long gone. the show is a joke now.
YEAHHHHH Sanjaya, you rock you cute!!!

I am already planning to vote for him 250 times next week.
To Ernie, Washington, DC :

Maybe because she lacks talent as a vocalist?? This isn't a beauty pageant. I think this is supposed to be talent contest. At least, that was the original intent. It's dissolved into a more of a joke this season than in the past.
I'm not shocked at Chris being in the bottom three. He's not going to win. That was his wake up call. I predict he'll be the next to go. Stacy's been in the bottom three pretty much the entire time. So he's used to it (HA!).

Scarnato's legs were good to look at but I won't remember her by tomorr...wait, who was I referring to again?
Let's try a COUPLE different things.

#1) Disconnect the prompters that the 'judges' use to remember the critiques drafted for them by the show's producer. The bland critique by Simon about Chris followed minutes later by a blistering rip of Phil are evidence that the comments aren't based on the live performance.
#2) Bar the judges from watching the rehearsal.
#3) Release the vote totals each week. Isn't it interesting that it took five weeks to break the boy-girl rotation.
#4) Draw the singing positions from a hat.
#5) Get Simon a thesaurus. He needs a new word to replace cabaret.

This show -- despite massive popularity -- is dangerously close to jumping the shark. If FOX continues to allow the judges and by extension the show to insult the public's intelligence, it is gonna be the Revenge of Sanjaya.
Sanjaya needs to GO! He's a Michael Jackson 'wannabe' and that creeps me out! He's only surviving because of all the 12 year olds who don't know a good singing voice when they hear one! This is no long a 'singing competition'! How sad, maybe this should be the last season with crap like this! The only true talent is ORIGINAL talent is Blake and I hope he wins!
America had to send Haley home before the show became R-rated. Every week she had less and less clothes on, what was next a bikini? Now Sanjaya, go Sanjaya go. I hope he hangs in there till the final two. American Idol received more votes then ever and Sanjaya's 15 minutes of fame definitely has something to do with it.
I was more than ready to see Haley go. In my opinion, Simon was right on about the way she dresses. She's cute as a button, but Idol needs more than just looks.
I find all the hype and debate over American Idol amusing. Never forget that between fees for text messaging and the big bucks of corporate advertising, the show and its employees are raking in a lot of revenue. Yes, it's great that the show provides an opportunity to unrecognized "talent". But, when you have marginal talent (as exposed by performances of certain music genre) and they remain in competition week after week, then the contest is 1. manipulated to create the most furor resulting in publicity/ revenue or 2. the mechanism of voting is wrong, meaning one person one vote should be the proper venue- not finding a way to flood lines with votes by a person repeatedly. The whole phenom of "reality" programs makes me believe we as a society are losing touch with reality if we have to sit and watch others act it out for us rather than getting out and experiencing it ourselves.
Phil Stacey will sing I am Lee Greenwood's, "God Bless the USA." This will keep him on the show another week or two. One of the girls will take Phil's place as the one that is "going home."
Will Sanjaya show up with pink chaps and a feather boa for country week? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH - DUMP SANJAYA!!
I believe that Sanjaya is like what's his name last year (he was so forgetable that I can't remember his name). Young teens are voting for him over and over because he is different, not because of his talent, just as they did what's his name. I think it will be a very sad day for Idol if Sanjaya wins. It will prove that this is a popularity contest and not a talent contest as it was on the first couple of seasons. Wish there were some way to allow each person to vote only once. Perhaps the the voting would truly reflect what the listening audience really thinks.
Haley had to go but not before Sanjaya who should have gone weeks ago. I think he's being protected by the 10-14 year old girls.
Sanjaya, you are never going home. You will become the next American Idol. For all you whiners out there, the talent on American Idol is subpar at best. Why should we not enjoy someone who is unique like Sanjaya. He is the only one with guts. Everyone needs to give up on this show and join the Sanjaya army. VOTE SANJAYA!
Could you imagine Sanjaya headlinging a concert.... that would be two hours of torture.... he is just so BORING and ackward!
I think the fact that Sanjaya is still in it is a joke. I know that those that hate American idol are voting for him as a joke, but how sad? They must have no lives. If you don't like Idol, then don't watch it. Don't ruin it for the rest of us that really enjoy watching it!
Unfortunately, this is not a singing competition but rather a "Who do you like best?" contest. Some of you might know that, when the first American astronaut was chosen from among the seven "true brothers", he was not the best of the them (Glenn) but the most popular one (Sheppard). Same thing going on here -- the voters may like or dislike the singing on American Idol but they vote for whom they like most.
How is that blond kid who is way too cool still surviving? Am I the only one who thinks his singing is extremely boring?

And for all those people crying about Sanjaya still being on the show, get a life. The kid is by far the most entertaining person in the competition. If the contestants were singing in a local pub, I would definitely go see Sanajya first. He's a good singer, and highly entertaining. Some of the other contestants are more powerful singers, but seriously, how many of the great singers, or bands have had the absolute best singers? Mick Jagger? Any of the Beatles? Most any current pop beauty pageant teen stars of today? Probably not, but that isn't what makes great entertainment. If IDol has shown us anything, it is that great singers are fairly common.
Why is it OK to criticize Haley for being beautiful and sexy? She is quite obviously aware of this and makes no lame excuses for it. But can you imagine the uproar if anyone were to comment negatively concerning the very obvious excess poundage of the other remaining female contestants. Even Al Sharpton would get in on that.
Well the pain continues. Sanjaya just keeps going & going while other more talented people are sent home. He should have been gone during the top 24, but alas some people must have their t.v. on mute when he performs. If he conitnues on & actually makes it further than eitehr Melinda, Jordin or Lakesha it could be the end of American Idol. Maybe the judges opinion should matter somewhat, because obviously America is not voting for the best talent.
I can tell you exactly why Sanjaya is still there. My husband teaches sixth grade and ALL the girls in his class vote for Sanjaya every week. When my husband said to them, Why do you vote for him when he isn't that good of a singer? They all replied, "We know that, but he's really cute." It also appears the seventh and eighth grade girls feel the same way. So, there you have it, take all the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade girls (maybe high school girls too) out of the picture and Sanjaya will go home.
I have to admit that this week was the first time Sanjaya showed that he actually CAN sing. I was really pleasantly surprised. Based on his previous preformances, he should have been gone a long time. Let's hope this is a new start for him by cutting the crap and getting through by actually SINGING instead of being a wailing idiot.
Sanjaya is certainly not the best, but not one person who has been voted off will ever sell a record....they just arn't that good.
Nothing about Haley stood out; she wasn�t a great singer, or more than moderately attractive. I think Sanjaya�s principal shortcoming is that he's young and hasn't found his voice or style just yet. Because of that though, people are mistaking his explorations as daring and unique when really he�s just lost � a babe in the woods. He has a lot more work to do to be worthy of the position he is in. When comparing him to Jordin - both still teenagers - she far surpasses him. Her voice is much more developed. I don�t think Lakisha is AI material. Her voice is decent, but because of her size she just cannot move. Blake is the only male who is on par with the females this season. Melinda is the clear frontrunner. She�s heads and shoulders above the other competitors when it comes to genuine talent and humility. Ranked in order of personal preference: Melinda, Jordin, Blake, Lakisha, Chris, Phil, Sanjaya.
I don�t think the contest judging should change. This is a contest to gauge which competitor is most deserving of a recording contract� which translates to who will net the largest return on an initial investment? If the voting is any indication, which I believe it is, millions of 13-old-girls will line record execs pockets just as they have flooded the lines with their calls and texts. It�s just business, baby.
Sanjaya could stand on stage and just burp and he will still get the votes. Howard Stern and think the whole thing is funny, and actually, it is. Until the producers start using their brains and limit the number of votes that can come from each phone number or computer, voting results of Idol will continue to be skewed.
What the producers should really be concerned about is if Sanjaya actually wins because of the voting system. If he does, the integrity of the show as a real talent contest will be totally lost and next seasons ratings will tank. Get smart Nigel.
I hate to say it but the show has been taken over by people with the resources to take advantage of the voting system. Voting should be one vote per phone number. I personally have stopped watching the show.
I actually can't stand to hear anything more from Sanjaya. Hello, this is a singing competition. It is really eye opening that the tweens can have so much influence in this country. I'll bet clothing manufacturers, etc. are taking even more notice of the power of the "teenies." It shouldn't be a matter of "can" they control American Idol - but "should" they exercise their power to such a level that they ruin a good show. How could you even stop this? Where are the parents (they probably think it is cute)? I wonder when these tweens grow up what will be the basis of their voting power (a candidates hair style). Our world is out of wack.
I guess the teeny boppers are voting for Sanjaya because he's "cute" - cute where??? Not because he can sing - cause he can't. He must gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!
It is all ridged. There is no way on the Earth that people can tell me or anyone else who of course isnt ton edeaf that Sanjaya can sing. My 10 year old sounds better. He looks as if he should be one of those one time 80's wonders that appreared on the cover of Teen Beat or Tiger Beat magizines. And look where those little teeny boppers are now. All of them are on the Celebrity Fit shows on VH1. Or in rehab someplace. He needs to be gone! Period and the gentleman who is encouraging people to vote for the worst on his website, well that speaks for itself.
To the people that say that AI is losing fans because of Sanjaya, are you actually looking at any facts? The fact is AI is receiving its highest ratings EVER. Everybody on here keeps saying week after week that they're done watching, but you still do! Sanjaya is the best thing to happen to the show and I hope he wins.

Vote Sanjaya!
All of this talk about getting Sanjaya off...this is exactly why they (producers and america) has him staying each week because he makes for good TV! Besides football, this is the next biggest tv show that americans talk about after the airing.

What i do not like is the fact that the producers are milking it! This boy is going to be forever known as the idol boy. Just like William Hung!

Furthermore, Sanjaya is letting them do this to him. He is not saying anything about it and he knows that he is safe week after week. His weeks may be numbered but seriously, if you dont want him on there then keep voting for the people you want on. Obviously he is not getting 35 million votes!

The time to get upset about this is when powerhouses such as LaKisha, Jordan and Melinda are voted off before him.

If you really want to get your point across then boycot the show. We all know that no matter the outcome of this season the show will go on. A 5 year contract has already been signed.

This is just another case of Simon opening his mouth stating "if sanjaya wins i will quit" america wants him to stand by his word just as they saw it through with Taylor last season when simon remarked that he (taylor) would not win because he is not "idol looking".

Instead of blaming and howard stern, lets get the producers where it counts and tell them by our actions we want better quality with the show.
Ok, now I am starting to hate this show. First off, it just proves that the majority of these people singing on this show stink. The show needs to change the way of voting. The only ones voting should be the three judges, minus Paula Abdul. Why is she even a judge. She had what one hit? This show needs to be terminated. If Sanjaya wins, I really think this show loses a whole lot of people who watch. The judges made a huge mistake letting this joker pass the first audition. I am tired of seeing Sanjaya remain on this show, he is the worse singer. I don;t know what the judges were watching on Tuesday. He butchered Besame Mucho. Sanjaya you stink, sorry bro, just being honest. Oh , and maybe it's time to come out of the closet too while your at it.
For any one of you who theatened to stop watching American Idol because of Sanjaya, another 50 who never watch the show will tune in because of your endless whinning.

This ia a popularity show not a best snger contest. If you people still do not realise it yet, don't get a heart attack when Sanjaya wins the contest.

This is still America's number one show with over 35 millions votes for their favorite singer - not the best singer - get it!
You all wonder why Sanjaya is still in the competition. Let's get one thing straight. He is a good singer. Paula, Randy and Simon propelled Sanjaya to the point where the voting takes over. You need to have a good voice to make it past the judges. He's certainly better than most singers out there making the big bucks. True, most of the remaining contestants are better singers but obvoiusly Sanjaya has that "je ne sait quoi" that appeals to the viewers. His charm has clearly got the young girls hooked. From those I've asked, he appears to have the older crowd on his side as well.
Each week I become more and more disgusted as infintely more TALENTED SINGERS are voted off just to keep the "comic relief" of Sanjaya around. It's not just unfair to the contestants who CAN actually sing, but also a real disappointment to the rest of us who are loyal American Idol fans and have been under the impression that it is a SINGING competition. We are unfortunately at the mercy of a bunch of 13+/- year olds who simply don't have the ear and training to recognize true talent. Regrettably, we will have to suffer through this season as best we can and hope that TALENT wins out. If not, better luck next year! To be honest, this season has been the most lack-luster ever (with the exception of Melinda, Jordin & LaKisha who are extraordinary!)

Here's wishing for the end of the "Universe of Sanjaya"....PLEASE???!!!
Cleary...the reason Sanjaya is still there is that these kids voting for him are voting 100 or more times a week for him...(check out Carol from Sarasota's admission that she "voted 100 times" for him. If all the other people, like myself, voted for our candidates 100 times, Sanjaya would be gone.
Sanjaya is on fiya!
This whole Sanjaee thing is a complete embarrasment. He is so bad. I don't undersatnd why people think it's so funny to vote for him. The show has lost is integrity.
People should be able to vote for the worst contestant. It would be more fun and Sanjaya wouldn't stand a chance.
OMG people, ease up! Sanjaya can sing - at least better than Stacey and Haley!! So give him another couple of weeks at least before you get on his case! Plus at least he's something to watch, when the rest of the contestants are putting you to sleep with their predictability! I love the big goofy smile :)
It's baffles mt that anyone of any age would take the time out to vote 250 times. Hey Idol producers, how about limiting to vote...or will ATT&T not allow that ??? Sanjayah..however you spell it is lousy...I get creeped out just watching him
Sanjaya is my next American Idol.

Only reason I watch American Idol is because of Sanjaya. Producers already know who is the star of show is so they make him the last one to perform. If it were not for that I�d have gladly tuned into something after Sanjaya performed. Sanjaya dares to be different and keep it interesting. AI will be back next season and the people who made empty threats to not watch the show will be the first one tune in. All the Sanjaya bashers are keeping me entertained with their outlandish comments in here and also in youtube.

Sanjaya is my next American Idol.
I think it'd be just about appropriate for Sanjaya to come out in pigtails for this week's country show. The kids getting cocky. I don't like it. Go Blake and Jordin!!!
ok, I think it is WAY past time for Sanjaya to go home!!! His sister should have went further than him. This is going to ruin American Idol! If Sanjaya wins, I personaly will not watch the next season! Seriously, Gina and Haley should have stayed way over him! Haley may not have made it to the end, but she is waaayyyyyy better than Sanjaya could ever be!!!!!!!!!
Each week, I cant believe how pathetic Sanjaya is. I almost feel sorry for him because he doesnt seem to realize how bad he is. Even the judges make fun of him. But Sanjaya keeps smiling. The boy has nothing more than a suitable karaoke voice. Its a real shame that Howard Stern has to resort to something so cruel as to keep this boy going just to keep his name known. Grow up Howard, use your notariety for something good for a change. Its time to stop using Sanjaya as a joke, let the people who really have talent make their mark.
Are we forgetting that it was the judges that put Sanjaya in the top 24 (was there no one better than him, of all the tens of thousands of people who auditioned?) and America who's keeping him in the competition? Give the guy a break! If you want him off - keep voting for someone else. I think his novelty will wear off when someone everyone agrees has talent (Melinda, Lakeisha, Blake, Jordan) gets voted off before him.
I'm really quiting watching this show. I can't stand Sanjaya anymore. He just can't sing!!! I don't understand what's going on with America this time and I pretty sure that there're a lot of people who votes for him just to make fun of the show. There's no reasonable answer.

Haley out? This is just a shame. If Sanjay wins I will never watch American Idol again. He is making a mockery of this show.
Sanjaya wasn't half-bad this time, but he still needs to go. Haley deserved to go home, yes, so maybe Sanjaya will go next time.

I rather worry that votefortheworst is having some effect. Childish behavior there, of course, rather like neighborhood bullies ruining a game they have no interest in. I dislike such people when I was 7; don't like them much better in middle age.
Sanjaya can't sing - maybe he's cute to some but isn't it supposed to be about the best singer should be the idol. Get real and oust Sanjaya before everyone over 21 quits watching the show.
I've been voting for Sanjaya every week along with a lot of other people. It looks like the American public is finally telling the producers of AI enough is enough, time to pull the plug.

Go Sanjaya!!!!!
It would'nt matter if they went on stage and sung naked, Sanjaya would still win. Please give the show back to the talented people. I thought it was about people that could sing.
Sangina needs to be removed from this competition. The sad thing is I don't believe he will be. If that kid had a "set" on him he would bow out of this competition while he still has a little dignity left. The only reason I still watch this season is because the kids and the wife like it.
Apparently I am one of the very few Haley supporters, so I just wanted to give her some props. Her voice was pleasant and hardly ever off key.. not nasally-squeaky like Chris Richardson or crackingly-strange like Phil. (I can't believe the judges can overlook that and still give Phil a good review, when Haley didn't miss a note and was basically told she is crap). Really... she was just as good if not better than any female pop star out there today. The way she can hit and sustain those high notes, along with that natural vibrato, I thought should earn her a little respect for her talent. But I am aware I am one of about 300 people who feel this way. Lots of people think she's boring, but I tend to appreciate spot-on singing that hits a note, holds it, and wraps up the song in a neat little package.
I've been watching AI since it's inception and amazed at the credibility of the show -- until now. I don't even care if I watch any more or not. I'm so disappointed in the talent of the contestants and the "worst-vote" scandal. Sanjaya can laugh all the way to the bank when this is over, but the show might as well close up after this year.

I really can't believe the voters think the demise of a really cool thing is so funny. It's too late to expect anyone (Howard Stern) to feel ashamed of their actions.

So I guess who ever is voting for Sanjaya "wins". I for one no longer care or will watch the show. And for all you yahoos out there that have united to bring down the show's integrity, congratulations. You have made a nice (albeit, untalented) kid a millionaire while you are still a bunch of burger-flippers. Bet you can't wait for his CD??
I really like Sanjaya because he's got a really velvety voice and has the looks to boot. He's been able to ajust to any of the music themes and sing perfectly in tune - not missing words. He isn't show-ey like a Phil Stacey. I really hope that he holds on to be in the top three spots. Go Sanjaya!
I just don't get the posts about Sanjaya being "entertaining". The only thing even close to entertaining about this guy is what hairdo will he come up with next. I agree with the post about this guy not being able to maintain a two hour concert--what kind of torture that would be!! Sanjaya needs a lot of work to be an "idol".
Haley should have stayed....Sanjaya no singer should have been the one to go. Sanjaya CANNOT sing....Haley is awesome and I hope she gets a singing contract, she deserves it.....Texas loves you Haley.
cast off because of using sex appeal?...hmmmm i wonder why maria carey or janet jackson out sell aretha franklin?
wonder why kelly or carrie are httin' it big while clay and rupert are foundering?
sex helps sell a product,always did,always will!
Haley was GREAT !! She Looks Great and can Sing also ! If the right person Markets her she will make MILLIONS /
I think it's terribly interesting that Simon accuses Haley Scarnato of indecent attire when she wears shorts, on the same show where LaKeisha is falling out of her dress and Randy calls her HOT. Almost makes me think they were out to get Haley, and I wonder why.
America got that one wrong! Most of the guys are going home anyway, so they should have just voted them off and kept Haley for a while. She's got entertainment value at least. The guys in the bottom three with her don't have any entertainment value!!
In AMERICA if you don't want to watch AI then switch the fricking station instead of screwing up it for everyone else. As for Simon he is the only one on the panel that knows what he is talking about but then that is his main job at BMG. As far as Sanjaya goes won't the girls be upset when they realize that he has no interest in them hint hint.
I love American Idol I think its the best show on TV. Keep up the great job Randy, Paula and Simon-you are so cute.
American Idol is such great entertainment. It amazes me how hungry many people are for celebrity worship. I suppose they burned out on too much Paris and Britney when both showed everything they had. Oh, and Haley is a no talent relying on sexuality. Good for a flash in the pan, but no substance.
No matter what anyone has to say about Sanjaya, but the fact is this is a competition. He did his best in the competition and I think he deserves a chance to remain untill his performance lacks the oddities of a competition.
Way to go Sanjaya !
Does anyone really care? Please get a life...what a sad life people must have to sit and watch this junk... yeah yeah I know blah blah blah for all the replies.
I guess in the future, the judges should have a percentage of the vote. That way those being booted would not rely only on the viewer votes. I'm all for changing the judges each year to make the show fresher. Who will win, the amazing voices or very good singers with lots of personality? Hmmmm. Love the commercials and group songs!
I noticed something, Sanjaya's name is in every comment here until now, Wow, he is POPULAR.

How can people vote him, it happens ONLY in America. Anyways, I got to give him this, he was far better than Paul, Haley and Chris last night OR we can say they did worse.

Next week, Paul should GO. GO HOME PAUL, you are an embarrassment.
I am thrilled that Haley had to leave last night. It was long overdue. Next will probably be Phil or maybe Chris. Sanjaya has no talent but unfortunately will probably be around for awhile.
I am a Nigerian living in S�o Paulo Brazil. I'm a great fan of American Idol which I watch religiously. My thrill knew no limits when ageless Ms. Diana Ross appeared as a guest coach.
All the seven are stars and great in their own individual ways. It will never get better than melinda Doolittle or Lakisha; these two make any song sing.
Pop show need teen sex symbols and that's where Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis fit. Harley fitted in here too.
In a class of his own is the Pastor's son, Phil Stacey. A neat voice like his must come from the church, no doubt. He should make great music for God.
The next two; Sanjaya and Jordin represent the future generation. Both 17 years, I sure they are here to remind us 'the way we were'. Who will have the heart to hurt them? Leave them for God's sake!!!
No matter what, my vote goes to Melinda doolittle.If she had been a Whitney Houston look-alike, the whole would have bowed down. hummmmmmmmm
Well, actually I believe Sanjaya can sing, and has a very nice voice. His problem is that it's difficult for him to get any power behind it. With training and some confidence and age, I believe that he will become an excellent performer. I disagree that he doesn't have charisma. I believe that he does, and that he is mature beyond his years. He has maintained his dignity and actually increased his style in the face of what has happened to him. And how shameful of Stern and all of the other meanspirited people who are doing this to him. I respect him and am proud of him for the manner in which he has handled himself. I don't think he's the best singer, certainly, but if he won I wouldn't be sad and would view it as a shining moment, much like the shining moment of the Rutgers Womens's Basketball team when faced with something they didn't ask for and didn't deserve. The situations, although in gravity are different, on the surface are similar. They are the victim of meanness and insensitivity, and at their young ages are handling their respectively situations with grace at a level way beyond their years. How sad that they are having to protect themselves psychologically from adults. What has happened to us?
I don't want to hear anything from "the hair freak" I hope Sanjaya gets his stuff packed and hits the trail......
I don't understand why people are so anti-Sanjaya. Phil and Chris are worse singers, and Lakisha is boring. Melinda and Jordin are the best, but Sanjaya and Blake are neck-and-neck for third in my opinion. Just because votefortheworst and Howard Stern say something, does not make it true. They are idiots, and if you agree with them, well, think about what that means.
Well,it looks like the curse of Howard Stern is coming true!! He has had all his listeners call in for the worst of American Idol to get Sanjaya into the finals! Jeez, what a travesty!! The guy has very LITTLE talent!! (And he's also a brown noser! Dancing with the judges,anyone???
You narrow minded people that listen to Howard Stern and vote for the worst, will you actually buy the crap that you vote for.
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