Thursday, April 05, 2007
Dear NBC, please kill 'Studio 60'
NBC renewed "30 Rock" Wednesday. It's the right move: The show, though still weak in places, has an offbeat, loopy charm, and when Alec Baldwin is on, it's top-drawer comedy. (I wonder if Baldwin has prompted the rest of the cast to raise their game; in the beginning, it was as if he was on another, better comedy.)

The vaunted "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," however, is apparently on the edge of cancellation. NBC, here's my advice: Shove the show off the cliff.

I generally enjoy creator Aaron Sorkin's work. I loved "Sports Night" and thought "The West Wing," though its self-importance could be maddening, was a fine program. But "Studio 60" hit its peak with Judd Hirsch's "Network"-inspired monologue in the first episode. Since then, the show has had its moments, but "monologue" is probably the right word to describe "Studio 60." It's Aaron Sorkin talking to himself.

The characters aren't characters; they're stick figures for Sorkin's mouthfuls. (Contrast them with Martin Sheen's "West Wing" president or Josh Charles' "Sports Night" anchor, two people who appeared to live outside Sorkin's script pages.) And the "plots," such as they are, appear to have no basis in reality. The episode in which the show hired an African-American writer was downright embarrassing.

It's a shame. The actors are really trying and the show, visually, looks great. But NBC, time to cut the cord. With all the money "Studio 60" costs, perhaps you could invest the funds in something worthwhile. "Larry Sanders" reruns, perhaps?
Maybe 'shove' yourself off the cliff. Studio 60 is a fantastic show and I've missed it terribly. I also appreciated Sports Night, but the lame schedulers put '60' up against CSI Miami. What do you think would happen? Nothing can drop a CSI show no matter how hyped it gets.
Show does not deserve comment. It is terrible.
You meant to say "keep Studio 60." No matter how it compares to West Wing and Sports Night, it still beats the tar out of 98% of all other programming.
For people supposedly working on a comedy show, why does everyone on the show look so consistently miserable? Dump it. 'bout picking up the long lost HBO show "Carnivale". Talk about visually beautiful! And they cut it loose before the story wrapped up. Ugh, I hate that.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I really like this just needs some time to get it's bearings. It's like the West Wing...once you have some time to get into the quick-pace of it, you fall in love with characters and you LOVE it. Give it some time!
I agree. I so looked forward to this show as I am a huge Sports Night and West Wing fan. I keep waiting for the show to "wow" us and it has failed to do so. I vote for spending the money on Sports Night reruns - or better yet bring back Sports Night!!!
My husband and I are hard pressed to find intelligent television these days. We were fans of 30 Something and it went off the air. Then came The West Wing and we had one show to watch. We were so happy to see Studio 60 arrive. We had one show to watch on televisions. We even watch with our 13 year old son because we think it shows him a little bit about how TV and media work. It is intelligent, funny, and the topics were timely. We related to the show and the issues the characters face. I say hold on Studio 60. We think you've got something. We think you've got something great.
NOOOOOO! Studio 60 is a terrific show!!! You are completely wrong in your assessment (as is NBC, for that matter.) The smartly-written Studio 60 is one of the few joys on NBC. I just think it had a bad time slot after Heros. The dialog was terrific and we looked very forward to seeing it every week. Bring Studio 60 back!
Seriously? I think Studio 60 is great. I just don't understand why everyone hates it. I think it's funny and insightful and I really hope NBC retains one of the few bright spots in its lineup.
They got so bogged down in sentimental,
romantic stuff that it was embarassing.
I wanted very much to like it the way I loved Sports Night but religious girl and pregnant girl just killed it all.
And I wanted the quips and fast dialog
to be great like West Wing. What the heck happened.
What a shame. When are the new writers, the 20-somethings learn to leave the romance at the door. We want
quick wit, please.
I loved the West Wing as much as anybody, but for me the reason I can't bear to watch Studio 60 is that it lacks what the West Wing had in spades: a feeling of importance. A drama about a bunch of TV show writers and producers falling in and out of love, no matter how many incisive commentaries on media culture they can interject throughout, is just not that interesting to me. In the end it just felt like a (well-written) soap opera.
That is crap. Studio 60 is the most intelligent show on TV(well not right now... ). Very engaging charactesr, and interesting plots.
that's fine, studio 60 can be pushed over the edge to it's grave...but i would at least like to see the last few episodes...just because i've watched form the beginning...and you're right, it wasn't the best show...but it got me through bad onday night tv until 24 started again! :-)
I love Studio 60. Matthew Perry is excellent, and his love affair with Harriet completely engaging. Yes, some of it can be unrealistic...(snake under the stage episode)but I think it's acted to perfection, and the writing is clever.
I don't necessarily agree with the notion that "Studio 60" should be cancelled.
I don't think that the show has yet hit its stride. Sorkin needs to tweak the dialogue a little (although its great already) and expose the characters more.
I like the concept and I think it can work, just needs to 'season' a little more.
Only a person with little wit, talent, and absurd writing skills would suggest Studio 60 be cancelled. Go watch your reality TV, and leave the real talent to those who understand and enjoy it.
Right on the dot, "stick figures for Sorkin's mouthfuls." Great post.
While I agree that maybe the writing was a times, I LOVED this show! Why am I the only on that thinks so? Its a perfect fit for Matthew Perry, who I thought has done a pretty good job not making the charater too "chandler bing". The rest of the cast was very believable, why couldnt NBC just get new writers?
Save "Studio 60"
Sorry, I have to disagree. I love those characters and the dialogue. I also like 30 Rock and a lot of the other NBC half hour comedies, but NBC needs a decent hour long something besides the awful news magazine shows catering to the uneducated millions.
No no! We don't want Studio 60 cancelled! We like the quick dialogue and the characters who, though living in somewhat of a room of mirrors, can still laugh at themselves and their situations. Keep Studio 60!
It's better than 90 percent of the stuff on TV and deserves time to grow.
With hit shows like " are you smarter than a 5th grader" clogging the airwaves, we should be patient with our seasoned creator's of quality televison.
Wow. I couldn't disagree with you more. I hope NBC gives it at least one more season to find its legs. I admit, after the first two episodes, it stumbled a bit, until the christmas episode. After that, it really started to gel. No other show is more derided. And no other show is more deserving of a chance. Whatever its flaws, the great dialouge, exciting acting, and wonderful moments, make it the show I most look forward to every week.
Studio 60 deserves a full season before making a decision. Aaron Sorkin left West Wing and it thrived under Tommy Schlamme and John Wells. Maybe that's the solution?
Are you crazy?!? It's the only show of the season that is worth the hour to watch it. It's smart, insightful, and funny -- something not usually found on television. Great cast, great writing -- of course, those traits tend to be a curse for television. If NBC kills it, it only proves the point!
I love Studio 60 and I hope it gets picked up for a 2nd season!!!
I couldn't agree more. Sorkin has become so self-inflated that he's simply gotten too big for his TV britches. Take this awful show off the air!
Oh yeah. The show stinks. Self-impotant, overwrought and insipid. I predicted it would be cancelled at the end of the first season...but this will do. Die 60, die!
What do you expect? It's smarmy and condescending bullcrap, done with the same breathless, "who we are and what we do is SO important!" tone as "The West Wing". At least there it makes a bit of sense, being the White House and all...but "behind the scenes" at some lame-o comedy show? Give me a break. I can't believe it's still on.
I agree. "Studio 60" is not missed. Of course, NBC's Monday schedule looks like it disappeared off that cliff already. What with no "Heroes" it might as well have.
absolutely the wrong decision. studio 60 is a highly intelligent and well written show not seen on network tv for quite sometime. it is a refreshing character driven fun show. not sure why it is even being questioned. the actors are first rate and storylines are compelling. i am so confused as to your comments.

let the show live and see it come into it's own. it has loads of promise.
Are we watching the same show? This is the best thing on television. Which is not saying a lot these days. However, Studio 60 is a great show!!
I can't believe you actually wrote an article titled "Please kill 'Studio 60'". I really can't.

Aaron Sorkin's work on this show, while not non-stop brilliant, is still better than just about everything else on TV - how can you promote its demise?

This show deserves another season.
Perhaps the people at CNN should stop whining about one of the only decent shows on television, and start trying to improve upon the steadlily declining integrity of their news organization?
CNN, put Todd Leopold on hiatus. He obviously doesn't care enough to even watch the shows he has time to commment on. Studio 60 is a funny, whitty, and yes, ENTERTAINING weekly expose of life that the SNL generation can completely relate to. Not to mention, for those of us who yearn for the glory days of Will Farrell, Adam Sandler, and even Eddie and Steve, it's parody of the current cowardice of SNL as it now exists, is right on. It offers much more food for thought, positive acheivement attitude, and straight up laughs than that drollish tripe called the Donnelly's -how played out can you get!?? Goodfella's, Part III, sans Pesci.
How could an "entertainment producer" be so off on a review. It's a shame, it's like he was really trying but he really just had no basis in reality. He should really just shove himself off a cliff (and join the Larry Sanders reruns).
How very wrong you are, Studio 60 is a great show with an actual story driven plot line. Well written and good scripting.

I admit it is sad to see it descend into a cliched romantic comedy genre, it was much better when it was exploring the view behind the scenss of a comedy skit show. The combination of dark and funny was very good and it was well written.

This show is losing out due to a curent failure of tv, no patience to find an audience for shows that actually have a plot and a story. The ratings game wrongly reward shows that grab a channel surfer with something momentarily while they endlessly surf the channels between commercial breaks.

You never said what was wrong with the show, or why you thought it was bad, you just say it is bad andyou expect your audience to agree with , that is not the best critique.
What are you talking about?! Studio 60 is great! I think it's witty, sarcastic and fun in just the right amounts. I'm just afraid much of the audience isn't smart enough to "get" it. But some of us are right there with the show. Don't let us down NBC... bring Studio 60 back!!
Relax Todd. I agree with a lot of what you say about Studio 60, but it has super potential. My college professer told me to write what I know. That is what Sorkin is doing.

Now that the characters have developed some maybe the story lines will improve.

For those of us with brains, compared to most of the stuff (Idols, Deal or No Deal, 5th Grader) on TV it is a very entertaining show to watch.
at least the writing is better than a kindergarden class. Catering to the lowest common denominator is easy and boring.
This is what makes a horse race. The show has some of the best writing on TV. I can't take one more show about finding a body and poking around its organs to find out who did it. Enough already! These are great characters with top notch performances and every show needs time to find its proper course. This one should be no where near the cliff, Mr. Leopold.
Nooooooo! Studio 60, though not as smart as Sports Night (which I still count among my all-time favorite programming) is still significantly better than most of the other programs on television. I'll take Studio 60 over most other shows, any day.
What a shame that American Idol has come down to a popularity contest. Judges should have the final say in the bottom 3. Why watch the "Idol" - it's getting boring!
Geez, watch TV much? I really like Studio 60. It's a flawed show to be sure, but it's better than 90% of the crap out there. Why aren't we encouraging smart shows that miss on occasion rather than dreck. Do we really need another hour of Deal or No Deal; The Bachelor; October Road; or God forbid, Close to Home.

How does networt TV reclaim some of its lost audience to HBO, FX and TNT? How about smart shows with smart characters. I loved Sports Night and WW too, but can't we give Sorkin a chance to pull it together. The actors are fantastic and the Christmas Show was one of the best hours of TV in years.
Sorry, I think you have it backwards! Baldwin or not, Studio 60 is continually more engaging than 30 Rock, with better actors.
Studio 60 is great. I normally hate shows or stories about writers, but this one works. But just like your opinion Todd, mine doesn't matter either.
Dear Todd,
As a big fan of "Studio 60" I don't understand the basis for your comments. In watching every every episode, I much prefer it over "30 Rock". Unfortunately, the writers of "30 Rock" cant come up with a joke that doesn't involve bodily functions or sexual innuendos, where as "Studio 60" has plot lines that actually make you think and clean jokes. I addition to that, whoever does the writing/scripting does a fabulous job. The script is humorous as well as entertaining. And to your comment about the plots not being believable, WHO CARES!!!! It's a TV Show. It's not reality TV! So with all due respect to your opinion, please note that you do NOT speak for everyone when you say, "Dear NBC, please kill 'Studio 60'"

You are a blubbering idiot!!! "Studio 60" is one of the finest shows on TV. It is people like you, along with an apparently great majority of the national audience, that kill genius shows like "Studio 60." This show is so far above your intellect's 'pay grade,' that you toss it off as terrible TV because it's a lot easier than admitting to yourself that you are a clueless oaf who has no business working for such a bastion of intelligence as CNN. The sickening thing is that most of this country is too stupid and lazy to form their own opinions about anything, so if someone like you puts it in print that a show is bad, WELL IT MUST TRUE! Disgusting!!
Oh please! Since when did Sorkin-bashing become the favorite past-time of industry pundits?

The characters are stick figures? Only because there are so many of them & there are so many plot lines that it takes time to flesh them all out - just like it did on the first season of the West Wing. Studio 60 hasn't had that opportunity yet. It was put on hiatus because of low ratings. The show that replaced it, The Black Donnellys, showed a slight ratings uptick for its premiere, then dove to new season lows for the timeslot.

NBC, PLEASE put Studio 60 in an advantageous timeslot, restart it from the beginning & let it run straight thru the summer, ignore the industry pundits, and let it succeed or fail on the merits of its ratings in the new slot.

It will be worth your investment.


You've got to be kidding??? Studio 60 was smart, fun and one of the best of the season.
You are wrong. While it's not a perfect show the characters and their flaws are interesting. It might need a little time to develop but I think it deserves a solid time slot in the summer to grow an audience and another year to show what it can do.
Dear Todd Leopold, how about you take your time asking networks to SAVE shows sadly in risk of being canceled instead of asking NBC to do something that ratings already warrant. Rumors have such underrated shows as Supernatural and How I Met Your Mother on the chopping block, perhaps try raising awareness on these shows that could be saved?
I love Studio 60 - it's smart and funny. Much as I love the Law and Order shows, it's really nice to be able to watch a drama that's not based on a crime scene. Please keep Studio 60 on the air!
Sure kill off 'Studio 60" and replace it with garbage like the 'The Black Donnellys'( I am not even sure that I got the title right). 'Studio 60' was intelligent and amusing, not something that can be said about '30 Rock'. It really makes you wonder if it isn't 13 or 14 year old boys that are writing reviews and scripts for alot of the shows. We finally get a show that doesn't have a body being dissected or that panders to adolescent boys with bathroom humor and the big boys pull it. Sorkin gave us material that although we may not have agreed with it, we weren't revolted or sickened by it. I miss 'West Wing" and 'Sports Night', both shows that were entertaining and suitable for grown-up adults.
As long as we're talking about investing the Studio 60 funds elsewhere, might I suggest Friday Night Lights? It's a terrific show all-around: great acting, great writing, and great overall "look". I would say it's NBC's best new show this season.
While Studio 60 can suffer from some of the same self-importance as West Wing, the show is great fun and arguably one of the smartest shows out there. You can actually have to listen and think to catch some of the jokes and appreciate the humor. The storyline between Amanda Peet and Bradley Whitford is delightful - his lines and their delivery are memorable and make me look forward to the show. Despite the low ratings, I hope Studio 60 stays around for a while. We need more shows that while they are 'brain candy' don't cater to the lowest common denonimator. Long live Studio 60!
Weak. Ever since Nielson started monitoring DVR-recording as part of their ratings, Studio 60 has been rated much higher...
That's terrible! Studio 60 is some of the most incredible, creative, and thoughtful writing on television today. Not to mention that Bradley and Matthew are one of the best tag-team duos that has ever been on television. From the moment I saw the 2 minute preview last summer, I was captivated by the show. It has proven to be nothing short of amazing. We loved the difficult issues of race and politics and real life that were woven through a light but smart script. Who ISN'T in this TV show??? Plus, the behind-the-scenes feel, the idea that we can watch how an SNL-esque show is produced in a very real way completes the package.

My advice to NBC: you have something very special here. And a lot of very competent people have found it so entertaining. From a lot of us here, I beg you - keep this show going!
I strongly disagree with your position that Studio 60 should be cancelled. It is quite appealing to the market that it targets. There really aren't many shows out there for folks who enjoy a little romance, a little comedy, and a little drama without having to endure the trash we see on shows like Desperate Housewives.
How about killing SNL while your at it? it hasn't been funny in years and I don't understand what gives? Isn't anyone watching it? are people just half asleep at NBC?

I am serious in saying the only skits I have seen recently that made me laugh were with Justin Timberlake - a host who's a singer is funnier than the cast? what?
When you post as often as you do about American Idol, you give up your right to comment on a show like Studio 60. The best and funniest moments of the show are when they're making fun of people just like you. If irony makes your head hurt, don't worry. Soon network TV will be devoid of shows with any content.

Of course a show isn't funny if they don't TELL you when to laugh.
I totally disagree. I find the show compelling, the characters intelligent (unlike many of the characters in so many sitcoms and dramas), and a pleasant mix of comedy and drama. Maybe working in the entertainment industry for many years has provided a soft spot for this show; I long suspected that people unfamiliar with show business might not understand a lot of what goes on, and maybe that's why there's such resistance to the show. PLEASE DON'T CANCEL IT!!!
Try Again, he seems to be talking to a lot of us who find ourselves in a world we think we understand, but not quite. His monologues, as you call them, call attention to the life around us as he sees it. Scrubs, immensely popular, does the exact same kind of thing. You don't see anyone complaining about JD monologuing in his mind. The show even jokes about it, but in the end, isn't the show just a running thought from beginning to end. Studio 60 is one of the last few shows that has any depth. You spend your time blogging about American Idol which is a reality show on steroids. It's less about talent and more about hype as we see with Sanjaya. In a dearth of quality television, are you really going to try and tell NBC to cut the cord of a show that has more depth than a bunch of nobody's singing bubble gummy pop music which as a bunch of idiots we all will go out and buy later. Give me a break.
What program are you watching? "30 Rock" is horrible. Tina Fey has never been funny and proudly displays her wide range of non-talent. Ironically, the drama "Studio 60" is significantly funnier than the alleged comedy "30 Rock." Did you see the "Dateline" Santa parody? Better than anything SNL has produced since Phil Hartman left. The episode where they hired the black writer bordered on the profound, as did the New Orleans Jazz ending of their Christmas show.
With the near-absence of quality writing on TV today ("House" being the only other exception) we should support programs like "Studio 60" and fight against the continual dumbing down of the medium.
I love Studio 60. However, I know that there are those who don't enjoy shows that require you to pay attention to the dialogue and think beyond the surface....that's how we got the current president.....
This is so wrong. The show is great and has a strong following. The characters are interesting, and the actors are really strong. It would be a shame for NBC to cancel this show. Studio 60 needs to be on earlier than 10, and it will get a stronger audience. The producers need to get it straight, and let this show stay. Can Friday Night Lights - keep Studio 60.
Wow. We had watched "30 Rock" and wondered aloud who in the world would find it funny. We found it flat, uninspired, predictable, and slapstick, and 10 minutes was 9 too many.

We really enjoy "Studio 60" - but then, that's the nature of art (of course, we have to smile when we call TV "art"). Different things appeal to different people, clearly.

To each his own. You folks watch "30 Rock" (if you can sit through it!) and we'll enjoy "Studio 60" for as long as the network chooses to produce them both. Good shows rarely last, so let's enjoy them while we can.
I wholeheartedly DISAGREE with you, sir!
I love Studio 60 and I wish NBC would:
a)finish this season with all it's episodes and
b)give it another full season.
Remember Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc? They all pretty much sucked in the ratings for their first couple of seasons, then took off big time.
I think if Studio 60 was given a chance, and also a proper time slot (not up against an insanely popular show), it will flourish.
Pretty please - don't give up on it yet!!
please do not cancel Studio 60. Love
the show!
What are you talking about? Studio 60 is easily the best written show on television. And the acting is top notch.

The biggest criticism I've heard about the show is that the characters cannot be related to. What? Then, considering the number of doctor shows, cop show, lawyer shows, crime scene investigator shows, than everyone in America is either a doctor, lawyer, or cop.

The problem with Studio 60 is that it's smart. Too smart for most people, and unofrtunately, offensive to those that don't get it.

Put the show back on the air. Listen to the intelligent minority for a change...
STUDIO 60 is the best show in months....what a terrible tragedy if it gets cancelled. PLEASE dont pull it....i miss it!!1
So, what, you're like 25, 30, maybe? What are adults supposed to watch on TV, anyway? I'm a college-educated professional who just turned 50. I make good money and I spend it on products made by sponsors of TV shows. But, what is there to watch? "American Idol," "Heroes," "The Apprentice" etc. etc. Garbage. "Studio 60" is smartly written, brilliantly acted and an oasis in a sea of garbage. Renew it, and more of the same, please!
I disagree with cutting the show, I really like it as much as I did "Sports Night." I think it is well written and executed (...really Loved the Christmas Show and ferret story)I've been on edge waiting to see what's next for Jordan- hoping she doesn't loose here job. Though I'm not a fan of Matthew Perry or D.L. Hughley, they really shine here. Steve Weber is wonderful in this role, last time I watched him was on "Wings." I've enjoyed all the characters on the show and have been wonderfully surprised by the script, never feeling like I wasted my time watch the show but feeling a week is too long to wait until the next episode.
Should NBC choose to cut it, I hope HBO, Showtime, Bravo, A&E, SOMEBODY picks it up and allows it to develop to it's full potiental. Look wahat happen with "Baywatch" and "Sienfeld!"
I'm sorry, but I don't agree with the NBC-mortally-wounded-the-show-so-let-it-die attitude. This show, like the 7th season of West Wing, is a victim of NBC's scheduling. A month long vacation in December, and then getting moved out of the way for the Black Donnely's, which I've heard is terrible. It's hard to get traction if you don't move the wheels, people.
I'm adicted to my DVR and Studio 60 is one of my favorites. I find this one of the most intelligent shows on right not. NBC should MOVE Studio 60 to a better night, perhaps Wednesday at 10. The cast is awesome and the stories move quickly. KEEP STUDIO 60!
I disagree completely with Todd's opinion on Studio 60. I think its Aaron Sorkin in top form with extremely well written dialogue, brilliant acting and interesting characters. While it may not stand up to the earlier seasons of The West Wing probably because of the absence of a "powerhouse" thespian such as Martin Sheen - it is nonetheless a witty show. We are so attuned to slapstick comedy that its rare relief to come across a show that encompasses a smart breed of political satire that forces actors to draw on skills they probably never thought they had - point in example, Mathew Perry probably never thought in all his years as a bumbling Chandler Bing that he could ever be taken seriously as an actor.
30 rock's producers should put about 30 rocks in their pocket and go for a swim. Haveing baldwin in it is enough cause for cancleation. Studio 60 is to good of a show to pass by. Witty funny and very well writen.
Leopold, you're an idiot. However flawed, STUDIO 60 still represents a vastly more engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking use of 60 minutes of network primetime than CHEATING AT WEDDINGS or whatever lame-ass piece of crap will inherit the timeslot. Shame on NBC for not putting its marketing muscle behind the show, shame on Sorkin for not consistently bringing his A-game, and shame on you for helping the slow slide toward complete collapse of the scripted TV drama. Thank god for cable, and thank god for reasonably sound-minded critics elsewhere in the entertainment world. Fie on you, sir.
You couldn't be more wrong. Studio 60 is an intelligent show that's great to watch. We rarely see shows of this caliber on TV. Cancelling it would be a big mistake. I once read a comment that NBC wasn't considering it a hit because no one blogged about it. That's because the people who enjoy the show have LIVES. Spending hours blogging isn't what we do. Most shows on TV are not for intelligent adults. They are either formulaic sitcoms, inane reality shows, or pandering dramas. Leave the show on. Let people with a brain actually have something to watch.
I would get rid of 30 Rock and keep Studio 60.
Studio 60 is a great show with a fantastic cast. I think that the network should change the time slot and get it on a timeslot that would not compete with other programs that attract some of their key demographics.
Figure out a way to keep it on the air!
I LOVE STUDIO 60! I think most people don't like it because they expected it to be a comedy. It isn't. It is a drama. A well-written drama with characters that I love. Shame on you for trying to take this great show away from my husband and me.
Its a good show- If you dont like it- turn to another channel. No one is making you watch it. Go watch American Idol or Amazing Race- I'm sure those shows are appealing to you.
Ok, I understand its not your cup of tea, and that's ok. But why do you, and other critics feel the need to crucify this show? I like this show and, like a few million others, hope NBC will renew it. Why? The opposite of what you said. The characters are interesting, the relationships are well connected and well played, and the storytelling is great. Embarrassing? Its all in your perspective. I, for one, enjoy what Sorkin is having the characters say, and enjoy the way they say it. I like that the show is smart, I like that the show has strong opinions, I like that the show plays on stereotypes and attempts to flesh them out, and I like that most of the critics hate it. So, thanks for your opinion, but I don't need it to validate my viewing choices. I think you're mistaken about the show, and that's your loss. But this feels like a personal attack against Sorkin by you and others because the show doesn't meet your preconceptions of what you hoped it would be. Its only the show he's writing, nothing else. And to me, that's appointment televsion.
The cliff is calling your name....please go jump. Studio 60 is a great show. It is so much better that the other crap on NBC. Keep the show and please have CNN get a new entertainment writer.
Studio 60 is great! The acting is great and the story is fun to follow. Certainly the best new show this season. I really hope NBC brings it back.
I've missed Studio 60 since its "hiatus" (or maybe that should be pronounced "they hate us" if we're talking about the inbred TV Without Pity Crowd.)

I wouldn't call it brilliant TV (might reserve that for the late, lamented Deadwood), but it was consistently entertaining.
Yes Kill it please. The show be titled "Studio Sickening on the Sunset Crap".
Even if Aaon Sorkin is using the show as a megaphone for his personal beliefs (which can be disputed), it does not in itself make a show bad. On the contrary, I find the show wonderful and engaging! The characters have personalities, and the direction of an episode is independent of the previous episode. This makes every show entertaining as well as compelling.
Studio 60 is one of the lights in a dismal tv season. Smart and intelligent. I miss on Monday night. Why hasn't NBC moved it around to pick up an audience like they do for other shows. We need something more than all these miserable reality shows...

I happen to actually love Studio 60 and think 30 Rock is just stupid. I completely disagree with everything you've said on this.
SAVE FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!! It has some of the best writting on TV and the most realistic marriage I have ever seen portrayed. This show is just just about football in fact you would be amazed how little of the show is about the game itself. This show is about life and MUST BE SAVED.
Will you all just get off Sorkin's back and let this show live? It's one of the few new shows this fall that I love! If you don't like his politics, go watch something on Fox. Keep it--and bring it back!
Studio 60, despite some flaws, is one of the smartest programs on television. NBC should give it another season, at least. I'm bored with the Matt and Harry's romance already and believe that is a cheap last ditch effort to satisfy some suit who's applying pressure for more dollars. If they get back on the path indicated by the earlier shows this season, I'll still watch. Actually, I'd watch Matthew Perry in almost anything, his potential is huge and this is a great match, ...if the story is about making television instead of boring romance.
Save Studio 60!!! No it is not the caliber of WW but not everyone wants to see dead bodies ala CSI, L&O, and 24 has gotten downright scary. Not everyone wants to get strung along like what is in the hatch, who can save the cheerleader and is there life after death and I can proudly say that after how many years 7 or 8 I have yet to watch a reality show....just can't do it!

I want sharp dialogue, I want relationships that are complex and real and I want people and characters caring about each other. Loved the storyline with the News Coverage of the war. Love Harriet and Matt. The other stories can flesh themselves out....Save the Studio!!!!
It kills me how people insist that "Studio 60" is one of the "only good shows on" -- this, when programs like "Friday Night Lights," "Ugly Betty," "The Wire," The Sopranos," "Lost," "Brothers & Sisters," and "Grey's Anatomy" are all on the air and ALL feature a level of storytelling sophistication, fine characterization and freshness that "Studio 60," well-intentioned though it is, cannot match. I am no fan of reality TV, and I started watching "Studio 60" with great hope. But it quickly became preachy, unfunny and shallow. It's not the worst show out there by a long shot, but given that it's expensive to produce and has gotten ZERO ratings (despite being scheduled after NBC's biggest hit), it's a natural for cancellation.
So, what do you want to replace it, Todd? Fear Factor The Early Years? Deal or No Escape? The obsession with garbage like American Idol and other "reality" drivel has warped the senses of this country. A smart, funny and engaging show like Studio 60 does not deserve to be ridiculed.
NBC has proven time and again that they cater to the lowest common denominator. Games and reality shows are no-brainers. Donald Trump is a repulsive slime. But people obviously love it (or network execs, at least). How can you expect people who put Deal or no Deal on three nights a week to be supporters of Studio 60. It WAS the one show I watched. I hope they bring it back or that it gets picked up by a network that "gets" it.
I love sorkin's writing and this is his best since sports night
No show will please 100% of the crowd, but Studio 60 pleases 100% of the right crowd, the smart crowd. Don't give in and stop the few smart shows on tv for some low ended dramas. Move Studio 60 to a better time slot, competing against CSI Miami isn't easy (even though I don't watch any CSI's), so put it in a time slot where smart people can enjoy their smart, sexy, humorous tv. Suck it up, NBC, cut one more good show like this, and you're going to have problems finding new shows and new audiences.
Sadly, Studio 60 already fell off the cliff -- about 4 or 5 episodes back. Sorkin clearly tried to retool after the show's brief hiatus, but, in desperation, it seems, turned Studio 60 into a ridiculous sudser. Who can buy a show's producer having a love affair with the network president, who's now pregnant with someone else's baby? Or the other producer's endless, endless agonizing over his old born- again flame? Is this "As The World Turns?" That said, the show is still better than most others on the air and so, I hold out hope it will be given another chance to find its stride
so Studio 60 is not and edge of your seat drama, I did find it at least charming and the characters were believable. I am willing to give it more time to develop. lets remember that some of the most successful shows in history started off less that what they became
I couldn't disagree more!

The show is smart, funny, at times touching and socially relative...did you see the Christmas episode with the musicians from New Orleans?...

The only thing Studuio 60 is missing is a solid time slot and visable support, i.e., advertising, the actors on daytime talk shows, etc. It needs time to find it's audience! We are not all content with American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and the like. Some of us like to use our brains and relax at the same really can be done!

Oh, and by the way, intelligent people are an advertising demographic, even if we're not officially. That advertising demographic that caps at age 49...I'm just past that with two teenage children...who do you think pays for the 'stuff' that all the precious advertising dollars are spent on to promote to that precious demagraphic?

I actually still shop for shampoo and food and housewares, and I still go to the movies and read and travel. Yes, I do shop for things other than medications!!!!!

Give us more Studio 60, give Studio 60 some time and give them some visability! The cast should visit the women of The View, and why not an evening with Charlie Rose?

Make that happen, and you'll see how many intelligent people DO watch television!
I absolutely love Studio 60 and will be crushed if its cancelled. Its one of the highlights of my week. Its a great show.
You're wrong, Leopold...."Studio 60" is the only show on the 4 major networks that uses multi-syllabic words, has cross-dialogue/talk, characters who are thoughtful enough to talk. Remember talking? It's what educated people do when they're not blowing one another up...
I love love love Studio 60. I think it's a great show that definitely aspires to a level that many other shows out there do not. I miss the show and am awaiting the demise of the Black Donnellys or whatever that new show is so that Studio 60 can return.
Studio 60 great Show enough said. I could name 5 shows off Te top of my head that could be dropped and we would all be Smart just beacause we would not have To see it for The second we pass by on are way to a good show like Studio 60 or Friday night lights. ie. Dancing with Stars ( and E.Smith is my Hero),The Bachelor and dear I say it Amercain IDol.
Frankly, I enjoy the show immensely and wait eagerly each week for its return. The dialog is rich, the characters complex enough to be realistic, the storyline entertaining, and the weekly dilemmas the characters face and then seek to resolve usually challenging and humorous. With all the weak programing on TV these days, I'll take a smart, fast-paced, evolving story on the order of "Studio 60" anyday. I beg NBC to not only keep the show on the air but to go even further. Give it the human resources and promotion dollars needed to build an even stronger show and time for viewers to discover it. It's my favorite network show and I'd hate to lose it. I want more not less. Hurry back!!
Studio 60 maybe hard on the feeble XBox brains out there, but for some of us, intelligent people trying to do good in a money-centric worl is a laudible concept. And the episode you site as embarrasing, I thought was fabulous. Studio 60 may not rake in the millions of Deal or No Deal, but it is good TV. I just wish they'd put it on HBO and then we wouldn't have to worry about commercial executives or neanderthal viewers complaining about quality television.
I love this show. The stars have chemistry, the camera work is wonderful, and the dialogue is engaging.

It may need some tweaking but NBC should give it a chance by advertising it more.
Why would NBC cut 60? Outside of Scrubs, which I hear is leaving NBC for a new home, it is the best show they produce. Of course, "best show that they produce" is relative. Long gone are the "Must-See" days of Friends, Seinfeld, Frazier, etc., so unless NBC decides to compete with ESPN and provide only sports coverage, they may as well invest in their top shows.
If you closed your eyes while watching Studio 60, you would have been hard-pressed to differentiate between the characters--they had no distinguishing characteristics (or at least, none that remained constant). A drama about the backstage workings of a comedy show should not come across in the same way as a drama based in the White House, and that is exactly what Sorkin tried to do. It was boring, insulting, pedantic, and predictable. Good riddance.
BUll@#$%......this is the smartest show on network TV and needs to stay for those of us who have a brain and enjoy fine dialog and acting.
If you don't get it, don't freekin watch.....leave that for intelligent people!
I disagree. Studio 60 isn't perfect, but it's one of the few shows with consistently clever dialogue at a quick pace.
In our house, we find we're disappointed week after week to see that NBC still hasn't brought Studio 60 back. The network is willing to go all out for Friday Night Lights yet has stuck Studio 60 in an awful time slot and proceeded to give up on it almost instantly when it didn't retain the viewership of Heroes. It's hard to believe they can't understand that the likely audiences for those two shows differ in age and lifestyle.
We really hope Studio 60 returns!
I agree. It's time to put this show out of its and our misery. I wanted to like it. I really did. But something has been "off" about this show from the beginning. Aaron Sorkin needs to find another outlet to work through his issues with Kristin Chenowith and the various network executives who have done him wrong over the years. Perhaps a good therapist?
You rather have another CSI or something? Studio 60 is different, funny and interesting. I am sick of the same reality crap and the millions of CSI shows that are on every waking moment. How boring of a person are you?
I enjoyed the show and have missed it. I would rather see a competently scripted show (if imperfect) with competent actors over "Idol" or "Dancing with the Stars" or "Survivor" or "The Bachelor" (continue ad nauseum). I hope it stays on.
Dear NBC, keep 'Studio 60'. Listen to the people who actually enjoy good television, and not those who jump at the chance to see their own words in print. Anyone who enjoyed Sports Night and The West Wing will tell you that they watched Studio 60 every Monday, and were saddened by it's being cancelled.

The episodes were clever and the character development was progressing with each week. The only thing 60 needed was a patient audience. I guess in today's society, it's one and done in the eyes of the viewer, whose attention span decreases from generation to generation.

I can only hope that as more and more shows try to last in that time slot, (see The Black Donnellys and The Real Wedding Crashers), that NBC will realize the mistake they made when pulling Studio 60. Until then I guess we will be forced to watch Heroes and then change the channel, because we all know there won't be anything worthwhile watching.
So funny that all the "experts" call for this show to be killed, but everyone you mention it to on the street likes it. The experts don't know what the hell they're talking about and NBC will be stepping on a cluster bomb if they cancel it. It's good even without the comparison to all the other crap on TV.
They missed the boat. The show is not funny. Why should it be funny?? It is a show about a comedy show, behind the scenes about a comedy show. The white house is not funny ... therefore the show could be serious. Studio 60 bores me. How could a show about a comedy show be so unfunny? Interesting concept ... substitute white house for tv studio ... it's the same show. Different result
While I see the point of the esteemed Mr. Leopold, I have to disagree slightly. Clearly, Sportsnight and The West Wing with all due caveats were far superior to Studio 60. I find that the "plot" of the show, and the lack of actual character depth pales in comparison to what I perceive as the purpose of Studio 60. For those of us who are undying Sorkin fans, this show is about the monologue. But it's not Sorkin talking to himself, it's Sorking talking to us. The character's contempt for the state of television, reality shows and cultural blight are amusing, because I envision Mr. Sorkin sitting in front of a group of executives pitching this show and thinking to himself, "I'm going to get your money for constantly berating your life's work in front of 4-6 million people a week for as long as you're willing to air the episodes you've already paid for". This thought keeps me warm at night. I consider this show Mr. Sorkin's revenge for having tolerated watching his creative genius trampled by a lack of network support.

Shoe Money To-Night!
Please save this show! I need something to watch on TV besides someone eating bugs, singing badly or just being a jerk to have their 15 minutes of fame. NBC has gotten so bad about dumping shows w/out giving them much of a chance and/or support! Don't make the same mistake again!!!
The writing is phenomenal!!!! Show should definitely stay!!!!
Studio 60 is an excellent show about real things. The religious right vs. the media for example. Cencorship vs. Artistic freedom. The writing and acting are far superior to most shows on TV. (do we need another Cop/Murder show, hospital drama or 24 rip off??)

The only time the show sucked was then they tried to make it about the relationships instead of the show. This was a ratings ploy that didn't work.

3O rock is a great comedy, Studio 60 a great drama. It deserves a better time slot.
Keep the show!!! My husband and I love it and miss it very much. It is our favorite new show this season!!! Please bring it back. The actors are great - the story lines are great - a very enjoyable show!!!
I love Studio 60, and I hope they do not pull the plug. And really... Larry Sanders? I HATED that show.
This show truly sucks, as do all of Sorkin's self-important infomercials.
Only a moron who watches "Reality TV" and thinks that it's good would want "Studio 60" cancelled. "Studio 60" is probably one of the few shows on the air that caters to the intelligent TV viewer. It's not "dumbed down" for the masses and makes you think and laugh. The show is funny, dramatic, and something my family and I looked forward to seeing on Monday nights. You can have your idols and dancing stars, give me Matt, Danny, Jordan, and Harriet and the gang back. C'mon NBC give the show a fighting chance in a time slot not opposite a monster show like CSI:Whatever.
Studio 60 is one of the more refreshing shows on TV. It hasn't matured to its full capabilities yet but given time could be (could have been) one of the TV 'greats'. The cast is engaging and the story line is sensible. Replacing it with such drivel as The Black Donnellys caters to the masses of unthinking dolts with a 'boob-tube' mentality.
I will never understand why people don't like this TV show (or shows like Arrested Development, which was a different kind of genius) but According to Jim will get multiple seasons? Seriously?
Oh, and Crossing Jordan should remain? Studio 60 is the only thing that saves me from that horrendous show CSI Miami with the worst actor on television, David Caruso. Studio 60 needs a little more time to develop, but it is already better than anything else on TV.
You are out of your mind! Studio 60 is one of the only well written and interesting shows on TV. If I have to sit through another CSI spin off or another lame layer show I'll puke. Leave the public that has a brain and enjoys quality television one show to enjoy.
There is a strong possibility that Sorkin is using this show as a "message center" much like West Wing (one of my favs). However, I think the premise is fresh, the acting is good and I'm never bored. Not something I can say about alot of T.V. drama. I'm usually doing about four other things while watching most shows that today pass for "drama." Not so with Studio 60. But what do I know. I thought Judging Amy was a great show and the cancelled that and didn't even tell anyone on the show they were going to.
I think this is a great show and I disagree that it should be canceled. It's interesting how people either love or hate studio 60. It would seem to me that a show that evokes so much passion deserves a chance to find it's footing. I happen to be on the LOVE it side of the equation and yet I agree it needs more work (and more than only one season to blossom)
studio 60 is great, your writing is the rancid with self importance and cute larry languishes
I would love this show, if they get rid of the Harriet character. When she comes on, I switch channels. Her with Matthew Perry's character is just so unbelivable. I can't stand her. Shove Harriet of the cliff.
Studio 60 is great. You shouldn't compare it to West Wing, it's not the same.
Aaron Sorkin's one of the best writers in America, much less on tv. But the danger of being that great is that what seems interesting or even cathartic to him feels self-indulgent to me. There are virtues to the show- great cast, great look and occasionally a wrenching confrontation. But I think the show is like an uninspired book that a great author put out to make a deadline when he should have thrown it away and started all over on something else.
There you go another hater of �smart TV�! This guy probably is into the all the force fed pabulum that the networks normally give us, because it's safe. Or possibly just another one of those frustrated want to be tv writers who turns to being hyper critical instead of an reviewer.
SHow is fantastic!!!! Keep it running!!! Perry is awesome as is thw whole cast! I Love it!
Argh, to those of you defending this show, can you please stop with the "you must not be smart enough to understand it's brilliance, go home and watch 'Idol' and eat corn-dogs, etc., etc." arguments? Newsflash: We understand the show, we know what the dialogue means, we just don't enjoy it! Todd's observation about all the characters being Sorkin stand-ins is dead-on and, yes, it's hard to enjoy a show where all the characters speak in the same voice...especially when that voice's main goal in life seems to be demonstrating its own brilliance (often by walking AND speaking at the same!). By all means, give us smart TV and if NBC wants to take some of their "Studio 60" budget and give it to another deserving show, I'm all for it!
I happen to enjoy Studio 60. I would much rather watch Sorkin talk to himself then yet another crime drama or reality show. Please NBC renew Studio 60!
Bring it BACK!!! My wife and I enjoyed the SNL documentary . . . although the witty "West Wing-esque" dialogue kinda gets old in places, we really enjoyed the show. I guess there's no place in TV broadcasting for intelligent shows . . . are boobs, butts, and rednecks the new standard?
Keep Studio 60! I was finally excited about TV again with this show. I had 1 intelligent, funny and witty show to watch weekly. Please bring it back.
Sir, you mentioned that the shows high point was the "Network" inspired monolugue. Listen once again to the monologue and you'll hear that Sorkin is simply supporting his show and basically taking the basis of your argument out from under you. First, he insults reality TV, as well he should, it is an insult to television in general. For the first time in a couple of years now, a show came on the air that was funny, intelligent, and challenging to it's audience and you want to kick it off. By doing so, you are simply aiding the downfall of television. I believe keeping Studio 60 on the air is the right decision because it goes against the grain, it doesn't follow what is so disgustingly popular these days. It's the opposite of shows like survivor, amazing race, and other reality shows. The plot is not very believable because it is a fictional television show...IT'S NOT REAL. I hope you've learned something here.
Why are you in such a rush to end intelligent TV programming? Studio 60 is smart, it's witty, it's well-cast, it has characters we care about. Maybe a different time slot would get it better ratings.
Just because an intelligent show is not particularly socially relevant (I mean, it's a show about producing a show), doesn't mean it's not well done, enjoyable, and worth watching.

I usually don't care much about these things, but Studio 60, like Freaks and Geeks and NewsRadio (though adding Lovitz was a mistake) does not deserve such an ignomonious ending.

I'm already down to only 3 network TV shows to watch, and Las Vegas is done for the year and going down the tubes next year. I have lots of reading to catch up on, but come on...
The show needs to be saved. But it also needs to be saved from the rut it was in when we last saw it.

The first several episodes were all about social issues and people fighting for what the believed in. It was a great place to hear the latest advances in the culture war.

Then it got bogged down in the characters and their sappy love stories. What happened to the battle with the FCC they had planned? Does anyone know where the journalist chracter writing a book about the show went to?
You obviously do not watch the show on a regular basis. This is a very good show. It's funny, and daring and it doesn't have 5th grade jokes like those on 30 Rock. I guess you'de have to be intelligent and mature to watch a show like Studio 60. I'm sure you're also a fan of Napolian Dynomite.
Studio 60 is an amazing program, full of wit and charm and truth that conveys how unreasonable and shitty net works are. keep this show on the air- at least until the reality tv show shit dies the fuck out.
I enjoy the show. What I don't enjoy is starting to get into a program and it is cancelled. It is getting ridiculous!
Totally disagree. Studio 60 is one of the smartest television shows out there. And if anyone can turn around a show's ratings, it's Sorkin. Give him a chance! I've enjoyed Studio 60 immensely thus far, but I admit it could be better--and it would be if given the opportunity. Todd, you're way off on this one, as is NBC.
Sutdio 60 is so bad! We are tired of screwed up middle aged men acting like screwed up teenagers. The stories are also adolescent. Let it die in peace
As sad as it makes me to say it, I agree with you. After being a huge West Wing fan and catching up with the thoroughly enjoyable Sports Night via DVD, I had very high hopes for this series. I loved the pilot and thought it was off to a good start and then the bottom fell out. The relationship between Matt and Harriet? Totally unbelievable. Danny's pursuit of Amanda Peet's character? Totally scary. The comedy in the show-within-a-show's sketches? Totally non-existent.

Sorry Aaron, people simply don't want to watch a show where you attempt to get revenge for all of time you were slighted(imagined or not) by Hollywood.
I must say that I am one of the many who want Studio 60 renewed! It's a great show and from the looks of it, I'm not the only one. Please give us at least one more season!!!!
I cant believe you think this is a terrible show?! It is one of the smartest funniest shows I have seen in a while. It is a show about human relationships and humanity. It's about being vulnerable and having friends to help you.
Maybe, your intellect and sense of humor are up for the task.
Studio 60 is a great show in my book. I tell my girlfriend that this show is all about what is said. It has great lines that you actually have to pay attention to understand what they are getting at and why it is funny. most of the jokes are not the obvious punch line jokes and i think that is why most people don't like it or understand it. This is one of a very few shows that you could just listen to and not watch and you would get most of the jokes.
I love Studio 60. The characters are smart and funny when they need to be. It's a good show, the thinking person's programming. Perhaps that's the problem. People want television that earns the title boob tube.
Studio 60 is the best new show released in ages. You have no taste..I'm sure you'd rather have one of those reality shows Jordan's always denying.
I love Studio 60. I truly enjoy watching every week to see what wonderful story line is going to be playing in the background just waiting to surprise me. I hope NBC brings it back and that it stays on air for a very long time. It's one of the best shows I've seen in a long time.
Dear NBC, please DON'T kill "The Black Donnellys"
You just don't get Studio 60. The relationship between Matt and Harriet is all about the collision between rural and urban values which is tearing America apart. The brilliance of this show is in the subtext: while Harriet suffers the snide condescension of Matt and in turn torments him with her holier-than-thou attitude, the two of them are trying to find some way to live together.

Sadly, the critics took against Studio 60 almost from the first episode. Perhaps it's because they felt uncomfortable seeing themselves parodied; perhaps because people in this country are so polarized - politically and theologically - that the brutal honesty of this show was difficult to watch.

In any case, it's gone now, so I'm baffled by Todd's call to "kill Studio 60" which seems like a lame attempt to claim credit for a fait acompli.
I Strongly disagree- Keep it around. I agree with most of the other posts, it is one of the few intelligent shows around, especially on network TV. The biggest issue with the show is that there aren't more like it.
i absolutely love the show and think it's one of the best ones on air this season. it's brilliant in my opinion and it should not be cancelled
My husband and I love Studio 60. The cast is great and it is such a smart show. There are so many relationships that still have so far to go. I would love for the show to stay on so we could follow this great show and it's cast of characters. Give it another chance!!!!
With all of the reality tv and crappy comedy shows Studio 60 stands out as a drama that incooperates comedy very well. I thought it was the best show on tv at the time that it was on and I cant understand how our culture would rather watch stupid shows about famous people dancing, and people stuck on an island. Studio 60 should continue to run as an alternative to the horrible reality tv epidemic plagueing our television sets.
Studio 60 is one of the shows my husband and I most look forward to. Why not give it time to ripen and bear the kind of fruit everyone can enjoy? With so much drek clogging our nightly viewing systems, it's refreshing to tune into a show with some wit, intriguing story-lines, and great acting.

Keep Studio 60 going!
Studio 60 is a great show! I was worried they were going to cancel it after they put "The Black Donnellys" in it's time slot (which is good too). Please don't cancel it! Give it another season! BTW, I adore Jordan! :)
No, do not listen to this idiot, NBC! The show is a smart, lively and funny show. It does need some tuning, but what show doesn't? I am tired of networks not taking chances on shows, and cutting the chord quickly instead of nurturing a show. What about Seinfeld? It did not hit its stride until the second and third seasons and it has been called the 'best sitcom of all time.'
"Studio 60" has been incredibly mishandled by NBC. They should have launched the series on Sundays nights after the NFL season to try and capture some of the strong male demographic this show appeals to. Plus it would be great counter-programming against "Desperate Housewives". One can hope if NBC cancels "60" that Showtime will make a pitch to try and get this from NBC like they tried to get "Sports Night" from ABC.
Kill it. It's not good and it's a subject matter that he knows nothing about.
How can you possibly have a program about a wildly successful comedy show when the writers are so utterly incapable of coming up with anything remotely resembling funny? The stuff that Sorkin palms off as network comedy makes the current incarnation of SNL look like genius.
Studio 60 is a great show and should NOT be cancelled I hope they bring it back in a better time slot.
I loved Studio 60, and if it's off the schedule I'll be terribly sad. I hate that networks give shows such a short time to 'prove' themselves.
we loved studio 60. now they are canceling the black donnellys to make room for another reality show. just what we need - more morons making fools of themselves on national television.
KEEP STUDIO 60!!! At least the intelligent people of the world will have some form of entertainment to watch on TV. If they cancel another thought provoking show, like this one, or the West Wing, for more mind numbing reality or comedy shows, I will really have to consider that The End is actually near.
I love this show. It's one of the few intelligent comedy/dramas on network television. I am also a huge fan of Rescue Me. Every week I check the schedule to see if Studio 60 is back on yet. WAKE UP NBC! You need this show to keep viewers. Anyone who doesn't enjoy it just doesn't get the fast paced humor. They can stick to shows like Bachelor 21 or whatever number they're on now.
Save Andy Barker, P.I. instead of this show.

Andy Barker, P.I. = pure genius
I love Studio 60 and would be heart broken if they cancelled it. It's an intelligent and witty show. I think people don't like it cause they're too simple to understand it.
NBC should definitely renew Studio 60! I think the show had an issue getting story lines started, but it's finally gaining traction. Give it another season to break into a full stride!
Anyone who has not watched Friday Night Lights this season has not seen the best show on television. Please NBC - dump Studio 60 - save Friday Night Lights!
Studio 60 never grabbed us; none of the characters were likeable. Stick figures, and a bit of witty dialogue do not make for loyal viewers. The sets were dark, the action minimal, writing dull, and acting sadly off the mark. Cast desereved better.
I disagree - please save Studio 60! Its a pleasure to watch a well written program compared to all the other garbage offered on TV.
Great show. It should be kept on the air. Studio 60, Charlie Rose and House are the only shows we TIVO.
I love Studio 60 and hope NBC gives it a chance to find an audience. It's better than most of the other shows on the air. Well written and well acted, clever, fast, and funny - it's a wonderful show.
I love studio 60 it is the only show on TV this season that I would make sure that I did not miss. Unlike the sitcoms and reality shows that are not funny or so stupid that I feel my mind slipping away to lala land just watching. We need to keep shows that have unique ideas in stead of shows that think everybody is the same and makes us think alike. I am unique and want to stay that way
Studio 60 has all the makings of a great show if Sorkin would stop preaching to the crowd.
Studio 60 has been one of the most intelligent series on TV this season. To kill it off just as it's finding its groove would be a terrible mistake. Give Studio 60 another season to come into its own.
Studio 60 is the one new show this year that was intelligently written. I would hope that NBC would look at the numerous comments you received after your ridiculous commentary and see that this is a show that appeals to people who want to have a degree of intelligence and sophistication in the TV they choose to watch.
I'm sorry, but you are completely wrong. The biggest reason this is a provocative, intelligent show is that it is so vastly different than anything else out there. Unfortunately, this is exactly the same reason why its ratings are low. America is, in general, used to dumbed-down reality based programming that provides nothing of insight and interest for people who watch TV for entertainment and viewpoint that differ, challenge, or are explored that vary from their own daily lives.

NBS: SAVE "Studio 60" and don't listen to Leopold. Stop dumbing down your programming or I'm turning off my basic cable channels and will give my ratings band to the provocative shows on Showtime and HBO!
It does not surprise me the least that you support a show like 30 and not a show like studio 60.

With one you don’t need to use your brain, but with the later you have too!

Why don’t we keep all insipid and no brainier show on, and cancel all the interesting show!
It seems that Todd has hit a sore spot with a whole lot of viewers. Studio 60 is a show you have to pay attention to or you'll miss something. I love the fast pace of how the characters speak. It's more like real life.

And we needed a new type of show. There are too many crime and investigation dramas. I'll admit I haven't watched the Black Donnelly's, but it sounds like the Irish Sopranos. I'm over mob shows, too.

Keep me entertained with Studio 60!
Studio 60 is a great show. I do not watch TV regularly, but Studio 60 was a must see! It is a well written show with a talented cast. It is truly a shame that NBC is actually thinking about pulling the show. SAVE STUDIO 60!!!
Lets see, we recorded the last show "4 AM Miracle" on our DVR and have watched it a number of times since the show has been off the air because it was so funny, grant you the show requires some intelligence and wit to watch, but back to my original point, we continue to watch a recorded copy of the show even though we watched it real time and in general we don't bypass the commercials because we are talking about the show. Our household is a upper middle class so we have some dollars to spend, so if I were an advertiser, I would want to advertise on Studio 60.

Seriously, with these kind of reviews, I would start looking for a new job, because I don't think you are going to last long in the current one.
Sorry, can't agree with you. Studio 60 is a terrific show, and I am anxiously awaiting its return (along with the demise of the show currently in its time slot). I enjoy the quick pace, the banter between the characters, and the intelligence.

And how many times do critics like yourself complain that quality shows never get a fair chance? I'll agree that sometimes it seems a bit "off", but it's nothing that time won't take care of.

As for "Larry Sanders" - in my opinion, never again would be too soon...
I love the classic "Only smart people understand it" jive that comes up anytime Aaron Sorkin is discussed. Frankly, Gilmore Girls has more dialog per hour than any show currently going. But back to the matter at hand. Studio 60's critical mistake was that anyone would actually care about the base premise. The White House provides real drama with real impact. A sketch comedy show, well, doesn't have the gravitas to pull off anything of real importance. And, frankly, Sorkin's "insights" into modern media aren't particularly that original, that fresh, or that profound. At best Sorkin is a David E. Kelly with a slightly different reading list. I'm sure he'll come up with a better show next time out, but this one failed people. And it failed because Sorkin failed, not because of a game show or CSI.
OK you don't like it... and the ratings are not great. A think it's much like Arrested Development, if it's not a whoopee cushion joke not one pays attention. Zucker stuck with The Office when the ratings where bad and it has paid off fairly well for him. With NBC development track record over the few years it might be in their best interest to stick through a few tough times. If they drop for dollars I could understand but expect a reality TV show to fill the spot. Cheap, bad and highly rated.
Totally disagree with your assesment of the show. It is a very smart, funny and relatable show that, as many here have pointed out, is better than most other TV shows.

And from the brief look over the comments here, I hope that fan reaction to the possible cancellation of the show will change NBC's mind. They need to give the show a better chance in a different timeslot or night. Look at what happened to The Office as soon as it moved to Thursday nights! Studio 60 should come on Thursday nights instead of ER since it is a better fit for the type of crowd already watching the channel.
Love "Studio 60"! Please don't cancel it's one of the few shows that I look forward to every week.
You're right. Kill the over ripe bag of pretentious drivel that is/was Studio 60. And for those claiming that S60 was better than 90% of television, I would suggest that they should tune into some other shows. S60 just isn't that good. And certainly there are plenty of shows which are markedly better than "All About Sorkin."

I am happy that NBC renewed 30 Rock which has grown into a consistently amusing and rather endearing comedy. If NBC can find its way to renewing Friday Night Lights, they will have done their part in promoting quality TV.
Studio 60 may not be Sorkin's best, but his worst is better than 97% of the shows currently airing on network TV. Give the show time to develop. It's refreshing to watch a well-written drama that is not centered on law, medicine, or an amalgam thereof. Currently, it's refreshing to watch a show that involves writing at all.
Half the number one shows on the air don't have writers, actors or much talent. Shame on the viewers to accept being peeping Toms for contrived reality contests. Studio 60 is a breath of fresh air. NBC, Bring it back!
Studio 60, while not at the same level of excellent writing or plot as West Wing, a show I loved and miss, is not nearly as bad as you seem to make it out to be...

I just checked and of your last 10 entries 5 were on American Idol and 1 on jeopardy having a 3 way tie...

How about writing something on how the american expectations for entertainment have dropped to new lows when junk like "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" seems to do just fine in the ratings...

*Takes your Entertainment Critic Credential and burns it... hands you a paper hat*

Remember these words... "Do you want fries with that?"
I love Studio 60! It needs to be saved!!
Uh, Studio 60 is one of the best shows out there, and the network never gave it a chance to get better.

They wanted to cancel West Wing after the first season too, but back then they had a different standard for keeping shows and stuck with it, and it ended up being their biggest bread and butter during its time.

It's narrow minded people like you who are the reason intelligent programming stays off the air, and all of us that like good shows that aren't dumbed down are suffering because of it.
Please put S60 out of it's misery.
I happen to LOVE 'Studio 60' and find it funny, intelligent (more intelligent than a lot of the new shows) and from you're blog I get the feeling you just don't like Aaron Sorkin and that comes through in your dislike of this show. I personally, feel that it didn't do as well as it should have in the ratings because of the time slot it was given - too late for most people to stay up and watch. I guarantee you that if it aired at 9pm it would do very well in the ratings as all my friends and I LOVE IT!!!! Please DON'T CANCEL STUDIO 60!!!
I sooo wanted to like this show, but 60 minutes of Christian and Conservative bashing on a weekly basis was more than I could take.

I would have expected this from the West Wing which is why I was not a regular viewer of the show, but I was hoping for more from a show that was supposed to be about the inner workings of television, not so much inner workings of characters. expected
Keep Studio 60 - it is best shows around - who needs another sit com or another CSI - NYPD - this is fresh and intelegent - of you don't like it watch another station - keep this around there are enough of us who understand and actually enjoy good TV
You are crazy I love studio 60 and can't wait for it to come back on. Why not get rid of all the stupid reality tv shows
This show is better and funnier than 30 rock in every aspect!! Can't believe it on the chopping block and 30 will live on further staining tina fey's career
I tried Studio 60 and I just couldn't get into it and neither could the rest of my family, but it seems many people here enjoy it. Then came The Black Donnellys and we were all hooked right at the first show. We all loved the new show and "BAM" its been cancelled already... to be replaced with yet another reality show. On top of it 30 Rock will still be around as unfunny as it is. NBC doesn't have a clue what their doing!!
You've got to be kidding. Studio 60 is one of the only intelligent, non-violent shows left on TV
Please SAVE STUDIO 60,
What a totally winning team,
'Studio 60' is a smart, and wickedly funny show. Sure, it has some issues, like many new shows, but given time it will be a shining star in NBC's lineup.
I am an avid CNN viewer, but I may rethink that in view of this article. Studio 60 is the most intelligent show on television, and Sorkin the most brilliant writer. Why can't those who dislike it simply change channels, rather than trying to campaign to kill a show that is loved by intellectuals whose taste is rarely acknowedged? Bradley Whitford is, quite simply, the most gifted actor on television. Matthew Perry is a delight to watch, as are the other actors. This show is an island of brilliance in a sea of mediocrity. Please leave it alone!
'Studio 60' is a MUST SEE!!!! Keep it NBC, PLEASE!!!
As long as he does it so well, I'll take Aaron Sorkin talking to himself any day compared to most anything else on the air.
I love the show and miss it! It may take a while to get going but have some faith. Please don't let it die!!!
No amount of polish can make Studio 60 more than the turd it is.
I would like see Studio 60 come back. I think it is a great ensemble cast that deserves a chance to grow. I was a huge Sports Night fan and would hate to see Studio 60 suffer the same fate - be cancelled too early. It does seem that all Network Television is struggling to realize good entertainment and they continue to miss the point. There is a reason that HBO is having great success with viewers. Since the start of the Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and Entourage, there are very few shows on the "Big 4" that even come close in quality. I do watch 4 other NBC comedies, including The Office and 30 Rock, but only one is must see TV to me - Studio 60. NBC should prove that they want to have smart and engaging shows and save Studio 60. Otherwise, more and more of my entertainment will come from Cable.
Are some of these HATERS Reality Show producers? I mean, really! The show is well written. I have been hooked since the very 1st episode.
Personally, I enjoy watching Studio 60 and would be very upset with them cancelling the show. I enjoy Matthew Perry in his new role, Amanda Peet is great along with the rest of the cast. It is fast paced and witty. It should stay!
This is the best show on television. Every show I love gets the ax. Please don't kill this one too!
I have been reading the comments on Studio 60 and I must say - you have got it wrong. This fast-paced and intelligent show reaches people with a brain. It is not mindless entertainment! The writing is incredible and it would be sincere shame to see intelligent television go off the air!!!!
I strongly disagree with Mr. Leopold. At the outset, the judgment of anyone who even takes the time to watch "30 Rock", let alone recommend its retention, should be immediately questioned.
Whether or not "Studio 60" is up to Sorkin's lofty standards set by his previous TV shows, "Studio 60" is, without a doubt, the best written of the networks' current lineups (i.e., excluding re-runs of West Wing) and has, over the course of its short season, the most compelling story line.

The only embarrassment is the post of Todd Leopold. Too bad he can't discern quality from crap.
30 Rock is a "stone's throw away" from idiotic slapstick.

Studio 60, on the other hand, is intelligent, subtle, but maybe that's too much for some people. It actually has substance.
Absolutely fantastic show. Try moving it around before cancellation. My family loves the show... It's a water-cooler show too... =+)
I LOVE studio 60. I'd have to quit watching NBC completely if they chose to get rid of this great show.
I can not disagree more. Studio 60 may not be perfect but at least it is not another mindlessly stupid 'reality' show pandering to the least common denominators of society- they are the cheap voyerism vechiles of this decade.
I am also surprised that you would compare apples to oranges such as the WW to 60. Drama and Comedy are two different audiences and have different appeals.
i preferred Studio 60 to 30 Rock
I beg to differ. Studio 60 is great fun to watch. Better than most of the trash on today.
It's a great show. Don't cancel it because of a few losers that can't understand it. Please keep it on!!!
I have to disagree with you. I was a huge "West Wing" fan and when I heard that Aaron Sorkin created a new show, I was estatic. "Studio 60" is intelligent, well-written and interesting. My husband and I enjoy the show because it is intelligent and different. I guess that concept is lost on you.
Of Mr. Leopold's last 6 posts prior to this one, 5 were about American Idol. Those of us who appreciate the intelligence and creativity behind shows like Studio 60 that attempt to do more than just entertain us do not care one whit about American Idol. Mr. Leopold is a mouthpiece of the lowest common denominator and nothing more. Studio 60 is a good show with the potential to become great. American Idol is a boring teeny-bopper melodrama that requires only the barest level of thought to appreciate. Since when did being ignorant become cool? Take your meanness of character elsewhere and leave those of us that appreciate intellectual television alone. Your post is utterly devoid of usefulness or tact, and I for one would appreciate an apology for your callousness. 99% of all that air time is taken up by inane drivel, the morons of the world have more shows that cater to their intelligence than they need. I for one appreciate the ever so rare diamonds that come along, however rough they may be.
I respectfully disagree with your recommendation to kill Studio 60. I agree that the plot is thin, but I would argue that the dialogue is superior to every show on TV currently. The characters and stories are almost irrelevant; the dialogue is wonderful to listen to, even if they are not really saying anything.
I'm really tired of EW bashing Studio 60 -- it is a great show, full of Sorkin's snappy repartee and timing, full of characters that make you go hmm. BRING IT BACK!!!
I personally think that Studio 60 was a great show. It was funny and offbeat in its own way. How about givin it a chance before making comments on it??!?tv nowadays is CRAP with its reality shows and stupid 'reno 911' like movies...give me a break..i'd like to see some good shows like studio 60 come back on tv...again, 30 rock, seriously? crap..ALL 60 = 10 thumbs up..
I couldn't disagree more, it's mind boggeling that 15 versions of Law and Order and the vast array of mindless reality shows are heralded as good tv while Studio 60 is labeld as unrealistic and boring. I get that those shows are cheaper to produce but will there ever come a time when shows that illuminate heart and integrity will superceed violence, tits and ass and industry greed? Why not work to improve the show (and it's time slot) so the studio can make money and the viewers aren't forced to watch pay per view!
I think you could not be more wrong. Studio 60 is fantastic and enjoyable, at least to those of use who have graduated from middle school (not implying that you have not), only that TV is often too dumb-downed for the masses. My only problem is the time slot does not allow for the masses to follow the show and stay on it. Congrats NBC for a "smart" show. I only wish West Wing had stayed around.
Studio 60 is a fresh, witty, and poignant show. It's nice to see a drama that doesn't have to do with cops or lawyers. I know, cancel the show and have Dick Wolf come up with yet another Law and Order franchise. I know, Law and Order: Detention Hall! I love Aaron Sorkin's writing and the show is very well acted. NBC set it up for failure by launching it against not only CSI: Miami, but also Monday Night Football and dare I say it, Monday Night Raw. I'm not sure who's buying shows at NBC, but if Studio 60 goes off the air, I will have no reason to watch NBC at all anymore, especially since they've replaced it with The Black Donnelly's, which I actually tried to watch, but I couldn't understand the first episode. Studio 60 needs to stay. I like shows that don't appeal to the lowest common denominator.
how can you say this???? if you don't like studio 60, the flip the channel to one of the 50 billion mind-numbing sitcoms i'm sure you gobble up like cookie dough, and leave the good shows to the adults. k?
I have enjoyed the show and NBC needs to give it more time.
I love Studio 60 and eagerly await its return.
This show MUST be saved!! Sooo little quality drama on tv and I love great dialogue.

And those of you who seem to absolutely hate the show ---- why do you watch it????
Studio 60 wasn't the average cops/lawyers/criminals show and it doesn't deserve the negative publicity from you. It's a different type of story that doesn't center around crime and I was highly appreciative of this. This show needs to be given a chance....too many shows get dumped before they get started, keep Studio 60 around. I'm sick of killings, murders, rapes, and violence on tv...lets bring back some better drama, KEEP STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP!
This was one of the best shows of the new season. Great cast that seemed to click well and interesting side stories that boosted the main plots. Absolutely loved the side story with Eli Wallach. Arrested Development was in the basement for ratings but lasted 2-3 seasons. Give this some more time and move the timeslot to see if it can be saved!
Yea... I don't think I'm going to miss "Studio 60". I never really knew what was going on... I kept falling asleep during the show. It was SO dull and over dramatic.
On the other hand.... I LOVE the oxygen rush I get watching "30 Rock"... from laughing so hard! It's the BEST! It's truely brilliant. NBC can make fun of itself and that takes balls. Hats off to them. Great work!
Another valid opinion from a magazine whose lead story on their website is "Guess whose mustache this is" ew has turned in to US weekley should be a politician......your words are meaningless and empty as one.
Studio 60 was the only thing on television lately that I actually got excited about. Whether you like agreed with what was going on or not, it was well-scripted and engaging. Taking it off the air would be a tragedy and yet another demonstration by NBC execs that they just don't get it.
Are you crazy? Studio 60 is hilarious. The self importance, the dreadful acting, the heavy handed humor, the bleating political correctness. All fantastic stuff to goof on every week. I agree with the viewer who loved the New Orleans episode. Definitely one of the schmaltziest, most embarassing moments in the history of television. And of course total unintentional comedy genius! Where would be without Studio 60 the worst drama on TV? Matt and Harriet - what chemistry, what verve, its like Grant and Russell only better. And that old creepy guy from the West Wing and the hot producer lady. Midlife crisis fantasy hour. Brilliant! And the supporting cast? Surely this year's Ensemble Emmy? What? They didnt get nominated?...No. And if it wasnt for Studio 60 we wouldnt have this blog and all the sincere people writing in about how intelligent they are and how they would miss intelligent television...No, no, NBC, no matter what it costs please keep Studio 60. We need more episodes. Many of us are going to be watching Studio 60 for all eternity strapped into a chair in hell, so please NBC think about the damned and have mercy, RENEW THIS SHOW.
Todd, Get a friggin life ! Why do you care what NBC does with their programming. Just worry about the mindless crap on CNN.
West Wing's 1st year was about character developement, and until it found it's place, most of the characters were "stick figures for Aaron Sorkin's mouthfuls". WW had time to mature, made big $$$ for NBC. Patience!!!
I think Studio 60 is one of the BEST shows on TV. It has such great characters and they play off each other so well. It has that fast paced dialogue that Sorkin is so great at writing. I wish NBC would give this show a chance and put it in a decent time slot. PLEASE don't cancel such an intelligent show!
I couldn't disagree with you more. I look forward to Studio 60 because it gives an interesting behind the scenes look at what it must take to run one of these shows. Maybe not realistic, maybe a little over the top, but there are those of us out here that actually enjoy hearing Aaron Sorkin "talk to himself". The man has more to say than maybe you do or you'd possibly be producing a real show instead of writing a blog criticizing highly successful writers. When you get a few Emmys then maybe I'll feel inclined to put stock in your ability to critique.
Please kill Todd Leopold's column.
You couldn't be more wrong. Studio 60 is smarter and deeper than Sorkin's earlier work, and it reminds us how good television can be in the age of "reality" garbage.
As much as I don't want to - I find myself agreeing. It may be a very good thing indeed -let Sorkin take a break and make a truly good show again
The show is simply too smart and well written for most people.
If these type of interactions took place around a coal mine or in a bakery it would be lauded as brilliant, but, Hollywood is terribly annoying, so most critics, who are mostly failed writers, despise it.
The show has the most innovative and organic threads and dialog structures on TV. Another case of too much talent for the masses.
I love Studio 60. It's fast moving and interesting. The team of actors is supreme!!!! Alot of talent there and you are not giving this different type show a chance. There are so many stupid shows on. This one is intellegent and creative!
Its stands to reason that shows that arent dumbed down just dont make it.

The monologue in the first episode cant just be Sorkin "talking to himself" as you say. Why? Because its true. Those who dont see it are just plain blind. Like too many shows before it, anything requiring the slightest use of brain power is bad so it must go.

This all explains why my television doesnt cause my electrical bill to go up very much and my book collection continually grows like a well nourished garden.
Studio 60 is a great show and if it's having trouble with the ratings, I blame the network. Maybe if NBC quit yanking it off to try other shows people would actually be able to watch it. It's the only non-cable show I'm interested in and I never want to miss an episode, but frankly, I'm getting tired of having to check my tv schedule EVERY week just to see if it's going to be on.
I think networks pull the plug on tv shows to soon. They need time to adjust and get viewers interest. Studio 60 is an excellent show and there is nothing on tv currently like it. People don't like this show because it is written with intelligence. The actors and storylines are amazing. NBC should really give it another shot!
ABC needs to bring back MEN IN TREES cute and funny.NOT at 10pm. no wonder it's off the air.
Save the show. They could use a few more shows like the one where the sheriff takes Jack Rudolph down a notch. The whole Matt and Harriet thing is also getting a bit old. Overall, its smart and funny, it just needs some tweaking.
I vote keep the show, it is the only show that debuted this fall worth keeping. So it's not your cup of tea, It's still a great show.
As many of the bloggers have noted, SOME quality programming should exist on network television rather than exclusively on cable. There are precious few quality programs that remain on network TV. Studio 60 is quality programming and clearly you, Todd, are blinded by your political biases. It is remarkable that CNN, which was once a network to which one could turn for unbiased coverage, employees someone of your mediocre caliber.
NBC, save Studio 60.
CNN, push Todd off the cliff.
You are out of touch, perhaps even a tad jaded. I've been a tv viewer for 43 years and a media pro for 25 and my wife and I love STUDIO 60. It asks us to think and isn't afraid to be sentimental, something sorely lacking on network fare.
You're a fool to think ths show can't make it. The Monday time slot is a bad place for a show like this even if it does follow Heroes. The story needs to be tighted up and brought back to what it's about, a network show that is not going to conform to the restrictions that are placed by censors or afraid to challenge their board,the affilates or any group that gets in the way of freespeach. It just needs to put the edge back into the show. Not to give this show a chance to grow would be a huge mistake.
Screw you and what you think. Studio 60 is brilliant. I hope it has a Family Guy story where idiotic people didn't watch it at first but then it gets ridiculouly popular and comes back in a year.
That would be fantastic.
I sadly have to agree. The show has so much potential but somehow it got turned into the Harriet show. What a shame.
I totally disagree! My husband and I looked forward to "Studio 60" each week and were really disappointed when it got shelved. The replacement, "The Black Donnellys" was offensive and totally unwatchable. Stop comparing Studio 60 to Sorkin's past shows -- it's good on its own merits and deserves a chance.
I love Studio 60 - Ignore this blog. Keep the show
It's a shame that NBC did not read all of these positive comments before putting the show on "hiatus" or whatever. It has been an absolute mystery to me why this excellent, though not perfect, show has been the object of such loathing to so many people. You're telling me that garbage like "American Idol" is worthy of admiration while a well-written gem like "Studio 60" isn't? I have come to believe that all of the hatred towards this show was fomented by internet geeks who never forgave Sorkin for his disparagement of their culture.
I agree. Studio 60 blows big time. It's hard to care about the characters, and the show is about a comedy yet SO unfunny and boring. Not my opinion, but FACT! Dump it, NBC!
Do NOT kill the show. It's a concept with some problems, but at least it is a real, interesting concept. So much else is DRIVEL, you've got to give the potentially good stuff a chance. The Studio 60 Christmas show nailed it, so it can be done. Frankly, I think 30 Rock is sophomoric by comparison; amusing enough to keep, but NOT the show Studio 60 is/was.
Watch 30 Rock. The same show premise, but its funnny. Kill Sunset and let Sorkin bring back West Wing with Jimmy Smits as President.
This show is SO overrated! There are no likeable characters, and the writing is just awful! It takes itself too seriously! Abort it!
I love Studio 60! I too wish they would at least air the final episodes so that we devoted watchers can see what happens. I think the reason people don't like it is that it's too "smart." Matthew Perry and the other guy (name escapes me at the moment) make a great team. BRING IT BACK!!!
Do not kill Studio 60. Besides Battlestar Galactica, it was the only show I watched. Why is it so hard for TV to have intelligent thoughtprovoking shows stay on the air.
I love studio 60! My Mondays are not the same without it. I want it back
Have you lost your mind? Save Studio 60! It is a fine show. The development problems are small and can be worked out! It is worth saving! Both Scrubs and Seinfeld were saved. It is worth taking a chance. NBC has cancelled many good shows. Remember Boomtown? (I also support bringing back The West Wing with Jimmy Smits as President�.) If we don�t save Studio 60, we will be forced to watch another mindless reality show. Personally, I�m over real life!
So many lame set-ups in "60," and stuff we'd seen before on Sports Night of The West Wing, like the odd/old person who winds up being important (dead homeless vet in west wing, old studio worker in 60). And that whole garbage about Whitford and Peet getting stuck on the roof?! Gosh, haven't seen that hack set up in about a million other crappy shows.

The problem is Sorkin wants to address serious issues in a show about a comedy show. That doesn't work. He should have made it about a network like CNN.
30 Rock, weak? It is one of the funnier shows to appear on TV in years. NBC seems to have finally gotten their Thursday night comedy line-up in order. 30 Rock is nearly as funny as the office, normally better than Earl, and blows away a "getting more tired by the episode" Scrubs. The thought that it was almost cancelled just shows how little these execs have a clue.
Studio 60 is one of the best drama I've ever seen on TV. It is better than 99% of the programming that's on these days. It is witty, human, and has the balls to confront some of the socio-political and racial issues that affect America. (religion and media, Katrina) Maybe you (Todd Leopold) are too close to Sorkin and his other shows to actually recognize and enjoy a masterpiece. I hope NBC has the vision and the guts to get the show back on TV.
Wickedly funny? Hilarious? Intelligent? I need examples of moments on this show that fell into any of these categories? And I don't understand the comparisons with 30 Rock because, although both are about the behind-the-scenes workings of a tv comedy sketch show, one is a 60 minute drama and one is a 30 minute comedy. They are completely different genres! Also, just because someone doesn't find this show smart and witty does not mean that person watches reality shows. I despise reality shows and I also despise this show. I wanted to love it... I loved the first episode, but it has been a downhill road ever since. When I want intelligent entertainment, I usually tune in to a Frontline documentary.
We really need to save Studio 60. Just like everyone else has said beofre me, it's just about the only thing worth watching on Monday's. It just needs a little more time to get momentum. Even "The Office" took a little time to get moving.
I'm going with this. You are right. Everyone else that likes the show is wrong. It is not very good, and the show is just one big run on sentence. Your proposals for changes would make the show better, but then it would be a different show, and it wouldn't be as bad. Also the characters are stupid. And the "skits." 30 Rock had it right in making the show that the show is about be over the top, other wise if the show within the show was that good, why wouldn't it be a show in itself?
With a line up dominated by cookie cutter sitcoms and reality shows that drain your mind of all ability for thought, it is a relief when a show comes along that allows you to laugh and become interested in the characters at the same time. If they cancel studio sixty maybe they can replace it with "American snout" Wait and see who can snort the most coffee before they pass out or maybe they can replace it with "Trailer" Growing up in a house with wheels. Whatever they decide I am sure they will make the choice with the deepest regard for what is the most entertaining. ( Hopefully you detect a note of sarcasm )Please keep the good shows.
Put it back one, Put it back on, Put it back on, Put it back on,

Sorkin is the best writer in TV or movies. It's the best show that has been on TV since West Wing.

Here's the deal, you put Studio 60 back on and I'll turn the TV back on.

Deal or No Deal!
dear todd, i wholeheartedly share with your disappointment in studio 60. it is indeed aaron sorkin's elitist preaching through the mouths of his morally squeaky clean characters, which was the problem i had with west wing - a purportedly smart show for purportedly smart people. be that as it may, studio 60 is still a more enjoyable/intelligent show than most of those currently on air nowadays, which cater to a sadly unenlightened and tacky collective cultural taste. that is of course with the exception of 30 rock, a sublimely clever show disguised by ridiculous plots and "tawdry" conversations that one of the preceding comments accuse of being sexual innuendos, which, in my opinion, actually deliver more oomph and more of a bite.

all in all, kudos to 30 rock and tolerated indulgence in studio 60 on my part.
I 2nd everything Raylene of Portland said. ...especially the shove yourself off a cliff remark -Classic.
How is a good show supposed to get a chance to create a viewer falling when it's put in the same slot as some of the most popular shows on tv today?! It's a bad move on the networks part. Networks are always shoving good shows into the worst slots, why tank your own shows?? I've never figured that out..... I wish some cable channel would pick up "Sports Night" again, I could use a good laugh.
who ever you are that wants "Studio 60" thrown off a cliff should try it first - tell us all about the experience then we will cosider your opinion! Idiot!
Todd is right. I wished and hoped that Studio 60 could be as good as Aaron Sorkin's other work. I LOVED the first episode with Judd Hirsh. And then it was all downhill form there. It can't be saved.
I love Studio 60.I know it could be better but Matt Perry Brad Whitford are so goooooooooooood.The writers need a spankin I think.Give these guys good stuff to say.The cast is really a good fit it's all about the writing I guess.Aaron Sokin'swriting in the past has amazed me.I loved west Wing and Sports Night.
It really is incredible: Sorkin's hardcore fans are almost as snooty as he is. Studio 60 isnt funny, it isnt witty, and it isnt smart. Hell, even the god-awful CSI-miami is more fun to watch then this dreck. Please NBC, pull the plug and give the money to a writer who isnt vastly overhyped.
To Jay of Sac. CA: Can you read?? Are you positive? you should re-read the article, the first comment posted, THEN re-read my previous comment. The "shove off a cliff comment" is directed at the author of 'Dear NBC, please kill 'Studio 60'. To summarize: you're the idiot AND you don't know how to read.
Thanks for the laugh moron!!
From these posts, it looks like Studio 60 makes dumb people feel smart. So does Karl Rove.
You know, I love the show and I rarely watch TV, but of course if it is not an IMMEDIATE hit, let it go. The studios seem to ignore the fact that there are people like me that are not generally going to watch unless it is either really good or, because of their programming, stays on for a few seasons. Jeez, how many good shows are gone? It is not about good shows anymore and that is why I am not a TV fan. TV has ruined TV. Greedy bastards.
Drew from Meadville, PA, asked, "Since when did being ignorant become cool? "

Answer: January 20, 2001
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