Friday, March 02, 2007
Ignoring Paris Hilton
So The Associated Press ignored Paris Hilton for a week.

A worthy, if ultimately futile, gesture: As the article notes, US Weekly runs something Hilton-related almost every week. You can plug one hole in the dam, but the water still gets through.

(And yes, I know it's all the more absurd to be writing this on the day Anna Nicole Smith gets buried, and the news coverage rises again. So will Internet traffic, I guarantee you.)

Still, what do you think of the AP's attempt? And who or what would you like to see ignored?
Leave the Paris Hilton/Anna Nicole stories for the tabloids.

It's just not news, people.
Nice work with ignoring her for a week. Next time, make it longer.
Who the hell is Paris Hilton?
Congratulations are in order! Many, many thanks for deleting Ms. Hilton from the news. If you could do the same with the Britney Spears character, all the best.

Thanks again!!!!
Sadly, all good things must come to an end....maybe CNN can impose an open-ended ban to include, Anna Nicole, Brit, Angelina, Brad, Lindsay, Tom and Katie, Justin, and anyone else who gets on the public's nerves. No one has made these people more famous than the press-This is surely a No Need to Know service.
She's not newsworthy. I cannot even imagine this was a discussion at AP. Please, let middle America drool over her in US or People and get back to REAL NEWS, AP.
Absolutely unprofessional. If she is newsworthy, then report it. If she isn't, then ignore it. The AP is mixing POPULAR with NEWSWORTHY and they come across as absolutely silly in the effort.
I say kudos to the AP for even thinking of doing this. Legitimate media outlets need to take a stand against publishing drivel about people who are famous for being famous. Let's focus on things that will still matter in 10 minutes.
Don't understand the media fascination with this woman! What has she ever done that's worth mentioning? She just happened to be born rich and by virtue of that somehow we're all supposed to care about her?
Please keep ignoring her unless she actually does something of value!!!
I'm concerned that if the press starts thinking journalistically, and offering insightful commentary, unbiased investigative reporting (uncolored by whoever their corporate backer may be), and truly begin to use some degree of intelligent discretion in determining just what is news, and what is entertainment, there just might not be enough 'content' to fill the perpetual 24/7/365 news cycle. Of course, I could just work on my chart of just who got the creepiest eyelift at CNN - that might fill my additional time.
Wonderful!! Keep doing it. I am so tired of the crap we have to read over and over again about Little Ms. Hilton
She really needs to get a clue!
BRAVO!! Thank you for putting the news ahead of the life of one narcissistic heiress. I say keep the ban going!
I think as far as she's concerned, we've seen it all. There really isn't anything she can do anymore that would provide some kind of shock value. I think her popularity is waning. People are tired of her. Britney should be ignored too, but the fact that she's a wack job right now is so fascinating!
Why don't you ignore Anna Nicole Smith? I am tired of all the media hype on her life and death. There certainly wasn't this much attention when James Brown died on Christmas 2006 and the fight between his family and his "wife" to bury his body.
The Paris ban is WONDERFUL. Now can you stop the reporting of the minute by minute movements of Anna Nicole's body. Stop showing the pic of Britney with her head half shaved. And is would be really nice if you could ban reporting on how skinny Hollywood actresses have me...we know.
How about reporting on good things being done. Maybe by banning more of the actions of famous idiots some real news will get more attention.
Paris Hilton is a non-entity, a complete waste of skin. She is a celebrity simply because she has been made into one. She is talentless, shameless, and a complete attention-whore. Please continue to ignore her; coverage of her panders to the trailer-trash set.
I'd like to see a band on every superficial, worthless, over analysed and sensationalized story on these supposed celebreties who do nothing but feed on their own press. The train-wrecks that are Paris, Britney, Anna-Nichole, etc. need to go away. Half these people's problems are due to the sleeze media that isn't smart or ethical enough to do real news.
For goodness sake, somebody please ignore Britney!!!
Hooray! Lets get the stupid celebrity gossip out of the news completely and leave it to the "rag mags." I love the ban.
Why does ANYBODY care about Paris Hilton? She espouses none of the qualities that I admire and frankly, stories about her take up bandwidth that I'd rather use for something else.
By the do we let her racist comments slide, but we crucify michael richards?? We shouldn't just pass that kind of behavior as , "oh well thats just how she is"...thats total B.S.
Coverage of the life and times of Paris Hilton and others like her is why I got out of the news business.

Libby is on trail, wars are raging, an election process is gearing up: real news. Yet the media fully participates in the "dumbing down of America."

Let me know when you all get serious about stopping the practice of reporting on stories (and I mean that in the broadest sense) from what ABC's "The Note" calls the "Freak Show" as well.
The only Paris that should be mentioned in the news happens to be in France.
WOW! Editors doing their jobs! This is GREAT. As a former newspaper editor myself, I'm proud of The AP for realizing that pseudo-celebrities like Hilton, Smith and Spears are NOT NEWS! Leave this stuff to the tabloids and E! Network -- that's what they're for.
I just wish she would go away completely, and if that means dying, so be it. She is NON-NEWS!!!!
What a waste of time thinking, much less writing about P Hilton. Leave her to the tabloids. Wish she would takr her millions and vanish! Sick of hearing from her. Ugly girl!
Start with Paris Hilton, and include:
Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt
George Clooney
Anna Nicole Smith
Jennifer Anniston
Britney Spears
Hillary Clinton
Barak Obama
Donald Trump
Rosie O'Donnell
Barbara Walters
James Brown
Michael Jackson
Every person ever feartured in People
Des Moines Iowa
Dominos (the game)
Subject-Verb Agreement
Fantastic...and you ruin it by announcing that you are ignoring her and then writing about all the "important" stuff that we missed in her life. God forbid the Associated Press actually cover real news of even marginal importance!
Please ban Paris Hilton (and all celebutartds) forever. What a blessed relief it would be. It's NOT NEWS.
Can you keep the ban up???
It's about time for someone to ban Hilton! I only wish the ban would last longer, and force the "celebrity" out of our lives.
It would be lovely never to hear about Paris Hilton and her shallow life ever again.
Why exactly should we be excited about this? So a news organization decides to take one small step towards being legitimate. AP, CNN, etc....they're all a joke.

Are we supposed to take this to mean they wil lfocus more on their regular news stories? they can't even do that right! I haven't seen one apology yet for them jumping on the bandwagon for Al Gore's utility charges, which was proven to be a ridiculous story planted by a right wing :non-partisan" think tank. 3 minutes of investigation showed this story to be garbage, but they all ran it anyway.

And where is the apology for all the stories ripping on Obama for saying the troops lives are 'wasted", when Mcain does the same thing and nobody says a word.

These organizations are all a joke. Just because they take a small step to be less of a joke doesn't mean we should suddenly give them respect that they don't deserve.
I think the question of them "tampering" with what is news is false to begin with. By putting out "news," and I use that term loosely, about Paris Hilton, they MAKE her a celebrity. The AP is actually "creating" the celebrity. How many other silver-spooners are "celebrities" just because they are the heir to an empire? Not many, therefore, she must be a celebrity because of the hype the AP and other news orgnizations put out there. I'm sure she isn't the only silver spooner who parties hard and made a sex tape.

I vote for a permanent ban on "celebrity" news like this from the AP. Leave it to the entertainment mags.
Personally I didn't even notice the lack of information surrounding Paris Hilton, and honestly don't care if I ever read or hear anything of her again.
The one question I do have is...what does she do exactly that is helpful in anyway shape or form for her community?
...other then a sex
The only headline I want to see about Paris Hilton is the one that starts "Where are they now ?"
Why doesn't she face the same reprecussions like Michael Richards had to when he dropped n-word? If anything that should have been something to report about, because in my opinion her rant was even worse than Richard's. But all mainstream news outlets let it pass by as if nothing ever happened. Why?
Yea!!! She does nothing newsworthy anyway. I am sick of seeing a young person who is such a horrible role model be in the press all the time. Leave her in the garbage where she belongs.
Bored wiith Hollywood trash. What makes you so certain we want to hear all of this garbage.
What has Paris Hilton contributed to our Society other than being born to a rich family ? Continue to ignore her. She is nothing and no one special.
Perhaps this ban on Paris Hilton coverage should be permanent. Her fame seems to have been arbitrarily granted by the media in the first place, and even if it wasn't, "Paris Hilton looks bored at party" is hardly a newsworthy headline.
For me, the most useful aspect of this one-week AP ban has been to get people talking about what actually constitutes "news" in this country. Is hearing about a young woman who may be wealthy, vaguely pretty, and cunning enough to manipulate the media so that she becomes a "star" without actually ever DOING anything, really "news" or just gossip column (or police blotter) fodder? There's been a blurring of boundaries, so that gossip becomes news, and news is pushed to the back pages. For instance, Anna Nicole's death is a tragedy only to her family and friends. To the rest of us, it's a blip on the radar. I don't care about who gets her body, and frankly I resent having that story shoved into my face on a daily basis. Leave it in the gossip column (or police blotter, if that's where it eventually belongs). I crave real news! I want to know where the candidates stand on environmental and sustainable energy issues. I want to know what we're doing to negotiate peace in the Middle East. I want to know what's going on today in Darfur and what we're doing about it. Where are Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow when I really need them?
The attention we pay to her meaningless life feeds into her attitudes and actions. By all means ignore her.
Please, keep ignoring whatever Paris Hilton is doing. I don't hear anything good she has ever done for humanity. I don't care to hear about her constant run-in with the law or however drunk she got at her latest party.
Definitely a moratorium on Anna Nichole Smith! Enough is Enough.
What? What do you mean AP had banned news on Paris? I didn't even notice Paris wasn't in the news. It is a waste of time to report "news" on Paris and other celebrities while there are more important news in this world that will affect you and me, like the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Korea situation, China situation, and even the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. You can even report on poverty, homelessness, racism, and even AIDS. But please don't insult my intelligence by reporting on so called "news" like Paris and other related celebrities. I could careless, and I know many others agree with me.

No more PH, no more ANS, etc. What are these people good for, anyway? If we didn't read/write about them, would they have any impact on anything?
What Debra in VA said.
Who, I mean who, really gives a rat's AR__ about Paris, Brittany, Anna Nicole? Not normal people that's for damn sure
"They're intrigued by her unshakable self-esteem. People are fascinated by that."

I bet her esteem would be shaken if her name disappeared from the headlines. What would she do if her brand equity suddnely plummeted and no one wanted her name attached to them anymore because, well, her name wasn't front page material?

Leave her to the tbaloid rags, please. I realize ratings are a huge thing and such names bring them, but I think that also speaks to the quality of the reader. We need to be able to depend on certain sources for quality information, and other sources for entertainment information. I wouldn't miss the celebrity headlines from my NEWS sites.
I don't care what Paris Hilton does or doesn't do. Another "celebrity" who has no talent but is covered by the media because they are rich. The same for Anna Nicole Smith. Drop her into the ground and move on. There are thousands of other stories in the world that deserve media time and these B-grade celebrities shouldn't be followed as if they are doing something important for the world.

And quite frankly, I am appalled that CNN has spent that much time on the Smith "saga". Those who "idolized" Anna Nicole should spend more time reflecting on their lives than following this poor example of a human being.
We are guilty of even reading this blog. We read it because we are bored during our breaks at work. At least I am. But, thanks you did this, next time don't post anything about her or anyone else who doesn't contribute to society!
Next time, how 'bout not reporting on ANY of those ignorant hollywood tr*mps. Let's hear about the REAL news.
I'm not sure if itentionally sending out a memo to ban all news on Paris is really the best fair journalism idea. However, I don't see how newsworthy her parties are, and I definitely don't understand how the AP spent more time on her by writing this long, never-ending commentary on their status of the Paris ban. Next time, skip the commentary and keep the ban.
I commend you on 'ignoring' Paris Hilton. There is more important things that should be in the news than a heir who likes to party and do stupid things.
I was just telling my children the other day that if they ever embarrass me with Paris-like stunts I would pull every dime I ever gave them. Where are her parents? Keep up the ban!!!
Wonderful - we should have a permanent ban on Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole Smith, and their ilk!

Don't get me wrong, it is a shame that Anna Nicole Smith died so young as well as her son - but enough is enough!

I do not care how much money one has - white trash is white trash and what have they done which is worthy of any type of news coverage?

Their is much more substantive issues and stories in the world which are more compelling and important than these aforementioned individuals.

We have dumbed down the news to the lowest common demoninator; it is time to raise the bar!!!
Oh, please! Do it again! Paris would be nothing if it weren't for the media. I suggest she be banned completely from all media outlets. Then, maybe, she'll realize her worthless contribution to society.
Who cares what this girl does? She is a nobody but a little rich kid that needs attention.
If you run a story about Paris Hilton you degrade your news organization. Leave Paris to the tabloids; don't participate in and be used by her media machine. Re-instate the ban.
I'm always surprised by the amount of coverage any of the celebrities are getting. It's a sad world when all people care about are what the celebrities are doing. Who really cares, unless they are doing something for a good cause. I would like to see alot less stories about any celebrities. I refuse to read anything on CNN or any other website about Jolie, Pitt, Cruise, Spears, Smith, Hilton, etc. These people are getting far too much attention from the media when there are more important things going on in the world. I think CNN should not put any stories about the celebrities on their website, report the real news to us and leave the other crap to the tabloids. I'd like to see CNN put a ban on for alot longer and not just Hilton.
Can't all media just ban her forever? What is she famous for doing? The woman/child spends her life making an art out of being useless.
Please, I'm begging on bended knee, extend your ban on the Skank Known As Paris Hilton.
Between her and Anna Nicole, it seems most of our country forgets we're in two wars, let alone the rest of the problems in the World. We get 23 hours of news a day n what is happening with Anna Nicole's body, yet we get a minute in the hourly newsbreak to find out how many of our kids were killed Iraq. Leave it to us Americans to really concentrate on what is truly important.
Can you PLEASE continue the ban....?
I am SO happy to hear about the Paris Hilton ban. Unfortunately, I didn't notice it, but it's a refreshing idea. Why do people care what she does? She doesn't do anything that is worth reward: she doesn't contribute to society in a positive way, she doesn't contribute her fame and wealth to charities, she doesn't champion causes that her notoriety could lend much-needed attention. She's never going to invent something that helps man-kind (designing purses and perfumes is not exactly finding a cure to cancer), she'll never help with our national security or the wellfare of our troops.

What does she do? Why on earth is she famous, other than being a childish, jealous and vicious social diva, a woman who creates things that demoralize herself and bring down our culture (One Night in Paris, anyone?).

She parties. She drinks too much. She isn't remorseful about drinking and driving - an opportunity she could have used to raise public awareness of the consequences. She disgraced her family with her sex video and yet used it to make herself more famous. She committed perjury.

What in the world has she done that is worth reporting? I think, more than anything, people like to hear about her so that we can look forward to watching her fall from grace a little more with each passing amoral decision she makes.

Why does anyone care?

I'd rather hear real news, not ridiculous stories about her abuse of her power and money and endless championing of the very things from which we try to protect our own children.

At least our fascination with others, like Angelina Jolie, is based on her qualities of virtue, her use of her fame to champion the cause of children across the world, and her massive donations to the charities and causes of which we really ought to be aware. She is a role model of what to do, not of what not to do.
I won't miss seeing articles about Paris Hilton. Bravo to you!! and thank you!
I'm in agreement with most of the above sentiments. What puzzles me is this: the news media's audience has made clear that they are not interested in the minor details of Britney, Nicole, Lindsey and Paris - and yet we are forced to read 'breaking news' about the minor details of their lives on an almost daily basis. Are their publicists paying CNN and Associated Press big money to report these news stories? I think it's time to institute a permanent ban on top stories like "Paris brushes her teeth" and focus on the real news again.
This was a great idea but I have a much better one. How about ignoring Al Qaeda terrorists and all the negative publicity they push for and glorify and focus on nothing but positive things that the US Troops are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan? Probably would not make money for the media right? Sad!
It was nice while it lasted.
Here's a thought...don't ever report on her or Anna Nicole Smith. How about unfiltering all the real news you always fail to report?

You guys think it was genius or something to stop reporting on stuff th epublic doesn't give a care about? What morons in the media!
You created her. You made enough money off her. Consign her to the dustbins of trivia.
A sane person would not try to feed the disorders of any other human being, why feed hers?
If I ever heard another story about Paris Hilton, it would be too soon!

She is completely over-exposed and in my opinion, not news worthy.

With so much going on in this world is it really worth the AP's time and effort to report on gossip?

I agree with 'Anonymous' the you should make the ban longer next time. Say, maybe a decade? Or even a better time frame might be a lifetime.
DITTO to pretty much all the comments made so far about refraining from anything that isn't news worthy...and by news worthy I mean anything that doesn't effect or affect me in some meaningful way, positive or negative. There is NOTHING that Paris Hilton or any other Paris Hiltonesq person has done so far that is news worthy or even watercooler talk worthy for that matter.
When she finds a cure for cancer, then it will be time...until then...leave her out of the news!!!
You should ban coverage of all the media seeking creeps who contribute nothing positive to the world. These self-indulgent perverts should not be covered until they do something positive for humanity. Skip the garbage and cover real people doing good for others.
Next time ignore her for longer, and add the Anna Nicole Smith fiasco, Tom Cruise and his doormat (I mean wife), and Britney Spears to the ignore list. Leave the celebrities to tabloids and entertainment news shows. If they save an orphange or kill somebody, by all means treat it like you would if any average citizen did the same thing and move on to real news.
The only thing that spoiled your ignoring of Paris Hilton was reporting on it. Why bother to do it if you're only going to 'make news' by telling us about it? I bet if you continued the blackout the public would eventually realize that 'news' about Paris simply took up ink on a page that could be used for far more important events. Who cares about this slutty, badly behaved heiress anyway? The only thing I think about when I hear of the latest Paris train wreck is how poorly parented she must have been to turn out this way.
Please continue to ignore Paris. Adding Brittany Spears to the blackout would also be appreciated.
Please, please have the ban last forever!
She is not news-worthy. I wish that she could be banned from all news articles and television. Let the tabloids have their fun with her-she certainly is an idiot.
I applaud your decision to to ban Paris news. Leave the rinky-dink stuff to the entertainment press, and only report on the "celebutantes" when there's real news--marriage, kids, disease, death.
She was not missed - please consider a ten year ban - and maybe a "where are they now" feature in 2020.
I've never understood the hype over Paris.She's never done ANYTHING worthwhile, and yet is always in the news.
Personally, I think you should continue to ignore her, there are far more important things to write about than her.
Well, you are talking about her now. Aren't you? Leave those trashy people out and focus on important news!
I think the ban was an excellent idea.

In fact, I think the AP should publish a list of names about whom only "Blind" stories will be published. The list would be called, "Standard Media Personalities".
For example, stories would include lines like, "A Standard Media Personality was arrested today after being stopped for DUI in Hollywood", or "Police have reported that a Standard Media Personality was ejected from a bar after attempting to spit on a bouncer", or "A Standard Media Personality divorced their 7th spouse today".

I'd love it.
More interested in Paris France, Texas or Georgia. I can easily pass on any news on Paris Hilton. Leave her to the tabloids and get on to some real news.
I agree wholeheartedly with your ban. We have tabloids to cover people who are famous just for being famous. Legitimate news organizations shouldn't waste our time with gossip. It's not that hard to tell the difference between news and gossip: Celebrity injured in car accident - news. Celebrity goes to party - not news.
What is news--is it something we need to know to live better, safer or something else important; or, is it something that will sell newspapers? There must be hundreds of people who get arrested for driving without a license, but they do not get into the news. There are many people who are being buried today--do we give them the same coverage.
Anna Nicole Smith and Paris Hilton are two women who have done nothing significant, except being famous for being famous.
Let's drop them both from the news and leave room for important issues that need to be reported.
I acknowledge that I use a word "important" that leaves room for much interpretation but I feel confident that most people won't be disappointed by a lack of information on these two items
APPLAUSE, please continue to ignore her and her little sidekicks, my gosh these are just people like you and me, not some icon's for goodness sake. Who really cares about them and leave it to those "celeb" sites. They are just Human beings like the rest of us, nothing more.
What a joke! Yes, you ignored her for a week. Congratulations. Except for the fact you now you came out with this HUGE article and press about how the AP ignored Paris Hilton for a week, and here is everything she did in that week! Doesn't that defeat the purpose? So much for a "media blackout". And on that note, isn't that a little scary that you are trying to decide who to give us information about and who not to? I thought that was the government's job.
I didnt even notice there was no news about Paris. I think its a good thing to keep that pointless information out of the main stream because it is messing with the minds of young people, male and female. I believe it was a very good move to keep her out, and why not permanently, the only reason she is in the media is for her money...Subconsciously is that all we really care about??
Ignore Paris, Britney "Baldy" Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, and any other vapid and lazy "stars". But do you all know how this can start? We can start by (as readers)ignoring these folks too. The AP can ban them all they want (and they should), but the real ban can come from the public. Just don't buy the stupid gossip magazines if one of them is on the cover. Definitely, don't read the snarky gossip blogs. I like to read trashy magazines as much as anyone else--but not if these women are on the cover. If the print media realizes that these people are not profitable as cover stories anymore, they won't put them on. They probably will write fewer stories. At the end of the day, it's all about the almighty $.
I was hoping her 15mins were up. As well as the other's that are plastered all over. Even CNN. (Lohan, Spears, Smith). It's unfortunate that it took a tornado and loss of lives to get something else on the news.
This is exactly what needed to happen in this specific case with this specific person but from a larger aspect this is a scary thing. Media outlets deciding what gets reported and what doesn't. I cant help but think what is going on in our country that we dont know about because precious time and effort is put into reporting about this overhyped chick. It just goes to show that we live in a censored society where the media outlets control what we read or hear about. Thanks AP for confirming the fears and conspiracy theories that many people think about.
I'm an engineer guy, 63 years of age and rate news & views (pics) about Paris Hilton much more worthwhile, brilliant and simply of more social value than idiots like Bush, Cheney, Rice, etc... Besides, she doesn't kill American soldiers... More news of Paris... less of Bush!
is the press finally catching on? i could care less what paris hilton does. she is about as smart as a rock. anna nicole smith?? same. how about a year of ignoring!
This is just another example of how just a few people control what information gets out. I find it sad that they decided to "black out" some news. Isn't their job to report the news and decide what they think is or is not newsworthy. I guess not. So whats next? This is one slipperly slope that they never should have attempted to traverse.
Thank you SO much for not reporting on Paris. These celebutante's crave attention and it feeds their egotisical fires. The stunts they pull, their "we're above everyone" attitudes is really annoying, especially to normal people who actually have to obey laws and moral codes, or else get punished.
We give these people too much attention. To be honest, I didn't notice the ban but I did think a few days ago, "I haven't heard much on Paris or Brittany lately". I attributed this to the fact that I have officially given up visiting celebrity gossip websites but now see that at least part of it was due to the AP! It's a drop in the bucket, but maybe others will stop feeding these "stars'" insatiable attention habits.
Well done, AP!
Gotta give them Kudo's for trying. Hopefully they institute a longer or lifetime ban on her and her exploits. However, if she does go to prison I am sure she could make a lucrative career in the film industry doing "Women In Prison" type films.
We must all remember that the news we read is not a chronicle of what has happened in the world. Headlines are made not by Paris Hilton, but by the assignment editors and news desk operators that have chosen to make the news out of her and other celebrities that people like to read about. Just because the story makes it to the top doesn't mean its newsworthy.
Let's go double-or-nothing! Two whole weeks this time. I bet you can't!

Most people wouldn't have noticed the one-week moratorium if you guys hadn't mentioned it.

C'mon two weeks this time. I bet you can't!
From the lower social ranks of rural Kansas, I applaud your brave move! With the elimination of such media hype, maybe, just maybe the younger generation will learn that life shouldn�t be so narcissistic�and there are role models out there that do not require the lime light of the media. Evil, yes I think she is evil.
There is a breath of censorship here, mainly because you are not reporting about a whole person for the sole purpose of seeing what would happen; however avoiding censorship does not mean you have to write about everything in the world. No one wrote about my birthday party last year, and I don't recall my latest trip out of state being front page news. This is not information that the general public needs to form opinions about current affairs. It is fodder and fuel for attention seeking young people.
I was actually hopeful when I heard about the ban that the AP might start setting a trend of introducing newsworthy items to report again. Unfortunately, it failed and I'm disappointed, but not surprised. Our news media has turned into a circus, more so as of late with Anna Nicole, Paris and Britney. What an example we are setting for the rest of the world. It's really sad actually. Bravo, AP for just being like the rest of the tabloids.
GREAT idea! Now if you could just ignore Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Anna Nicole Smith as well. Thanks in advance.
I will readily admit that I didn't miss Paris Hilton news. I commend the AP for their strength of will in NOT reporting anything on her exploits for a WHOLE WEEK. It's too bad they folded under the pressure and started back up again. It's alos too bad that the "little people" have such little self-esteem of their own that they have to live vicariously through Hilton's.
It's not about "banning" items from the "news," it's about deciding what is "news," and then covering only that. Unless Paris Hilton kills somebody, she's not news. Period. Not her parties, her phony products, her pretend music efforts, nothing. Any real journalist who believes otherwise is, naturally, only a real journalist in his own mind.
Perhaps it would be better if you didn't write any gossip about Paris for a year. She does it for attention. Ignoring her is the right thing to do. An old-school teacher would have her sit in the corner, wash her mouth out with soap. You should not report on her for a year. Shut her down and perhaps she'll grow up.
If we ignore her, she will eventually go away. I think you should leave this "news" to the tabloids unless something very significamt happens. Her getting a ticket? Not newsworthy in the least.
Stop feeding the celebrity infatuation bon fire. Leave this nonsense to the entertainment eection, People Magazine, the National Enquirer.

Stop the madness!!!
I applaud your "ban" of Paris Hilton news. Celebrities receive more coverage than they deserve. It would be nice to see AP ignore them all!
I have to agree with just about everyone else on this matter. She, like many other are nothing more then news whores who will do anything to get their names mentioned. You are being manipulated; she is not news, nor are the others like her (Spears, Smith, etc..). Ignore them, not just for now, but forever.

There is a place for them, and that is the tabloids and the fan websites. *THEY ARE NOT NEWS*

The next time I hear Paris Hilton, I want it to be when she pulled an Anna Nichole Smith.
Please re-enact this ban. For the most part I don't think your readers 'miss' any news about Paris Hilton. People magazine (among others) are more than happy to fill the void, and I would rather read about news that has more of an affect on people of this world. Give me the real issues, not the celebrity ones. Thank you.
Paris, who?
She has no reason to be in the news. She can't act, she can't sing, and she not exceptionally talented, period. She should crawl back to where she came from and real new sources should avoid discussing her. The news should be about important life changing events. I hardly call Paris and all the other imature Hollywood party mongers newsworthy. Sick of them and their pampered lifestyles that get crammed down our throats on a daily basis. Just a bunch of losers getting free publicity.
I think it is absolutely wonderful. I have much bigger issues than what is going on in her life. More importantly, soldiers are dying, tornadoes are ripping accross the country, global warming is looming, and Bush is still in office! Unless she is saving lives or actually doing something good for the community, then the media should pay no attention. And doing something good for the community does not mean "being sexy".
Actually I appreciate the trials,tribulations and madcap adventures of a trashy girl leading an even trashier life NOT being chronicled. As for Anna Nicole, she is just another example of what too much time and money can do to a person. Both are sad examples of a wasted life.
I hope these comments aren't futile. The people are speaking here news agencies... but are you listening?
I hope this continues. I loved what Craig Ferguson said about Britney Spears and I hope our society won't create a demand to require these stories.
I never understood why Americans are so obsessed with every detail of the lives of movie/music/rich celebrities. It'd be nice if the news quit reporting on all of them for a while and focused on people who made a positive difference in society instead.
I find it more hypocritical that you felt the need to write an article congratulating yourselves for ignoring someone completely unimportant. Congrats, you are truly journalism at its best.
I would love to see this ban become more permanent. There are a few other celebs I wouldn't mind reading less of too!
It's the MEDIA who is fixated on Paris, not the public. We could care less.
It looks like we lived without any news on Paris, there are more important things in life other than hearing of the goings on of Paris Hilton.
Responsible news agencies should leave entertainment news to the tabloids. It cheapens your image.
I think we should ignore all celebrities, they are just people that do they're job and make movies, cover REAL news.
The press can make anyone a star. If they followed the life of any average person step for step, day after day, they too would for whatever reason be idolized. Report the news that as a direct effect on my life...for I do not care if Britteny has underwear or not.
I think it's great. This individual is NOT new worthy. Please keep it up, OH and add Britney to that. People dont realize that neither one of these people have talent. Each time Britney's popularity sank she come up with something to stay in the lime light, a 24 hr marrage, then actually gets married to KFED, when that went by the wayside she had two kids and you know the rest. If people want to know what these two are doing they can pick up a Tabloid or watch Access
I applause AP for taking the initiative to ingnore the stupid, now lets focus on the matters that really affect our lives!
The world would be a better place if the news stuck to the news and ignored all celebrities, Our culture is messed up with our celebrety obsession, it is ridiculous.
Please reinstate the Paris Hilton ban. The only media outlet that should give her any credence is The National Enquirer--period. Surely, there are more news worthy stories to cover, yeah?
How about ignoring her PERMANENTLY? I think it would work for the vast majority of us.
I think that it is great to stop reporting about the likes of Paris Hilton and others of her ilk. There's much more important news out there that should not be put on the back burner so we can find out who is ticked of at who. I personally can live without ever hearing about Britney, Lindsney, Anna Nichole, or any of these other over blown idiots.
i truly find the state of the "main" stream media as of late more like gossip News central. I'm sorry for the family of Miss Smith, but covering that for more then 2 min a day is way out of control. There is a lot more News in the US and around the world, which can and should be covered, then the fact that some People who's only accomplishment was being famous, have showed up somewhere, have a feud with some other accomplish t person, is just out of control. News station, cover the real news, and leave Gossip News to the e-channel, or Gossip Papers.
I love the blackout idea!! Keep it up for Paris, Nicole, Britney & Anna Nicole too. We're sick to death of all of them.
I wish that it was longer. We wold have noticed it more if it was. I don't care about her birthday party or her driving situation. She has done nothing note worthy except her Porn Video and her racist comments that were on tape. SHE'S A WASTE OF TIME. When other people in this world really deserve the coverage.
I didn't notice you didn't cover Paris news, but it was nice! How about a 1-year ban, or a permanent one? When a serious news organization reports on such garbage, they lose credibility in my eyes.
Why bother with even mentioning Paris Hilton? It's all just junk news anyway about a rich tramp.
Make the ban longer and include more, such as Britney, Lindsey, Anna Nicole, etc. Unless these people kill someone, they are not news.
Thank you for ignoring Hilton.
She feeds off atttention. She is going nuts slowly anyway, she may as well get it overwith so she can get help. Lack of attention is what is needed for her to realize that everyone else in the world sees her for who she is, she is the last to know.
Love, love, love it, please don't stop at just one week. The world has much better and more newsworthy things to focus on than she who must not be named.
Kudos to the AP! Thanks for giving us pertinant news and for not focusing on matters that truely do not concern the world. I am sick of untalented, unintelligent women (if you can call paris a woman) like Paris being in the spotlight instead of women who are breaking the mold everyday and working hard instead of relying on looks and ignorance. To quote Pink's "Stupid Girl" song, ..."What ever happened to the dreams of a woman president? She's dancing in the videos next to 50 cent..."
Why don't you try the same with that bimbo Anna Nicole Smith? There are far more important issues in the world to be reporting on.
I agree with the previous comments! She is NOT newsworthy and NOT worth even mentioning
Good job! Finally somebody has made a distinction between NEWS and GOSSIP. As someone else said, next time make the ban longer, and include the other celebrities of that type in it. It is a sad commentary on America when more people vote for the "American Idol" than in a Presidential election.
I think it's an interesting concept, but a week is too short a period to really assess the impact; like the CNN article said, for Paris Hilton, it was a quiet week. I think they should try this for a month, or during a period when Paris Hilton would normally be "news worthy", such as when she's in court for her traffic violation.

I also feel there was a lot more "shocking" celebrity news the last few weeks that might have made the Parisless week more insignificant, namely Britney Spears's rehab merry-go-round and head shave, and the hooplah with Anna Nicole Smith. If Britney and Anna Nicole had not garnished so much of the spotlight, Paris' absense might have been felt more.

I'm curious to see if Paris does anything to steal the spotlight back from these two. I'd also love to see the AP ignore it completely if she did.
I love you people. There is hope for this country. We need to eliminate the media that has convinced themselves they know what is note worthy.

I�m impressed that there are intelligent life out there that doesn�t care about the inane crap we�re being fed.

Thanks to all that told the truth. No more celebrity�s.
BTW I thought only names, city, and state got posted where state or city is anonymous in.
I think it's a good step in the right direction, at least. Speaking for myself, I can't see what makes Paris Hilton a legitimate newsmaker. She is starved for attention and the media is all too obliged to give it to her. However, the public has to take some bit of the blame for paying her attention as well, buying the tabloid magazines and watching the entertainment news shows that cover her constantly. It's a neverending cycle. The logical thing for the public to do is to stop looking and stop watching, and the news media will see the tide turning and follow suit. I applaud the Associated Press for doing this and refusing to promote her.
You guys don't focus on news anymore anyway. You are in the infotainment business and cater to your reader's/viewer's most base interests. Mainstream news is just one step away from Jerry Springer and the days of journalistic integrity are long gone.
One More Week PLEASE!!!!!!
THANK YOU!!! I wish this were a sign of things to come.
Wow! What inspiration. Thanks to you I've decided not to take heroin for a week. Wake up! We want to read the story in 30 years about the tragic death of Paris Hilton and nothing between now and then. No, wait, It will be just like Ann Nicole what's her name? You'll just find a way to make up for lost time.

Sad to see that the object of the first amendment of our constitution, the news media, has turned into something like this. Pathetic, again.
who was your experiment on.......Paris or the public?
This may be obvious but it seems to me it demonstrates the power of the media and how much influence media has on society. If it wasn't for the media's constant attention to P. Hilton people could be reminded of more important issues around the nation and world.
It would have been even more satisfying had your article about ignoring Paris Hilton not then proceeded to fill us in on what we missed in the AP's week off. If you're going to impose a ban, make it a serious one. Ignoring her means TRULY ignoring her--not just saving up the newsy tidbits to throw out later. Bravo for the effort, but I say, try again!
Didn't even notice. Guess that means she isn't newsworthy.
I am sick, sick, sick of hearing about Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and Nichole Richie. Who in the hell cares?? What have be become when this type of news is interesting to us?
As a one-time student of journalism, let me say: Thank you! Nothing turned me away from the news profession more than the idea that I would be covering such ridiculous things as Paris Hilton. I am glad that a news organization finally decided that a spoiled, rich child run-amok was not a newsworthy subject and turned their backs on her. Now do the same for the rest of Hollywood's elite, and we might - just might - get some dignity back in journalism.
I think it is GREAT the AP ignored Paris Hilton - PLEASE keep ignoring her as some of us out here really don't care about her anyway! Would rather hear or see the important stuff - not about a spoiled little rich brat.
I was just thinking, is it me or is anyone else just plain sick and tired of this no good-flaunt my riches in your face-prime example of what's wrong with our culture? I've gotten to a point were I change channels every time her name comes up. At this point it would be "so hot" not to ever see her picture or hear anything in the news about her...
Who is Paris Hilton and what has she done? Who is Nicole Richie and what has she done? The demise of our society begins with our overfixation on do nothings. We tend to blow these girls up into more than life like and for what? Who cares? It's only teaching the little ones to be cool like Paris.

Kudos to the AP. Paris getting trash thrown at her in Vienna is not news. Paris being perscribed Valtrex is not news. Let's stop the idolization of people who do nothing to better our society than blow kisses and say, "oh that's hot!".

Thanks make it a life time ban and add Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, The Olsen Twins and Britney Spears and you would have done mankind some good.
That was awesome. Why ruin it now?
kudos to! here's hoping that others will follow!

i was watching foxnews yesterday mornign and they actually quoted the National Enquirer in one of their news stories. you know that you have hit an all time low when using the National Enquirer as a news source.
I only have one word to say, "Frontline" The only newsworthy outlet ever created. Every other program is manipulated, bought or endorsed by major corporations and forced to mold to economic pressure. Although Frontline is funded, it's the best reporting we have. How many others report on their own industry?
You didn't cover Paris? I hadn't noticed. I don't care what she does. Nothing she does is news worthy, so she was NOT missed. You are the only ones worried about covering her, we could care less. So please, continue to ignore her and she will go away, like Michael Jackson...
"This is what mainstream society celebrates," - The only thing I will be celebrating with regards to Paris Hilton is the day she is thrown into jail where she belongs. She is an abomination to society and an overall pathetic excuse of a human being. I only read anything with her name in it if it includes the words "arrested" or "incarcerated". Here's hoping the judicial system will prevail (for once).
CNN should terminate Todd Leopold and his staff. What does a NEWS provider need an Entertainment Producer for?
Keep ignoring her... maybe she'll go away.
Sorry, I didn't notice... I don't read articles about her anyway... What is her contribution to society?Now can you leave Britney alone? Maybe she can have a breakdown in peace and recover in peace... Isn't enough Princess Diana died fleeing you people? JFK Jr. died doing the same...
I appreciate the ban. I'm just sorry it wasn't 51 weeks longer, or at least until she did something positive.
God, I've been sick of hearing about that nobody since she was first noticed! One week without mention of her is like that one lawyer at the bottom of the ocean joke; a good start! There is NO reason for her to be in the media at all!
Ignore ALL the spoiled, rich, I-know-more-than-you-because-I have-money Hollywood bunch and their rantings. Ignore Britney Spears, as well. Who really cares about these people anyway? They are all self-indulgent dopes!
I'd propose that news agencies reduce all "pseudo-celebrity" reporting to a simple "blotter" format -- so-and-so was arrested, so-and-so is rumored to xxx, etc, with no elaborations, reactions, speculations, etc.

That way no one can say that valid news is being withheld, but little is done to fuel the publicity engine that creates these freaks.
I think the fact that there's 165 comments to this blog already says something!
THANK YOU!! I am so sick of my nine year old daughter seeing this young woman as someone important. In the grand scheme of life she is meaning less-- and quite a waste of the assets that she could use to do so many good things in life.
Why is she newsworthy in the first place? She's not educated, she's not a successful business person, she's not politically involved, she's not a doctor saving dying children, bottom line she adds nothing to society but gossip. If it was the average, pretty girl next door doing everything she does the only recognition she would get would be in the local newspaper's police records column.
AP -

I applaud your ban on Paris Hilton--however brief. It has become increasingly frustrating to find actual news stories because of the patethic trend of news agencies to follow just one thing and not acknowledge that people don't actually care. Now if we can just get news agencies to stop focusing on Anna Nicole Smith.
Only one week?!?
It was nice while it lasted.
Can't you just let Extra and ET cover this stuff? I'm sure none of the AP employees want to report on blonde retards.

I say keep an entertainment blackout for 3 years on anything that's degrading or stupid..basically Paris Hilton's life. You can report on the good stuff, like philanthropy and such of other more important celebrities.
Congratulations to AP for ignoring this woman, who contributes nothing to matters of substance. Although I violated my own personal vow never to read, listen to, or watch anything about her and her vapid entourage by reading this story, I am glad other folks agree with me that any time spent considering her existence is time wasted. I worry about my bowels moving more than I think about her, thank goodness. Perhaps there is something worthwhile in her totally absurd life, but I cannot conceive what it might be. And trying to determine what it might be is a waste of time! I hope the word gets out that thinking individuals will not read about her...perhaps her coverage will be reduced in favor of something more interesting, like the sex life of sea cucumbers.

John in El Paso
I am going to completely copy the spot-on comments from Brian in Raleigh, NC because it captures exactly how I (and many others I know) feel:
"Absolutely unprofessional. If she is newsworthy, then report it. If she isn't, then ignore it. The AP is mixing POPULAR with NEWSWORTHY and they come across as absolutely silly in the effort."
She is a waste of journalism.
This is the most immature gimmick i have ever witnessed from a seemingly respectable news organisation. To decide to not cover Paris Hilton is one thing. But to not do it for a week and then writing about how you didnt do it for a week is only adding to her incomprehensible hype. I would expect more from CNN. This is irony at its sweetest. It is even more ironic becasue of the fact that i am adding one more opinion on the subject of paris Hilton and am therefore asshamed of myself. Will you bear some of the blame too?
While I agree that she was a creature created by the media to fill 24/7 news times, what's really sad is that there are many newsworthy stories going on the world that receive virtually no attention, unless a celebrity draws attention to it. Paris Hilton is nothing more than a lost child who received little to no guidance from her parents. Her story is a sad one, and I think if the press did a longer ban overall, they might be actually doing this poor girl a favor.
The ban was noticed but not its results. Hmmm? I wonder what effect this would have on those, other than Paris Hilton, who feed on needing to be in the media? Next time try this on terrorists but for longer than a week. You may find it to be an excellent weapon.
Interesting experiment. I did notice that I had not heard much about Paris. In light of all the press about Anna Nicole, I actually would have welcomed Paris instead.
It's a sad commentary on the proud journalistic tradition of the Associated Press that this insignificant individual takes any space away from the issues of our time. God forbid social issues like persistent and generational poverty, the sad state of our educational system, and irresponsible abuse of national power get more space for analysis, opinion or deeper investigation.

Leave Paris and her ilk to the sadly moronic get-a-lifers who read People magazine or watch celebrity TV. God knows it's hard enough to avoid over-exposure to that crowd even when you try to avoid them.
I think it's you, the media, who made this freakshow and you perpetuate it. She is a no talent, nothing who has a camera in her face 24 hours a day. Wouldn't it be better for our young kids of today to see good role models crammed down their throats instead of idiots? But, I guess that wouldn't sell as well...
There were 1018 words used to tell us about the Hilton news ban. 300 (at minimum) words less than any other of the CNN headline articles appearing today.
Looks to me like they're trying to make up for lost time.
Just let us know when she ODs and follows Smith.
Top of the list should be Anna Nicole Smith
Please ignore Paris Hilton completely, forever. Who cares? We're WAY overstocked on celebrity stories - what do I care about Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith, etc? The "news" is too much reflecting the 'bread and circuses' the remainder of our sad culture has beome. Please... stick to news.
I think this is brilliance. I have recently been talking about how the media is too centrally focused on celebrity gossip. Anna Nicole Smith's passing is unfortunate, and I do expect that something like that would get press coverage. Its the amount that drove me nuts. I hated loading up and seeing "Smiths body fought for in court" or something to that effect, while the stories that have actual ramifications are put in the column to the right of the main story. I think that exemplifies what is wrong with American media today: it is too focused on what sells papers/magazines or gets viewers or hits to its website. It doesn't cover what is truly focused. I find it sickening that people can tell you what Angelina Jolie is doing right now, but can't tell you who the Speaker of the House is. I think that this is an excellent idea, you blacked out Paris Hilton and I didn't even notice. Now, I am not advocating a complete blackout of all entertainment news, but rather, less coverage and an emphasis on what is more pertinent to society.
To answer Todd Leopold/ entertainment producer's question "...who or what would you like to see ignored? [presumably he meant ignored by all media outlets, not just the Associated Press]:

Ignore all [so-called] celebrities.

I realize this is likely to be a minority response. However, the question I have always asked myself is "What does reading about a so-called celebrity's activities do for my own life?" For me, it has no benefit whatsoever and in fact is a waste of the second most precious personal resource after our health, and that is our time [and what we do with it]. I respect electronic and hardcopy publications who do not waste their reporting resources on that. The lives and opinions of so-called celebrities is "news" for the likes of the National Enquirer; People magazine and the rest of their ilk.

Life is too short to spend one second reading or listening to such trivia. There is a whole other world starting with your own life, your relationships and interactions, your own learning and knowledge and application and active sharing of it.
I have stopped watching CNN on TV because the coverage of A-N Smith just won't stop. Who cares about where she is buried? Ms. Hilton is no better.
Could someone use a stopwatch to make sure self-made media figures with media attention deficit disorder get only the fifteen minutes of fame they deserve? Paris Hilton somehow got a few extra minutes. That's not fair to media figures and news events of importance.
"Ignoring Paris Hilton? GASP! Mygawd! What has the world come to? Isn't she a goddess and the most newsworthy person on the planet? ..."
You mean to say that someone with some brains decided that Ms Hilton is NOT a news item after all. Please do the same for Anna Nicole Smith, Britney Spears, K-Fed, and the rest of the "celebrities" whose only claim to fame is being a "celebrity." Or have a back page entitled "World of the Weird" to publish their antics. Focus on REAL news...PLEASE! This competition to report on every flatulent foible by these NOTHING-BUT-SPACE-TAKERS takes the focus away from news that really matters to us.
See, I do my best to ignore her on my own, but it was nice to have help.

Paris Hilton is the ultimate non-news. She's done nothing to warrant celebrity status (okay she's been in some movies, a TV show, and has cut a record, but those were all after she had already become a celebrity for no appreciable reason).

I think it is insane that people even care. So I make it a point not to.

Please continue to ignore her. While you're at it, please also ignore Tom Cruise and Britney Spears, unless they actually do something newsworthy (release a movie or cut an album, and that's it).
I believe that the AP's habit of constantly throwing these celebrities out in front of us as "news items" is actually making us, as a culture, dumber. There are an entire planet's worth of news stories to focus on every day, but we have to search the AP for those stories much more than these celebrity non-news stories that are thrown in our face all the time.

You've let a bit of good conscience slip out with this project. Let it slip more often.
I am a 30 year old, celebrity gossip lovin', chick, who can't stand Paris Hilton. I have quite a large circle of friends and peers who also hate Paris Hilton. Seems everyone I come in contact with feels the same way and yet gossip mags along with reputable news mags and t.v. shows are constantly covering lame ass Paris Hilton stories! Why???

This woman has done NOTHING remotely notable. She happened to be born into a wealthy family with a well known name! THAT'S IT! Not only does is she lacking in talent and intelligence, but also lacks any kind of morals or decency. I certainly wouldn't want MY young daughter looking up to this woman as a role model of any sort.

I think the the world can EASILY do without "news" and photos of Paris Hilton. Good job, AP, for your attempt at rising above. However, until your attempt turns into a permanent decision, you are still as bad as the rest.
I did notice that we weren't being inundated with Paris Hilton's activities - I thought it was wonderfully refreshing and I think the "blackout" should be continued indefinitely...Without an audience - and not all of us want to be constantly exposed to her antics - she may fade her singing career.
The "news" is no longer that. It has morphed into "entertainment news". It has become very sad to see the dumbing down of America in this way! Does America really care about Anna Nicole, Paris and Britney? You tell us we do!
Not in my circle!

Please AP, lead us back to the real world!
When I heard of her arrest I noticed that I hadn't heard anything about her for a week. I thought she was just laying low, but I think AP did the right thing.
Kudos to no one. News agencies need to do their jobs and realize their responsibility to the U.S. public and world, a responsibility they willingly took on when they formed.

The term "news" as defined by Merriam Webster (2b): matter that is newsworthy, and subsequently, the term "newsworthy": interesting enough to the general public to warrant reporting. How much does where Anna Nicole Smith get buried affect you? To what extent does whether Paris Hilton goes to jail impact your life? How genuinely interested is the public in who is sleeping with who in Hollywood? You can get into specific details about corruption, environment, health care, public education for our kids, etc., but the news should come down to informing us, the public, about our country, government, and general world that have an impact on us. I agree with the poster who mentioned the "dumbing down of America." Consider for example, the commercial I saw recently in which an employee couldn't place a pushpin in China. Sure, you laugh because it seems absurd, but how many school kids, how many parents, how many working adults does that apply to? I point to the smarter than a 5th grader show that just premiered as an example.

In all fairness the news cannot take 100% of the blame. If the American public in general were screaming louder for real information, real news, then who knows. Maybe someone would listen.

Perhaps it would be beneficial if Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoch, all news agency owners, supervisors, editors, producers, and others who determine what news is covered and how were to go back to college, or even just take a class about the difference between entertainment and news. But, I suppose, it's all about ratings, so really, we have nowhere to go but down.

*And could someone please tell me why, while I'm writing this (12:32pm ET), I see the following text: Comments that do not include your name, city and state will not be posted. Thank you. and yet, there are two posts by "Anonymous," one at 9:30am ET and one at 9:31am ET?
Thank you AP. I would like it if all the new agencies would stop reporting on Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and all of the other poor unfortunate "stars" until the time comes that they do something worthwhile that benefits mankind. Someday they will wake up and see that they have not accomplished much in their lives.
Okay. This is more information than we received on the involvement of Pakistan in terrrorist activities. Bravo! You have managed to waste time and space on someone that nobody gives a care about. The only people that are interested in Ms. Hilton are not interested in real world problems. Pat your selves on the back and get back to reporting the paternity of a starlet's child. I don't want to hear about depressing stuff like genocide, civil war and American children in poverty. Fluff it up a little bit more.
Please, please, please, do a ban on Britney Spears next! Who really cares? (Nobody with a brain.) How does it affect the real world? (It doesn't.) It seems unreal how the media is so focused on Hollywood and "celebrity" in general, when there are so many more pressing issues that really make a difference in the day to day.
So AP banned all mention of a person who is famous for being famous, but didn't have to make any "decisions" during the week-long ban because the subject didn't do anything newsworthy?

Here's a thought: write about her as you would if she weren't famous. Give her the same attention for ill-considered acts, or noble ones, that you would any anonymous person. Do this not for a week, but from now on. Extend the policy to all.

Being reported on isn't necessarily worth reporting.
You're familiar with the Do Not Call list? Let's have a Do Not Overexpose list. There could be a three year ban on celebrities and stories that people are sick of or deem as un-newsworthy. Media outlets who dare to mention the listed offenders should face hefty fines. Maybe we'll finally get everyone's priorities straight!
There was a soldier from the 82nd airborne buried yesterday. He was the decorated and respected soldier. But close to nobody knows he even died. BUT everyone on the planet knows Anna Nicole is being buried in the bahamas, and Paris Hilton did something stupid again. That is just absurd.
Kudos to this effort! I encourage the AP to try it on more "celebrities," more often. I didn't notice the Hilton void one bit.
I am tired of getting celebrity news on AP, CNN and FOXNEWS. I depended on these news organizations to carry NEWS. There are multiple 'entertainment' sites and broadcast for those so interested in the behavior of the rich and ridiculous. Give us real news please. Not opinions and not celebrity shenanigans.
I have been living in Istanbul, Turkey, for five months, and I am amazed how news about Paris Hilton and other non-noteworthy people reach me so consistently. I encourage you to maintain the ban for as long as you see fit. It may be futile, but I certainly don't want to hear about her. Thanks for doing what you can for the cause of real journalism.
I would assume that AP's selection of news items is not driven by market forces, but apparently I am wrong. Looking around in the world outside Beverly Hills and Iraq, how on earth is it possible that AP has nothing better to do than this nonsense debate? Even a six-year old can figure out what is more important.
I think ALL major, respectable "news" organizations should black out Hilton, Lohan, and other "celebs". If people want that dreck, they can read it on E! or US Weekly or Smokin' Gun. Maybe a coordinated "black out" would make this people dry up and blow away, completely!
Why don't you guys do a story on AUTOTUNE? The pitch correcting singing software that allows people like Paris Hilton ,Ashlee Simpson and Britney Spears to have a career as a singer. As a professional singer I am really offended that no one seems to care the least about this.
Milli Vanilli was just 10 years too early, and one of the guys commited suicide over it. I am all for the the "Paris" ban. Poor little ,talentless rich girl,give me a break!
Eric Thompson, Orlando,Fl.
I for one say LET THEM READ!!!! If the true concern is journalisitc integrity then I don't really see where the problem is. I read CNN every day, and I often see headlines far more ludacris than the current happenings of Ms. Hilton's life. How about today "7th grader beats buzzer half court away". Not to be rude, but how much mre significant is the long distance jump shot of a 7th grader than the social happenings of a tablod fav. News, as it is in modern America, in regards to integrity, was shot to hell decades ago. This of course should be taken with a grain of salt seeing that I am a lowly Political Science student at a Public University in New Hampshire. But for me, keep it coming.....
I applaud your "experiment", and ask that you turn that into "policy" - Please, please, please stop flooding us with Paris, Britney, Lindsay, etc news. They are just people too and I could care less where they had been the night before, or what color dress they were wearing, or their driving habits, or who they're dating, or anything else about their pathetic lives. For God's sake, let the National Enquirer and Star report that trash, you should be reporting real news and spending your, and our time reporting real news, this is gossip column crap.
If you never printed another word about Paris Hilton or her ilk the world would be a much better place. If I want to read about this kind of fluff I'll buy People Magazine. CNN should stick to real news. As far as I'm concerned there is nothing newswothy about Paris Hilton.
I really could not care less about Paris Hilton but what bothers me even more is the AP's article about "Ignoring Paris Hilton" for a week. I have to admit I was intrigued by the title. Wow! What an accomplishment!! I know they acknowledge for the most part its pointlessness but it still perturbs me that this is the kind of crap that ends up in our papers or blogs or whatever. If it is not a story about Paris Hilton its a story about how someone attempted to ignore Paris Hilton.

I think the most ridiculous part is that it just brings more attention to the one you are trying to ignore. Now others all around, like The New York Observer and Howard Stern, can talk about how the AP is trying to ignore Paris Hilton. Now that's the big news!!

The worst part? So you ignored her for a week. What was the point if you were just going to come back and recap what we missed when you were "ignoring" her? Did we learn anything from this? Yes...the news still sucks.
On one side I see how following someone around and snapping photos of that person will put food on the table for some.

On the other hand I do not know which is more pathetic. That Paris Hilton of all people is a focus of the media or that there are people that actually care about her daily life. It's totally beyond me.
Until you wrote this article telling me you didn't cover Paris, I didn't miss a thing. Unfortunately, there was enough Smith, Spears, and Ritchie that Paris was a non-entity. However, I have an idea. How about a trial period called 'A Month Without Fluff' where you only release meaningful news items that truly affect people's lives. Don't tell anyone what you are doing or the month you did it in until after. I think it would be interesting to see if anyone really notices.
Let me guess - you didn't post my comment because I pointed out that the media take polls on this subject, people overwhelmingly don't want to see or hear anymore about it, and you STILL run articles on Paris, Anna, etc
I read People magazine every week. That is the extent of the exposure I want to celebrities. This was a brave, bold move, and I applaud it. The people who are in the news should be people who are exceptional... in good ways or bad. That does not include Paris Hilton--or any celebrity I can think of, for that matter.
Applause! Applause!! I for one am tired of hearing about her. Now on with really pertinent news...
How about a lifetime plan to keep tabloid press out of the real news. Maybe it will result in the people paying attention to the things that are really important.
Paris Hilton is not newsworthy. Can anyone think of one thing she's done worth reporting except party and sleep arround? She is a rich girl with no morals and not particularly attractive. If her last name wasn't "Hilton" we would hear nothing about her
I applaud AP's efforts, even if they were futile. To me, things like Paris Hilton's escapades and the death of Anna Nicole are not news and should be limited to Entertainment Tonight and People Magazine.
Paris or Bush/Iraq... I would rather hear about is to short to be despressed about our worthless politicians
What I find interesting is that the fact that the AP decided not to cover Paris for a week is now "news."
Oh, I think your blackout idea was fabulous. Has anyone noticed that when Hilton makes a new friend,example Spears), the new friend ends up tanked and in trouble and Hilton is seen in the news pics beside them looking great. Hmmm, seems to me she looks for vunerables and get's em drunk and exploits them for her own news status. Way to go AP. At least someone still knows the meaning of NEWS.
Paris Hilton, Britney Spears... on CNN? It's ridiculous. It's not news, and certainly not what I come to for. I'm tired of hearing about these 2 twits. They both need perma-bans. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it, in fact, I may even sleep a little sounder. :)
Great job! Stick to reporting real news.
I think it's fantastic that AP is willing to report on other things than Paris Hilton every now and then. Admittedly it won't do much, because of course our culture is so celebrity-conscious, but every little bit helps in ensuring that important news is reported over the latest celebrity crap.

Like Anderson Cooper said, "There's a war on."
It's a brilliant idea. It's time America reprioritizes its values and realizes what's really important. I'd be thrilled to never read another article about Paris (or Nicole, Lindsay, Tara...)

Thank you!
The saturation coverage of the growing legion of "Poster Children for Bad Behavior" needs to come to an end. The regular publicity of these vapid and self-serving soles' actions seems to reinforce the perception that behavior of any type, as long as it generates publicity, is acceptable. Good for the AP to ignore them...I have been trying to ignore them for years!
Paris Hilton is not a celebrity. She has money and that's it! I wouldn't care if I ever heard her name again.
I'm glad that the AP didn't report on her, but I just find it a little ridiculous that a n organized "ban" was even needed. It seems that if the AP concentrated on reporting valuable, newsworthy material, that Paris Hilton's daily activities would generally be excluded from the news.
The only reason I read your latest article was because it said you ignored her. BRAVO! The publicity the media gives to celebrities lends them legitimacy that they have not earned. The vast majority of these people live in a make believe world so why should we care what they say or do.

Have you noticed that every time we cater to the lowest common denominator among us, that denominator goes down another notch?
I wondered what that beautiful sound was...Silence, that's what - on Miss Hilton. Keep it up.
I did not realize that the AP was holding guns to so many people's heads and FORCING them to read stories about celebutantes.

It was great you did this. Sometimes people pay too much mind about things like this. Paris Hilton has nothing interesting about her. She hasn't done anything for anyone else and just pulls negative publicity. She's not someone who is a role model of any type. So stories about her aren't missed much. When she comes out on tv I change the channel.
i love you AP! i love you i love you i love you!
I could care less if the news ever covered any event/incident involving Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Nicole Ritchie, Jessica Simpson, Kimberly Stewart or any other vapid Hollywood celebutante/celebrity.
The AP ban on Hilton was great but unfortunately overlapped with the Anna Nicole Smith media frenzy ... would love to see AP continue and especially during a time when there are fewer other distractions from similarly overexposed celebrities without talent.
You people are absolute gems. I am sitting here shaking my head in wonder at all the self-posturing, hypocritical comments. I mean what section did you pull up this blog in? DUH! Entertainment. That's what it's there for. If you don't want to read it then go to the World section. The editors continue to print it because you lovely people continue to read it. Be honest with yourself and admit you enjoy it. I'll be the first to admit it, ok? I enjoy the entertainment section and I am glad I can read it. Whew... What a relief to get that off my chest. Thanks for the laughs!
As a mother of a 10 year old daughter, I thank you for not reporting on Paris Hilton for a week. I wish you would continue. She is not a good influence.
There two issues here: (1) that the news media chooses to cover people like Paris Hilton or Anna Nicole Smith or countless other people who have not contributed a wit to society, and (2) that the American public clearly wants this coverage. One is a sad statement about the connection between news and profits, the other is simply a sad statement about society.
Here in the Philippines, we have Kris Aquino, the former president's youngest daughter, in Paris' (obviously expensive) shoes.

Last week was supposed to have begun with the 21st anniversary of the People Power revolution that toppled the Marcos regime and catapulted the older Aquino into power and international acclaim. Guess what almost everone was tuning in to on TV? Kris, her much-younger professional basketball player-husband, and a beauty clinic attendant claiming to have had a 10-month illicit affair with him appearing in competing talk shows. All three shows claimed sky-high ratings! And this news was carried by the leading papers throughout last week, often in banner stories edging out the political jockeying that accompanies the first month of campaigns for senatorial, congressional and gubernatorial elections in May.

All this media attention for a TV-host / actress who's acting ability was once described as "acting by presidential decree". The age of the media personality has redefined what being news worthy really is. As I'm typing this, Paris' "Stars are Blind" is playing on the radio in the background. How apt.
This issue has obviously opened up an interesting debate....what is the role of our Associated Press? How could the AP contribute to raising the global awareness, perhaps even the cultural intelligence, of Americans? Yes, Traci from Dallas, we all enjoy a little light-hearted, entertaining news now and again, but perhaps we could leave the trashy Hilton-esqe stories to non-news sources like US Weekly, People, etc.? It would be incredibly refreshing to see the AP focus on REAL accomplishment and GENUINE talent in music, art and film. Please stop the negative cycle of trash that has taken over formerly respectable news organizations and aim higher - we readers deserve more credit than that.
Out of over 250 comments, I did not read one that missed the Hilton stories. Get a clue AP and everyone else...please!
I read the news to be educated and I'm tired of hearing the garbage about celebrities. If someone wants to know about them thay can read People mag. I think CNN should become more concerned with its core audience, who I do not think want to here Hollywood gossip. Lets get back to the real news.
Thank you for the ban.
Without reading the items already posted on the blog, I'd like to point out that for the week that AP ignored Paris Hilton, the sun continued to rise in the east and set in the west, and the sky was still blue for the most part. And, as an added bonus, the country's collective IQ probably went up a point while there was that much more news-worthy stuff to read about. Thanks AP!
Thanks for the ban and make it permanent. Please. Forget about Britney, Anna Nicole, Paris, Jon Benet, whatever runaway brides or sensational murders come along. Leave this stuff for the tabloids and cover real news. It's sensational and it's easy ratings but it isn't news and it isn't professional. You can raise the standard if you try.
Reminds me of the Simpsons episode where, to combat advertising logos running amok, the citizens of Springfield are told to ignore the rampaging monsters. "Just don't look, just don't look."
Earlier someone posted "Please continue to ignore her; coverage of her panders to the trailer-trash set. "
Trust me; we the trailer-trash set are tired of Paris, Britney and all the other media whores too. Now where did I leave my Copenhagen?
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