Thursday, March 29, 2007
'Idol' prepares to croon
With Chris Sligh heading home to South Carolina, here's how I see the top and bottom singers among the remaining contestants heading into Tony Bennett week.

Top two (not even close anymore): Melinda Doolittle and Jordin Sparks.

Bottom two: Haley Scarnato and Sanjaya Malakar. (Watch Steve and Troy dig into Wednesday night's results)

But don't be surprised if Haley gives one of the best performances next week (a Bennett show is suited perfectly for her) and Sanjaya reminds us that he actually has a decent voice. I think Phil Stacey has to pick a perfect song to stay in the race.
Sanjaya doesn't have to sing well to make it. I predict he'll throw even more attitude towards Simon. Maybe he doesn't even have to sing! He'll get the votes thanks to Howard and
Let Sanjaya GO!!!!! He is not the face of America, and people need to stop voting for him.....he is cocky with a horrible attitute to this serious competion........
I think this show is a complete farce. It stops being a singing compition after the first round, as soon america gets to vote it just becomes a popularity contest.
i think criss should stay
To tell you the truth with all the votes going to sanjaya, I dont even care to watch anymore - its not a singing competition any longer its a fan competition - very good singers have gone because of people voting for HIM - cant bring myself to watch. An I would rush home from work to watch AI but not anymore.
I have lost interest in this show. There is something wrong with the American People here. Doesn't anyone listen to Simon anymore?
Sanjaya was made for the cover of Teen magazine. He already has the stick figure body. He's in the mold of Shaun Cassidy and Bobby Sherman. Doesn't have to sing good, just generate teenage wet dreams.

As for Akon, who anointed him a superstar? Who the hell is he? Any guy in the audience last night could have made his contribution to Gwen Stefani's song (C'mon, c'mon, sing along. Get up and scream!) Puh-leeze.
Whether we like it or not, Sanjaya will make the final three. He has won the hearts of millions of pre-teens and Howard stern's vote machine. Let's face it. This has been the weakest AI ever. The people who should be taking the heat are the judges. They picked the twenty four contestants to begin with. Last years group had so much more personality.
Mike G Raleigh, NC
Put the blame for Sanjaya being in the top 9 where it belongs. Randy, Paula and Simon... it's all on them. They saw fit to put him in the top 12 men. The mockery of the show started at that point. Once it was put into the hands of America, why not continue the joke if the judges actually thought he was top 12?
This is turning into a big ugly joke. America get a grib. Sanjaya must go.....This is turning into a popularity contest not a singing competition. We are all stupid enough to keep watching.
Who cares what Simon think! Go Sanjaya! I'll be voting like crazy next week for him.
after Sanjaya
performance...this viewer say,It just wasn't good for me Dawg! First time in all AI history I am not watching it any longer....Usually I agree who gets voted off...but Sanjaya should of been voted off first...Lost some decent talent due to this kid...
While I think Chris deserved to go home, Sanjaya should have gone home long ago. The people who keep voting for him are doing the show no favors - should he win, I think a good part of the viewers will not tune in for next season. I'd love to see Jordin Sparks win - she is just all lit up when she performs.
Why does everyone refer to Sanjaya as a hearthrob?? He hula's, he's effeminate in his actions, and he looks more like a girl than a boy. Why do people think it's b/c of his looks that he continues to stay? I don't know any girls who find him to be a hearthrob or anything close to "Sexy".
This is like a William Hung phenomenom...people are voting and rooting for him b/c he's bad. America loves the Train Wreck so America loves Sanjaya.
What are these people thinking.Saanjiya should have been gone.I do not think they are voting for vocals anymore and voting by hmmmm not sure what they are doing...Get with the program people...
Wow, it's not surprising that Sanjaya has made it this far because ignorant viewers who think it's entertaining to keep the worst singers in the competition. Simon is not as crass as everyone makes him out to be because he merely speaks the truth (which most people don't want to hear). Even though the contestants don't want to hear his criticism...they NEED to hear it and take it all in. These contestants need to learn some humility and realize that certain people (Sanjaya) are just not cut out for the centerstage (much less backstage).
I am surprised he lasted as long as he did. Yes, he does have a good voice but I think it comes down to the looks, dress and actions besided having a good voice.
I personally can not believe that Sanjaya is still on this show. I mean he doesn't even remember the lyrics to the songs he chooses. If Sanjaya wins you might as well take AI off the air. It just shows that AI is not about talent anymore its about popularity.
I do love his name though.
I think Howard Stern needs to be ashamed - he is actually making fun of Sanjaya - this poor child has a self-esteem and feelings. Would HS like to have someone make a mockery out of his child. One would hope not -- Howard get some b_lls and stop this horrible facade that is going to damage this child';s confidence and self- esteem - he is only 17 years old. If I were his parents I'd be making a personal visit to Mr. Stern - shame and ridicule is not how I would want my child thrown into the bright lights. PEOPLE GROW UP
I'm actually relieved to see Chris gone.

A premature eviction to be sure, but the vibe he's been giving off the past few weeks clearly indicated to me that he was losing interest in the show and that he would much rather be furthering his career in his own fashion rather than feeding the idol franchise.

The fact he'd been given the same constructive criticism weekly from practically his first performance and that he hadn't worked to improve his weak points to me shows that he'd more or less given up on idol.

The guy has some solid chops and an extremely marketable catalogue of songs already in the can which he'll probably release in the next few months.

His exposure on idol was short lived, but we'll definitely be seeing more of him in the coming months.
It's a shame that one so-so performace knocked out Sligh. I thought he could have at least made it to fifth or sixth place. It's a shame that contestants can open there own blogs and almost "recruit" fans. I don't think the producers of the show should allow contestants to have open blogs, chat rooms, and any other type of portal which allows them to be judged on anything other than their perfromance. In my book, Sligh was much better than Sanjaya. I'm Indian and I think the kid's awful! At least Sligh has presance.
Does anyone see any similarities between Sanjaya and Chicken Little from last year? Same lack of talent, same arrogant attitude, same fan base? Fortunately, last year America got their act together pretty quick and kicked Kevin out of AI pretty fast. I think I will stop watching, I can't stand it any more.
LaKisha is amazing. She has a beautiful voice and she should win.
I have lost totally respect for American Idol. I'm starting to think its rigged. I refuse to watch it as long as that idiot is on.
Sanjaya needs to go home
This is a JOKE and it is sad, here you have these other contestants that are taking this competition seriously and now this is no serious matter this show has turned out to be a JOKE, I will not continue to watch it. After vewing this from the very first season until now, I'ts heart breaking that this Sanjaya has to ruin it for all.
HE NEEDS TO LEAVE.....bottom line
In my opinion, anybody that watches American Idol is somebody without taste, or has nothing better to do then waste their time watching the most riducous show on televious. I watched the show for ten minutes and already know that eversingle one of those so called "idol contestants" are the most horrible singers on the the planet and should all be cut from the show. The only good singer to ever come out was Kelly Clarkson. This show should have ended back in the first season. Lastly Chris sucks.
its time to take back the judging it should not be popurlar contest
American Idol has become one of the most boring shows to watch. Sanjaya, Phil and Haley should already be gone. There are only 4 people worth watching and the rest are so boring i have changed the channel because i just can't get through it. Steve and Troy are two more who need to go. ZZZZZZzzzzzz. Hello, Dancing with the Stars!
The popularity contest needs to stop. As Simon always says this is a singing contest. I think the producers need to come up with a better way of eliminating people - such as they do on Dancing with the stars. Their voting mechanisms seems to be better since the judges not only have a chance to critique but also a vote.
I think this should be the last year for AI. If we are going this low to keep a NO SINGING person on the show it's not worth the talent search anymore, just get some teenage heart throbs and make it a Teen Idol Reality Show!!!!.
Simon I'll respect you if you quit being a judge for a Joke of a show.
Every week I love Sanjaya more and more. I don't think anyone who watched the first few weeks can claim with a straight face that the kid can't sing, but he's no longer interested in taking it seriously, and for that, I absolutely adore him. Each week, he walks on stage and slaps Idol in its face, and he attracts more votes every time he does it. Anyone who seriously believes Idol was a singing competition to begin with, apparently hasn't been watching.
I think that people who vote for Sanjaya are not going with the best ones. it is now becoming a joke, come on America lets get going and vote this guy out.
Sanjaya should have the guts to resign. He knows he does not belong there and good people are having their chances ruined by a farse. It is unbearable to watch the show any more and makes me sick to my stomach to see him continue week after week.
I think they are just keeping Sanjaya to see what he does to his hair each week. He has not had a decent voice since the very beginning.
I won't be watching the show much longer if Sangina stays. It has become a joke. He's a JOKE!
Sligh had a decent but boring voice, he didn't have enough breath for an entire song, and he had zero stage presence. For me, he had negative entertainment value. I was glad to see him go, it was his time.
I have not enjoyed Idol this year. Dolittle is a professional singer. WE do not want professional singers. Talent is low!!
The Sanjaya thing has got to stop. It truly is unfair to the other contestants who were voted off before him. Clearly they were all more talented.
Say what you will, I think Sanjaya is winning because of people voting for him, not people voting for the worst. This show is entertainment and Sanjaya entertains. Relax and enjoy.
I am so disgusted with this season. Chris Sligh is vocally SO much better than about three other contestants. I don't know what is going on this year, but it's ridiculous. If Sanjaya stays one more week, I am going to pull out my hair (which is NOT in a pony-hawk).
Chris Sligh did not deserve to be sent home - neither did Sabrina or Stephanie. Sanjaya'longevity on this show may be funny to some, but it is hurting good singers and their opportunity to have a future. There is nothing entertaining about Sanjaya or his hair.
The show is a joke anymore, never use to miss each night it was on. But as long as Sanjaya stays and ACTUAL Singers get voted off. It is NOT worth watching. The way the people are voted off - obvisouly is not fair. Maybe the american people should vote and out of those bottom 3 another panel of judges chose one of those bottom 3 to go home. If this was the way it was handled - I am rest assured that those judges would have voted Sanjaya off the very 1st time he WAS in the bottom 3. He is no performer and a VERY week singing - the situation is making a mockery of the show that use to be peoples favorite.
I only could stand to see two shows this year I have only seen one girl this year that can sing. It just doesn't have the talent I'm sure next year will be much better. If any of the judges leave it would not be American Idol!I guess odd ball is in this year.Its a shame people who have good voices are shy and people who shock your brain waves will stand right there and say they can sing, well I give them credit but please let the girl with the talent win I dont know her name. But people need the show.
AI is becoming literally a joke to watch, with Sanjaya and Haley still being on. Sanjaya may have a fan base (not sure who), but with his weird appearance and lackluster voice, he is just not AI material in the least. I thought he would be off in the first round of eliminations. Haley has somewhat of the AI appearance, but just does not have what it takes in the vocal department. She is mediocre at best, and needs to go. Also, I am very surprised at the attention that Jordin gets. The main comments I keep hearing from the judges are "you're only 17", "you're so young", etc. So what if she's only 17????? That is certainly not a factor in her singing ability. She has some talent, although she has messed up several times, but she's not the best by any means.

I would love to see a different style of singer win this season, such as Blake, Chris, or Phil, but Melinda is going to make that a tough one, because she is certainly the most talented of all the finalists.
I think sanjaya should have been eliminated then haley she has more of a broadway voice i dont know what is happening to american idol but if sanhaya ends uo in the top three i will not be watching american idol next year . i agree with the judges its a singing competition and sanjaya may be a nice person but he is in no way american idol material! Latoya,melinda and blake are american idol material they have talent! i would buy there records any day!
As someone who never watches American Idol, the banter surrounding this baffles me. Hunger strikes are being waged, people camping out on Toyota dealerships, and Steve Almasy titled this, "the long national nightmare."

Mind you these comments are concerning a national karokee contest, and not the War, the destitute conditions injured soldiers endure upon returning home, or the crumbling of our educational system.

It just seems sad the discussion about integrity, fairness, and justice by the populous in our country is being confined to a talent show. Where would we be now if we held our government to such high standards, or if citizens debated the credentials of our elected officials with equal vigor?
StunnedJaya should respectfully bow out and let the talented people take over the show. I agree w/Simon if he makes it one more week FOX would lose this viewer.
American Idol has been bullying other networks into moving programs to dif days/times, replacing them with reruns or just canceling shows. 2, 3, even 4 nights a week we have to put our lives on hold for this show. It�s about time someone stepped up to knock them down a bit. Do you really think it is just Howard Stern and casting their votes for the underdog Sanjaya? If I worked for another network I would have all of my employees vote for him. What better way to destroy a rival then to make their contest a joke. Next year their voting rules may change, but the damage may have been done. More and more people are losing interest in this show. The only interest I have left is seeing how long Sanjaya can hang on. In the end, the only people to blame are the American Idol judges/producers for allowing Sanjaya into the top 24 in the first place. Their hope for higher ratings will be their downfall.
Simon was right again.
I believe the best way to truly represent how America votes is to allow only one vote per phone line or one text message per cell phone number.

How knows? This might just get rid of the bad singers.
Someone compared Sanjaya to David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman???? Please.
Those 2 had some actual talent and were HOT! Sanjaya gives me the willies.My husband said from the very beginning he would do well because all the kids would want him as a friend and embrace his diversity. Diversity shmersity. The boy is terrible. So disappointed with the voting, but hey, we got W. from misinfomed voters, so why not Sanjaya too!
Sanjaya needs to go. Come on this is a singing contest!
The next question is is DooLittle really that sweet? Did anyone notice Simon's little snear towards the end of DooLittle's narrative after her song and comments from the judges. I think Simon is starting to doubt the "goody two-shoes" attitude. Let me know what YOU think.
Couldn't care less. Waiting until the last five minutes to get Sanjaya's number. Than voting all night. Will probably get a bunch of my daughter's friends together and give them $20 a piece to vote for Sanjaya 50 times each. Now that's entertainment.
I think that if Sanjaya continues through the end, American Idol will lose a lot of viewers. I have been a loyal watcher since the first year and will not watch another season if Sanjaya makes it through the final two.

This is a singing competition and people are voting him in just to spite Simon. HE CANNOT SING !!!!
I say that Sanjaya needs to go home. He is one of the worst singers that they have had on the show since the beginning. This show is not about his smile, attitude or hair. It is about singing. America needs to vote next week and send him packing. Hit the road. Gone
Sanjaya sucks - where is America's head. I am almost ready to boycott the whole damn show. It was not Chris Sligh's best performance, but he has done better than Sanjaya from the start. Why is he still on Idol - America must be drunk!!!
I will not be watching the show anymore. For Sanjaya to be kept around longer than Chris is truly sad. Chris' talent surpasses Sanjaya's by a longshot, well I should say altogether. Sanjaya has not talent, looks, or voice. This whole show is ridiculous. There had to be better talent out there than some that were chosen. I may watch again, but only if Sanjaya is gone. Chris Rocks. He has a CD out. I bought it this morning. It is really awesome.
I cant belive that Haley and Sanjaya were not in the bottom last night. They both stunk the night before. Come on people this is not a popularity contest. Its all about who signs the best.
I believe they need to change the rules. maybe the american people shouldn't have all the voting power. lets leave it up to the judges.They are smart enough to know sanjaya can not sing.
How funny to see many people threat of not watching AI anymore b/c Sanjaya ruins it! This kid is the most entertaining contestant of the bunch. Go for it, Sanjaya!!!
I click on to see if Melinda is singing, if she isn't I click off. Some pretty talented singers are getting the boot. I really used to enjoy this show. As someone said in an earlier response, the show has become a farce. It just isn't fun any more.
American Idol fan base is increasing due to all the non-talented people previewed at the early stages of the show. I feel this is done to do exactly what the network is trying to do raise the show ratings.

But what happen to the original theme of the show which was to showcase talented Americans and help them achieve a dream.

I feel that if American Idol wants to be around for several more seasons the show is going to have to get back to the original them of showcasing talent.

This season does have some good talent like: Doolittle, Lakishia, Phil, Stephanie and Jordan that deserve to be showcased on television. However, they are being overshadowed by Sanjaya, Blake and Gina who can sing but should be doing so in their local churches or community theaters.

I just hope that voters start taking the show seriously again and actually listening to the singing and then voting for the talented singers since this is a singing contest.
Maybe AI should add to the voting process allowing the viewers to vote people off and allowing the judges to have a percentage of the final 12 vote.....Im very dissapointed in the show this season, I looked forward to seeing someone possibly being able to change their life and become famous and rich while making fans happy, most will never get another chance, we all live a certain fantasy that if you do well at what you do and work hard at it that just maybe you'll get there someday, I dont blame the show for "Sanjiau" . many people in this world just want to ruin what is good because they are so unhappy I guess. I will try to keep watching but It's hard to see good talent go to waste.. Clay from Indpl, IN
On the Showbiz Segment tonight you totaly missed the point -- AI has brought this on themselves by putting though people like SanJay through just because of thier physical appearance. Does anyone remember Justin Guarini Form season 1--- And where is he now???
What a shame that Chris didn't have a chance to sing something like Elton John's Rocket Man. I think he could have hung on longer.
I think there is something about Sanjaya that appeals to everyone. He wont win,but he will have some sort of 'career' after AI is completed. As for 'J The Hunger Striker' only two things come to my mind; 1. She is a sad,poor,lonely girl who needs some counselling. And 2. Financial motives, ie. of the week...etc. (Only in America)

I predict that Melinda Doolittle will win top Idol. If she dosen't, will it really matter for her?
It's funny that a bunch of you say that you're not going to watch it anymore. You will. It's a train wreck and you'll watch no matter what. The more comments I read telling people to vote Sanjaya off, the more I want to vote for him. If you care, why aren't you voting for everyone else with the same passion as the people voting for Sanjaya? I hear everyday from people voting hundreds of times for Sanjaya but I never hear that from "true" American Idol fans. This show needs to end. It's not a singing competition and never will have the best talent.

I was able to vote for Sanjaya around 300 times last week with multiple phones. I'm hoping to double that this week. Vote Sanjaya! Howard Stern will keep him there till the end. It will be priceless when he wins but I'm sure the producers will fix it at that point! The fine print says they don't have to follow the voting.
I still say that the main reason Sanjaya is still on, is so that the 30 million votes per show pour in. There is no other singer that will pull that many votes.

This year, A.I. wants the massive vote totals to get the money for their A.I. Gives Back program. They've probably even told Sanjaya that he's safe until after that show, and then he can drop out.

If it's all about the money, then there's NO WAY they'll let him win. It would be a slap in the face to all the past winners successes (Grammy's, CMA awards etc).

Also, as long as they get the massive vote totals, even if those votes are for the worst, they can convince their advertisers to shell out larger amounts.

If they switched the votes to a "vote for the worst" format their vote totals would be cut 75%, giving the appearance of a smaller audience. Remember, 30 million votes doesn't mean 30 million viewers. It could be 1 million voters voting 30 times each.

And even a VFTW format doesn't mean that good singers get thtough. The web site would simply change to a Vote For The Best, just to see them go.
Good for you Chris. You are an AWESOME singer and performer. I am so glad you made the final 10 as was your goal. As to Sanjaya, it's the people's vote, and American Idol has no control over that. It's an entertainment show for us. They all will have good opportunities regardless of who wins. Lighten up everyone!
Sanjaya has no talent and should have left a long time ago. He is pretty boring actually. He could never, ever sell records.
Lakisha, Melinda, and Jordan are the only ones with fantastic voices and star quality. Oh yeah, Gina is pretty good too.
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