Thursday, March 29, 2007
'Idol' down to nine
Chris is gone. Sanjaya stays.

What say you?
I have lost interest in AI, due to this whole thing. Give me a break, Sanjaya stinks. I have heard several people around me say they are voting for him after listening to Howard Stern. That terrifies me, is howard the Piper and america is full of mindless twits that just follow what ever he says? Scary, oh so very scary. Give me dancing with the stars.
Sanjaya will be the next AI!!!

Like it or not!!!!!!!!!!!
Sanjaya is turning into a pitiful charicature. Sad--he is an adequate singer, but not as much so as some already given the boot from the show. If this is a hook to inject thrills into the show, it's pretty lousy way to do it. The thing with the kid crying in audience last week, hey--we're not talking Beatles history, tacky.
I've watched Idol from the beginning...but I don't think I can watch any more! It's become such a farce. Sanjaya should have been gone a LONG time ago. Maybe if they would change the scoring to reflect the judges input? Obviously they know who will "make it" and who won't: case in point - Taylor Hicks. Sure struck it big, didn't he? Maybe he will do a duet w/Sanjaya in the finale?!
There is a lot less talent this year, except for Miss. Dolittle. So I think that anyone getting voted off dosn't suprise me, but Sanjaya staying is an insult to American Idol. I think the show will loose a lot of credibility if he stays another week.
I think it is time to say goodbye to Sanjaya. I would have to say he is the most annoying idol ever. How he (or at least I think it is a he) has lasted this long is beyond me. The truth is, there shouldn't be any men left because they all suck.
People who vote for Sanjaya are not doing him any favors. You can't believe he actaully doesn't realize what is taking place. It has become a sad situation.
I don't care who should or should not go. This season is certainly not as compelling to watch as some of the previous ones.
A few contestants have VERY good voices but forgettable or bland personalities.

Regardless, none of them deserve to be voted off until Sanjaya is off the show. He has no talent - at least none to earn him the right to be and remain on the show this long.
Sanjaya needs to go, now.

Those of you voting for this individual are all tied for a position in the bottom three of the human race.
I feel that I can no longer watch american idol d/t it is no longer a singing competition it is a beauty show. Sanjaya in no way should have made it this far in the competition. I don't feel that he should have even been pick to be on the show. I feel that he was choosen to be on the show to have another "chicken little" how fair is that. Sanjaya should feel terrible knowing that people that sound 99.9% better than him are going home d/t he is "cute" NOT AT ALL D/T HE CAN SING.
i think american idol is manipulating the votes to keep Sanjaya on the show just for the publicity he draws the american public can not be that stupid to vote and keep that lame excuse on the show but then maybe all the ones that voted for Bush are voting for sanjaya
I think the judges should be the only ones to vote the top 12 in.
Sanjay would have been gone a long time ago. He can not sing and should NOT still be in the contest. Who in the world is voting for him? Too bad there isn't an "age limit" for voters.
America is a sucker for a pretty face. Sanjay vs. Chris....well Sanjay is a hearthrob...and Chris...well a stomach throb. With out a doubt, the only way to make in America is to be good looking. Our politicians, our sports star, our Corp hard nuts is all based on Looks and interesting karisma. It is a shame....but I am sure there is thousands and thousand upon thousands teenagers(girl) voting the heart throb. After all who is their audience.
I'd rather watch a half-baked entertaining performance by Sanjaya than a boring get-me-through-the-week performance any day. Sanjaya is not going to win, but, he is a lot more fun to watch, off-key notes and all, than about three or four other contestants, who will go before he finally meets his demise.
The only reason Sanjaya stays on AI is because of He does not have enough of a family/friend base to keep him going. He does not deserve to be there while more talented singers are sent home and we are forced to listen to the "song whisperer" yet another week. His friends and family say he is a "sweet person" however I pick up a more conceited tone from him on the show. I just hope he reads all of the blogs and realizes he is quite the loser. He will be in the same spot Kevin Covais is in today this time next year. Sanjaya go home!!!
This is getting ridiculous, American Idol needs to step up and get rid of Sanjaya, it is totally unfair to the other contestants who can sing! Even the judges know that Sanjaya should have been gone weeks ago, he shouldn't have made the final cut, his sister is much better than he is. FOX needs to step up and do the right thing.

If he's on another week I probably will quit watching the show!
Truth be told Sanjaya should be gone. He makes for a better model than a singer. The problem with American Idol is what I've thought from the very begining that the show's winner should not be picked by the fans, simply put, the fans don't know music they only know what they like and this leads to the least talented person winning. With the exception of "Fantasia" every past winner was the least talented. My suggestion, leave the selection of who stays or goes to music professionals and let the fans pick who should make the show in the tryouts, but when it comes to who wins this decision should not be placed in the hands of unknowledgable fans, listners etc.
I have watched American Idol for years, but I am done. This whole Sanjaya field trip that the show is on is making the show look like a joke!!! It is kicking off people who can actually sing and keeping him on for the producers not see what is going on here? Can something not be done about this crap?!?!
It is obvious that AI is no longer a singing competition so with that said Sanjaya and Haley to the final two with Haley winning.
I think I'm going to vote for Sanjaya next time.
i think that sanjaya has needed to go a very long time ago, as a matter of fact he should not have been in the competition at all.... he is preety bad.... i think there are poeple who want to sabatage american idol by voting for the worst, which he is.... he has to go and soon...
Sanjaya is terrible. I do not understand why he has not been eliminated along time ago. He needs to GO!!!!!!!!NOW!!!!!
What a shame that there are those out there that think it's a very funny idea to "keep the worst" in the show. I, for one, am so disappointed each Wednesday evening when, once again, another person with a great singing voice is voted off and Sanjaya is left on the show for another week. There are some very good singers on the show this year but oh, what a disappointment this season has turned out to be. Should Sanjaya go "all the way" I WILL NOT watch American Idol next season.
The voters have made the decisions. Like it or not...Sanjaya stays....go boy....
I really think its about ratings. It has to be. Just like the time when Jennifer hudson got voted off and the girl whose name i can't remember went up against Fantasia. Who really did not deserve to be there either. Its about ratings They keep him on to keep people watching.
This young man is being made a fool of by the American Public. What a shame !! At least I don't have to contribute to this waste of time.. Please do everyone a favor, incuding Sanyjay.. vote him off for his own good..
*hurl* Sanjaya needs to go. Sites like and people like Howard Stern are making this painful to watch.........
After seeing the bottom 3 last night I turned off AI. I will not be returning. Done.....what a joke.
Sanjaya is absolutely pitiful. I truly wonder how he got on the program to begin with!!!! It will be a shame if and when the better singers will get the boot and for him to stay on. He is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think America has forgotten what this contest is all about. This seasons IDOL has turned into a popularity constest rather than a talented contest. Too bad more talented singers have been voted out because of the Sanjaya craze by teenagers.
I think it is ridiculous. Chris and Stephanie are great singers, compared with Sanjaya. It is a SINGING competition, but I think the voters are teeny-boppers who do not understand talent.
Keeping Sanjaya on AI has made this show interesting again. If you watch the way young girls react to him, you can see that he is what a true idol is all about. An American Idol is not about talent. Look at Justin Timberlake. The guy stinks, but young girls buy his stuff because they think he is cute. Sanjaya makes young girls go crazy and that is why he deserves the title. The Howard Stern effect cannot be denied.
A very big mistake. America is not using their heads. Sunjia needs to go.
Actually, after reading some of these posts and the ridiculous importance placed on this TV show, I completely support those voting for Sanjaya. America needs to get a reality (no pun) check on their obsession w/ this program, and the mockery of Sanjaya is just the ticket.

Here's an about combining Survivor w/ Amer Idol? Each week the best singer, w/ no makeup, outfits or music loop support, gets to leave the island until the last one is left, who then must stay each week until America votes or even cares that he/she has sung a song well enough to leave. Now that would be entertaining!!
If Sanjaya soon isn't kicked off, Idol's show ratings will definitely drop and the show may not make it into next year if this madness doesn't stop. It was a very enjoyable show but now I hate to watch it because of that little conceited twerp. Fox needs to do something fast about Sanjaya to save the show. He surely ruined it and if Simon goes because of him, there will be no more show. Simon is the "Show"
The fact that Sanjaya is still a contestant demonstrates that Idol is past its sell by date; given what is taking place w/this clown, the show is two weeks away from being its own SNL parody.
I think it is quite humorous to see what everyone has to say about Sanjaya. "I'm not going to watch the show anymore if Sajaya stays." So what, don't watch it! Who cares? I heard a girl on the radio one morning and she said she was going on a hunger strike if Sanjaya doesn't get voted off. I don't care if she doesn't eat! I think I am going to vote for Sanjaya just because of the comments being made about him. No, I don't think he is the best singer either. I am surprised he lasted this long. I'm more shocked from the big deal everyone is making this out to be. In my opinion, it doesn't matter who "wins" American Idol. Chris Daultry, Catherine Mcphee, and that country girl has done more than Taylor Hicks. People are STUPID for complaining about this. If you don't like what is going on, DON'T WATCH IT! Sanjaya, I am going to vote for you until the voting stops. "Be yourself."
Sanjaya will be the next AI!!!

Like it or not!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By Christy, Cleveland, Ohio : 9:15 AM ET

I noticed this post as I was reading the comments. What is she thinking? This guy cannot sing, and while he stays there are people with good voices being sent home. Good grief and God help us if he stays much longer!
Someone please get rid of Sanjaya.
He truly can't sing and is taking a
spot that truly belongs to those
who can!
This show is getting rediculous. Sanjaya cannot sing and is only stayingon thanks to a flawed voting system. But as well all know, the best singers don't always win American Idol.
Sanjay is turning American Idol into a disaster this season. He has no talent. He has to resort to stupid hairdoes to get attention!

Why is Howard Stern encouraging his stupid listeners to vote for him? Is he so insecure that he has to try and destroy someone elses success!

American Idol will not change the world but a lot of people have enjoyed it over the past 5 years and some of the idols have obtain sucess. This is not rocket science it is just entertainment, so lets be entertained, VOTE SANJAYA OFF, and stop the torture!
I am so disappointed in this season. I know there is no way to control who votes for who and as a result it has become a joke. While your ratings might still be strong they will tapper off eventually.

Melinda Doolitte, Jordon Sparks and Lacrisha are competing against each other, with Ms. Doolittle at the top. There truly is not other competition.
Lousy singers make the Top 12 every single year. Last season was far worse than this one, if you ask me. It's no mystery why Sanjaya is still in the competition. Yes, we all cringe when he opens his mouth to sing, but he has funky hair and his sister is just so- darn-cute. And we all feel a little sorry for him when he changes the pronouns in his songs from "he" to "she," or changes "boy" to "girl." But that's another topic altogther.

Point is: Chris Sligh did terribly this week (and most other weeks). He deserved to go. (Anyone who sings "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" is asking for it...)
When will this B-S go off the air? It's something I've never watched, but I get tired of my co-workers, the news anchors, and my soon to be ex-friends talking about this "glorified talent show."
Sanjaya needs to go home
I think all girls under the age of 13 should not be able to vote considering this is a SINGING contest. There is NO WAY Sanjaya should be in the top 12 let alone in the top 9. This is getting a little out of hand. The judges should have the final say on who leaves. Sabrina, Stephanie and Chris should still be on this show! Everyone just votes on the opposite of what Simon says and he is really the only one that knows what he is talking about. American Idol should seriously think about letting the judges vote along with America, adding the two scores up and then taking the lowest person off. Like how the voting is done on Dancing with the Stars. Maybe it will seem a little more fair.
Clearly the voting is rigged. Sanjaya is a talentless hack.

If Fox and Simon Cowell had any clue they'd change the rules so that Simon, Paula and Randy can overrule the fans if they think it's warranted.
It disgusts me to see this "Sanjaya" character still on AI. He is completely horrible at singing and he is horribly annoying with his wimpy, whiny voice and stupid looking hair. Chris Sligh is bad but he is still better than Sanjaya any day.

Oh and Stephanie Edwards getting voted off is completely ridiculous. She was in the top 4 of most powerful voices in the show. Also Sabrina Sloan was pretty incredible, she has a great voice and somehow got ousted instead of Haley Scarnato... this isn't a beauty pageant it's a singing competition. She is kind of hot but can't sing even close to those two.

Overall the show has really disappointed me this season and you can tell the judges have the same feeling especially after Simon said if Sanjaya wins he is quitting ha-ha. If Sanjaya wins I will never watch this show again and for that matter if he lasts another week I’m taking it off my DVR recording and kissing it goodbye for good!
the kid should have never made it into the top 12 yet alone still be there.
Sanjaya needs to go NOW! He should have never made it past the first round. Why do they pass up good singers for people like Sanjaya.
If it's true that Howard Sternh it running a campaign to keep Sanjaya in the show, then Howard should be stopped. He supposedly said he just wanted to mess with the show.
I'm sure Vote For the Worst is GREATLY entertained with their little Sanjaya shennanigans for the moment, but if there is one decent person among them, they might realize that they are severely HURTING the kid!! He is only 17, and is going to have to live the rest of his life with this stigma!! Everyone knows he is lousy, and when the show is over, the rest of his life is going to be one big joke. Stop messing up the kid's life, and stop messing up American Idol! BLAKE FOR THE WIN!
Sanjaya is terrible! He cant sing and has the personality of a lamp post! Stop messing around America and vote for real!
I think that the only reason they are keeping Sanjaya around is to see him continue to make a fool of himself, and to see what type of hairdo he is going to have, I think some people think he may become another William Hung. Please have some dignity and get this guy voted off.
Power To The People!!! Sanjaya survives another week and I couldn't be happier. I tune in JUST to see him make it another round. I hate this show, bad TV in general and its grip on the culture. I got interested only I after I heard of I love those guys. Folks, see Farenheight 451, you're living it.
I read 99% of the blogs and comments. There has to be some truth in an abundance of the same comments. AI needs to revamp the process of choosing the top 12. Have professional singers along with the judges choose the top 12 (real singers) then let the voters go at it. While others might be blowing air, I will not tune into another season of AI. I prefer to watch Dateline and be able to protect my identity from theives - hey - AI does the same thing - thieves posing as singers to get your vote.
Like the Englishman said, "Its a voting contest, not a singing contest, sorry Simon." I hear there is a website pushing people to vote for the worst... SANJAYA ... Each week that Sanjaya is on the show, the closer the show is coming to an END! They need to drop the age limit, and get some real talent. Malinda looks like a mom, Taylor looks like a grandad. They tried out all the youngsters already!
Sanjaya will be the next AI!!! I've never voted before in my life, but voting hundreds of times for Sanjaya every night makes the show watchable. American idol is such a joke. Read the true stories about the auditions. Everything's so fake.

Howard Stern will keep Sanjaya there.
Vote Sanjaya!
I agree with everyone about ol'ponyhawk boy. But about Chris, he is such a funny man and has a great voice. I would def watch him do a comedy monologue, or even if he got a sitcom. I enjoyed watching him, I enjoyed listening to him. I'm glad he came back to himself even tho he went astray w/o his glasses for a minute. I hope he doesn't disappear!
although this is my first year to really get into the "idol" craze, i am thoroughly disappointed that real "talent" is being vaporized while allowing much-less-than talent to continue the journey...has earlier idol years been as obsene as what i am witnessing this year? just like to know.
I think Idol should change the voting cast until after the top ten has been chosen, this way all the rift raft would be gone. I blame the judges for who picked the top 24 for leaving Sanjaya in there when there were clearly other guys who could sing better than him or the Rogers dude. They just didnt have the "look" America wants to see, some tall, fair skinned, skinny person. Talent is talent no matter the package. Sanjaya is a pretty package but when you open him up, he is broken!!
In order to stop this nonsense, I think A.I. needs to change the voting to make it similar to "Dancing with the Stars" and have the judges get 1/2 of the vote. That would end the bad singers making it so far into the compititon.
Vote Sanjaya!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it! Yes, Howard Stern!
We are fans of AI but this is sad!
All I can say is where is the old "Gong Show"????? Sanjaya should never have made it to Hollywood.
Sanjaya's next. They're not even in the same category as the rest!
I think that this years show is missing in quality, excitement and talent. It is turning into a teeney bopper popularity show. Last year had so much talent, every night you said WOW, but not this year.
For the people wondering why in the world Sanjaya is still on: it's a PRANK. I can't believe people actually think this guy is getting enough real votes to stay on.

Also, I find it amusing to see someone criticizing the stupidity of a political figure and a group of voters in a run-on, uncapitalized sentence with no punctuation. It kind of defeats your point.
Rules have to change. The longer Sanjaya sticks around makes a mockery of this "singing" competition. I am sure that by now they regret ever sending him to Hollywood.
I'm as surprised as anyone that Sanjaya continues to survive but then, I've said the same thing about some marginally talented recording artists. I can tolerate the two minutes of Sanjaya because there are a half dozen others that I enjoy. I was sad to see Chris disappear. He had one of the most pure and unique voices in the competition but, for whatever reason, the music he selected was rarely complementary. I'm most concerned about the theme shows the producers keep throwing at us. The past couple of weeks were good but the limitations posed by a Diana Ross creates real problems for many of the singers. And, I must say, I'm not looking forward to next week with Tony Bennett. Fly me to the Moon, I Left My Heart in San Francisco...fine songs but in the AI context, zzzzzzzzzzz.
It's unfortunate that this young man is being manipulated by a web groups such as and personalities such as Howard Stern. Some very talented singers have left the show when Sanjaya should have left long ago. It has become a trendy pick and until these ridiculous people realize they are actually hurting this young man, the trend will continue. Where will these voters be when this young man fails and needs help to deal with the unearned success bestowed upon him. Yes this has happened before such as when Taylor Hicks won. However, Taylor is far more talented than Sanjaya. Sure, he wasn�t the best singer last year but he was by far the best personality. The album releases of Doughtrey, McPhee and even Pickler have shown, he was not the best singer. Guess what organization was behind Taylor? You guessed it, VFTW and others.

American Idol is losing its credibility by these types of votes, which is the overall agenda by groups such as VFTW and Stern. They use these poor people to strike at American Idol. Chris, last night, was the latest victim with Haley or Phil being the victim next week, but Sanjaya will be ultimate victim if this trend continues. They are setting this poor young man up for failure.
Get rid of Sanjaya!!! America should reward those singers who have true talent. Those who vote for S. are insulting the remaining 8. PLS. STOP voting for the child nut!!!!
How does Sanjaya sit there knowing his opponets are going home and he is so cocky about this. He is ruining American Idol - His parents are inthe audience clapping when he performs, what kind of people are you. Sanjsya need to bow out. He is making a fool of himself. The voters that are voting for him from that group are wrong and they should be cut off. Do something about this
Our family has watched a lot of this show. I personally think tha Sanjaya is hurting the show itself. Obviously, it's not American Idol anymore. And it's definitely not about talent. With the website devoted to voting for him regardless of how he performs and the Howard Stern piece, American Idol is definitely taking a hit. It is supposed to be a talent competition, not a side show.
I think the American people need to start paying attention to the big picture of each singer and not just that night! Sanjaya should of been gone day one. American Idol is turning out to be not enjoyable anymore. The 3 judges need to be on the same page for the most part. Too big of differences between them.
I say that its a farce! I have enjoyed the weird hair and weird demeanor up until recently since he is now beating out true talent! If this continues I may just say bye bye to the show. It's a singing contest, as we are reminded constantly by Simon.

The "keep Sanjaya" campaign by Howard Stern is ridiculous, and distrubing.It is like a pie in the face to the other contestants who have careers at stake. not funny Howard!
Enough is enough! I've always know AI was rigged but this takes the cake. Chris Sligh and Stephanie Edwards were robbed. Haley and Sanjaya should not be there. Its wrong!

The producers have always pushed their favorites. Kellie Pickler ring a bell, anyone??? How she got a recording contract before Elliot Yamin is mind numbing!!! And everyone knows that Carrie Underwood was the pre-selected winner in Season 5. The top 10 was just to take up time until she was crowned the winner.

We won't be attending the concert this year. No way. AI has jumped the shark, and the ratings will slide. Time to put this show to rest.
People get real. This is not a valid competition (you can vote as much as you want???). It's reality TV, plain and simple. Sanjaya has kept a very lack-luster season of Idol interesting. He's having fun, always smiling, and don't forget the hair! In the pop culture world that can't get enough of talentless celebrities (Anna N., Paris H., Kevin F., ect...) Sanjaya can easily be as good as or better than most of them. Laugh all the way to the bank Sanjay. The truly talented on AI will no doubt entertain us for years on the radio, Broadway, and even in movies. As for Sanjaya, keep having fun, and keep me watching American Idol.
The votes may not count since the producers can do whatever they want, but I would have to believe that Sanjaya is getting the votes. Heck, I've never voted until 2 weeks ago after it was mentioned on the Howard Stern show. I have able to vote for Sanjaya 200-300 times using two phone lines. Vote Sanjaya!
I'm not taking this Sanjaya thing too seriously, but I have to say it's quite an appropriate metaphor for the state of a lot of things in America today. The stupifying popularity of no-talent Sanjaya is just another manifestation of the sorry state of our Union. Politics, education, civic involvement, and of course show business - it's all Sanjaya-ized. So, his wildly unjustified support kind of makes sense, doesn't it?
Just goes to show that viewer voting is so flawed. That fact that this guy is still on speaks volumes about America's taste in music. Don't believe me? Look who won last year! Let the pros pick the Idols!
Dont you people get it? The producers like Sanjaya because millions tune in to see his poor performances and if he will survice an extra week... It's all about $$ The reality of reality TV! People enjoying the mediocre so they can bash 'em, which makes them feel good in return. Sick society, period.
I think the show has lost its credibility at this point. The voting system needs to changed. We should vote for who we want off that will eliminate all the teenie boppers who vote 2 hours strait for a little boy that can't sing and does not deserve to be in the top 9.
I am done watching the show, when you keep voting for Sanjaya who has no talent and can't sing at all and you vote off Chris who can sing. He had one bad week what is Sanjaya reason for staying. HE IS REALLY REALLY BAD!!!
I think it is a sin that these pathetic little 12 and 13 year old girls are voting for Sanjaya. This kid can't carry a tune if his life depended on it. Phone calls should have some type of limit on them. I can assure you that if this fool wins or even gets into the finals I will never watch the show again! There are so many talented people (Lakisha) on the show that are in jeopardy because of these little kids voting for Sanjaya. What's truely sad is he even knows he can't sing!!! He should just bail out.
Sanjaya is making the show more interesting. You have Melinda (who is a powerhouse), everyone in between (mostly good-some mediocre and forgettable) and then there's SANJAYA! He doesn't have the worst voice in the world, but he's not as vanilla as sexy Haley. Haley could be one of thousand sexy girls. Sanjaya doesn't have Melinda's voice, but he certainly is unique and interesting to watch. While he is soft around the edges, maybe this whole experience will teach him a few things about public exposure, criticism, and getting an edge.
People are missing the point in all of this. Sanjaya had to get to the final 24 somehow. Who put him there? The judges. He is not completely talentless. Although, he may not be the greatest vocalist in comparison to the competition and he may not by the typical "American Idol" he can still sing a whole lot better than most of the people that are saying he stinks. Everyone's a critic. Lighten up!
This season has become such crap. I cannot believe Chris was voted off instead of Sanjaya, Haley, Gina or Phil. SERIOUSLY!?!? We won't watch the show again if this Sanjaya joke continues.
This year is a waste of time watching. There really is not one "Idol" material. In fact I think these "Support the weakest" vote started last year with Taylor Hicks. I think American Idol really needs to rethink their voting strategy. I can no longer sit here and watch Sanjaya make a fool of himself. He can't sing or have a DECENT hair do. This is a singing competition not "let's keep all the attention on Sanjaya" competition.
I am not watching American Idol anymore. Chris Sligh was better than Sanjaya, and most of the others.
It's a shame that this contest has young stupid teenieboppers calling in and voting for someone who has no singing talent!Parents please quit spoiling your kids by paying for, not only cell phones (which is pure parent bulls%$# guilt)but allowing kids to text their votes. Shame on all you guilty parents!!!

I will NEVER watch Idol again if 17 year old talentless boy makes it to the top 6.

Enough is enough! Those with real talent, and who try their hardest, are being voted off because of an attraction to a talentless, uninspirered, lazy "girly-boy"!!!!!
i think should have gone,,,,he was bad....
I think that the viewers shouldn't have a say in who stays and who goes. I think the judges should have the final say in who goes. I also think that Sanjaya SHOULD GO!!!!! He's absolutely horrible!! I think the American public is out of their minds to keep voting for him. Shame on the American public!! If he goes any further, the show will be a joke. Oh, wait a minute, keeping him on is making the show a joke.
They should have the judges vote until the final four and then have the american public vote. That would solve a lot of problems on the show. I think "curly" was a lot better than Sanjaya! Thank you.
Those of you who continue to complain about a singer that remains in the competition for weeks even after delivering sub-par performances are forgetting a key fact, which I find incredible considering American Idol is into its 6th season.

Once the initial tryouts are over and audience voting has begun, AI essentially becomes a popularity contest. It doesn't matter whether they sing well or not (which they do, otherwise the judges wouldn't have let them into the top 24), if someone likes the contestant, they will vote for them.

Get over it.
Get rid of Sanjaya!! Who thinks it is funny to vote in people like this? Fox/AI should invest in a legal voting method 1 entry per number, or make it like 3 or 4 to accomdoate more then one person in a household, this vote as many times is for the birds, can you vote for your favorite Senator more then once in one night?
Enough already, fans of the moron Howard Stern and need to get a grip and let American Idol be American Idol, not American Idiot.
I predict that if Sanjaya wins AI, that's the end of AI.
Thank goodness. I thought it was just me and husband who felt this way.
Chris, And Phil in the bottom three...with Sanjaya??? Are you kidding. They have made a few other mistakes also, Stephanie....etc.

Sweet and cute as his is...he absolutely cannot sing. His voice is weak and how he can even tand near Chris and my male fav(Phil is unreal.
In the famous wors of Simone, this is a singing competition. He is only still alive because of popularity votes but let's be real..

Go Doolittle, Keisha, & Phil(Gina is next) in my book
Sanjaya scares me... but when I think back to the bubblegum boy singers who were popular when I was a young girl, Leif Garrett, Shaun Cassidy, etc. I thought they were gorgeous and talented as a kid. They couldn't sing and were such pretty boys. Sanjaya is just one of them but 30 years later. I guess that explains why young girls like him and we adults are stymied!
A singing contest? What am I missing?
But when I look at his soft brown eyes, his curly brown hair and that sexy smile I go all mushy inside. He's so cute that I don't even hear his voice - I just become mesmorized by his whole auro. Oh why'd you have to leave Chris?
Sanjaya stinks! He should have been gone in the first round of eliminations. Because of Howard Stern and the vote for the worst group he continues to hang in there. This is ruining it for those who truly have a talent and are being booted because of it. After last nights round neither my husband or I will watch American Idol again, as long as Howard Stern and the others continue to make a mockery of American Idol. They are being disrespectful and inconsiderate. Computer voting should not be allowed, as one man bragged on the radio yesterday he voted 300 times.
American Idol should post the vote count and I can not believe anyone voted fot the NO TALENT sanjaya. COME ON this thing STINKS. He even said that he himself does not believe he is the best singer on the show... How much longer will this thing be allowed to take the spot of someone who can realy sing?
...and all of this is important why??? None of the finalists are all that good. I'm surprised at how many people are willing to make fools of themselves on national TV. It's ridiculous.
why would someone ruin the chances of a good singer to play a silly childish game like voting for Sanjaya. I was heatbroken for Chris last night when he was voted off. It clearly should have been Sanjaya. All of you who vote for Sanjaya should go get a life.
Sanjaya does stink and should not have been on the show at all (his sister was better). There's something wrong if is he isn't booted soon - better singers have gone instead of him. I won't watch Idol anymore is he lasts much longer and I mean NEVER!!!
Sanjaya said that his hair had seven ponytails because that was suppose to be goodluck. It seems to have worked--in spades--since he wasn't even in the bottom three. I think Sanjaya may be on to something. I think I will start wearing seven necklaces and see if my luck changes.
I think the voters are forgetting this is a singing competition and not a sill hair due show.
For Sanjaya to make it to the top twelve is unbeliviable! For Stephanie Edwards with a nice voice and lots of charisma to be voted off leaves one to think there is a flaw in the voting system for AI.
Sanjaya staying in the race makes a mockery of the entire show.
I voted for Sanjaya at least 300 times too! 2 cell phones and 1 landline.

Go Howard Stern! is the culprit I think. They helped Taylor Hicks (who wasn't too bad)win over Katherine last year. This year, they are voting for Sanjaya. If you go to their webpage, it shows Taylor holding up one of their t-shirts. Personally, I think Idol needs to sue for defamation of character since they put them down on their website. I've talked to these teen girls who are supposed to like him. I haven't found one who does yet!
I voted 150 times on Tuesday. VOTE SANJAYA!! Howard Stern will push you through!
What if someone, a parent, producer from AI, a trusted friend, advised Sanjaya to remove himself from the competition? He must feel like a fool, standing up there every week knowing he's only there because people are voting for him because he's so bad ( Wouldn't that put a wrench in their plan?
I hope Sanjaya is even more disrespectful to Simon. It's great! Simon and the judges are pointless now.

Vote for Sanjaya! Let's take down this joke of a show.
For those of us who sing - and for all those who sing really well - the idea that Sanjaya is still in running is appalling. If he wins, it could hurt the respectability (and possibly ratings) of this show.
I have lost faith in AI. I will not watch it again. I feel Sanjaya should have gone a long time ago. It is unfair to the people that can sing for them to get voted off and Sanjaya is still on.
Are you kidding me?? What has this competition gone to? Why is America stil voting for Sanjaya? I guess my television is producing a different sound than the rest of Americas. Chris Sligh, YOU ROCK!!
I personally think that it is time for Sanjaya to go. Come on, he can't sing and is waisting show time. For goodness sake the curley headed guy could sing alot better. The only reason why Sanjaya has stuck around is because all the teeny boppers think he's cute (which he is not). He literally looks like an ugly girl with rediculous hairstyles.
Seriously, do people believe it actually takes talent to be a music star today? There are many 'stars' (kelly pickler and brittany spears should be included here) that are on the same talent level as Sanjaya. Hasn't stopped them. In the end, the voters decide (unlike a certain presidential election) and that decision is final.
I feel Simon should use a Wild Card and get rid of Sanjaya...he is god-awful and there is no way he should have lasted this long...AI is going downhill and as much as I love the show I have to give it up!
I have really enjoyed watching this show in the past, but this year, I have to say, this will probably be the last season that I watch. And to be honest, I don't even know if I will make it to the end of this year. It is a real shame that the truly talented contestants, i.e. Melinda Doolittle, have to be on a show with the someone like Sanjaya.
But then again, it is making for headlines, so American Idol Producers, if this is what you are going for, I hope you get a good pay check this year, because there might not be a next year without any viewers for your show.
This isn't a pure singing competition. It's a reality show operating under the thin disguise of a singing competition. The 24 semifinalists were not the best 24 singers who auditioned. They were chosen for personality, appearance, demographics, and all sorts of other reasons in addition to their voices. Unfortunately they chose a less entertaining set this year than they did last. The result is that out of a mass of overwhelming dullness, Sanjaya stands out as actually entertaining. The other contestants need to step up their stage presence and stretch more with their song choices if they expect to outlast Sanjaya.
I wonder how Sanjaya feels knowing people are voting for him because of this silly thing vote for the worst. If I was in Sanjaya shoes I would ask to be let go over my fellow contestants that I call my friends and that are far better then me.
The more focus on the bizareness, the more attention... the more he has the chance to win
Come on folks. Get a life! Who really cares who wins? Sure I have a favorite, that I vote for, but if he/she is voted off, I'll still have my life. It is not that important in the scheme of things!! I personally look forward to seeing Sanjaya each week. Sure he's not performing up to his early promise but he sure is fun to watch. This show is entertainment and he is entertaining to watch.
To those voting for Sanjaya as a joke, shame on you. He's only 17 years old and doesn't deserve to be nationally ridiculed. He cannot sing as well as the other contestants and keeping him on the show is unfair to HIM. You're not doing him any favors!
Give the kid a break - the judges initially picked him did they not - know what are they saying - they are complete idiots for doing so? I think the kid has balls! Keep it up S.
OMG, I officially stopped watching American Idol. I CANNOT believe Sanjaya is still there. The dude forgot his words! And the sad thing is, he knows he doesn't even have to try because no matter what, the talentless boy is not going anywhere. I cannot watch this show anymore. It has gotten pathetic. It's not about singing talent, but apparently about 12 yr olds who vote a million times to keep this kid. I'm done watching!
chris was way better than sanjaya and his personality reached out further than sanjaya. Not to mention the "need to go" mohawk. please tell me noone would really but a cd made by sanjaya. wow. he is a cool guy but this is about singing!
Sanjaya is winning becasue of his "teen-beat" and "Tiger" magazine idols of yesterday. Think Donnie Osmond.
It is unbelievably sad that a show that is to be known as offering talented individuals demonstrating the very essence of what a wonderful entertainer should behold; appears to be stuck with this boy, Sanjaya. This boy is truly mocking the very meaning of the show, in my opinion. Very good singers are going home with this boy remaining. What is America saying? This is an Idol? I think he'd better be portrayed in an issue of Seventeen Magazine; not this show. This has been the first year I have watched this program. If American makes a joke of the meaning of the show by continuing to vote for this boy, I know I won't care to watch next year. For what? What talent is being saught? To the producers of American Idol: you may want to consider re-vamping the voting rights on this program. I am pretty sure I am not alone with my opinion.
I can't believe that Sanjaya is still there unless either Fox keeps him there("fixed") for the ratings or the fans are trying to prove a point for voting for the absolute worst singer. He in an unbelievably bad singer.
What is America thinking off ?
Please America lets vote him off enough with the torture.
Sanjaya needs to go,is no talet:people with more talet is gone before him
Disappointed, I thought Chris was going to bring a new view to America. Its not all about LOOKS!
It's a shame that due to votefortheworst Sanjaya is still there. However the true blame should be placed squarely on the shoulders of the producers of the show who chose to put him in the top 24. Which gave Howard Stern & that web site a perfect canidate to play with. Ultimately it doesn't matter who wins. The show gives a chance to people with talent that otherwise would never have a chance at that kind of exposure. The few who are truly talented do end up being sucessful regardless of weather they win. Howard Stern & the other scum of the earth like him are free to do whatever they like & can get away with it as long as AI continues to foolishly refuse to revise their voting system. However ultimately it is not who wins the competion but the exposure it gives people that makes the difference. For the most part the people who deserve recording contracts on that show eventually get them.
I find it amazing that sooo many people agree that Sanjaya stinks and is ruining this decades version of Star Search. Lakisha, Doolittle,Sparks, and the beat-boxer are the quality in this show. Howard Stern's comedic "vote for Sanjaya" thing is the only thing keeping him in. He is a marginal singer
I think it's big joke that Sanjaya has remained in this competition this long, and as a result, the good singers are being eliminated. I have read many comments that others have posted and I totally agree with them. American Idol, this is to you.... Your popularity will decrease if Sanjaya stays another week. I don't care what all he can do with his hair!! Is it ridiculous!!!
Senjay is a young,apparently good-natured person with little talent or presence. Why he's made it this far is a mystery
This is a voting contest, People! Not a singing contest. It's all about popularity. Go Sanjaya!
I've watched an enjoyed all of the seasons, agreed with some of the winners (Kelly, Reuben) and couldn't decide about others (McPhee or Hicks??) but this year is just a terrible terrible shame. For those who've jumped on the Howard Stern or bandwagon because they dislike American Idol & want to make a statement, I say this: JUST DON'T WATCH IT !!! There are hundreds of other channels to choose from! But don't ruin it for those of us who have watched it & really liked it over the years. And to the AI producers and FoxTV executives: please, please change the voting structure next season so that this type of lunacy cannot continue.
AI lost this viewer. i watched every episode of every season. no more. He needs to go.
Are these people tone deaf, or is a bunch of teenie boppers voting, he should have been the first one to go. Sanjaya why don't you do the right thing and leave on your own!!!!
Sanjaya cannot sing at all and the day after he's voted out, the entire country should take a National Holiday to celebrate. If you think he's good looking, look again, for you don't have any idea what good looking should be. Sanjaya made a fool of himself with his pony-hawk. The only time he sang his best was perhaps at his audition. Please don't listen to Howard Stern, you are far more intelligent than Howard Stern! Chris should have stayed, Sanjaya and Phil should have been volted out. AI is a singing talent contest and it is not a beauty pageant nor just a mere popularity contest. I've only started watching this year and I enjoy listening to Melinda Doolittle's voice, she's fantastic. I plan to not watch AI again, it is so stupid. Thank goodness to tivo, I can just go directly to Melinda and a few other ones I think are worth listening to and I don't have to watch a stupid 12 yr old scream idolizing Sanjaya. I think AI and the judges should just exclusively vote out Sanjaya for the goodwill of the show.
FYI ya'll...this is the judges fault. They are to blame considering they cut more talented singers this season than any other season prior...and they let Sanjaya stay! Maybe they should have thought twice before putting this no-talent moron in the top 24...Paula, Randy, and Simon..SHAME ON YOU!

Also, I hope Howard Stern and realize they are the minority in this situation and they're completely ruining a great show. Yes, the judges are annoying, they repeat the same silly comments each season and Ryan Seacrest can be a bit pretentious at times, but watching talented people sing and grow their confidence is fun to watch. These are real people trying to change their lives. Howard Stern and the people who created have already made their mark, and their money. It's not fair to the rest of us living vicariously through these individuals. Sanjaya needs to go, he doesn't belong here and better people are being sent home because of him, it's very upsetting!
It's amazing that so many people think that AI is a "Talent" show rather than a "Reality" show. People take this show way too seriously. There have only been two idols who have had any major success. Kelly Clarkson is still popular because she was the first one and Carrie Underwood is popular because the County Music Fan base is a very loyal bunch, it's amazing that they are even as popular as they are considering they are no better than an average karaoke singer.

It's also amazing that one website and one man, Howard Stern can have so much affect over one show. Hysterical!!!! Go Howard! I have joined the movement!

I never watched the show before I heard about the Sanjaya Movement on Howard and now I will vote as many times as I can. Sanjaya all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. If they are that good, then they should not need AI to be a success.

Vote Sanjaya!
definitely not a singing competition. Hailey should be way gone by now
Sanjaya may very well win AI, although I hope he doesnt. If he does, his career probably wont last long. Right now his "fame" is based on controversy, being a public laughing stock. His "fame" definitely isnt based on his so called "talent," but as we all know, you dont need talent to be famous in America. No one really respects him. Hell, simon cowell might leave if he wins AI.
On Thursday night Ryan Seacrest should not state there were 30 million americans that voted. He should properly state there were 30 million votes cast by approximately 300 thousand voters.
I think it is totally rediculous. Chris has a much better singing voice and preforms way better than Sanjaya. Is this a singing competition or a hair show? I also think Chris has great hair.
Sanjaya's original charm had come form the illusion he was this nice sweet kid. I really thought he would bow down earlier when last week's girl, who could sing, got booted, but he did not even try. His smart aleck remark to Simon shows this kitten's got claws as well. He seems to know what the people want, is giving it to them and unfortunately, it's not good singing. I was reminded of his own sister, who also competed on the show, saying "him"? Very raw but showed that even she had her doubts as she obviously thought she was better (not to mention jealous of her own brother). He is a disappointment and I am seeing he is not as nice as that smile suggests. Perhaps that smile means "ha, ha suckers". Either way I'm done with this show.
Sanjaya is a joke now and I have lost faith in the AI voting structure. They need to model it after "Dancing with the Stars" and limit the votes from phone lines and emails. I thought Sanjaya had a decent voice, but he does not deserve to be in the top 12 - sabrina or sundance deserved that shot.

And he now gets to tour this summer? Please. It's a travesty.
this is my first year of watching AI. After seeing Sanjaya I have to agree with my dad. He says that anyone with the right marketing and NO TALENT can be on AI. Sanjaya should have been GONE a long time ago.
Y'all can knock Sanjaya all you want, but there isn't one great singer who has left because of him. There are only 2 or 3 really good singers on the show, and eve ntey won't sell any records. get a life.
Sanjaya's ever growing confidence is so obvious - he is starting to realize that he is transcending the entire concept - taking himself to a new "connected, wireless, going viral" type of level. While the others play it safe and in effect get boring, he is riding the wave. He represents the future - he is India insourced right up the rear-end of America
This kid is a joke. He is taking up space while other very talented people are getting the boot. Howard Stern should be slapped hard for asking his listeners to keep voting for this kid. Stern is trying to ruin Idol because they have better ratings than he does.
the fact that Sanjaya is still part of the show tells me I don't need to watch anymore. It's not about talent.
I cannot BELIEVE that Sanjaya is still in the running for the American Idol title. Sadly, truly talented individuals are not being recognized. It is this kind of result that makes the show look more and more like a joke everyday.

If Sanjaya makes it to the final, I think it is time for the producers of this show seriously reconsider the voting criteria in the future.
I think Sanjaya is cute and has a nice voice; however, he should have left weeks ago instead of some who did. Is this year's competition fixed?
oh my goodness sanjaya needs to go!
sanjaya is amazing and if you haven't noticed extremly cute.
haley is the one who you all should really be complaining about!
she's way worse than sanjaya!
Not much can be done that would be fair this season regarding Sanjaya. It is a shame that people in this country would follow Howard Stern and his band of always negitive followers. Another childish easy way to get attention for doing nothing. Plus wasting peoples time. Anyone who would follow this will never be the lead dog. Good luck America It is a no wonder we have so problems in this country. Respect seems to be totally lost! This is just another example of terrorism! Sabotage of a tv show!! Rediculus!!
If you don't like American Idol, I suggest that you simply not watch it instead of trying to sabotage it. The continued vote for Sanjaya proves that some folks are just plain destructive. If Sanjaya wins because of this silly "worst" voting, those who have kept him in should realize that he will not have a successful career. No record company is going to spend the vast amounts of money to promote someone who has won because he is a joke. So, he'll get some money and nothing else but a by-line in the television history books as the butt of a giant joke.
Sanjaya needs to go, he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad.
It will take AI limiting one call per family or phone. It really needs to be changed. I'm not watching anymore.
maybe the judges should have been a little more careful in their selection of these people....I personally thought Sanjaya's sister was the better singer of the two...he needs to go
I think Sanjaya is doing fine -- I'm tired of the loud and strong voices -- they give me a head ache Sanjaya has a soft but good voice he can carry a toone -- instead of the head of curls that was so childish -- chris was a total turn off.
I really think sanjaya should get the axe. He really does suck big time and i feel the show has gotten really bad and distasteful for keeping such a person like sanjaya on the show HELLO STUPID PEOPLE THAT ARE VOTEING FOR HIM STOP THE MADNESS NOW AND VOTE HIM OFF. phew that felt better.
For a show so immensely popular, it is hard to see how Sanjaya could honestly still be in the running. I suppose there isn't any way for the producers to stop these "keep the worst" votes but I feel as Simon does. If he, unfortunately, won over some of the obviously more talented contestants, our family would not waste our time viewing the show again even though it is our favorite at the moment.
I read and read and read about Sanjaya sucking and not being worthy of being on the show. I couldn't agree more. It's turned into a big side show. However if there is this much public sentiment against him, how is he staying? If you want him off badly enough, do something about it. Vote for everyone else.
Sanjaya reminds me of a young michael jackson with his squeeky voice. He has no talent, and whats with his sticking out his tongue when he can? Hes not a rock star by no means - All he can manage to sing is bubble gum music, and who wants that? there are no more Archies, he would be better off singing with the chipmunks. Get him off the show Please!
my thought about sanjaya is.... GOD HELP US IF HE WINS AMERICAN IDOL.... i dont know what is going on with this show but all i have to say is he should have been gone on the frist show when is sister left the show.. SIMON PLEASEEEE HELPPPPPP USSSSSS AMERICAN IDOL FANS... before american idol fans get tired of this show...
I am floored that America wants Sanjaya to stay...the boy can't even remember his lines, for crying out loud! Can't we raise the level of expectation just a smidgen, please?
I was a long time AI watcher. I can not and have not watched for 2 weeks. This is turning into the American Idiot. This is a singing competition and not a questionable style contest. This is do doubt the demise of AI. Sanjaya will ruin this once entertaining show.
I think America is looking at hair instead of ability. What is going to happen when they are down to six, and heaven forbid Sanajaya is still there. Who will they vote off then.
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