Wednesday, March 28, 2007
'Idol' chatter: Dump Sanjaya
From Special Projects producer -- and "American Idol" fan -- Steve Almasy:

America, the long national nightmare needs to end. "American Idol" needs to get rid of Sanjaya.

I don't care how. I have no confidence he will be voted off soon, so we have to do something. Somebody please find some risque photos on the Internet. Wait, that's not a good idea. There are children watching. (Watch who Steve and colleague Troy Bentley think should be voted out)

And apparently voting.

Last night apparently was "Songs Steve used to listen to at the frat house" night. Actually it was songs by No Doubt and singers that inspired Gwen Stefani -- a nice little mix. Gwen, we're told -- though really there was little video evidence -- coached the 10 remaining finalists this week, and she'll perform on Wednesday's results show.

I'm sure Melinda Doolittle and LaKisha Jones -- two of the favorites -- were glad to see Donna Summer numbers available. Going first -- and the high expectations of many -- were too much for LaKisha. I expected her to absolutely crush "Last Dance," but it was shaky at the beginning and she didn't get it going until the end. I mean, Paula didn't even dance.

Melinda, on the other hand, was typically great with "Heaven Knows." When they went to commercial break I realized I had jacked the volume to levels that invite dirty looks and phone calls from neighbors. Also typically great was Jordin Sparks, who is now firmly in the top two after a Christina Aguilera-like version (vocally, not attire-wise) of No Doubt's "Hey Baby." But "Idol" wannabes tread in dangerous lands when they do something so contemporary and I'’m not sure it went over well with the TV audience -–- the voters.

While I want Sanjaya to go, there are two prime candidates for the boot after last night: Chris Sligh and Haley Scarnato. When a performer admits "my bad" after his performance, it is bad. And thanks to Haley, I now know there is a pageant version of "True Colors."

Who did you think did well last night?
Sanjaya; I can't even keep a strait face when he is 'singing', it's horrid. Haley is not much better, but sadly I don't see either going anytime soon.

Sanjaya, will be the cause of next years Idol "Sanjaya Rules". Taking the American public out of the mix or allowing the judges to veto the voting. Sadly I see Sanjaya possibly winning this thing.
Sanjaya is going to reap the ($$) benefits of being a bad singer,why would he design his hair the way he did (attention)? Watch, you will see. Melinda Doolittle will definitely win this one.
Keep Sanjaya, ditch Haley. She's HORRIBLE! She is the next to go.
I thought Gina was awesome although Lakisha and Melinda are my 2 favorites. Gina really stepped her game up last night.
No, Sanjaya is a joke. He should not have gotten this far.
My husband and I just cannot bring ourselves to watch the show anymore. I'm done with it forever. Getting sick of the "out of the norm" people on Deal or No Deal too.
I did think that Haley could have done better but I really cant stand Sanjaya and really want him off the show ASAP.
At least with Haley you have something to look at! What was up with Sanjaya's hair?!?! I thought Chris Richardson did well and he went last so hopefully he will stick around another week!
They need to boot Sanjaya AND Hailey! They both just need to go home.
Sanjaya seems to be this year's "young girl and granny" vote getter. But he needs to go. Bad. Really, really bad.
Those voting for Sanjaya just because he's the worst...why? What's the point? You obviously don't care for the show, so why waste your time and cell phone minutes dialing his number? This show is a once in a lifetime opportunity for some of these kids to really make it, and thanks to VFTW, that opportunity is compromised. Of all shows to sabotage, you chose the one that affects people's lives - here's a standing ovation to you. Feel proud!
Sanjaya is an idiot.
Yes, Sanjaya needs to go. Every week we suffer another lousy performance, and another idiotic hairdo. Go, Sanjaya, go! Go as far and fast as you can, away from American Idol.
Sanjaya is RUINING American Idol. I cannot take another week of him and frankly, I don't even think HE wants to be there. I am fully on board with Jordan Sparks. She is young, fresh and has an outstanding voice. Melinda and Lakisha are too predictible and are pretty much the same person. I am sticking to my theory that the call centers in India are responsible for Sanjaya going this far.
I think it's sad that Sanjaya has stayed and others that had potential were kicked off. He is the worst I have ever seen/heard and cannot believe he is still there. There has to be away to get him voted out.
Sanjaya knows that he does not deserve to be where he is and just keeps getting suprised by the people out there who are voting for the "worst" American Idol. I like him as a young kid but he can not produce any record I would purchase, maybe when he gets older??? He needs to be the next to go but he won't, sad really. I agree with Simon, it doesn't matter what the judges say anymore now that the "vote for the worst" are out there to sabotage AI........Sad really because the ones who should still be there are sitting in the audience watching now.
That's what music is about today. You can only sell it if people like you. There a plenty of people who can sing, but lots of them can't sell much that will go to the top of the music chart. Kids are buying music today so lets just face it. Leave the kid along there are more like him that's making plenty of money today.
Sanjaya absolutely needs to go and Haley isn't far behind. I don't think Gina was as great as the judges said and I thought Phil did an excellent job with the every breath you take. As usual though, Melinda took it, she is just amazing!
vote sanjaya! Messing with the show is the only thing that makes it worth watching.
To quote columnist Linda Sharp on Sanjaya, "It�s official, with that Fauxhawk nightmare, he is now Evil Malaknievel, and as a confirmed daredevil, decided for his first feat, to jump a metaphorical Snake River Canyon with his head."

The kid is sweet, but needs to go.
While Sanjaya was BAD, Haley was far worse. She slaughtered a GREAT song. Chris Sligh was bad... but I like him, and will give him another chance... Buh bye Ms Scarnato!
There are only about 3 on this show that can sing. It's a toss up who should go tonight, but I would choose Sanjaya first.
If Sanjaya wins, and Simon quits, the show will be over. There is no way Fox is going to let this happen. There are bigger implications from a Sanjaya win - a sign that American culture, in its death-throes for a decade, will officially be dead, when image and irony prevail once and for all over talent. Doolittle is far and away the most talented. If she doesn't win, it will make Chris Daughtry's premature ouster pale in comparison
You have to give Sanjaya credit, it takes courage to come out and perform when he has suffered (and earned) nothing but national humiliation for weeks now. You would think he would cite "wanting to spend more time with my family" as a reason for simply dropping off of the show.
Sanjaya deserves to go home. His act is just that, an act. He pretends to sing and gets you talking about him by doing "wacky" things with his hair. A faux-hawk? Yeah, not so trendy anymore, dude! The judges were not at all mean to him last night, so there's no excuse for a sympathy vote. Sanjaya MUST go.
Sanjaya can not sing. He should not have been in the top 24 to begin with. It is time for him to go.
Sanjaya just proves that American Idol is not a talent contest, it is a popularity contest; Popular to the teens & pre-teens who can stay up half the night calling the toll free number for him. I agreed with Simon's comments when he said that there was no point in saying anything. Haley's performance had a "theme park performance" air to it and Chris has sabatoged himself with poor choice of songs. My complaint to Melinda: Quit looking surprised when you receive positive feedback from the judges. You KNOW you can sing, you sang professionally as a back-up singer..I do have a problem with professional back-up singers being allowed to compete but that's a different blog for another day.....
Let's end the misery now and declare Melinda the winner. She is awesome. Did anybody else notice the weird vibe between Sanjaya and Ryan? They would make a cute couple, though. Sanjaya is pathetic - he can't even hold a note!
Sanjaya is pitiful. I can't even stand to look at him and after last night with the hair thing, even moreso! I think he'd be a great drag queen as it's obvious he would prefer to be a woman. Sorry but he and Ryan need to both come out!
I voted for him 10 times last night! Just because........
I'm in 100% agreement. I know Sanjaya most likely will NOT be leaving us this week. My prediction for the bottom two is Haley and either Chris Sligh or possibly even Lakisha (shocking, I know) or maybe Chris Richardson (though his final time slot and decent performance of one of No Doubt's biggest hits hopefully was enough to save him). I've never been a fan of Phil Stacey's, but even I have to admit he performed well last night and I believe he secured a spot in next week's show. In a perfect world Sanjaya's bags would be packed, but I fear we may lose another more deserving contestant to Sanjaya's Lucky #7 Mohawk and over-groomed eyebrows.
American Idol has become one of the best comedies on network television. I think that Sanjaya (as long as the network allows this) could actually win. After Chris Daughtery was kicked off and Taylor Hicks was crowned last year, we all know that anything can happen.
LONG LIVE SANJAYA...Your next American Idol!!!
Sanjaya is the next American Idol!!!!!
We need to vote for every number except Sanjaya's at least 3 times each to offset Howard Stern's little game to "vote for the worst". Him and his posey need to get a life of their own.
I love LaKisha and Melinda as always. They have such "power" and "feeling" in their voices.
Sanjaya is a terrible singer with terrible hair and he needs to go home.
Who ever is voting for Sanjaya, will you please stop! He absolutely doesn't belong in this competition anymore. If you know of someone voting for Sanjaya, please talk some sense into them and tell them to stop!
Folks as bad as we say Sanjaya is the fact that we still talk about him is the reason why he is still there. Thats the reason for the wild hair do - publicity is publicity. As a vocalist he's OK so he is hoping any talk will be enough to keep him on. So stop talking and break your redial button to exhaust your call in votes.
Sanjaya needs to be booted off
For sure Sanjaya should go and so should Haley. I feel bad for the little guy though...he's such a 'sweet' kid and I'm sure all of the negativity is hurtful...He probably wants off as much as we want him off! Take it easy on Chris...he's actually pretty good...but not the winner!
This show would make much more sense if America got to vote someone off. The majority would indeed rule.
Haley and Sanjaya would be my bottom two. I don't care for either one and Sanjaya is starting to get an attitude!!
I don't see Sanjay getting voted off anytime soon... Howard has all of his fans voting to keep Sanjay on.

Here's to LaKisha winning. =D
At this point, Sanjaya is just making fun of the show and himself. He knows that he shouldn't be there....GET RID OF HIM!!!
Sanjayah is just like Taylor Hicks from last year. It's very commical when he's on stage. Neither guy can carry a tune in a bucket, but one of them was crowned American Idol.
Haley = Kathy Lee Gifford. Just awful.
I agree with Jessica, the week where Sundance and Sabrina were let go was a shame because the exact opposite should have happened, Sanjaya and Haley should have gone home.

The person I am really liking and think would do well in the real world is Gina.
Every season their is a "Sanjaya"; someone who doesn't deserve to be in the finals but somehow gets voted back week after week. The strongest are Melinda, Jordin, and Blake. I don't see anyone else being able to do what Taylor did last year, which is win the competition solely based on personality over the best singer, Chris Daughtry.
Sanjaya should have been gone weeks ago. I think the whole thing is down to Lakisha, Melinda and Blake.
Sanjaya should go; Haley should go; Chris Richardson should not have beat out Sabrina for the final 12, and should not have beat out Stephanie last week. But, obviously one opinion is not enough.

Think Idol should change the voting strategy to where you vote for who you think should go. At this point in the competition, there are several really good singers pulling votes as they should. If those votes were going to the "worst" singer, it might be easier to get rid of those who should be gone.
Gina did really well for the first time, well, ever. I totally hear you about Sanjaya. Lakisha has yet to match the magic of "And I am Telling You", and I hope she can recapture it soon.
If you listen to the music, Haley really isnt all that bad. There are several others who probably deserve to go before her. Such as Sanjaya, Sanjaya, Sanjaya, and Sanjaya.
But really, Chris Sligh could go anytime soon. He's good, but let's be real, you've got to cut it down sooner or later. Enough is enough with Sanjaya making this competition a joke!
It is more than time for Sanjaya to go. Its become a joke that he is still on, he doesn't hold a note. This is a singing competition, folks! I love Lakisha! Melinda needs to change it up a bit, same old same old, though her voice is beyond great.
For all the years I've watched Idol, I still truly believe the votes don't count. Powers higher decide who comes and goes. I think they made an error in Taylor though. It was a white males turn, I think their judgement slipped on this one. No ones interested. Chris Daughtry can stand on his own.

Forget getting rid of Sanjaya, someones messing with the public.

I think Lakisha and Melinda are amazing, but like Randy said last night, Jordin Sparks is a recording artist. She can reach main stream and then some. The other girls are too classified.
Sanjaya is a nasty aberation and needs to go immediately. His continued appearances are painful and the only saving grace was the 12 year old that cried her eyes out last week through his performance - so did I but for a completely different reason - HE'S HORRIBLE. Haley can stay - we need some eye candy and see fits that bill just fine.
Not sure who is voting for Sanja, but at this point he will still be around for the Idol tour. The blame is on the judges for passing him through the top 24 in the first place. Now the blame is on Everyone else for keeping him every week. Maybe its a joke and someone is trying to prove the system can be fixed. Whatever the reason this season has become a joke with him staying in the competition. I believe if he goes much further on Idol the rating will drop. Noone wants to watch him sing as bad as he does and then continue on.
Melinda was great as usual. Top notch. Sanjaha and Chris were just DREADFUL! Embarrassing.
I think this guy is pathetic. If that is who america wants to be their idol than let them be. But no this person thinks that just because he does not like him he should go. I hope Sanjaya wins it and it ruins the show. Howard Stern and his fans will destroy this guys life. I know i voted 300 times for sanjaya. I think you all should to. Especially if your sick and tired of your wives making you watch it. If your contestant was voted off I think you should vote for sanjaya. all hail sanjaya.
Go Sanjaya! This whole Howard Stern and idea is awesome. It is showing America that they need to get a grip. Get out and do some real good; stop worrying about a dumb singing show. Spend the time more wisely and volunteer or maybe contact a politician with a good idea.
I think Sanjaya brings the overall caliber of the show to an all time low. His singing is "in the shower" at best and he must go home
As mcu as I HATE to admit it Sanjaya will be around at least for a couple more weeks. Every year there is always someone that is by far nowhere near the other contestants in talent and every year that one "idol" gets far in the competition because of the tiny fan base calling for the full two hours non stop on multiple phone lines. The ONLY way for the crap like this to end and end for good is to limit the amoutn of phone calls able to be made by the home viewer. All they need to do is limit it to 10 calls and they would get a more fair and accurate view as to who is really popular and just a freak of nature!!!
Haley is the most beautiful girl in Idol history and not that bad of a singer. Sanjaya is at least entertaining. Sligh sucked again, and Phil should be worried, too.
Sanjaya is the best singer in the competition and should be the next american idol winner. I would buy any cd he puts out.
I'd actually keep Sanjaya another week if we can oust Chris Richardson. I can't stand his squeaky voice. He and Sanjaya can do a duet..
I too think that Sanjaya needs to go, with each passing week I find myself shuddering when I see him. I think Idol is rigged this year. How could America possibly vote Sundance off over Sanjaya...ever?? This baffles me. Did you get a real good look at his hair last night? WOW! His head looked like a Roman helmet. Although I can say his voice is improving a little... I can still say this with confidence, he sings and talks like Michael Jackson, only MJ doesn't sound like crap. America, wake up, last week's little stunt with the girl who cried during the entire span of the show was a ploy, it was so Sanjaya could be seen as something more than what he is, which is certainly not a singer.
Sanjaya is kept around for entertainment purposes only at this point. America is NOT doing this kid a favorite by keeping him on from week to week. He's like Dorothy now...There's no place like HOME!!
I don't think Jordin was "great" last night. SHe did o.k. I could not believe the judges reaction. She was overated.
Sanjaya should do the right thing and eliminate himself. He doesn't deserve to be on AI. Haley should go next, then Chris S.
I think that Chris has done enough to let his previous performances carry him through this's not "do or die" every week quite yet. Haley didn't hit a single correct note. She needs to go this week. Sanjaya isn't far behind.
I like Haley.I thought she did better than the judges and most of the posters.Chris Sligh has been a major disappointment and I'd like to see him leave..of course Sanjaya leaving would be ideal..but we all know it's not going to happen.Melinda,Phil and Gina were the best last night.
Sanjaya needs to leave!! It appears he has realized that since he cannot sing and does not need to be in this competition, so he is going to try some antics that may get him a fan base e.g., the horrendous faux-mohawk last night!! Come on Idol fans, let's keep this show about talent!
'Idol' claims to seek out the BEST of the BEST, yet the method of voting promotes favortism towards the popular, even if they are far LESS than the BEST. Sanjaya and Jasmine Trias (2004) are examples of the LESS outlasting the BETTER. I believe 'Idol' is on the verge of losing all credibility (if it hasn't already). 'Idol' is obviously looking for ratings over finding the BEST. If "Idol" wants to remain credible, the solution is simple. The weekly vote should simply be for the WORST contestant. This would eliminate the weeks where the BETTER are thrown away because fans "forgot" to keep voting for their favorite, and hopefully do a better job of finding the BEST of the BEST.
While Chris was not as good as he could be, I really this it's time for Haley to exit. Lets be honest here Sanja is getting the networks what they want and that is ratings so he will be around till just about the end.

Bravo- Jordin you were great (as usual), I have telling everyone to watch you just be patient. Melinda-welcome to the party. It was so nice to hear a more popular and hip song from you. Keep going
American Idol is a garbage laden cesspool that needs to be eliminated from the face of the earth!
I think Melinda hit it again for the girls, Jordan didn't do a thing for me and where in the world did she get that outfit?! For the guys, I have to go with Phil and Blake, I think they really stepped up.
You all need to get a life. You people are whining and complaining over a guy you don't even know. You think your votes will help people get superstardom but it doesn't. Where's Taylor Hicks' album on the billboard 100? Ruben and Clay drop off the face of the earth. I laugh at you all.
Last night was kind of surprising for me. My favorite is Lakisha; to me, she can do no wrong. I don't think that "Last Dance" was exactly the right song for her, though, or maybe "Last Dance" just isn't one of my favorite songs. But she sure sang it well, and looked fantastic. Melinda did a great job, as usual, but not her most memorable performance. I was intrigued by Sanjaya; up to this point, I thought he was pretty lame, but I actually liked the hair, and I think his song worked well for his voice and personality. For some reason, I think that crazy hair gave him some confidence, and it came through in his singing. Just goes to show you that when you're true to your character -- however unusual it is -- you will always do your best. I might be the only one saying this, but I was kind of underwhelmed by Jordin. I disagree with the judges; I don't think the song was right for her, and she didn't put enough of herself into it. It seemed fake to me, and I didn't like her outfit at all. I think she's much more elegant than the way she came across last night.
Gina Glocksen wins for style and charisma. If she just nail the right song, then the tide could turn. Go get 'em Gina.
The crying girl last week, and probably several million like her, are the reason Sanjaya is still on the show... he actually has a shot at winning. Unfortunately, his presence is also evidence that the best singer (who is obviously Melinda) may not win.
I agree that Sanjaya needs to go. Even the hair proved that last night. (Who is the AI stylist that let that happen?!) Melinda was wonderful once again, and Phil did surprisingly well with a very good song choice.
Maybe we Should have a slaughter night on AI - the bottom three get the axe - Haley, Sligh and Sanjaya. Might save us all some time and suffering!
sanjaya is a cute and probably nice kid...however he cannot sing and really needs to go-just hearing/ and watching him with his goofy hair syles is painful-this is supposed to be about SINGING! It is a joke to the people on the show that can actually sing!
Melinda Doolittle is as good an actress as she is a singer. It's getting to the point where her feigned expressions and reactions are a bit cloying to say the least.
Sanjaya knows its time for him to leave, he's just fooling around and getting cocky with the judges now, because he knows he can't carry it off anymore - nor do I want him too! Haley needs to go home too! and can that dress get any shorter? Pa-leease!
There is a secret society of woman and maybe men that are hot for Sanjaya - He will make it through you watch!
vote the whole show off! Just like any "reality" show - it needs to go!
I think Blake and Gina did very well besides Melinda.
All other than Melinda, Lakisha and Jordin do not fit in staying for the final race. But its still a competition where there are winners and loosers..its only the time that defines this..since this is not just a talent show, be sensible in voting....
I think obviously Sanjaya has to go, although he probably won't. I know that Melinda has a great voice, but frankly I can't look at her, and her surprised stupid look when the judges say she's good. Her stylists do a horrible job in dressing her, she has no neck, yet they put a high blet on her to make her neck look even more nonexistant. I know its not about looks, but it kinda is...I love Blake, he's fresh, Jordin who is young, and vibrant, and of course Chris R because, well he's hot...and his voice isn't bad either. Knowing that Sanjaya should go home but won't, I think that it will be either Haley or Chris S. which is fine with me.
Sanjaya Sanjaya Sanjaya Snajaya Sanjaya Sanjaya Sanjaya Sanjaya Sanjaya Sanjaya Sanjaya Sanjaya
I'm not to sure of the point of this show anymore, if it ever had one in the first place. even the supposed talented singers are boring. Hopefully this will be the end of "idol" and we can all move on and focus our attention on something worthwhile like, so you think you can dance.
Oh Please..Sanjaya has got to go...I dont know how he got this far in the first place...But he is not very good of a singer at all...I think we should have a hour of "taking the phones away from teenagers and preteens that like Sanjaya" so, the other people can vote against him...
Sanjaya MUST go!! He shouldn't have made the top 12 as far as I'm concerned. Same with Haley. It should come down to a shoot-out between Jordan and Melinda unless LaKisha picks the rights songs. The guys are OK but just aren't on the same level as these 3 girls EXCEPT for Blake. He just might be able to swoon enough votes out of all the young girls and grannies out there.
Sanjaya MUST leave tonight, with Haley close behind him! They are both not good enough to be in this competition!!
Sanjaya- stupid is what stupid does!! See ya, he's gotta go.
Sanjaya is not as bad as people are making him out to be and Jordin Sparks is definitely over-rated. She has a great voice but she sings off key. Lakisha and Melinda are the only two that have all 3 components of a great singer - voice, pitch and timing. They also have a professional look and presence.
KEEP Sanjaya
Is it just me or does this season seem to lack the energy and enthusiasm of past sesasons? GET SANJAYA OFF QUICK! Haley needs to go next.
Belinda Doolittle, she has such a clear & beautiful voice !
I actually thought Gina and Phil did great! I personally don't like either of them but think they chose great songs to showcase their talents
"Also typically great was Jordin Sparks..."

Why is everyone gushing over this painful, tedious performance?? If you're going to compete live on a national singing competition, wouldn't it be wise to pick a song with more than three notes? And maybe, I don't know, a few lyrics too?

I'm sorry, the Mentadent smile and L.A.M.B-inspired threads aren't going to sway me this time. It sucked. She doesn't deserve to go home, but lets not get sucked in and start waxing poetic about her skills when she clearly didn't display them - at all.
I agree..Sanjaya is RUINING American Idol. If a Lakisha, or Melinda is voted off and Sanjaya keeps his place American Idol is OVER..If the American people are dumb enough to continue to vote for Sanjaya they deserve the show they will get.The shows producers need to step in and REMIND America that AI is a SINGING contest, not how cute somebody is..Just imagine Sanjaya winning American Idol??...I'll never watch again..Simon, Randy and Paula need to shoulder some of the blame for Sanjaya being on the show in the first place. He should NEVER have been in Hollywood.
I have to agree with your comments. I wouldn't be surprised to see Chris Sligh voted off after last night, but I think Sanjaya and Haley Scarnato are far more deserving of the boot after being consistently atrocious week after week.
I agree another great night from LaKisha, Melinda and Jourdan. SANJAYA needs to GO.
Sanjaya NEEDS TO GO!!!! I really liked the kid when they showed him during the initial auditions and i was rootin' for him. but now its really a joke-- hair and all. haley is next!
Idol is a joke and always has been. It just took this little fiasco to wake people up. How stupid are viewers? Do you really think the most deserving wins on this show? Do you think the producers even care? As long as they have the ratings, they make their money. Joke's on you.
Sanjaya is the only interesting/entertaining thing on AI this season. Everyone else is either predictable, bland, or mediocre. And no one looks like (s)he's havng any fun on stage except for Sanjaya. No, he's not the best singer, but there are others left who give much less entertaining performances. Let them go home first. At least Sanjaya is fun. It's the show's fault for choosing such a limited boring top 24. Where were the country singers? Where were the rock singers? Where are the deep voiced growly singers? Bleah. I'm voting for Sanjaya until the end.
Sanjaya was horrible last night, but I think he could actually win the competition because he could easily become a heartthrob.
This sounds terrible but is it possible that Sanjaya's "success" has more to with being Indian-American than with his talent?

As this show goes on it becomes less a talent show than a reflection of the agenda of the audience participants at large. If people thing it would be funny to put the next William Hung on top they can if they can muster enough votes. Perhaps the Indian-Americans are flexing their collective muscle for one of their own?

Doesn't make it right or wrong. This show is going to go where the public wants it to go because the voters will be heard. Remember the line from "Miss Congeniality", "It's not a beauty contest, it's a scholarship program".

Talent? We don't need no stinkin talent.
Sanjaya and Haley should never have made it to the final 12 in the first place...and Chris Sligh gets worse every week.
Idol ought to use the same format they used for the recent Grease competition in which the judges had a lot of input until the Final when America voted. If American Idol is a vehicle to discover new talent (emphasis on the new), I think Blake offers the most unique sound - I would actually buy one of his records. He sounded like a young Sting last night! All the rest are cookie cutter pop singers like so many others out there - boring!
I thing Gina did an outstanding job last night with the Pretenders. Her voice was strong, clear, and right on the money pitch-wise. She's got my vote.
I cringe everytime Sanjaya gets on the stage- I am sure he's a nice person, but come on, This show is no longer a talent competetion- Maybe a sign that American Idol's reign is coming to an embarrassing end.
I like Melinda, Blake, and Gina. Gina really did a great job.
are u crazy?, Sanyaja is a breath of fresh air comparing to the rest of the contestans. I love watching him on American Idol and I am not a 12 years old girl.
If you're voting for Sanjaya just because he's the worst...why? What's the point? You obviously don't care for the show, so why even waste your time and cell phone minutes dialing his number? I find VFTW a bit contradicting - its whole purpose is to get back at the producers for letting thru the bad ones, yet we're keeping them around?... Rediculous. Of all the shows out there to sabotage you have to choose the one that affects people's lives. Way to go!
I cannot beleive that America can even find this remotely close to funny! Keeping Sanjaya is a disgrace and they have kicked some people with real talent off in sacrifice of this kid... How about poor Stephanie last week?? She has more of a voice than Sanjaya will ever have! Come on America this is a singing contest that has given us all some great artists(Kelly Clarkson,Carrie Underwood)and it needs to go back to what it is a SINGING CONTEST!!!!!!
Whoa, teens & pre-teens are to blame for Sanjaya sticking around? My 11-year-old (& all her friends) despise Sanjaya with a passion, just like me & anyone else I've talked to. As for the high-&-mighty comment that helping bring down Idol is a good thing b/c people then could do more volunteer work etc. ... give me a break! It's (mostly) clean entertainment for my kid, it takes up about 2 hours a week...yeah, killing Idol is really going to save the world alright!
Keep voting for Sanjaya!!!!! It's fun to mess with Simon!!!
Not only will Sanjaya be the next "Idol" but it will finally shut up losers like you from complaining about a show that seems to be the most important thing in you life.
To the idiot a few posts up, "Eric," who stupidly said is "awesome" and that America was wasting time watching a dumb singing competition when we should be "volunteering" or "contact[ing] a politician with a good idea"....are you kidding?
Let me guess: you have 14 million liberalist bumper stickers on the back of your Toyota Prius. It is people like you who make me revel in the fact that 1) I don't recycle and 2) I DO watch TV and enjoy it.
And I DO volunteer weekly at the local nursing home, thankyouverymuch.
Oh, and I can't stand Sanjaya.
If you guys do not like Sanjaya stop watching the show. I will do my best to make sure he wins it. PS American Idol does not say that it picks the best of the best. It says that America picks who they want to win. so because you do not like sanjaya does not mean others don't. PS Sanjaya sang better than tubby and the chick that everyone else wants gone.
Sanjaya is great, love him. Period.
The two best are Phil and Jordin.
Melinda Doolittle is still our favorite. She showed real star quality in the beginning and still has it. Sanjayah's GOTTA GO !!!
If Sanjaya by some reason wins American Idol, It will make this program a joke. This young man is demeaning the quality of the show. I realize he should have a chance at competing but if he wins it will be for all the wrong reasons...His appearance, his voice and only because he is the first person from India to be on American Idol...Lakisha & Melinda are the ones with amazing talelnt...Other than that I do not miss an episode as it gives the talented people a chance to move on..thank you
This whole Sanjaya thing simply goes to show that American Idol has officially "jumped the shark" and is on its' way out. How someone who couldn't carry a tune if it was in a bucket gets all the way to the final 10 shows how stupid the American public is. Voting Sanjaya to the finals will bring this show to its' knees and hopefully to a merciful end.
Sanjaya should have been gone weeks ago. Please! Haley & Sligh next. My top picks Melinda (should win), Jordin, Gina, Blake & Chris Richardson. I must admit I have not liked Phil but thought he did a good job last night.
Sanjaya has the look of a teen idol! American Idol fans deserve to have him be the winner! It is a chump show, run by chumps for chumps. As far as his voice is concerned - "fix in the mix". None of you chumps would ever to be able to tell anyway.
Okay I will admit Sanjaya is the worst singer and I think he should be going home, but I think Chris is the worst musician of the bunch. He cannot even sing along with the music and has been off the beat, or "pocket" as they called it, for the entire competition. When I would listen to kareoke I would always say that I'd take somebody that was off key, but on the beat, over someone that was off beat.

Sanjaya should go home, but Chris should be next because the man has zero musical talent considering he cannot sing along with the band.
Sanjaya has to go... this guy is a joke.. he just can't sing... I have no idea how is he surviving... I would take him out before Haley... I don't think she did that bad last night... she did better that Sanjaya, that's for sure!!
I refuse to watch the show until Sanjaya goes as I think this whole thing as concocted by the producers from the get-go. Remember, he made it all the way through the judges' cuts even before audience voting got involved. So I have no sympathy when they cringe each week in their chairs.
I'm a bitter viewer who hasn't watched since LaToya was voted off. Therefore, I vote every week for Sanjaya. Let's not pretend that this is a true talent competition ok?
I refuse to watch the show until Sanjaya goes as I think this whole thing was concocted by the producers from the get-go. Remember, Sanjaya made it all the way through the judges' cuts even before audience voting got involved. So I have no sympathy when the judges cringe each week in their seats.
Sanjaya is to singing as Bush is to the presidency. But we get what we deserve.
American Idol should change the voting system. You should be calling for the person you want voted off the show not the person you want to win. I gaurantee Sanjaya would be gone so quickly his head would be spinning.
I agree Sanjaya needs to go, as does Vin Unleaded, er, I mean Phil Stacey. Melinda Doolittle rocks.
Hello?! Screw Sanjaya - the kid is just another one hit wonder if he ever gets that far. I'd love to see Blake win this thing. He has definite potential, his own style and I think he could easily sell millions of records. Love Blake!
Sanjaya is adorable but not the American Idol. His time has come and gone. That was an odd performance yesterday. It's not fair that he should stay at the expense of someone else.
Sanjaya is proof that the judges need to be a part of the voting process. I am not sure "why" he is still there, but for whatever reason, it needs to be corrected. And soon. Sadly, some very talented singers are already gone.
Go Blake! I don't care how the Sanjaya-Haley-Gina-Phil-Chris/Chris thing plays out, my top four are Blake (the only one who is doing something really interesting, creative, and unique - I would TOTALLY buy his albums if they gave him the creative freedom to do what he wants), Lakisha, Melinda, and Jordin. If it gets down to those four, there would probably be vote-sharing problems for the girls, and Blake will win.
Haley is a looker and can sing. Blake has great stage presence and the teen crowd will probably migrate to him once Sanjaya is gone. I project the top 4 to be Blake, Jordin, Melinda, and Gina with Blake and Jordin in the finals. Lakisha has that power voice but has more of a niche market.
C'mon. This is TV at its best. Its genius. Go with it. Vote Sanjaya.
All I have to say is "Vote for the Worse" LOL
This is a talent contest, not who has the most fans who can dial a phone.
Another example of the dumbing down of America. Sans Sanjaya NOW!!!!!!
The kid strapped a poodle to his head last night and butchered another decient song. For the love of God, KICK HIM OUT!!!
We are agreed on Sanjaya! Someone needs to take a set of clippers to that hair of his. Chris Sligh did do pretty bad last night. But, Haley Scarnato desperately needs to go.
I could not agree with you more about Sanjaya. I heard that Howard Stern continues to promote Sanjaya voting on his radio show. ARG!!!!! My favorite pick is Melinda - very talented, professional and continues to do a great job week after week. As for the guys, I like Blake and Jordan.
if he is so bad maybe the judges shouldn't have picked him. he stands their smiling and happy and gets made fun of by them every week. i would never buy a melinda or lakisha cd. boring ! i do like blake he is different. does the best always win. no. we seen that last year but it worked ok just great for chris! anything they get it fine. some take humilation every week and the judges picked them the best of the best. why ?? to humilate on tv for ratings. just my personal opinion. i'm not really a fan of his just tired of the sanjaya bashing.
Chris Richardson needs to show off his hot bod. He has it all over Blake in that department. He looked kind of sad last night. I think he may be leaving tonight.
If they move Idol to 10:00 PM then the tweens will be in bed and will not be able to vote for Sanjaya.
It is obvious that America is not voting on the talented becasue of Sanjaya still being on the show.
Now for Lakesha....come on everyone, she gave us her very best the first night and we know she can blow, but you have to admit that there is not another song out there that can top her first performance. We are expecting her to blow every song but it is not her it is the songs.
You hit the nail on the head! Sanjaya gets weirder by the week and Haley is only there because of her legs! Melinda is awesome, as is Jordin. Someone needs to help her with her wardrobe just a little though because last night her performance was tainted by the 'going to a picnic and I'm wearing the tablecloth' outfit. And Simon told Melinda he hated HER outfit?!? HELLO!!! Did he not notice Jordin's? He's a dodo anyway.His comments are WAY over-rated. Have a nice day!
This is the year of "A.I. Gives Back". They've already said that a portion of the vote money will go for their liberal causes.

They're probably HOPING that Sanjaya makes it that far: imagine the money they'll get as vote for the worst and Howard Stern continue to pour in votes for him.

Right after that show, Sanjaya will go: there will be a software "glitch" that drops all his votes. Until then, he's safe. A.I. wants as many people watching just to see what stupid thing he does. They're probably pumping up the votes themselves.
Sanjaya was bad and has to go. Haley wasn't fantastic but not too bad surprisingly. I agree that her performance was not memorable. Jordin and Melinda were fantastic although Jordin's choice of songs was questionable. Lakisha, Blake, and Phil were good. I disagree with Paula about Blake. He is a good singer, but I doubt he will make it to the finale. The 3 girls will make it to the top. I have always liked Chris S., but he wasn't that good last night. Chris R. was just oaky.
I can't for the life of me see what all these voters see in Sanjaya. He really is terrible and would never make a good American Idol. I happen to think Jordin would make a great American Idol. She had the voice and the looks to make it. Go Jordin!!
I like Sanjaya. He is a very nice kid. When Simon asked him if he thinks he is better than his sister. Sanjaya said right away: "I don't think so."
He sings well although he is not always the best. He will be a star from now on, even if they do not vote for him or Simon does not like him. Who does Simon like anyway, himself?
Sanjaya should have been gone weeks ago. He might have had the talent to go to Hollywood, but that was about it.
His followers need to know this is a singing contest..not a popularity contest.
Next on the choppin' bloc leans toward Haley Scarnato, then followed..sorry to say...Chris Sligh...who's performance seemed rather bland.
Personally,I deeply feel Melissa Doolittle will be the next "IDOL". She brings it on each and every week...singing with emotion in all of her songs. That a NATURAL.
She deserves to be the next "American Idol".
I for one hope Sanjaya stays in the game. Of all of the contestants that clearly shouldn't win, he's certainly the most entertaining. He appears to embrace the fact that he's been cast as the villain and is having fun with his new role. He's Moriarty, Mr. Hyde and Lex Luthor all rolled into a tiny little hairy ball. Frankly, I'd rather watch Sanjaya skewer a classic than Lakisha belt out another soulful but tired standard.
I thought Jordin's performance last night was pretty awful - I'm surprised that so many people liked it, including the judges. Something must have been wrong with my tv, because I thought it was awkward and under performed. Not totally embarrasing, but not good, either. I do like Jordin a lot, I just didn't like what she did last night. And please God get Sanjaya and Haley out of there!
How many people who are on national TV on one of the most popular TV shows looking like a rooster.....wins???? People have been voted off who are much better than him, its a joke!!!! If Lakesha, Melinda, Jordan or Gina get voted out before him, then this show is a joke. He looked like an idiot.
I think Haley did OK -- and she's smoking hot.

Sanjaya makes me wince.

Can Lakisha and Melinda actually sing something that hasn't been sung by an African-American woman? I am tired of that. I want to see diversity.

While I think Lakisha is an excellent singer, I find Melinda disturbing. She's not genuine; but rather she's two-faced. This "nicey-nice" act is just that, an act.
While I do not think he is as good as Melinda or Ms. Jones. I do not honestly think that he should've gotten as far as he has. But give him some credit. It takes alot to get up there and sing. And take the comments and roll on.
If sanjaya was so bad then he would have never made it through the first few rounds. Din't Paula ,Randy & Simon put him on the show believing he had some talent.
So for simom to say he would quit if sanjaya wins is UNFAIR .
Poor kid give him a break ,its not like he got on the show himself.
I agree he is inexperienced and does not have the best voice but if you compare him against with professional singers like Melinda its not fair
OK. This is supposed to be an amateur contest. Melinda is a PROFESSIONAL background vocalist. I think she should be disqualified. It really is not a fair competition with her in the race.

Personally, though not the best singer, I like Gina. I think she is smoking sexy. Yeah, a little on the chunky side. But there is something really sexy that just draws me in every time. I guess the tongue piercing certainly says something to that effect as well.
Lakisha, Melinda and Gina were great. None of the guys would get my vote.. Sanjaya is embarrassing, Haley terrible as is the bald guy can't recall his name.. is well second rate. Bo Bice..Chris Daughtry.. where are you??? All woman show this year..
Because that stupid Sanjaya is still on....I have stopped wasting my time watching. American Idol is a joke and it will be over if that incompetent singer wins.
I'm not sure what you were watching, but Jordin wasn't very good vocally last night. She looked cute/bubbly, but her singing was off. She wasn't the worst (that title will of course go to Sanjaya) but by no means was she anywhere close to being one of the better performers of the night. That title goes to Gina. The two 'front runners' were boooooooooring (Melinda & Lakisha).
If Sanjaya was a bit older, I believe that HE would remove himself from the competition. It is not hard for mature folks to recognize when they are the butt of a joke and could show some class by walking away.
Any credibility American Idol may have had is being badly eroded when someone like Sanjaya Malakar can be kept in by the show's voting system.
They should consider only allowing one vote per contestant - I recall a young female contestant from Hawaii who never should have got as far as she did but the voting system allowed it.
I am very disappointed in the program.
I believe that if Sanjaya keeps staying in the competition, it will ruin the whole idea of American Idol. The show is to find people who have talent. And unfortunately Sanjaya is not one of them. He really needs to go. I am getting sick of watching the results shows cause I know that he is probably going to stay in the competition, when others who really are talented are getting voted out. SANJAYA SUCKS AND NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!
The most amazing thing I have read in these comments is the thing about Howard Stern and his "VotefortheWorst" deal. He should be a Sanjaya fan as they have a lot in commom. They are both talentless hacks. The only thing even remotely interesting about the Howard Stern show is the hot girls. We are truly a twisted culture.
Sanjaya is the man. You people need to lighten up and get a life. it's just a stupid reality tv show. Go get some exercise or spend time talking with your family.
I really like Sanjaya. He is staying in good spirits despite what people are saying about him. Lighten up guys he's just a young kid that has a lot of popularity. Let him enjoy himself. I'd much rather see our young girls crying over a nice respectable guy than some sex craved individual that means them no good.
Hilarious. Go Sanjaya! I think American Idol is mindless crap, however to have the opportunity to rain on this parade is something I can't pass up. I proudly voted for Sanjaya last night!
Sorry to disagree with the brain washing going on that Melinda was the best last night. Not so. Donna Summer did a much better job on "Heaven Knows" than Melinda. And I totally disagree that Blake Lewis is the front runner. I mean, come on people! No way is Blake's voice better than Phil Stacey or Chris Sligh for that matter. And the beat box is getting a bit tiresome. Although Sanjaya is by far the worst, I can relate to the frustration of American Idol viewers; many who are actually voting for the worst this time. After all, you mean to tell me that after auditioning thousands upon thousand of possible idol contestants from different sates, this is the best they can come up with? Please, cut me some slack. Idols agenda this season has been quite obvious.

And I think it's great to have the number one show so something with their money in Africa, but what about our own? Why such a small percentage going to people in need in the US? And to whom? Is Idol becoming like our Government? Helping everyone else while watching our own fall apart?
While I do think that Melinda has a great voice I can not get past her D.W. looks. Yes, that is D.W. from the kids show Arthur. She just doesn't do anything for me while on stage. I could see a Jordan-Blake finale. They are more mainstream and hit or fit the pop voters.
This kid (Sanjaya) is turning the show into a joke. I can't take it seriously anymore and no longer watch the show. What is America thinking! The producers of this show need to take legal action and try to get the website shut down or put a gag order on that Howard Stern if that is even possible!


Former Fan of Idol
Idol could lose audience if they let the Sanjaya fiasco continue. I am getting a little bored of it too.Not sure how long I will continue if he is not gone this week. Getting tired of the freaky people on Deal/no deal too!
Use real people, stop over playing !
If he doesn't go tonight, I am done with the show. Vote for the worst will be responsible for crushing the dreams of some very good talent - hope they're proud of themselves! It will put an end to a show that has proven to be a great stepping stone to some young talented people.
It never ceases to amaze me how people respond to a "big" voice on Idol. Lakisha and Melinda are good singers, but not great. Especially Melinda, the vibrato in her voice is very annoying. While the talent this year may not be what it has in years past, Blake, Jordin, Gina and Chris all have great talent and I believe will all be awarded recording contracts when it is all said and done. As for Sanjaya, I say keep the little dude. There's nothing wrong with comic relief people.
Sanjaya sucks!!! COME ON!! The dude can't sing! Somebody do something!! I agree with this blogger that he needs to go! However, I disagree, I think/though Haley is great, but my favorite on the show is Gina! She rocks!!
My favorites are Blake and Jordan (Melinda is awesome but I don't see her as our next idol). However, with all the trashing of Sanjaya, I have to admit he has...well...something. I believe he can sing, he is just really inexperienced and needs someone to step in and show him the way. My son said, "Everyone wants another Michael Jackson. Sanjaya has some similarities to Michael. That's why he is still there." Maybe there is something to that. Although Sanjaya has only a fraction of the talent Michael had, maybe he can give us a little of Michael minus all the "weird stuff". (He's got to stop the strange hairdos to accomplish that.)
Marketability has got to count for something! Melinda, Lakeshia and Jordin aren't marketable in the least! Granted Melinda is the best singer in the competition, but can you picture her in a video?? The same can be said for Lakeshia and Jordin (and and all of the male conestents except Chris R for that matter). An American Idol has to be someone with that "pop star" quality. The closest we have to that this year are Gina G. and Chris R.

Last year ruined American Idol...Taylor Hicks was fun to watch, but again, zero marketablity. He shouldn't have won.

We do need some new guidelines...I agree with the comment about a judge's veto or something along those lines for next season.

I vote Gina or Chris R!!!
Sanjaya's hair was a disaster. cool effect... but not on him... and I could not agree more... Haley... is definatly the pageant show talent portion.
I am in complete disbelief that Sanjaya remains on "Idol". I too, strongly agree that his "spot" belongs to someone more deserving. Unfortunately, it's become more of a "popularity contest" opposed to a
"talent contest", and those who truly are there for the talent aren't getting a fair chance. This season may be the last for many viewers.
Not a good not for singing in general. Haley is awful...great legs but common voice. Sanjaya, seriously people..what a waste, he needs to go. The whole top 10 crew is completely forgettable except for Melinda and Jordin
The way it's gone is 1st season winner-White female, 2nd season winner-Black Male, 3rd Season winner-Black Female, 4th Season Winner-White Female, 5th Season winner-White Male,since there are no black males (sanjaya doesn't count) and a white male just won last season this is what I predict it will be, 6th season Black Female and it will be Melinda or Lakiska. They are making it fair between male and females and race so that it doesn't look discriminating. Sanjaya must go!!!!!!
To the poster named "Seanna" who "volunteers." Let me guess, American Idol is your life. You have no social life, still live in your parents basement, and don't have a boyfriend due to the bad acne all over your face.

It's amazing what people can do when the assume, huh? It's amazing how people ridicule others for not conforming to the same point of view they have.
I can hardly believe this untalented, smug & cocky person is still on!! I would honestly have to say I've lost interest in this show a bit, because it just goes to show that it is not necessarily based on talent any longer which is really too bad.
Sanjaya forever!
These pranksters/loyalists keeping him around for amusement will rue the day this lack-luster wanna-be is played in constant repetition on their local radio stations. I look forward to seeing him and his smug grin voted off the show. SOON!
It's an absolute shame that people, be it kids or not, have kept Sanjaya on there and letting talents like Sabrina and Stephanie go! What is to become of the show if this is what it is coming down to?!? Where are the parents who should be watching what these "kiddie" voters are doing? I don't look forward to the program as I used to do. I feel sure that I am not the only one feeling this way.
I cant believe this!!!!!!! Sanjaya's hair looked horrid!!!!! He sure could do us alot of good if he just withdraws...seriously i think he aint reading what everyone thinks about him..u just aint meant for it lad
Some type of new rules should be made, so that this show is ONLY about talent & nothing else. I think a pretty good show has become a farse.
Hailey Scarnato and Chris Sligh have had their moments - good and bad; but Sanjaya has had only "sour" notes. If he thinks that Mohawk hairdo was going to get him by...Well, he's gotten by this long, I don't know how! I don't think it's because of positive reasons though. If people are trying to get at the show or the judges then just don't watch it! Melinda,Blake and the others don't deserve games being played with their chance at stardom!
Let's be serious here. Sanjaya is making a mockery out of himself and the show. He has gone from this timid kid who knows he can't sing to almost flaunting his perceived invincibility to all of the judges and fans. He's being a little snot. I only thank God that I have DVR and can fast forward through his performances.
They've got to get him off some way, somehow. The fools toying with the voting are stupidly sophmorish and immature. Bet next year there will be new rules/provisions to prevent this. If Sanjaya has any sense at all, he should be completely embarrassed by his continued presence on the show. It's gotten to the point that people, me included, just leave the room while he is on. Can't bear to watch/listen. Stephanie is gone that the freak is still there?? Disgusting.
I can not believe this kid is still on the show! I and my whole family will stop watching the show if the bull keeps going, alot of talented people are getting passed up because of this "whatever he is". For the individuals that are voting for him to sabotage the show are extremely ignorant!!!!!
Seriously folks....what if your friend was on the show and is good, really,really good! Would you still vote for the worst? I think not! What are you setting this kid up for by voting for him. Absolute faliure! Let the real singers show their stuff and have their dream come true. Sanjaja MUST GO!
Putrid in every sense.
I have stopped watching the show since Sundance was voted off and Sanjaya was kept. Sanjaya reminds me of a karaoke singer trying to impersonate Michael Jackson. All he needs is a ranch and a chimp named Bubbles.

I REFUSE to watch the show until SANJAYA is voted off. Furthermore, NO ONE is standing out to me this season. The judges sent home some phenomenal talent during Hollywood week, and deserve to get low ratings due to their POOR choices.
Sanjaya WAS elected to go to the finals by Paula, Simon and Randy.

They knew...they knew.
Everyone keeps talking about how Idol needs to go to a 'vote out your least favorite' format, and I agree, but don't see it happening.

Do you realize they make 99 cents for each text vote?

In the current format, that creates a 'bidding war', where you'd better call in order to keep your favorite on the show.

There's a reason they typically get 30 million votes.

I imagine those vote totals would diminish greatly (thus revenue) if the format were changed.
It's free to vote via telephone; it's 99 cents to text a vote.
I'm sure this Sanjaya is a nice kid and I'm also sure that everyone in his hometown loves him dearly. But his Pastor, Pat Wright, makes the case for his dismissal and she doesn't even realize it. She says, "He has not shown America what he can do. That's what I said to him a couple days ago. 'I want you to give them the showmanship. I want you to give them Sanjaya's heart'", and also "He's very handsome. That's most of it. He's a teenager, and young girls and guys really like him."
He may be a musical genius for all I know, but the fact is that he hasn't shown any talent on this show and this show is supposed to be about talent. And it certainly isn't supposed to be about his looks. So apparently the attitude of everyone in his hometown is that he's really good when he sings at home, so regardless of how he sounds on T.V., we should just go ahead and vote him through every week, while voting off those who actually show promise and weekly improvement. That's a great idea folks!
I sincerely hope that Idol is losing fans weekly because of this and will wake up and change their rules to prevent this kind of thing happening in the future. They've sure lost this fan.
So, does everyone have to have judge Simon Cowell's opinion?
if For whatever reason people like Sanjay, it doesn't make them "pranksters."

Each person's experiences a singer differently than the next person.
Go Sanjay!
To all my listeners, keep voting for Sanjaya!

Keep the movement alive!

Howard Stern
My boyfriend's mother was complaining about Sanjaya last week because she thinks he's horrible. (I don't like Idol, but I do like to check out S's hair...). She was upset that Idol has turned into a popularity contest. I then had to remind her that it is a popularity contest - America gets to vote. Until they remove that factor, it may not be the best singer that wins...more like the most popular.
Howard, you need to grow up!
Really don't think Sanjaya is going to win. I'm not even sure Melinda or LaKisha are going to make it. It is "American Idol" after all - it is about an image and personality as much as it is about a voice. Don't rule out Blake or Jordin. Sure wish I was able to vote from up here, but I never miss a show!! What an opportunity for these young people.
Blake is my favorite - he is unique, has a wonderful look and he can truly sing
I find the "counter culture" of VFTW amusing. These people revel in "peeing in somebody else's pool". They say "get a life" when their life is devoted to messing with others. Good argument. NOT. However, it is amusing that these people make jokes out of people seriously enjoying the show and say they want Idol off the air entirely when they themselves are finding so much amusement in taking part in the voting. Hypocrits.

There are so many reasons the voting is skewed. VFTW (mostly people so discontent with their life they want to make fun of others or people who just think making fun of others is COOL), teens, people with just no taste in music, people who just love to hate number one (in ratings, sports, business, whatever...).

The voting should be changed to vote off the worst. There is no way that there are enough people in those groups voting to keep the worst person on the show to prevail under those circumstances.

Go Melinda and Blake.
Perhaps this points out that "American Idol" really is not a singing competition--just another form of a high school popularity contest. Musical talent is not a requirement for winning--does anyone buy the recordings Ruben, Fantasia or even Taylor Hicks puts out? Kelly Clarkson had the advantage of being first and a huge corporate money machine doing PR to keep her winning momentum going despite her weak breathy vocals. Its doubtful she will go on for much longer. Luckily for Carrie Underwood the country music community is more loyal and less fickle--happy to claim an AI winner as one of their own.
I don't believe it's the ameican people making the decision to vote anyone off in the first place. I mean, honestly, how many phones do you think AI would have to have in order to take millions of calls? I don't think it's possible. It's obviously AI doing the voting for us and they're keeping Sanjaya on for the publicity.
It seems the two best singers never get mentioned. Melissa Doolittle and Lakisha Jones. They have the most powerful voices. The rest are pop star wannabees. If any of them win. They will make one album and dissapear. Like that horrible Taylor Hicks!
these childish people that vote for him to further him along need to grow up. the other contestants deserve a fair chance.
Guys--Sanjaya CAN sing. Close your eyes, ignore the hair....he can sing. He just doesn't have the experience or maturity to bring it on yet. Some of your comments are just down right mean and nothing else. I agree that Sanjaya knows he shouldn't be there. He knows that more mature singers got kicked off in his place, and I know he feels really bad about. If nothing else, he has guts to match his hair, to keep coming back and putting down his best even though he wishes he wasn't there. I admire that. I couldn't do it.
Sanjaya should have gone long back. I am Indian-American and I have Never voted for him. (so for some who say Indian Americans are keeping him there) NO!!! Kid cant sing for sure. He should go. I loved Gina and Melinda was the best.
Idol should reverse its voting system, and let America cast votes as to the worst singer, then boot that one off the show. We wouldn't have to put up with Sanjaya, and good singers wouldn't lose out by votes getting split among several while a teenybopper fanbase temporarily sustains losers.
I believe the judges should have the final say as to who gets voted off. The public vote could be used to pick the bottom three and then the judges could pick from those three to decide who gets the boot. Sanjaya sounds like a Michael Jackson wanna-be and needs to be sent packing. Howard Stern and VFTW are just pure evil!!
Sunjaya has made me laugh every week. People are too serious--yeah it's a singing competition but it's also entertainment. I have been entertained every week thanks to Sunjaya. As far as who deserves to win--that's Blake--he's the only one on the show who I would buy a record from tommorrow. Of course that's what I thought about Chris D. last year and we know how that ended. :)
Sanjaya is a disgrace to American Idol. He is the epitome of a person with NO talent. I cannot bear to hear him sing or look at his crazy hair for another week. Go back to high school Sanjaya and leave with your dignity.
Doesn't anyone else remember Nikki from the first season? Talk about not being able to sing a tune in a bucket - and she made it to the final three! And if Howard Stern is involved, there is a HUGE listener base who would jump off a bridge if he told them to. Sabotaging AI is a perfect goal for him and his neophytes.
first off i think howard stern needs to get a life...and i think sanjaya needs to say enough is enough....and i have to agree with the dumb looks from melinda ......i think phil was great....and yes they need to change the keep people like stern off of the voting.....
vote him off he cant sing.
I have quit watching Idol since he hasnt gone home. He sucks to the 10th degree. America needs to see this as a singing competion not some silly game.
PLEASE, this is way too painful. Sanjaya MUST be voted off. It is just cruel now. I am starting to feel bad for him!!!! I mean really......Simon was right when he said it doesn't matter what we say anyway you are still here!
oops sorry that was supposed to be blake was sorry
Perhaps American Idol will need to change up the format of the show for next season?

For the Top 12 - the first six to be eliminated should be by the judges and NOT the voting public.

The last six that remain - let that be voted by the public.

Sanjaya needs to go tonight. This is a SINGING competition and with the droves of so called, "fans" of his out there keeping him on week after week is going to set him up for failure and not get a decent selling CD out of this.

Hello? Ruben? Taylor? They may have won AI in the past - but the runner(s) up far surpassed them.

Do Sanjaya a favor and don't vote for him so his lesser talent self doesn't go through anymore humiliation.
AI is just a broken concept period because it is foremost a reality show carefully orchestrated by the producers who pull the strings of the judges and who have final say as far as who gets into the competition in the first place. If you read the experiences of people who go to auditions, which begin nearly a week before randy, simon and paula show up. You'll read lots of stories of people who can sing well, with the 15 seconds they are given by the people associated with the show chosen to judge the masses, but are turned away. Some sing well enough and loud enough that get applause from people in the stands waiting their turn but they go no further. Then there's the creative editing of making it appear that contestants are performing for the judges but are not. Every city has a song that contestants are forced to sing and encouraged to sing badly so the producers can create those montages of bad singers. It's a reality show to exploit people who wait for days in line for their shot at something better. The producers don't care that sanjaya is still there because he's still keeping the ratings high. I just wonder what Clive Davis is thinking since he's the one that will have to sign him to a recording contract should he win.
Hey I don't even watch the show but next week if Sanjaya is still on AI, I am voting for him. Stuff it and Shut it Simon.
PS Your not worth more than Springsteen.
If Sanjaya is not voted off tonight I believe I will stop watching the show. What a farce. He never should have been invited to Hollywood-so the judges have to bear the blame for that. He is even surprised when he is allowed to stay for another week, so he knows how crappy he is. Let someone who really deserves to the American idol, go on and win. GO HOME>>>>
I think Sanjaya is a cutie and truly enjoy watching and listening to him. Whoever wins, wins!! I watch and I vote. No need to get your shorts in a twist about it. It is a competition and shouldn't be taken so seriously. Sure I'll be sorry if and when he is voted off, just like I was with Bo Bice and Chris Daughtry but such is life:-)
Please... for the love of god tell me that some of you Americans are smarter than what you're making yourselves look to be. Votefortheworst, makes you all look absolutely dumb. Why is it that Americans would do anything for Entertainment?

If you keep Sanjaya you are doing nothing but proving that America is all about bad choices. Sounds like you all need to make sure you do a Vote For The Worst during your next Presidential election. Is that how Bush got into office in the first place?

Come on America! Stop making your country look like a bunch of fools. You're a hell of a lot smarter than that, and you do have alot of class!

Do NOT vote for Sanjaya!
I did not think Jordin Sparks did a very good job last night. Mainly poor song choice, but it also was off key in parts. She would look much better if she lost the extra ten lbs she carries. Same goes for Gina in the weight department, though her preformance (and song choice) was good.

Chris Sligh has reached the end of his run. He should stick to comedy.

Blake is very creative and fresh. I don't think he has the vocal range or control that Phil Stacey does, but he is entertaining.

Chris Richardson is not that great. Same with Haley, but I feel like she can do better.

Phil Stacey is boring. Sure he sounded good, but that's cuz he sounded just like sting!

I can barely look at Sanjaya . .. I agree with the people who pointed out his cockiness . . .yuck. I want to strangle him everytime I see him. I'm not sure how people think that VFTW is going to "teach america a lesson" in any way . .it is just wasting the American Idol opportunity. Stephanie or Sabrina should have stayed instead of Sanjaya, they can actually sing.
I completely agree with you! I'm afraid also that Chris and Haley's performance will keep Sanjaya on yet another week. That boy needed to go over a month ago! This is getting beyond ridiculous!
Everytime he sings, he embarrasses himself, he screeches. Even my daughters who are 9, 12, and 15 think he is horrid. My question: Why was he even voted into the top 24 to begin with? The blame lies with Simon, Randy and Paula who let him in to the finals......Howard Stern is an idiot so I don't know why anyone would vote based on Howard telling them too.
Okay people, so his former choir teacher said in an interview "He sings from the heart, and people who hear him can feel that heart and they become, many times, very emotional," well so do I when I'm in the shower or working around the house but I still know that, well, I suck! I mean, okay, so he was good in the tryouts but come on now, this is getting ridiculous. He's great for karaoke but shouldn't have made it this far on "Idol". For those of you that are voting to keep him on because he's bad and you think it's funny, remember the name of the show "American Idol" you people are making a joke out of america.......send him home already!!
Melinda was great as usual, but who picks out her wardrobe? Are they blind? She needs to get styled up, but be sure to use a different hair stylist than Sanjaya's (Geesh). Bottom 3 Chris, Sanjaya and Hailey. Chris will be packing his bags tonight.
Sanjaya Malakar needs to go period. What's sad is even he knows he doesn't have the musical talent and doesn't deserve to be on stage. Instead he's turned it into a stage show, like a little kid starved for attention, he's dressed and acted crazier each episode just to gain attention. One Michael Jackson in the world is enough, thank you.
When you realize what a joke that American Idol is, you'll appreciate the fact that we're ruining it for the people who actually take it seriously. Face it... we now control the biggest show on television. Get a life.
Yep!! I said it earlier and will say it again, Sanjaya has GOT to go!! He's this years proof that American Idol is rigged, Taylor Hicks was last years proof. Neither one can carry a tune in a bucket even if they both had a hand on the handle. Can't wait to see the "vote" tonight.
Sanjaya NEEDS to be voted off. I have absolutely no idea how he's stayed on. He has an okay voice but does not deserve to be there anymore. He's sweet but your voice should carry you not kindness. America is making a huge mistake by keeping him on!
Does anyone else want to pool votes for Sanjaya just to "vote" Simon off the show? I'm tired of that guy.
My predictions:

Final Two: Melinda & Sanjaya

Winner: Sanjaya

Career Duratin: 1 highly-digitized/studio-enhanced record required by contract to be given to AI winner, then oblivion

Legacy: One-hit Wonder, Hairstyle Icon
Sanjaya needs to go! Everyone is saying he isn't putting it out there and that could be the case. However, he does not have the personality to pull this off. I blame the American Idol producers and creators because of the voting system. I do not think tv viewers should be allowed to vote as many times as they can. I think it should be like Dancing With The Stars where each phone number is only allowed 10 votes but you can vote 10 times for as many contestants as you wish. Howard Stern is also in play in this but we all know he is doing what he's doing for publicity for himself. He could care less if Sanjaya wins or not. This year of American Idol has not been that great. It's been quite boring. While the top two right now are Lakisha(yes I agree Lakisha started out VERY shaky last night) and Melinda(Melinda is my pick to win) Jordan is coming right up there with these two. The guys are not that great this year.
We'll see what happens in the final nine weeks.
*sigh* I cant believe Im wasting precious seconds of my life putting a comment on this blog about some Indian guy making it on the stage. Time to get back to taking my calls at the call center. Oh..dont forget to buy some Indian stock. They are hot nowadays ;)
I watch American Idol from the UK so I won't get to see this weeks performances until Friday evening but this week I'm not sure that I'll bother to watch - I'm bored by such dull performances.

In 2006 at least you had performers with personalities and charisma - this year the boys are awful and some of the girls come a close second.

I'm also not sure about Melinda - its all a bit stage managed for me - its a bit weird for "her girls" to be picking her outfits, coaching her etc Do the other contestants have their own entourage???

I find it hard to believe that after so many people auditioning this is the best the US has to offer and why the american public are spending their money voting. Why do Randy, Paula and Simon constantly moan about performances when they were responsible for the selection of the Top 20 - beats me!!
p.s. Lakisha or Jordin to win!!
If Sanjaya wins, I'll quit watching American Idol next season !
If Simon leaves because of a jerk like Sanjaya, it will be a great loss. Simon is who makes the show, I'd kick Sanjaya off somehow if I were one of the producers. He isn't worth a darn and can't sing a note. These young girls are so giddy and gullible.
The choice of songs sometimes make or break a perfomer in competition. Such as with Phil, who has a great voice,but always starts off very low key and then builds to the chorus with this big ole voice, as Randy says. He is really good/but, gotta project that voice more. Melinda is far above everyone in all aspects of music. Jordin is 2nd best. It is important to look good on stage too and Jordin has that over all the contestants, even Haley who is using her hair, smile and legs to get the vote!
in the beginning I thought it would be a "girls thing" with the top three as Stephanie, Melinda and Lakisha. But alas, Stephanie (who should have at least been in the top ten) was booted off too soon..her last song choice was totally wrong. I am worried about Lakisha now, I thought she would be the I think its Lakisha, Melinda and Jordan
Sanjaya is ruining the competition. He clearly can not sing. Not one song was good. Not one!!!
We all most pull our votes together and get rid of Sanjaya. He needs to go. I have been an avid fan for 3 to 4 seasons now. If Sanjaya goes any further after next week it's going to be the last of American Idol for me.
Let's get rid of him. He stinks!!!!!!!
Fox needs to do something about getting rid of Sanjaya even if it means bending the rules. He is a disgrace and cannot sing and should not be on the show. I don't know how he ever made it to the top 24, yet alone the top 12. DOWN WITH THE SHOW'S RATINGS.
I don't know what you're all worried about. This is a talent contest and every talented person that has been voted off will get a recording contract and you'll still get the opportunity to buy their albums! You know who you like, so support them after the show is over. I think it's pretty sad that so many mean spirited people are out there to do this to Sanjaya. It's not his fault he's still on the show. I mean, did you see his face when he beat out Sundance, Sabrina, and Branden? He looked totally shocked and embarrassed. So all of you voting for him, I hope you realize that you're hurting Sanjaya, not American Idol. I'm very amazed too at how well Sanjaya is accepting this and just rolling with the punches. He's a strong kid and deserves a lot of credit for taking the beating of a lifetime in front of millions of viewers! You can rest assured that there will be major changes in how you can vote in future seasons.
Sanjaya should voluntarily step down. I read that he's being kept alive by spoilers - VFTW (votefortheworst) and that's so very unfair to contestants with real talent. I hate to vote anymore - it's useless when these sickies are so determined to control the outcome.
I don't watch american idol anymore, IT IS A JOKE, NOT A SINGING COMPETITION JUST A J-O-K-E!!!!
Sanjaya scared my kids on Tues! They are 11 and 6 and know that Sanjaya needs to go.
Dump Sanjaya...immedtely. He CANNOT sing and is very conceited and thinks he is charming. It is not fair to the contestant who are much, much better.
I know Sanjaya was bad, But Haley & others also worse. Being a teen all teens are encouraging. This is happening only because of cingular/at&t offering plans mobiles to teens. This teen has courage to come before 40 million people and singing something. Let simon resign from the show.
i think that gina should have stayed and sanjaya should have went. he has no talent and cant sing what so ever and that is bad that he is still on the show and the ones with talent are getting voted off. if sanjaya dont go this next week im done watching the show because it is ridiculous and im sick of it. it is a singing competition not a popularity compition.
What is amazing to me is the number of people that complain about not liking Sanjaya so why is this mess of attention seeker still on the show?

If something doesn't change soon American Idol will go down the drain. It's about the talent or at least it's supposed to be. Regulate the amount of votes allowed and this train wreck will come to a halt.
does anybody else think Sanjaya looks like the guy in Nacho Libre?
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