Friday, March 30, 2007
As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly
Finally. "WKRP in Cincinnati" has long been one of the series mysteriously absent from DVD, likely because of rights issues involving the show's use of music. Well, the rights issues -- most of them -- have been worked out (a note on the box indicates that some of the original music used didn't make the cut), and the first season of the show will be out April 24.

So get ready to relive Les Nessman's marked-off "office," Herb Tarlek's unfortunate jackets, the banter between Johnny and Venus, and -- of course -- the legendary "Turkeys Away" episode.

And don't forget: "The Star-Spangled Banner" by Francis Scott Key.
I couldn't stop laughing after the turkey episode aired. Everytime I'd think about them tossing live turkeys out of a helicopter I'd start again. It did not have the same effect in re-runs but the first time I saw that episode just tickled a funnybone in me that bought tears to my eyes.
I love WKRP! There are never reruns on tv. "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly" was the best and my personal favorite. I would buy the DVD. Something I would watch over and over.
I'm so happy to hear this. WKRP was one of my favorite shows, and I thought it might never make it to DVD.
Ok...don't forget the "Star Spangled Banner" by Francis Scott Key. I laughed out loud. I totally feel like I'm getting an inside joke right now.
Does anyone remember the Easter chicks on the hot plate? That was another classic advertising gimmick.
Sadly though most the original music has been replaced, and in fact, two episodes have been cut because of music rights issues. I've still ordered my box set, but I'm disappointed.
My favorite episode was when Dr. Johnny Fever and Venus did the drinking contest and the more Johnny drank the more coherent and fast he became in the tests.
Still waiting for Homefront to be released, anyone else waiting?
This makes me so happy. One of the best shows--ever. The drinking episode was fantastic--especially when the WRKP Karp got into a fight in the lobby. I also loved the tornado episode. And who could forget the 1st episode ------BOOGEEEEEEEER!
This was one of the best comedies ever. As a experience radio broadcaster, this show really was that far off on some crazy stunts.
that recent radio promotion "Hold your wee for a wii" unfortunately brought back memories of the WKRP turkey episode...
Great News!! WKRP was one of the best shows. It also added to the eternal questions of: Ginger or Mary Ann; Jeannie or Samantha; Bailey or Jennifer, Bailey every time!!!!
woo-hoo!!! of the great on DVD! Where is "Duet?" Another great, yet underappreciated classic show!
Oh boy!"They're landing on the ground like bags of wet cement!" And Les' complete mangling of anything Spanish. God, I loved that show.
One of the funniest shows ever and very well written, and seeing clips on YouTube recently brought back how funny it really was. And unlike today, the humor was for the most part clean and PG rated at worst.

Now...where is Ally McBeal, which seems to be suffering from the same problem?
A cause for celebration! The drinking episode is one of my favorites too. My funnybone was getting a little out of whack, good thing this dvd set will be released soon!
It's my understanding that some scenes had to be cut because they weren't able to separate the audio track from the music track. It's a shame that a brilliant show like this had to be butchered in order to be released on DVD. Maybe they should have asked for presales to generate some money to pay the rights for the music first, it would have saved them on editing.
No, your a bit off. Almost all of the music has been changed. The music made most of the episodes.
There have been few shows as consistantly funny as this one. It hit home on some serious issues of the time as well (The deaths at a concert by The Who in Cincy, Venus as a Viet Nam vet, boycotts by the Religious Right) but the ability to go from slapstick to sly and understated comedy is rare these days. They also And yes, Bailey was by far the hottest woman on the show. Check out the episoded where they play softball against WPIG. A Must Have!
wheres the Larry Sanders Show??
Dave in Philly, funny you should ask. A selection of episodes, commentary and what-not will be out on DVD April 17.
A true genius of a program. I wonder how many fans of the "turkey Drop" realize it was put on on the call of WLS' Herb Morrison when the Hindenberg crashed??? One of the funniest shows of all times. I miss it!!
"More Music, Les Nessman!" -

WKRP in Cincinnati
Glad to hear WKRP will finally be available. Last week the wife and I are making out wills, etc. The song that keeps running through my head is jingle "Ferryman, Ferryman, the mortician man who loves you. A lot....oooo bye bye....

And is still like "Red Wigglers, the cadillac of worms"
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