Tuesday, February 27, 2007
The worst thing about the Oscars
And we thought the Super Bowl was long.

This year's Oscars ran almost four hours, ending a few minutes shy of 12:30 a.m. in the Eastern Time Zone. Even recent Super Bowls have been shorter than that -- and much more exciting.

Moreover, at least the big NFL game starts at approximately 6:18 p.m. ET (give or take a few minutes). The Oscars, advertised to start at 8 p.m. ET, actually start at 8:30 p.m. Why? So ABC's interviewers have time for one more dumb question? (And the show may start and end earlier in the West, but the running time is the same.)

So here are a couple suggestions, ABC and Oscar producers: First, if you must do a little vamping to goose ratings at the beginning of the show, start the actual telecast around 15 minutes after the hour or so. That way your local affiliates and all the cable networks doing their one-hour pre-Oscar shows (including CNN) still get the 7 p.m. ET hour, but you've just shaved about 15 minutes off the Oscars' running time.

Second, ditch at least one of the montage sequences and trim the rest. Was there really a need to show a clip from EVERY foreign-language film winner? And did we need that montage with the "White Heat" and "Dr. Strangelove" clips? I love those movies, but that's why I watch TCM (like CNN, a division of Time Warner).

Yes, we'll always have long speeches and deadly introductions. But I'd rather see Jerry Lewis kill time with endless medleys of "There's No Business Like Show Business" than hold my eyes open for an overlong show. And it's my job to watch; the general public doesn't have to.

(And hey, Major League Baseball: You could start the playoffs and World Series earlier, too.)
I have to tell you. The worst thing about the Oscars was the host. Ellen did a terrible job. She was not funny and looked rather out of place up on stage. No get get me wrong, I like Ellen and her show, but the Oscars should think twice about inviting her back to host the show in the future.
I am a film student and absolutely LOVE classic films, but even I am BORED TO TEARS with seeing the same montages set to the same music year after year... We know you've been making movies for nearly a century Hollywood, but we don't need to be reminded EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

I can just hear the producers of the show giving direction the montage editors, "Just replace a couple of shots from last years montage. NO ONE'LL NOTICE!"
The only good thing about the Oscars are the boob shots!!!!!!! Why else would anyone watch something so boring and stupid?
PLEASE... Whatever it takes, bring back Billy Crystal! I generally have always loved the Oscars. All the glamour and beautiful people. But, I's sorry to say: Ellen was and made the entire gala.. BORING, BORING, BORING!!! AND SO NOT FUNNY!!!
I love movies and I also like to watch the Oscars. I usually tape the event and watch it half hour later than the live show. I fastforward the commercials and the boring moments so the show is not too "painful" to sit through. I can't complaint much except that I have to agree with Todd Leopold about the montages. Less, tighter and more relevant, please. Thank you.
I think Ellen did a great job with the little time they gave her. She had to compete with lousy montages, cheesy honorary awards, and more focus backstage than the real stage. Ellen's bits were pretty small compared with Jon Stewart's or Billy Crystal's from years past.

They need to cut the crap and show us real entertainment, not Hollywood-fluff geared for self-appreciation.
I would not agree with comments saying that Ellen did a terrible job. Instead I think she did a terrific job on hosting the whole show. She was in front of millions of people and this was the first time she was hosting the Oscar. She was funny, smart, and spontaneous. Her humor and style lit the whole theater. She was doing great to make every segment run smoothly. Way to go, Ellen!!!
quit your crying
Hey, now... The fact that the Oscars sucked you into an infinitely-depressing black hole doesn't justify you dragging innocent bystanders (read: baseball) with you.

Frankly, I don't understand the allure of awards programs and likely never will. Somebody feels that such shows are justified in their length and content. I'm simply not that person.
Todd, you really are a negative person and must not enjoy much of anything. The Oscars were fantastic this year...much better than any year in the past and the sensus is that most people agree. Funny, Entertaining, and the awards are right on the money.
the oscars are very much over-rated. And is pretty much only watched to see the outfits celebrities wore.

and, the only part i found enjoyable in this years Oscars was Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson singing

i find the whole production rather boring and i dont think i could have nor would have stayed up the 4 hours to watch ppl recieve awards. you hear enough about the whole event afterward you dont even need to watch it.

its just like the super bowl [except football is more stimulating]: every time you see some one "did you see the game?" or "i cant believe so and so lost" or "his catch was awesome!" etc.
Well, I guess a few people disagree, considering the worldwide audience. We're not watching to see Madame Butterfly and hear your revered commentary. We're watching the audience, the dresses, the unusual performances, and the results. Those who watch the Superbowl for their high were working out; the rest of us were relaxing and enjoying the social demands of the celebrity world.
I actually thought Ellen was the best part of the show. Every year we go through this "the Oscars were too long". Well, I agree, but they ain't gonna get much shorter. Ellen breathed life into the show and I think she just may be my fave host of all time.
Thank goodness someone complained about those endless, useless, same old montages. I LOVE THE OSCARS, but they need to take a lesson from the Golden Globes and just show the nitty gritty that we all want to see. Did we really need Will Farrell & Jack Black singing a useless song also? And I know there are people that receive the "Lifetime this" and "They Did that" and "He isn't dead yet so we'll give him a pity award" award- but do we have to waste 20 minutes giving it to them? The only montage I enjoy seeing is the ''In Memoriam'' montage that pays tribute to the people we lost over the year. That one, that is one of the best ones, takes less than one minute. Lets cut it down from now on! PLEASEEEEEEEEE! Also, I loved Ellen- I thought she was more muted than other hosts- but she was enjoyable.
The Oscars are way more fun than any sports event of superbowl! I couldn't care less if they run late. Would anyone actually prefer to watch the local news over the Oscars?
Jerry Seinfeld for the 80th Annual Academy Awards! In my opinion, Ellen was funny 40% & lame 60%. LOVED the bendy shadow dancers. LOVED Will Ferrell et al. Vacuuming? I looked away. Ellen is not so good at the hosting even on her show, I find but great at standup. A little lame..a little bland.
The Oscars are like any other program, Super Bowl, Sports, Larry King and his gossip - if you don't like it; change the channel. It's as easy as that. Why watch something you dislike? It's a simple fix.
The Oscars are going downhill fast, WHY do all the Winners read their THANK YOU"S, it makes them look unworthy, where is there Professional Memory? Reading all their cmments off scraps of paper. Ellen was stupid with her part of show!
You guys always cry about having to stay up late when a west coast event begins and ends in Pacific prime time. Did you ever consider the fact that most of us out here are still in traffic trying to get home from work when many of these things start? Maybe the bright sunlight on the red carpet should have been your first clue? Monday Night Football should be renamed to Monday Evening Football as the game usually starts before I've even had dinner. Hate to dissappoint you, but the world does not revolve around Eastern Standard Time.
Do these people ever get tired of patting theirselves on the back? NO, NO, and NO.
Not only the motion pictures industry but the music industry also.
Such big egos, and everyone of them must be stroked.
These people have enough ego for everyone in the USA.
1. The Oscars are 20 times more interesting than any football.

2. The montages (and the fashion) are the best part.

3. Ellen certainly didn't do any worse than Billy Crystal.
The only reason the Oscars are long and yet everyone still watches is because the only other shows to watch are reruns. If the other channels put up good shows against the Oscars, their ratings would go down.
too long...and so boring
Why watch the Oscars when you can go on the internet the next day and read the complete list of winners in 2 minutes? Afterall, that is the purpose of the Oscars. It's an award show.
Paris Hilton is to the two thousands what Xavier Hollander was to the seventies.
Yes, the Oscars was long, but I loved Ellen. I think in the future the winners should only be able to thank their families because all of us at home don't know who the producers, handlers, directors, etc are, but we appreciate it when a Mom or Dad or Aunt or teacher was an inspiration. All the technical people should be listed on video and shown above the winner while they thank the proper people who inspired them to be there... Thanks, Nancy
The OSCAR's... people still watch it. All I can say wake me up when it's over because the films that should win every year never do, and the one's that do I'm like what? Who was in that? Never heard of it? So another year passes as I get to keep the hours of my life to do something that I refuse to waste my time with and hey finally Marty won a Oscar... geez there's another Great Director who almost has to wait a Life time to get some Gold statue that he should have recieved in the past like so many other Great Director's.
The problem with the Oscars is perception. This group of people make their living playing pretend or creating and directing the playground. They are so good at it that they have not only convinced us that they are as interesting and intelligent as the characters they pretend to be, but they've convinced theirselves. Don't get me wrong, I love the entertainment of a good movie but who gets an Oscar is not going to change our lives one bit. I'm not sure why it is aired on television.
For God's sake, why can't they hold them on a SATURDAY NIGHT? Why a work night?
To be honest, the best thing about the Oscars is anticipation. After you've seen it for a few minutes, B O R I N G!
The Oscars are boring, I use to watch them years ago, but then started to loose interest and now could care less about watching them. As another person stated it is over-rated and boring. They drag each nomination and of course when the winner gives their acceptance speech, it's even more boring. Furthermore, as a different poster has mentioned, the movie that is suppose to have won doesn't and the movie that does your like WHAT? This goes for best actor/actress.
Nothing but smoke and mirrors.
I was more interested in watching two episodes of Family Guy that aired that night and even though they were repeats I still had more fun watching them.
The only reason why people watch it is so that they can see and comment on the outfits that the actress wear to this awards show.
Gloria From Portsmouth just has to wait a little longer to get the Oscars on Saturday night. For years, they were shown on MONDAY night, before moving to Sunday.

I always enjoy the show, but I couldn't figure out in a production that is always harping on the Oscar recipients, who are what we're tuning in to see, to keep the speeches short, why did they choose to feature the shadow dancers?
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