Monday, February 05, 2007
Two things about the Super Bowl
For all the millions -- heck, tens of millions -- spent by advertisers to create and buy air time for their Super Bowl commercials, the best ad of the night was a simple, in-house CBS ad with David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey. It was surprising, clever and funny, unlike about 80 percent of the highly touted main attractions.

And Prince? He put on the best Super Bowl halftime show ever. The Stones were boring; Paul McCartney almost made me long for Up with People. (Almost.) But Prince sang the hell out of his 15 minutes and showed everyone that he can still play guitar. (His guitar-playing skills have been all too overlooked in the past few years.) Hey, NFL -- sign up the Purple One every year!
I enjoyed most of the commercials. My favorites being the groundhog commercial where they were using a real "mouse" and the Snickers commercial where the two mechanics end up kissing. Both were very funny and creative.
Prince was awful! Worst I've seen. Bring on someone like Bon Jovi, or Nickelback. Then you'll see a half time show.
... Prince wasn't playing the guitar. at all. We were laughing whenever he took his hands off the guitar and it just kept on playing.
I agree, this year, the Super Bowl game was actually good, and the half time show ROCKED! Only Price could look good singing "Purple Rain" in a real rain storm. Prince's performance was great last night.
Are you kidding me? Prince? He butchered the Foo Fighters "Best of You". (it is a shame they didn't perform) He also showed us that he is not much of a guitar player, by attempting to cover All Along the Watchtower, which Jimi Hendrix made famous. This was perhaps the lamest performance I've ever seen.
Agree, agree, agree!!! Prince came out there and showed a lot of people what he is all about! He rocked the house!!!!
I thought Prince rocked. It's about time they hired a professional to entertain the crowd.
PRINCE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Todd and I are DEAD on regarding Prince! LOVE, LOVE, LOVED PRINCE!
Prince ROCKED! My husband, the guitarist, was surprised at his performance as well, saying - "Hey, I never knew Prince can play the guitar. I'm never going to look at him the same ever again."

This was the best half-time show since JT and Janet Jackson!
Prince delivered a remarkably energetic performance in conditions that would have surely sent many contemporary artists running for cover, or at least their stylist. Bravo!
WORD. Prince showed the world how a superstar holds a crowd in the palm of his hand. Although I could have done with a lot fewer camera shots of the hoochie-mama gogo dancers, and a lot more of the Florida A&M marching band getting down.
Hey Todd, if you think Prince was really playing that guitar, you are either blind or deaf. During many if those arena-rock riffs, his fingers weren't even on the strings!
Prince was TERRIBLE!
Prince was the best part last night, he ROCKED!!!
Prince scored a solid 10 for his performance. And he most certainly was playing the guitar. I've seen him perform live in small venues (afterparties that he does after major concerts) TOO many times..up think that he is faking/can't play the guitar. Keep in mind, he self taught himself to play almost every instrument in the 70's.

If you saw an out of synch moment or two on your TV set? It's most likely due to slight lag in the wireless equipment being used, and the feed. Or the placement of the recording equipment.
Prince was definitely playing guitar. He sometimes was doing "tapping" with his left hand, which made him not have to use his right hand. By the way, he did rock!
Prince held the crowd in his hands for the few minutes he was given with his talent and showmanship no doubt about it.
Prince was AWESOME !!! I also noticed that his timing was off on some the guitar solos. But, don't most artists/ entertainers pre-record a portion if not all of their show for acoustic purposes ? He didn't play the enitre show true, but I am sure that was him over the speaker. Remember his earlier work ? Purple Rain ( da movie & album ), 1999 both filled with guitar solos. If nothing else, give him credit for dancing in the rain, with heels. The only time it is cool for a man to wear Purple is if you are going to a Prince concert or @ Mardi Gras !
For some of you uninformed there is a couple second delay on what's seen and what's heard on broadcasts like that so if you try to follow guitar riffs by sight you'll miss something.
Prince did his thing, stop hating.
Prince is nasty!! The NFL can do a much better job getting performers for halftime. My TV was off during that performance. And that commercial with Oprah and Letterman was by far NOT the best commercial. What is this world coming to?!
Are you kidding me? Prince??? Next year maybe they'll get another 80's band without a record in the last twenty years...
Are you KIDDING!!! How can you even consider Prince, or whatever it is he calls himself these days, in the same category as legends such as The Stones, and especially McCartney!!
Anyone doubting Prince's guitar playing ability simply do not know his music, or for that matter, music period.

In a night where there were obviously a lot of technical sound problems for the engineers at CBS - possibly due in part to the soggy conditions - they got the sound for Prince spot on, and it was a treat to hear his guitar commanding such a big part in the the sound mix.

Truly one of the great rock guitarists EVER!
Leave it to Prince to give us the best Super Bowl halftime show ever! Prince flat out put other halftime performers to shame, not to mention today's crop of untalented artists. And how 'bout that rendition of Purple Rain in the rain?
Nickelback! Prince is a bonafide superstar with crossover appeal & the ability to hold the interest of the audience for his entire performance. Go to a Prince concert, he's phenomenal! Bon Jovi who?
Prince was "AWESOME." Oprah and David Letterman "DIVINE."
I don't know what all the hype was about Prince performance. It was just okay to me. Purple Rain was the only good song. I really didn't care that much for Prince performance. I really wanted to see more of the mighty FAMU band perform. Now if they could have done their thing they would have ripped up halftime. I don't think they were treated fairly.
I'm amazed people are so willing to show how ignorant they are when it comes to music. If you didn't think he was playing the guitar live then go play in traffic. You don't need two hands to play the electric guitar, you just need to be good. Taking his right hand off the strings for flair while still fingering with his left hand is why he's such a good performer. And singing Purple Rain in that storm with the purple stage lit up, priceless. And if I ever see Nickleback in the same sentence with Prince again, I'll hunt you down.
Prince!?!?!?!?!? The best halftime show ever!?!??!?! No chance in hell. I do not know of any heterosexual guys who enjoyed seeing Prince. Bring back Janet Jackson!!

I have no respect for Todd Leopold.
I agree that Prince was great. I cant believe its been 20 years since Purple Rain.
Guys, when it looked like Prince wasn't playing the guitar it was because he was soloing with the fret hand while the hand with the pic wasn't playing. Go back and look carefully again.
Nothing against Prince, because he's a consummate artist...but his half time show was b-o-r-i-n-g. I'm fairly sure he wasn't actually playing. Playing an electric instrument in the rain is never a good idea.

How about Billy Joel's respectful, dignified and spot-on singing of our National Anthem? All the pop-tart wannabees and washed-up rockers who have attempted to turn The Star Spangeled Banner into a pop tune in past years should take a lesson from him!
Can we drop "the audience" on the field from future Super Bowls, Thanksgiving Day games? It was 'cute' once... now its old and I'd rather see the actual act than the extras paid to be fans.
Prince was great, almost made up for the pathetic National Anthem.
i was kind of bummed when i heard prince was going to perform during half time. i'm 24 and i don't own any prince records. all i know about prince is that he likes purple and plays an awesome game of basketball (via dave chapelle's skit with prince versus charlie murphy on the b-ball court.)
but DAMN! The purple one really nailed it! the suit, the guitar playing and his vocals....everything was INCREDIBLE! It was an historical moment: Prince playing Purple Rain during a rainstorm with his symbol blazing purple love into the sky.

team prince forever
The show rocked, period. Some of the lame couch guitarists posting here should take note and realize all the possibilities of playing the guitar with only one hand. In spite of the few riffs THEY know and then believe to require two hands, they should stretch out their minds and technical abilities and recognize a great musician when they see and hear one.
PRINCE was KING. I wonder how much the NFL paid him???
I completely agree. I haven't always been a big Prince fan but I was mesmerized!!!
Prince, the King of Rock!
Excuse me but you can play a guitar one handed...He was doing it last night. Look at his left hand which he was playing the chords with. You�re blind.
FAMU...Greatest Marching Band on Earth.
Glad someone pointed out that the best commercial, by far, was that 10 second promo with Dave and Oprah. Given the history between the two, and the way the pulled it off, they couldn't have done it better.
Wow!!! LBrooks is critical of the NFL's half time show selection but had his/her television set of???? Yet another example of someone who closes their minds yet opens their mouths!!! Prince rocked whether you like him or not and those of you who doubt his musical talents.....YEAH RIGHT!!!!
Nickelback? I'm going to join the person who said they were going to hunt you down. and bringing back a no-talent lip0syncher like Janet Jackson? Prime examples of the dumbing down of America.

This guy ROCKED. plain and simple. He is a true musician who few can hang or even understand. He was playing the guitar and those of you laughing that he wasn't were most likely, hmm, high?

I liked the McCartney, Stones and U2 performances, but this one tops them all. He really did hold us in the palm of his hand. I felt 16 all over again. The guy is iconic. Purple Rain IN the rain. Pure bliss
Prince rocked. End of story.
Prince plays parts of his solos with just his fret hand-much like Hendrix. That's why you will hear the playing continue when he is not using his strumming hand--it's wild! Also wild that he just won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song---"Song of the Heart"--Happy Feet.
Todd Leopold well said!! Prince was the Best half-time show since Michael Jackson in the 1993. Prince ROCKS!!!
Has anyone considered how amazing it was not only to have 2 black head coaches in the superbowl, but also Prince AND the FAMU band? How wonderful! Prince is a fantastic and prolific musician - perhaps not to the taste of white NFL fans in general - and a bold choice for the half time show. Couldn't have been better.
Why didn't they just let the Floraida A&M band perform. Let the halftime show be what is intended to be - a showcase for the marching bands.
Dave and Oprah were great. It shows you that the simplest and cheapest attempt can have the most impact. I am also getting a giggle on the comments about Prince not playing live and 'taking his hands off the guitar'. That is how you hold a note on an electric guitar. Touch the string and the sound is muted or gone. From my view, and my experience, he was 100% live. I was definitely impressed with his performance.
Ok...everyone...Prince was out of this world!! People who criticize...don't know anything about music and couldn't for the life of them carry a tune. As a is hard to sing a song in drillizing rain..because of your vocal chords needing warmth...most great singers drink hot tea with lemon before a performance. So for him to sing as well as he did..with a clear voice...was amazing. Also, as a FAMU alumni...proud to see our band...who could have turned it out without the purple one. At HBCU's..halftime is gametime...and anyone to turn off there TV at halftime is foolish and really does not know what enjoying a real football game entails. Last night was the "Soul Bowl" with 2 black coaches, A premier Black performer...Prince and the baddest band in the land. DON'T HATE..CELEBRATE INSTEAD.
Thank you! That's exactly what I thought!

I feel sorry for Prince -- he's a rocker, but rock stations don't play him. And he was also HipHop 20 years in advance, but Urban/R&B don't play him.

I'm downloading lots of Prince mp3s now!
Thank you, Prince. This over 50 old fuddy duddy who never heard you before thought the halftime show was outstanding. It made me wish I was there in the rain experiencing your performance!
I liked Prince's performance. However, I think calling it the Best Halftime Show ever indicates how bad the Halftime Shows usually are.

The commercials were less than interesting as well. I think Super Bowl commercials just aren't living up to their reputation anymore.
The game was boring - Chicago should've won, the ads were mediocre...about the only thing that rocked was Prince and his Half-Time Show! The rain was an eerie effect that only enhanced his raw performance.
I enjoyed Prince in the rain. His silhoutted guitar playing was a hoot. Where is all the outrage for the innuendo lader shadows of his phallic guitar. No wardrobe malfuntions to be sure!
This is LBrooks again - in response to my "opening my mouth." I knew Prince was going to be performing and I chose to turn my TV off. I'm old enough to know all about Prince and what he represents. I surely don't need my kids exposed to that.
I am not a Prince fan, but I have new found respect for him. His vocals were outstanding, and it was very obvious to anyone with half a brain he was actually playing. I thought the commercials were a disappointment, though I did like Dave and Oprah. The game itself had an exciting first half but after Prince it was slow. But history was made and I was happy to witness it.
The cost of a commercial ad during the superbowl $3 million.

The price for a game ticket $700.

Seeing Prince perform Purple Rain in the rain along with FAMU marching band........PRICELESS
I thought Prince put on one of the most impressive halftime shows I've seen in recent years. Probably the best one since the post 9/11 Superbowl with U2. And thank you to Lee Dixon for pointing out that you can play the guitar just by tapping the strings on the neck after you've struck the strings with your right hand. Maybe learn something about playing the guitar before bagging on his skills?
Here we are near 30 years later and Prince still remains the most soulful, sex appealing, innovative, and talented rocker since Jimi Hendrix. The man has more talent in one finger than the entire band of Nickelback. He is defenitely on the same level from a career standpoint as Rolling Stones and maybe only a step behind Paul McCartney. In terms of innovation he is ahead of McCartney.
Let's at least be thankful that they hired someone with actual talent this year to perform. No teeny pop, 50 cents, or Nelly. Thank God. Oh, and yes he was playing the guitar...there was probably a delay and i'm and experienced player who was watching his hands.
I thought the ads this year were a real disappointment, except for the Oprah/Letterman ad. It was the only one where I actually laughed out loud. Prince was amazing, even my elderly mother commented on what a great guitar player he was.
I thought Prince was fantastic. For those of you who thought he wasn't playing the guitar... in addition to the clarification already posted here, he was not the only guitarist on the stage! "Purple Rain" in the purple rain was pretty magic, and I loved his "hats off" to Ike & Tina Turner. Time for me to dig out my old Prince CDs.
Prince most definitely DID play guitar, and it was an outstanding halftime show! For those of you whom are unfamiliar with digital delay, it is a guitar effect that creates a slight delay in sound after the notes are played. That's why it appeared the timing between the notes played and the sound was off.

Congrats to Indy, although I'd have preferred the Bears were victorious.
Prince rocked the HOUSE!!!! My boyfriend and I were so into the concert we turned off the lights, lit a candle, and started slow dancing!!! How old is Prince anyway about 60!!! He still looks damn good!!
Todd, you are dead on with your comments. And whoever said how can you compare Prince to Mccartney or the Stones...they are all in the same Rock N Roll Hall of Fame because they are all legends. I thought the halftime show was the best since U2.
Prince was amazing. I can't remember any half time show being any better...
Billy Joel was awful. What was wrong with him last night? Prince is an icon and he gave one of the most exciting Super Bowl halftime performances in years. Oprah and Dave out did every other ads seen last night and proved that you don't have to spend millions to be funny.
Billy Joel was awful!!!
We only watch the Super bowl for the commercials. Too many ads were rehashed versions of what we've seen before: Women in a wet shirt contest and homeless dog strikes fame on a beer wagon.

My two favorites were Chad's celebrity party and the David Letterman/Oprah love fest.
Was never a Prince fan, but am now. Dang can that man play a natural blues guitar. And for once, excellent rich vocals weren't drowned out by overloud instrumentals. Viewing quality talent was such a treat over enduring past years' shallow-voiced, over-synthicized performers. Prince, ya nailed it!
It's sad that most people just don't realize how much musical talent Prince has. It's hard for some to get past the image and persona, but the guy his highy respected among his peers. I believe he is the youngest person every inducted into the RnR Hall of Fame. Anyone remember his blazing guitar solo on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" with Tom Petty at the ceremony? The guy just doesn't get his due. A truly underrated guitarist.
LBrooks, come on! You know about Prince and don't want the kids watching? Since getting religion, the guy (on top of not drinking and smoking) uses no profanity and has cut many songs from earlier in his career from his set lists to reflect his current views. A little research goes a ling way to understanding the world around you. (You do have a right to your own choices, though; and I reslect that right.
I have to say Prince put on the best half-time show I have ever seen. The commercials were not funny at all, but Prince made the Super Bowl worth watching.
I'm totally shocked by the lack of commentary following Prince's curly silhouette erection during the Super Bowl Halftime Show. WAY more lewd than Janet Jackson's two-second breast exposure. Was it just that nobody was watching?
Prince was the best halftime show ever. Good choice NFL.
I agree that PRINCE brought the house down last night. I've never enjoyed a Superbowl Halftime show as much as I did this year. He is an amazing and talented musician and he never lets me down!
As evidenced by the other comments, Prince has one thing in common with Peyton Manning: you either love him or you hate him. I thought Prince's halftime performance was brilliant. For those who agree, you should see his performance with Tom Petty at George Harrison's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Prince plays a guitar solo to close "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" that is stunning. You can find it on YouTube.
I agree. The Letterman-Winfrey promo got the biggest laugh-out-loud from me. Very funny! Upstaged all the big bucks advertising houses.
I think its time to give up your boyhood idol. Newsflash: Prince hasn't rocked since 1986, and last night was certainly no exception. I'll be the first to say that the Super Bowl has a long run of lame acts, but this was lame at its apex. I've been to shows in rural Idaho that put this one to shame.
Regardless of whether or not you are a fan of Prince, he gets all the credit in the world for coming on that stage in that rain and performing the best he could. Can you imagine today's prima donna "performers" doing that?? Can you imagine any of them being around 20 years from now?? Can you imagine remembering lyrics to a Britney or Jessica song 20 years from now??

And people, Prince is 49 years old - 49! When did that happen? Sheesh, I feel old! But he looked great and sounded even better!
Amen on both observances. The Dave/Oprah promo beat out all of the paid-for commercials. Prince...I knew he was going to put on a great show, but he fooled me. It sounded like he was going into a whole Black History Month music showcase, which would have been fantastic, but then he busted out that Foo Fighters song...and he made it his own. It needs to be pointed out that his mic and that fantastic guitar work were LIVE, which is not an easy feat to pull off in an in-the-round stadium setting. On top of that, with the rain and the nature of the music business today I was expecting (and dreading in advance) pre-recorded audio and lip-synching. I was pleasantly surprised! Prince in 2007, U2 in all-time favorite halftime shows.
The commercials were surprisingly violent. The Colts are a *team* in every sense of the word. Prince is the King! He is a throwback to Hendrix. LBrooks is overprotecting his kids if he thought they were going to be ruined by Prince. They would have been inspired. Letterman and Oprah kanoodling on the couch was brilliant. The negativity on this blog is boring.
I've never thought much of Prince one way or the other... but I do believe he put on a great half time show. And did exceptional delivering in that driving rain.

And the Letterman/Oprah spot was fantastic!
Prince was great and he certainly was playing live last night. Most artists' performances would have suffered under those conditions, but not THE ARTIST. He looked determined to deliver it hard! Only complaint: the mix wasn't very good. The backing band could barely be heard. And this is from a guitarist.
My husband and I did snicker when we saw Prince and his guitar silhouette behind the sheet. Makes one think "is my mind in the gutter, or did we get what he wanted us to see?" Oh well, it is what it was and I am sure it was mainly us adults who saw the "meaning" of the silouhette anyway. If we sat down and watched reruns of some of our favorite shows from the 70's and 80's we would see alot of adult humor. We need to stop being so oversensitive about simple things and then maybe our kids would be ready for the real world when they graduate instead of copping out of everything.
I agree about the Letterman/Oprah ad. Actually LOL funny! So unexpected. Prince was the best thing about the whole hyped-up evening. The game was a bore and I'm a fan of great football. The commercials were not even up to regular par, and that's an overstatement. And, yes, sometimes a guitar is just a guitar. Prince was MVP in my view...bring him back!
Well good thing we all differ in taste. It is what makes this blog interesting to read. One things is certain though. Prince will eventually be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame as one of the greatest musicians to ever exist. His style and fashion has been most unique since The Beatles walked all over Elvis. Even Nirvana's style faded. So for the ones who "thought" Prince wasn't playing guitar....or feel he butchered another artist's song.....just remember, he's Prince....and he can do that. (No doubt Mr. Grohl is honored that Prince covered his song.) Definatley, it was the most memorable show in a long time. I couldn't even remember who performed last year or the year before... but when I did, I remembered that they were indeed boring....I remember anticipating a heart attack from Mick Jagger. Whoever's idea it was to bring in Prince this year gets a gold medal....
Agree completely. Prince was great and I am not a Prince fan. I am still recovering from the Rolling Stone fiasco. The Bears will be back - Go Bears!
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