Thursday, February 22, 2007
'The Queen' and Britney Spears
There's a scene in the best picture nominee "The Queen" that shows a huddled group of motorcyclists waiting outside a building. As a shadowy Princess Diana comes out and ducks into a car, photographers leap aboard the motorcycles, which take off after Diana's speeding vehicle.

We all know how that ended.

As I watched that scene earlier this week, I couldn't help but think of Britney Spears. Her life has gotten to the point that, every time she makes a move, I receive an e-mail at work about the latest, usually attributed to TMZ or X-17 -- which are then investigated by all the major news outlets, including CNN.

Why? There's extremely high interest in Spears' every step; it's "news," which is why every news outlet angling for your interest is covering it. On the other hand, it's creepy, watching a presumed nervous breakdown play out in public, paparazzi motorcyles close behind. (Craig Ferguson's points are well taken. Indeed, his entire much-praised monologue is well worth viewing: It's here on YouTube, courtesy of CBS.)

Spears has been growing up in public for years and often played to the camera. I hope she can find a way to banish them -- and us -- and get her life together. That would be an ending worth seeing.
What would be an "ending worth seeing" is a child graduating from High School, helped along the path of life by the many caring teachers in his/her life. A family saved by the hero-ics of a local Fire Department. Another thug taken from the streets by those who choose to "protect and serve". An end to the devestation and war in Iraq and in other numerous countries around our globe. I am sick to death of all the publicity singers/actors get. Who really cares? How have they made a difference? They play PRETEND for a living!!! And they crash and burn just like some of us do. Except most of us actually care about our children, our jobs and our lives in general. Not how we look on t.v. or in photos. If people stopped caring about the celebrity lifestyle we wouldn't have to be bombarded with the next breaking news story of the next fallen star.
I am happy to see commentaries concerning Ms. Spears take a more positive angle. As someone who suffered from what I suppose society would deem a nervous breakdown back in 1989 I can understand how she is unraveling. She needs help and guidance from someone who truly cares about her and her well being. She is an adult by law but a child by personality. I would hope her parents would assist her but they also played a part in contributing to her upbringing and where she finds herself today--an inability to cope with the demands made of her. There are no simple answers and Britney has a lot of personal and private demons to overcome. She needs to do it for herself and no one else and then maybe her children will not suffer the same fate.
Please, no more talk of the dirty disgusting and meaningless life of Britney Spears. We all know she's a hasbeen.

I hope H. Mirren wins the Oscar for best actress.
Give the young lady some space and respect, she's been entertaining everybody since she was a little girl.
lets all back off and give her a breather
'nuff said
They make allot of money in their public life and have to realize this. If it wasn't for the publicity and fans they wouldn't make any MONEY so no thats the choice they have to make! There are far more important issues on and I agree that should be in the top of the news. All that money and still they are unhappy does this just go to show you that money is the route of all evil. ha
I just think Britney is going through a very intense time. She never really recuperated from having her second child and now dealing with her recent split with K.Fed. I believe he led to her unhappiness. She should just spend time trying to get herself situated and block out the outside noise. Face it, Britney is not my favorite entertainer, but she will make a comeback.
you fail to mention that it is brit herself who causes the melee. she does ridiculous things with cameras in full view. She NEEDS and craves the attention...whether it's to feel needed or to one up her ex, who knows. But these girls (Lindsay, Paris etc) are drama wanna be's who love to reach rock bottom, if only to have flashes go off when they do. Britney did not have to shave her head in a public salon with paparazzi visible outside..
There are plenty of others who are more deservant of the sympathy.
i say enough already for 2 things...1st-leave Britney we really HAVE to know her every move??and i'm not a fan...2nd-pls bury Anna Nicole Smith...what's the deal???i mean for gosh sakes...she bought a plot!!!bury her in Bahamas and lets move on!!!most of all..i say shame on her mother!!!
I would really like to see the more respected news (even celebrity-specific) outlets take a stand against the public viewing of the unraveling Miss Spears. No amount of ratings or website hits are worth the life of a human being, and I fear that this ongoing circus will cause her to continue her self destructive behavior and not seek the help she needs. Please stop paying for news "tips" about her, and no more top-dollar for photos. Someone has to curb this cycle, and I think the buck should stop here.

I am so tired of hearing about Brittany (plus Lindsay and Paris). Perhaps CNN ought to do an experiment. Don't cover this trash and see if ratings suffer. See if Brittany says why are't you paying attention to me? The latter might happen and be a good story, but I bet the effect on ratings is nil. In fact if CNN advertised that it was not going to have this tabloid type coverage on their airways, ratings might increase as viewers seek relief from this constant barrage of nonsense.

This aside, Brittany is a hurting human being going through a real tough time and I think we should leave her alone and let her work things out. Stop taking her picture and watching her every move. And where are her parents is what I want to know.
I am in agreement with you one hundred percent. This is ridiculous, the girl is dealing with problems like every one of us who are living a life have. Why we have to make her problems all that more intense is beyond me. I am a 26 year old man who does not have a bias for Ms. Spears, but any person who is having a problem(s) in any situation weather it be a marriage issue, a relationship issue, financial burdens, or a chemical issue (to name a few) should have our support, not our ridicule or magnifications.
Britney please take all the time you need to get back to the real you, and stop following the media and its false hopes for how you should or should not be.
Brittany..Who... Cares? Shave her head,shave her eyebrows off just don't make it headline news. Nobody that has a life and works and takes care of themselves has time to even bother with what Ms. Spears does or doesn't.. So let's follow her and find out when she goes to the bathroom..number one or two?? I HAVE TO KNOW OR I"LL DIE!!!
Everyone needs to leave her alone so she can get help.

Our prays are with her.
I so applaud Craig Ferguson's monologue. If the media has any decency at all (which I doubt), they will back off this young woman and give her some time to pull her life back together. Anyone who has seen a marriage discintegrate can identify with her obvious pain and she needs a break. The onslaught has been incredibly cruel and it's time the public said ENOUGH. We're creating the market for this garbage. Let's wish her well, give her some privacy and celebrate with her when this ordeal is over.
As a victims advocate, I can't help but to agree with you more. I can't imagine how alone she must feel right now and what she needs is support of friends and family and not the flash of a camera to get her thru this!
I agree, I think taking photographs of celebrity's children is completely out of line. I also think its an invasion of her privacy to take photographs of her while she is in rehab. I think the entertainment networks need to get together and announce they will not purchase those photographs and leave her alone for awhile. She clearly just needs to get better.
Perhaps. But Britney asks -no, begs - for publicity by going out sans underwear, over-drinking and hanging around with other paparazzi favorites. She has not chosen a quiet life as she could have done. Let's not give her too much slack. She is, after all, the mother of two babies and she shows absolutely no motherly instincts at all. She can do whatever she wants. Apparently she wants to party.

Having said that, I must say I can barely watch child actors anymore because I know what will happen to them - drugs, divorce and death. Why do we give these children so much so soon?
Has any one thought that she is going through a post-partum depression?
My heart breaks for Britney Spears and her children. She doesn't appear to have a true friend in the world and can trust no one. I truly ache for her emptiness. My sister-in-law entered rehab several years ago in Santa Monica and stayed sober for nearly a year. The most difficult aspect for her was coming out of rehab and experiencing a feeling of euphoria, but in going back to her life in suburban Los Angeles, everything was still the same. I cannot even imagine what it will be like for Britney Spears. She may come out of rehab sober, but if she doesn't change the entire lifestyle for herself and her children, it will be very difficult to maintain a life of sobriety and normalcy. Britney and her children are in my thoughts and prayers, and I wish her a happy and meaningful life from this day forward; her children, who have no choice, deserve nothing less.
Who really cares about the going ons in Britney's life. She wasn't a good singer to begin with; without the help of editing and her previous good looks. Do you think she can sell any more albums looking the way she does. Her looks were her ticket to stardom and nothing but. Her stupidity is all to blame. You can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl.
I think she is lacking attention from someone and is seeking it from anywhere she can find it. Checking in and out in and out of Rehab is just one example. I could care less about her. I think Kevin will make a better more fit parent than Spears ever will. At least there are not any pictures of his "member" floating around out there. I am sick of her. I highly doubt she will even make it through rehab. Just another washed up singer.
A poster mentioned how KFED "led to her unhappiness."

I think that's incredibly unfair frankly. Britney has clearly had problems for awhile. 55 hour marriage anyone?

If anything during her marriage to K-Fed Brit actually settled down for a bit and was clearly in a better place than she is now.

So why blame him for her unhappiness or problems.
I couldn't agree with you more. She needs to be left alone to figure things out - with her own choosing of confidants.
I love how everyone keeps talking about how they don't care, "we don't care!" Yet here you are reading a BLOG aptly titled 'The Queen and Britney Spears' and you've taken time out of your lives (which by your account is soooooooo busy that you don't have time to care) to post comments about how little you care. As a single twenty five year old woman, I feel horrible for Britney Spears. When I have a lot of pressure and stress I like to hang out with my friends or be alone. She doesn't have an option like that. She's having a serious breakdown and if you can't relate in even the slightest of ways then hopefully nobody feels sorry for you when you hit some rough spots.
I think it's great to watch this girl fall apart.
I love it. I never miss an update. Watching this white thrash girl crash her life, children, husbands and self esteem into a wall at a 100 miles an hour is the best entertainment. I can't wait until it comes to the big, booming finale....BURN BRITNEY BURN!!!
I think that people should understand that addiction is a disease and Britney needs help. She may have chosen to party but i'm sure she didn't choose to be addicted. All those people who bash her must be perfect themselves. They belong with Anna Nicole's money hungry, pistol packing so-called mother out to make a buck off her dead daughter,in the garbage.
It's the media creating all this frenzy. If it's all over the cable networks, what choice do the viewers have. I only wish the media would choose someone that actually did something positive with their life, rather than Anna Nicole. She was a taker, a bottom feeder and a Narcissist. That said, what happened to her is very sad, and I pray her daughter is brought up by healthy people. Britney is a self destructive talented entertainer seeking the spotlight at all costs. Stop contributing to her self-destructive behavior by promoting it. Media: Get a life!
Grow up and deal with life as all of us non-celebrities do. I do not feel sorry for her at all. People have issues in their life every day and do not go to such extremes. She is the one that chose the life in front of the cameras. I never heard her once complain about the money that this life was bringing in. Why not try living the life of many Americans trying to raise families, keep good jobs, and struggling pay their bills.
It's sad to see what some folks say about Brit. She's a person, regardless of her faults, riches & fame. Brit you'll be okay - just take it a day @ a time. And why hate her because she got famous & rich? Who stop ya'll haters to be famous & rich. It's not okay to not show pity towards the Stars - just like how they did Annie. Not a fan of Brit - but wish her well, she & the kids!
MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING!!! That is he way I really feel about Britney's "meltdown" and Anna Nicole's passing. These people were given far too much for far too little reason and their excesses and vanity brought them down. Are you really surprised? Do you really care? Me either. It's a well-worn story by now. All I wonder is how they got so "famous" to start with? What have they truly contributed to society? Some crotch shots? Some rambling, incoherent speeches at public events? Britney is a flash in the pan pop star only able to continue to be in the spotlight by horrendous behavior after her sex-pot image suffered from pregnancy(s). It was after all, all she had to offer. Anna Nicole was a overinflated blow-up doll with about as much intelligence as a balloon and a raging appetite for drugs and money. To the extent she sold her soul for both. Both of these people were white-trash and prove the old adage; money can't buy happiness(or class!!)
How about we feel sorry for people starving because they can't feed themselves. Screw Britney and the millions of dollars she has. You want to stop the media? Quit the business she's in, they will go away.
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