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More on Prince
The Associated Press has an article about Prince's, um, suggestive behind-the-sheet guitar solo from Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show. Though a few folks brought up the subject in responses to the previous Marquee post, here's another chance to comment.

So, were you offended? Amused? Asleep? To play on the observation attributed to Freud, is a guitar sometimes just a guitar?

Incidentally, several people wondered why Prince didn't get electrocuted during his rainy performance. Slate has the answer.
Typically prudish American over-reaction to anything that's even remotely sexual.
I think people need to get less sensitive and stop trying to read into things - and just ENJOY THE MUSIC. Purposeful or not, it was still one of the best halftime shows in recent memory.
juvenile, sexually suggestive and totally unnecessary. I was offended for myself and for any children watching it.
It was fine! America looks for anything to throw a hissy fit about. If you didn't like it, you should have turned it off and put something else on. I am so sick of people trying to make a big deal about something so small-after the Janet Jackson incident, I don't think CBS would have allowed something that was "suggestive". Clearly, these people need to find something else to complain about. Get over it.
Are you kidding me? If you think that is a phallic silhouette I strongly suggest you seek help. Perhaps you should go live in Iraq for a year and let me know when you come back if this still is of concern to you.
Phallic? You have got to be kidding me. What an imagination!
Some people need to get a life!
I didn't see anything revealing in Prince's halftime show, just a great show.
NO, I don't think Princes silhouette/shadow had a pornographic connotation I think it was meant to look like a Devils tale.
Only someone who's mind is already simmering in the cess pool would be able to draw the conclusion that there was anything "suggestive" about the performance.
There was absolutely nothing wrong with his half time show. The man sang in the rain, danced in the rain, and played his guitar in the rain for our entertainment. If we have nothing better to worry about then if his shadow that was shown MAY HAVE had a "phallic connotations for some", then there mind was just looking for something to go wrong. The man played the guitar like any other musician would, his guitar is unique and should be appreciated for the talent that he has.
This wouldn't have been a issue if you wouldn't have said anything.We watched the Half Time Show and we didn't even notice this.
You have got to be kidding me. Get over your selves. You have Britney and Christina being almost naked, singing to 14 year girls, and Prince is bothering you? How do you get to keep your job?
Ridiculous! To think that Prince's guitar solo with his shadow behind the sheet was suggestive...I was watching and I didn't even think of that...I was just enjoying....
Everybody who was offended is being way to sensative and looking for things to complain about. Quit wasting your time being foolish and get a life.
NFL still stands for No Fun League. First of all, when you ask for Prince to do your halftime show, don't think he is going to sing a lullabye or read a children's story. If you want that, bring in Hannah Montana or some Geritol rock group like the Rolling Stones.

I loved the halftime show. Unfortunately, next year the NFL will have some boring show featuring some boring artist that I won't watch.
Prince was great as always! True musician. I was not offended at all by his "act". Last year Mick Jagger wished he was able to move and play guitar like Prince. Rock on Prince!!
This country is way too prude. I didn't see anything suggestive in his performance. I think too often people are looking for things so they find them where they really aren't.
I find it amazing how far people will go to make something of nothing. We all know it was nothing more than a man & his guitar, those who choose to see more in the image than it is are clearly just looking for attention.
Ridiculous! I think people that were offended by this are BORED and need to find something worthwhile to complain about. A little perspective, please? We, as a culture, have MUCH bigger things to worry about.

and as a side note... I watched the whole performance without ever making the connection between his guitar and a phallus. Maybe you should, how do we say, "get your mind out of the gutter" and enjoy the music?
It is your fault if your mind is in the gutter and you thought the shadow looked "dirty". Come on is your own fault if you are perverted...not Prince's
Give me a break. I can't believe people are complaining. I wasn't offended at all, just mildly amused. It's a guitar, people. Though phallic in shape, the image on the screen was clearly a guy strumming an odd-shaped guitar. He didn't DO anything to make it obscene.
People are getting totally ridiculous!
With some of the regular TV ads out there for femine hygene and erectile dysfunction my fellow citizens seem positively bipolar regarding what is offensive. Leave Prince and his guitar alone. Next Superbowl they will need to resurrect Lawrence Welk!
I didn't even notice it until it was brought up by the media.
Come on, give me a break. You can find "inappropriate" in almost anything. However, what else would you expect from a rock star. Everone knew Prince was performing, if it's not suitable or "offensive" then turn it off and don't watch it. Since the Janet Jackson issue, people are looking to be offended. There are worse things on TV that our kids watch every day.
Offensive? Sounds to me like someone has too much time on their hands and spends it sitting around dreaming stuff up. Whine and complain.
People need to get a life. If you were offended by that then you should just stop watching TV all together. Give me a break.
Just stop it you prude fools. No one cares what you have to say on the subject, especially about your forward homoerotic tendancies. I hope you all are fired.
I think people are crazy. The show was superb. I have children and I found absolutely nothing wrong or crude about the Prince performance. He is a talented artist. Why don't you people find something else to complain about. You are annyoying and nobody cares about your hangups.
It's time to come off the sexual-phobia the US has. He was playing a guitar, that's all.

I can't believe people get so up-in-arms about these types of things, but they are perfectly fine with TV shows where 7 people are murdered in gruesome fashion. Seems maybe we have some priorities out of line.
Oh COME ON! Leave it alone! Prince is Prince... people out there that thought his guitar behind the sheet was nasty, obviously have "Dirty Minds" as his one song suggests.. people are ALWAYS going to find something nasty about everything..remember the Little Mermaid VHS movie cover? People need to GROW UP. Prince will always be Prince and I will always enjoy him.
I thought the behind-the-sheet affect was actually pretty cool and didn't find it suggestive at all. For Prince, that was a very tame show. And if he had been suggestive behind the sheet, so what? It's PRINCE! He makes his living being a sexy crooner, would anyone have been surprised to see a rock star make suggestive motions while playing his guitar?
People are way too sensitive. The Super Bowl in a Prime Time event, watched mostly by adults. And lets face it, after the Janet Jackson incident, the halftime shows were "safe" and dull. This was a showcase of a very talented musician and it was enjoyable to watch. People need to lighten up a bit and enjoy the music.
Get real! Prince put on a fantastic half-time show. This was probably one of the best shows in a long time and I'm not even a Prince fan. When the Packers are not playing for the championship, I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. This year I actually watched the entire half-time show because Prince's performance captivated me and I didn't even notice any phallic symbol with the silhouette.
Oh, please. Do these people have nothing better to do? Have these critics ever seen a rock concert before? Ever seen a guitar? Of course it's phallic. Welcome to rock and roll. If you try hard enough, you can find phallic symbols almost anywhere. Give it a rest.

Prince is Prince... he has always been and probably always will be provocative and sexually playful on stage. Lighten up. His show was by far the best SuperBowl half-time show I have ever seen.
Prince was great and, yes, sometimes a guitar is just a guitar. Could we grow up?
I think that anyone who thought such things are homophobes! They were seeing things that just weren't there. Was it just because it was Prince? Would the dame things been said about anyone else that didn't have a bad rap? They would say yes, but the true answer is no. I'm sure they wouldn't have said anything if it had been a scantily clad female artist performing would they!
Get your minds out of the gutter. This was simply a performance. It never crossed my mind to think anything otherwise. I was more interested in how all those electric instuments could play in the rain
Isn't that just like the press to find something. Can't just take anything for what it is, can they. Prince was, well. Prince. Always will be. There was nothing phallic about his performance. Those journalist must have guitar-envy.
Wouldn't know. That was a good time to walk the dog. It was all over when I returned.
for the first time in three years the super bowl halftime show consists of something other than geezers and people want to try and make a portion of the performance perverted. it was a guitar solo people, grow up. those that think it was something nasty are perverted to start with. this is man that has changed his life and refuses to play many of the dirty songs that brought him to fame.

if you want to complain about something, why not bring up the horrible mix during the performance that wasn't fixed until about 30 seconds from the end of the performance or the overall bad sound throughout the super bowl broadcast. that was what i found appalling and it received no coverage - any where.
I think that is was just a cool part of the performance. I think that people who think it was anymore than that need to get their heads out of the gutter. I was in no way offended by Prince's performance. It was great. I think people need to find something else to worry about.
I thoroughly enjoyed Prince's halftime performance, especially Purple Rain with the guitar solo. That was the best part, seeing as how it was raining and he had the purple guitar....the people who had a problem with the performance are just perverted.
This is just ridiculous. Prince put on a highly entertaining show, and anyone that can take offense there is just grasping at straws. To focus on something like that, there may just be some deep seeded/repressed thoughts lying in those persons minds.
People are going to see what they want to see. If all someone could take away from the half time show or the game is 'Prince made a rude gesture with his guitar' then they were probably looking for something, anything, to complain about. We unfortunately live in a society right now where on any given day, any given action is probably going to offend someone. Just let it go people. The guitar is a phallic instrument, but so are the clarinet and flute if you look at them the wrong way.
"Beauty" is in the eye of the beholder! That thought didn't even cross my mind. I thought, along with the group of 40+ somethings, that Prince's performance was great. One of the best Superbowl halftime shows in a long time. One that finally wasn't over produced with mobs of people on the field. The shadow effect was very creative and artistic...very similar to the Olympic Opening ceremony sequence in Greece....very cool!
I loved his solo!!!!!
Why are people always looking for something to make an issue out of? I never even noticed what Prince's guitar "might have looked like" from behind the sheet the night of the Super Bowl. Even when I read this article and look at the picture, I'm thinking "so what"! Maybe people need to get their minds out of the gutter!
This has to be the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a while...ok, today. Why are we always looking for something to gripe about. We are always in a search for something to be offended about. It seems we go out of our way to be offended. I suggest that women start wearing full length dresses and high buttoned collars. And men not be allowed to be alone with women until they court for 6 months. I hope I didn't offend anyone but if I did, get over yourself.
My question is: Would they have cried "foul" (Phallus) if it were a Country/Western or Christian performer on stage doing the same thing?

People need to get a hobby.
Everyone really needs to relax!
I thought his performance was fantastic. He is a pure musical genius and a one-of-a-kind performer! For all those who would rather prefer amore boring Paul McCartney performance of the previous super bowl half-time shows probably wouldn't feel offended if it were he and the Beatles or Elvis that did the same thing. Would you say the same of Jimi Hendrix?
People just need to relax and enjoy life. Conservatives need a hug!!!
There was nothing wrong with the performace by Prince. Anyone who thought the behind the sheet solo had any sexual meaning is wrong. They had to be looking for something to complain about. These people need to start turning the channel during half time and at the same time get their mind out of the gutter.
The Associated Press should be reporting on actual news rather than making prudish social commentary regarding rock stars at the Super Bowl half-time show. Give me a break!
What is it? A slow news day? I am a 52 yr old grandmother and thought that Prince's performance was the highlight of the whole show. Give me a break. The man was in the pouring rain and was awsome. This was the 1 thing my 12 yr old grandaughter and I agreed on
People, try and get those thoughts (or fear)of penis out of your brains. Sit back, stop drinking alcohol, and enjoy the MUSIC!
I'm a 62 year old conservative female and I was not offended by the show. Although Prince is not my favorite singer/entertainer, there was nothing in his show that was crude or rude.
I think the show was done in good taste and I was pleased with the performance. My humble opinion is that only a ridiculous person would try and paint the show as obsene. Are we striving to become a society of puritans?
For heaven's sake, perhaps we should just have a blank screen on TV when it's time for breaks, be it during the superbowl or commercials on every day! Perhaps these people finding fault with everything should look in the mirror. I think they might be the ones with the problem! I think people are so litigious, that they look for any reason to start a ruckus over something. Get a life people!
I thought it was in very poor taste, remember there were young children watching!!!!!!!!
What did they expect? Prince has always been that way, and always will be. If they were that concerned about it, they wouldn't have asked prince to do the show.
During the show, I made the comment that it was nice to see a Super Bowl halftime show that was memorable just for pure musical talent and no "controversy".

While I'm no expert on the subject, I can tell you that I have graduate degrees in psychology, and at no point during the performance did I think that the guitar was anything but a guitar. Ridiculous.
Of course it was "phallic", but so are the various horns that muscians play, and the microphones that female singers sometimes choose to hold to their lips in a "certain way".....Come on folks, get a grip on it! Finally, it's all in the eye and mind of the beholder.
Was I offended? Absolutely not. I thought this was by far the best superbowl halftime preformance in forever. Prince playing guitar behind a sheet was not suggestive, In my opinion. Sometimes I think the conservatives are just looking for a reason to complain. It's not as if he exposed himself like Janet Jackson did. Prince came to entertain the crowd and I believe he did just that.
In our "post wardrobe malfunction" world, I'm not surprised that this "controversy" has shown up on's homepage, but I think it is utterly ridiculous.

Prince put on an amazing performance, and watching a replay of the so-called 'phallic' moment, it is clear that it was unintentional as it lasts only a matter of seconds before he turns a different direction with the guitar.

If Prince had wanted to be shocking/sexual in his actions, he could have done much more. It is clear from his past that he is capable of such stunts, but since toning down his image, I wish we could just take this performance as what it was... One of the best Super Bowl performances in years.
Was not the Super Bowl played in Florida, America's phallic symbol
Watching the performace with several others it seemed that everyone (at almost the same time) started groaning or laughing at the spiked shadow 'organ' on the back lit screen. Not offensive, just amusing considering the dimutive size of the real Prince and the gigantic 'size' of the Shadow Prince.
People need to give up on the wardrobe malfunction business. Find something of substance to write...I mean blog about. Give me a break. Prince's guitar? How about the fact that Billy Joel lost it. Thats something with merit.
definitely crude
There was no question that both the placement of the guitar and its enlargement due to the silouette were sexually suggestive. I didn't find it offensive; however, I did find it to be a double standard with the reaction to Janet Jackson's "malfunction" which in itself was a double standard blaming her not Justin Timberlake.
Performance was great. Personally, I feel if someone is THAT offended by the shadow scene, you may be thinking too much into it. It was a guitar for crying out loud. Behind a sheet or not, it was what it was. Were you fine with the way the guitar looked when it was not behind the sheet? How about his stage - that was the symbol as well. If you are wanting to compare this to what happened with Janet Jackson, you're trying to compare apples to oranges - or should I say breasts to guitars. My husband loves both, but he's never once tried to compare the two!
I did notice it when it happened, but I didnt even make a comment on it, neither did the 12 other people at the Super Bowl party I attended. Kids would not know what that could have been interpreted as. There is no comparison to what happened with the "wardrobe malfunction" in 2004. That was the BEST Super Bowl performance ever!!! Go Prince...he looks just as good as he did in the 80's.
The idea that Prince's shadow on the sheet performance had phallic connotations never crossed my mind until I read the ridiculous article on CNN. Get over it and stop thinking everything has to have a sexual undertone. I think Prince did a great job in the SuperBowl half-time show!
I was very offended by Prince's pose.Why would you have some one that only a few would relate to for have time that billions of pesple would watch. I was not amused at all. The light show was good nat even that could wash aaway what Prince sands for.
I think the press loves to find things to report on. I didn't see anything wrong with Prince's performance and I don't know why anyone would.
Good grief! At some point this just gets silly.
Please! Submarines are phallic, cigars are phallic, the Space Shuttle is phallic! He's a rock star and kept his clothes on! Give him a prize! But knock off the half time witch hunt. It's getting really old!
Whoever thinks there was something suggestive about Prince's performance needs to get a life and stop looking for things to complain about.
I didn't see anything inappropriate... I think people are just looking for a "malfunction". Prince rocked... it was the most entertaining half-time show I've seen in years.
I think too many people look for things to be wrong. Get over it!
I also thought it to be lewd suggestions going on behind the sheet and he knew he was doing that silhouette. My husband and I were watching the half-time show with our children (tween aged) and we both looked at each other with a questionable expression and distracted our children to something else. Aren't the super bowl games/events and the players supposed to be role models? So why does the half time entertainment chosen get to be X-rated so to speak?
A guitar is just that...a guitar!
People are too soft. I don't like Prince at all; however, he wasn't being dirty.

Why do people look for a reason to get offended? It must be a pathetic existance that drives that kind of sorry behavior. Get a clue and a life! If you are worried about that guitar, you would be a hypocrite to let your kid watch football, which you would undoubtedly think was violent and cruel.
I was mesmerized at his performance. He is a GIFTED artist. I never noticed this phallic episode nor did anyone else that I know. I see it this way, everyone knows Prince and his penchant for shock entertainment so if you don't want to see it - DON'T WATCH IT. It's your decision but if you watch (or allow your children to watch) and see (or imagine) that you see something offensive then you only have yourself to blame.
Prince's performance was outstanding. Entertaining, soulfull, engaging. And the dude rocked it in the pouring rain! A consummate performer.
He did not "reveal" anything. If standing behind a curtain with a guitar looks too phallic for you, then take it up with your imagination.
I am surprised it took this long to come up. Prince has a very sexually charged music history. The phallic shadow was totally intentional. I thought is was funny having such a big shadow on such a short man though.
These people need to get a life, a real job and find out who there mother is so she can slap you across the head and wake you up.
Of course it was suggestive. This is Prince's sense of humor and yes it was funny and if you have a problem with that go out and rent a life.

Why is everyone so freakin' uptight now a days?
I thought Prince looked great and I think the people who are seeing "phallic" symbolism have more on their minds than the rest of us. I was just enjoying the show, not looking for any sexual connotations. Lighten up people!
I am so SICK of people making something out of NOTHING. He was so professional and low key with no gyrations, no suggestive mannerisms, no exposed body parts, NOTHING and yet someone STILL has to find something WRONG..goodness, people, get a life!
I hadn't noticed the "Malfunction" until it was brought up by an article, showing a still picture of the performance with a strategically placed guitar. I don't know, wasn't he moving around a lot?? I just thought it was a fantastic performance, and thought, "Wow!! Now I remember why I loved Prince, He's one heck of an artist and he can JAM!". I got up off my chair and danced!! In my humble opinion.... you see what you are looking for. HMMMmmmmm...What did you see??
Prince was the best halftime show I've seen in a long time. I never stopped moving through his entire performance; and the marching band was a nice touch. I was proud to be an African American with the significance of the first time 2 black coaches were in the Superbowl. What a tribute. They should offer him a 5 year contract. Job well done.
I didn't find anything offensive about it. I thought it was a cool effect and didn't see anything sexually related. I think you people are obsessed with male genitals, and probably see them every where.
All I have to say to those "morally correct" people out there is - GET A LIFE! If you have nothing better to do than criticize a football half-time show then you seriously need to re-evaluate your thinking. For pete's sake people why do you look for a "sexual connotation" in everything? Go see a shrink!
I think people are reading too much into everything people do nowadays. Every statement, every action is scrutinized so that people can point a finger and accuse someone/something as too suggestive or offensive. I was not offended and believe Prince performed like he has always performed.
Get a life people it's a shadow of a guy playing a guitar, the same one he's played for years.
I am a single mom aged 42 with 2 young teens. I watched it with my 13 year daughter and absolutely loved the show. I watched every second of the show and it never occured to me that it was inappropriate in any way. What the heck is wrong with people. He is an incredible artist and I was so pleased he shared his talent with the world. On a side older sister loved it too! Let's start a world of positive comments. Hurray for Prince!
That's just plain ridiculous. People are trying to find things to complain about now. A phallic symbol? It's just a guitar, the stance to play the musical instrument is necessary. Let's not find things to add to controversy, it was an amazing halftime show, period.
Super funny! We all laughed! However, if you are the few that have spent precious time upset about this, I urge you to get a part time job, vollunteer at a local shelter, go rescue a stray dog off the street...get the picture?
Not offended in the least. There are plenty of other issues to worry about that affect the sanctity of American culture other than Superbowl half-time entertainment. Prince is a risque entertainer so there was no doubt in my mind that he would be a target for criticism, but it seems so arbitrary given the impactful issues happening around the world everyday to assume that a performer behind a large white sheets conveys phallic connotations - people see what they want to see; I saw a great show with impressive effects. Move on people!
All right, what happened to this country? Can someone please explain to me why its ok to have a half naked 18 year-old girl crawling around on stage singing provocatively but when a man on his way towards retirement plays the guitar we cry out in shock. I mean this country is becoming so full of itself that the mere hint of sexuality is being scorned. And yet we will willingly watch live as thousands of our soldiers are needlessly slaughtered and many of you same folks won't even let out a peep. Time to straighten out your priorities here America. If your trying to protect the children of this nation from depravity and indecency your too late. The younger generations know more about what's really happening than you want to believe.
I thought the show was awesome, just as always.
It was rude and crude. Offensive. We have more than enough junk and sex on TV and in songs. We just don't need that. Thank you.
I'm just glad to see I wasn't the only one who saw it and thought it was a little symbolic. Although I think it was intentional on Prince's part, I wasn't offended by it. To put it in the perspective of what's going on in the world today, its no big deal.
I noticed it immediately, and it was no mistake. The guitar had to be intentionally turned sideways to get that effect. Prince has, and always be a sick person.
Thank god someone else noticed! My fiance and I were laughing so hard we nearly fell off the couch, and I was shocked when I couldn't find a single reference to the "well-endowed" shadow online.
i'm glad i read this because i thought it was just me who felt it (his guitar performance) had a questionable connotation. i found it offensive because there are young kids that watch these performances. it just adds to fact that we live in a morally decaying society
Eeesh, people. Next thing you know, Oscar Meyer will be sued for saying "weiner" on TV.
Mr. Greg Aiello must have missed that one! It was plain as day and most probably planned in his act. My wife's imagination isn't way out there, yet when she said "is that what I think that is?" All for the love of money!! Bring back the college and high school bands!!
Wow! I suppose the drummer's sticks were phallic as well? Maybe the backup singers were showing to much leg?
You're kidding right? These "do gooders" need to buy a dog, name it "Life" and then they will finally have one.
Prince stole the show! Like the previous blogger said, he's been overlooked as a guitarist throughout his entire carreer.
Sure, Prince's guitar was phallic, especially in sillouette, but that was just amusing, not shocking. And I'm middle-aged mom.

I loved Prince - especially after the distracting, manic dancers left the stage. I just wish he would have danced, just a bit.
I was entertained, I'm 59 years old and I think sometimes this is all in the mind of the observer. Get real,
it was a great show and I didn't see any aspect of it that was distasteful!
Get Real
Yes, Sexually Suggestive and OBSCENE.

I worked Prince's 1984 Purple Rain Tour in New Orleans, it too was explicit. Remember Shiela E and her performance in his tour.

Why would promoters think this would be different. HE FOOLED THEM!!!

The shadow of him playing the guitar in his trade marked suggestive manner, coupled with the distinct design of the guitar, clearly communicated his message of sex to those watching.

He knew exactly what he was doing...
To think Prince was deliberately displaying a phallic symbol during his Super performance is just plain silly. Some people see phallic symbols in the oddest most innocuous places. Settle down people! Yes, sometimes a guitar is just a guitar.
I personally wasn't offended at all. I think that today members of our society are looking for the next big thing to pounce on, and scrutinize indefinitely. Prince was merely putting on a great stage show, and at a certain point I think that we need to draw the line. A guitar is a guitar, eloquent line of thinking on Freuds part.
Was Prince paid for that 'performance'?
We watched. We laughed. We rewound. We laughed some more.

My guess is, they never rehearsed that part of the performance exactly as it would be performed because it never occurred to anyone that it could cause a problem. It's an accident, people. A hilariously awkward accident. Anyone who knows anything about Prince these days and his faith would know that this is something he ABSOLUTELY would not have taken part in on purpose.

In any event, it was still the best halftime show I've ever had the pleasure of watching.
I guess I was sleeping even tho I saw the whole thing...all I saw was a person playing a guitar!
Next they will want to ban hot dogs, they are phallic in appearance!
I think that these connotations are ridiculous. The PC police is way off base on this one and I think that if we are going to go this far, we should outlaw anything that looks remotely phallic on television. So long cucumbers and hot dogs. So long broom poles and bananas. Someone out there might take offense.
I watched this with my family and what is being said never even entered my mind. I have a sense of humor that is known for picking out stuff like that. I think some people need to stop trying to make a living out of making issues out of stuff like this. What is next? Will they start going to Kindergardens and saying pictures drawn by children resemble body parts and then blame the teachers and parents? These people that are reporting that what they saw resembled something "wrong" aught to be the ones questioned due to the perversion that their minds seem to be trying to create
People that notice perversity in most things that they read, see, and hear are out looking for them in the first place. They're the perverted ones.
I am sorry to hear that people can't just live their lives by admiring the talents of certain people with out finding something wrong and sexual with everything that they do. Yes, Prince has a history of being sexually explicit in his songs but just grow up everyone. The man can play a guitar with the best of them. Quit trying to find fault with people and the talent that they have and just enjoy it for what it was. Pure entertainment and pure talent.
I think the program was disgusting and vulgar. The NFL needs to re-examine it's way of chosing half time "entertainment."
His show was great, and I found him no more suggestive than I do the foot ball players uniforms. Just love them!!

The direct revealing of the nude female breast on prime time television, malfunction or intentional, is something to be outraged about. A possible phallic representation by the guitar of Prince is not worthy of such decrees. For those who claim that the events of the Super Bowl XLI halftime show were "rude and crude", remember that CBS is home to the CSI series which depicts scenes of graphic violence and strong sexual relations. Stop trying to find things to complain about and either judge all the same as one, or cease to run your errant ideas across the waves of the information super-highway.
People are just now figuring out the whole "guitars in rock music are penises?" Hey, welcome to the 1950s!
Best half-time show ever! If someone's looking for suggestive content, they can always find it. Growup or turn off your TV.
Surprise surprise. I knew watching the Super Bowl half-time show that some overly sensitive viewers would have something to say about the sheet guitar solo by Prince. I think those people that found it offensive should just give up watching telelvision altogether. There is WAY more offensive things on TV nowadays than the Prince guitar solo.
It could have been Amy Grant up on stage with Jerry Falwell singing about God and birds and trees and people still would have complained.

Prince did a great job.
Please - Sam Anderson and David Bianculli go too far (what do they think of the trombones at the symphony?). I'm a 53 yrold mother of 4 - LOVED Prince - better half time show than McCartney & Stones put together in previous superbowls. Great Showman.
I'm a 35-year-old single mother of two who watched every minute of the pre-game show and the game itself, including the first-rate performance by Prince. I found nothing suggestive about it, but instead saw a performer showcasing his instruments (voice and guitar). I never saw anything but a guitar solo going on, and the cameras did focus equally on Prince playing both behind the sheet and in front of it... it was an outstanding display of talent and musical genius, and the best half-time show I've seen in years.
Great show. The "shadow" was a bit silly but to try to assign hidden meanings to it is even sillier. Best show in quite a number of years - that's for sure!
Where I watched the Super Bowl, everybody in the room just started cracking up when we saw that. Obviously it was phallic, it was funny, and it was over-the-top. If you watched it and did not pick up on the joke Prince was playing, you must be a total moron.
Anyone who was offended by Janet Jackson better be screaming! Prince's guitar was far more crude than a nipple! What was the NFL thinking?
I didn't even notice the "image" at all. Overreaction because there is "obviously" nothing else in America we need to worry about. Get real and get over it.
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