Monday, February 12, 2007
Let Anna Nicole be a warning, Britpack
Before there was Paris, there was Anna Nicole. And now that Anna Nicole is gone, there is still Paris. And Britney. And Nicole. And Lindsay. In there, and with them, lies a cautionary tale of fame for the sake of fame -- an empty fame full of flourish, flashbulbs, and in Anna Nicole's death, finality.

New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser puts it succinctly, writing "the ugly death of Anna Nicole Smith should be a wake-up call to the upstart bimbo triumvirate of Paris, Lindsay and Britney. You, too, Nicole." The point, as it goes, is that as you spiral downward, flaunting your debauchery with reckless abandon, the law of averages dictates that you can outrun fate only for so long -- more so if you encase yourself in an armor of self-importance, ignorance, arrogance and narcissism.

Paris Hilton could only tempt fate for so long before getting arrested on DUI charges and then having her life splattered and spread across the Internet simply because she failed to do something as simple as pay a storage bill. The result: Someone else scooped up her personal books and photos, creating a Web site that attracted more than one million Paris voyeurs in just the first few days.

Britney Spears' voyeurism had more to do with failing to don a simple pair of panties, repeatedly, then flashing her privates for the paparazzi, creating a permanent record of a below-the-belt mistake that will haunt her for the rest of her life. "Pantyless Partying With Paris" has become an alliteration repeated so many times now it is a part of our lexicon. Her nightlife indulgences continue unabated.

Nicole Richie also tempted fate until she was found dazed in her vehicle on a Southern California highway. "Wrong way Nicole" we can now call her, her highway mishap a metaphor for her life, and she, too, faces a DUI charge. So much for a simple life.

Then there's Lindsay Lohan, who treated trips to Alcoholic Anonymous classes as just another appointment before heading back to the clubs. The reality check seemed to come as she checked into rehab, which she then proceeded to treat like a 30-day inconvenience punctuated by field trips to get her car serviced, grab a bite of lunch with friends or do some work on her latest movie. Serious is as serious does. While she pretended to get serious, it was not something she did.

So, with all that said, it is striking to read what Caryn James writes in The New York Times about Anna Nicole Smith: "She was a glittery spectacle who offered guilt-free voyeurism, as we watched her dramas with drugs and weight and inheritance laws. And the lesson of her fame is that there is no lesson."

Caryn, I would beg to differ. There is a lesson to Anna Nicole's fame. You can tempt a vapid fame only for so long if it is constructed of falsehoods, recklessness and self-abuse. It is a lesson the "Britpack" should examine closely.
Everyone slows down to watch a train wreck. Then it's over and we forget about it.
I couldn't have said it better myself! Thank goodness SOMEBODY finally had the nerve to take to task all these people who think they're special just because they're in the public eye with all their bad manners and morals. It's too bad we're such a shallow society that these people are "famous" in the first place.
Well written words �. Finally some common sense to the senseless!
So well said, too bad that the media is treating this as if it was so unexpected. If I hear poor Anna one more time. She lived by her choices and died the same way. If lying about your life and living like a bimbo is bigger news than our service men and women dying, I truley feel sorry for those that decide what is news and what is not.
I find it very sad that so many people are upset about Anna, she was a fake money grubbing bimbo (with all due respect for her death)
America has turned into something I am beginning to dislike. (I mean the values) that the media and our leaders force on us. All the starlettes you mentioned are all part of the decay of our great nation. Anna Nicole was nothing more than a cheap, fake person, "dressed" up (by the media) to become more than she was.
It is very sad, that so much compasion is expressed for a person of her nature,... when innocent people are being killed daily. And not a word is mentioned in the news about that persons family values or a caring heart.
Instead, the media is consumed by this truely "fake" personality, because the values of our society are far away from what is truely meaningful, like; family values.
I believe that the ones who should be "idolized" by our children, are the men and women that wake up each day and work hard all day to provide shelter and food for the ones they love. Those are the people that we should give our adoration to not, a surgecally enhanced bimbo, who ripped off and old man and was so messed up on drugs, she probably did not know the day of the week most of the time.
I love America and the freedoms we have, but I dispise the values that many of Americans set first.
wake up call? why not find out what killed her first before you start looking for scapegoats. maybe the trimspa diet killed her. ephedra is bad for the heart.
Thank you! Finally a true statement is made!! I am sick to death of people saying Anna Nicole was such a great and wonderful person. She was not! She was nothing but a horrible example of what happens to sleazy people who are famous!!
Wow. How well-written is this?
Nice JUDGEMENTS people! You don't even know why Anna Nicole Smith died. Gee, Jesus was moral and he died young. Cause of death, not a lack of morals, it was maybe thinking he was better than anyone else.
Why bother with warning the Britpack? Who cares what happens to them? Let them fall down on their own - we waste our time even writing their names.
absoultely true!!!!
Anna Nicole was a gold digging whore. What killed her? Pills, a physical abnormality? No, this was the wrath of almighty God. May she burn in Hell.
Excellent article, well said, well written.
As with the tragic death of the lovely Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole's death is a lesson to all of us: Self-absorbtion and immoral living lead to an untimely death. I hope your warning is read by the triumvirate you have dubbed the "Britpack". You have extended a loving warning to them, really, so let's hope they take it to heart. Good article.
I know we have had huge debate about who is Dannielynn's Father. Who is her Mother? Did we see any pictures of Anna pregnant?
Tsk, tsk. Such is the blatant "nasty" agression spewed out that one would think Anna Nicole, may she rest in peace, somehow stepped on everyone's toes. Now wash your mouths with soap, please. If not for glitz here, glitz everywhere, so dull the world would be; as for tiny Danielynn the question would be Who's Your Daddy? But, we already know, from your full legal name which includes "Marshall".
First there was John Belushi and then along came Chris Farley. First came Marilyn Monroe, and now we have the tragedy of Anna Nicole Smith. Is it possible that certain celebrities seal their own fates?
It looks like in the end all Anna Nicole accomplished was to die like the person she most admired, Marilyn Monroe. Very Sad
It's true that the women you're clearly trying to shame in this damning blog might well be considered guilty of poor judgment, greed, wanton exhibitionism, and shameless arrogance, but that staged notoriety and outrageousness is the very nature of their paths to success in the public arena we've come to call "entertainment". And it truly is sad to see the endless parade of such beautiful and talented figures, both male and female, regularly succumbing to the seductive call of that arena, only to end up debased, publicly humiliated, and sometimes hopelessly damaged by their descent into the torrent of self-destructive temptations and pleasures that permeate it.

What I do find a bit ironic in your particular blog, however, is your own job title and the role it connotes in promoting the growth and expansion of that very arena in which they languish and, sometimes, die -- an arena that has no doubt provided you, personally, with a great deal of wealth and power.

For some reason, the image of a guy like evangelist Jim Haggard wagging his finger, quoting Leviticus, and pontificating to millions about the evils of homosexuality comes to mind. It used to be said that "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones" ... but, then, what with technological progress, and the advent of plexi-glass, perhaps that has become an outdated concept, eh? ;^)
I think Geraldo said it best..."trashy, slutty"....
who cares about anna nicole smith. We have soldiers who are dying, people suffering from chronic diseases and children dying from hunger and we pay attention to her? She has not contributed anything to society, besides demostrating the intelligence of a 5 year old.
This rant might have some credence if the search for tacky celebrity status did, indeed, kill Anna Nicole Smith. No one, not even her coroner, knows what killed her. To warn other female celebrities of a similar fate based on absolutely zero evidence is just bad journalism. (It is also sexist. Why do you not include Colin Farrell, the Rat Pack, or any other male party-goers in your list of offenders? That's the real story here.) If anyone should take a lesson about the perils of seeking sensationalism for profit and fame, it is David Levine.
Loved your comments......I hate that America's media has little else to do but dwell on something like this. I can't believe so much attention is given to such a person with no morals and standards. This is a sad display of what our country has become. America should wake up, and decide what really is important and what is not.
This was completely senseless. Smith's life has certainly become a cautionary tale, but how many out there heed caution? There seems to be a sense of invincibility among some. I've got news for you - only fictitious superheroes have that. The rest of us have to pay the piper for the way we live our lives.
Let's see---Be a sleaze, expose/abuse your body, take drugs, alcohol do incoherent interviews,be unsure who the father of your child is, be a no talent Bimbo this = today's hero/heroine.The message that we are sending our kids?? I shudder when I think about it.We have a senseless war that is taking so many "normal"good,worthy people.Anyone of them has cotributed more in 1 year than Anna Nicole did in a lifetime--by the way what did she do?What was her greatness?There has been too much paper/ink and pixels spent on her.Lets find some real everyday heros Marines/Army /Guard/Air Force/etc.
There isn't enogh Ink/Paper and pixels for them!!!I only feel sorry for her poor baby. I am glad she is too young to understand .
Just to punctuate how quickly our society is going to hell in a handbasket, consider the following...

Last week ran an article on Barrack Obama's life - which, by anyone's standards is rather uplifting and inspiring.

Or so I thought. The article was accompanied by a survey that asked if Senator Obama's story had inspired anyone. The results were pretty much 50/50.

By constrast, I cannot even count the hundreds of blogs, articles, etc. last week praising Anna Nicole as this wonderful soul that inspired millions.

Has everyone forgotten what she was really all about? Even at the very end, consider this one fact. When they found her, she had been in a hotel room partying - her newborn baby in a different country.

Yep, very inspiring. Our country really is filled with idiots, isn't it?
To Mike 1:03pm
1)I'm not judging her. She was helped along in her journey of self-destruction & self-importance by conniving hangers on who exploited her need to be "somebody".
2)Jesus was better than anyone else
Well put and on point. It's time someone call a spade a spade and not mince with words!
This is so well said. Thank you for bringing out the outrage I feel towards these women for the bad influence to our young girls. I am sure that their bad influence will have tragic consequenses to come. I also wonder how they can laugh at all this while our men are in harms way in Iraq. Have they no respect.

A Laguna Mother
The thing about Anna Nicole is that no matter what she did I always wanted to mother her. I would just cringe much the way I do when my kids do something stupid. I loved her and always wanted to help her. I don't care AT ALL about Britney or Paris! They are crude and disgusting and there is no excuse for their behavior. Paris was raised in a VERY nice place with everything she could ever want. She is just a spoiled ungrateful idiot!
All these types of articles are a clear indicator on how ugly the media is starting to look to a great deal of its constituents.
This piece is written perfectly. I hope the "britpack" will wake up and realize that the world does not revolve around them and their brainless antics.
Who cares, really? Anna who? She couldn't act, sing or dance and was seriously ugly as hell and dumb as a freaking rock with her stupid fake large mouth smile. Please, get over her. Who really cares, only the people trying to get whatever money she had which appears to be none. She was just another cheap date. Please stop the coverage.
Just an afterthought....The comparisons to Marilyn Monroe make me quite ill. Marilyn starred in over 30 movies in her career, won three Golden Globes and was nominated for countless other awards. Anna Nicole Smith did a bit part in some couple of movies and died as she lived, on a floor.
There's no talent here, just a now motherless child and a wasted life. As far as the other 4 are concerned, well, heck, my dad always used to say let the animals take care of themselves.
I personally believe that Anna Nicole wanted the easy way around everything. Enough so that she convinced three men that they were the father of her daughter. As far as I am concerned, she was being extremely selfish. How dare she deny a paternity test in order to prevent the real father from giving the his child the love and care she deserves. I also personally believe that this Howard Stern has something to do with the death of Daniel and Anna Nicole. It is too much of a coincidence that Daniel died and then Anna Nicole dies. No one can convince me that everything is OK with this situation, and it is being handled with integrity and with complete honestly. Even the minister of immigration for the Bahamas has his hands dirty at this point.
A venomous diatribe from someone whose livelihood prospers from the misfortune of others.
Bravo, Mr. Levine,

I thought I was the only one who was sick (to my stomach)of hearing the late Anna Nicole Smith portrayed as some kind of heroine to emulate.

I don't want to speak ill of the dead, but I will say I feel sorry for her. It was a tragic end to a useless life.

If the unguided, irresponsible and idle Paris et al need inspiration they should look to Mother Theresa and the one who inspired her. She is one truely beautiful woman who will always be remembered.
It is what it is.

People who want to be famous will find a way to attract attention. The media will report it, and the public will devour every detail.

The truly talented artists (hopefully) have better self-discipline and control - or they have bigger bank accounts to pay for absolution.

As for Anna Nicole, my only sympathy is for her daughter.
Congratulations to whoever posted this. You managed to use not one, but two cliches in one short posting: "Wake-up call" and "reality check." I might agree with you about Anna Nicole's sorry fate, but God, am I sick of these two expressions.
This article is very precise and speaks on the behalf millions of people I included, to not only "the BritPack" but to all the celebrities whose lives are nothing more but a pile of "rot", and to all of you who've written the comments above and the millions of Americans.

The reason I think it's all inclusive is because for the most part, the only difference between us and the celebrities, is that the media provides an altar where the masses can worship them collectively, as in their mess in out there while the rest of us do very questionable things, only in secret.

Give it some thought!!
I can't believe the press wasted so much space on her. RIP now get off the front page and go to the cartoons where you belong.
It just goes to show that everything in this world is fleeting and that death can just take anybody by surprise. And yes, it's disgruntling to see the media focusing on celebrities' messed up lives. The entertainment business has really become an arena of regretfully awry examples.
Amen. I was wondering when someone would have the courage and morality to speak up, when popularity consumes and drives us so much in America. Young attention, your boobs and your bottoms can only get you so far. Try education and hard work!
Great article - could not have been said any better.
Excellent, well put. It just amazes me that we tend to idolize people who abuse themselves quite literally to death, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Marilyn Monroe and of course, Elvis. We treat them like royaly, make excuses for their excesses instead of holding them up as examples. Substance abuse is a choice, not a disease and it's time we stopped pampering drunks and junkies.
It's sad when anyone so young loses her life. But when I hear people praise Anna Nicole Smith for "making something of herself", I ask myself What NOBLE thing did she make of herself? At best, she was an example of what NOT to become.
Isn't it just possible that Anna Nicole died of a broken heart?
The real tragedy in the whole Anna Nicole death is that no one NOT ONE PERSON tried to help her, they just leeched off her fame and fortune for their own ends, even now, after her passing, no less than THREE men are claming to be the father of her child. Why? They would not be doing it if it weren't for the fact that Anna Nicole stood to gain several hundred million dollars, and now it appears that her 5 month old baby is in line for that soon.
Thanks to the author of this article. These girls need guidance desparately. It is just a matter of time before something happens to these girls. With all their money, they have no direction, no purpose, no goals and absolutely no honour for their way of life.
While I don't believe in judging others, in this case, I have to say that all the focus on Anna is a waste of time, as is the focus on the other idiots. So much is going on in this world, it is a shame to put so much emphasis on so very little. She's gone, let her rest in peace, let God handle it from here. I think the bottom line here is not what they are doing or not doing, but why so many people find it worth paying attention to. Let them do what they want and let them pay the price if they have to.
This statement was put very well. Anna's death is covered on every channel right now. And really, who was she? What was she famous for? Where's her mark? Basically, she's a car crash on the side of the road that we all rubberneck to watch. The same is happening to these young female self-proclaimed "starlets". Britney is a mother. Act like it! You chose to have children, make your sacrifices for them like parents do, especially when they need you most. And where's Lindsey's mother throughout all this? On ET telling everyone that she's not responsible. Your daughter is under 21 and in rehab. I think that's a problem. Just because your daughter is bringing home the bacon, she's still your responsibility. As for Paris and Nicole, they remind me more of Anna. What are they famous for? Making fun of themselves and others, using profanity for laughs, making sex tapes to get more media time. They complain about the photogs, but they're using them just as much as the photogs are using the girls. Again, where are the parents? I realize these girls are over 18 but someone (aka-a parent) needs to step up and tell them that they're on the road to nowhere. Eventually, a Paris, Brittney, Lindsey, Nicole and the others will grow older, have less hangers-on, not as many movies, etc., and the new, younger Paris's, Lindsey's, Nicole's, Brittney's, will move in and take their places, and be 10% worse to get more attention, and then what will the original Paris, Lindsey, Brittney and Nicole have to look back on when they have to assess their lives? Will they be proud? Will they feel they contributed? Will they feel fulfilled? I'm no prude. I like to go out and party from time to time with my friends and have a good time like anyone else. The difference is (besides not being photographed everywhere I go) is I can wake up the next morning and still know where I'm going, still have goals, still be proud of myself and my behaviour and still feel I'm contributing good things to society. Who knows why Anna died. They'll be speculating for a long time. We do know that drugs were involved, not only in her death but in her life as well. She had so many people around her. Why didn't any of those people step up and say enough? Or were they all people (hangers-on) taking advantage of her? It's very sad because now there's a five month old baby girl who will never know her mother. And has all these creeps coming out of the woodwork claiming they are her father because she stands to inherit a lot of money. All of these girls claim to be adults, now act like it. You can be in the spotlight without flashing your private parts, stumbling over drunk, passing out from drugs on the wrong way of the freeway and entering rehab at such a young age. What do you want your legacy to be?
Bravo!!! Well said!!!
When my boyfriend texted one of our close friends in Chicago with "Did you hear that Anna Nicole Smith died?" He replied, "Finally..."

At first I thought it was kind of a harsh thing to say. But then I realized she, like so many other famous people, lived this messy, self-orbiting and purposeless life. In other words, they really don't seem to care what becomes of their lives as long as there is some fame and fortune involved. They are most definitely not role models for us to look up to.

It�s a �you had it coming� lifestyle.

I would venture say this is the same type of hullabaloo that surrounded the death of Steve Irwin. He loved living life on the edge which ultimately was his demise. However, he died doing something he loved � this was fathomable to much of the world. Maybe Anna Nicole Smith died doing what she loved � I guess we�ll never know.
Thank you. It's about damn time someone so articulated the sad state these teenyboppers are putting us in.
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