Monday, February 19, 2007
Britney's freaky Friday
Mark the date: February 16, 2007. It may one day come to be known as "Freaky Friday."

Within a 24-hour period, the star of the real "Freaky Friday," Lindsay Lohan, proclaimed her 30-day, "come-and-go-as-I-please" stint in rehab was over. Done. She was good to go. Or so she believed.

On the same "Freaky Friday," Nicole "Wrong Way" Richie was officially charged with driving under the influence for her compass-reversing incident on an L.A. highway, in which police say she admitted smoking the ganja weed (yes, she did inhale) and smoothing it all out with a taste of Vicodin.

Meanwhile, LATER THAT EVENING (as the caption in a movie might say), Britney Spears, in a "can you top this" moment that will not soon be forgotten, rather publicly shaved her head at Esther's Haircutting Studio in Tarzana, California, and washed that rather flagrant act of "hair today, gone tonight" public exhibitionism down with a tattoo cocktail or two, as if to brand that night on her body lest she, or we, forget.

As we watched the sheer wonderment of what Britney had done, it seemed as if we were witnessing a meltdown unmatched since the Wicked Witch of the West disappeared into a puddle of vapor. Or at the very least Mariah Carey's breakdown several years ago while live on MTV.

Fortunately for all of us, as all this went down, Paris Hilton was out of country. Not in Paris, mind you, but in Austria, attending the publicly televised Vienna Opera Ball, where cameras caught her looking bored -- so bored, in fact, that a commentator for the local broadcaster deadpanned "Look how excited she is," his observation bolstered by the fact that she was playing with her cell phone.

(In case you were wondering what the heck Paris Hilton was doing at the Vienna Opera Ball, as well you should, she was invited by a 74-year-old construction magnate whose previous guests have included Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra. Go figure.)

So now that all of these events have been documented, it brings me to a question I was asked, coincidentally, the morning of that "Freaky Friday" before we knew all of these events would transpire. It was a question asked by a newspaper reporter who was interviewing me for a story on the transient nature of fame and why we pay so much attention to every little step they take, every move they make.

For the same reason, I said, that so many people watch NASCAR -- which I believe has less to do with the roar of the car and the thrill of the race and just as much to do with the anticipation of a possible crash. After which we will look and gawk and say what a terrible thing has just happened, yet secretly dwell in the satisfaction that what we came to anticipate had actually occurred.

If you throw in Paris's DUI arrest to the litany of transgressions previously mentioned, then it is fair to say that the "Not-so-Fantastic-Four" -- Paris, Britney, Nicole and Lindsay -- have all crashed in one way or another.

And we will all continue watching, waiting for the next accident, which is inevitable -- as is the likelihood that the next time, someone will be seriously injured. One can only hope that the same friends and family who are there when the times are good and the cash is flowing, and there are perks to be had and swag to be swiped (but seem to disappear when the good times are not flowing), will step up and do something.

It's 10 p.m. Do you know where your wayward celebrity children are?
Perhaps Britney is not getting enough attention in the wake of the death of Anna-Nichole Smith. This seems very much a case of self-generated drama guaranteed to make the headlines and guess what? It worked.
All I can say to these 4 attention seekers is GROW UP!! And to Britney, life is no longer all about you. You have 2 children, they should be your focus.
Couldn't agree more with Mr Levine, these spoilt rich kids are supposed to be role models to our kids, but shame on them as far as I'm concerned every stupid publicity stunt they do makes them even bigger losers.Maybe they need to take a few tips from the likes of Teen queen Hillary Duff!!!!!!
What will become of Britney's kids? I mean, she isn't being the most attentive mother at the moment. Well, I guess when you've got millions, she can pay a nanny to raise your kids not to be as messed up as she is. Maybe K-Fed was right to file for divorce after all.
I find it depressing and sad that these are the young women children have as role models. Shaving your head is not news-worthy. Getting a DUI is not funny and going to an Opera and disrespecting the people who work veru hard at their craft is a spoiled and bratty thing to do. I am so tired of these girls acting with such immaturity. I refuse to contribute to their wealth in any way. I don't buy magazines with them in it, I don't buy their albums (which are horrible anyway), I don't watch their shows. I know that the young women in our society are intelligent enough to find interesting, brilliant women to look up to and not these drunk, drugged, rude, attention "whores".
Why doesn't the world admit it - Britney is having these problems because Karma has caught up with her. She took Kevin Federline from his pregnant girlfriend, paraded around with him and his children while the girl was pregnant and now she is paying for it. You have to watch what you do in life because when it comes back to you, it ain't no joke. She probably has more payback to go.
What amazes me more than this white trash vacant headed bimbo shaving her head is that there are people who actually consider this a newsworthy item. No wonder America is going down the tubes, Americans are truely stupid people.
I think people are jealous of these young, rich, and beautiful women. People love living vicariously through their successes and snidely rejoice when they fail or display their faults.
These celebrities are unfortunately role models for our children. More than ever parents need to be involved in guarding our impressionable youth, but the odds against that are growing exponentially. Parents have to work. Kids are left to their own devices, and the influence of other kids and teenage babysitters.

If there was no audience for reprobate celebs maybe they would stop trying to out-do each other. As long as we buy the print tabloids and watch the television tabloids, the downward spiral will continue.

Maybe they live by the motto "die young & leave an attractive corpse". That is what it looks like they want to do.
The way I see all of this is simple....Britney Spears has spent the majority of her life from 14 on up living with little or no freedom. She was told what to wear, how her hair was to be done, where to be at what time, even what to say when asked questions. She never experienced any of the things normal young adults go through when determining who they will be.

How many parents have worked as doctors or lawyers, sent their kids to private schools, went to church, etc... only to have their 14 year old come home one day with a green mohawk and black shredded clothes? Was it the end of the world? Did the child survive? Did it ruin the entire family? Britney is going through teen rebellion in her mid 20's and with 2 kids. Luckily she has well paid, trained caregivers until she gets over this. I am sure she will be fine and bouncing back sooner than we think.
It's really a shame that Britney feels such a need for attention. She is not only embarassing herself, but her family as well - and those poor children.
K-Fed doesn't look so bad anymore. Maybe now he'll be taken a little more seriously.
K Fed messed that girl up! Shaving her head? I wonder how the Hollywood Elite will react to her now.

Not a complete surprise that Paris accepted the invitation--there are some people you don't want to anger--but to be playing with a cell phone the entire evening? Tsk, tsk. Learn some manners, lady.
The only thing I could think about when she shaved her head was why didn't she donate the hair to a charity that makes wigs for women who lose their hair from chemotherapy?
Who cares what she does. I'm sick of seeing her on the news. She needs to go home and grow up.
Britney's having a breakdown? I would like to see her try and live a so-called "normal life" without all of the luxuries she has grown accustomed to. What has happened to this girl? A mother of two know for her hard-parting ways (during a custody battle nonetheless)?! I hope someone see's this as a flashing, red warning. She doesn't deserve them, and even though Kevin Federline is remaining quiet at the moment, he doesn't either.
Could you please, for the love of everything, leave Mariah Carey ALONE. Just drop it already. Mariah's got more talent in her little toe than ANY of these girls.
And Britney - the shaved head look worked for Natalie Portman - that doesn't mean it's gonna work for you!
Who cares? It's none of our business! Get back to work!
I realize I'm in a minority here. But the only reason I pay attantion to any of this coverage is because I'm fairly certain that our society's preoccupation with these people is a sign of upcoming apocalypse.I'm more interested in why these people are covering the spectacle than in the spectacle itself. The writer exposes himself for the sick piece of trash he is, when he compares the voyeurism to the secret joy he feels at wacthing a car crash.
Britany Seriously grow up, I am now 17 and for years you have been my idol. Please tell me what is the message you are sending NOW??? Think about your kid's future. Are you wanting them to look up to someone like you acting out just for attention. Get real Brit, Act out for your kids not for yourself and for the public. I agree with the money issue, if these spioled rich kids didn't have thier daddy or their money there to get them out of trouble then everything wouldn't be like it is. Teen Celebrities Grow up and Get a Real JOB!!!
I feel so sorry for Britney. When I saw the pictures of her shaving her head I just wanted to wrap my arms around her and hug her. She reminded me of my own daughter and it made me sad.
Does anyone think maybe she has postpartum and needs help? She had both kids back to back and her son is only five months. Always being in the spot light, a failed marriage etc.... that's alot of stress for a 25 year old.
Hair can be tested for previous drug use. She went from rehab to the hairdressers and is in a custody dispute.Coincidence?
I am not a fan of Britney, Paris, Nicole, Lindsay or any of these stupid little girls--I think it is pathetic that so much attention is given to such an undeserving group of "women". However, as a human being, and a healthcare professional, I am curious as to why no one has taken any steps to intervene with Britney regarding the possibility of severe post-partum depression. Since she delivered her second child, we have seen nothing but drastic decisions and erratic behavior. People ask HOW she could behave this way with two small children and a pending custody battle. Well, if the depression is severe enough her judgement is not going to be that of a "rational" person. As much as we love to gawk and poke fun at celebrities who screw up, maybe we should take a step back and realize this may be a person having a severe crisis who needs help, not publicity.
No offense, but the irony of it all is that they are all females. Surely there are bad boys to match the bad girls...go figure.

Mark my words, the next big thing after these trailer trash girls fade will be the antithesis, the good girl star. ( well then again, the world would get bored with that, wouldn't they ? )
It is a sad time in a young womens life who needs the support of her family, friends and fans at this time. Obviously Britney is going through a rough time in her life and I think the media needs to back off. Althogh in her line of work she is always being watched and critized I think the media need to be held responsible and accountable for giving celebs some space. All women and mothers out there know there is always a time in our lives we do off the wall crazy crap and just need to be left alone. The same is true for Brit. Take a vacation with your kids where you wont be bothered and take some time out for yourself away from the lights of flashing cameras, boose/drugs and music. Get your head togeather and make one hell of a come back. As a wife/mother and now a grown woman I have faced many challenges and over come them all to be a better and stronger person. I believe in you and know you can do the same.
Please, leave that poor girl in peace. We all have made mistakes, don't keep trying to get popularity and attention writing bad stuff of this incredible talented person. It is incredible how peole can try destroy others life, only to get recognition, something she got by herself, not talking bad about others.
Listen, no doubt she needs to cool her jets; but, there was some information that she had really damaged hair so buzzing it off might have actually been the healthiest thing to do. I mean it's a shame that she is going through this crap; but, how many of you could take what she is getting slammed with? Leave her alone. Of course she needs to go some place private to chill out and maybe get weaned off of all the attention.
Britney is like Anna Nicole Smith only we wouldn't care if Britney died.
Okay, so we don't need to keep following Brit and her dark and confused behavior. She has chosen to leave the stage and become the "common" Hollyweird thug. This is no longer entertainment, and if we wanted to watch her druggie world, heck, most of us can visit our family. Usually there's always one in a family, and we certainly don't think this is entertainment nor are they entertainers. MEDIA, let's cut her loose and move on to cover real entertainer that are deserving!!!
Do I feel sorry for Britney, no. She can do whatever she wants to do, but there are children involved- and that's where the problem is. Any move she makes, positive or stupid, will make headlines- so what difference does it make?
All I can say is that I am so sick of hearing about her. Her music was never that good. She hasn't done a album for a few years now and why the hell does the media pay so much attention to white trash like her? She probably got pissed that there are so much attention to Anna Nicole Smith so she has to do something to attract attention. Pityful!!!!
I feel for Britney!!! She is expected to be an image and we forget that she is a person. She has pressure from the negative people around her who are probably not looking out for her best interest and the public who is always ready to attack. She maybe just did get tired of her hair extensions, but perhaps it was a spontateous reaction. Ultimately, it is not right for the public to poke and probe at her just because of her fame. Have we lost our compassion for her as a person? Life for a young female can be self-critiqueing enough.
I think the reason Britney shaved off her weave is because it keeps getting in the way while she vomits in public places. See, now no one needs to have the job of holding her hair back while she gets sick in every trendy nightclub across America.
Brittany Spears is getting just what she wanted; tons of free publicity, and the media is playing right into her hands...surely experienced news people should know an old fashioned "publicity stunt" when they see one. Even a "dummie" like me does.
I don't think that it is a cry for help, but more for her indiviual self. Maybe she wants re-enter to the reality that she is an indiviual in this world and we do need our friends, and familys support on the decissions we make.
Jealous? You are right, I am. If I had the opportunities that these young people have, I wouldn't blow my money on 40,000 dollar a night hotels..I would use it to support charities and those that are less fortunate than myself. It is a little hard to feel sorry for these people when I work 12 hour shifts, all year long to make what they waste in a day. I am not concerned about Britney Spears, however, I am concerned that her kids don't have anyone to teach them what it takes to be a decent person. Neither of their parents have the capcity to do it.
Spoiled and rich. If only to have THOSE problems. However, if she truly wanted to shave her head and make a about BRITNEY selling her'locks' and donating to a cancer ward and visiting those children with her donation. Maybe stop running from the media, give them a pic and a few words and they will lose the urge to chase you down, hound you and bash you whenever they can. I felt bad for Britney with the harsh words the media spun on her concerning her children and the slip ups most new moms might make. Britney, these latest acts are over the top (pun not intended). You have so many people wanting the best for you and your family...focus on them and forget anything else for the time being.
To all of you who have written in saying you can't believe that these 'stunts are newsworthy', or that you can't fathom why 'others' follow such stories: Guess what? You're part of it. You read the blog, you even responded. (And yes, I understand the irony of me doing the same thing, but I never claimed to boycott following these young stars). Sorry to say it, but you've perpetuated it. We all have. That's the role we play in our media's game.
I am so sick and tired of hearing about poor Britney. Britney is only looking for attention. She knows that her career is just about over and she needs something to keep her in the spot light. Shaving off her hair is just one way of saying to herself, "at least people will still know me. The one thing I would like to know is, WHERE THE HELL ARE HER PARENTS!
Brittney has transformed into a role model... a model of what NOT to date, NOT marry, NOT to wear, do and look like, and act like.. basically she is a walking ANTI to everything in the world. With all her money and fame you would think she would be more like oprah and do good things for people. But instead she wants to smoke, drink , down cheesits and shave her head. Bravo Brittney your celebrity is now a trashmag full of disapointments.
I have heard from cancer victims that shaving their head(due to treatment resulting in hair loss), that it is amazingly "freeing". They feel unencumbered. Perhaps that is what Britney needed to feel. Too much pressure from all angles. So, she shaved her head. Big deal. She is the only one who has ever done it. And all of sudden we think she's nuts? If she thinks she has made a mistake, she'll grow it back. No harm done. We all partied at that age, it's a right of passage. We all passed out at a party. We all have the stories, "when I was that age..." that go on to show how stupid and unaware we were. Britney is living in a glass bowl, but she's no different than you and I.
i happen to be sick with the flu in bed, desperate for any tid-bit of new information for my eyes, as i don't watch television, i have my laptop in bed, and i came across this god awful "article". and my comment? dave levine is a filthy piece of americana trash. you are but a pawn in one of the lower echelons in contemporary media/culture. talking with flamboyant flare when you are nothing but an overgrown first grade gossip queen. meanwhile real events are happening in the world, and we all know the only reason you are so obsessed with with your "not-so-fantastic-four" is because their lives are imeasurably more fabulous on a bad day then yours will ever be on your same-sex wedding day. granted all this is just my sick day banter, otherwise i would not waste a nano-second...good night and good luck.
None of this is newsworthy, to me. People need to focus on the real social, economic, and political issues that are really important, instead of being distracted with the bread and circuses of a declining civilization. I feel sorry for all these girls, and ashamed of our culture andn economic system that has twisted and exploited them throughout their lives and robbed them of any chance of being normal. It is obvious that being rich, famous, and spoiled does nothing for a person's human dignity - it is a stumbling block that is understandably difficult to overcome. I imagine it is very difficult to grow up and live constantly in the spotlight, and to have your every move scrutinized by most of the world. Add in extreme wealth, which distances one from the People and the daily struggles for existence around the world, and then add in the necessary compartmentalization of self that is necessary in wielding so much power and money, and the alienation must be extreme. On a side note, I really don't see why people are up in arms about Britney shaving her head. It's her head and her hair, there is nothing criminal or otherwise inappropriate about that act. It doesn't reflect upon her personality or her mothering abilities that she has chosen to alter her appearance, and everyone else needs to just sit down and shut up about it, and mind their own business. Additionally, people should stop supporting the glamor/gossip industry that creates media monsters and dehumanizes young girls, and hope that these girls and everyone else can find happiness and peace in their lives.
In my opinion, the media is partially to blame for perpetuating the daily antics of these poorly-raised, spoiled, vice-driven "little girls" (one would be grossly mistaken to label anyone of such character as an adult); some "news" organizations have entire reporting teams dedicated to "coverage" of this nature. The solution might just be as simple as taking away the camera. Sure - have a bad day, shave your head, rack up a DUI, or act like a brat at a party - but ultimately, without the camera, who would know - or even care? They'd be just like everyone else without all the attention, er, I mean, publicity - positive or negative.
Britney, you have officially tanked. Anyone who blamed K-fed for your mishaps has finally decided that you are your OWN worst enemy. I have been routing for you all along, but now even I can see that you need serious help. If it's not already too late.
You know, I have had friends, both male and female, who've shaved their heads because:

1. They were very very depressed and it's a strangely "cleansing" way to start from scratch, feel a bit lighter in the head.

Wether Britney shaved her head in public or in private, it would have made headlines anyway. But it is just HAIR, for goodness' sake. Let her shave her head if she feels like it. It wasn't her choice to make headlines. In fact there is absolutely NOTHING she CAN do without making headlines. It seems like she doesn't give a damn any more and voluntarily dove into a pool of sharks, just to get all the ridicule out at once. No matter what anyone says, she is not dumb. And believe me, I am not a fan (never was). She is a young mother who hasn't had a moment's peace about her freedom to make any choices she wants (after all, WE all do).

Everyone says she's not a good mother. Well, instead of pointing this out in every way possible, through ridicule and embarrassment, why don't we let her BREATHE and collect her thoughts. Everyone here is a dumb hypocrite.
Hey Stone-throwers --

Leave Britney alone. We were all f-ups in our teens and early 20's! Fortunately for us, our mistakes were not posted world-wide for everyone to see.

"Those in glass houses..."
Poor Britney, all and everything money can buy and she is still not happy. So I guess the old saying "money can't buy you happiness or love" is true...Grow up Britney and take care of your two boys and you will find more happiness than you know.
am I the only one here who thinks Kevin from NYC's comments smack of blatant anti-gay rhetoric?
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