Friday, February 09, 2007
Anna Nicole. Why?
What was it about Anna Nicole?

There have been hundreds of Playboy Playmates, but the wire services don’t put out new stories every time one of them appears at an event. Countless beautiful young women have married rich old men, but you never hear about them on national TV. Reality show stars are a dime a dozen, but seldom make the cover of supermarket tabloids.

Perhaps it was that she was many things -- and not quite anything. She was Forrest Gump, wandering from one spotlight to the next (the Playboy Mansion? Billionaire's ranch? The Supreme Court?). She was a national Rorschach blot, in which various constituencies -– breast-loving men, money-loving hangers-on, the celebrity media –- saw what they wanted. She was presented as a cartoon character, two-dimensional and not quite real.

She was also a mother who lost a son and leaves behind a 5-month-old daughter. That, too, echoes.

A Greek tragedy retold by Jacqueline Susann -- or Dave Barry.
I have never had a problem looking away from Anna Nicole Smith. It's the media that seems to have a non-stop obsession with this pathetic woman. What a sad, wasted life. She should be held up as a cautionary tale for those who pursue money and fame at the expense of dignity & self respect.
I feel worse for the newborn baby that tragicly will grow up without a mother and possibly her real father.

Its shocking when someone famous or infamous dies but who didn't see an early death for her?
Once again the media is playing on tragedy. It is so sad. Media coverage of the private lives of celebrities is not right.
Losing a child is devastating, and it seems to me that noone had mercy on this woman while she was grieving. You'd think human decency would prevail and she would have been allowed to mourn before having to wage all these legal battles. No matter what her past, everyone deserves some human compassion.
who gives a crap....I'm just gringing at the endless media blitz to come....the 'Anna Nicole Story Smith', etc....comparisons to Marilyn Monroe, conspiracy theories, ad infinitum....give it a rest before it even starts...this is just more fodder for the info-tainment cannon and frankly I am sick of it.
It's amazing. She lived the American Dream and Tragedy at the same time. I actually liked her even though the media portrayed in a unstable fashion most of the time. As a mom, I could see the heartache of Daniel's loss and the demands of a new born (not too mention the media, court battles and job of being a celebraty).

I always thought this woman needed a break. Well Anna, you're in heaven now. Time to have that stress-less life you were always talking about.
Sorry, Monroe had more class than this dime store wannabe!
I'm not sure I really care one way or another about this woman. Yes, it's tragic that a mother has died. I do not downplay that at all. However, this woman was also a gold digger. Who marries a near-90 year old man while they are only in their 20's?! Seems a little ridiculous.
How interesting! How did she die? That's the question! It's easy to assume that she may have over-dosed just because she has a history of substance abuse, however many times addicts die of other causes. How sad for her daughter and extended family.
To them she was likely a hero.
What a tragic story this was-- in her early years (with Guess, Playboy) she was a beautiful Cinderella story come true. I am so sad to see the downward spiral of a beauty with such potential... and ultimately this untimely loss. I believe she will be missed by many.
All we are hearing/seeing on the radio/TV is news about Anna Nicole Smith.
It seems to me that no
matter how you slice it, no matter how she lived her life and made choices, the
entire story of her life - and now her death - is just pathetic, more like a sad
circus than anything else. There's no denying that Anna Nicole Smith was quite
an attractive woman, but it all comes down to what beautiful people decide to do
with their beauty. Let's face it: Audrey Hepburn was beautiful, as well. Audrey came
to Hollywood, and forged a career that anyone would be proud of. Anna Nicole came
to Hollywood, posed nude, married an 89-year-old wheelchair-bound billionaire when
she was 29 and was shocked when people called her a golddigger, made a few less-than-B
movies, gained 100+ pounds and filmed a reality show - ironic seeing as her life
was so far removed from reality as we know it, had a baby with her lawyer - as far
as we know anyway, and then tragically her son died in her hospital room less than five days
later. Everything about Anna Nicole's life seems like the stuff that novelists
dream up; stories and circumstances that are imagined for the sole purpose of making
money. Anna Nicole was not an "entertainer", as one article I've
read stated she was. Not at all. Anna Nicole was "entertainment" - and
as much as one wanted to change the channel when it was on, one looked anyway until
it sank in that the entertainment was only a sad story that was supposed
to look like fun. Depressing, isn't it? The same article that called her an
"entertainer" also stated that she was our generation's Marilyn Monroe
... except that people genuinely cared about Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn was no Katharine
Hepburn when it came to acting, but she carried her own in films, and - for the
most part - the Hollywood community welcomed and cared about her. Anna Nicole,
though, was merely a beautiful joke to Hollywood - - - nothing more, nothing less.
It sickens me that there is a war waging in Iraq that saw brave lives lost yesterday,
yet American eyes today are focused on a girl who, for all intents and purposes,
brought upon herself all of the jokes, the mock-pity, and ridicule that she "endured".

Given her choices and decisions, if I could ask Anna Nicole one question it would
be this: "What did you really expect?"
People are so judgemental and heartless - no she wasn't perfect - but who is? She was a human being - how would anyone else handle the things she went through - of course we would like to think we would - but we are all different and handle things differently - I think it is a shame and such a waste - my thoughts and prayers are with that poor child.
I think it is so sad how we look at the flaws in one person's life. Some say that she was a "gold-digger", but has anything been said about the 90-year-old man who slept with a 20-year-old girl? Why can't we look at her as what she was, a woman who entertained us, and a person who deserves our condolences, no matter her flaws. After all, she must have touched your life in someway if you are taking time out of your day to add a comment to this bulletin.

And further more, despite everything can you stop to imagine the pain she must have been going through the past couple of months? If you can�t imagine, then you are probably no better than what you see her as.
Who really cares? She had no real talent and existed in the lime-light solely due to hype and overexposure. She had more opportunity than most of us will ever see and squandered it.
A young woman trying to leave small town USA and expand her life into the excitement of the entertainment industry. Tragically, she succeeded, but like many young women before her, life in the fast lane can be extreme and burn out is inevitable. A sad and premature ending of a beautiful young life...yet again. RIP Anna Nicole.
She was a contemporaryrole model for today who learned to live under a microscope.
I am shocked at reading all of the horrible things that have been written here. Someone died, people! And she leaves behind a 5 month old baby girl who possibly may never know her father, either. That is sad.
Her mother was interviewed this morning and said "She was a middle class girl, who grew up in Houston and had a very normal life. Why do you keep telling people you were born in a small town and were poor?" Vicki/Anna replied "Momma it keeps my name in the paper and nobody want's to buy a book from a middle class girl, they want the rag's to riches story."

She was a money hungry leech and a non-contributing person to society. She didn't care about anyone but herself. Sorry but my grandmother did more for people than Vicki/Anna did and Vicki/Anna didn't give a hoot about her when she died.

She wanted to be like Marilyn and she ended up like her.

The baby will inherit over eight million dollars, I may just go file a paternity suit to see if I can get custody of her.
Anna Nicole represented some of the worst aspects of womanhood today. She altered herself surgically (pre-breast implants photos have her with a 32-inch bust) to exploit herself by working as a topless dancer, further exploited herself to pose for Playboy. Further exploited herself by marrying an very elderly wealthy man and upon his death immediately launched a legal grab for his money. Further entangled herself by entering into relationships where the paternity of her daughter is in question. Exploitation for fame and fortune.

Although I would never wish upon her this tragic fate - Anna Nicole Smith was the modern day personification of self-exploitation using sex to advance herself. While this is nothing new, as countless others have done so as well, her choices are what should be shunned by women who are trying to improve their situations without resorting to the lowest denominator and not be celebrated with celebrity status.

And no, she is not a Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn was reported to have been quite intelligent, married a famous writer, and in many ways was a victim of her time (about 50 years ago). She was an original.

Anna Nicole was a cheap copy without the depth that Monroe had.
I guess in life and death she still can be compared to Marilyn Monroe. She had a wonderful yet tragic life. As in life is her death....tragic.
Who cares??? Last night all the news networks were spending hours on this story about a person with no talents or brains. What made her famous her breast implants?? I had to turn the news off last night because the stories about this air head made me sick. As a retired military and Afgan war vet I am more concerned about the Iraq War and the Border Patrol Agents that are being railroaded by the Government. Can the media stay focused on the real news issues instead of some lady that made money by just shaking her butt.
Anna Nicole was like a train wreck. You couldn't help but rubber neck whenever you saw her in the media, be it print or television.
She was beautiful and I always felt all she really wanted was to be accepted for who she was inside. It's tragic when anyone thinks they have to re-build themselves to fit the public image but unfortunately, we all do it to some degree.
I hope those in her life who are left behind will not disrespect her by quarreling but no doubt, there will soon be any publications on the life and times of Anna Nicole Smith.
What is sad is when a determined beautiful young woman has such high asperations, will do anything to get where she wants to be, and the people who surround her, claim to do the best for her only do what is best for them by leeching onto a "Cash Cow" that they keep in a constant state of bubble-headed appeal that always appears drug induced. Shame on them for causing that little girl to grow up without a Mom.
I personally think that it is silly that this story is being portrayed as some kind of tragedy. This is a woman who spent the better part of the last decade strung out on pills to the point that she could barely speak. While it's sad that her baby will not grow up with a mother, that child will be infinately better off being raised out of her dysfunctional life. She was a train wreck, money grubbing bimbo, who destroyed one child's life, and would have ruined anothers.
Why Anna?

Why Not!!!
While its tragic that Anna died its not entirely unexpectant. She seemed to be in a drug induced stupor since the death of her son. I can't say I'm a fan and I'm not about to make her into a martyr, this is the woman who through her grief saw fit to sell the last pictures of her newly deceased son to a magazine, but its tragic the same. i agree with Katy from Atlanta. Anna's story should be a cautionary tale. Hopefully Miss Spears is listening.
I think people had a hard time looking away from Anna Nicole because she was always coming back from something... from obscurity, weight gain, obvious addictions, horrible legal mistakes and choices, outrageous and painful public displays, deaths of her loved ones, and constant media scandal. You have to have a very thick skin to get back up again and again and again from even one of those dysfunctions, even if it was her own actions that took her to many of those rock bottoms. You have to have an absolute and pure, naive sense of hope and a very strong believe in yourself (even if delusional) when no one else thinks you are anymore than a wannabe and all you want to be is "something"...THAT resonates with people everywhere, especially Americans, even if they don't admit it. This is evident from the postings listed here by people who state that they had no problem looking away and could care less, but for some reason felt compelled to comment�.
Who cares, Anna Nicole Smith was a greedy, gold digging nobody that capitalized on other people to include her own son's death. Anyone that sells photos of her and her son for $750,000 right after he died, I have no respect for. So I dont want to hear how she was exploited and the poor Anna crap. She brought this all on herself, and I say so long.
Anna shocked some, but I'll venture many women wished they had her guts. She refused to conform, rejected domestic abuse, and stepped outside the box. She stood up and she stood out and she will be missed.
You know, the woman lost a son! She may be a joke to everyone--pathetic, gold-digging, and the like. But people were really cruel to her during her life. You people should try to look past your hatred, distaste, disgust, jealousy of her and let the poor, tragic woman rest in peace. Keep your self-righteous opinions to yourselves and quit throwing stones at someone who has very obviously paid her dues.
It's a sad story, but she brought it on herself. You reap what you sow, as the saying goes. I just hope the story goes away quickly - we Americans are celebrity obsessed to the point of being brainless about things that really matter.
Well, did you really expect a 89 year old, single BILIIONAIRE to marry a woman his same age??? Of course not, he wanted and could have a well endowed, curvaceous young cutie. I smell sour grapes--good for Anna Nicole, and him too. They both got what they wanted in that marriage.
I always liked Anna Nicole. I watched her reality show and found her to be funny, with a great sense of humor and interesting. Yes she was spoiled by those around her and she had her many faults but she was a real person who deserved some respect. I hate the way people make fun of her and say mean things about her, even in death. Just let her rest in peace now.
I like Anna Nicole Smith. She was the epitome of everything that is right...and wrong about America. Gorgeous, glamorous and successful, but with a dark, gritty underside. She was at her best, a loving mother, a goofball who just let it hang out, for better or worse. At her worst, a person with very real problems, often self-inflicted and with problems of substance abuse. I have always felt she was treated horribly by the media, who treated her solely as a money-grubbing airhead. Whether or not people care to admit it, she was a human being....and just as flawed as those who judge her. The difference being, her life was under a magnifying glass that few others could bear. Hopefully in her death, she will finally receive some dignity and peace that every human is entitled to.
Why were people interested in Anna Nicole Smith? For the same reason that people can't turn away from the carnage on the side of the road after a car accident. You don't want to look, but you can't help yourself.
I don't mean to be rude, but is anyone really surprised by this? This woman was a trainwreck. She always looked loaded or drunk. She had some serious issues. She was famous, really, for what? Her antics, plain and simple, and I'm sorry, but I thought they were appalling. I didin't find it funny at all to watch her. She couldn't say a sentence without swearing. Wow. That's talent that needs to be showcased to the world. I know some people find that funny but to me, it was just really sad and embarrassing. Furthermore, I don't think you can blame the Howard guy. Whether she acted like one or not, this was a grown woman who was responsible for her own life. Nobody forced her to drink. Nobody forced her to take drugs. Nobody forced her to do anything. I find the whole thing incredibly disturbing. My sister is in the Army and, between her and her Army husband, they have lost a total of 310 friends. I guess what I'm saying is that there are more important and worthy things going on in the world than the death of a very screwed up individual. People like her die every day and never get an ounce of attention. If she didn't have any dignity in her life, at least give some to her now and stop lauding her. She wasn't a role model. She wasn't an actress. What was her talent? Stop making her into something she wasn't.
Though I think it is natural to feel badly for a newborn baby who has lost her mother and may never know who her biological father is, I think this whole thing is a blessing in disguise for this particular baby. All of these people are such train wrecks that I think that the best case scenario is that the child is adopted by an unrelated, loving family who want a child. That will give her a better quality of life than she would have ever had with Anna. After all, Anna was boozing it up in Florida casinos after having left her infant daughter behind in the Bahamas. What kind of mother does that?
While I am sympathetic to her family and especially her young daughter, and while it is likely that as a private person she was a kind and loving human being, I am hard pressed to fathom why Anna Nicole's life or death is newsworthy.
All of the TV and internet news outlets dropped every other story yesterday to cover the death of a woman who I am not sure made ANY long lasting contribution to our society. I'm not sure if Presidant Ford's recent death garnered such media coverage (State Funeral excepted). She was a playmate and a reality star... that's it!!! Even if something similar were to happen to say Brittany Spears (someone I hold in about the same regard as Anna Nicole, a young mother, and lives in the fast lane)at least her music would solidify her legacy and be there in years to come. Anna was known for her boobs and law suits. Not the kind of stuff that makes the history books. The comparisons to Marylyn Monroe are insulting. The only movie Anna had done was Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult. Not quite The Seven Year Itch or Gentleman Prefer Blondes. This "stop the presses" attitude over Anna Nicole should tell us that somethng is seriously wrong in America right now. Pop culture is replacing actual news and matters of import in our society. It's fine for Entertainment Tonight or the trash magazines, but CNN and all other legit news sources should be ashamed over their relentless devotion to this story. Her death is simply not headline news.
Has anyone heard about the comments made by Rosie O'Donnell on the live t.v. show the View yesterday about ll:oo am bashing Anna Nicole Smith. Could Anna have been watching this program before she died?
Junkies die everyday in slums and back alleys, un-noticed and unwanted.

Smith died in the public spotlight.

So does it make her any more deserving to live or a better person than her compatriots lying in the big city gutters?

America has a strange set of double standards in a culture that worships drug using celebrities as today's idols.
Anna Nicole Smith.........
Like the millions of women in the world, all she ever wanted was to be loved and respected!
May you rest in peace.
Pity, but it happens when you just care about money, beauty and other e few things that doesn't bring hapiness.
This women was no Mariyln. He was just a flashy person who like to get on the news. Just another sucessful person who can't handle it. It is tragic that she could have done so more with her status before she died.
To much PR on such a person who now people say she was such a big image. no way
Although I am very sorry that her life ended so tragically, I found her to be a woman of questionable talent and intelligence. Look, the woman made more money than most will see in a lifetime simply by dropping out of school in the 11th grade, getting implants, stripping, posing nude and marrying a sugar daddy. Not what I call a positive role model for women. My prayers to little Danni Hope!
I can't believe how hateful people are!Does anyone have any compassion anymore. Anna Nicole was a beautiful woman who loved her son more than anything as you can tell in any picture,I can only try to imagine the pain that she has went through over the past few months. We will miss you Anna
I didn't know her in person but from the little I have seen and heard she has a beautiful and admirable personality. I hope the media and haters are now happy to cover her death story! May her gentle soul rest in peace together with her late husband and son. We will miss you Nicole. Much Love.
I'm sorry for the death of her, but she was still white trash.
I think that most of the comments are very hateful and if you guys think that it makes you feel better to post these mean things. so anna rest in peace and thankyou for entertainig america and god bless your baby and your family. and I say that all these people who say these mean things have no heart and if something was to happen to you you would want consideration too.RIP ANNA NICOLE SMITH.
Reading through these comments I feel sadness. So many of you people are cruel and little. I am sure that none of the people who posted a comment ever even knew this woman. So how can you judge her so cruely. That shows the lack of character in you...not her.
Now that Anna Nicole has passed away. Just give us the facts of her death as I know that you media must, and then let that be the end of it!! Crap you media people drive me crazy. Especially CNN. They will run with this story for weeks. Whatever happened to compassion and caring? Out the window when you are talking about the media. Let her rest in peace!
she was nice and funny and gorgeous and another human being....let's give her the respect she deserves...
she's in heaven with Danny.
Death is just another part of the circle of life. It should be a time for rejoicing just like the birth of a newborn child.
Who are you people? I stumbled on this board from the front page and am amazed that people are even arguing about this stuff!! You DIDN'T KNOW HER, you can't judge her, but she's not a role model for anyone. She deserves our sympathy for what she went through and then to be left in peace. Move on to something that really matters to you - dealing with YOUR OWN LIFE and making the world a better place, not chasing celebrity gossip.
Why are you people trying to make a saint of this golddigging, meglomaniac train wreck.

It was HER thrist for fortune and fame and her undying need to be in the spotlight that brought the media focus on her.

It was HER gluttony that ruined her life. It was HER desperation for attention that made that horror of a reality show in which she exploited her own family for more money and fame.

It was HER irresponsible lifestyle that she exposed her own son's he doing now?

And it was HER final act of recklessness that has orphaned a child. Frankly I think the baby is way better off without a role model like Anna Nicole Smith in it's life.

SHAME on CNN for trying to make this broad a Saint. She was disgusting in life and this "martyrdom" being thrust upon her is disgusting in her death
Who the heck cares! She was a no-talent loser. Comparisons to MM are ludicrous. This media frenzy is typically out of step with the public's lack of interest in this "B" level entertainer.
I must admit - it's always tragic when one so young passes - but I think we need to move on. I am reeling about why this is such a big news story. It's not surprising that her end would come to this. There is no one to blame for this but her. Like Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland - she didn't take charge of her life.
Anna Nicole Smith was always such a fighter, it seemed like nothing life had to dish out to her could bring her to her knees.
Sadly, she lost that fighting spirit, I'm afraid it died along with her precious son. I hope that at least she is with him now.
God Bless them.
Anna Nicole Smith was the Marilyn Monroe of the current generation.
WOW!! How ironic! I had just finished reading Temple Houston's famous "Soiled Dove Plea" at not 30 minutes before Anna Nichole's death was announced. The surprising (to me) public response to her death exemplifies the highest bar of behavior called for by Temple in his plea 108 years ago.
Rest in peace dear child.
While it is sad that a young woman died, this fixation by the media is crazy. How about spending a smidge of this coverage on real news like the missing billions of dollars in Iraq or the death of a true American hero ~ Marine Corporal Jennifer Parcell or how the same folks who dragged us into Iraq want to drag us into Iran.
She seemed to be the most selfish person in the world, wanting money, prestige, and man's lust.

Yet watching her television show it was apparent that everything she did was to provide for her son.
What is life if you lose everything as she did; the money, fame mean nothing if your life is gone.

This has sadden my deeply, I wish that people did not have to go through what she has gone through.

Unfortunately, I feel the media, such as "The Insider" are partly to blame; they seem to think it is ok to do their own investigation and dig up emotional things which benefit no one but themselves.

Anna will be missed and I hope people remember her as a loving and caring mother, not a beautiful centerfold, because she wasn't; she was a beautiful mother.
I dont think there is a person among us that cannot relate to her tragic life.... she was "bigger than life" and therefore always in the spotlight. I wish her personal life had been better and more peaceful for her. I want her soul to rest, and hope that her attorney and love, Mr Stern will be able to have the baby and rear it in a family setting. Prayers for the families and all who were close to her. ** she will not be forgotten **
I just think it's amazing that the media is now writing articles that say how much we/they cared about her. Throughout her tragic life and career, she was made fun of and constantly criticized. I'm guilty of it too. Her bizarre behavior and often crazy decisions were picked on and displayed for all to see. They never left her alone and now that she's dead, everyone is claiming that they cared about who she was as a person. It's just more proof that our society loves to build people up and laugh when they fall. Then when something tragic happens, we pretend we cared all along. It's disgusting.
What a waste!!She needed help along time ago...she died long time ago. It is a sad case that her baby girl is going to grow up without a mother...I hope everything workout for her...
Cynthia (way earlier post) you are a hypocrite.

First of all, she never slept with the 90 yr old man (they had a strictly platonic relationship).

Secondly, you say not to criticize the dead...but you are criticizing the 90 yr old man....WHO IS DEAD!

I do agree that we should leave Anna alone. she was starving for love, and my gut instinct says that Howard Stern manipulated her and never really cared about her well being. He might very well be implicated in both her and Daniel's death too.
I can honestly say that I liked Anna Nicole very much, but mostly because she was brave enough to wear her heart on her sleeve. Through all of the glamour and bright lights, all she really wanted was to be adored...loved, in every aspect of her life. That is what makes her death the most tragic. Yes, people will still be talking about Anna for a long time to come, but half of those comments will be derogatory. It's a shame, really, since she had a real sense of sweetness underneath it all and loved her fans. She always accomodated her fans. She also had a great sense of humor. Sometimes, we forget that these people in the public eye are people like everyone else. She's had enough bad thrown at her. Let her rest in peace with some dignity. Everyone should be afforded that. I'll miss you, Anna Nicole.
Anna Nicole died of a broken heart. Let's kindly remember her.
Seeing Anna on television was like watching a car wreck in slow motion. She was a gold digger who had the voice and thought capability of a 10 year old little girl.
She had no talent, she offered nothing more than a laugh to us when she embarrassed herself on TV time and time again.
Sad, but true!
I was never an Anna Nicole fan--but I'm sickened to see what some people have written about her.

She was a product of modern society, which places so much emphasis and even value on beauty and breast size, and more and more, on public outrageous antics.

Regardless of what she ever did in the limelight, she was STILL somebody's daughter, somebody's sister, somebody's mother, somebody's lover.

Somewhere in her life she was taught to use her looks and personality to achieve the American Dream, and when she did, she still had to fight for what was hers. Some people think she used the rich old guy, but Anna herself was used, loved, hated, laughed at and one can only imagine the stress she was under at the end.

This was a human being, and even if you didn't "like" her (someone you don't even know personally) people should think about the family and friends that loved the private Anna Nicole before they post nasty comments and calling her names. What if it was your family member? If you can't say anything nice, then why not say nothing at all?
I have no problem with her marrying an older guy for money. They both benefitted. Once her husband died and she appeared to have wealth, lots of people wanted to be her friend. Sadly, she was unable to resist the lure and dangers of life in the fast lane. While I am sympathetic and feel badly that such an attractive woman should die so young and leave behind an infant daughter, it does bother me that her son died of a drug mixture. No twenty year old should be taking antidepressants.
Maybe we should all worry about our own lives more than the lives of celebrities?

It's a tragedy when any life is lost, especially when a child loses its mother, but does the nation and/or world really have nothing better to think about? I think the media needs to start reporting things that are worth reporting. The media have lost their integrity and dignity, in my eyes, and turned into a bunch of hounding, dramatic, and rather pathetic news whores. You help to create the sadness and problems in all of our lives with your drama and constant negativity.

You hounded this woman in life, and now you do in death. What will you have to talk about now that she's gone?
Shame on Anna Nicole Smith's mother for shamelessly getting on national tv to plug how messed up her daughter was on drugs. Where was she when her daughter needed help? And why isn't she sad to have lost her? And not for nothing but shame on you, the media, for airing such filthy horrible people. How sad.
Anna Nicole lived a very troubled life.I hope that she is finally at peace after all that she has been through.She was a beautiful woman. She was a mother.She was someone who fought for what she wanted.After the loss of her son you could see that she had all but given up. She was so grief stricken that even her tiny baby girl could not snap her out of it.This is a great tragedy. A mother's love for her child is a great bond and she loved her children deeply.I for one will miss her beautiful face.She was not a perfect person. But who is? I just pray that death was quick for her with no suffering.Rest in peace Nicole and may God bless you.You are truly an Angel now.
The girl was definetly on drugs. That was apparent everytime you saw her on TV. My guess she passed of the same thing her son did.....
Anna Nicole could not sing, dance, or act. She had no other marketable skills that I can identify. She was a gold digger, drug user, and alcoholic. Her looks were altered to the point of being near grotesque. I can't understand why she ever gained popularity and was promoted to celebrity status by the media, except that people liked to laugh at her sad existence. It's a shame she is dead, but what did all of you expect? You supported her lifestyle by wanting to see more of her misery. Her so called fans killed her.
What a sad ending to a sad life..

Her daugher runs the risk of following in her mothers footsteps. Already men are fighting over her. Not neccessarily to love & cherish her precious innocense, but to get their greedy hands on her possible inheritance.

I hope & pray that for the sake of the child that there is one person in her life who will love her unconditionally.
When even one death fails to move us, then we are sad people.
That said, here's a woman who wanted fame, but did not have the intelligence to survive in its glare. When she was relatively under control, she was gorgeous, but she was a sad, plastic doll when she was out of control. She seems to have been the classic gold digger/trophy wife with Marshall, and I would have done exactly as Marshall's son.
What should be shocking is the celebrity worship that allows this to happen. Why do we watch celebrities self destruct? Why do we stare at car wrecks? What is it about watching the suffering of others that thrills people. I pray that I never understand the cult of celebrity that creats people like Anna Nichole.
Any loss of a life is tragic. I feel so sad for the baby who will never know or touch her mother in any way.
Greek tragedy??? Please, spare us. Any woman who chooses to be a centerfold also chooses celebrity and all that comes with it. If she didn't want the spotlight, she wouldn't have taken her clothes off in the first place. She lived, she died. It happens to all of us. Some people get a story when they die, some don't. Anna Nicole didn't touch me in any way, shape or form. She was just another blonde girl who needed a lot of attention. Most of the rest of us don't need that and look askance at those who do.
I find it utterly appalling that some of you can sit there and judge a woman who is no longer with us. What kind of heart do you really have? I am not saying that she didn't make some lousy mistakes but at the end of the day she was human just like you and I. I truly hope those of you with negative feedback can take a good inventory of your own personal lives before going to bed and maybe,just maybe when you wake up and if you wake up you will find yourself correcting your own mistakes as oppose to criticizing the mistakes of others.
Anna was a tortured soul. I watched a few episodes of her reality show and it was truly sad. May she rest in peace.
Anna was a human being, and as such, imperfect along with the rest of us. I challenge any of her critics to hold up graciously under the constant microscope that celebrities are subjected to.

She was a beautiful train wreck that we could not stop watching, or talking about. I can't say I was a fan of hers, but I also had no dislike for her. If anything I always held some cautious pity in my heart for her. "But for the grace of God".. Anna's story could easily have been any one elses, if not for circumstance.

No child should be subjected to every act, deed, opinion, or word ever attributed to their parent. I hope that society will put aside their ravenous appetite and let her daughter have a peaceful and quiet childhood. I also hope the father, whoever he is, will not ride this poor childs birthright for his own 15 minutes of fame.

There are lessons to be learned from her, and her life. I wish her serenity and peace now.
Check out her lawyer boyfriend, husband - whatever he is. Check out the will, life insurance policies, all of that!
Brign them out into the open. It was reported that Stern provided her son with the drugs and now her. Something is not right here. Plus Stern was traveling with Anne in Hollywood Florida. He was with Daniel also. Something doesn't add up here!!
I don't think it's an insult to Ms. Smith's family to suggest that it's RIDICULOUS that this has been the top news story for the last 24 hours. I'm stunned at the state of today's media, and hope that CNN - of all organizations - can leave this sorry story and go back to reporting on stuff that actually, y'know, matters.
When someone is beautiful and rich and famous and they still have all the same problems the rest of us have, it endears them to us. We will miss Anna Nicole just as we missed Marilyn and Princess Di. Their beauty, wealth and warmth couldn't save them from life's pain, and we felt for them every step of the way.
I found myself surprisingly deeply saddend by Anna Nicole's passing, but find solace in knowing that she no longer feels the weight of the world upon her. Understandably, she has been deeply depressed and under a great degree of pressure of late. I pray that her baby girl will know a happier and more stable life. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Howard K., her companion, friend and confidante.
May she rest in peace.
Anna was a sad soul that was lost and tragic. Not to be condemned for actions, but a lesson to the those who think they are better than anyone else. She was a mother, sister, daughter and human being before a sinner. human being. You sick fuck.

I liked her. She was simple, sad, pretty, mysterious, retched, confused, hateful, loving, lost, full of pain, sick, troubled and kind. She can be hated and loved - but she was a product of poor living, poor parenting, poor self esteem, poor values, and caught up in a world that pays pretty women for being pretty. She had amazing looks and so physically gifted. She was raised like trailer trash and like so many Americans, she was caught up in a moment in time of greed and self loathing. It is sad to learn she passed away. Way too young and with so much misery in her life, she never had the chance to grow old and make amends in her life. What a tragic way to die, with so much unfinished business.
I so agree with you Debra O. from WA., though I wasn't a fan of ANS, I think she truly died froma broken heart after losing her son, the one whom she many times said, loved her unconditionally. She deserves respect in the fact that she was someone's daughter, mother and friend. Who are we to judge how she lived her life? We should feel compassion for those she left behind and not make a mockery of the life she lived when she is no longer able to defend herself. I hope she has found her peace in being reunited with her son in Heaven. RIP
It's heart wrenching how some treat others. Regardless of who Anna was, she deserved sympathy. May her soul rest in peace & may the Angels guide & protect her daughter. None of us is perfect & shouldn't being pointing fingers. Like Anna said before "why hit me when I'm already down. Now, taht she's gone she's still being hit on & it's despicable.

Rest in Peace Annie & may God have mercy on your SOUL[your fans will always remember & cherish you].
She wasn't even CLOSE to Marilyn Monroe. She didn't have any talent, except stripping. What's truly sad is watching people turn her into a martyr. She was a drug addict, always has been. All of the floks who say she was a good mother-- do you give your child Methadone or heroin? Methadone is used to recover from Heroin, and it is well known that Anna used it often. How else do you think her dead son got a hold of it? During the first night visiting good old mum? She's ruined 2 lives--her own and that of her young son.
people should remember that the media will portray a person in whatever way will SELL...I doubt anyone here ever met Anna, let alone KNEW her.

Rest in Peace Anna. May the people that knew you and loved you find strength and peace in the days ahead. Your daughter will be in our prayers...
I don't know why everybody's sad. I think Anna Nicole died the way everybody thought she would. When did we ever see her without being stone or drunk? So it shouldn't be a surprise. It's ok, she's with her son who also died of a drug overdose because the woman that claimed to love him more than anything put herself and her needs first clearly putting him in the spotlight when he didn't want to be.
So maybe this way, her daughter actually has a chance, hoping that her stupid lawyer is not the father and that the real father takes her out of the lime light and gives her a good normal life, one that she deserves.
God works in mysterious ways
Why can't anyone say something positive about Anna Nicole Smith, people think about her family, even though there are things that she has done that people don't agree with have some compassion!!!!!!! She was just a lost child
I wanted to say that I did like Anna Nicole. It is ashame how people in the media and on this board talk so badly about her. Yes, she led a troubled life and had many things thrown her way but, she kept going. Noone here knew the real her including myself to even speak on her as a person. All we know is what we seen in the newspaper and television. For the people to say she was a wasted life...must have some personal issues themselves. Just think about the things you have done in life...and the skeletons in your closet....the only difference is there not broadcasted publicly. Everyone has a family member abused, used drugs, etc...maybe even yourselves. I hope she at least has some peace now. Now the baby will be growing up without a mother....that truly sad!
I have been touched my the loss of Anna Nicole Smith. I have watched her in the media for years, sometimes laughing, sometimes in amazement and of late with the most compassion one could muster. A mother myself, having lost a 22 year old son, I stand in amazement of those reporters digging for all the dirt they can find. I'm sure she was on anti-depressants just to be able to put one foot in front of the other--I know I sure was. I hope they (media) can sleep at night and hope to God they never go through in their lives what this woman has had to endure in hers. Peace to Anna Nicole and fear no longer, your son has you once again. The daughter she leaves behind however, will forever be hounded by the media and the money hungry jackels that loom over her. This includes her mother, sisters and relatives who have continually ridiculed her lifestyle. But now that she is out of the picture--how differently the song is. Howard K. Stern has been with her, good, bad and indifferent. How many others can say that? Even the sane amoung us.
Britney and Lindsay: are you paying attention now?
Everyone is entitled to their opinion but for me, I was very saddened to learn of her death and just the thought of everything that has happened in her life, whether it was self induced or not. She was in the spotlight but now hopefully she is in a different light. God Bless her.
Let me start by saying that I never wasted even one second of my life watching her show on the E! Channel. That alone is enough to make me hit my knees and thank God on a nightly basis.

Now, on to more important matters. I read comments from people who are shocked that people are attacking Anna Nicole. I, however, am shocked that people are praising her.

Mothers die every day - Mothers that aren't drug addicts, Mothers that aren't self-absorbed, Mothers that believe that their children are more important than themselves.

As I said in another post, keep in mind that they found Anna Nicole's body after she had been partying for a week in that Florida hotel. Where was her newborn? In the Bahamas. So what kind of Mother is it that you morons are crying for?

And just stop talking about how evil her dead husband was for sleeping with someone 70 years his junior. Does anyone really think they had sex? He was like 90, right? You do all know that it was a physical improbability - no matter what they said.

No, I am not judging Anna Nicole. My comments are more of an indictment of us than it is her. Why was anyone fascinated with the person? You can go to any trailer park in Texas (or Louisiana - hi, Britney!!!) and find 100,000 more just like her.

But, then again, without incidents like this, what would people like me have to write about? I guess even cops need criminals...
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