Thursday, January 04, 2007
That Rosie-Donald thing
Is it me, or does the Rosie O'Donnell-Donald Trump feud -- despite the national profile of both parties -- seem like a silly local story that's gotten out of control?

It's tailor-made for the New York tabloids, who love a good squabble -- particularly if one of the squabblers is named "Trump." But though Trump develops his real estate all over the country, and though he and O'Donnell both have network TV shows, to me the whole thing seems like a minor "this town isn't big enough for the both of us" tiff ... picked up by the New York-based media conglomerates (my employer included). And I'm wondering if anyone outside of New York ever really cared.

Trump has played it brilliantly, however -- giving "exclusive" interviews to numerous outlets, plugging the new season of "The Apprentice" even as he denies he's doing publicity, playing up his name and his trophies.

O'Donnell's already part of a hit show -- "The View's" ratings are up since her arrival. I wonder how the Trump offensive will pay off for "The Apprentice."
The whole Donald/Rosie thing is ridiculous. Donald chose to give Miss USA a second chance, and certainly he expects her to live up to the honor this time around. Rosie voiced her opinion, and in this great country we live in, that is her god given right. The problem I see is that rather than just accepting that Rosie may have a different point of view, Donald took it as a personal attack, and what's worse, he retaliated. So long as one strikes, the other will do so as well, and the vicious circle will continue. My message to both of them? GROW UP.
I think the entire thing is beyond boring. Two adults acting like children. I'm not siding with either party, but I must say - Mr. Trump, in my opinion, is a ridiculous human being.
I think Mr. Donald will milk any chance at publicity he can get since "The Apprentice" is nothing to what it was at the beggining... Thank goodness someone tells him what we ALL know!!! Go ROSIE!!!!
It's generating publicity. I thought that was the whole point...
I'm sorry, but this was started by Rosie O'Donnell. Yes, she has a right to voice her opinion, but what she did was a personal attack on Donald Trump. "Sit on it and spin"????? That sounds personal to me.

Trump should be able to run his business (and beauty pagents are a business) without rude, uncalled for comments from someone who has nothing to do with that business.

Who appointed O'Donnell and the "moral compass" of anything? She should stick to issues she is familiar with, and from what I've seen, that's a very short list.
Donald Trump keeps calling Rosie a bully when it is clear to anyone near a TV set that he, indeed, is the bully. It is disappointing that a man of his self-professed intelligence cannot come up with more creative insults than "fat", "ugly", "stupid" and "loser." Watching him (and I make every effort not to) is like watching someone have a nervous breakdown. I think most of American probably sees Trump for what he is: an angry, arrogant, hateful man who is trying to promote his TV show by denigrating someone who used her right of free speech on a TV show titled "The View."
What I find interesting about the whole situation is a man like Donald Trump claiming to be in the process of sueing Rosie O'Donnell for libal when he himself is saying what he is saying about her. The man has no integrity. The original observation that Rosie made about Donald being married, having an affair and marrying the woman in the affair, divorcing that woman to marry another woman he was having an affair with is true. It is out there for the public to view. Now he is trying to play the moral high ground with pageant. If he truly was on the up and up, why would he not give the other pageant winner a second chance after posted pictures from when she was a teenager hit the internet? Sounds like something fishy going on to me. But either way, Trump is more at fault for this continued fued due to his conintual loooooooong blasted insults of Rosie. And what is this crap about calling Barbara Walters a liar? If he were truly a friend of Barbaras, he would not have ever mentioned her to begin with. It is all about publicity for his little show.
Rosie O'Donnell has some nerve. First she accused Kelly Ripa of saying something homophobic about Clay Aiken, and Clay Aiken has never amitted to being gay. Second, she insulted asians with her racist "ching chong ching chong" comments and in response to complaints about this she said asian americans should "get over it". Then she insults Trump and Trump came back at her with avengence.

She is the queen of starting fights and now she's met her match with Trump. She should be able to take it if she dishes it out.
I think Rosie confuses comedy for her own personal view, and in her haste to make people laugh, she says things without thinking them through. I also think that she is turning the View into her own political platform and no one else really gets a chance to speak. She is a terrible listener and a camera hog. Rather than always going for the laugh or to prove a point, she could learn about lot from Barbara Walters about grace and poise, listening and subtlety.
Let's be clear in one thing. Donald Trump is an arrogant, manipulative, sanctimonious moron. He didn't give Miss USA a second chance. He humiliated a 21 year old woman in front of national television.

Were he really concerned about her, he would have keep things under wraps and told her either she enters rehab or gives up the Missie crown. That's what real men do. That's what real 59+ old gentlemen would do when they are geniune interested in the well being of an at-risk 21 year old woman.

Instead, he placed her in front of a camera to admit, with tears in her face, for family, friends and the whole world to see that she sucked big time with a problem of alcohol and cocaine. Very classy move Mr. Trump.

For being who he is, a pandering womanizer who had cheated in every single of his marriages, he is no place to act like that.

And the fact that he has taken Rosie's accurate description of things as a license to sling personal insults to her, that shows he is severely lacking in the "gentleman manliness department".

The whole issue of Rosie vs Trump is pathetic, but not so for Rosie's comments, but for Trump's inability to act like a man towards both Tara Conner and Rosie.

He should have dealt with this in private as real men would do instead of putting an at-risk 21 year old woman in front of national TV as he did. Control freak.
In response to your question, the rest of the nation doesn't care to be bothered with Trump's shameless self-promotion antics. From what I've seen on the subject, he is 100 times more guilty of being a "bully" than Rosie ever was.
Donald is making a fool of himself. he sounds like a 6th grader. they say that all publicity is good.... but his silly antics make me want to avoid the tired apprentice more than ever.
It's about time someone put Rosie in her place. She's exactly what Donald say she is. I hope more people come forward with their opinions about her and I hope she's fired from The View. She's a loser!
I think Trump is WAY out of line and I commend Rosie for just being herself. I never knew Miss USA could be such a poor role model and yet Trump still accepts her apology and then practically blames Rosie for voicing an honest opinion. Lose the hair and the attitude Donald, maybe we'll see a different side of you. We love you Rosie!!!!
Donald Trump is an idiot! He should look in the mirror when saying the word low-life.
It is so sad that the masses have to follow such unworthy dialogue. I am suprised that Rosie,being a woman of refined distinction and outwardness,would allow her charismatic personality be defined by a man of greed who pocesses the opposites of mankind. We love you Rosie up here in the great north,don't keep subjecting yourself to the low esteem of such an individual.

You are the VIEW with a VIEW!!!!
Donald Trump is apparently having a psychotic break - that's the most gracious way I can offer to excuse his hateful behavior. First Martha and now Rosie.

This man is such a fraud. First clue is the comb-over of comb-overs. Then he protesteth too much about how much money he has. Then he freaks out anytime someone questions his inflated assertions about himself.

A real clue to his pathetic self-image of inadequacy is his tactic of attacking by attempting to bring others along on the hunt. With Martha, it was the TV public - "her ratings were terrible, people don't like her." With Rosie, he tries to back himself up with Barbara Walters in a flurry of lies about what Barbara said.

Then he attempts to divide and conquer by pulling Kellie into it - "she deserves better." Or "he'll send one of his friends over."

Stand on your own two feet, Donald. Why do you need back-up when you attack? Scared to be by yourself?

He accuses Rosie of lying? Give me a break. He practically gushes lies about Rosie - her talent, her ratings, her looks, how Barbara feels.

Rosie said he filed bankruptcy. HE DID! She did not specify personal or business, chapter 13 or chapter 7.

Donald Trump is trying to build ratings for his failing Apprentice. But, Donald, maybe you have stepped into it this time - you have insulted fat people, ugly people, lesbians, Rosie's sizable fan base, and anyone who disdains this kind of boorish behavior.

AND BTW. Rosie may be overweight, but she is quite attractive.

You, on the other hand - well, I cannot imagine what you must look like in bed with that thing on your head turned loose. Ugh! The thought of the creepies that must live in there - Stephen King, are you looking for a new idea?
Rosie is always shooting from the lip and it is RARE that she is off-target! Her honest comments and direct statements are appreciated by those of us who do not have a public voice!! Trump needs to shut up and move on! He obviously never learned the concept of taking the high-road or being a bigger person in the face of adversity! Trump needs to acknowledge the truth sometimes hurts then slink off to Apprentice-ville and silently lick his wounds!
Rosie is an untalented hack. She has absolutely no class or tact. Contrast her behavior and demeanor on the View with the previous moderator (whose name right now escapes me). Donald is completely right in what he says.
I for one will not be watching the upcoming season of "The Apprentice". Mr. Trump, you have confirmed that you have no class and will do anything for publicity. Its time for you to stop name calling - I guess its true that its still OK to treat people who are overweight like second class citizens.
I think this whole Donald-Rosie spat is stupid and a waste of airtime. Donald and Rosie have probably joined forces to ride this publicity money reel out. Donald makes money per word and Rosie makes money per wise crack.
Can't we all just get along?
Trump said in one of his many interviews that if soemone attacks him, he will attack back. so my question is why when Jon Stewart made a comment about Trump being "A mora' Compass" did he not attack Jon Stewart? He is a nasty, despicable human being who has shown his true colors. Calling Rosie a degenerate was the final straw for me. The Apprentice is NOT the ratings giant he makes it out to be and all he is doing is losing more vieweres. I for one cannot wait until the Apprentice fails!
WHO CARES ANYMORE? Now Mr. Trump has his daughter coming to his fight. Anyone watch the Today show today? Donald, you are pathetic. Rosie you have every right to voice your opinion, however, enough. We all know Trump to be the lying, cheating scumbag that he is. On to a new subject Rosie.
This story is OLD, way, way so OLD. Don needs to move on, really, right now.
I like them both. I could care less about any possible "squabble" they might have. So what!
Bravo Donald! About time someone put a sock in that Grand Canyon of a mouth. He spoke what many American's could only hope to transmit to this train wreck. Thanks again Mr. Trump - fight fire with fire!
I wouldn't watch the view if you paid me and I can't stand the Donald. They both need to just Shut Up!
I don't care for either of the twobut Trump has every right to run his business as he sees fit. He never stated that he's a "moral compass" for society. The girl that he gave a second chance to was definitely not acting like pageant material. She BROKE THE LAW, (remember underage drinking laws, Rosie?). Rosie launched an unprovoked attack first - end of story. And this isn't the first time that she has grand-standed and made herself look foolish (Kelly Ripa and Tom Selleck??).
Some might say Trump isn't any better because of his piercing counter attacks but the guy is no dummy. He knows that he'll eventually benefit any kind of publicity, even if he doesn't need it.
Rosie, on the other hand, is doomed. Sooner or later, no one will care what she says because the world will eventually see her for what she is - a deceptive and mean-hearted blowhard. Rosie - if you have nothing nice to say- do the world a favor - SAY NOTHING AT ALL!!!!!
Who the hell cares?

Honestly, who the hell cares? There are more important things that should be in the news. How hard did the average person work today compared to Trump and O'Donnell? I know they both do things to help others, but when it comes right down to it, they aren't any better than we are - but I will never make the news unless I do something terrible. Just in case you were wondering, I would never watch any of their shows.
So Donald, if you can make nasty comments about someone like Angelina Jolie, I think the whole freaking world can make comments about you...including Rosie!!! Freedom of speech my little man!!!

This is from the

Donald Trump dumps on Angelina Jolie
The "WTF?" moment of the week comes from Donald Trump and his harsh talk about Angelina Jolie on Larry King. It's no secret that Donald Trump has a foul personality, craggily face, goiter neck and ridiculous comb-over, but he's also one of the stingiest billionaires around and gives embarrassing low amounts to charity! Making Trump's sh*t talk about the incredibly philanthropic Jolie extra loathsome.
My question is .... WHO CARES what Rosie thinks anyway! Why is everything she has an opinion on, which is apparently everything lately, being put through the bullhorn? To each his/her own, but since she "came out", she lost her light humor and became mean-spirited. And Donald Trump is just too public with his name-calling, he needs to shut up and let her wreck her own train without telling everyone what a failure she is or will become. We already know it.
Rosie might have started it, but there was no need for Trump to continue it. They both have the ability (although not the class) to deal with the subject at hand with out resorting to name-calling & finger gestures.
I think Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell deserve each other -- it would be a marriage made in heaven!
These guys need to get a life. Considering all the anguish in the world today, with their power and money, they really ought to find something constructive to do or sit down and shut up.
I found it quite amusing for the first few days then it got stale. The take that Anderson Cooper did about it with the popcorn and his 'no he din't say that did he' was hilarious. After that it just irritated me, especially when 'the donald' got more and more disgustingly abusive towards O'Donnell in all his fake correspondence to TV anchors. I hope Barbara Walters has put an end to it. I can't see it making me more likely to watch The Apprentice, in fact I'm more likely not to, so if Trump's strategy was to get more people to tune in I think he's missed the mark big time.
Donald is looking for publicity, Rosie is just an untalented hack who does not have the intelligence to carry on a dialogue without insulting someone. I hope she is the downfall of the show "The View". That would be one less male bashing show on daytime television. Ever notice that those shows are not on during the evening.
I feel that this huff between Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump is just what can happen to any people who just don't get alone, at all! Or perhaps are they simply, just alike? One thing which springs to mind, and I'm sure I'm not the only one here, is that people who are so alike, emitting vicious comments, ranting alike, acting out on each other.. seemingly alike.. just dont accord well with each other. Why? Well, while on the one hand Donald has proven himself to the whole population of this planet to be an arrogant man in regards to disgrading a human being to a lowlife, a "nothing", his inceasant need to mark the hit point on all this gossip that he "never" went bankrupt but instead some of "his" companies did. Rosie's desire to portray Donald in her speech on "The View", as a man of no morals whatsoever his ability to run a beauty pageant contest. It just is all so clear as to see how Rosie & Donald are indeed the perfect mix of ingredients, they both are apples from the same tree, and each of their appearances prove this ever so strongly.

The winner in this story? None. As both of them have lowered themselves to a level of integrity which nor I or you, or the faithful public of gossip news can imagine possible!

What would have happened if Rosie had said he had only 10 pairs of ties in his closet!? Poor Donald.

In the end who truly knows; perhaps they both are in it for the Publicity!
Donald is beyond an idiot. How "mature" is he to spew such slurs at O'Donnell as if he was a 12 year old in school. To say nothing about the fact that he seems to be milking this for all he can. Grow up Mr. Trump! Someone needs to tell you "You're fired".
Why do we waste our time on such foolishness. Who cares what these two people do or say!!!!
There has to be something more important to read or talk about i.e. starving children, AIDS,
global warming, etc. Come on people don't read or watch this nonsense!!
I was just listening to Trump's tirade against Rosie and my mouth was hung open! I cannot for the life of me understand why Trump, in the position he is in, feel the need to get down and dirty and take part in mud slinging against Rosie O'Donnell. He's just being plain mean, calling her a lowlife and a bully. Sounds to me like The Donald is your friend as long as you agree with what he says and if you try and cross him, that's it. And if he is as close a friend to Barbara Walters as he says he is, he would never have publicly embarrassed HER as well by repeating things she may or may not have said in a private conversation. I certainly don't treat my friends like that or I wouldn't have any. Bottom line, this is America, and everyone has a right to his or her own opinion. Trump has gone too far. If Rosie stated inaccuracies about him, or made negative comments about him, he could have simply posted a statement and/or asked ABC to make her recant her inaccurate statements. In short, he could've taken the high road and he would've been revered for it. I'm not trying to take one side or another, but I cannot help but come to the defense of Rosie when Trump attacks her so viciously. I agree with most comments in that the two of them need to grow up and move on. There are more important things in the world to worry about and waste your breath on.
I think Donal Trump should get over himself and realize that he is a disgusting, old loser himself. He needs to let it go and shut up!
I am truly sick of O'Donnell. I hate to say it but, I agree with the "Donald" (arrogant name). I loved the "View", hate it now. I have never watched "Apprentice" and never will.
But, Rosie has been out-of-control for years and I was her biggest fan for awhile.
Unfortunately, I'm familiar with this fued. (And I live in Minnesota and don't have a television.)

I agree with what Donald said about Rosie. She IS disgusting. But I don't think he should sue her. He said himself he will probably do it because it would be "fun". For that reason alone, they should dismiss the case. Our court systems are already clogged with too many senseless, unnecessary and stupid cases.
Long-term gain: "One who holds tongue gains more respect".
Short-term gain and long-term ??: "One with loose tongue gets better ratings in the short-term and looses respect in the long-term".
I am no fan of Rosie, but Trump is behaving very badly.

You've only to look at his ridiculous hair-do to realize he doesn't care what people think of him.
I had an inlking and now confirmed that Trump's mouth is as big as O Donnell's..... . I knew Trump is not a class act.

I would encourage people to not to watch his 'Apprentice' this time around. Also needless to say I do not belive his daughter is an accomplished professional as compared to Caroline K.

And by the way, Business Week ranked Trumpt as one of the 'worst boss' in 2006.
Where does Trump get off judging other people and their lives? His certainly hasn't been lily white. Like they say "no fool, like an old FOOL".
Donald Trump is the loser in this stupid bickering contest. I think it is hysterial he holds himself in such high regard when he knows the only reason people even pay attention to him is his money, not looks or personality. He needs to shut up and leave Rosie alone!
About a year ago I saw Rosie sitting with her partner on tv. It was a program similar to Entertainment tonight. Rosie was saying her 11 year old son comes home from school crying because she did not understand how hard it was to be Rosie O'Donnell's son and also the fact that she was gay. Apparently his classmates ridicule or bully him. How did she respond to his obvious pain? She grabbed her herself and said what can a man do that I can't do? I raised a son alone for 16 years as his father died the week he turned 8. His fears and personnel questions were kept confidential by me and I did not ridicule his feelings to family or co-workers.

As Donald says she is a bully. Any parent who pokes fun of their child's feelings gets an "F" in parenting skills by me.
Think this squabble was design to help their prospective shows for TV ratings. People are somewhat nosey, they want to see what will happen next, who said what, and what the participating parties are going to do next. Entertainment, they call it. They will make you think this will a fight to the finish. The rules are, there are no rules. By the way, when are they coming on again, I will be watching.
I always knew Rosie was a nut, but I never knew "the Donald" was so close to the edge. I can't watch Apprentice anymore, because I now see him as a childish kid-- instead of the big shot personna I used to think he was. Since I never watch The View, who cares?
As to your question, I think it is of interest to those outside of the New York Metro area. They're two well-known, controversial personalities. My wife and I, here deep in the heart of Texas, have enjoyed numerous chuckles watching these two egomaniancs make utter buffoons of themselves.
Our soldiers are being slaughtered every day in Iraq. Concurrently therewith, innocent Iraqis are being murdered by the tens of thousands. People are starving all over the world and on top of that, we have the genocide of Darfur. Why don't these two wealthy people do something constructive with their time, energy and money? Why don't they grow up, call a truce and both agree to work together for a common good? For the love of God.....DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE!
I have had my fill of Donald Trump and his disgusting filthy comments and his ridiculously inflated ego. This man obviously has problems with strong, successful women, as in his very public feud with Martha Stewart last year. He is so pathetically insecure that anytime someone disagrees with him or even dares to confront or attack him, he goes on a public smear campaign to destroy them. The problem is that no one really stands up to him and he continues to get away with public comments for which almost any other celebrity would be condemned. I am glad that someone finally had the guts to call this man out for his bad judgment and hypocrisy. But the one thing that really bothers me underneath all this, is that I get the feeling that it's the fact that Rosie wasn't a woman who looks like a Miss USA and also that she is gay that really are the reasons for his unrelenting and over the top attacks. Would it be okay if she were some beautiful empty headed bimbo calling him out? I think he should be labelled for what he is - an angry, bigoted, sexist chauvinist. His comments have far exceeded the boundaries of decency and good taste and it's time for him to shut up and go back to firing people, which seems to be what he does best.
I'm a fan of both The View and The Apprentice so at the onset I'd taken no sides. Once all the foul comments started coming from Trumps mouth all I could think was "All the money in the world can't buy class."

I've lost all respect for the man after listening to his continuous tirade of filth. I can tell you that I'll be taking The Apprentice off my Tivo this season and it's because his true colors have been reveiled.
Rosie is annoying but the Trump is revolting. When I see him come on screen, I can't change the channel fast enough. What a joke.
What I'm really scared of is the day that they both publicly kiss and make up. You know it's going to happen. Barbara will make.
I think it would be much more interesting hearing what good Mr. Trump has done for the less fortunate rather than to hear who has offended him or who he's going to sue next.
It's a shame that The Donald doesn't have anything better to do than get into a cat fight with The View.

He must be still happy with his current wife.
Who can believe anything Barbara Walters says!!! She lied about Star Jones being allowed to come back to The View when she knew her contract was not being renewed. She then became furious at Star for having the audacity to tell the truth about the situation. As of now, I believe Donald Trump when he says Barbara Walters is not a fan of Rosie .... Barbara's been shown to be a liar!
TRUST ME.....I don't know a soul who cares or even knows what it's about. It's like Paris Hilton....they trot her out when they don't have anything to talk about and nobody gives a *&%&! about her behavior either.
Who cares, they are both bloated, ugly, have bad hair and are only serving their own purposes of boasting themselves and their bank accounts. News agencies have really placed themselves in the gutter when they devote time to this type of "news". CNN should leave this for Entertainment Tonight. I normally tune into CNN via cable and internet but lately I am considering dropping it as my news source because of the coverage they waste on these people. There are more inportant things going on in the world. I'd rather see a human interest story on anything, i.e., excessive farting, than watch a story on two bloated, ugly self-serving "stars". If this is all Amercia has to offer - you're in trouble!
Donald Trump just will not let this issue go. The names he has been calling Rosie on air are totally uncalled for. Will he now start name calling Barbara Walters because she has apparently lied to him. No Mr. Trump you have not brought the ratings up on the view - get over yourself. I normally enjoy watching your show the Apprentice however I don't think I can watch this season and not only see the bully you really are.
Its about time someone told Rosie to shut up! Who cares what she thinks, I for one don't. I see nothing but a unkempt slob trying to act as if she had some grace and class; not! What business does Rosie have giving any advice. Were the producers of The View that desperate that they couldn't find someone more credible? Rosie's a bully, and it looks like "it" may have finally met her match in the Donald. I hope he brings out the heavy artillery on her and maybe, just maybe she'll be more careful about opening up her big mouth and begin to keep her opinions to herself.
I was a fan of the Apprentice but now after seeing how Donald has gone on and on with this whole issue, we are done! He has lost 10 fans in my family.
it seems "the feud" is one-sided now. o'donnell had an opinion (think that's why the show is called "the view"). whatever ... people are entitled to their opinions (they don't necessarily need to go into insults).

it looks like trump continues and leaves the network (walters) to make retractions, statements, etc.

very obviously a pathetic publicity ploy for trump (it seems like everyone else would like this to end, but him).
The Donald and Rosie are two extremely unattractive personalities, and their inane feud simply underscores that reality. Neither knows the definition of class, dignity, integrity, or humility.
Rosie O'Donnell is a hypocritical gasbag.

She prefers to trundle up to her soapbox and, after much exertion, balance her mammoth frame on it and commence throwing slings and arrows at everyone - not realizing or caring about who she offends.

But when she gets called on her bs, she expects to get a pass on it. Why? Because everyone loves Rosie and those who don't must be anti-fat or anti-lesbian people.

And The Donald is no better.

I say let them fight it out in a ring somewhere. That's what men do, and Rosie is more man than woman.
Trump is the most gross human being I have ever seen (and I'm 62 years of age). I'd send him the money for a good haircut if I thought he would actually use it for that purpose. Sure, Rosie is opinionated and she calls it like she sees it - but that's what she has always done. That is why people seem to like her. What you see is what you get with Rosie. The Donald? Well, what do we see? An old man who keeps trading for younger wifes so he can keep having kids (to prove his manhood?) and then trades them in on the newest model -- like a car trade-in. Have to wonder how much he pays each time to get the "newest model"!

Even at my age, I cringe at the thought of anyone who looks like, sounds like and has hair like The Donald! How can these young women sell themselves (which is what I perceive they are doing by marrying this creep) like this? As my kids say -- "it gives me hairballs!!"

Rosie is entitled to her opinion but her nasty character came through loud and clear when she chose to mock and personally attack Donald and Miss USA. She came across (and continues to come across) as a very angry, negative, unhappy woman. People at peace on the inside don't feel the need to cut others down. It's anything but funny.
This feud is more than just 'silly'. It is immature, ridiculous and just dumb . It is self-serving for both while being inconsequential and pointless in the face of all that is going on in the world today. Neither of these people are and never will be my moral compass.
I am not a big fan of Rosie, but Donald is such an aggogant, ego driven, manipulative moron. Who appointed him GOD. And does he think that if he didn't have all that money, that beautiful women would give a dog like him a second look "NO". I think he needs to go back to his boardroom and continue to beat up on his own people (which I'm sure he does on a daily basis) because he's a moran.
I can't stand Rosie Odonell and refuse to watch the view because of her. She is the most angry, miserable person. I mean, is her life that empty that she has to constantly butt into other people's business????
Rosie- Donald...what's the difference?
They are two made out of the same material: arrogancy and self-centerness! They are both losers and both need face lifts!
If Jay Leno or David Letterman made fun of Donald Trump's 'foibles' Donald would not have said anything. I seriously doubt that Rosie is the first one to make fun of that jerk but maybe the first woman with an audience. His reaction is just the phobic, atavistic, death rattle of a thankfully dying breed-the classic male chauvinist pig.
The real reason why the Donald gave a second chance to the winner is that the Donald didn't want to have a minority woman hold the crown. He is not so benevolent as he would like you to believe. Someone should call him on this.
What really hit a nerve in Trump is his failed marriages he's a run around also all you have to do is Google Trmup files bankruptcy and there it is He shouldn't lie about what you can google makes him look like that snake oil guy Rosie spoke of Even tough this whole thing is stupid Rosie is SOOOOO right. Kerry Mooar of Ventnor NJ 08406
Don't you need two vocal parties to constitute a feud? After the initial View where Rosie made a joke of Trump being a moral compass for ANYONE & made fun of his hair (oooh...that's never been done before!) she hasn't said a thing. HE on the other hand has been given air-time on every show going INCLUDING a reputable news network like CNN.
I am so frustrated that there seems to be no need by anyone to make him accountable for the things he is STILL saying that are false.
He is disgusting, a liar, a bully and has nothing valid to say. HE is trying to garner interest in his show coming up & plastering his face on every channel. I refuse to watch anymore. Someone needs to grow a set and stand up. What a misuse of freedom of speech.
I am not a Rosie O'Donnell fan. I think she talks before her brain has caught up with what she is saying. However, for really really ugly Donald Trump to CONSTANTLY belittle Rosie's appearance is disgusting. For Donald Trump to insistantly, endlessly, keep on embarrassing Barbara Walters with a private conversation he may or may not have had with her is disgusting. His attempted humiliation of Martha Stewart last year was disgusting. This person has to learn that money and trophy wives (who wouldn't look at him if he didn't have that money) do not make a man. An arrogant boor with money is not the measure of a man.
Trump's comments have been childish to the extreme. This man wants people to watch his TV show while he stoops to criticizing this woman, not only for her looks, but on her lifestyle as well?? For Trump of all people, who walks around with a squirrel on his head to criticize anyone for their looks is beyond ridiculous. And as for him calling Rosie a "degenerate", good luck with the gay community there Donald.

And Trump now has his kid chiming in to throw pot shots at Rosie. pathetic. Though, maybe Ivanka will at least be able to come up with something a little less childish that "fat" and "loser".
These are two supposed adults who are high-profile celebrities (overused and overexposed, just like the word 'celebrity' itself) who can't seem to act like adults. Their egos are so inflated that they really don't care what others think of them or how this affect their families. I guess as long as people keep putting a camera in front of them and more people keep tuning to watch them (and the network seeing the ratings stay up for this garbage); this will unfortunately continue. Now I hear Playboy wants to put that controversial Miss USA in their magazine and Trump is actually mulling the offer. Really? This is sure to raise O'Donnell's moral hackles (unless, of course, she wouldn't want a peek herself)! More fuel to the fire!
I don't know why Donald Trump keeps referring to Rosie O'Donnell's weight as part of this debate. Everyone already knows he doesn't like fat women - none of the women he has purchased have ever been overweight.
I lost all respect for the obnoxious Rosie O'donnell when she attacked Tom Selleck on national TV, a man who I happen to consider a great American who exudes integrity that seems to have been lost to the rest of America. I will again consider her to be part of the human race when I do the same for Jane Fonda(NEVER). As for Donald, I thought that he would have better sense than to return a comment to someone who should not be allowed to live alongside the rest of us. As far as calling her a pig, that is an insult to swine.
You guys all seem to forget that ROSIE is on a show called "The View", and she is hired to give her "opinion", which she did. It was DONALD TRUMP who blew it out of proportion and even included Barbara Walters in the sparing match. Side note** Barbara even claimed he was lieing yesterday on The View. He's a chump and she's a comedian, who obviously hit a raw nerve with him. She has taken the high road and hasn't commented about it since... he, however, has done the exact opposite. Hair comments and moral compass comments do not give the ok for fat and gay jokes.
And notice how the kids now are spinning the situation...I saw every piece of the entire feud and Donald should "sit and spin" after his public comments and actions. I will never, ever watch the Apprentice again, and I was a huge fan of the show.
Barbara needs to put Rosie in her place. If she doesn't it is going to start reflecting on her. After all the View is her show. Rosie needs to keep her nasty comments to herself. This is not the first time she has gotten herself in hot water.
All I want to say is "GO DONALD TRUMP" do what you have to do to get Rosie off of TV and if Barbara Walters does not do anything about her, she is no better than Rosie!!
You're going DOWN Donald ... get over yourself. Here's hoping The Apprentice 6 will be an abissmal failure (of course he'll find someone to blame or some 'numbers' to say it really 'wasn't' a failure.
Rosie & Donald, who cares what you think about each other? Crank open your wallets and open a school, do something constructive that'll make news. Peace.
I agree, it is out of control! Rosie voiced her opinion ONCE - DT has been spewing since then. It shows a lack of class and maturity on his part, to me.
Last year it was the war of words with Martha, this year it is Rosie, please, this is nothing but hype for a tired and worn out reality series that would not otherwise be noticed.
I got alot of pleasure hearing Rosie take on "The Donald", instead of the typical a** kissing that we usually hear. His retorts make him look like a 5 year old. With all of his alleged riches, why doesn't he spend a few on that hair, anyway? He comes off like a classless publicity whore.
Give it a rest!!! They both are boring, obnoxious and I could give a rip what either one of them has to say!
Guess what. Even people in NYC don't care!
Does anyone really care what Rosie thinks of Donald and vice versa? I'm astounded that something so trivial made headlines in the first place.
I had enjoyed The Apprentice in the past. After Trump's continuing immature snipes, I've lost interest. Never did care for The View.
I do not like Rosie or Donald, but that hair flip was too funny! A man of such wealth, why doesn't he do something with that awful hair??

For those of you who despise Donald Trump, or Rosie for that matter? Boycott their shows! I don't watch The View, but I used to watch The Apprentice and stopped because of my distaste for Donald.
I for one have been disgusted with Trumps behavoir. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion but what he has stepped over the line. I'm tired of the whole thing frankly and wish the media and Trump would let it die. Trump's father must be so ashamed.
Can someone please muzzle Donald Trump? That man is beyond ridiculous and is completely unaware of what a fool he is proving himself to be. Neither he nor Rosie O'Donnell are nearly important enough to warrant all this attention. I will continue to press the "mute" button when I see his face or hear his voice.
My teenagers are more mature than these two! That is saying alot if you have ever raised teens!

With all the really important things in this world to cover like our soldiers who have lost their lives in Iraq, the Aids epidemic in Africa, etc. The media needs to move on and quit giving anymore air time to these two and their feud!

As another person stated on an earlier post....GROW UP! What kind of example/role model are you two to our younger generation??? Not very good ones I fear!!!
I think it is totally rediculios that so much attention is given to this topic.Don't waste my time trying to keep up.What's the latest scoop?
I used to like the Apprentice, but now after seeing Donald Trump hurling repetitive, outrageous insults at Rosie, I don't know how anyone would want to be an "apprentice" of his or to watch his show. How is this publicity good for his show? He is a master of bullying, insulting people. He sounded retarded when he kept saying things like "Rosie is a loser, I know Rosie," etc. He must have said those lines in every interview and about a hundred times. If he wants to really convince people of what he is saying, he needs to enlarge and enhance his vacabulary and learn to argue, not to insult.
I think they are both idiots to be frank. Neither one of them thinks before they speak. It's all about ratings. When I see either of them on TV, I turn the channel. Life's too short to listen to crap that irritates you.
I say way to go Rosie. Trump is arrogant and can't take being told he was WRONG in his decison. I used to watch Apprentice, but won't anymore.
Rosie rocks
I'm not a Rosie or Donald fan, however that hair flip on The View was too funny!

For those of you who cannot tolerate either one? Boycott their shows. I stopped watching The Apprentice because I despise Donald Trump and hope to see The Apprentice's ratings nosedive until it's cancelled.
The whole Rosie-Donald thing is ridiculous and they both are getting way to much press.
I e-mailed "The Loser" formerly know
as "The Donald" and told him his behavior was just despicable. For a man of his status to behave like that
is just pathetic. As I told him just
because you have loads of money doesn't
mean you have loads of class. What a
I think they are both acting like children and there is more things happening in this world besides Donald and Rosie's. They both need to grow up.
Where does Rotund Rosie, of all people, get off on talking about morals. It seems to me that The Donald has a soft side rarely seen by us common folk.
Donald Trump is an overbearing self absorbed windbag! He should be just a little more humble.
It's nice to know that "white trash" comes in many different classes, it's not all trailer trash or getto fabulous but Park Avenue pettiness as well.

They are both human regardless of their class and they are pissed at each other but what's funny is the way it's been handled or should I say the way the public has been manipulated to listen to their outburst.

Look at all the comments this blog has received. Remember the old saying that even bad publicity is good publicity...
It seems to me that Mr. Trump hasn't gotten out of Jr. High School yet.
Donald Trump, GROW UP!!
Big deal if these two want to go at it. Donald need the publicity and Rosie needs something to draw attention away from the ching chong thing. And the comment from Donna in Cali about Clay not admitting to being gay???? He is a freind of Rosies and though I haven't personaly heard him admit to it, I have seen him not deny it and when was the last time you saw a straight man not deny being gay?
To everyone saying that Rosie should be fired and that this whole thing is a ploy for her to get ratings. The view has the highest ratings EVER since Rosie signed on so why does she need to argue with Trump for ratings? And why do you believe they would fire her?
Nobody cares. Why is this news? 90% of the US population wouldn't care if both of them drowned in the East River.
Rosie needs to shut up. She really is a lousy person. Look at how she attacked Kelly Ripa. Donald is right on the money. SHe will bring the View down. What is going on with Barbara Walters ? Hiring such a spitefull and hateful individual.
Donald...get a job. You must have a lot of free time to get involved in this. Rosie is good at making fun of people. You should get rid of that gut, change the color of your hair piece and go back to your real estate job. Take a chill pill.
Anyone who has watched these two individuals know that Rosie speaks the truth...good and bad and "the Donald" speaks bad! Rosie has done a tremendous job with raising money for children charities. What charities has "the Donald" worked for...attacking anyone who would rather donate money for good causes (Angelina Jolie & Rosie)then to roll around in it. And Mr. Trump as I see it YOU are FAT, UNINTELLIGENT, UGLY & I CAN NOT WAIT until The Apprentice fails due to YOUR BIG MOUTH!
Simply, Rosie started the whole mess. Everthing Donald has said is true.
i think donald is full of himself and needs to let it go. i like rosie she tells it how it for ivanka she's just along for the ride. or should i say free ride.......
I think that Rosie is actually trying to do things for people who can't do it themselves. Shes willing to help others out while Trump is only willing to help himself out. I was listening to the radio and had heard comments that he had made about Rosie. They were uncalled for and attacked her wife and herself. I think it is a a tiff but its being played out like they are 6th graders. The two literally have nothing to do with eachother but yet attack on personal ground..I say they need a time out in seperate corners.
With so many important and good things to report on, who really cares about two of the biggest jerks in America?
Oh, I care- and I'm from New Orleans. I'm boycotting "The Apprentice"- Donald is a poumpous ass, and I won't support his ratings any longer.

I'm sure Wharton Business school is very proud of their "grad" using such fine language to express his displeasure. In his words... he is an ass and a loser.
No one of any intelligence inside New York cared either.
Rosie, Donald Trump. Paris Hilton-Lindsay Lohan. Same intelligence. The only time I'd watch any of them would be on Celebrity Boxing.
Obviously, they both believe the old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Why continue this nonsense? Because ---- they are both being kept in the headlines (why, oh why?!!!) and they are LOVING it!!!!
Rosie is arrogant, but then again, so is The Donald. Rosie whines when selective ethics suit her. Donald fires people and feels justified doing it. These wealthy celebrities obviously have some skeletons in their closets, and some issues they might want to discuss with their high-priced therapists. Anyone who takes sides on a stupid issue like this one is no better than either of these loudmouths who have no grip on the actual reality that 99% of America lives in. If I could step between them, I would say, Dear Rosie: You *are* obnoxious and being that obnoxious makes you seem like you may not be very smart, just like The Donald said. And, Dear The Donald: Your hair really does look freakish, just like Rosie noted. Outside of that, are your lives really so boring that you need to spar with someone who thinks just as highly of themselves as you do of yourself? How can either of you really "win"? Please... back to the real news...
The show is called The View. The reason people (including Donald) watch the show is because they enjoy the exchange of thoughts. I've been watching for a long time and there have been controversial things said from time to time, many of them before Rosie came to the show. Remember Joy's counter for Monica jokes? In the past Joy has also made fun of D T's hair, who wouldn't... he's like a cartoon character come to life!

I thought bringing Rosie on board and losing Meredith could spoil the show but I was wrong. As much as I enjoyed Meredith, Rosie has me laughing out loud. She and Joy , with their commedic timing keep the show moving and keep the Hot Topics entertaining.

Kudos to Barbara by standing by her co-host.
Isn't it ironic that this argument has started around the time of the start of the new season of the Donald's "Apprentice." Is this for publicity? As for Rosie O'Donnell's ratings, have't there been rumors that things are not going so great on the view? Hasn't it been rumored that the celebrity panel is aching to get rid of Rosie?

I think this is apublicity stunts to bring attention and higher ratings for their programs.
I am not a Rosie O'Donnell fan..I think she's loud and obnoxious and uses her sexuality as a rallying cry in situations when it shouldn't be an issue (i.e. the Kelly Rippa thing). But in this instance, I have to say, I agree with her. Donald Trump clearly thinks he's God, and in his reaction has shown himself to be the most childish, self-centered and idiotic person I've ever been subjected to on tv. I think he's an absolute jack***, I don't want to hear him claim he'll make lots of money suing Rosie for what she said when he's subsequently said far more damaging things (and he's supposed to be smart?) and I ceratinly will not be watching the Apprentice this season. What a control freak. What an immature jerk.

Does anyone rememebr Trump Shuttle? Or where to buy Trump Water? I've visited NYC many, many times since it's lunch and can not find his water anywhere - no bodega or restaraunt or grocery. It certain didn't hit any other East Coast outlets.
And as Barbara Waters pointed out- his casinoes filed for bankrupty twice.
He had his attorney send a letter to Chris Comuao when he heard was doing a piece on him. He previously Trump sent his attorneys to threaten a Real Estate Anaylst because in the opinion of that anaylst Trump overpaid for a hotel and wrote that opinion.
Trump wants to call Rosie a loser?
Thank God Trump hasn't decided to invest in the Boston real estate market.
Rosie talking about Trump's morals:::
I think if I were Rosie, I would check my own closet first before talking about other's morals!!!
Please put this whole Rosie "Oh Donald" bit to bed. Can't we talk about something more important like Britney in Vegas? Oh wait...
Yes, people outside of New York care about this feud, particulary that someone (Trump) finally has the guts to stand up to Rosie O'Donnell and her insane rants. She's fast to dish it out but isn't very good at taking it. Trump is right: she is unintelligent, obnoxious and a failure. I, for one, am happy to see someone tell her to shut up and sit down.
Love it. Can't resist downloading the latest Trump diatribe against Rosie. It isn't every day we get to hear an almost-60-year-old use his vocabulary, which is at the level of a five year old, to insult a five year old. It's hilarious.
Rich bad-hair guy with money vs Fat *girl with money
Who the heck cares what either of the pompous bags of fertilizer are saying about each other or think anyway??
I think Donald is taking this too far and i am not going to watch his show. I think he has made fun heavy or fat people. I used to love the apprentice but he has gone too far. Hooray for Rosie for not responding to his rampages. Sorry his daughter had to get involved. I now wish Carolyn was back!
I'm all for Donald. Rosie is a fat pig. She attacked Tom Selleck and since that, I can not stand the fatpig. donald hit the nail on the head.
Donald Trump is beyond obnoxious and he is affirming that by the minute. What a blow hard. Meredith did not back down from him this morning on The Today Show. He is light work for Rosie!
The Rosie/Donald Show is the best in primetime - now that what I call a Reality Show. I think that Rosie has a slight edge over Donald and may end up winning in the end.

Donald is constantly talking about the mistakes Rosie's has made in her life and he seems to forget this whole mess started because of the mistakes of his Miss USA's.

Come on Donald - just give Rosie a second chance will ya.
The comb-over needs to grow up.
I think they're both dumb asses.
Rosie may be loud and more opionated than I remember from her own show...which I loved. But Donald Trump? What an idiot!! He has absolutly no class. How sad.
Keep it up Donald! I am glad to see him saying what everyone else knows!
Donald is my hero!
I Think Donald should look in a mirror he is ugly, What happened to free speech, Just because he has money does'nt give him the right to bash and put down heavy set women.
Trump keeps shouting that he never filed bankruptcy. Truth is he hasn't personally, but his casinos have more than once. Which means his investors lost money, but he didn't lose a dime. Pretty smart businessman, really something to be proud of. As to his sensitivity re: his hair. Has he ever watched Comedy Central, or gone to a comedy club, or watched a late night talk show? Thousands of comics have told jokes about his hair. I can't believe he's never heard them before.
At least both Rosie and Donald agree that George W. Bush is a pathetic loser.
The funniest part of all this was when Trump said in an interview that Rosie's partner Kelly was attractive and could do much better than Rosie and encouraged her to leave him. Immune to irony this guy is married to Melania Krauss one of the most beautiful women in the world, does he really think she likes him for his wave hard and abs of steel? She could have any man on the planet. He must be a wonderful conversationalist, I can't think of any other reason she would marry this billionaire. Hmm.
With all the truly important stories that are happening around the world, it is astounding that this ridiculous war of words between Mr. Trump and Ms. O'Donnell gets so much media attention. I would rather both of them save their breath or better yet use their words to incite our government officials to bring home our brave soldiers or rally help for Darfur or promote literacy for the children of our country.
How ridiculous and how boring!
Donald first get a hair cut and styled!!!!!!!!!Rosie has a big heart along with her mouth and she has done so much for the adoption program in this country. Our Foster Care System. Also the kids in New York and New Orleans....... I wonder about the Barbara deal is she told Donald that or not.
In a country where we have the right to free speach, one must be ready to hear things they will not like. Ms O'Donnell said what she though on the subject. Mr. Trump did not even have to acknowledge what she said, and if he had done that, no one would have cared what Ms O'Donnell did or did not say. But, instead, he has made a point of going after Ms O'Donnell. One has to wonder why go after Ms O'Donnell - to boost his show? Does he have another motive? No matter what he is trying to do, all he has done is turn off a possible viewer of his show, and make me want to record the View!
Obviously, Rosie is the more dignified of the two. Trump has verbal diarrhea of the most childish kind. I use to respect Trump but his diatribes are evidence of his spoiled little boy personality. I have to laugh though: Rosie baits and Trump just looses all self control.
Rosie, I am very disappointed in you. You were way out of line with the Kelly Rippa comments. I actually stopped watching the view when you accused her of it being a "gay" thing. Any mother with kids knew right away it was not only a germ thing but also extreme disrespect to her position as co host. As far as Donald Trump goes, you are way out of your league. It's obvious that you sabatage your success and you are doing it again. Excluding the "fat" comment he is right on!
But Rosie is fat. Not to mention crude and unattractive. I don't even like Donald Trump, but...he's right. Oh, and I took "The View" off my tivo. Who needs it.
I'm completely disgusted by the whole thing. I've never been a fan of Donald Trump but I did like to watch the Apprentice, that is until now. I won't be watching because I think he's gone way overboard. Rosie can be very outspoken, but he's taken it farther than it needed to go. I do believe he is a publicity hound.
I really can't stand either one of them. I wish they'd both go the hell away.
Why didn't Trump just say "I'm not going to dignify that statement with a response." Now after his child like name calling rant, I feel more discuss for him than I ever thought possible. How the hell did that guy make it to where he is?

The funniest part is that on the Today Show this morning he said that he was surpassing Rosie in popularity polls. Who's taking these polls?
The whole thing is totally disgusting, and I wish that the media wouldn't give this so much publicity. People like O'Donnell and Trump have the opportunity to be role models. Turns out they are "role models", but for the totally wrong and alienating behaviors.
Rosie is doing great, and everyone loves her. I don't know how Trump thinks she is doing bad. Everything she does is good and her ratings are great.
I think Trump sounds like a bully who's crying foul. Rosie wasn't vicious and Trump is being not only vicious, but juvenile in his comments. He would have proven his point more clearly had he just said she's entitled to her opinion...he *could* have been the bigger man.
I have always like Rosie, but since she has been on THe View it seems like she has turned it in to a gossip show. She is always making someone mad. I understand that most of it is done in fun but enough already. They may as well call it the Rosie O'Donnel show again. As far as Trump... all I can say is if he is such a "professional businessman" can't he show a little class?
Donald Trump is acting like a 3rd grader, calling Rosie names and making threats, because she voiced her opinion. He made false statements also, by calling her talkshow a failure, when it wasn't.
Noticed who has taken the high road lately, it was Rosie. Yet Donald keeps talking and talking....
He's the loser.
Its a new year.. I love rosie and understand her. I am married to a man, but there is something about her truth and honesty that i connect with. I thank her and commend her to stand upto the biggest J*** a** in the world. what has he truly done for this country???? may be I am the ig-nor-ame-us??? keep it real rosie us straight women love you and support YOU.
I think Donald Trump has hit an all time low.

Rosie was not against giving Miss. USA a second chance. She was just pointing out that who is Donald Trump to be the moral authority to judge to begin with. After all, Donald has been divorced twice and cheated on both past wives. Rosie has been with her partner for 10 years. I say Rosie trumps Donald on that one.

Rosie gets paid to give her view and she is doing just that. And very well I may add, the ratings prove it.

Donald, comes off as very unprofessional and shows no class. If anyone showed the same tact on his show they would be FIRED.
Donald is a BULLY!

Donald Trump is a Bully plain & simple. I am not a Rosie fan, I don't agree with her "Kelly Ripa" comments or offensive remarks to Asians, BUT I do find it refreshing that she has an an opinion and expresses it. In this PC world, chockful of truthiness & ridiculous celebrity worship, she calls it as she shes it. She may have to back-peddle & apologize sometimes, but to state that Donald Trump is not the moral compass of the world is brilliant. She has turned a tired, boring show into a relevant show. I appreciate her comments are not name calling insults. I can't wait to hear what she'll say next.
Dear Donald and Rosie:
I think a famous female comedienne said it best when she said, "This is what happens when you give white trash money."
No fan of either
Rosie is a nasty, media pig as is the Donald....but at least he is a successful businessman. He speaks for many of us when he gets down on Rosie. Not to downplay women on TV because I respect Ophrah for her accomplishments. Pigs like Rosie and Roseanne Barr give Americans a bad name. Do the right thing Rosie, retire into seclusion.
After seeing Mr. Trump on the Today show I have seen a person I don't like. I think this is a man who is trying to attention for his up coming show and after seeing he and his daughter today I WILL NOT BE ONE WATCHING HIS TV SHOW OR WILL I BE VISITING ANYMORE OF HIS CASION'S IN ATLANTIC CITY NO LONGER. and I know your Donald Trump and you have monry and don't care. If I were you I'd take that advice you got this morning and learn to say NO COMMENT!
I saw Rosie on the view when she talked about Donald Trump. I thought it was funny but I think she went alittle too far with her comments about Donald Trump. However, Donald Trump has gone too far with what he has said about Rosie. I think they both need to go to the naughty chair for 30 minutes and think about what they did, apologize and let it go.
I think O'Donnell is a good example that money, fame and fortune cannot buy a person class. She's vulgar and just plain nasty to even look at. I have never found her amusing or even entertaining. Trump is defending himself. Maybe next time O'Donnell opens her mouth, she'll think twice about what comes out.
The two deserve each other. Donald Trump is an obnoxious publicity hound. He is a snake oil salesman whose constant need for public attention really demonstateds his feelings of insecurity. When did Rosie O'Donnell become so angry.
Trump didn't start it, Rosie did. Meredith Vieira's asked Trump about Rosie and not his show. That was wrong for her too do. I wanted to hear about his show and not Rosie.
The view was my favorite show, but not anymore. i don't watch it. Star left and Rosie does have a big mouth. I can't stand that in a woman.
I detest O'Donnell and Trump equally and wish they'd both go away. They're both sanctimonious, loudmouthed blowhards with very few differences. One revels in shameless self-promotion and the other uses her celebrity as a bully pulpit to beat down everyone whose opinion differs with hers. One hides male pattern baldness with the most obvious combover of all time and the other one makes no attempt to do something about her fat ass. Is it possible to actually like one of these two morons over the other?
Donald Trump is a sadistic misogynistic narcisist. I will not watch his new Apprentice as a statement against his vengeful abusive comments made regarding Rosie O'Donnell. His behavior is as pathetic as is his shallow injured ego.
NO offense Rosie and Donald but there is a war going on in the world. There sre missing hikers on Mt.Hood whom can not be recovered at this time. There are people with terminal illness and babies without mommies. Why would you take the time to petty fight like you are?
I used to think Rosie was a fun loving person who enjoyed making people laugh at themselves and not AT others. She seems to have gone down a wrong path.
As for Donald Trump, he has always appeared to be person that NEEDS attention and to be number one no matter who he steps on.
They both need to go home, take a long look at their inner selves and ask, "Why have I become such a bitter person who loves to get attention hurting others."
Donald showed his true colors on the Today Show this morning. Bullying the host and then having his flunky daughter chip in just spotlighted his ignorance. He has resorted to the name calling of a 12 year old. If he is so superior to Rosie, one would think he could find a better way to express himself. No, I am not a Rosie fan either, but Donald has truly taken a nose dive into the gutter. I am officially a former Apprentice viewer.
All that is wrong with Rosie is that TRump just said the truth, she is a slob, loud mouth bully. I lost respect for Barbara Walters when she hired her and the crap that happened to Star. And wasn't Barbara funny when this comes up and Rosie goes on vacation, kind of hard to talk about Trump if she isn't there.
I haven't been paying particular attention to this squabble, but it's been hard to avoid.

I think both of their mommies need to step up, give them a swat on the behind, and put them in a time-out.
Donald, You are Professonal but the way you act is(Sorry I have to say) So Low Class, look like you are not get REAL Education.
You have to understand in public View a millions people watch on TV. You act like this? I think you should go back to school for learning to be Real People growing-up.
I agree that Rosie probably shouldn't have said what she did about DT....but DT is totally out of control. He's acting like a foolish little child and telling lies himself about Rosie. Someone explain to me how tit for tat is right? Money sure does NOT buy class. DT is totally classless. And a pitifully poor example to his children who will mimic his actions when things go wrong for them. DT's businesses went bankrupt...they were HIS businesses...therefore HE went bankrupt. It didn't bother him one single bit to steal money from other people that he owed money to in those bankruptcies. Another good example for his children. And he said on tv that it's done all the time. Does keeping the mouth's shut of his former wives have telltale signs that he may have been like he's been to them too? I'll NEVER enter or have anything to do with anything that is signed DT again. I'm ashamed of him.
Rose O'big mouth with not long follow in the footsteps of her twin sister Rosanne Barr that is being a washed up has been.
It's not a feud! It's a one shot rant that Rosie made where she made a few comments---all fair opinion, all based on facts--then it's Donald Trump all over the media again and again, being an egomaniac and a rude psycho going after Rosie's physical appearance and cutting her down for things that are not factual. The media is having the feud, or maybe Donald is paying his pr person overtime. He's a rank self promoter who gives nothing back to the community.
Why is it that nobody in the media gives it back to Donald Trump?

Every interview I have seen has Trump uttering one obscenity after another about Rosie - ridiculous lies - and the host just sits there letting him get away with it.

I have seen NOBODY in the media call him on his bulls**t - "She's ugly on the inside as well as the outside, her show was cancelled for bad ratings, she has no talent (six Emmys), her brain is weak, she lied about my bankruptcies, etc."

I'm disgusted with Larry King especially. You could see him squirming in discomfort, but what did he do? Laugh nervously and practically bite his nails on TV. Not once did he really challenge Trump. Only once did he squeak out a small "but she won six Emmys."

Trump is going to take a big fall sooner or later, and he knows it. That's why he's quacking as loud as he can now. I can't wait.
People do realize that he isn't a "self-made man," but that his riches were inherited from his father, right?

Donald Trump demonstrates perfectly that no amount of money can ever buy class.

The main thrust of Rosie's comments, that it's laughable for Trump to try and come off as some type of moral compass, were spot-on from the beginning.

That's probably why she has had to say nothing publicly since, yet he is playing publicity whore all over the dial and spouting 5th grade insults.
I was surprised at how Trump "went off of the deep end" and starting calling Rosie "a fat slob" and other remarks related to being fat. One's weight has nothing to do with the initial topic, which was Rosie's comments about about Trump not being the best judge of character regarding Miss USA/America. I don't think that Rosie is without fault given that she is the one who started the feud.
I was actually looking forward to the new Apprentice series that was until "The Donald" decided to take cheap shots at Rosie. I'm not an O'Donnell fan one way or the other, but his remarks are so crude I'm totally turned off, as will be his Apprentice progam in my house.
Somebody needs to tell Donald Trump to put a sock in it! So Rosie has a difference of opinion. Big deal! He had no right to resort to name calling. He just the school yard bully who needs to be shut up.
I've never been a fan of "The Donald" (Dude! Arrogant much? There's only one "THE" Donald - and he's a duck.) & Rosie has frankly always been pretty much below my personal radar, but from what I've seen, while Rosie's comments may not have been well-thought, they in no way called for Trump's utterly bizarre melt-down. As for whether or not we all care and want to hear more? Nope. Mr. Trump may be one of the richest people on the planet, but I wield great power over him - as do we all. Since this thing began, every time that man appears on my television screen, I just click a button on my remote and poof! - the ugly-to-the bone man disappears.
rosie started this mess..her big mouth matches her big butt and both spew out big poop
They are doing this to bring up the ratings. Who cares? They should do somethng worthwhile if they are bored. They are acting like school children.
The Rosie and Donald thing is stupid. Each one has their own feelings on whatever is going on between them. Who cares anymore,,,,I think there are more important things in this world to discuss than this grade school feud. They both need to grow up and get on with what really matters in life.
I think Trump has shown how really thin-skinned and small-minded he can be, while also having an ego the size of one of his Towers. Rosie gave her opinion about Trump--and no, Donald, she wasn't trying to prevent Miss USA from getting a 2nd chance--and she was certainly accurate about your past. Perhaps she was slightly off base claiming you had filed BK, when it was actually your casinos which "filed". But please tell me, The Donald, did anyone lose money in any of those bankruptcies?
Trump also threw his "good friend" Barbara Walters under the bus by claiming she told him she didn't like Rosie. Trump you are a cad and are acting like a spoiled brat through this whole episode. Grow up.
Donald Trump is a low life by saying those things about Rosie. Come on what does it matter what Rosie says, he seems to want to be the judge of all humanity and that is why Rosie said what she did. As if he has never lied about something in his life, if he were perfect ok let him say something but he isnt. He needs to back off and leave it be and quit acting childish over this.
I am so glad that someone steped up and put Rosie in her place. She is a BIG FAT PIG and she started this with her BIG MOUTH. You go Donald. I agree
with you all the way. I used to watch the view until Rosie came on but no more.
Donald!!! Look in the mirror (a normal
one) you are a bully, one with a bad hairdo, the kind I remember from school that everyone hated, you were crass, hateful and downright mean sprited for all the things you said about Rosie, she must have pushed the right button for you to get so mad and act immature, as bullies do. Maybe what she said had
some truth to it and you're feeling a little guilty about leaving your children. Obviously your ex-wife has done an excellent job in raising them,
Get off your pompous ass and say you are sorry or just shut up!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing you have going for
you is your money, if you were an
ordinary man with an ordinary job
you would have never recieved a look from any of these women so if it wasn't for your money you would be called a loser too!
Good For Donald Trump for saying something. I have seen Rosie diss and put down people and talk about them alot of times. She's always putting her nose into everyone else business. She has an opnion on everything. And I can't stand her. I use to watch the view now that she came on even before this problem with Mr. Trump I stopped watching it. Rosie should stay out of other peoples business and worry about her own life and not what others are doing. And the Kelly rippa thing with the young singer being gay. That was hush hush he hasn't come out. and Rosie pushed the envelope by bringing him out she plays dumb like that wasn't her intention but thats exactly what she wanted to do.
ROSIE just go awayyyyyyyyyyy
I have never liked Donald Trump but watched Apprentice. I will not watch this season. He literally makes me sick. I dont know of another person who is so full of himself.
I must admit, it is asolutely ridiculous. Donald Trump called Rosie "ugly etc." Has that man taken a good look in the mirror? If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black> He is far from attractive, and that horrible mouth on him. He is not the least bit humble.
Not that i really liked him too much in the first place , but now i really dont like the guy! In my opinion, as such a figure of power, you would want to keep your dignity and maintain peoples respect.I think the Trump should have just let Rosie's comments go instead of acting like a child and calling her fat. What a jerk.
The more I see of Donald Trump the less I like him. It's not about the bankruptsy, Little House on the Prairie, his adultery, or submitting a 21 year old to a nationally televised demise of her life, IT'S BECAUSE ROSIE MADE FUN OF HIS HAIR!!!
It would appear to me that The Donald has a bigger inferiority complex than most. Time to put a lid on it Mr. Trump. I don't associate with people who verbally run others down, I will not be watching the new Apprentice. You lost my respect Mr. Fluffy Hair.
Hair Net Anyone?
I could care less about the fight between the two, but just had to add a comment. There's really no comparison - Rosie does not have my respect and Donald does. Rosie is always shooting her mouth off, and as for "saying it as it" personality, who cares? EVERYONE is always shooting their mouths's not an endearing trait. I wish people would shut up once in a while. I can't see where she has really done anything much has she given to the community or how many lives has she touched (aside from her "shoot-from-the-hip" fan club, whoopee)? Donald has given alot in money and in projects to folks...was it to inflate himself or for their benefit? Obviously both. Does that make him a jerk? Hmmm let me see - if you gave alot of money or time to projects for someone else's benefit, would you feel like a jerk, or appreciate someone else calling you one because you did? I think not. Stop being such hypocrites.

Rosie talks trash often, and EVERYONE has to hear about it. And its not interesting. I only hear Donald when he's promoting something/someone/himself, and it doesn't bother me. He's earned that right. He is a very hardworking person, and deserves the luxuries he has.

Good job Donald, and like so get a life Rosie.
Donald Trump has certainly shown America his true colors! People have made fun of his hair since he first showed up on TV. So we can assume his hateful, vicious, and personal attack on Rosie could not have been caused by that comment. His morals are well known, let's don't forget his comment about 'dating his daughter' if she wasn't his daughter (EXACTLY what is going on in the mind of a father who has those thoughts, then gets on National TV and talks about it? I'm sure glad he's not my daddy.) And about the "business" bankruptcy, well, that must have been what Rosie's mistake was, she didn't say "business bankruptcy", she said "bankruptcy". The audience laughed and Donald went nuts! Around the bend, totally out of control! And in the process has made a complete ass of himself. Way to go, DT! Keep it up, each new tirade tells us a little more about you. LOL
I've been saying that since Day 1 of this squibble. Great FREE publicity for both sides. Neither are in a position to judge other peoples morals. I could care less what Rosie or The Donald think. I find them both rude & crude. I wish they both would shut up & go home never to be seen again!!!
It is so fun to watch two people you hate go at it.

Trump is rich but has zero class.

Rosie thinks she is the Oracle of Delphi and expert on everything and if the masses could only hear enough of her lectures the world would be utopia.

Right on to the poster who said this is what happens when you give white trash money.
From where I sit in the south, Donald
is the one that won't let this go.
I may be missing Rosie continuing but
he is out the fussing like a spoiled
brat. He yells on the Today show that he doesn't want to talk about it yet when asked he went on for 3 miutes, when he could have said "it is what it is" and leave it at that. I cannot believe the nasty, ugly, hypocritical things gushing out of his mouth. He even attacks Rosies mate, saying she can do better! What does that have to
do with anything. Rosie sould sue him and sue him big. He was an adulterer.
He did loose his business and millions of dollars and so on. At least thats what was in the press. Does't anyone remember when he was at rock bottom and now he says " I am a very rich man". OK Donald. We get it.
Why not use that money to feed and clothe poor Americans instead of posing in PEOPLE with a golden carriage. You are not America's royal
family. You are a rich man, who people are scared of and now people
see that you are a bully. I think Rosie should be careful what she says, on live TV, but he should too.
When Anderson Cooper just shook his head, we all knew this was a joke.
I think Donald is making a fool of himself and really showing the world what a big bully he is.... I hope his show fails miserably but then he has the MOMEY to make things happen. He is a moron....
Whatever Donald Trump did with Miss America is "HIS" business. Rosie has absolutely no business commenting on it unless it was in a positive way. "Rosie, you started this whole thing, and now you are getting it back. You are nothing but a stupid fat bitch with a very large mouth. You should have kept that very large mouth of yours shut. If you want to end this fight, you should apologize to Donald for opening up that big mouth. I know that you won't, so while you suffer through this, I am home enjoying this. By the way, you stunk on Star Search."
Trump just need to shut up amd be told his money can not buy everthing! By the way You are Fired.
he said she insulted him....BUT he has called her wacko,beast and a slob!!!

Does he at all realize, he'd be a lonely man without the $$$$$.

Dt says give MsUSA a 2nd chance, these girls are suppost to be role models..what kind of mesg is he sending out to our kids!!! in certain things 2nd chances are not an option!

As previously stated Rosie did start this whole mess. Mr. Trump is arrogant, but he is not a phony. Do we forget that Rosie was "madly" in love with Tom Cruise during her talk show days. A sham to detract from her sexual orientation. (Not that there is anything wrong with it)She was very quick to accuse Star Jones for not being forthcoming regarding her weight loss surgery. I guess what I'm trying to say is that she is quick to pass moral judgement against others. She should look in her own backyard.
Donald, be real. Your only interest in keeping this going is to hype your new TV show. Who's zooming who here?
After listening to Ms. Trump, I must ask: Do I hear a call for sainthood?
It's The View...and Rosie had one...and The Donald didn't like it. Too bad! I've listened to him in his interviews and I can't!!! He's a pig when his mouth opens....and I quietly turn it off. Enough said.
Rosie it is time to sit down and mind your own business.
Thanks Donald for getting Rosie, I consider it payback for the Tom Selleck interview.
What goes around comes around and I�m glad some ones getting her.
I agree with the Donald. Rosie has no class, she is a big mouth that has taken over the View, doesn't let anyone in that show talk. She is just jealous as she wishes she had what the Donald has (including a very nice family whether from Ivana, Marla or his current wife. They are all adorable children). What kind of family does Rosie have in her lesbian marriage? She threw the first stone without getting all her information correct. I do wish all of these would stop but I support the Donald all the way. He does not need this for him to be respected among society.
Can we please have some real news, please...! The more I hear about this fued the more I am convenced that it is only a ploy to get more ratings for both of their shows. Please, Donald and Rosie insult the intelligence of all the hard working Americans out there.
Donald Trump is making a total fool of himself. For a man of his "so called" integrity; he is losing his credibility. I am appalled by his rude and negative comments. Although I never did care for the man, if it is possible to lose a bit of respect; I have. Just because he has money to burn doesn't mean he can be disrepectful to fellow human beings; he doesn't have the right. He must view Rosie as a comedian and her take on Trump was hitting the nail right on the head and I found it totally amusing. Trump needs to chill and let it go. It is losing it's momentum and becoming very (ho-hum) BORING!
What a disgrace. I have lost a lot of respect for Trump. This is equivalent to a playground fight between two big kids.
(to the tune "Camptown Races")

Donald Trumped Rosie with his hair, do-doo, do-doo.
Donald Trumped Rosie� I don't care, all the live-long day.

Gonna leave the View, and Apprentice too.
Miss USA gave Donald a show, now it's all OK.
who cares.......they are only 2 people on a planet with 8 billion people.
Donald Trump is a jerk. He thinks he is all that and a bag of chips. We have watched every Apprentice in my house - but not again. I have lost all respect for the man. He is an arrogant rude SOB and his show will fail this time. Let's face it, the last Apprentice was not a ratings dynamo.
I think Donald Trump is behaving like a humorless idiot with a massive anger management problem. Rosie is a major and staunch supporter of children's rights and works to uplift the homeless. How can anyone put down a humble soul like her? Surely, Donald is capable of displaying better manners rather than destroying a sweet charitable lady, isn't he?
I really used to enjoy Rosie. Now, not so much. Ever since she lambasted Tom Selleck I can't stand her. Yes, I know she feels strongly about a lot of things but now that she is on The View I don't think anyone else can get a word in edge-wise. All I see & hear is Rosie. I understand that part of being a celeb is being able to voice your opinions to a very wide audience but enough already! Not every thing is a cause or something that needs "fixing". Rosie, stick to entertainment & stop trying to run the world.
Rosie is a crude ugly person (have to agree with the Trump) Why anyone would watch her show is beyond me. However, if Donald Trump truly believed what he felt about Rosie then he would have rose above speaking publicly on the matter. Seems Rosie set the bait and the Donald took it.
Naturally, Ivanka will stand up for her father. I think they both should drop this feud and act their ages. Also, Donald you called Rosie a big fat slob and yes your love life leaves alot to be desired.
Seems to me, this has blown way out of proportion. By fighting back, Trump has brought himself down to Rosie's level and as far as I';m concerned one is not better than the other. GROW UP FOLKS!!
Donald T. just makes himself look more and more like an idiot. Keep talking. Rosie has at least tried to put an end to it by dropping the matter. Why can't he pick on the men who make fun of him like Leno and Letterman, etc.? First Martha Stewart, now Rosie. He needs to buy more than hair!! Secondly, Rosie gave her opinion on The View. It is called The View for a reason.
I am tired of Trump picking on Rosie. His persona is looking and acting alot like Bill O'Reilley. The world doesn't need another loud, one-sided,opinionated
old man.
Rosie probably should have toned down her attack on Mr. Trump- and made sure of her facts before she made her comment, that said-

I've noticed that Americans are very concerned with looks, and often confuse them with talent. I think that is what has happened to Rosie since she made her comment about Mr. Trump. I'm not super educated in the American Television/ movie thing, but I remember enjoying Rosie very much in Sleepless in Seattle- So I think its unfair to call her untalented- and its just mean to call her unattractive. There are many unattractive people in the world- usually made so by their behavior more than their looks. After the way he's been behaving, I think Mr. Trump would fall into this catagory.
I'm concerned that this has become such a big deal. Aren't there more important things to think about. Actual news?
Here's the thing- If we just ignore them, maybe this whole thing will go away.
The Donald is just trying to make sure his show gets as much attention as he can. Calling Rosie all those names and saying she has lost at everything she has ever tried to do. Does he know how many Emmys she has? He is just making himself look like a joke.
Donald Trump , his language, his actions and his nasty words proves one thing to me -you can have Billions of dollars and still have NO CLASS. He is so off the edge with his unkind remarks he has definately made me dislike him with a passion. Let's face matter how much money is in your bank account, if you wear your hair in such a ribiculous style you will get comments. Toughen up Donald and act your age. Grab some class and be a man. Let it go. Rosie is a comedian ,she was are not.
I am glad that Trump is giving it to Rosie. As he puts it, she is a bully and someone needs to put her in her place. She absolutely terrible on the view and needs to be replaced. As a matter of fact, the View needs to be off the air. Frankly, I believe that Barbara Walters has to defend her or it would look really bad on the View's part. Even before this Trump feud began, the rest of the staff including Barbara seems to be a bit phony. The tolerate Rosie but only because they must. Even with Star Jones' ranting on about her husband (which was really annoying) still managed to sound intelligent. I wish they would just cancel this damn show once and for all.
For all the ranting and raving The Donald is doing, is he really the person he thinks he is? No. He is a rotten spoiled egomaniac, as well as a bully. He goes on and on about what kind of person Rosie is YET he has brought into this fight onto EVERY broadcast station that could tolerate his biligerent outbursts. I feel that Rosie has been and IS THE BETTER PERSON HERE. Donald has now brought his daughter into this fight (shame on him.) Too bad he couldn't buy some class with all the money he brags about having. I AM GLAD THAT ROSIE STOOD HER GROUND AND DIDN'T BACK OFF.. THANK YOU ROSIE FOR SAYING WHAT ANY WOMAN WOULD WANT TO SAY TO THIS MAN.... GET A LIFE DONALD...
I am so SICK of this whole situation. I hate Rosie and only mildly like Trump more. But I'm really getting angry at Trump over his fat stereotypes.

And Trump is keeping this going clearly to get ratings for the new season of the apprentice. DON'T WATCH IT!!!!!

I say, let's ship Trump and Rosie to survivor island and let them fight it out. Ugh, I hate pop culture sometimes.
Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump are entitled to their opinions of one another. That being said, they've both shown their lack of intelligence by hurling insults about each other's personal appearance and lack of morals -- in public.
We all know she's overweight. We all know he has a bad comb-over. * YAWN * Is that they best they've got? Give me something better.
Frankly, neither one of them should pretend to be so pious.
What really baffles me is that anyone would offer EITHER of them a PAYCHECK. They are not worthy of another second of our time.
I can't stand Rosie, she is a loud mouth that deserves no respect. It is about time someone stood up to her. GO DONALD!!!!!
Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnel both need to grow up. They both are acting like kindergardners that have not been taught how to play with other children. I was always taught that adults should act like adults. I cannot believe either one has achieved the levels of fame with the childish behavior they both exhibit.
I'll use their "air time" to advertize something worthwhile!
Does he want his ratings?

This is not the way to positively influence people.
Trying to show a humane side, really, too late for damage control. And why is he dragging all these people into it? Stop!!

So what, he's not running for office. It still doesn�t give him the right to openly offend people and expect no reprocusions. Isn't that a double standard, hm? Let me think. If he can bash people, any kind of person. Why can�t someone, (who is not running for office as well) offend him ?

She said a few minutes, he seems to be spending weeks being verbally abusive and misusing his power. Isn't the saying, "Thou does protest too much!" along with �practice what I preach, not what I do�
Rosie O'Donnell has a right to her view about what Trump did as far as the beauty contest, but I don't think that gives her the right to go on and on about what a terrible person he is. I don't care for him personally, but it just seemed over cruel to go on and on like she did. I watched that show and I couldn't believe that they let her carry on like that. I've watched "The View" for years and always enjoyed it, but that has ended after Barbara came on and defended Rosie. Also Trump should just be quiet and go back to running his empire.
I do not believe either one of them has room to speak. Between the two of them the "moral compass" is severely off track. But the bottom line is they should both grow up and quit acting like 2nd graders.
On her website Rosie implied that she sees Tara Conner as a prostitute and Donald as her pimp.

But do evil pimps punish disobedient hookers by sending to them alcohol rehab? I think not! I've never heard of such a thing happening ever.

Why is Rosie so mad that Conner was sent to rehab? Does Rosie have a drinking problem herself? Is that why she imagines that being sent to alcohol rehab is just like being roughed up by some evil pimp on Cagney and Lacey?

Conner is in rehab and can't defend herself against the charge of being an abused hooker. Hopefully when she gets out, Rosie will be put in her place but good.
I'm reading alot of bias and personal opinions that go both ways. But let's keep to the facts here folks...Rosie made an "inaccurate" statement with regard to Donald Trump and personal it never happened, and she stated that it did. She made this statement to a broad audience. Therefore, Donald Trump has a right, if he feels it is warrented, to sue her for liable. This is especially true since Trump makes alot of money simply on his namesake and implied financial savvy. Stating that one has filed a personal bankruptcy is not good for business.

Whether or not his lawyers can prove that Rosie said what she said was purposeful, with malice, and with intent to harm Trump is yet to be determined, I would guess not since they have not even filed a TRO againist her.

So in the end, I will agree that Trump is retaliating againist Rosie well beyond the norm, and this is indeed a publicity stunt. Interesting how Trump is not afraid of being sued by Rosie for any of his "fat slob" remarks, etc.
I am a 47 yr. old heterosexual woman (get that out of the way before I say the following)

My husband asked me..........IF I had to choose........Donald or Rosie..which one would I choose as my life partner?

The Donald turns my stomach, physically and intellectually. I'd choose Rosie. She's "real"....she's one of US.
I think people should get a life. Donald Trump must sit around every day wondering how he can get more publicity to feed his already overstuffed and way overinflated ego. I as a business professional, have little respect for The Apprentice as many of the practices that he condones on his show are just geared to gain publicity for him.

In many instances, he panders his participants to the pretty boys and attractive women who have the desire to get ahead in business, but also will make good TV. He decidedly keeps the Apprentice "players" that liven up the show, not necessarily the ones who add the most value to a business task at hand.

While he dumps Caroline, who for all intents was a professional businesswoman and replaces her with his smart, attrctive, albeit very inexperienced daughter coupled with his similarly attractive namesake, also
inexperienced, the show might just as well be called TRUMP, TRUMP and TRUMP.

I for one run my firm, baased on actual talents not perceived skills and pretense.

Enough already, TRUMP does not own the world and he is hardly a self-made man. He is a great publicity hound, but as a businessman, he is only mediocre.

Stop talking Donald and let your results speak for you, we have all had quite enough of your own horn blowing.
The whole pseudo-controversy gives Rosie and Donald them even more time in the limelight--something they both crave intensely.
This feud is a joke. As a not so attractive person as Rosie, I would never bring up the subject of looks. Also, I don't believe the Donald was physically unattractive in his youth. He has not accepted his middle age appearance. Rosie has an extra 20years of experience in that area.
Donald Trump is a BIG BABY! Look how he treated Martha!
To the big dummy from RI, it _was_ a personal attack. She didn't merely disagree with his decision, she questioned his moral compass and implied that he was a failure and morally bankrupt. That is much more than a simple difference of opinion. Sounds to me like loud-mouth Rosie invited this on...
I think that anyone else who saw the "highlights" of Donald Trump's remarks replayed on last night's Entertainment Tonight show will agree that, except for "fat", every other negative adjective he used to describe Rosie O'Donnell also describes him ! They grate on each other so much because they're so much alike !
Two complete jerks gone wild.
This is all a waste of good air time. I believe they both need to take a class in proper etiquette. Both need to mature a little.
With Ivanka chiming in on the fight it just goes to show how fame and affluence can warp the basic sense of moral character.

If this was the Miss America pageant, there wouldn't be the debate as to whether or not this chick got to keep her crown or not. There are not exceptions made to the rule, and there are very infamous precedent to this rule the first that comes to mind is Vanessa Williams.

If an organization that's very foundation is maintaining a pristine image based on rules, boundaries and limitation set forth by that governing body and they make exceptions to the rule, they will little by little erode those standards and have no one but themselves to blame.

As far as the Rosie and Donald issue geez you have far too much money and to go on about this; both of them just need to get botox and a latte and call it a day.
Anyone with a small amount of intelligence can see that the two of them are self-promoters for their own gains. They both need to GROW UP and SHUT UP! There are much more important things to be of concern versus listening to an overstuffed old wind bag and demoralized broken down and out broad battling it out over the airways!

The BOTH of you need to put it to rest already!!!
Will someone stand up to Trump? It is outrageous that he gets away with saying these remarks about Rosie. Larry King, Andersen Cooper, no one has any guts.
I like Mr. Donald, he is cool I am from Venezuela and I always admire him.
Go! Donald, Rosie should kept her mouth shut sometimes it is better not to say anything and mind your own business.
Have a duel. 25 paces, one shot each. May the best man win!
It's interesting how people twist reality around to suit their own beliefs. When Rosie left her show it was (according to her) because "it wasn't fun anymore". The people making money off her show did not want her to end it (network, producers, staff). The View's ratings are through the roof since Rosy joined them. Unlike Trump's Apprentice ratings. Which, according to one of his staff on MSNBC last night, have been on a steady decline. The Trump staff member (don't remember her name) believes that all of this publicity will improve the Apprentice ratings . . . hmmmm . . .read between the lines, Donald is keeping up the "fight" to entice people to watch his sorry show. Most intelligent people are aware of what an arrogant, pompous, bully Trump is. I loved yesterday's Today show when Meredith Viera (sp?) challenged him to say "No comment" when asked about Rosey. It was very hard for him to do, but after Meredith pushed him a couple of more times he finally was able to utter the words. He damn near choked on them. He is such a legend in his own mind.
Personally, I think that Donald Trump made Miss USA look like a sniveling fool. How dare he demoralize her like that and suggest she go to rehab. She's a teenager for God's sake, that's what teenagers do. It's not like she's an alcoholic. He thinks he is God and I can't believe Miss USA's parents would allow him to belittle her like that. If it was my daughter I would have told him to go to h---. He doesn't have the right to control her that way. It's always about HIM and what HE did for her, how HE saved her from destroying her life. I never liked that mand and think even less of him now.
You know all this is pretty interesting....just like everyone else, I think they both should grow up for they are acting like 3 year olds, however, Donald should take the high road and leave it alone. Rosie has done that. Since I work during the day, I don't have time or the opportunity to watch The View, and I stopped watching The Apprentice(sp)after season 2...(the show just got boring and it seemed more like an info-mercial for Donald Trump)...heck everytime he was on, all he talked about was how much money he has and all the buildings he has built, so it was more like he was self stroking his ego. All this really seems like a publicity stunt to promote the new season of his show...(you know timing is everything) so he is doing what he can to get his name out there and plug the show inbetween insults about Rosie. I think he knows that The Apprentice is heading towards "jump the shark" dimise(sp) and he is doing all he can to save it. He has made changes by bringing in his daughter to replace Caroline..(which is a bad move, since she probally has no business experience other than getting a coushined(sp) job working in daddy's company), so I'm sure her coworkers are loving her right now. So Donald just need to shut up and realize that he does not own the world and that people do have opinions and voices to speak them. Donald if you want to be a class act, then step down from your high profile position and give millions to charity, like Bill Gates or fund and build an entire school for underpriveldige(sp) kids out of your own pocket like Oprah.
I agree with Trump. I've seen Rosie O'Donnell perform in comedy club, comedy show settings and she is disgusting! And I like comedians like Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison, even Andrew Dice Clay and the things that come out of her mouth . . . She is not funny! How she got VH1 Stand-Up Spotlight back in the day amazes me. She is a bully. She is very mean spirited. She is not a nice person. As I said, I knew her back in her Long Island comedy days. She thinks she has a point of view, but all she as is a big mouth. Sure, there's things to not like about Trump, but at least someone in "the business" is finally speaking out. Someone needs to take her down. They got rid of Star Jones (another train wreck), so Rosie should follow Stars fat ass out the door. That's my, "View."
Yes, I was thinking the same thing! They both want high rating for their respective shows!!! I do think it was Trump who was using this stupid "feud" to his benefit because nobody really cares about his stupid apprentice shows! I think he has gone overboard with his comments which will only back fire. Does he really think the public cares anymore--I don't think so!
Imagine this powerful man getting involved in this...perhaps both of these people should grow for Rosie..she is not my favorite and I will probably not watch the view...I never liked it before and now it is even worse..
Mr T should just ignore the bully he says Rosie is..I know it is in his nature to fight back but his best fight back would have been to let her stew in her own silly comments...let her look stupid..a real man would just go about his business and not stoop to her antics. He has fallen into her trap...I hope he now keeps his comments to himself and let her back track..I think she will leave the show to save face. He should have done nothing...
The Miss USA thing?..those women know the rules and if they break them they know the consequences.....and that is the way it should be..Mr T is following the rules...perhaps in this day and age, they are a bit strict..but they are still the rules by which contestants must conduct themselves..too bad in everyday life, mankind cant follow the simple rules of respect for one another and for themselves..we would have better people all round if we did...Mr T follows the rules.
It is acceptable to have opinions but when in the public eye, one must show some restraint...and to insult a person to get a laugh...not acceptable...I think Rosie is trying to be like Don Rickles, who in his day was supposed to be the gold standard of funny..but to me, was a rude little man.
Good luck to them all...MR T, build your empire...Rosie...shut up.
Thanks for listening to my opinion.
I have been so unhappy with Rosie on the View. It's just not appropriate.
She is not classy enough and doesn't fit the profile or the adjenda they have had for year. Please Barbara Walter rec-consider before she really does something drastic.
Donald Trump is looking pretty silly and immature. If he thinks for one minute anyone believes this isn't an excuse to promote his show...he doesn't give the public very much credit. That is a slam to our intellegence.
I think inside Roise is depressed with her self. She most likly feels she never received respect for anything (Entertainment) wise that she has done. Does she really deserve any? Kiddy movies and small roles in decent major movies that maybe some people even might watch now. She ruined a perfecly "okay" talk show and needs to call it quits. I dont care how midlife crises hit her. Enough is enough, and if she wanted to be on any TV at all, she should have just stuck to her show in the first place. I think Donald needs his own talk show just for a month so the world can see how many people really can't stand Rosie. Weather or not she cares how people feel about her i wish she would live her life outside the media and stop ruining decent talkshows and movies. Maybe Donald will buy her a small island? Hey a new idea for a tv show?"The Island Native"
Trump & Rosie.....among the many famous who make the tabloids sell and keep people like Billy Bush employed...I view and listen and find it very entertaining....but enuf already of Britney & Paris....the story line is old!!
What utter stupidity on both sides - especially Donald Trump who escalated this to a shameful personal attack. He should be punished where it hurts him the most - - his ego!! Don't watch The Apprentice.
Rosie has no place to talk about morals. unless i am wrong we get our ideas of morality from the bible.and no matter if rosie has been with her partner for 10 yrs she is still immoral. Although her job is to give her view on topics it isn't to insult or belittle someone. You can't start a war and then get mad because the other party wants to be the one to end it.
This entire squabble is so not worth anyones time to track. I personally find both of them repulsive!
Since Rosie joined the 'View", I have lost all appreciation for this show, and am no longer a viewer, sad to say.
Rosie O'Donnell is a comedian and like it or not a comedian's career is based on making fun of others. Ms. O'Donnell was doing her job as we see every night when Jay Leno, Dave Lettermen, Steve Colbert, make fun of the day's news. To that end, many well known comedians have made fun of Trump but I have yet to hear Trump attack a male comedian. This is hardly surprising given his history of interaction with women: sponsoring beauty contests, national humiliation of a 21 year old woman, cheating on his wives, multiple wives, public bullying of women (Stewart, O'Donnell). It is crystal clear he has little respect for women and believes their role is one of submissiveness, subservience and to please men. In his shallow mind, a woman not showing him the respect he believes he is entitled to is justification for public bullying. One can only imagine what he has done to women in private.

Mr. Trump's behavior is inexcusable. His personal, degrading attack on Ms. O'Donnell is nothing short of horrifying and disgusting. I can't help but wonder, if this was playing out on the streets of NY (or any other very public place) where a man was relentlessly calling a woman names, berating her, belittling her and engaging in other verbal abuse, if the general public would simply walk by or if they would try to intervene. Please consider this an intervention by one stranger who has had this thrust into my life as I was strolling through my day: Stop. Just stop! And get yourself some help. You obviously have anger management issues that are fueled by women and your inability to control them.

I guess the silver lining is that perhaps Mr. Springer will invite the publicity-seeking Trump to be a guest on his show as he is certainly what they look for!
I think that Donald Trump needs to just shut up!

Rosie had a right to her opinion and I happen to agree with her.

First of all, it is alright for the Miss USA to do drugs and drink while underage, but it's not alright for the Miss Nevada USA to pose for pictures? What is wrong here? Miss USA should have been fired. What he is allowing to happen is to show the world that the woman who exemplifies the USA is a underage alcoholic and drug addict and it is ok!

Secondly, where does a person of his morals have the right to judge others (meaning Rosie)? Now, I am not fanatical about her. Yeah, she's funny and had a good talk show but she is a little too strong at times. However, that being said, at least she has morals.

Lastly, I think that Donald Trump thinks too much of himself and looks down on everyone else who isn't him. He needs to get over himself. There are many more important people in the world than him. If he thinks he's such a wonderful person, why doesn't he donate his time and money helping those that are less fortunate instead of embarrassing himself with stupid statements.
Donald is doing the same thing he is accusing Rosie of only worse. She was kidding he needs to move on. He is using his money to keep it going. It is all wrong and Rosie is getting the blame from him. I thought he was more mature than that. Evidently not!It is time to move on from the whole thing.
If Mr. Trump honestly believes Rosie to be all the derogatory names he has been calling her, then why does he care. I mean if she is a �loser� and everyone knows it, then why does he even bother with a response? Oh and speaking of Loser, Mr. Trump could you spend a few buck on a thesaurus, I believe you have over used the term Loser! Here is one last bit of fat for Mr. Trump to chew on�. 64 % of the population is over weight, many who are couch potatoes of whom will not be watching his show, what is it call? Trump is Fired?
As a plus-size person, I would have to agree with Mr. Trump. Rosie O'Donnell is a fat, ugly, slob. And frankly, if it wasn't true, she would have just let things roll off her back.

Mr. Trump's decision to give Tara a second chance is commendable. Everyone has screwed up at one time or another, and it's nice that there are a few bosses that help by giving them a second chance.

Rosie was out of line by her comments, and frankly, I didn't enjoy watching the View with Star Jones, and I still don't enjoy watching the show with Rosie O'Donnell.
This story has has altogether too much press!! There are so many more important things going on in this world, both good and bad to report on!!
I'm especially disappointed in Anderson Cooper and CNN!!
Am not really into the whole story, but it must be said that Rosie quoting Wikipedia is really irresponsible. Anyone can write anything about anyone on Wikipedia may it be correct information or not, and the information itself is not really controlled by the website. So, quoting Wikipedia, or better, Wikipedia itself is very dangerous!!!
This entire situation is absolutely ludacris. Neither onr of them are two year olds, so they need to put on their big kid pants and grow the hell up. Not everybody has to get along all of the time. Not to mention that they are both teaching their children that it is ok to treat others with disrespect. It is no wonder we have homocidal teenagers running around theses days (they probably had parents that taught them the very same tings).

The media is not entirely innocent in this war. Maybe if they stopped reporting on it, these two egomaniacs would shut up! At the very least they wouldn't be getting the free publicity that feeds their enormous, over-sized egos.

We get it Mr. Trump, you're rich and powerful. As for you Ms. Rosie, we get that you're funny. Have your egos been stroked enough now?
Donald Trump now has his ex wife and daughter speaking for him, can't he do it on his own. I wouldn't watch his show on a bet. Time he closed his mouth. Money does not make the man. Rosie for the time being has kept quiet and I sure giver her my respect for that. I never bothered about either of them before this. I enjoy the View and that is what it is called "THE VIEW". Rosie said her view, Donald just got ugly.
I think D. Trump has shown the world what a creep he is. I would not watch his show if I was paid too. He has proven he is not a gentleman or an intelligent person. He has made way too much out of what was said by Rosie.
I'm not a big fan of Rosies but I don't think she was even putting Miss USA down in the first place, I think her main intent was to show how ridiculous it was for Donald Trump to be judging the morality of ANYONE. She obviously doesn't like him in the first place. At least she's kept her mouth shut for the most part since the argument got started. She's smart to just sit back and let 'the Donald' make a complete ass of himself. Looks good on him, I hope nobody watches his stupid show
As for being disappointed in Anderson Cooper and CNN, all the cable news channels had at least as much or more coverage so it must have been what the public wanted. At least AC360's coverage was funny.
Rosie has sort of let it go, for a while at least. Trump, on the other hand, is milking it to the last drop. Get over it, already!!! Lick your wounds and move on!!! I would'nt watch Trumps show if it was the only thing on the tube. It's stupid!!!
My hat goes off to Rosie. She's a wonderful human being, who I have alot of respect for. I have spoken with the woman personally, and she is a very open kind person. She has done alot more in this world then Trump or Oprah has done.She,like every American/Canadian/Human being made a comment about something that should have been said. Human Nature caused her to do what she did and I respect her for it. I will stand behind that woman untill someone can prove to me how horrible she really is.
I'd like to say that I have lost all respect for Donald Trump. He is acting like a spoiled brat! This is the second woman that he has criticized
publicly. He did the same to Martha Stewart. He is being so childish. He never fails to say how rich he is also, which in my opinion low class!
Frankly I agree with what Rosie said that made him mad.......
I think it's entertaining. Both are obnoxious, blunt, and hypocritical. That's what makes their cat fight so juicy.
I find it so telling that Rosie said what she said ONCE and Trump has not been able to stop talking trash since. Why is he not attacking Jay Leno/Jon Stewart/Conan for their remarks about him recently.
He should thank Rosie for all the publicity he has managed to squeeze out of this.
The biggest concern I have is that so called reputable News Stations and reporters have treated this like a news story. LEAVE IT ALONE PEOPLE...there is enough negativity we don't need this!
Is it me, or did he look like he just got a really bad face lift on The Apprentice last night?
AMEN! We are sick of Rosie and Donald here on the West Coast. I will admit that it's great publicity for the both of them. "The Apprentice" is not a hit show anymore and for "The View," I work full-time like millions of other Americans and have never seen it. Rosie and Donnie should go out, have a drink and thank each other for the recent press.
Who gives a S%$#!!!!! Two very rich people with money to burn and too much time to do it in. When they both have "real" problems and issues, then maybe I'll listen.
As long as people are stupid enough to listen, Trump is going to shoot off his big, ugly mouth. Switch the channel, folks! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black--there is nobody on earth more repulsive and useless than Donald Trump. He is famous for nothing but being ostentatious and having a lot of money, which he sure doesn't deserve. Just another disturbing sign of the trend toward stupid, mindless (what passes for) entertainment these days. I live for the day that there is no such thing as "reality TV", and I will never understand why anyone would watch it. Without it, Trump might actually fade away and quit annoying us.
"I'm wondering if anyone outside of New York ever really cared."

Hmmm...let's see, western Arizona here,
um, nope, couldn't care less....
Most people in showbiz are arrogant and conceited. It is a fact. You got two people named Rosie and Donald who represent the rest of HOLLYWOOD. The first thing both of them bring up is how the other one looks. Who really cares? I'll tell you who cares. Hollywood actors and actresses care. That's who really cares. Never and I mean never tell a actor or actresses how bad they look and never try to touch one either. God forbid. Because both Rosie and Donald both mentioned each other looks, I can guarantee you this thing will never end. Mark my words!
It is out of control and they could both put their money and words to better use. Much better use. I don't care if I never see or hear from either of them again. I'm thoroughly disgusted.
They are on WWE, gonna 'fight' out their differences... yes my friends... it was all one big stupid stunt.
Rosie is and has been a bully for years with a mammoth mouth. She does not think twice about the insults, or inflammatory things she says towards other people. However, is greatly insulted and inflamed when someone takes her to task.
I know Donald could have elected to have handled this in many other forms, however the form he has selected is fitting given the opposition. A taste of her very own medicine is just what she deserves for the years of abuse she has inflicted onto others.
I salute Donald Trump and find no miscalculations on his part. He is serving back what he has been served only he is better at it. This time Rosie miscalculated before opening her bulling mammoth mouth.
Go Rosie. Donald Trump is a total loser - and he's acting like it. The Apprentice is tanking and Trump seems to have issues with strong opinionated women. Hence, he didn't want to share the spotlight with Carolyn - and she was the best thing on the Apprentice. Rosie works on a show where they voice their opinion. Given his own track record - why would he be the judge of someone elses life? Oh, and Donald - have you looked in the mirror lately? Who are you calling fat and ugly? You are by no means physically attractive to women - just your wallet is. Rosie just happened to say out loud what we are all thinking anyway. You're just too full of your own arrogance to realize it.
I'm not a fan of either person involved here. I do think, however, that Rosie oversteps boundaries with certain people to make comments that create friction and speculation not needed or deserved. I do not enjoy the View because I do not enjoy her overbearing moderating personality. I feel she has hurt the show.
Donald Trump on the other side of this should know better than to surrender to comments made by others including Rosie now, and take this to a level it has reached. There is a war going on in Irag where we as U.S. citizens of this country surrender our young virile men and women to what? The two of you for your B.S.? Get over yourselves...Better yet, enlist and go kick some tail in Iraq! You both need to "hang" your issues with each other up.
Rosie is nothing more than a pushy ovrebearing bully. She seems to think that these shenanigans will increase the ratings, buy it is only pulling a once respectible show down to the gutter.
It is very sad that all we have to do is talk about this. What about using the energy to really get some work done rearding the homeless children, aids research, and the War that the President of the US has gotten us in and the majority of Americans want the heck out of. Rosie and Donald grow the hell up. Our children are seeing this and think it is funny but isn't it the words that get our chioldren killed by others who don't undertand the rule of the stick and stones. You both deserve to be FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!
The whole thing is ridiculous and very entertaining. I am completely neutral and not siding with either of these children, but I will say that Rosie is a pig and a bully as Trump has correctly pointed out.
They both need to grow up and act like adults. They both have children and are setting a horrible example on how to treat fellow human beings. Whether you like someone or not at least respect others views and move on. Did their parents not teach them RESPECT.
I think both Donald and Rosie have nothing to tout about when it comes to decency, morals or anything else. I think "The View" has become a joke because they have had so much controversy tied up with some of their hosts. Why do they frickin' need 4 hosts for that show anyway??? Never could understand that. I personally think after Rosie's show as cancelled that she should have hung up her role as a talk show host. I'm sure she doesn't need the money for something like that and I'm not sure why Walters agreed to take her on in the first place. I don't watch The View nor do I care for Donald or Rosie much at all.
Donald Trump is only stirring up conflict between O'Donnell and Walters. If he stirs it up enough then Walters, who owns the show, will get rid of O'Donnell and Trump will play the "innocent bystander" and continue his tirade and "I told you so" attitude.

Wouldn't surprise me if he had cut a "deal" with "ET" or "Extra" to locate "sources" and continue the madness just to further his agenda. If the tabloid shows do that, then Trump will give them an "exclusive" when his new baby is born. WATCH AND SEE!

Bottom line is that Walters, O'Donnell and everyone else should just drop it, refuse to discuss it further (and they should publicly state that ON THE SHOW) and sit back and watch Trump implode. He's doing this to boost the sagging rating on "The Apprentice" and the more they respond, the more publicity he gets.
This needs to stop!!!!!, both Donald and Rosie sound like Kindergarten children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleaseeeeeee there are more important things going on in the world that this feud between 3 grown people..................
That rug-topped bigot called Rosie a degenerate? Why? Because she's a lesbian. Why isn't she suing him. As for Barbara, she acted the same way any corporate loser of an executive would act. She sucked up to the one with more money.

Proof is in the pudding. The View's ratings are up. The Donald's are down. Glass houses, Donald. Glass houses.
Rose is a pig and I'm ashamed of Babwa for being involved in something so silly. I thought she had more class.

I have heard the nonstop comments from Rosie and especially Trump. I must say that whilst i dont have time for Rosie, Trump in this situation has shown himself to be a spoilt, arrogant and classless individual. A very rich man does not claim every minute that he is rich - i have never heard Gates or Buffett say that. Also, if I were Trump's friends, I would be concerned - he talks about loyalty but is quick to point out what was said in a private conversation with a 'friend'. He is pathetic.
My opinion is that Rosie is a pig and should be FIRED AT ONCE, and that Barbara should STOP responding immediately to anyone including Donald Trump!
Trump is right, O'Donnell is a unattractive, talentless hack. I'm still trying to figure out why she is even on TV.
Who cares?
Rosie is a very unlikable person who steamrolls her way over everyone. Donald is a prima donna who thinks too highly of himself. So I say, who the heck cares what they call each other! Neither has any class or charm whatsoever.
Donald Trump should have never stooped down to Rosie's level by firing back. Just consider the source. Now, they are on the same level. And it is not a level of inteligence or class that is expected of a role model millionaire.
I agree with every thing that Trump said about Rosie. She is a disagrace, a fat slow, and looks like hell. A real loser.
For heavens sake, enough already. Is there a rule saying that no one is allowed to make fun of Donald Trump without having him blow it up into WWIII? Get a life, Donald. And Rosie, give it a break.
Does anyone out there really care what Donald, Rosie, or Barbara have to say? I don't. I couldn't care less what their disputes are about. If they wished to keep this private, why don't they just phone each other? I'm astonished that 3 important, very busy people, are devoting any time at all to petty arguments. Seems to me that their collective egos are all stuck in high gear. Don't they realize that they all look like childish fools? I laugh at them everytime I hear their names. If it wasn't for the fact that they all have busy, involved lives, I'd advise them each to get a life.
At last some one confronts that old wind bag trump I have hated him for 20 years. Give him hell rosie. The only reason i watch the view is because of rosie. She gives a great faces to the gay community. And to ever person that is not skinny.
If I wanted to watch grown people act like children, I'll watch Wrestling.
I hope this all ends by Rosie O'Donnell getting fired on the View. Then Donald Trump will get his revenge... After all he wanted to hurt her and the ONLY one that is in a position to hurt Rosie is Rosie! She should learn to shut her mouth and keep quiet. FEAR THE TRUMP! He owns you at this moment... Your loosing the battle and hopefully your job. None of us want to see/hear your silly complaints anymore.
Barbara Walters is a Big liar, we already know with Starr Jones now we are seeing the real Barbara Walters for the ulgy person she really is.
Other than making rich people richer, I just don't see the point of caring about these people. Have they discovered a cure for childhood diabetes, cancer, or for that matter the common cold. If not, then they, in my opinion, are truly ignorable and I don't like either of their hairdos either, so there!
Being a man and intrigued by the public debacle, I tuned into The View for the first time on Wednesday. Never again! It drove me nuts to listen! It's like watching a bunch of Jewish women gossiping -- each trying to garner the spotlight. I couldn't stand it! (And I'm Jewish) The men in the audience MUST have been blackmailed by their wives to attend! (Guys, get a backbone!) The poor young woman on the set who can never get a word in -- She's the only one worth listening to -- she's too good for that show.
All three are overpaid, aging, primadonnas using the airwaves as a medium to foster their feud and increase their exposure (ie. revenue).
Rosie shot off her big mouth and Trump put his foot into it....beginning and end of story. Does anyone really think Walters and O'Donnell are two peas in a pod or that she didn't say what Trump said she said is kidding themselves. The only casualty here is Walters, who has had to lie on national TV, destroying what previous was a very respectable reputation, to appease O'Donnell publicly.
How offensive. If one of us wanted to promote a television show this way we wouldn't get the air time...The networks are obusing use of valuable air waves to the advantage of people who don't need an advantage.
GO ROSIE GO! Take down the Trump!
Who cares! You guys are giving this much more attention than it deserves. Actually, it deserves none. There are more important things to worry about than watching arrogant, stupid, classless rich people argue.
Rose attacked The Donald on a personal level and regardless of his stance on the pagent winner issue, she should not have done that. Now, she has come between two friends, Barbara and Donald, making the situation worse. Having said that...the whole thing is ridiculous and who really cares!
Okay, this is ridiculous. They all just need to stop. The "grown up" thing to do would be for Donald to keep his mouth closed and stick with his job. It's childish. All of this! I thought this is the stuff that happened in middle school?
Childish behavior on the part of Trump who had the opportunity to be the 'bigger person' and should expect such comments from prominent members in the media as a by-product of his celebrity.
Seeing the way Walters conducts business, it is easy to see that while she may not like O'Donnell as a co-worker, O'Donnel has undoubtedly given new life to The View.
Enough of this issue though, i feel like watching a fight between two five year olds.
Both Rosie and Trump are the same type person....which is why it continues...

On the issue of whether Barbara said things to Trump against Rosie, I have to admit, is believable, cause she strikes me as being a perosn who plays "both sides" with whichever side she is in the compoany of at the time...ala Star Jones and her private conversations with Barbara prior to departure. It's a tactic often used in business, is called "team work" "show" one gets along with anyone....until an outspoken person who is honest, speaks up.
Who cares about Donald? Certainly not the casino board in Pennsylvania who didn't buy Trump's argument for his casino. Barbara not calling him out as a liar? Well, that's not her style, never has been, nor has asking a tough question in an interview. Rosie...well, she's laughing all the way to the bank until the viewers remember that if they want to watch a couple of babies fight...."oh, yeah, where are my babies?''
Of all the things going on in the world it's troubling that people focus so much on insignificant events like these. Let's face it though, Rosie's commentary about Trump hardly being qualified to be the moral compass in America was right on the mark. He certainly isn't the role model I want my children taking after. Then again, neither is Rosie. I'd just assume both of them properly fade into obscurity where they belong and be done with this whole sordid ordeal.
Great use of the World Wide Web.
Get a life folks.
Sounds like a couple of "wanna-be's" feuding with a "has-been" in efforts to clean up sour milk and inflate sloppy ratings. I wouldn't watch The View, even if I was retired and strapped to my wheel chair. I wouldn't watch Trump's tripe, even if I were unemployed and a finalist for one of his jobs.
Rosie rocks.
She's real. Maybe the only down to earth real person on prime-time TV.
I agree with Trump. Rosie is a disgusting, no-talent bully. As someone who denied her sexuality long after she was outed, she is not a good role model -- and not a good representative of our kind.
Donald Trump is the ultimate low class, "do anything to get ahead" inhuman being.

He pretends to be a great patriot, he pretends to be a moral compass, he thinks he's a looker.

Trump is the problem with this country - he and his ilk will do anything to make a buck. His name-calling is downright immoral.

But that's not makes me really sick. I am most sickened by the large numbers of people in the public who jump on his bandwagon and join in the name-calling.

Rosie O'Donnell did not lie about Donald Trump. He did file for business bankruptcy many times. Trump parses the statement to declare that he never filed "personal" bankruptcy. Rosie made no claim that he filed personal bankruptcy.

Otherwise, she did a great imitation of his hairstyle - something he jokes about himself.

So his hateful attack comes from two places - he desperately needs ratings for his failing show, and he obviously has a problem with overweight people, unbeautiful people, lesbians and other strong women who do not kiss his butt (Martha Stewart).

He patronizes women who do kiss his butt (Barbara Walters) until he needs to toss them over for publicity purposes, or who knows what else.

There is not a single name he has called Rosie that does not apply to him - fat, degenerate, loser (money and fame does not exclude loser status), slob (slob status come from more than physical appearance), etc.

He will do anything to stay at the top of the news, and the ridiculous media actually plays the game with him - forget a new congress, billions going down the tube in Iraq with troops dying, global warming flaring in our faces.

But hey, let's entertain ourselves with the psuedo-billionaire idiot.
Well, I'm not a big Rosie fan although when home I have managed to catch her on the Rosie show and on the View. She has always appeared original, funny and sincere to me on those ocassions. Its actually nice to see what appears to be normal on TV. My respect for her has actually gone up an notch during this "feud" and she seems to keep her retalitory comments at least funny, (at least the ones I've caught up with) seemingly to not take Trumps rebutals personally.

On the other hand. I have never found Trump sincere in any appearances made on TV or in the media in general. He appears to lack any sort of "class" that you would expect of a man in business, let alone at the top of the corporate food chain. I will even go far enough to say ...

"Trump, you act and sound like a used car salesman who is only dressed in a better suit. And sorry, you really have to do something with that hair."

I also get the impression that the whole issue with the Miss America dive into delinquency was engineered by Trump to raise ratings for a dying show ... sorry, another dying show of which you have many.

Okay world, lets all get a LIFE now!
i think that its a shame that this behavior is entertaining to some people. i think that rosie has alot of hate issues and donald is using this for his benefit. i wish they would get rid of rosie, i will never watch the show and think its sad that these 2 adults? carry on like this when the world and our own country is such a mess. we should boycott that show and let them know whos in charge,
its about time someone takes on donald go rosie
Rosie needs to Shut UP and quit acting like she is the moral compass for any age group/religion/sex/etc. I feel bad for Barbara Walters being stuck in the middle.
Rosie is out of control. Trump is egotistical. When Rosie wants to put her money where her mouth is, she can buy the beauty contest and be the arbiter of good morals. However, the arbiter of good morals should not have to scream aat everyone who does not agree with her.
Am I back in middle school or is this for real? Act your ages..PLEASE!
Why does anyone care what these high priced spoiled rotten brats do?
How disappointing, I am so tired of this silly feud between Donald Trump, Rosie O'Donnell and now Barbara Walters. I have decided to BOYCOTT the Apprentice AND the VIEW. I will not be watching these programs, for I have lost all respect for what I thought were highly intelligent, educated and entertaining celebrities.
As a Gay man I am very upset at Rosie for acting the ways she is. Not just with the Trump thing, but with many other sarcastic and un-called for comments that she has made of late. If Rosie does not keep he mouth shut and get on with her business at hand, she will continue to make all Gay people look as foolish as her. Society in general do not agree with our life style as it is and Rosie is just fueling that fire. Enough already!
These are three grown adults that are acting like they are in middle school. I don't care how successful or high profile they are. They are setting a horrible example and there are way too many important things going on in the world right now for the media to be paying so much attention to this and adding fuel to the fire. Really, no one is that interested.
Donald Trump has chosen to act like a woman and not like a man.
Frankly I am tired of the attitudes, words, comb overs and media coverage. They both need to grow up. I would rather watch something else on tv as a result.

Find a new story that's actually interesting. Donald Trump is too full of himself and needs to focus on his loser show.
who cares???
I have had it with that Blowhard Trump.
He act sas if he has some big class act going. He is as fake as his stupid hair do.
Just because someone called him out.
He has had people fawning over him too long. This contest had no controversy until he took over. He could forgive one person but not the other?

What did she do to get his forgivenss.
Now he has his daughter on his show now
too? Nepotism.....

Rosie for whatever reason you like her or not,tells it as she sees it. Trump's ego is too comical. it's her opinion. Let it go. With his domestic track record, who is he to be a kudge of right and wrong.

The world has too much going on to worry about some selfish egotist worrying about what people say about him.

Hey Donny, spend some money and start a school like Oprah for aspiring hairstylists
Haven't we suffered enough? When is someone going to vote these "no talent ass clowns" off the island?
Has America's morbid fascination with the rich and famous (not the talented and worthy) finally hit a new low? Their collective 15 minutes was up a long time ago, and all of these losers (including the paparazzi and the sycophantic couch potatos obsessing over their foibles) need to be clubbed like baby seals.
No longer watching Trump's show, The Apprentice. He's a blow hard, and I agree with Rosie, he should not be the moral compass for young girls.
I think that since Rosie quit her talk show she went from nice, to mean and hateful. I don't know what her deal is. She chalks it up to being honest, but I have had all the honesty I can take. Trump is rich and full of himself. These two need to get a life.
Why not make this interesting...lie detector test...for Barbara Walters!!!
I think that now things are taking a perilous and new turn in this absurd so-called "feud". Trump is trying to pit Rosie and Barbara against each other, in a pathetic attempt to reap more publicity and wreak more havoc. If Donald Trump had the slightest idea about what friendship really is, he would never publicly embarrass Barbara and put her in the middle of this whole thing. I think Martha Stewart figured out that with friends like the Donald, she didn't need enemies. Last year he even stooped to throwing her brief stint in prison out there to try to humiliate her. Let's just say that Trump has "issues" with strong, opinionated, successful women. If they are ordinary looking and overweight and gay in the bargain, then he feels justified in lashing out even more harshly. I don't think anyone comes out looking great in this whole farce, but Trump has sunk to new lows in his public comments regarding Rosie. There is simply no excuse for hitting someone below the belt in such a personal and offensive manner. Now he is dragging Barbara Walters deeper and deeper into this muckraking exercise. She may yet come to regret her own friendship with this inexhaustible source of natural gas, otherwise known as Donald Trump.
It makes me turn the channel if I see either of their faces. I personally agree with Rosie, "Who is Donald Trump to set the moral compass for anyone?" A publicity whore and insatiable consumer of younger and younger wives? Just because you're a billionaire honey doesn't buy you morals or good taste. But frankly the whole thing is stupid. My suggestion? Take the higher road and SHUT UP!!
I heard someone on TV say they should take it out in a ring... souds like a good idea! >: )
Who cares? Stop this stupid thing. Why should the public care about these two people think or say? They offer nothing of value. They criticze each other in public and do little to help their respective careers.

Let's get on with our lives, please.
I can't believe this is still an issue! As a mom of three I'd say their behavior is childish. What kind of example are they setting for their own children? How to throw a fit and win? The decision Donald Trump made about the pagent is over and done with. Rosie put her two cents in and in doing so made fun of Donald which I felt was unnessessary. She could have been an adult about it and been done with it.

Unless you have grown up in a small town you wouldn't understand what Ms. Kentucky's life was like before winning. My husband grew up in a small town where his graduating class was 52 people. The stories I've heard about his high school days and what they did have made me think giving Ms. Kentucky a second chance was the right thing and she will be better for it.
Donald Trump has talked his way into a bad space. If what Barbara says isn't true, then he's a liar. If it is, then he shouldn't have told the world about it. Either way, this mess reflects really poorly on his character, which, ironically, was what Rosie was talking about in the first place.
Rosie. leave the view and work for yourself. Its clear Barbra wants to play both sides. You and Kellie and the kids don't need this negative energy. Obviously some people don't understand that you are what everyone tunes into on the view. I don't know how you put up. I hope you know that Donald doesn't understand being gay and he's a schmuck and you were right. He has no moral values and just wants to control beautiful young women. you unveiled his true colors and now he is exposed for the ass hole he is.
Rosie always has to have something to say about someone; she is not funny unless she is trashing someone with her big loud mouth.

Donald is an ego-maniac. But being the owner of the Miss USA pageant, he most defintiely had the right and privilege to determine whether that women would or would not retain her crown.

Unfortunately, Barbara Walters continues to be losing her credibility because of her involvement in all this silliness that evolves around Rosie; first Starr and now Donald. But I suppose it is good for ABC.

I have only watched The View once this season. I found it uninteresting without Meredith and Starr. It is now all about Rosie; just give her back her own show (not that I will watch it).

Rosie really needs to work on her own issues (including her own obesity) and just leave others alone, instead of continuously attacking them.

Apparantly Rosie is the moral authority in her own mind.
"The View" has a new life in it, I love that Rosie is there. I also hope they hire Sherri Sheppard, she's a hoot.

Donald needs to pitch out the miss universe or whatever pageant he owns. It's demeaning to young women and young women need to stop it with these stupid pageants that are based on looks. How about a pageant based on integrity?

Sorry the Apprentice is down in ratings. It's just gotten kind of boring. Evening the sleeping in the tent thing is lame. Sorry the fight with Rosie isn't helping you.

PS Donald, you hurt other women in America when you called Rosie those names...I guess we can all actually see what the Don thinks of women...Pageants? Fat? Ugly? Get it?!
The whole thing is meaningless, idiotic drivel that only serves to divert people from leading meaningful lives. To hell with all three of these parasites!
Finally we have something in the news with more drama then anything Europe can come up with. I'm sure they are enjoying this. Can we some how get the Royal's involved???
Rosie is so funny, I thought she was hysterical imitating Trump with the comb-over and that small mouth of his. Trump needs to grow up. This might be a ploy but I'm for Rosie anyway!
Man, the ratings boost came from people who think Rosie O' Donald "speaks" for them. I'm in Georgia and I read CNN news everyday from work. Outside of the NY nobody cares. Trump and Donald both have their own issues; one being hair the other being weight. But hey, their rich, they can argue and run letters in the paper and talk smack about eachother on television shows. Its sad
I am glad someone called Rosie out. She is the most ignorant individual who has to have attention like a child. No respect for her as a person. I enjoy watching Ellen Degeneres who does not push her sexuality in your face. No comment for Barbara Walters .. just look at how the Star Jones came down and bet you Star is just shaking her head
How bloody ridiculous can you get with this squabbling. Both of them are losing what credibility they have or had. I know Rosie doesn't care, but Donald should - I expected him to stay above whatever she may say about him. She's a presenter on a second-rate weekday talk show who's always been out for ratings by being 'outrageous' (read just plain annoying), and he's a billionaire real estate tycoon - so why did he even bother responding to her original comments?
Let's face it. Rosie is on the view to boost ratings. Since she seems to lack the personal charm to do it she is using her obsession with her sexuality and hatred of women prettier than her and men in general ( let's face it that's pretty much the entire world ) to generate interest in what crazy degrading thing she will say about another human being next.

Sooner or later the viewer will loose interest in what she has to say and the View will be left with whatever it can salvage of it's reputation. Rosie will just be left. And she used to be so nice. Coming out of the closet is cool but I wish she had not carried so much anger and hatred with her. Gay is cool, mean and hatefull isn't.
Sick of it. Sick of the whole Rosie/Donald thing. This might be a big deal to New Yorkers but not the rest of us.
I'm not watching either show because, Who Cares! It was all most likely a ploy to get ratings for both shows, neither worth watching anymore. (I used to be a fan of both).
The best thing that could happen out of this whole "contraversy" is that everyone gets sick of both of them and both shows get pulled off the air for something more worth while.
Stop acting like 8th grade children and go away.
I agree with Todd Leopold, it's a local story that is getting way too much coverage. Quit waisting our time with this dribble and start covering REAL news.
I have watched and enjoyed The View for 9 years, but when I heard Rosie was coming on as co host, I quit watching it, I cannot stand Rosie, she does talk like a truck driver and she is fat and has a big fat mouth ! I will not even watch The View while the Trump/Rosie feud goes on. As for The Donald, I admire him and I love The Apprentice. GET ROSIE OFF THE VIEW, and Barbara has lost all my respect. I believe what Donald said what B.W. said to him about Fat big mouth Rosie, is the truth !
These two were made for a Jerry Springer show.
who gives a damn? both of their shows suck and there are considerably more important things to discuss these days.
I think this entire situation is totally "Trumped Up".
I think Donald continues this school fight for one reason....look at all the extra publicy just from all of us writing in! He loves the drama!!!! What's next Donald? Snapping Rosie's bra strap or giving her a wedgie for Pete's sake?!

Rosie is being beaten up for the simple fat she is fat and a lesbian. She has 5 adopted children and has many causes and goodwill charities that seem to go unmentioned. Yes, she did blurt out about his comb-over hair and that the girl that won Ms America should have been given the boot, so what! Freedom of speech!!! Plus, remember when Vanessa Williams got the boot for posing for PLayboy? What makes this 20 yr old winner now any different...?! She should have been let go, period.

Walters is the real trouble-maker here....she is playing both sides like Yoyoma on a cello!! She keeps adding fuel to the fire. DON'T TRUST HER ROSIE AND DONALD! Barbara should be more concerned about her speech impediment then the backstabbing she is doing! ha ha ha
It comes as no surprise that Barbara Walters would be accused of lying. Journalists are known for keeping their cards close to their vests and can sometimes be perceived as liars; but in this case, if it's not in writing, you don't have a case.
I can't stop laughing! Is this what happens to you if you have more money than God?

If these two pathetic excuses for adults would spend half as much time using their energy to help others as they do in slamming each other, they both might have a better public image.

Since Rosie started all of this, I wish she would be the first to shut her trap. It is obvious she needs attention and this is how she is generating it.

I know have more distain for both of them than before this all started. Someone give them both a time out and change their diapers!
Both Rosie and Donald have behaved VERY poorly. But what I find MOST objectionable is how long it has gone on. By allowing all this, Barbara Walters is promoting the ever-growing malady of "casual extreme-rudeness" that seems to be appearing in so much programming. From talent search shows to personal fashion reviews we are being bludgeoned with ill and offensive manners that are often rationalized as acceptable because they are "the truth". Of course the truth is frequently ugly, but where did we fall so low as to accept it as entertainment?

Ms. Walters, shame on you for letting it go this far.

JM, Brandon FL
Rosie is right, Barbara stand aside and Donald go to Hell! And Donald does owe fat people an apology it was deplorable to say that to her or about anyone! Everyone should go silent and quit digging in deeper.
I think that Rosie's comments were unmeritted, Mr. Trump was giving someone a second chance, something that most 20-21 years need, I don't think by this statement he was trying to pass himself of as anyone Moral Compass, but doing something that we all should exercise "Forgiveness". Rosie IMHO is a bully and constantly picks fights without being provoked. Rosie made the comb over joke and that was okay, but to attack him personally is uncalled for and she started the War of Words and Trump stood up to her.
Rosie threw the first punch (intentionally for ratings?)She needs to be surrounded by constant controversy. (to hold her position on the view?)Media and Donald are giving her what she's money in the bank for her and it certainly benefits Walters, she owns the show garnering the boffo ratings..clever vixens these ladies!!
Seems like ABC is pushing gay rights...Rosie keeps telling god and everyone about her life with Kelly, I don't want it pushed down the publics throat. What ever happend to keep it in the closet?
I think Trump is trying to make ratings for his sorry show which should already be off the air,
I'm with you, like mom use to say, IF YOU CAN'T SAY SOMETHING NICE, LEAVE IT ALONE. Grow up and get over it, you are not 2 years old anymore. Rosie and Donald, let it go.
I do not see why so much attention is giving to Rosie O'Donnell. She is failed TV actor from way back when and has done nothing more but fail at every entertainment gig since. Mr. Trump should not even have to be defending himself, Rosie O'Donnell should be respectful and apologize to Donald and get the hell off of tv.
I don't watch The View, and I don't watch The Apprentice. Rosie is a talentless.......I don't want to say actress.......Marketing tool. I'm still stumped at how she even got to where she is today. That in itself is a story I'd watch though.

And I wish The Donald would just stick with real estate. He was much more mysterious when that was all you knew him for.
If the new report about the liar accusing Walters of lying is true, then she has some explaining to do. As much as The Donald likes to sue others for things they say about him, I doubt he would lie about this. Looks like Walters should have just stayed out of it.
I have always been a fan of Walters and though she had more class than this! For God's sake she and that disgusting big mouth Rosie are acting like a couple of school girls. Grow up kids! And, Barbara, a piece of advice... when you wallow with pigs you start smelling like one!
I don't like either one of them (Rosie or Donald). But, what makes this a big deal to me is that people take such offence to the truth. Rosie is fat and ugly and not that funny either. The politically correct thing is what's gone too far.
Plain and simple, Rosie should have kept her mouth shut. She initially made fun of him with the "hair thing", attacked his character, all for a laugh. SHe is so defensive in nature that she feels the need TO CONFRONT head on everyone who may say "something" that may be misconstrued, when really its nothing. FIrst with the Clay aIken/Kelly Ripa thing, and now with Donald Trump. With this sort of tension 24/7 I can see why Barbara may have eluded to the fact that Rosie is not easy to work with... I think everybody should just relax!!!!!!!!!
Trump may be an ego maniac, but O'Donnell shows just how bankrupt TV has become and how bankrupt US culture has become. I can't think of anybody else on TV who is so obnoxious and unappealing as her. The lowest common denominator is lower than it has ever been in history and its reflected in the fact that this woman is a star.
You know it's funny how we watch the rich get richer in this country it undeniably shows that wealth does not equal genius. And while we watch this happen in our viewing screens and Newspapers we can see that no matter how much wealth one is able to obtain -or not- the same sort of childish bickering and finger pointing still exists in our society. I suppose we can all take comfort in that this latest episode between the three stooges here is just done for publicity and nothing more. All three of these participants should be ashamed of themselves in my humble opinion. What a waste of the publics time and newsprint space. Does anybody really give a damn about this nonsense???

I just read about someone who is a fellow female racing cyclist who got ran over by a drunken driver, she was dragged by his vehicle and suffered severe multiple injuries. Her family has suffered and her racing career my be compromised by this incident. I don't suppose any of the above cartoon characters with money squirting out of several orifices of their bodies would choose to help this woman out though, they are too busy acting like children.

Shame on all three of them, and shame on the people that choose to publish this tabloid garbage.
What else would you expect from feminazis? If you get in their way you get attacked. At least Donald had the courage to stand up to all that political correctness tripe.
Oh my God...WHO CARES?
I'm so sick of Trump and his superior attitude towards everyone and about unattractive!I am one person who is not going to watch his new season of The Apprentice.
O'Donnell ruined her image years ago when her ego soared to great heights and she would argue with her guests on her show if she did not agree with them. It seems her opinion is "I'm right - you're wrong" - with everything. Donald Trump wins in my opinion.
"The Donald" has always been a egotist who was hated by most Americans. The his show was pretty good - so many of us including me, softened our opinion of him. But now he's provong that he really is a jerk that should just shut-up. Donald - please keep those "Blow Fish" lips closed, you're an embarrassment to the business world!
I'll second that!!! Ms. O'Donnell... Mr. Trump... GROW UP!!!! My 10 and 11 year old nephew and niece behave better. How proud of yourselves are you that you have both managed, in the span of mere days, to become the laughing stocks of this country? Although I personally think Rosie has handled this whole situation with much more grace than Mr. Trump has, I also think these two have an equal responsibility to their audiences to behave in a much more civilized and professional manner. Why are these people making more money than me?
This is the closest I've come to watching the Springer show!
The Donald is so rich that he thinks his comments are important. O'Donnell is a big mouth who never shuts up and is also full of self importance. They should get married and put it on a TV show. Now that would be worth watching. Be that as it may, they both need to disappear.
Donald Trump has not done himself any favors. His retaliation to Rosie's harmless funny comments make him look insecure and insensitive to people who don't fit in the beauty world picture.
The louder and more offensive he gets, the more he damages his public image. Money can buy real estate but it can't buy true respect.
Really...who cares??
Rosie is paid to be on The View, in part, to air her views about various hot topics of the day. The story about Trump publicly berating the young girl for drinking underage was a hot topic that everyone is entitled to an opinion over. I happen to believe Rosie was right on target, saying Trump has little right to act as some type of moral authority, given his own dismal personal and public behavior. He is full of himself and the news conference of him acting like some big bad papa smacked of paternalism. It's getting a little old in this century.
I am just astounded that two grown ups can participate in such foolishness. What message is this sending to our children who may be exposed to this craziness. First of all, I think Rosie is a big bully...she is very manly and very rude. She attacks people and tries to put them she did Star Jones and other people who don't do what she thinks is right. Saying that...whenever dealing with a slowly walk away and ignore their attempts for attention...not participate in going back and forth. You also express to the bully that you are not happy with their behavior towards you and if that doesn't calmly knock their block off and go on with your life and put such nonsense behind you. I am just surpised by this mess and people should just stop watching The View. I never liked it in the first place and never watch it.
Rosie is on a show called the View. She is paid to give her opinions ( a fact that most people seem to forget )Her comments were not out of line. Trump should worry about Rosie suing him for the comments he made. All his money does not buy him class. What is he afraid of? That her comment that he has filed bankruptcy may hinder his effort to buy his next wife? Donald you are truly pathetic!
Rosie sucks! She deserves to be booted off her TV show!
Did you hear? Some more Americans died in Iraq today. Rosieidiot and Trumpidiot need to get a life. Enough already.
I have never liked Rosie Odonnel, She has no control over her piehole. what business is it of hers that the pagent dame was not stripped of her crown? Who fli[pping cares?!! I guess Rosie does, who knows why. She has no inner voice volume control, and she certainly does not have a " I'll just shut up on this one" control. sometimes it's o.k to just shut up"Foxy Loxy"
These women are old, fat, and dumb. How long will these nonentities be deemed newsworthy?
This is ridiculous. Rosie is losing her mind. She has offended the Asian community with her racist comments and then started a battle with Trump she can not win. I am tired of her putting her homosexual lifestyle in everyone's face as if it is right. Homosexuality is wrong and so is Rosie. She needs to close her mouth because she is out of control in word and deed.
I think the bottom line on this 'mess' is that (1) both parties are very vocal people and (2) I think in the future they need to watch what they say. What goes around, comes around. When Rosie popped off on Kelly Rippa Mr. Trump should have done as she did and not keep beating it to death. Mrs. Rippa handled it with utmost class and I, for one, have great respect for her. As Rosie and Donald - not so much.
I think they both need to grow the eff up. They're both making complete asses out of themselves, as far as I'm concerned. Not that I give a rat's.
Does anyone really care what either of these people think or say? Rosie is the must disgusting excuse of a human being. She always puts in her two cents when in fact her opinion is worthless & meaningless to anyone with an education. The average person is sick and tired of these Hollywood so called stars that think we actually care about there believes. (ex. Joli, Brad, Rosie, Modonna, Clooney) They should all craw back under the rock they came form.
This ridiculous "feud' has gotten way out of control. Just as the beauty queen is supposed to be a role model to the young ladies of the world, so to are the main characters of this he said/she said drama. Mr. Trump should be conducting himself in a manner conducive to his position in life, successful business man. Rosie is conducting herself as a very entertaining and successful comedian/talk show hostess. Ms. Trump (daughter of Donald) should stay in the office, minding her own business, and appreciate the position and status handed to her "just because of who she is". If she was taking care of the responsibilities of her position, she would not have time for this nonsense. Ms. Walters is the epitome of what being a lady is and is a perfect role model to women of the world. So, folks, put down the stones, let's begin acting like the adults you are supposed to be; call a truce and get on with your lives. Please remember, there is a young adult out there who holds you on a pedistal and may want to "be just like you when they grow up"; please act accordingly. God bless you all.
I think Rosie is an embarrasement. I stopped watching the view one week after she started. She is a bull. Ask her mates parents and relatives and the people they confide in.
I am disappointed in Rosie. She knew up front she was just being catty and rude. Donald's actions speak for themselves and are not terribly different from other peoples actions during this period of time, including Rosie who I do not consider an example of morality either. I give Donald kuddos for explaining his forgiveness of the teenage as a "second chance". I think Rosie, while a strong opinionated woman is just over the top now. She is confusing opinions with shoving her opinions down other peoples throats. It' as if she does not express herself loudly, rudely, or long enough no one will hear her. Both could stand to cool it as Donald has been no kind of gentleman himself and Rosie has been no version of lady.
last time i looked donald was a fat, squinty eyed, hair dyed, hysterical comb-over, two timing, jerk who has been married 3 times. what does he know.
WHO CARES?! I'm sick of hearing about a washed up, tired, and frankly boring 80 something year old reporter, a pompous borderline millionaire, and an overly inflated egotist bicker. The US and world have much bigger problems than who Miss USA is and what she does. MOVE ON AMERICA!
I simpathize with Barbara Walters, she's just trying to be polite to all involved in this "Cat vs Hairball" fight. Anyone who's held a paid position in a company knows that you don't have to like the people you work with in order to do the job well. Rosie and Donald both need to leave Barbara, and everyone else, out of their overinflated ego spat.
Donald Trump you should accept the fact two powerfull dames punk-out a pimp like you!
I think it�s odd that Mr. Trump is willing to hang his "friend" Barbara Walters out there as he divulges personal conversations. Obviously if she is denying the quotes she doesn�t want that out in the public part of the conversation. I think it may be time for Donald to step out of the sandbox and go to �time out� so he can think about how his naughty playground behavior will affect his ratings�
I have started to watch "The View" everyday. It seems to be the only smart show on, besides Oprah. I USED to watch "The Apprentice". Seeing Trump 'trumping' on every show he can get on has turned me OFF.
I am glad that Donald is giving it to her. she is no Meredith Viera. Meredith had class and credentials and didn't use The View as her personal mouthpiece. She WAS a professional which Ms O'Donnell is not. I feel sorry for Rosie because she has lied to herself and millions of people every day for years. How she can judge Donald Trump after she lied to all of those loyal viewers of her show for years--come on--what a hypocrite!! Shame on her!! She cast the stone and he has the balls and clout to fire back--good for him!!

I am most disgusted with Barbara Wlaters because she was someone that I looked up to and she should have fired Rosie's fat ass when she was on the warpath against Christians. If she had made the same remarks about blacks or jews, her butt would have hit the pavement with skid marks as she rolled.

Now Barbra and Bill Geddes have created the moster and don't know how to disassemble it. This is easy. Just fire her for philosophical differences and be done with it.

And by the way, Rosie, you could take a lesson from Ellen. She was the brave soul who risked everything and came out any way. I may not agree with her lifestyle, but she has my respect as a woman and as a Christian because I love her for her heart and who i believe she is in Christ.
Well Donald is not really one of my biggest fans, BUT Rosie.... welll she is a loud-mouthed bleep bleep bleep.

When I found out she was joining the View - I shut it off. I just cannot stomach her....

Barbara - you messed up this time. Get rid of her before you go down the tubes.
As far as I'm concerned Rosie O'Donnell need to take her man looking, testosterone carrying self to another show. I don't know why any REAL WOMEN would want to look at her talk about girl issues (I know I don't!!!).
Has our society become so irrelevant and pathetic that "Donald v. Rosie v. Barbara" is major news?
First of all I have to say that the comments as disgusting as they are (from both sides) have nothing to do with the real issue. Both sides are truly driven by MONEY. The Donald does nothing unless it will generate a buck (honestly its what he does) and Rosie/Baba will only keep "The Banter" going on as long as it generates ratings for The View. Because ratings = money. Lets get something straight (pun intended) all of these personalities are very good at the game of causing the American public to take notice of what they are doing in a way that puts money in THEIR pockets. Last I checked all parties involved have bigger net worths than the average American so they are indeed quite good at this game. So if we want this whole mess to go away, regardless of which side we think is right or wrong, we should turn off both shows and turn off any show that talks about the tiff and very quickly they will realize that there is no money/reward in continueing this tiff and magically it will go away.

Every time they appear in the media trust me it generates some form of ratings and ratings puts money in their pockets. All of these personalities are referred to as media dynamic. In other words it is completely driven by getting the biggest reaction by the greatest number of people. So I don't care about Miss Beauty Pagent or her second chance as that was just a way to get the public to "talk" about something related to The Donald which = Ratings which = money. That then created an opportunity for Rosie to toss out a "VIEWpoint" in a potentially controversial manner (its what she does) and her method of "acting" or "media personality" creates ratings which = money. So now we have two people who are driven to get the American public to watch every move they make and listen to each word of this tiff because every time we do it lines their pockets with mega-bucks.

So I ask who is the real problem, us or them?
This is not news and CNN you should be ashamed of yourself for promoting it as such. I am ashamed of any reporter of station that covers it. Rosie is trying to leave it alone but DT and the news insist on making it a bigger deal. SHAME ON THE MEDIA!
Rosie and that guy: A battle of wits in which both sides are unarmed.
Rosie started this whole thing with her usual crass comments. It is okay to have an opinion but did not have to obnoxious about it but of course that is her style. (I have watched the View one time since she started but won't watch again until she is gone.) Donald Trump is also obnoxious and unpolished and is confirming his lack of manners and professionalism. They deserve each other. My bet is on Barbara Walters being the most honest and having the most integrity. This long boring saga is getting old but will continue to perpetuate as long as the media keeps is going.
Never listen to him anymore. HE was washed up years ago and now he begs to hit the $1B mark. He is the risen image of falling out.
All three of them need to grow up and shut up. Nobody cares. Everybody stopped caring about this whole situation before it even started.
Well, Rosie should not have started it. What she said and how she mimicked Trump was not a pretty sight. I know she did not know that this is where this was headed. It obviously infuriated Trump but it's time to move on. I am not a Rosie fan and I hate what Barbara did to Star, so they both deserve what they are getting. I and all of my friends no longer watch The View. Barbara has this "teflon" image but I've always thought she wasn't what she pretended to be and with the Star incident it just confirmed it.
1. Giving Tara Connor a second chance in no way insinuates that Trump thinks he is the "moral compass for 20-year olds". He's looking out for his business interests (Miss USA Pageant). It is sad, however, that he responded as he did. Intentionally ignoring the comments and considering the source would have worked better.

2. Rosie is an act and that is all she will ever be. Her outrageous antics are all for show and ratings. Since ratings for the "View" are up, apparently a lot of women (no self respecting man would watch) enjoy watching Rosie make a fool of herself.
I think the whole thing is stupid and a true waste of viewers time. As for Ms. O'Donnell's comment saying that Mr. Trump has no right to be "the moral compass for 20-year-olds in America." goes both ways. If I recall she has selected a lifestyle that is not a good moral compass.
Rosie has all of the needed credentials to tell someone else that they are not suitable for being the moral conscience of a third party, doesn't she? What an incredible, certified, pathatic looser!!!!
Hey must have been picked on alot as a would get your ass kicked in the school yard..which by the way is the level to which you have sunk...grow up..
You'd think with $6Billion to manage he's have better things to do than squabble with R.O. & B.W. Can't that much money get you a better hair-do?
I think that Rosie O'Donnell should keep her mouth shut. She has picked fights with several celebrities since she has been on the View. If I watched the view, which I don't, I would stop watching it. She does a disservice to the other young ladies on the show. She needs to learn how to keep her mouth closed. She is obnoxious and a slob.
The fact that the ratings for the latest season of the Apprentice were down just goes to show that not all publicity is good publicity. It makes me happy because I am so sick of people who debase themselves for money or publicity as The Donald has done. Rosie may have started it, but Donald would not let it go. His kids keep saying, if you attack my Dad he will attack you even harder. Vengeance is not something that you should promote to your kids or to America. At 60 years old, you'd think the man would have learned some spiritual wisdom. You can't take money with you.
i think they are both trying to draw attention to their own shows. it is very well planned publicity scam
Yes! Keep fighting! Keep fighting! This is hysterical. I just want to hear more ridiculously awful comments. Come on, Donald, tell her to go enlist in the army and fight in the Green Zone. That'll just be the icing on the cake.
I just looked up the definition of poor and pathetic, in the dictionary, and sure enough there was a picture of the Donald.
I love it. When you consider Iraq, the deficit, illegal immigration, etc. this provides excellent theater. It is a very very welcome diversion.

Rosie, Babs and Donald, please keep it up. You are doing a valuable public service.
I gotta side with Rosie on this one. The portion of the Trump/Conner news conference I saw on the news was disturbing. Certainly, a statement from a Miss USA public relations representative stating Ms. Conner had apologized and agreed to walk the "straight and narrow" would have sufficed.
Since all of this hoopla began Trump has simply showed America his true character. He comes across as a bully who finally has had HIS feelings hurt and the only thing he knows how to do is childishly lash out. Sad little rich man.
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