Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Sundance soaked in controversy
Everybody's talking about "Hounddog" starring 12-year-old Dakota Fanning. This is the movie where her character is brutally raped. Even the president of the Catholic League, William Donahue, is calling for a federal investigation of the movie to determine if federal child pornography laws were violated during filming.

The director of "Hounddog," Deborah Kampmeier, told us in a statement, "What an ironic turn of events that Bill Donohue who has never once called for a federal probe against his own Catholic church's cover-up of child abuse is now doing just that for a film site [sic] unseen. ... Mr. Donohue would have more credibility and serve his cause better if he acted on the facts instead of chasing a quick headline."

It's getting ugly, people. Deborah, Bill -- to your corners!

And today we were told that none of the cast is doing any organized TV press here ... they're just talking to print outlets. Again, I ask, why? Maybe Dakota will change her mind and talk to CNN. I am hopeful!

I screen the film Tuesday morning. Check here afterwards for my thoughts, but for now I want to know what you think about a 12-year old actress playing a character who is raped on screen. Send in your opinions!

Keri Russell and Cheryl Hines are in town for their movie, "Waitress," which co-stars and was written and directed by the late Adrienne Shelly. Shelly was murdered in New York in November. Russell and Hines spoke fondly of Shelly and told me they are still in a state of shock that she is gone.

They hope this film serves as a legacy for Shelly, who they said was very proud of this movie and couldn't wait to hear whether "Waitress" had been accepted into Sundance. She died before she received the good news that it got into the festival.

Talk turned to Russell's pregnancy. She said she's thrilled about having a baby with fiance Shane Deary and said they won't find out the sex of the child beforehand because there are already "too few surprises in life." I agree! The little one is expected to make his/her debut this summer.

Mandy Moore stopped by to talk "Dedication," her new movie here at Sundance. She also opened up about recent statements she made in an interview with Jane magazine that she had suffered from bouts of depression and sadness. Mandy says all is fine now and she's feeling great.

Regarding her singing career, Mandy apologized for the music she made in the past, saying it was horrible and that she's making a clean start with a brand new album. I'm curious ... what do you think about Mandy Moore's music?

Sundance rolls on, as does my team. They're getting weary from the long hours, but they're still upbeat and looking forward to what tomorrow brings!
I can't believe Mandy Moore apologized for her terrible music. I wish others *Cough* Britney, Paris, Lindsay, Ashley *Cough* would live up to their mistakes as well.
A sad part of life is that twelve year olds do get raped- and yes, art does sometimes imitate life. If this is "offensive" to some people then a.- they shouldn't see the movie and b.- they should think about donating money to a rape clinic- it's a much more proactive outlet for all that "passion". And as with all other messages that some people find "offensive"- this is why we have freedom of speech- that right doesn't just exist for happy messages- it exists for everything.

As for Mandy Moore- it would be nice if she took some time (A LOT OF TIME) off and found herself- she was a pop-music pawn and did whatever her label/agent/manager told her to do- which amounted to some really really bad music- now she's moved on to making some mediocre films with her mediocre talent. It's really time for her to figure out what she'd like to accomplish- in the long run- and work towards it. How long can one live shrouded in mediocrity?
With all the horrible child-abductions going on, perhaps it can raise awareness of dangers people are as yet unaware of. As far as the cover-up of the pedophiles within the Catholic church (Donahue), not enough publicity in the world is enough for that malignancy to be uncovered; again and again.
Its just a movie,I think it will bring awareness to girls,that stuff like this goes on everyday.This might just save a girls life.
the key work in your question is " Actress" .. Which means she is acting, I have not seen the movie but knowing Dakota, I am most certain that "movie magic" was used to create some of the scenes! Thats my opinion,
I think were missing the point here Dakota's parents obviously thought that this movie was good enough for their to star in. I think that there is a message to be sent out. And I also believe that this is just acting it's not the real thing. But Bob Donohue has a big problem with it since this is what goes on in his world all the time but yet he doesn't want to talk about that. It's just a movie and its just acting. If it was real it would be different but trust her parents judgement before you pass judgement.
I have always been a fan of Mandy Moore, not really sure why she said it was horrible?? But non the less I will be buying her new CD the day it comes out.
I agree with the filmmaker that a film should be viewed prior to making final judgment. And, in all likelihood, as violently as it might be portrayed, the rape scene most likely fits legal standards. The question, however, is how far we have to go with visuals before we go too far. Many masters of film of the past were able to portray violent events and still get a PG rating.

I do take exception to Kampmeier's logic, however. An act is either right or wrong, based on what was done. It is not less wrong if someone has acted hypocritical by not condemning another wrong act. There is a strong draw to label others to win an argument and point out inconsistencies. If we could just focus on the issues, it would be far easier for all of us to get along.
it's obvious to me that the concern is about Dakota Fanning herself and not little girls in general when it comes to this controversy. When Jena Malone acted in several scenes in Bastard Out of Carolina that portrayed sexual assault, I don't remember this sort of uproar occurring.
At the age of ten, Jena Malone played a girl who was raped (on screen) in "Bastard Out of Carolina." It was a brave performance that opened up a lot of people's eyes to the terror behind repeat-offender child abusers. If a film is made to make us more aware of how to uncover the patterns abusers take, to help us understand the plight of chlidren who are stigma'd by their attackers as well as their peers, then for heaven's sake -- show the damn film.
Wasn't Jodie Foster only 12 years old when she played a prostitute (or something like that) in Taxi Driver?
Children, unfortunately, are raped every day. I think this raises awareness. The only reason people are offended is because they don't want to admit that our great society is still filled with the vile ruthlessness that it is.
I think the problem with "Hounddog" is that a lot of people will get off on it. It will only encourage those wiht sexual problems and those who now barely have control of those problems.
As of now, no one has seen this movie, nor do they know how the scene will be shot. It's a bit too premature to start getting all bent out of shape. Either way, Dakota Fanning is a brilliant actress and I'm sure she can pull off anything on screen.
Unfortunately, young girls are raped or "molested" (the less offensive term) every day in this country. I think people are only offended because they are uncomfortable about the realities of our great yet sometimes vile and brutal society.
I think they are over reacting a bit. If there were laws broken then somebody needs to do something, otherwise drop it. I think it will make a great movie!
I wanted to comment about the film "Hounddog". No one likes to see a young girl being raped but this is not the first time a film has portrayed this act. I remember in the 1996 film "A Time to Kill" starring Samuel L. Jackson, Matthew McConaughey, and Sandra Bullock, the drama was about a 10 year old girl who was brutally, raped, beaten and killed. I remember having a hard time watching the scene because of it's content, but I don't remember any protesting at the time. Is the difference that in "A Time to Kill" it was a young african american girl, where as Dakota Fanning is a loveable caucasian girl. It makes you wonder.
While sexual assault & abuse of children is an epidemic in this country. I am not a proponent of making it the basis for a movie. I find the concept to vile to even consider paying $8 to see for entertainment purposes. I am sure this movie will stem a public outcry and will motivate many to form community task forces and committees to seek & destroy child-seeking predators. But, does our national morbid curiosity on this subject matter really warrant a movie? Forgive me, but there are just some lines that need not be crossed.
What about the movie 'Bastard out of Carolina' which involves a young girl getting raped by her stepdad? They show several scenes involving it, granted it is not graphic but the concept is brutal. They show this movie on cable tv.
I personally don't see what everyone else problem is. In todays day and age 12yr old know all about sex and everyone of them have been taught about molestation at school. As long as she understood what the scene is about and was unharmed during making it, then what is the problem?. I think people are upset becuase THEY are the one's who are uncomfortable with the topic. Get over it people this is real life and it happens everyday.
Dakota Fanning isn't the first child actress to be raped in a film. (A Time to Kill (1996), based on John Grishams best selling novel is one that comes to mind.) You can also bet that she won't be the last child actress raped on film. Dakota is a bright and intelligent child, and, lets face it, is more mature than many of the teen and twenty-something actresses in Hollywood at this time.

Mandy Moore should be ashamed of herself for ridiculing the music that made her famous. Mandy, honey, you can't erase your past...we have your CD's...the music is not going away. Deal with it.
what is the big conroversy...all of a sudden this is important..there have been plenty of young Actresses playing Rape Victims...Exaple the young African-American Female in the Movie "A Time to Kill" there was a brutal rape scene in the movie..I didn't see anyone speaking out against that...
I think that a 12 year old actress playing a character who is raped will be a hard thing to watch, but it is reality and girls that age and younger are being sexually abused every day. Maybe putting it out there for viewers will bring much needed attention to a situation that has been swept under the carpet for far to long in our society. It is a sick play on reality and hopefully it will open our eyes to put more effort into getting rapists off of the street and to have them serve harsher punishments. Movies now a days seem to avoid the "happy fantasy" world that no longer exists, is it wrong when they play on issues of today, regardless of how disgusting they are?
Sexual Assault on children is a very real thing. To deny the scene is to deny the very act itself. Dakota Fanning is an exceptional Actress and I'm sure that both her and her parents were aware of what the scene entails.

As far as Mandy Moore goes, could she apologize for being a terrible actress as well?
remember this is acting & if it's hard for people to watch, it should be, maybe through this we can get some tougher laws in place because this happens in real life way too much!!!!!!!!!!!
Folks! Dakota Fanning is an actress. That's right, an actress. The "rape" will be fake; part of the Hollywood Dream Machine!!! People get with the program! It's a movie! Donohue just wants attention and to see his name in print!!! So what better way than to attach it to a celebrity!
I agree that Donahue should clean up the Catholic Church's act before he cleans up Hollywood.
this is a movie about healing and coming through the otherside with you spirit in tack. It is just a movie this happens in real life all the time the catholic church should be investigating all the pedophiles and sickos that are in their stable.
instead of ruining a "reputation" of the movie nobody ever seen yet, think of the emotions and the lesson that any normal human being can carry out after watching the young life clashed with terrible truth. As much as I saw from the preview, Dakota's performance was outstanding. And those, who suffer high morality sindrom, who are trying to hide behind the acusations, better except the harsh reality and put all the efforts to make a difference for those with broken "hearts"
Jena Malone was about 12 when she portrayed a young girl molested and raped (on more than one occasion) by her Mamma's boyfriend in "Bastard out of Carolina."
It was a phenomenal performance by Malone; but I will admit, it was very difficult to watch. Regardless, it was part of the story and had to be told.
My only concern would be the long term emotional effects on a 12 year old girl after playing such a scene.
Perhaps Malone would be the one to ask about that . . .
Granted young girls are raped, molested, sold and abused on a daily basis. It is an ugly part of our society. The problem with our society is that children/adults are emulating things that are seen in the media. Isn't it possible that "Hounddog" could just spark a rash of violence in some just because they saw it? I will not be seeing the movie because I don't see movies that I feel are exploitive of society and the actor/actresses who are so into the big buck that they are willing to do anything to make a name for themselves or their parents who ultimately reap their children's rewards. Shouldn't we be helping society by speaking out against violence against anyone in productive ways without violating the childhood of young actors/actresses? Society has decided that a 12 year old is not considered an adult and so the so called adults of society need to look after and protect our children from all things harmful to them. The real culprits of this movie being made are those who produced it, directed it and Dakota's parents for allowing their daughter to participate in depicting a horror that ruins any young person who has been faced with violence in their young lives.
Dakota is a child, if her parents or whom ever is her guardian allows her to do the film then who cares what Mr. Donohue has to say.
That Mr. Donahue would have the hypocritical nerve to call for an investigation into child pornography laws regarding this movie is absurd. This film depicts a sad, but all too real occurrence happening everyday. He wants to protect children? Publicly and agressively go after the criminals in his own Church. He wants to make a statement about violence in cinema? Do something about the alarming number of films portraying sadism, torture and rape playing for a sensational buck. They're true pornography. As a woman raised and educated for 16 years within the Catholic Church, as well as a survivor of childhood rape, hearing how William Donahue feels he has the right to pass judgement on something he clearly knows nothing about to bolster his own sagging pathetic credibility, just makes me shake my head in wonder. What it does, is reaffirm my own personal decision to back away from the politics and hypocrisy of today's Catholic Church. Ms. Fanning has her own parents who can help her make professional choices and develop her own moral compass. I would rather have my daughter admire this young lady over the Paris's and Britany's grabbing attention and headlines these days.
Free speech and all that jazz. I think that covers my opinion of the right to make the film. I personally won't be watching a 12 year old portrayed rape for entertainment. This may be a movie for some but to others it may pale in comparison to what they've lived. Real life contact and support is more educational than any movie ever could be. If this is an issue that really matters to you, then go DO SOMETHING about it. If this film were to get lots of money because of morbid curiosity, I think that'd be a sad testament to where our society is at.
Do something.
Wow I never really thought of Mandy Moore's music being that bad, mainstream and commercialized yes, but never bad, I've always like her acting and the sound of her voice, not so much her song choice...

I don't even have anything to say about the stupidity of this Dakota Fanning thing, she's an ACTRESS, playing a part in a movie. How the heck do you associate that with porno? You can't ever make everyone happy, but she signed on to do the movie, she did the part, and we never heard any mention of it till now, so to her it must not have been a big deal. And to those who who claim it's offensive...I am offended by Scooby Doo, take him off the air....
Thank you Julia from Brooklyn! The first thing that came to mind after reading the article was Jena's movie. Yes it does happen. I don't remember anyone hemmin and hawin about that. Show the dang movie.
I think the character Dakota Fanning portrayed shows just how mature she is as a young star. Yes rape is violent but on the other hand it does happen. Maybe with people speaking out and sharing their opinions will help raise more awareness to the sensitive subject. As for the catholic church situation some people have nothing better to do than to point the finger and shift blame on something else to take the spotlight off of themselves.
I have a young daughter and worry about her everyday. It may seem like a great life (when nothing happens) but the fact is, they (predators) are out there. The most brutal I remember in film is Jodie Foster being ganged raped in the Accused. Nothing to graphic was seen but the imagination was good enough. I'm sure Dakota knows what she is doing and I'm even more positive there is something more to this story that her parents feel needs to be told and people need to be made aware of. I as a parent, would want to know what the "moral" of the story is.
This is nothing new. In 1960 Ingmar Bergman's "The Virgin Spring" depicted an innocent 12-year old girl that was both raped and murdered on screeen. The difference now is that due to our ability to communicate instantly it becomes a conduit for controversy, either way you want to look at it. All mankind needs to share the pain of an abused child if we are going to make a difference. Way too much apathy out there for that these days.
She's an actress, she was fine doing the movie and I'm sure her parents reviewed the script as well. In this day and age there is so much that can be done with computers and I'm sure there was a lot of tricks pulled out to protect Dakota from having to participate in any ugly scenes.
I'll bet a hefty sum that much of this "controversy" is being generated by the movies marketing people. Such marketing is too common, and lessens the importance of real issues. DUIs, rehabs and sex tapes that are "accidently" released (where would Paris Hilton's career be without that, hmmm?). It's all marketing. Build controversy, get the actor/movie's name in the news (and often the movie is produced by the same company that owns the news, and that should make you wonder), and people will go see it just to see what all the talk is about.
I do not know that much about the role Dakota Fanning will play in the movie where her character is raped but...I think if it is done with the effort to show that these kind of things really do take place. Hard to think about and even harder to watch, this is somethign that happens every day. I think a disclosure showing statistics of child sexual abuse in the united states would be very helpful in helping people understand that what they are about to see is not easy to watch but something we all need to be aware of. Kevin Bacon did a movie where he abused young boys and it was pretty graphic, I can't remember the name of the movie but clearly remember the scene. I know there have been other movies that depict sexual abuse of children, why is this one getting so much attention? I think people should pay less attention to the movie and more attention to the positive attention it could bring to the ongoing problem we have with our children! There are predators everywhere! I just read on line that a 1st grader was raped at school. I hope someone will change with spin on this and highlight the need for advocacy of our children!
Of course I haven't seen "Hounddog" yet. My main concern is how such touchy scenes dealing with such a sensitive subject is pulled off. Unfortunately for such films, the subject itself can be used to stir publicity to garner attention for the film. Or, the filmmakers could truly have the right intentions of exposing such horrible issues hidden in society. It's a fine line and it's not always walked carefully. Film is seen first and foremost as entertainment - this subject is NOT entertainment. So to use a medium for the different purpose of education (which of course has been done before) is possible but can be difficult. In the case of this movie, it's a wait and see, and hopefully, because such a harrowing subject is in the spotlight, the filmmakers pull it off.
i think that its a very strong role for a 12 year old to take on, and a very serious and emotional issue.Dakato is a very good actress and i think that playing this role with help her grow as young woman. about it being onscreen. i think its fine. people should see what being raped does to woman. i dont see anything wrong with it. Keep Your Head Up Dakota. and i hope that you lurn a lot from playing this roll.
yes, how ironic that mr. donahue casts stones at this movie with rape, when he should be cleaning out his own "house", where its real life-
Outlaw the movie. It's terrible!
Hollywood thinks they can get by with anything. A 12 year old child, this influences other 12 year olds.
As usual the catholic church is stepping in where they are not needed, nor wanted. I agree wholeheartedly that their indignation is ridiculous in the face of their own child rape scandals in real life. This is a movie for goodness sakes. The catholic church has much bigger things to worry about than a movie.
I'd feel bad about it if no 12 year old had ever been raped in real life, but since they have, I worry more about the real world than movie stories. So should you all.
When the film A TIME TO KILL was released in the 90's concerns were also raised about the depiction of a young girl being raped in a pivotal scene.

Once audiences saw the film, they and critics as well, quickly realized that the scene was responsibly shot.

Until critics and audiences can actually screen the film HOUNDOG, It's still to premature to make a judgement call.

DAKOTA FANNING is America's "Little Girl." No one wants to see her get raped, which is probably why Bill Donohue is raising such a fuss. Would he be just as upset if a no-name, young actress who doesn't fit the American sterotype were depicted the same way?

Donahue is raising concern over America's SENSE of morality more than he is fighting for the protection of a young actress.


Once the film is screened, if the scene still raises concern, as a responsible filmmaker, one who should be dedicated to the integrity of the story telling process, DEBORAH KAMPMEIER needs to step up to the plate and willingly participate in any investigation.
My first reaction is to question why it is important to show a 12 year old girl getting raped. Of course one would have to see the movie first to make sure it is not just exploytation.

I find rape scenes horrific and impossible to watch. Even if the movie is a quality piece of artwork, I will not be seeing it.

Furthermore, if this is some publicity stunt I will boycot this director and Dakota Fanning from now on. This is obviously a very touchy subject.
It is a fact of life that children get raped & molested each day. I feel if Dakota Fanning had a problem doing the rape scene, she would have said so. Everyone should wait to see the movie before jumping on the bandwagon about how terrible it is having a 12 year old doing a rape scene. If you don't want to see the movie, I don't think anyone will hold a gun to your head and make you see it.
Jodi Foster and Brooke Shields BOTH were 12 and BOTH played prostitutes. Brooke Shields even had a sex scene, I believe, with an older man. Did everyone have a fit when THESE movies came out? Schindler's List had jewish children being brutally MURDERED. Where were the gasps and calls for action THEN? Everyone needs to get over it. These are movies. Children DO get murdered, raped, molested, brutalized, and beated every day. Bravo to Dakota Fanning for taking on such a daring role and shame on those people who would judge her for it.
I think Dakota Fanning has proved to be a very mature young lady and has stated that she was ready for this role in Hounddog. The contraversial scene is obviously going to be disturbing to all of us, but apparently it's a necessary scene in the movie. All movies have violence these days, or most of them - I say if you don't like, don't watch it.
I know this sort of things happens in the real world; anyone who watches the news knows this. But why must we put it up in popular media such as movies and television? There was a made for tv movie years ago that showed a young lady being raped with a broomstick in a bathroom by two other girls. This movie was shown once and never again. My question is why do we have to bring things like this back, what purpose will it serve? In my opinion alot of pedophiles will be jumping at the chance to view this movie and then it can only get worse.
I think the controversy over the film Hounddog is a little insulting to Dakota Fanning and her parents. As others have mentioned, Dakota is a very mature and intelligent girl. She seems to have a very stable family life. It's insulting to suggest that she and her parents didn't think this movie role thru. While some aspects of the movie industry is notorious for spewing filth just to gain a buck, it doesn't seem like this is the case with this film.

I will never understand why people will throw a hissy fit over a movie but not throw one over the multitude of REAL issues this country is facing. I will also never understand why people insist on stirring up controversy when they have NEVER seen the movie or read the book or listened to the album.
For myself being a rape victm at the age of 16, I can not imagine for one minute a movie made about such a horrible event that happened to me being put up for the entire world to see. I live the memory every day and to imagine a 12 year old? What could anyone be thinking of? I am sure there will be plenty of of sex offenders attending and more of our children missing. It is disgusting.
I am infuriated that the picture company would let a 12 year old actress play the victim of being rape. I know she is a great "child actress"; but having been a victim of home invasion and being raped myself this past year, know one can even begin to fathom the mental anquish and physical brutality that I went thru. You just don't slap a bandaid on it and then you are healed. I, for one, will not see this movie and now must montior all movies and TV I watch. These movies and TV shows are no longer fictional to me; but reality. All to make a buck off of this kid. Where are her parents? People will do anything now a days for a buck! Shame! Shame! Shame!
I'm not sure I'm ready to see Dakota in role like this. It was hard enough to see her holding hands with a boy in Charlotte's Web. Is it time for America to face the fact that their favorite little girl is growing up? It is impossible to express an opinion on the ethical/moral issues without seeing the film. Hopefully Dakota and her parents have made good decisions.
i am glad they got the funds to continue filming. It is just a movie, and the movie i think will do some good. Dakota is an amazing actress who has always just about portrayed such an innocent and loving child, i know it is going to be a shock for people to see her get rapped, but i think good can come of this is terms of awareness and better "eyes on your kids" when people realize this does happen. However, Hollywood is Hollywood, and if they have no problem seeing a guy masturbate to a half naked foreign girl and f*ing a pie....why would they hate this? Food for thought, pardon the pun!
Does anyone remember "A Time to Kill". The little girl in the movie was gang raped and tortured and I do not remember there being any investigation. It is one of my favorite movies. Just because it is in a movie does not mean it really happened to the actress.
If I were the Director, I'd be grinning like a Cheshire Cat right now. Look at all this controversy stirring around, and the film hasn't even hit mainstream theatres yet! Talk about a bankable movie! Of course the crew is only talking to print at present. All you have to do is think about "The Tipping Point" to see what the strategy is! Word of mouth, Baby! And it's working quite well, I might add. From a pure business perspective, I say "bravo" to the producers and director, and "brava" to Dakota. I personally won't be seeing the film. I go to movies to escape the brutalities of reality, and having grown up with foster children in my home for most of my life - I don't need to see what can happen to children. Been there, seen that, cried my heart out for REAL children. Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Adam Sandler...do guys have anything funny coming out soon?
A film showing a 12 year old girl being brutally raped is not my idea of entertainment. My God what a morbid brash subject!
I have admired Dakota Fanning during her career and I have dreaded the time when this wonderful child star would inevitably be reduced to tittilating roles. Nothing coming from Hollywood surprises me, epecially in this time when absolutely anything goes for a price.
I am by no means a prude, but showing a film where ANY 12 year old is raped is horrific. And should be labeled with a very explicit disclaimer.
I think that many people are missing the point about the movie "Hounddog." It's not a problem that the movie portrays the rape of a 12 year old. The problem is that in doing so, an actual 12 year old actress is exploited.

For all of those crying out "freedom of speech," what is the freedom of speech that would be violated by having a stand-in or double used for the brutal rape scenes?

Many have said how this is a challenging roll for Dakota Fanning. Well of course it is. She is twelve years old and having to get into the mind set of being a victim of rape. How is that not supposed to affect her? That is why there are laws on the books against simulated sexual acts with a minor instead of just actual sexual acts.

As for the jibes against Mr. Donahue, well those just seem to be straw man tactics. The last time I checked, he's just a citizen who happens to be catholic. He doesn't officially speak on behalf of the catholic or any other church.

The sad fact is that people are defending the right of movie producers to use young children to regardless of the psychological consequences. That is exploitation plain and simple.
Everyone should shut up because it's a movie and stuff like that really happens. It's not like she actually had sex or was exposed.
Instead of using his time and energy to stop something that could possibly provoke awareness about the plight of child-abuse, William Donahue should ALSO be creating awareness, especially in light of who he is associated with. Why try to cover up this realiy?
I think it is sick and her parents are very inappropriate for letting her do this.
I think Dakota is a brilliant actress. but i myself have a 12 year old daughter and I think I could not bare to witness such a scene. This is something that happens everyday to a girl in our world, why bring it on screen? movies are supposed to be enjoyed with 12 year old children not get depressed over them.
Unfortunately, the reality is that girls in this country are raped every day, and sometimes what we need is a shock effect to turn talk into action. We all know what "rape" is, but when it is thrust into our lives as a visual step-by-step pamphlet if you will, we realize how horrible it really is.

It seems that when we hear about child predators, child rape, etc. we get all fired up about how disgusting those men are that we see on Dateline, but how many of us do anything about it? That sums up this country in a nutshell - loud enough to complain, too lazy to take action.

To those of you who criticize this movie without making a donation to a preventative foundation, how dare you?

I hope this movie encourages people to open their eyes and realize what a problem this issue is. For those protesting, do something - donate to the Jessica Lunsford Foundation, or have we already forgotten about her?
Sexual abuse is a tragic, horrific event that leaves lasting marks on the victim as well as society. Even though this issue is becoming very mainstream, I do not believe recreating these images on screen is appropriate. I believe it will have the opposite effect: It will not educated but desensitize us to these types of horrific events. Our minds, our children, our culture was never meant to experience these types of perverted actions, even on screen.
First of all, Lynn, Nashville, TN, said:

Outlaw the movie. It's terrible!
Hollywood thinks they can get by with anything. A 12 year old child, this influences other 12 year olds.

Lynn I don't think many 12 year olds are going to jump at the chance to be be raped like Dakota. That argument is utterly ridiculous.

Secondly, Patricia Leesburg, FL said:

...These movies and TV shows are no longer fictional to me; but reality. All to make a buck off of this kid. Where are her parents? People will do anything now a days for a buck! Shame! Shame! Shame!

No Patricia the shame is that millions of people like you ever thought rape was fictional.

The portrayal of rape in a movie is not meant to entertain it is meant to educate. It is meant to teach and express the anguish that people have a hard time understanding unless they have been through it.

Most people who have never been raped can not truly understand. It has been through the power of television and movies that rape has been considered something more than a slap on the wrist crime or something where the victim asked for it. Go back 50 years and you will see that rape wasn't considered a big deal other than damaging family reputation of the girl who was raped. Those girls were often told to not tell it was generally not recognized that rape caused psychological damage. Even 30 years ago children were not routinely taken out of the home for child molestation. It has been by educating people through media things have changed.

Bravo to Dakota and the film producers for giving society yet another look at rape especially that of children. Hopefully it will sink into the minds of those who don't get it, so that they are utterly shocked, horrified and disgusted by what happens to women and children.
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