Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Quick takes
Please, make them stop.

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When I saw "Children of Men" a few weeks ago, I thought that, despite its brilliance, it had no chance at the box office. I'm glad to be wrong -- at least for a week.

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Bill James once described the Baseball Hall of Fame as (I'm paraphrasing, poorly) a self-defining institution that has resolutely failed to define itself. The same can be said of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

What is a "Hall of Famer"? An influential artist? A big seller dominant in its time? A beloved commercial powerhouse? All of the above?

Because once you induct AC/DC and Aerosmith, why not Kiss? If Hank Ballard and Lloyd Price, why not Lowman Pauling? Are any bubblegum musicians ever going to make it?

Now we have R.E.M., Patti Smith, Van Halen, Grandmaster Flash and the Ronettes. I tip my hat to all of them, put on a few of their records ... and go back to ignoring this whole "hall of fame" thing.

(As for baseball, I'm still waiting for Jim Kaat.)

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Say it isn't so.

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Best record I've heard lately: Jim Noir's "Tower of Love," which came out early last year. Imagine Emitt Rhodes with a Brian Wilson fixation, along with a little Roy Wood, and you've got Noir's gorgeous creation.
This feud between Trump and O'Donnell is just a ploy by two has beens to get publicity. If no one acknowledged their juvenile behavior it would go away.
Rosie should keep her mouth shut!!! The way Trump runs his business does not concern her. Grow up, already!!
Please just make this all go away - it is getting redundant! Blah - Blah - Blah
The only thing that is making this worse is the media. There are 3 big ego's involved.
But, I think Trump is a Chump. He's the worst. I mean come on. He's supposed to be this great business man, but here he is using any outlet he can lay his hand on, to call Rosie, a pig, fat, or whatever else decides to come out of whatever is hiding under that atrocious comb over.

He should take lessons from the Gates.
Put your money where its needed. Make news by building a school or something.

If he is lying, and Barbara never called him, which of course she is going to deny, then he is angering a group I don't think to anger.
As its been well documented on CNN his ratings are slipping. No one cares who the next Apprentice is. I mean if Trump is so awesome why is he selling his get rich secrets.
Once again, Trump is a Chump.
Donald Trump the only thing he has is money. I am very sure you are not going see in this kind of sutuation people like Bill Cosby or Ophra. Becuse they eduction culture and they use the money to build a better world.
Donald Trump need to "grow up" Everyone has a right to their opinion and that is all that Rosie gave "her opinion" The way The Donald is acting, what Rosie has said about him must be true and he is going to great lengths to make everyone thinks otherwise. Then to get Barbara Walters involved in this craziness is totally absurd. Donald, be an adult and let it go!!!!!
Please somebody wire their jaws shut!!!
InRe: O'Donnell/Trump
Are you serious? Who cares. Tell them both to grow up and shut up.
surely we have bigger things to worry about than what rosie and trump are doing
It seems the Trumpster has resorted to underhanded tatics to get publicity for his new season of the Apprentice. How sad that a seemingly educated man could stoop to such depths. And to use junior high antics is so out of character...calling someone names (fat, loser) is so junvenile...makes me wonder if his new family is making him stressed out or has he always been this way and we are just now seeing it? Shame on you Trump. I won't be buying ANY of your products. Rosie and Barbara...I love your show and will continue to watch. Keep the honesty flowing!!
Hate to break it to everyone, neither Rosie or Donald represent a "Moral Compass" for young women. Rosie is rude and Donald is a player.
For as much class as he is supposed to represent,and for one who SHOULD shrug off O'Donnell's comments, Trump is being manipulated and acting simplistically. To some extent, we expect such histrionics from Rosie. But, Trump's responses get so personal that one has to wonder the means by which he gained so much fame and fortune. Did he do so by these tactics?
Rosie is undignified. The View has been reduced to a Jerry Springer type viewing. Donald Trump has always acted as if he is better than most of us. He flaunts his sucess. I have always been a fan of "The Apprentis". This feude has weekened the intergrity of Trumps show. Also, this feude has brought out Trumps true self. They both need to become Christians, and find compassion for their fellow man. Guys, fall on your knees and ask GOD to forgive you!!!!
Concerning the Donald Vs O'Donnell Vs BarBra Walters: Betcha Star is laughing her ass off right about now.
I have to say I feel really sorry for Barbara Walters in all this. She's being put on the spot by both of them and she's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. Maybe she did say a couple of things to 'the Donald' about Rosie,how is she supposed to get around that except by denying it. I doubt she would have said everything he says she did. Then there's Rosie, the ratings HAVE been up since she joined the 'view' so if she admits to saying anything it will cause a rift between her and Rosie. I just watched the view and all Barbara said was "that poor deluded man" and I doubt Donald is going to let that drop, so folks, better face it, we and they are in it for the long haul. I very much doubt we've heard the end of it. The only answer is don't watch either show.
Donald and Rosie are so much alike! That's why he hates her so much. Rosie simply made a good joke. She tossed her hair to look stupid - like his does. She caricatured his lips and then made sarcastic remarks about his role-playing in the Miss America mess. I had mixed feelings about his amnesty for what's-her-name. I'm not upset that he sent her to rehab rather than take her crown. Rosie's joke(s) about him should not have "set him off" like they did. He went way off the road, calling her names & personally demeaning her. I have enjoyed watching Apprentice in the past, because it's a bit of a freak show (including Donald!), but through that medium I have seen that Trump is a blowhard: he makes sh*t up and passes lies off as "optimistic assessments for the future." He lies; Rosie made fun of him. He reacted like an ass. I have no interest now in watching Apprentice because the novelty has definitely worn off. If only she could sue him! But they're both public figures. Maybe the law should allow public figures to sue each other, because they are in the same arena!?
The Rosie O Trump thing is beyond belief. I find it incredible that Trump with his wealth and empire would stoop to Rosie's level in this very stupid feud. She crossed the line first, but he has gone beyond by bringing private conversations and correspondence in by Barbara Walters. That is very low of him to do and not necessary. He should stand his own strength, convictions and facts, not bring others in to help hold him up. They both need to walk away and put this behind them.
i no longer watch the view i dont like rosie
Ditch Rosie!
Some words of wisdom come to mind:
"Never argue with a fool in public,
because viewers won't be able to tell
who's who." I can't figure out who's
who, can anybody else?
Send Rosie, The Donald and Barbara to Baghdad and stop wasting our time with this trivial "he said she said" self serving crap.
I am glad that I am not the only person tired of Donald & Rosie. They sound like kids in high school, so childish!!!!!
What a waste of time. Lets focus on something important like global warming and the forecast that 2007 will be the hottest year on record. Who cares about Donald Trump anyway?
Barbara missed a great opportunity to put this to rest. Instead she has kept it fueld. I thought from day one she made a mistake by hiring Rosie. Rosie has absolutely no class and just isn't the right sort of person to be on The View. This reminds me of children arguing. It takes one person to stop talking and it will all die down and go away.
A novel idea: stop giving Donald Trump the microphone. Someone please take the lead on this. We're all desparately weary of the Rosie-Donald "thing".
Remind me why I should care about Donald & Rosie?
Rosie and Donald need to act their ages. If my kids acted like them, I would ground them for a month.
Doesnt anyone else have anything better to be doing? I am spending my time and money helping children with epilepsy, blindess and cp every day......I am a single mother with two children.....

They have all the money and everything they could ever want, and they are complaining and acting worse than the epileptic and disabled children I teach.....!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, GET TO THE REAL CAUSES IN THE WORLD...


Thanks and sorry if you take offense..
teacher in Ohio
Trump and O'Donnell are head-butting bulls who can't call it quits until they've milked their feud dry for publicity purposes. My advice: Do like Britney and lighten up a situation that exposes too much of their own faults. We've had our laughs already.
Regarding O'Donnell, Walters, and Trump fued: don't they have any thing more important to discuss? Grow up and let it go!
Much ado about nothing.
Donald Trump is disgusting. Even television can't make him look good inside or out.
This feud between Rosie and Trump is not even worth talking about. It's a total waste of time.
They both need to grow up and shut up.
Both of them are just little kids trying to bully the whole playground. It really shows the maturity level of the View and of Mr. Trump, this is nothing more than a mud throwing match that will never end because neither can stand to let the other have the last word.
I think someone like Anderson Cooper who is rational individual should sit Trump and Rosie down and call them out on their bad behavior. Anderson ask them to donate money to the New Orleans comeback.People who are famous and in high profile positons should use their so-called "power" for good not rancor. Call them out Anderson!
Re: Rosie Trumps Trump: The Donald must have an extraordinarily fragile ego to be drawn into such a silly exchange. Rosie is an effective comedianne while the Donald is an insecure, grandiose real estate developer with both a troubled personal and professional life. His appearance is laughable; if he's so rich, why can't he afford a better hair cut and coloring job? And he's not too svelte himself. Rosie obviously touched on some extremely sore spots in his psyche - his lust, his insecurities about his appearance and his financial failures. If he were as successful as he endlessly brags, he would have laughed it off and she would have looked foolish if she continued to harp on the subject.
As long as this stupid nonsense is talked about, reported or put in print we are condoning it. STOP PRINTING the story and show them no one really cares what they do. It's all free publicity for both of these millionaires.
This Rosie/Donald feud thing is ending up there on the list with Britney stuff. Get over it!
This is a sad day as usual in America when "entertainment" is at the forefront the national psyche. Don�t we have higher aspirations than this? Typical westerners.
Barbara sitting next to Rosie with roses makes me puke. I will NEVER watch the view.
Rosie= loud mouth,needs to yell so someone will actually pay attention to her, untalented, missing a few cards from her deck.

Donald=brillant, believeable, hard-working and I like the Trump shirts and ties at Macy's.
Please Donald, come on Rosie...get over the nonsense and use your energy, wealth and wisdom, if you possess any, to do something interesting and worthwhile rather than portray yourselves as shallow and child like.
My toilet break today ended a minute early, so I'm taking the time to say: HELLO! WHO CARES? DROP IT, MOVE ON, GET A LIFE, BOOBY!
And they fired Star, they didn't like her because she used her celebrity status for her wedding and we have to see this and hear this every single day!! Could they be this attentive to or put this much energy in eliminating crime and improving education in our schools and bringing our troops home!!!!!!!

"he said ... she said " ... blah blah blah..

Go back to high school.
what a complete waste of time - they ALL look ridiculous (Trump, Rosie and alas, Barbara too). this is why i hardly watch TV at all anymore....
This Rosie Trump business is beyond boring and there are far more important issues out there. Lets forcus on Darfur or aids in America. Anything but the goings on of Donald Trump,who,lets be hones has no reason to be such a celebrity. He's in real estate...not deserving of any fame.
Regarding the Donald Trump/Rosie O'Donnell feud. Rosie is known as a comedian and for speaking her mind.
Donald Trump, with all his money, has proven that money can't buy class.
Rosie is a loud pig

Donald is right.
What makes Rosie any better at being a moral compass then Donald Thrump? We are all human and we all make mistakes. Of course Barbara is not going to say she said anything bad about Rosie because they have to work together. I say bury the hatchet and give us all a break.
I think Trump is right - Rosie is an obnoxious pig - she has no talent and is scary to look at. She has never been talented and I am not sure why anyone would look up to an ignorant person like Rosie.

Even if she loses 100 pounds, it's her personality that is ugly and she has proved it by having one failed bit after another.
I'm no fan of Rosie or Donald, but I wish they would both shut their traps.
Rosie is brass, obnoxious and irritating. Donald has at least added interesting programing to television and corporate discussions. It doesn't matter if it cannot sustain ratings -- It will absolutely go down in history and business studies. Rosie needs to grow up - Donald's getting something out of this - must be the publicity.
Who cares. They are all a bunch of rich people trying to get and keep attention. What a waste of time to even discuss this.
It's a sad testimony that the media is focused and reporting on this childess feud, while we have brave men and women dying in Iraq.Give all of them a pacifier, so they can stop whining.
I think we have three has been idiots playing to the ratings for their show.
Please, please, please -- enough already :-c
I am so tired of hearing about this, from this point on both of show should be cancelled. I will no longer be watching.
I really don't like Rosie's attitude. She started the whole thing and is now trying to draw simpathy from the public by saying her son was upset and overweight women everywhere were hurt by Trump's comments....Please!!! She hurts people all the time with her comments, so you do reap what you sow. Rosie, you and BW are both fakes! Neither of you have a shred of true compassion in your being, and you don't get any from me. Be real for a change, like Donald. He wins the sincerity points!
I think the view is turning into the Phew. Stinks. Just because that vulgar mouthed O Donnel took a hack at Donald Trump does not make him less or more of what he already is. What's her point? How Donald handled the pagent by kicking out one and keeping the other? Good for him. At least he prooved that he has limits to behavior that are not too high, nor too low of a standard. Let her shut her trap
Look people, Donald is not the moral compass for any person. He is full of himself and I am happy that The View is standing up to a balding bully.
I think that the View should go straight off of the air. Without taking sides, I believe Mr. Trump when he quoted Mrs. Walters of having said what she did about Rosie. Elizabeth is the only decent one on tha stage in the mornings. Thank God I go to work & don't have to look at them everyday.
With everything going on in the world, these supposed adults have nothing better to do then play high school drama with eachother... its sickening, and I am shocked Walters bothered to stoop to this level.
Rosie's never professed to be anything other than her outspoken self.
Donald Trump is a Klassy guy with a capital K: k as in kitsch and krass.
ENOUGH already!
Rosie O'Donnell had the nerve to mention Anderson's name in her lastest tirade. She has nothing better to do? Anderson Cooper is the best newman on TV, cable or otherwise and becasue her silly, childish, foolhearted, pathetic feud has been discused by him is no reason to bring his name into the discussion. She has crossed the line on a multitude of levels and trying to start with him is unbelievable. She should try acting a sane person so she would not be the topic of news programs. Grow up talentless shrew!
donald trump needs to come out of the closet
O'Donnell - Trump - grow up!
Media - quit adding fuel to the fire and put a stop to this story. I will no longer watch The View or The Apprentice.
I truly feel sorry for the three of them. The View has become a gossip columnist show, and it is cheap. Rosie O'Donnell needs to keep her mouth shut. Rosie O'Donnell has enough to have to deal in life like most of us and so does Mr. Trump and Ms. Walter's. It is so sad when the people who society deems to be the elitist become like what you call us evryday the common people or the average John "Q" citizen. Happy New Year. Please spread more love, because we all need it. The worse thing we can do is too become to cheap and thrashy in life.
I'm not a fan of Rosie or Donald, but I'm on Rosie's side on this one. Her 'hair flip" was classic.
I think that both Rosie and Donald should just shut up about the whole thing. It all started with Donald Trump givinig Miss America another chance and now it is all about who said to whonm and about what ever. With all the important things going on in the world, can't they find something constructive to do instead of keeping the "he said" "she said " going on and on. Both of them should just shut up and go on.
It's all about the Hair!
I wish this Rosie-Donald-Barbara fued would just stop. Rosie has said that Donald has not business being the moral compass for 20 year old but what about her??? Who is she to speak about someone else being a "moral" compass.
I wish Rosie would GO AWAY! I am tired of hearing every episode that she is a lesbian and how she is using The View as her personal soap box...seems to me she is the one who won't let it go, she can "dish it out but can't take it in" very childish especially considering she is the one who started the whole damn thing. Rosie don't go away mad, JUST GO AWAY
I am very surprised at Donald Trump's behavior. For a man of his stature it really hurts his character when he engages in this war of insults with Rosie O'Donnell. I feel that it will hurt his brand and his image if he continues on this path.
I think it is pathetic that we are reduced to hearing and seeing all this nonsense from Trump, Walters and Rosie...none of it is worth repeating..lets move on to something more important
Good Times! Keep it coming...
I think that a man who sits around and invites other rich old men to view 20 year olds strutting around in a bathing suit is sick; women that are the same age as his daughter. When I started watching the Miss America show and I saw the front row and most of them old rich friends of his I immediately turned the channel. What a loser.
i think they both need to grow up and stay out if each others lives.
The view is moving on and I think Donald Trump should do the same. I think its time for the Donald to grow up!!!!
Please make Rosie and Donald stop. They have entirely too much money and no manners. They are a disgrace to free enterprise. Good example for our young people
If you don't want to hear it, just ignore them all. And anyway, this is just another marketing stunt for the rich to get richer. We should definitely take lessons from these 3, they have plenty of $$$.
Regarding Rosie vs Donald. I had no respect for Donald before this started and I have even less now. All Donald has succeeded in doing is showing what an idiot he is. All the money in the world does not make Donald special. I'm glad I'm me....monetarily poor, but richer in spirit.
How old is Donald and Rosie, They are acting like 5 year old's enough already, grow up. Shame on Barbara Walters I thought she was above this.
The whole Trump on Rosie thing is directly related to coverage for his new show. I can't believe no one is talking about this and how he beat up on Martha last year right before his show was gonna start. It's all about free publicity, and being mean to women.
It's so disturbing to see and a very sad commentary that Donald Trump and Barbara Walters, both people of such high influence, are behaving like kidnergarten children in a sand box.
I just dont see how some one like Rosie got where she is. She has no talent and a big mouth about everyone but herself. Donald is a business man with a lot of dignity, she doesnt know what dignity is.
I think I'm going to shoot myself in the face if this story doesn't go away soon.
Why does CNN even publicize garbage like the Trump-O'Donnel feud? Who needs to know what two freaks think of each other? Are those two paying CNN for the ad space, or is this the level to which journalism has fallen?
What really worries me about the entire Trump-Rosie-Walters mess is that I actually took time out of my day to read this drivel. Is there a psychologist in the house?
Make Them Stop: you would think with the bigger and more serious concerns there are in the world, that these two would simply deem to let it go? Rosie and Barbara should not respond to anything else from Mr. Trump or from his camp. When you are truly wealthy as he is, there is simply no need to engage in public fodder. There is an element of grace to be demonstrated, and all he has to do to be graceful is to simply rise above it and not add to the din of the media's clang.
"Much ado about nothing."

Posted by Sandra 1:32PM ET

Hey, I was going to say that!

I am continually AMAZED that this feud keeps popping up in the headlines. Can someone tell me why we should care?
Rosie was hilarious in her parody on Donald Trump. I think she hit the nail on the head and that is why he is so spiteful and personal in his attacks on her. He would have looked a whole lot better if he had ignored her.
Am I alone in seeing Barbara Walters as a manipulative egocentric who is overdue to be put out to pasture?
You know, Rosie was just commenting on a current news story that just happened to involved Donald Trump, she didn't just start attacking him for no reason. "The View" is just that...the point of view of women of different ages, status, etc. I thought she told her "view" with her natural flair for comedy. It WAS funny. But Trump fired back like an eleven year old. You don't call someone a fat pig, especially to their face and in a public forum. Oh, and like his wife was not reading from a cue card when she was being interviewed with him? "I think Rosie has "issues", she said. She sounded like she didn't even know how to pronounce the word, let alone what it meant. A point of view is not an issue. Someone who is supposed to be successful and educated calling a woman a loser and fat pig is a person with issues!!!
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