Tuesday, January 02, 2007
Mike Judge's angry, funny film
Mike Judge's most recent film, "Idiocracy," played for about a week in Atlanta. It didn't play at all in most cities. I try to keep track of everything being released, but I would have completely overlooked "Idiocracy" had I not seen an article about it in Slate. Its studio, Fox, dumped it with virtually no notice.

But the DVD is out next Tuesday (January 9), and it may end up with the same kind of cult following Judge's previous film, "Office Space," developed.

"Idiocracy" might be a harder sell, though. It's a comedy -- at times a very, very funny one -- but it doesn't mock mumbling bosses or "flair"-filled chain restaurants. "Idiocracy's" target is ... us.

Which is how it should be, because the best satire takes no prisoners.

"Idiocracy" rips intellectual yuppies, so full of themselves that their baby-making plans go awry; dopey yokels, whose trashy seed ends up populating the land; hookers, pimps, and military hypocrites; and even average joes (as in Joe Bauers, the movie's hero, played by Luke Wilson), who would rather do nothing than get involved in anything.

So, because of a government experiment, Joe ends up 500 years in the future. The world -- or at least the United States of Uh-merica -- is now completely filled with stupid people, so Joe is the smartest person in the nation.

The movie is full with clever touches: Everyone wears clothes festooned with logos, pictograms have gone insane and buildings are tied together so they stay erect (heh-heh, he just typed "erect").

But this deliberately ugly world cuts deep. Which is why "Idiocracy" probably got dumped in the first place.

Well, don't let it get by again. "Idiocracy" isn't perfect, but it's a heck of a lot funnier than much of what did make theaters in 2006. And it has monster-truck destruction, too. Who could ask for more?
Bring back Beavis and Butthead!!!
i really get a kick out of mike judge's sense of humor-or at least what i think is his sense of humor. maybe it's his sense in general that i enjoy. his awareness of his characters' flaws, fears, triumphs and humanity leads me to believe that he is much more intellectual than many would expect. i can't get enough of this artist!
Mike is really, really talented-- a very funny and smart mind. And the message of "Idiocracy" is much needed. But the film, in my humble opinion, falls far, far short of "Office Space" and "Beavis/Butthead" quality. For instance: Aniston got a comic workout in "Office Space," but why is Maya Rudolph (who is damn, damn funny) so under-used in "Idiocracy"?

Anyway, looking forward to Mike's next.
I was lucky enough to catch this in Atlanta and all I can say is this movie was frickin brilliant..."the best part was what they turned FuddRuckers into...when we read the word Fuddruckers we all say it in our heads...but we never voice it...well it is about time someone did :)
thks for that info about the film. it sounds interesting. . .gonna put it in my Netflick queue. . .
How can this "idiot reviewer" you guys quote say that this piece of trash was better then most out in theaters in 2006 ??????????????

Oh. I get it. It is a konspirceee to keep a GREAT movie out of theaters and the producers taking a bath money-wise to develop a so-called cult following...

This nitwit reviewer gets paid for this insight ??????????????????????????????????????????

How sad...
Definitely looking forward to it then! Can't wait!!
I cant wait to see this one
If "Borat" did as well as it did, this premise ought to clean the heck up, provided the buzz continues.
It's sad that certain films get swept under the rug, (like Idiocracy) while others get the "greenlight"(consider Battlefield Earth). A film like Battlefield Earth cost an estimated $30 million to produce; it's return on investment was probably $30. Then you have a film like Idiocracy; a truly entertaining movie that actually entertains you without a $50 million explosion in every third scene. I don't even know what my point is anymore; I'm just angry.
Programs do not get rejected because they are too funy or not funny enough. They get canned when they strike too close to the truth.
Although I haven't seen the movie yet, the plot reminds me of a sci-fi short story I read years ago called "The Marching Morons" (I can't remember the author), which tells the story of a man who is placed in suspended animation for hundreds of years following a botched dental visit. The collective IQ of the world has apparently fallen to idiot levels because no one with any amount of intelligence had the time to have children. That left approximately 3 million people of normal intelligence to rule the world from under the artic at the north pole. Hey...it's not an exact fit...but I'll bet Judge is familiar with the story.
Why was it 'angry'?

I would better call it an extremely perceptive, intelligent, bonecutting look at the dumbing down of America--both Hollywood and society in general.
> This nitwit reviewer gets paid for this insight
> How sad...

You may wish to avoid Idiocracy, for it sounds like it may well be over your head. Let me recommend a film for you instead... it's called Larry the Cable Guy, Health Inspector, and it's just your speed.
Where can we get this movie? Who is putting it out?

Cyril M. Kornbluth wrote "The Marching Morons" and you can look it up on Google.
Cyril Kornbluth died at 35 in 1958; his work will live forever. This is not obscure stuff we're talking about. "Mindworm" and "Little Black Bag" have been adapted over and over. "Shark Ships" was probably the inspiration for the song "Wooden Ships." Why steal the idea unless you are too uneducated to know it exists?
I was one of the few who saw Idiocracy in the theaters-- not in Atlanta but in Houston. I love/adore Mike Judge. He is brilliantly funny. The premise sounded soooo promising-- something I'd love and gush about for weeks after and drag all my friends to see repeatedly. That didn't happen. While it did have moments of genius, the film overall was extremely flat. The satire was not lost on me; I understood all the nuances and appreciated the social commentary. To put it simply: it just wasn't funny. Don't waste your time/money/brain cells.
I heard that the movie got pulled by Fox because it depicts the network as with half naked anchors basically trash-talking everything in extremely simple words... hmmm... not too different from the current network. Thanks, Bill O'Reilly!
I was watching "Idiocracy" and, due to the previously mentioned un-funniness, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I watched an hour of "American Idol" and part of the network news before I realized the movie had ended.

"You know how dumb the average American is? By definition of the word *average*, half the people you meet today will even dumber than that"
I saw it on DVD this weekend and thought it was an interesting satire on a social problem. Judge oversimplifies and discounts the power of Darwinism, though: it isn't just about how many you and your spouse have. It's also about ability to succeed and adapt. Darwinism is far from dead.
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